Joe Staley to Retire!

In somewhat shocking news, the Niners trade for Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins for next year’s 3rd round pick, and this year’s 5th round pick. Joe Staley, citing health concerns, has decided to retire. At least the timing was right. Williams, who held out last season with the Skins due to his feeling that the Skins medical staff misdiagnosed treatment of s growth on Williams’ head.

Williams is one of the top-rated tackles in the league, grading out as 3rd best in the league for the past 3 years, behind Joe Staley and David Bakhtiari. So we get a fresh 31 year old tackle who should be able to fit right in and pick up where Joe left off.

Joe Staley of course has been a mainstay for 13 seasons with the 49ers. He led the way for Frank Gore, protected a lot of mediocre quarterbacks, wnet through both of the recent resurgences, was a 5 time pro-bowler, 3 time all-pro and part of the All-decade team of the 2010s.

Should be a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame in 5 years.

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Round One in the Books

Say what you will about it, but the 2020 NFL draft-from-the-basement was actually pretty fucking cool. It was great to see the players looking and acting like the very young adults they are instead of hanging with their possees, sporting $5,000 suits, and acting like hot shots. Of course that excludes Unjolly Roger. Goodell has all the personality of a tree stump, and the stupid booing from random fanbases was a nice touch to get fans involved (fucking NFLN didn’t call ME!) but a stupid premise that didn’t add much. Telling people how to act is never a good look, and the fans didn’t really give a rat’s ass either way. Most were just happy to be involved in an actual sporting event that wasn’t a rerun of sports past.

My immediate reaction to Javon Kinlaw was a bit confusing as they gave up a guy to get a pick that they used to get the same guy. Point being, though, they have a younger cheaper version who they control for the next 4 years at a relative bargain. A very savvy move. One that the LA Rams didn’t make as they threw giant contracts at a few star players while the rest of the team crumbled and tumbled from NFC Champs to also-rans in the very competitive NFC West.

Brandon Aiyuk was a big surprise to me as well. He wasn’t even on my WR radar as I thought they would go with a guy like Mimms or Higgins should they be looking for a late-round wide out. Good news is he’s a true X WR that can go deep, but also is a great route runner who beat out Ruggs for yards after catch. No small feat there. He is a perfect fit for Shanahan’s offense, and looks to be a solid addition next to Deebo.

My only issue, as I’ve said, is that I think we needlessly traded up to get him. No one took a WR between us at 25 and Minnesota at 31. And I seriously doubt that Aiyuk was that high on anyone else’s draft board as Mims, Higgins, and Claypool were available, but no one bit on them.

Still and all, a successful day for Lynch and the 49ers.

Round 1 NFL Draft:

1st pick – Cincinnati Bengals select Joe Burrow, QB, from LSU.

2nd pick – Washington Redskins select Chase Young, EDGE, from Ohio State.

3rd pick – Detroit Lions select Jeff Okudah, CB from Ohio State.

4th pick – NY Giants select Andrew Thomas, OT, from Georgia.

5th pick – Miami Dolphins select Tua Tagovailoa, QB, from Alabama.

6th pick – LA Chargers select Justin Herbert, QB, from Oregon.

7th pick – Carolina Panthers select Derrick Brown, DT, from Auburn.

8th pick – Arizona Cardinals select Isaiah Simmons, LB, from Clemson.

9th pick – Jacksonville Jaguars select C.J Henderson, CB, from Florida.

10th pick – Cleveland Browns select Jedrick Wills, OT, from Alabama.

11th pick – NY Jets select Mekhi Becton, OT, from Louisville.

12th pick – Las Vegas Raiders select Henry Ruggs, WR, from Alabama.

13th pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade up one spot (San Francisco 49ers) and select Tristan Wirfs, OL, from Iowa.

14th pick – San Francisco 49ers select Javon Kinlaw, DL, from South Carolina.

15th pick – Denver Bronos select Jerry Jeudy, WR, from Alabama.

16th pick – Atlanta Falcons select A.J Terrell, CB, from Clemson.

17th pick – Dallas Cowboys select CeeDee Lamb, WR, from Oklahoma.

18th pick – Miami Dolphins select Austin Jackson, OL, from USC.

19th pick – Las Vegas Raiders select Damon Arnette, OL, from Ohio State.

20th pick – Jacksonville Jaguars select K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, from LSU.

21st pick – Philadelphia Eagles select Jalen Reagor, WR, from TCU.

22nd pick – Minnesota Vikings select Justin Jefferson, WR, from LSU.

23rd pick – Los Angeles Chargers (traded pick with Patriots) select Kenneth Murray, LB, from Oklahoma.

24th pick – New Orleans Saints select Cesar Ruiz, C, from Michigan.

25th pick – San Francisco 49ers (traded pick with Vikings) select Brandon Aiyuk, WR, from Arizona State.

26th pick – Packers select Jordan Love, QB, from Utah State.

27th pick – Seattle Seahawks select Jordyn Brooks, LB, from Texas Tech.

28th pick – Baltimore Ravens select Patrick Queen, LB, from LSU.

29th pick – Tennessee Titans select Isaiah WIlson, OL, from Georgia.

30th pick – Miami Dolphins select Noah Igbinoghene, CB, from Auburn.

31st pick – Minnesota Vikings select Jeff Gladney, CB, from TCU.

