Kumbaya, Motherfuckers . . .

Hah! Hey, I don’t know where this team is going, but at least it seems to be pointed in the right direction. The latest on the coalescing of the offensive line has AD, the biggest problem with the line last year when he decided to take a mental health year off after the free agency signing period, AND the draft, has seen Trent Brown dominate at RT and offered to move to the inside where a smaller quicker guy (like him now, not the overweight 380 guy on the line in 2014) can play. This pushed Eric Pears out of the starting lineup.

In addition, 1st round pick Joshua Garnett is taking reps at LG in place of Zane Beadles, the free agent signing. With THAT happening, Beadles is getting reps at center. Providing back up to Daniel Kilgore Trout. Our lynch pin on ht e line.

What does this all mean? Well, it means we actually have the makings for a very good line. One with flexibility and depth. Not the nightmare of stupidity we had last year. So, if not anything, we can run. What I really like is that we are using formations that usually put at least 3 WRs on the field. With FB Bruce Miller now a TE, i think we can finally bid adieu to the Sardine Can Offense (SCO). A tern coined by the one and only Berger.  A tip o’the cap to you., good sir.

Bergs has been the biggest proponent of running out of the pistol, which CK did in Reno, and running out of spread formations. Mainly, and this has been my point as well, because by emptying the backfield and putting WRs out wide, you EMPTY the box. You don’t constantly run against 8 or 9 guys in the box. Sure, putting 3 RBs in the diamond formation gives you blockers, but it also makes the defense honor those guys and crowd their guys inside the tackle box as well.

Sure, there isn’t a ton of info to gather from preseason, but we have been opening up big holes early on. The run game has looked very nice (minus the fumbling) for these games. How this affects the passing game remains to be seen, but at least we are building the team in the right order. From the lines out. . .

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The First Win of the Christian Ponder Era!

For a guy who stepped off the plane after painting his house, not a bad start for Ponder. Sure it was against the Walmart Brigade, but it still had to give Gabby some shivers. Throw in the fact that Kaepernick was throwing 50-60 yard passes yesterday suddenly puts the QB battle on the front burner.

While this really doesn’t mean squat, unless QB battles mean anything (and they do) at least Gabby looked better yesterday than the other day. He still has the maddening habit of throwing for 5 yards on 3rd and 7, but this is the dink and dunk offense. Again the run game looked pretty solid, as did the line blocking. D Ware wasn’t playing, so there was that, but the takeaway from this game is much like last week.

The line play on both sides appears to be in much better shape than last year. Or even 2 years ago. The 1st and 2nd O lines did very well as Gabby wasn’t sacked, and I don’t think Driskel was either. Even he looked much more settled than last week. My onl;y concern offesnvely is the lack of passes to the WRs. Something we didn’t see till Ponder came in.

Defensively the first 2 lines played well enough, and this was without Armstead or Buckner, the bookend Ducks. The DBs were solid down the line, and except for a blown coverage on the Brooks blitz to a wide open TE, the LBs on the 1st and 2nd string were active and hitting. The defense didn’t give up many big plays, but that first drive was kind of easy.

So, it reality, despite the fact that these games are meaningless, I don’t think this team is as bad as everyone is making them out to be. I tell you one thing, John Elway didn’t get ANY sleep last night. Siemen threw a pick 6 on a fairly easy read/bait by Eric Reid. Mark Sanchez tried to re-enact his butt fumble a couple times, and Paxton Lynch got into the act by overthrowing for a pick. None of these guys look very good. Sanchez may get cut in a couple weeks.

Hey, maybe we can trade Ponder for Ware . . .

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Game Day in Denver – Sleepless in Santa Clara

Well, the quarterback fight that hasn’t happened, still isn’t happening. Unless you think the pillow fight between Gabby Gabbertson and Jesus Wonder has legs. The word out of Camp Whispering York is that Colin Kaepernick has been cleared to practice as of now, and will play in the Green Bay game next Thursday.

I’d love to think that this is merely what it is. A small setback for Kaepernick as he readies for the upcoming season. Whether as starter or short-term backup. It seems like it anyway. Chip Kelly is saying as much. However, the undercurrent to all this is the underhanded gyrations of this front office. Namely whether the possibility exists that the 49ers IR him for the year to let him fester on the sidelines, a la RG III last year. The other possibility is that Kappy doesn’t bother trying, and sits anyway while he bides his time to get out of this 7th grade front office.

Frankly I don’t buy either scenario. For all the heat that Kappy catches, he’s not nearly the headache that RG III-and-out was in Washington. Kappy had a lot more success than him, and is bigger/stronger besides. But, be that as it may, Kaepernick’s only real option is to play the hand he’s got. And that’s to fight for the starting job here.

