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Must Win Game? Week Two Worries

Here we are, week 2, we are already down our starting RB Elijah Mitchell for 2 months. Our TE, formerly known has Stone Cold George Kittle, is now Brittle Kittle. He is following the career arc of one Crystal Todd … Continue reading

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Home Opener Coming Up

AKA, hopeless vs Seattle. Looks like this is shaping up to be another confusing mess of a season. Seattle, the team i think is going to hit the skids, even more so now without Russell Wilson, stands atop the NFC … Continue reading

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Week One Weirdness

I’m in a pick ’em football tourney, and wow. 6-9. I’m hoping I reach 7 tonight with the Broncos beating the hapless 0-3 NFC West denizens, Seattle. But, the Super Bowl teams were both losers. The Giants beat Tennessee, KC … Continue reading

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Chi-Town Disaster

Well, this is yet another Shanahan special. Another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Give Shanny a 4th quarter lead and he’ll figure out how to blow it. Sure, the team made a ton of mistakes but really, Shanahan … Continue reading

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Finally!! Here We GO ! ! ! !

These off-seasons that aren’t really off-seasons inexorably move to a point in time where we ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME!!!And here we are. There have been 2,355,873 articles written about our starting quarterback. There have been 4,348,294 articles written about our … Continue reading

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All My Quarterbacks . . . and Helloo 2022 Season!!!

Or, As the Stomach Turns? Or, The Edge of Wetness? Die Nasty? Genital Hospital? Funny, it sure didn’t take long for the narrative to shift from “wow, the 49ers re-signed Jimmy” to “by what game will the 49ers pull Trey … Continue reading

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Cut Down Surprise

The 49ers got their roster down to 53. Just a few surprises. The biggest being Nate Sudsy Sudfeld getting the heave-ho. Purdy pretty much matched the output (good and bad) of Sudfelt, so they went with the young guy. Thus … Continue reading

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OMFFFFFFFG! are you fucking serious?

Are you kidding me? Hard to spin this any other way other than the front office and coaching staff has little to no confidence in Trey Lance being the quarterback of the future. At least this season. In a move … Continue reading

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Well, thank God that was a practice game. Unfortunately, this team looks like it is going backwards. Whatever that was, it was bad. Sure, we didn’t have Deebo, Kittle, Aiyuk, Mitchell, Williams, and McGlinchey playing, but you’d think the offense … Continue reading

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Close to the Edge

Hmmm, haven’t listened to Yes in a while. they were a fun band back in the day. Saw a great show at the Coliseum Arena in like 1978. Halfway through the show, Rick Wakemen’s keyboard miasma caught on fire, and … Continue reading

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