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QB Battle Is Nigh

For those of you not prone to vomiting, here’s a starry-eyed view of the upcoming season. I don’t subscribe to this outcome of a winning season, bit I certainly think something around 8-8 is a possibility. The offense has to … Continue reading

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Not to Slow the Roll . . .

. . . erball . . . but it was tiresome scrolling past 200 videos.! Anyhow, keep ’em coming. Rather than talk politics or regurgitate the same shit for 3 years, I give you . . . Maggot Brain. Eddie … Continue reading

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Still No (and Possibly Sad) News

The football landscape has not changed, and we await the start of camp at the end of the month with nothing more or less than about 1000% uncertainty. As it stands now we have a new offense which may or … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back in the Dead Zone

Ho hum, the Bay Area loses two game 7’s in the span of 6 days. One can hope that the Giants continue to chug through the season and keep their even-year dominance intact. Johnny Cueto and Madison Bumgarner are certainly … Continue reading

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Game 6 – What the NBA Ordered

Well, the NBA got what it wanted. More Finals games. After the ludicrous ruling against Draymond Green, the Warriors ran out of gas without their 2 best defenders on the court, and faded to a game 5 loss. Of course … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Non-Existent Football News to Bring You the NBA Finals

Hey, since there’s no football news to speak of, and I’m not really into hockey, the talk of the Bay Area is the Golden State Warriors. Frankly, the Cleveland Cavaliers must be thinking, what the fuck? We hold Steph and … Continue reading

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The Future’s So Bright . . .

I need a ladder to see the sun  . . . Well, Vegas certainly isn’t giving us the love. They give us 5.5 as our win threshold. Down in the dregs of the NFL also-rans. Not that we haven’t been … Continue reading

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