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Who Do We Get? Who Do They Get?

The draft as it stands now. Top 10 picks. 1 Cardinals 3 13 0 0.188 0.5273 2 49ers 4 12 0 0.250 0.5039 3 Jets 4 12 0 0.250 0.5059 4 Raiders 4 12 0 0.250 0.5469 5 Bucs 5 … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

In the last couple days, the 49ers added: — LB Dee Ford (trade; Kansas City) — RB Tevin Coleman (UFA; Atlanta) — CB Jason Verrett (UFA; L.A. Chargers) — LB David Mayo (UFA; Carolina) — WR Jordan Matthews (UFA; Philadelphia) … Continue reading

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Niners Make Some Noise

Well, excuse me for not being thrilled about the Kwon Alexander signing, but I am totally down with the Dee Ford signing. The dude put up nice numbers last year. 13 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss among the 55 … Continue reading

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RIP, Cedrick Hardman

This stinks. Cedrick Hardman was one of the first draft picks whose career I followed from start to finish. He of course came on to the team during the heyday of our 3 -year stretch of playoff football. Our defense … Continue reading

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Roster Moves, We’ve Got Roster Movesszzzzzzzz

Hey, it’s slow. And I’m tired of flip-flopping between Bosa and QWilliams besides. And I’m tired of scrolling past the 10,000 handles of the resident scumfucking shitbag troll. The 49ers announced some roster moves, and none are very shocking. They … Continue reading

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Yes, More About the Draft . . .

Tell ya one thing, QWilliams solidified his spot as a stud in the draft in the combine. Likely a top-3 stud. His combine was very successful (4.83 40 time at 303 lb) and it already added to his draft stock. … Continue reading

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Kyler Murray – No 1 pick?

With Kyler Murray fully committing to football, and dissing the Oakland A’s in the process, his announcement has thrown the draft board mavens into a tizzy. Throw in the fact that Murray has committed to meeting with the AZ Cardinals … Continue reading

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