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Game Day!! Shanny’s Atlanta Redux

Kyle Shanahan’s last few minutes as a member of the Atlanta Falcons couldn’t have been more brutal. His team blew a 25 point 2nd half lead due to terrible clock management and his abandoning the run despite having a great … Continue reading

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The Pain Train Rolls On

That N’Awlins game was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, but it came at a pretty heavy cost. Richard Sherman is out at least a couple weeks, Weston Richburg is likely out this year and most of … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Big Easy

Well, that was fun. In one of the biggest victories in the past 6 years, the 49ers outlasted the New Orleans Saints in the hostile environs of the Louisiana Superdome. George (taste the rainbow) (S)Kittle(s) stamped his mark on the … Continue reading

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Game Day! Let’s Put the Aints in Saints

Here we are in the thick of things. Funny how expectations go from “Gee, I hope we get a wildcard spot” to “Shit, we just lost the 1 seed!!” It is a three team race for the #1 seed, and … Continue reading

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Playoffs a la Mode and a Cup of Tea

Must Win. Crunch Time. All In. Draw the Line. However you want to say it, we are at the brink of ecstacy here. Our playoff push started with all those easy early wins. But after all that early semi-surprising success, … Continue reading

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The Morning After

In the grand scheme of things, this was a hard-fought loss. West going east, hostile environment, hostile weather, early start, hottest team . . . yeah yeah yeah. No moral victories here. We played tough till the end, and could … Continue reading

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Game Day!! Morning Maryland Mayhem Madness

No idea how this one goes. But I think our defense can stop their offense enough to give us a squeaker of a win. 33-31 Niners. (UPDATE – I was tired and a little buzzed when I wrote this last … Continue reading

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