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Things Can Only Go Up From Here

Right? This is rock bottom? Jimmy was just rusty? Even though the week before it was ‘just like riding a bike’ and he was Mr. Swaggger? This team does nothing but infuriate me. Trey Lance plays his 3rd NFL game … Continue reading

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Well, There You Go

Yes, the curse is tradeable. Not much to say about this one other than I saw this coming from a mile away. So done with this vanilla bullshit offense. The defense is being wasted by the likes of our crappy … Continue reading

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Is the Curse Tradeable?

Russell Wilson is something like 17-4 against us. Will his magic domination, a domination that saw the near-NFC champs still lose twice to him last season, come to pass now that he’s in Denver? A place where dreams go to … Continue reading

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It Has Been Shanny All Along

I think we all know this, but Jimmy pretty much confirmed what we all know. I’ve given Grant Cohn a ton of shit (rightly, IMO) regarding his interactions with the team and some of the players he makes a living … Continue reading

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Oh, Fuck

As shitty as the news is around Trey Lance, just imagine if (when?) Jimmy the Greek goes down. Brock (you shore got a) Purdy (mouth) is our #2 right now, but don’t fret! We have brought in Kurt Benkert, AJ … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Sea . . . Denver?

Except for the obvious (did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?) the 49ers came out of their home opener with a fairly solid win. Yeah, it’s Jimmy time again. Yeah, we won pretty handily. Yeah, it should have been much … Continue reading

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Awful Win

Not much to say other than Shanahan should go. He said in the pisser of a presser after the game that he plans on calling the same plays going forward with Lance in the game should he come back. In … Continue reading

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Must Win Game? Week Two Worries

Here we are, week 2, we are already down our starting RB Elijah Mitchell for 2 months. Our TE, formerly known has Stone Cold George Kittle, is now Brittle Kittle. He is following the career arc of one Crystal Todd … Continue reading

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Home Opener Coming Up

AKA, hopeless vs Seattle. Looks like this is shaping up to be another confusing mess of a season. Seattle, the team i think is going to hit the skids, even more so now without Russell Wilson, stands atop the NFC … Continue reading

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Week One Weirdness

I’m in a pick ’em football tourney, and wow. 6-9. I’m hoping I reach 7 tonight with the Broncos beating the hapless 0-3 NFC West denizens, Seattle. But, the Super Bowl teams were both losers. The Giants beat Tennessee, KC … Continue reading

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