We’ve all gone back and forth over what has transpired, but the truth remains, the team bailed on him by abandoning the players they said they would keep if Kappy signed a team-friendly deal. They then blamed a poor season on him after little Jimmy H pouted his way to his dream job, half the roster bailed (with Trent Baalke holding the door wide open), and Jimmy T Farts-a-lot, and his merry band of monkeys led the team to a last place offense and defense. With and without Kappy.

My hope is that at least for now, there is a sense of hope with Kaepernick and this new coaching staff. Provided that CK can win the starting job. If not by week one, at least a couple weeks into the season.  If Chip has any sense, he will position this team to  rally around the much-maligned quarterback and at least play with some excitement. Harbaugh certainly knew how to suck the life out of any room, absorb all the fun and turn it into a glowering uncomfortable pissing match, while his antecedent merely tried to clear the room by crop-dusting his pressers with air biscuits.

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The Christian Ponder (Chip Kelly) Era is Underway!!!

UPDATE: The 49ers have signed Christian Ponder (who hasn’t thrown a pass in a couple years) to the roster to take Thad Lewis’ spot as cannon fodder.

Well, game one is in the books. Didn’t count, and there’s not a hell of a lot to glean from it, but overall, at least we looked like a football team. Contrary to popular sentiment, we didn’t trip over our dicks out there. Well, not until the 3rd/4th stringers started playing.

Overall though, the line blocked well on runs and passes, Gabby missed easy passes, Hyde, Droughns, and especially Davis, ran all over the Texans defense, Thad Lewis is out for the year. Kaepernick still hasn’t played a down and I think he passed Gabbert as the starting QB.

The DBs looked great until Osweiler left, then they didn’t look as good with the presumptive (and should be) starter Tom Savage playing (the Houstons are going to look pretty stupid when they bench the guy they just spent a fortune on).

Us? Things didn’t look as bad as they could have. I guess that’s a positive.

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Roster? We Don’t Need No Steekin’ Roster! Well, Here it is …


Anyhow, here’s the unofficial roster of your San Francisclara 49ers.

11 WRs? 6 TEs? Yeah, there will be some paring soon.

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Injury Bug Bites Early

We all know that Ian Williams, whose contract was demoted from a 5 year deal to a 1 year deal due to ankle problems stemming from his broken ankle and subsequent numerous surgeries on that ankle, was placed on the non-football injury list and is thus out for the season. However, CFL phenom WR Eric Rogers was lost to an ACL tear yesterday in practice.  This sucks as he is a big target, and has the size to be an end zone threat at 6’4″, 215 lb.

A wide receiver corps that is woefully thin in experience just lost a guy with pro snaps and a solid work ethic. We are apparently looking to fill his spot in the lineup with another WR. Shit, I always liked Rhamses Barden from San Luis Obispo. He’s 6’6 for God’s sake.

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Sooooo, Are We a .500 Team?

The oddsmakers and naysayers are having a field day breaking down the 49ers, their tough schedule, and the fact that they are not favored in any of their games so far, uh, before anything has really happened. Take the grains of salt, or boulders if you will, but this is putting the cart about 120 yards in front of the horse. The thought process for me goes like this: We will get a fairly big bump in offensive production , say 500th place to around 15th. Something middle of the road. The defense on the other hand, should be able to play more consistently with a better coaching staff, and more depth. This of course is predicated on avoiding all the injuries that have waylaid the team these past couple years.

So ARE we a .500 team? It certainly isn’t unprecedented. Harbaugh did it. Albeit with a stocked team that Hammerin’ Highball Scotty built. We  certainly HAVE talent, and in all hopes a decent coaching staff, and turnarounds in the NFL happen every season, so it could happen. Will it? I say sure. I don;t think we are a playoff team like I thought the 2011 team was. Mainly because it was so stocked with talent. We aren’t quite there yet talent-wise, but a good season that shows the team is on the right track, and maybe a good draft next year, will assuage the creeping fears and doubts.

All this hoohaw over the schedule doesn’t take into account the fact that the NFL is parity’s bitch and year to year, teams rise and fall like the tide. I think AZ is on a downtrend. Carson Palmer was a trainwreck in the playoffs, and I think that trend follows him into this season as he’s one year older and slower. The Rams are the fucking Lambs until they actually prove they are more than their endless hype. They’ve been on the rise for 10 years now and have not reached the playoffs in the last 11 seasons.  Seattle remains the cream of the division, but even they are getting weaker defensively, and now that Beast Mode is gone, we’ll see how that affects their season.

I see the Bears, Dolphins, Bucs, and Bills as winnable. Two from the Rams, and one from AZ, and throw in the overrated Cowboys, and there’s 8. Hey, maybe lightning will strike and we take one in Seattle.

And NoFear, glad to have you back in the land of the living.


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