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Happy Turkey Football Day ! ! !

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! As we all know, there is much to be thankful in Ninerland this year. 10-1 record. Tops in the NFL. The #1 defense. Relevance. Nick Bosa. The emergence of Deebo Samuels. Hope y’all have a great thanksgiving, … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust and Another Big Game Looms

Great game against another team that was supposed to give us trouble. As we have come to find out, non-mobile QBs have big problems with ur pass rushers. As good as that looks down the road, our next game is … Continue reading

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Game Night! Green Bay of Pigs

Hey, we got flexed into prime time so disregard the sidebar game time. But I’m sure you all know that. Great to hear from 12th that the stadium is rocking these days. The game I saw, Pittsburgh, was loud, but … Continue reading

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Rough Road Ahead

Here we sit, 9-1 and on top of the NFL, according to some of those wonky ‘power rankings’ for this crazy 2019 season. Easy Street? Sure, but . . . . . . there’s always a big but. The but … Continue reading

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Game Day! Must Win Time

Hate to say it but even at this stage of the season, this is a must-win game vs the Cards.  Mainly based on the rest of the schedule in front of this game. With a streak of bad luck, this … Continue reading

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Myles Garrett and the NFL

Everyone has seen the footage by now, so we all know what happened. Garrett was suspended ‘indefinitely’ by Jolly Roger, so we will get to see what that means. I think it will be somewhere around 16 games. a full … Continue reading

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Doctor Doctor, Please !

Yeah, that last game hurt in so many ways. Namely, Joe Staley fractured his finger. I guess it was the one he couldn’t stop Jadeveon Clowney with. He’s likely out, but shit, Justin Skule did just fine in his spot, … Continue reading

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