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Green By the Game Day Bay

The Packers have winged their way to the city by the Bay. San Jose, that is. No word on who’s starting tonight, but I’d think Colin Kaepernick  would be. If only to give him fresh time with the ones. I guess we’ll … Continue reading

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Kumbaya, Motherfuckers . . .

Hah! Hey, I don’t know where this team is going, but at least it seems to be pointed in the right direction. The latest on the coalescing of the offensive line has AD, the biggest problem with the line last … Continue reading

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The First Win of the Christian Ponder Era!

For a guy who stepped off the plane after painting his house, not a bad start for Ponder. Sure it was against the Walmart Brigade, but it still had to give Gabby some shivers. Throw in the fact that Kaepernick … Continue reading

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Game Day in Denver – Sleepless in Santa Clara

Well, the quarterback fight that hasn’t happened, still isn’t happening. Unless you think the pillow fight between Gabby Gabbertson and Jesus Wonder has legs. The word out of Camp Whispering York is that Colin Kaepernick has been cleared to practice … Continue reading

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The Christian Ponder (Chip Kelly) Era is Underway!!!

UPDATE: The 49ers have signed Christian Ponder (who hasn’t thrown a pass in a couple years) to the roster to take Thad Lewis’ spot as cannon fodder. Well, game one is in the books. Didn’t count, and there’s not a hell … Continue reading

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Roster? We Don’t Need No Steekin’ Roster! Well, Here it is …

Anyhow, here’s the unofficial roster of your San Francisclara 49ers. 11 WRs? 6 TEs? Yeah, there will be some paring soon.

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Injury Bug Bites Early

We all know that Ian Williams, whose contract was demoted from a 5 year deal to a 1 year deal due to ankle problems stemming from his broken ankle and subsequent numerous surgeries on that ankle, was placed on the … Continue reading

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