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Black Mamba Gone

Not a big Kobe fan, and definitely not a Laker fan, but Kobe’s death yesterday sent shock waves through the sporting world. It was tough to see so many athletes breaking down over the news. Say what you will about … Continue reading

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The Longest Week

It’s bad enough waiting for the Super Bowl in any given season, but when it is your team, the wait is even tougher. This first week saw little to nothing to talk about, other than the background noise that the … Continue reading

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De Ja Vu All Over Again

Funny thing happened on the way to Super Bowl glory for the 49ers. In a bit of a surprise, the dominant team of the AFC, namely Baltimore and Lamar Jackson, stumbled on their way to a rematch of the week … Continue reading

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Pick a Story Line

Wily old coach who lollygagged his only Super Bowl shot away in 21 years of being a head coach? Young upstart coach who couldn’t get a 1st down in the 2nd half with a 25 point lead and 17 minutes … Continue reading

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GYB – “Got your back” – This has been the mantra all season of this 49er team, and it was what Raheem Mostert said to Tevin Coleman as an injured Coleman was carted off the field. A team that has … Continue reading

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Hello, Green Bay My Old Friend

No, the 49ers aren’t part of the charter members of the NFL, but their history does go back to 1950 with the dissolution of the All American Football Conference and the absorption of the Niners, the Browns, and the Colts … Continue reading

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. . . and then there were four . . .

Funny, at the start of the playoffs I was worried about the Seahawks, the Saints, and the Ravens., and the Chiefs. Three out of four are gone. Thanks to a fast start, and Seattle running out of time, we have … Continue reading

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