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Pardon Our Turkeys

Trump pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving really means something when he talks about pardoning himself for crimes he didn’t commit (right?), but hey, Happy Thanksgiving! Speaking of turkeys, we have 4 of them for our football ignoring pleasure. The early … Continue reading

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Ninerless in November

The good news is no one is gonna get hurt in a game this weekend. But that doesn’t preclude the ‘Rona from spreading around the team. Grasu has it, and so does LB Joe Walker. If we get out of … Continue reading

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Bye Week Bliss

Yea, there was a time when the bye week was an unnecessary distraction from the great teams of the recent and not so recent past. Now, it is a respite from the injuries, disasters, bad calls, bad play calling, and … Continue reading

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Game X – The Downward Spiral

Not much to say about this one. Last year’s battle was an epic shootout the 49ers won 48-46. With our defense at close to full strength. Now? Not so much on either side of the ball. I really don’t see … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back in the Year One . . .

Thursday already and even with the long break we get no break from the injury fairy. Richard Sherman may be back, but why bother?Might as well give all the walking wounded a pass till after the bye week. I mean, … Continue reading

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The Year That Will Never End

There’s 2020 hindsight, and there’s 2020. The year no one wants to remember. From the Super Bowl loss on, the year has gotten steadily worse. COVID. Sports being cancelled, life being cancelled. Lockdowns. Masks. Sports reappear as the Dodgers and … Continue reading

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Game 9!! COVID? No Proooooblem! Line Up, Boys!

Seven players, four 49ers, and three Packers, tested positive, or were in close contact with a positive player, for tonight’s game. Yipeee! Fuck this season and the horse it rode in on. Every time I think this season can’t get … Continue reading

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Quarterback Controversy?

A little break in the injury parade. Let’s talk quarterbacks. Has JImmy G played his last down as a 49er? It very well may come to be. Is there a quarterback controversy? I don’t think so. I also don’t think … Continue reading

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Short Week Blues + Here Today, Kwon Tomorrow

Here we go again. Forget the fact that Jimmy G was flt horrible against the Seahawks porous pass defense, it remains to be seen how bad George kittle’s injury is. His x-rays came back negative, but he’s getting an MRI … Continue reading

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Game 8 – Halfway to Somewhere

This will be the halfway point of the season, and based on how this has gone, even being near .500 is a bit of an accomplishment. As bad as I thought Shanny and Co were doing during the first few … Continue reading

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