32nd pick – Kansas City Chiefs select Clyde Edwards Helaire, RB, from LSU.

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Draft Day!

Strange and weird as it will be, we have an actual sports related event that hasn’t been cancelled. The NFL Draft! As with most drafts, there are a lot of teams that need quarterbacks. And most are near the top of the board. The Bengals, Chargers, Dolphins, Jags, Broncos, and the Brady-less Patriots. The guys likely to go in the 1st round are: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love.

All but the Broncos and Pats draft in front of us, so that should give us the ability to get a wide out. The good news for us of course is that this is a huge draft for wide receiver. The top 4 there are Jerry Jeudy, Cee Dee Lamb, Henry Ruggs, and Justin Jefferson. All of these guys look like they could step right in and be productive.

At 13 though, JJ, CD, and Ruggs could all be gone. If that is the case, we could very well drop out of the 13th spot, and still get Justin Jefferson. An intriguing idea, but if we do that we very well could pass up Florida corner CJ Henderson. Cornerback of course is our other glaring need.

Still and all, i think we are in a position to fill a spot of need rather that trying to get more picks. As I said, I could see us trade down to get more picks and still get a top-flight WR in Jefferson, but the haul for 13 would be the determining factor.

A risky move, and we can still get a corner with our 31st pick, so it is one that is surely on the table, but we will see. So, the team is in great shape, we look to fill holes with our 2 first round picks, we have a boatload of talent, and with the recent success under our belts the team stands to get better.

Can’t wait.

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Five Days . . .

The last shred of normalcy in sports is upon us in 5 days. The NFL draft. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes, but for those of us that are still working, it’ll look like the last 50 Zoom meetings we all run, or sit through. I guess they will have around 50 college players on hand who project out to be 1st rounders to get their reactions, and I’m sure the coiffed head of Mel Kiper has been dusted off and polished up. For all the weirdness going on, I really haven’t seen much about the upcoming draft.

That being said, I’ve seen Caddyshack, Blues Brothers, Eraserhead, Soylent Green, Planet of the Apes, and the Omega Man in recent days. Got a real kick when my daughter, who is binge-watching Community, said when we were watching Caddyshack, hey, that’s the guy from Community! That guy being Chevy Chase.

I still think this team needs an impact WR above all else. This team hasn’t had a true #1 WR since the days of Terrell Owens back in the early aughts. That being said, I think the only guys that should be on the table at WR at 13 are JJ and CD. And we have drafted for defense a lot lately.

If they are not there, try to get Javon Kinlaw to replace DeFoBu. I think we can address the cornerback position in free agency. No need to use our 1st pick on a CB. Darqueze Dennard is available, but he is hurt too much. Vike Mackensie Alexander is worth a look, but the rest are middling guys who can be signed to push Jason Verrett out. If that don’t work, trade Solly Thomas for picks or a CB.

In breaking news, Von Miller has tested positive for the Coronavirus. He says he isn’t feeling very bad, burt with his asthma, he is taking this very seriously.

Here’s the story:

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Your 2020 Drafty Basement

No, this year’s draft won’t be the glitz of Vegas, but the dankness of Jolly Roger’s basement. I can hardly wait.

The story is here:

I guess all the owners will send homing pigeons to Goodell’s place to announce their picks.

The league will have 58 draftees participating in the virtual draft, so there’s gonna be something going on. Cutaways and such, but hey, it’s happening so I’m happy about that.

Nothing has changed for us in all this. Still think we get Cee Dee or JJ. I’d be fine with either one.

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The Oh-So-Important Draft

For all the shit given to Jolly Roger Goodell, I don’t see what the huge deal is around altering the draft to fit the situation. All that needs to be working is the commissioner being able to get the picks from the GMs of the various teams.

Sure, it won’t be the magnificently gratuitous greed-fest that this has turned in to, but them’s the breaks. Goodell’s only other option is to postpone this, and have the domino effect of the draft delay affecting the OTAs, and that pushing back training camp, that pushing back the pre-season, and of course this postpones the regular season.

This is the likely outcome anyway, but Roger is one to never hedge a bet, so he’s going full steam ahead with the draft. I’m interested to see how it actually goes, and if everyone stays connected through all this, and it works, but in this age of online meetings and the myriad platforms available, it shouldn’t be too bad.

He will still get the advertiser money for commercials, and this should be as greed-fed as they can make it, but hey, to me, it’s the only thing in sports that is still going on schedule, so it’s a great diversion.

For the 49ers, of course we are:

a) Drafting a WR
b) Drafting a CB
c) Drafting an O lineman
d) Packaging our two 1st rounders and Nick Mullens for Chase Young
e) Trading down out of 13 for more picks

Let the fun begin. I’m of a mind to get a WR. Jerry Jeudy would be well within our sites, if not for the Raiders. They will guaranteed take him. Unless they pull a Darius Heyward-Bay and take Cee Dee Lamb. I like Lamb as well, so we should be able to get him, because I really don’t think Prince Curdling doesn’t pass on Jeudy.

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Stay Indoors, Stay Safe

And avoid press conferences at all costs. Not much football news, but the draft is gonna happen in April. Barring anything even weirder happening. So, we got that.

Anyhow, found this pretty fucking awesome vid of Elvis. Not a gigantic fan of his, but he is the King. . .

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