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The Closer We Get . . .

. . . the less we know. I figured that after the free agent signing period, we would get a better feel for what we do with our #1 pick, but it remains cloudy with a chance of snow. The … Continue reading

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The Youth Movement

A topic on the last thread was the amount of turnover in a very short period from the Trent Baalke/Chip Kelly regime to the current one. Amazingly, from the day Baalke was canned, there are only 11 players remaining on … Continue reading

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Hyde to the Brownies, Jet McKinnon Here from the Vikes, Cousins to the Vikes . . .

Well, the Carlos Hyde dilemma was solved rather quickly in free agency as the NFL saw about 10,000 players switch teams. Hyde went to the Browns, who if nothing else have turned over about 75% this offseason. But enough about … Continue reading

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True Cover Corners

Given that the gold standard for cover corners played for the 49ers in one Deion Sanders, his early predecessor, Jimmy Johnson, the hardest hitting CB around in Ronnie Lott, and one of the best pure cover guys in Eric Wright, … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman, Come on Down . . .

In a move that will piss off a lot of people, let’s call them stupid people, the 49ers signed newly released free agent and their biggest nemesis from their biggest rival, Richard Sherman. of the Seattle Seahawks.  Sherman reportedly signed … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Seattle . . . Celebrating in San Francisco

The Seattle Seahawks seemed to have thrown in the towel on the 2018 season, and it is barely March. In stunning news, the Hawks have traded Michael Bennett for Philly WR Marcus Johnson and a 5th round pick.  The Seahawks, … Continue reading

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Free Agency and the Draft

Don;t worry, Bergs, I’ll bring that Watchtower video to this thread. Cool stuff. I hadn’t seen that before. Anyhow, speaking of free agency and the draft, the team’s needs are obvious. In no particular order, they are: Wide Receiver Cornerback … Continue reading

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