Short Week, Division Opponent . . . First Win?

News on the injury front is that Eric Reid’s knee injury would require him missing a ‘few weeks.’ Not too encouraging, but it certainly looked like it could have been a season-ending injury. Reuben Foster is still on the mend as well, and we get a short week to boot, so we are in for some fun as we try to stop the resurgent Todd Gurley and the suddenly semi-effective Jared Goff, and the not-so-shitty Rams.

At least that’s how it looks now. LA did beat the hapless and Luckless Colts, and were fairly spanked by the Redskins, so their victory is a bit underwhelming. Our victories of course are as fulsome as our list of touchdowns scored.

So, what happens this week? Well, to me it depends squarely on the shoulders of our once-and-part-time quarterback Brian Hoyer. The team may all rally around Carlos Hyde and his game-altering runs last week, but we cannot simply hand the ball to him or we will fall into the pit of Mike Singletary and his “we are running Gore 30 times” despair. Hoyer NEEDS to find his touch, or we will come crashing down yet again.

Yeah, we are at home, yeah the Rams are apparently the only team we can beat in recent memory, and yeah, the Rams are channeling our ex-GM in Sean McVay’s grandfather John McVay, so I guess I have to say we actually win this one as the defense continues its stellar play.

20-13 Niners.

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Moral Victory, Anyone?

I ain’t buying it, but we did have the lead and nearly pulled off a pretty big upset at the hands of the not-so-scary-anymore Seahawks. They were trounced by G Bay and nearly beaten by us in their house. But for a dropped pass (fuuuuuuck dood. You fucked up the 1st game mo with an ill-timed drop!) by Marquise Goodwin, the game very well could have been ours. But 12-9 is a loss.

Burt alas, we hassle, hit, and befuddle Russell Wilson all game until crunch time until he made a signature scramble, dart, weave, and pass to the side of the end zone for the only score. The defense did an even better job this game than last as they were on the field for the entire first half minus 4 minutes and change. The offense was atrocious, except for a few nifty Carlos Hyde runs. Hoyer had time and repeatedly missed guys and threw a pass right to a linebacker for a pick.

The good news is the first-game-absent Aaron Lynch was given a start and had a solid game providing pressure. The whole D line had a solid game, and the DBs minus a few bad plays, did OK. I understand that the offense will take some time, but Hoyer just looks like shit. They stopped even trying to throw more than 8 yards as every pass was late or behind the intended receiver.

The D has come around spectacularly given the crapitude of our offense.  It is on Brian Hoyer to get his head out of his ass. I really had hope he’d be a serviceable if not decent QB. He hasn’t shown it since the Minn preseason game.

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Game Day! Jet City Free-For-All . . .

And by free-for-all I mean a low scoring affair. Pretty sure we don’t win this one.  The hope is measurable improvement. Less penalties. A touchdown or 2. Maybe continued stout run defense. And, for God’s sake a pass rush. I don’t understand why the only decent pass rusher we have, Aaron Lynch, was a scratch for the Carolina game, but he’s playing tomorrow, so the hope is we take advantage of a shitty Seattle O line that was beleaguered by a middling GB Packers defense last week, to the tune of no touchdowns.

Much like us. Yes, we need to sustain drives and keep our defense off the field. YEs, we need to score in the red zone. Yes, I’d love a win in Seattle. Much like the last 2 seasons. Thing is, we were hamstrung by bad coaching the last 2 years. The hope that Kyle Shanahan can get this offense going is the thing that is the thing.

So, 13-9?

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Winless in Seattle

Somehow I was hoping this game would c]happen closer to the end of the year. You know, when the team rallies around the new young coach and GM, they get their shit together, and play as if they are competent, but yet again, we get Seattle early, and we are not on top of our game. We aren’t even on the bottom of our game. Maybe it is somewhere in the side office, but this season looks like the last few. Too many penalties, too many unforced errors, too much defense on the field, and not nearly enough points.

