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We Interrupt The Draft to Say, Whaaaaaaaaat?

Well, As the Football Turns throws another giant twist into the already strange and terrible saga of the dark underbelly of football.  Reuben Foster, who was teetering in the vere iog being cut by the 49ers, had his ex-girlfriend,  Elissa … Continue reading

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48 Hours . . . 24 Hours . . .

. . .and I still have no idea which way they go with this draft. The Foster situation muddies the creek even more, so I got no idea. Thing is, the BPA at 9 very well may be Tremaine Edmunds, … Continue reading

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Here We GO!!!!!

1 Sun, Sep 9 10:00 am at Vikings FOX 2 Sun, Sep 16 1:05 pm Lions FOX 3 Sun, Sep 23 10:00 am at Chiefs FOX 4 Sun, Sep 30 1:25 pm at Chargers CBS 5 Sun, Oct 7 1:25 … Continue reading

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One More Week . . . !

Yes! The 2018 draft is only one week away! Sure, the NFL has turned it into a corporate clusterfuck travelling circus that spans 6 weeks, or 3 days, or whatever, but it IS actually important. Teams are built and sustained … Continue reading

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The New Schedule is Here ! ! !

Well, sort of. The NFL in its infinite hype-grinding death machine of hyperbole only releases the preseason schedule and gives out the teams we play. But not the order. So, they dice up every little move coming out of the … Continue reading

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Outrage, Beatings, Kneeling

Since the draft is still a few days away, I might as well write some nonsense. As in why the fuck are people still railing on Colin Kaepernick for his non-violent passive protest? Eric Reid is now in the cross-fire … Continue reading

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So Much for Reuben Foster

If you haven’t heard yet, Reuben Foster was charged with felony domestic violence for inflicting ‘great bodily harm’ on his girlfriend and for various weapons charges. He’s looking at possibly 11 years in jail. And the Niners track record of … Continue reading

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