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That was Better

If last week showed anything it’s that the WC teams weren’t very worthy. The divisional round however brought some very good football. And of course Mike Nolan still looks like an idiot for passing on Aaron Rodgers. Although Not so … Continue reading

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Goodbye San Diego, Hello LA?

The cesspool that is LA just gained another team. The San Diego Chargers pulled a figurative Art Modell and moved the Chargers to LA this morning at an NFL owners meeting that was supposed to be to grease I-5 for … Continue reading

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Playoff Round Deux

If anything, this weekend’s helping of football pleasure should provide a little more excitement than last week’s bowl of turds. And at least the BCS game was fun last night. Mike Williams stock should get a little bump. As well … Continue reading

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Not-So-Wildcard Weekend

So far, meh. The resurgent season of the soon-to-be Vagabond-Vegas-Carson-Des Plaines Raiders was waylaid by an injury to Derek Carr. Holden McGroin also went down with  shoulder injury, so the task of beating the best defense in the NFL fell … Continue reading

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Still on the Lookout For a GM . . .

I’ve mentioned all the players that the Niners are perusing in their GM search earlier, minus Brandon Beane, Carolina’s Assistant GM, and (gulp) wait for it, Jimmy Hat III! How many Jimmy Hats are there in the NFL? His father, … Continue reading

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The Rat Has Spoken . . .

I think it’s fairly safe to say that the unknown Rat that Teflon Mike, Aluminum Mike, Jimmy Hat, Crabs, St. Jim, and Jimmy Bag-a-Donuts, among another few hundred, all referenced in their time here is none other than one Paraage … Continue reading

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Should they stay or should they go?

Since we have  almost reached the merciful end to yet another lost season, the sentiment around my abode is, what now? Do we burn the fucker down and start from square 1? Or do we try to rejigger the front … Continue reading

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