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Week 7 – Feeling a Little Hoarse

Sorry. Anyhow, the injury parade rolls along even during the bye week as Trent Williams and Javon (damaged goods) Kinlaw will miss tomorrow’s game against the Colts. Kinlaw’s knee tendonitis was known before he was drafted and it is why … Continue reading

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Doctor Jimmy and Mr. G.

When I’m pilled you don’t notice him . . .He only comes out when I drink my gin. Stop me if you’ve heard this. Jimmy G looks to regain his form after coming off an injury. Mr. Inconsistent has another … Continue reading

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Week 6 Bye – On the Ledge

Might as well be now what with both our quarterbacks being hurt, and Kyle Shanahan’s hell-bent mission to get Nate Sudfeld on the field, and to coach himself out of his current job. Bummed about the Giants and how the … Continue reading

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GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

Game 5. What more is there to say?

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Trey Lance Out 3 Weeks with a Sprained Knee

Kyle Shanahan has a dislocated brain. I tell ya, Shanahan seems hell-bent on shit-canning his rep as an offensive genius these days. Or even as a good coach. His play calling all season has been iffy. The Detroit game started … Continue reading

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Back to the Cellar

Christ. This team played like this is season one of a new regime, rather that year 5 of what was supposed to be the christening of the Super Bowl contenders. Penalties, mistakes, more penalties and some really shitty play calling … Continue reading

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Game Day 5 – Showdown at the AZ Corral

There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Trey Lance. Kyle Shanahan decided not to follow last year’s path of throwing an injured and ineffective calf-inflicted Jimmy G into a game and watching him throw picks and flail … Continue reading

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One Way Street

And we are going the wrong way. The Niners started the season well enough, winning two roadies. Granted, the Lions and Eagles are a collective 1-7, and are dogshit, but I digress. I am a little surprised by the Eagles, … Continue reading

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How the West was Lost

Well, that sucked. We have become the team that can’t afford to make mistakes. And yet, we made mistakes. And lost. Jimmy G is proving to be a turd on ice as we know he can’t hit the long passes, … Continue reading

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Game Day – How West is Won

Another week, another slew of injuries. Kittle is questionable with a calf injury after playing the whole GB game. His value this year seems to be more as a blocker, but whatevs. Seattle is last by a big margin in … Continue reading

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