Granted, this shit isn’t turned around overnight, or even over the course of one off-season, as much as I had hoped for anyway, but maybe we can start to see signs of incremental improvement. The run defense was markedly better. However, the pass rush was not there at all. The one blitz we ran vacated the area where the 1st touchdown went, Brian Hoyer looked a lot like his predecessors, and our run game started decent, but did nothing as Carolina got further and further ahead.

So, what now? Well, the 49ers haven’t beaten Seattle since 2013, and they haven’t beaten Seattle in Jet City since 2011, the nascent days of the Jim Harbaugh era. Tavaris Jackson was the Seahawk QB, and we were on our way to the playoffs for the first time in years.

Be that as it may, I don’t think we get out of this one alive. We actually let backup tackle John Theus go, whereas I thought we might make some changes at the guard spot. The only hope is that Seattle’s makeshift line allows us to get pressure on Russell Wilson. I’m not holding my breath that it matters though. Even if we get pressure, we usually lose RW to contain  for big runs anyway.

I do think we will improve, but it sure doesn’t feel like it starts in the rain and wind of Seattle. 24-7, Seattle.

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The Curse is Lifted!!!

The opening day win curse has been vanquished in a blaze of penalties, turnovers, and general ineptness by the offense. The D did all they could, and Cam Newton looked like a guy fresh off shoulder surgery, but the score should have been around 42-3. Well, 42-7 if Mr. Goodwin could have caught that deep ball when the 49ers looked pretty good. The opening drive was fairly decent till it stalled.

The rest was a shit-show around our Fusco Brothers at guard. Well, Fusco and Beadles. They spent so much time looking behind them at the carnage that they both got whiplash. Other than that, it was about how it was supposed to be. Reuben Foster is saying he’ll be out minimally but why hurry? The team isn’t turning things around overnight, and he needs to be right. Next up is Seattle on the road, so that should be fun. They of course were held TD-less by the Packers so they are looking to us to bounce back.

I just hope their O line problems are exploited by us. The way our line was trashed by Carolina.


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Game Day! Revenge of the Jed(i) . . .

Here we go with the 2017 season. A new regime,  a team that has very few holdovers from the last season, a new coaching staff, and a surprisingly quiet front office. A front office I sure hope has learned their lesson in how to run a team and stay in the background and let the coaches coach and the players play while they shut the fuck up and write the checks.

Anyhow, our 6 game opening day win streak is on the line against the Carolina Panthers. A team Colin Kaepernick beat in their house in the distant past of of the 2013 season. 23-10 on our way to a disappointing loss to Seattle.  Eons ago. Cam Newton after that loss, fell out of the playoffs before their 15-1 season and subsequent Super Bowl L loss. Last year of course they cratered again and Newton seems to be at a crossroads yet again in his career. Their defense went south, even with Luke Kuechly. Without him, they got worse.

Now? Shit, I don’t know. I’m fairly optimistic and I’m thinking we keep the streak alive. And I think we go 9-7. Expectations are small and I think if we stay relatively healthy, we could make a playoff run.

27-17 Niners.

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The 2017 NFL Season Kicks Off Tonight ! !

For you fantasy football types, you have your roster locked down, and are hoping your TE that will carry you through the season (Gronk) doesn’t get injured and waylay your shot at the $600.00 prize at the end of the year.

Anyhow, this is a pretty interesting game tonight between the defending champ Patriots and the perennial bridesmaid KC Chiefs. They of the omnipresent floating orb of the walrus, and his wizened charge, Young Sir Alex Smith.  The Pats of course magically won the last Super Bowl amid an epic 2nd half collapse by the Falcons that was likely as painful to witness as a fan as the 49ers near-comeback and coming up 5 yards short in 2012.

But I digress. Smith is finally hearing father time, and a bona-fide challenger to his throne in Patrick Mahomes, a guy KC and the Sunshine Band traded up for. The Pats however decided to stick with Jimmy G as their backup amid reports of trading him for gross amounts of swag. PRetty much based on nothing but being a Pat. NE was in a win-win situation, and I guarantee you they grab a higher-round QB than they have reached for in recent memory. They don’t even have a Taxi Squad QB at this point.

Anyhow, in my fantasy league I have Gronk and the Pats defense. Let the games begin.

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