Niner Miami Game Pics


Opening drive offense – 2 WRs, 3 RBs. Miami rushing 5.


Opening drive defense – Base 3-4. Safeties deep. Bowman on Bush in the slot. Rogers backed out of press before the snap.


Later in the game – 5 rushers. Willis covers the strong side TE, Golsdon moves up to take the slot left WR.


One of the few multi-WR sets of the game on 3rd and one. Didn’t make it.


Kappy throws to Miller for a 2 yard gain. The only 3rd down conversion other than the 50 yard run.


Dixon with a nice run to the one.

2 Responses to Niner Miami Game Pics

  1. Thanks Chuck, great to see some pics (no video in coconut land)

  2. snarkk says:

    Dang nice seats, Chuck…

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