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Far be it from me to spread rumors, but there’s nothing else to talk about, short of the local baseball team’s inability to beat up on their brethren of the NL West. Four series with AZ, Colo, and SD netted … Continue reading

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Eighteen Days Till The Draft . . .

And the speculation continues. . . . So far our 1st pick in the 1st round will be: Mitch Biscuit, DeShone (Walking Dead) Kizer, DeShaun Watson, Salomon Thomas, Myles Garrett (dream), Jonathan Allen, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Mike Williams, Marshon … Continue reading

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Exciting News ! ! ! . . . Well, Serious News . . .

The 49ers signed a special teams LB, Jayson DeManche, aka the Man of LaMancha. Bounced around the league with the Bengals, Chiefs and Browns, and 10 minutes with Detroit. Mainly a warm body at this point, but there’s nothing gong … Continue reading

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Ruuummmmooorrrrzzzzz . . . . . .

Shit, i got nothin. No one has anything. The draft is 23 days away, and the free agent spigot has been shut off. Reading the blogosphere, we are getting a QB, getting a WR, getting a DE, getting a safety or … Continue reading

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Rumor Rumor, Who’s Got a Rumor?

Well, it ain’t much but word on the (Matt Barrows) street is that the Carolina Panthers are interested in our #2 pick in the draft. They have the 8th pick and there’s no word what else we would get but … Continue reading

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This Lack of Football News . . .

. . . is giving me the blues. I think I’m going stone cold crazy.

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Horse Latitudes . . .

When the still seas conspire in armor . . . And her sullen and aborted currents . . . Breed tiny monsters, true sailing is dead! Say what you will about Jim Morrison, the dude could write a song. Mute … Continue reading

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