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Trey Lance, Come on Down!!!

Trey Lance is officially a 49er after signing his 4 year, $34.1 million rookie deal. To put that into perspective, Alex Smith signed one of the last big rookie QB contracts at 6 years/$50 million in 2005. Owners gotta love … Continue reading

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Fred Warner Gets His Deal – So Does Thomas Ambry

The 49ers did the smart thing and locked up the services of Fred Warner, linebacker extraordinaire, to a 5 year, $95 million deal. $12 mill bonus, $40 mill guaranteed. The rest is back-loaded. Dude is a stud and is (so … Continue reading

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Summer Time Football Blues

Hey, the Gigantes are kicking ass, so that is cool, and we beat the Dodgers last night. Even cooler. But football? 49ers football? The waiting is awful. Interminable. This team stands to be very well positioned for immediate success, and … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman Arrested on Felony Burglary/Domestic Violence Charge

Glad we didn’t re-up him I guess. There was even talk of Sherman getting hired by the Dallas Cowboys as a coach. Something that makes sense. But then there’s this. Sherman was arrested in Seattle at 2 am for trying … Continue reading

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Quiet Times, Early Fines, Trevor Signs

Nothing much to report in Ninerland, or even NFL land. Wearing my official NJ49er t-shirt (thanks again!) and wearing it proud. We of course were fined for some sort of practice violation that cost the team $150 K and the … Continue reading

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The NFL is the No Fun League? Hardly

On the same day we have Oakland Raider defensive end Carl Nassib come out of the locker room as the first openly gay player in a major sport, Kansas City Chief defensive end Frank Clark gets arrested for packing a … Continue reading

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Why the Media Sucks Hot Sweaty Balls

This is some of the funniest shit I have ever read from a nationally known sports ‘writer’. Mike Florio, a self-avowed and widely known 49er trasher, posted an article about how the 49ers ‘botched’ the rumors around who the 49ers … Continue reading

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Adios Josh Johnson. We Hardly Knew Ye

And hello WR Andy Jones. Yeah, I know, he’s likely a depth/special teamer/camp fodder guy, but there’s nothing much happening in the football landscape these days. And Josh Johnson was cut. Johnson has seemingly been on and off the team … Continue reading

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Ahhh, the Good Old Days . . .

Nothing much going on with the NFL or the 49ers these dog days of almost summer, but hey, the Giants are in 1st place, and they just took 3 of 4 from the Dodgers. Not bad. We’ll see where they … Continue reading

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Injury Bug Hits Early (sort of?)

Well, I’m sure this had something to do with the drafting of two running backs, but Jeff Wilson ‘recently underwent knee surgery’ for a torn meniscus. Don’t know when the injury happened, or even how, but now he’s out for … Continue reading

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