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Finally, Something to Sink My Teeth into

In a VERY telling development, Kirk Cousins turned down the largest guaranteed signing bonus for a QB in NFL history at $53 million (with an injury clause of $72 mill!) to stick to his one year franchise contract, and get … Continue reading

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It Was the Best of Times . . .

It was the worst of times. Got nothing but there appears to be some issues with WordPress. Checking right now.   Ahh, everything’s fine.   In the ‘Strange but True’ file I bring you this. The 49ers currently have the … Continue reading

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File in the “For What It’s Worth” Category

Hey, football is a long way off, but the Giants are doing their part in creating more excitement around the upcoming season as they lose their way to the cellar and put themselves into the 49ers position a couple years … Continue reading

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Sooooo . . . Where Are We?

So far at least this has been a very good offseason (humor me and read this). Gone are Trent Baalke and a coaching staff full of underachieving unprepared goofballs. I mean, Kelly was no great shakes, but Jimmy Bagadonuts was … Continue reading

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Your 2017 NBA Champs . . . the Golden State Warriors

Nothing doing in Ninerland, so we might as well bask in the Warriors 2nd championship in 3 years. As a kid growing up, you hope to see your teams win it all, and as Flav posted on his blog, those … Continue reading

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Jeremy Spoke in Class Today

Nothing earthshaking, but the 49ers retained the services of ONE of their woebegone wide receivers in Jeremy Kerley. Granted, he was about the only guy that could consistently: a) run proper routes; b) catch the ball; c) do something after … Continue reading

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Elvis has Entered the Building

Might as well light the fires and kick the tires on Elvis Dumervil. Granted, if this was 2012, we likely win the Super Bowl, but it is what it is. We had the worst pass rush in the league so any … Continue reading

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