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The Loneliest Week in Football (and a mini-qb controversy)

Ahhh, the bye week. The bane of all that is an NFL season. And it comes after the epic one-game winning streak that the juggernaut 49ers are on. Granted, this suddenly becomes a little bit of a quarterback controversy as … Continue reading

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Win #1! And a Tragic Side Note

A win is a win but Jesus, the Giants defense was pretty lackadaisical about the whole tackling thing down the stretch yesterday. All in all though, having Joe Staley and Trent Brown back did wonders for the pass protection, and … Continue reading

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Game Day! (Or When is a Win Not a Win)

As of now the 49ers are #2 in the run for the #1 pick in the league. Based on Cleveland’s weaker strength of schedule they have the top pick. I suppose the strength of schedule can change by the time … Continue reading

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(Loss) Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 . . .

Well, there one way to beat the heat at the newly minted Levi’s Oven Stadium (the big LOS), and that’s to go in November. Again I’d like to thank 12th Man for the tickets. My wife and I had fun … Continue reading

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Game Day!

The Jimmy G era starts, sort of. He’ll be watching from the bench and there’s talk he won’t start this season, but that is ludicrous. He’s here for his audition. He’s here to see if he’s a viable option before … Continue reading

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Jimmy G, Come On Down . . .

In a fairly shocking development, the 49ers traded one of their two 2nd round picks for the services of one Jimmy Garappolo, the backup QB for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.  This trade is stunning to me as … Continue reading

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Game Day! Crazy 0-8 . . .

Not much to see here. This goes to  show what a great QB can do for a team. I thought Wentz was a reach but he’s panning out pretty well. Other than that, this looks like loss #8. I still … Continue reading

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