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Free (agent) For All . . . And a Happy Ending!

Not much going on out there in Ninerland, or football land for that matter. Unless the Antonio Bryant headlong rush into the looney-tunes-diva-wide-receiver-head-case-whack-job Hall of Fame is your style (TO is president and Ocho Cinco is treasurer). It’s good comedy … Continue reading

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The Post – Super Bowl Winter Blues

There’s a big block of calendar space that yields nothing in the way of football news, unless: a) The AAF floats your boat b) The NFL’s payoff of Kappy and Eric Reid is sticking in your craw c) There just … Continue reading

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Super Bore LIII

Well, that, along with all the rest of the spectacle, was underwhelming at best, the worst Super Bowl of the Super Bowl era in my thoughts to say the least, was that. On paper, the Rams did little to nothing. … Continue reading

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Stupor Bowl

Go Rams? That is all.

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Journey Through the Past

Hey, it’s slow. I don’t give a shit about, nor will I likely watch, this Super Bowl. But 24 years ago today, this happened . . . I don’t think many of us realized at the time that this was … Continue reading

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A Lull in the Action

This is the slowest time in the sports world. Radio silence from the Super Bowl teams, Basketball is in its dog-days of the grind. The big news with the Dubs at least, is Boogie Cousins and his return to the … Continue reading

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Pams vs Rats

Something like that. Not gonna go out of my way to give a shit about this Super Bowl. I’m perennially sick of Brady and Belichick in the playoffs. The Rams? I’ve hated them since the Roman Gabriel days. Back when … Continue reading

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