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Game Day Tres-0

Game 3 of the treacherous 5 game start to the 2016 season continues in Seattle, the land of Rainier Beer, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and year-round wet clothing. Seattle, for its part is coming off a couple of very uninspiring games. … Continue reading

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Restful in Seattle?

Game Tres is nearly upon us, and the prevailing sentiment is that the 49ers have a shot at actually winning a game in the big taco. How quickly perceptions have changed this season. It was a short time ago that some … Continue reading

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Reality Checks In

Yeah, I figured this would happen. Granted, it was the defending NFC champs on a short week and a cross-country-early game, but the team at least kept trying, despite falling way behind in the 3rd quarter. And yeah, Carolina looked … Continue reading

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Game Day Part Deux! Carolina in the Morning . . .

1-0 and the fans are rejoicing. Sort of. Guardedly optimistic? Depends on who you talk to. To me, the team looks a lot more coherent and solid that last year’s version. The lines look a lot better as well. and, … Continue reading

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What Quarterback Controversy?

Well, we are getting closer to a real game I suppose. Maybe the Rams mailed it in and were shocked by our intensity. Maybe we continue our pattern of playing well at home and like high schoolers on the road. … Continue reading

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Chips Ahoy!

The Chip Kelly era starts much like the Jim Tomsula era started.  With a resounding win on Monday Night Football. Last year it was the 49ers manhandling the soon-to-almost-beat-Seattle-in-the-playoffs Minnesota Vikings. Last night it was the newly rebirthed Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Game Day! (The) Silence (of) the Lambs

Here we are, the final game of the opening week of NFL 2016. We get the east coast/west coast Monday Night double-header. Cool for us on the West Coast, but if there are any 49er fans in New York, they … Continue reading

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