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Steve Wilks – Our New Defensive Coordinator – Good News on the Brock Purdy Front

Just heard that Brock Purdy is going ahead with the UCL repair surgery, a 6 month recovery; as opposed to the UCL replacement (TJ) surgery, an 18 month recovery. His doctor is the Texas Rangers team doctor, Keith Meister. I … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Shmooper Bowl

I’ve gone from ‘fuck the Eagles’ to ‘fuck this game’ to ‘fuck Rihanna’ to ‘maybe I’ll ski that day’ to ‘yeah, I might watch a little’. Watching the Super Bowl after coming so close yet again to the big party … Continue reading

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Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before . . .

Do we have a quarterback controversy? Whether it’s Tittle/Brodie, Brodie/Spurrier, Owen/Reed (who?), Smith/Kaepernick, Smith/Davis, now we have the threee-headed injury triumvirate of Jimmy G, Trey Lance, and Brock Purdy. And really, at some point do we call into question the … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Play Makes – DeMeco Ryans To Texans – Good News on the Injury Front

The 49ers once again are crushed by the injury bug. Sunday morning, the 49ers went from a team on the precipice of reaching their eighth Super Bowl with a surprising young QB and a very bright future to a team … Continue reading

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Crash & Burn

It was over nearly when it started. After the non-catch by DeVonta Smith catch wasn’t contested, and Philly got their gift TD, Purdy went out in his first series as unblocked LB Hassan Reddick smashed into Purdy’s arm as he … Continue reading

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Brocky – NFCCG Day!!

We all remember the movie where the plucky underdog from out of nowhere takes on the champ and wins the heavyweight crown (well, it was a split decision, but I ain’t letting that get in the way). Rocky. Fitting that … Continue reading

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Frying Pan, Meet Fire

Here we go. One step from the Super Bowl. Again. Last year’ loss was crushing. This one would be equally so, despite in improbability of Mr. Irrelevant catapulting himself into the drivers’ seat of this high-performance offensive machine. The thinking … Continue reading

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State of the Team – State of the Mind

Looks like the team is in as good of shape as they have been in a while. Legal issues notwithstanding for Charles Omenihu, who was arrested for suspicion of domestic battery against his girlfriend. He allegedly shoved her to the … Continue reading

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NFC Championship Game! Down Goes Dallas!

Well, that was certainly a knock-down drag-out game for the defenses. Much can be said about this game and the plays the defense made, but the game pretty much came down to a one-handed juggling stumbling 30 yard reception by … Continue reading

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Here We GO!!! NFCCG or Bust!

This is looking a little tougher than I originally thought, but I still think we have the horse to get this done. Philly in their house will not be easy, but first things first. The Cowboys have a short week … Continue reading

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