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Horse Latitudes . . .

When the still seas conspire in armor . . . And her sullen and aborted currents . . . Breed tiny monsters, true sailing is dead! Say what you will about Jim Morrison, the dude could write a song. Mute … Continue reading

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To Kill A Mocking Draft . . .

Despite the ridiculous clamor for the 49ers to draft a quarterback (Trubisky? Uh, no. In a logical world, he falls to the mid 2nd round, and DeShaun Watson is a mid 1st rounder), there is also a lot of traction … Continue reading

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Free Agent Frenzy Cools Down

Not much to report on now as the FA feeding frenzy slows down. The Niners got quantity without spending too much, so I’d give them a solid B in free agency so far. –Quarterback Brian Hoyer –Quarterback Matt (Hot Tub) … Continue reading

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Kirk Cousins – 49er?

Beyond the obvious thought that Kurt Cousins is head and shoulders above the free agent crow of QBs in the market, up to and including (The Life of) Brian Hoyer and Matt (Hot Tub) Barkley, does anybody think he will … Continue reading

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Shit is Getting Real

The 49ers just signed Pierre Garcon to a 3 year deal that I hear is $16 mill per? Shanny really likes him some Garcon. He of course was Shanny’s big signing when he came to Washington a few years ago. Not … Continue reading

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In The “For What It’s Worth” Category

Far be it from me to paint flowery pictures about the new-found awewsomeness of our team these days,  but it isn’t a stretch to think that we at least have a better future than we did 3 months ago. Anyhow, … Continue reading

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The League is Going to Pot

Thanks, Winder. the NFL, in actions nearly as fast as Congress, is finally considering a ‘less punitive’ approach to marijuana, aka wacky tobacky, pot, reefer, dope, tea, chronic, sticky opiated Thai sticks )a story for another day), Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold, … Continue reading

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