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Death by 20 Cuts

Well, dominoes 2 and 3 have just fallen as the NFL has cut 2 preseason games from the 2020 NFL schedule. They are saying games 1 and 4 just for fun, but this ain’t fun. As the Coronavirus drags on, … Continue reading

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The First Domino Topples

The Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH was just cancelled, to the surprise of no one. It is getting grimmer and grimmer regarding the 2020 season, as the country has pretty much screwed the pooch in regards to containing … Continue reading

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49ers sign Trent Williams, Colton McKivitz, Jauan Jennings

Trent Williams gets a restructured deal that gives him some up-front money from his last year of his current contract. And an interesting caveat that prohibits the Niners from franchising him next year. Not that it means much as that … Continue reading

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Ahhhhhhh, Shit, Not the Injury Bug

Just got word Deebo Samuel broke his foot today practicing with teammates today, and is already undergoing surgery to fix it. The diagnosis is him being out 3-4 months, but ‘a source’ told ESPN that Samuel would be ready for … Continue reading

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So far in this sportsless landscape (golf? NASCAR? zzzzzzzzzzzzz), the NFL has been waiting on the sidelines hoping for things to calm down while baseball and basketball deal with the ramifications of sheltering during games, and all the logistical nightmares … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Joe!

Say what you will about Tom Brady, but I’m still going with Joe Montana as the best quarterback to ever suit up in the NFL. Yeah, Brady has more appearances (9) in the Super Bowl, and more wins (6), but … Continue reading

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Good News on the Injury Front

News out of the offseason is great for two important defensive players. both Dee Ford, who had his knee cleaned up, and D.J. Jones is fully recovered from his ankle injury. Ford still has tendonitis, but he reports that his … Continue reading

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Contract Musings

Still no baseball, no hockey (so?), no nothing sports-wise unless you count some staged golf event that I didn’t muster the energy to look at, some NASCAR meh, so what’s going on? Well, the Niners are looking to extend George … Continue reading

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HBD Ronnie!

Nothing going on, so here’s some highlights from birthday boy Ronnie Lott. 62 years old today.

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The New Schedule is Here!

The NFL did some kind of hype show around the release of the schedule yesterday that was even a little too obscure for me to get jazzed about, but here you have it. Our 2020 schedule. Whether it comes to … Continue reading

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