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New Sheriff in Town

And his name is CJ. CJ BeatHard. He gets his homecoming as a starter for the 49ers this weekend against Dallas. Of course there’s a long history between these teams, but these days, that’s all about the fans, not the … Continue reading

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Moral Victory Parade

Well, another weekend, another close-but-not-quite loss. The good part about this one was really the benching of Brian Hoyer. CJ BeatHard came in and generally didn’t suck, and actually played well as he led the Niners to 3 touchdown drives … Continue reading

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Game Day. We Suck.

Love the 3rd down calls here. 3rd and 10? 4 yard pass. 3rd and 6? 2 yard pass. And Foster isn’t playing. I thought the thought was to have Foster take Bowman’s place.

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NaVorro Bowman Released!!!

Wow. This is a shock. I just recently found out we were shopping him around, but with Rueben Foster coming back I guess the brain trust feels they can do without him. I don’t like this move short-term as I … Continue reading

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Fold, Spindle, Mutilate (R.I.P. Y.A.)

Well, these games are entertaining at least. As I have been saying though, once again the 49ers couldn’t seal the deal on a game within their grasp, and let it slip away like a touchdown pass early in the game … Continue reading

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Game Day V!!!

If we can’t win this, we may run the table to 0-16. It’s the Luckless Colts for God’s sake. I doubt it happens, but this one should be relatively easy. 23-13 Niners . . .

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Close, But No Cigar, Monica

In a season bereft of victories, it is funny how close we have come to that elusive first win. The Seattle game saw a possible TD pass (or at least a 1st and goal from the 6) dropped by Marquise … Continue reading

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