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Jed’s Dead, Baby! Jed’s Dead . . . !

This is my son and I yesterday at the game. While it is a vast improvement of my looks, I was surprised not to see more dissension. Must have had about 50-60 people ask to take our picture. Walking to … Continue reading

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Game Day! Oh Shit . . . That’s Right . . .

We suck. This’ll be my first game at the new digs, and it’ll be a stretch to say the team is rolling, or even showing up prepared. Gonna meet up with Irish Kevin and grab a beer or 3. Bringing … Continue reading

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Same As it Ever Was

Yes, here we are once again balanced on the knife-edge of futility as another season begins its inexorable swirl down the drain. Yes, we have done the coaching purge. Yes we have drafted a raft full of new guys who … Continue reading

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When the Going Gets Weird . . .

. . . the weird turn pro. My old neighbor Hunter Thompson would be highly amused by the NFL these days. At le4ast with the state of the 49ers. Hunter, who at one point talked football on the press plane … Continue reading

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Days of Future Passed . . .

Journey Through the Past? Back to the Future? Return to Forever? Well, anyhoo Colin Kaepernick, newly freed from his injury-guaranteed contract, is magically healed and ready to play despite the talk that he needed to bulk up and get more … Continue reading

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Crank Up the Roulette Wheel

As we play the latest version of quarterback roulette. This was kind of how last year went as the front office bad-mouthed and whispered down the ability of Colin Kaepernick amid a team that lost all cohesion in the coaching … Continue reading

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Blaine Gabbert Must Go

If I hear another presser from Chip Kelly praising his QB, I’m going to buy a pitchfork and a few torches. By just about every measure, Gabbert sucks. He has had a much cleaner pocket than Kaepernick ever had, and … Continue reading

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