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Halfway to Somewhere

Is the glass half full? Is the glass half empty? Is there whiskey in the glass? We have reached the midway point of the season at the middle of the glass. The good news for our 4-4 record is that … Continue reading

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Bye Week Blues – Bye Week Bluster

These bye weeks are just a little bit bluer, but hey, the team needs this break. It comes at a great time where attrition is the name of the game in the NFL and we have a boatload of players … Continue reading

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Super Sky Point to John McVay

49ers GM John McVay passed away at 91. He of course came to the 49ers as VP, along with Bill Walsh, and built the team of the 80s. He and Walsh also directed that first draft where Walsh wanted a … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Well, Shanny continues his mastery over Sean McVay. McVay is becoming a real annoying sideline presence has he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off yelling and dancing around and glad-handing his players at every photo opp. … Continue reading

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The Injury Parade Continues . . . Game Day Armageddon

Deebo, Greenlaw, AA, and Juice are all out for the Ram game. Jennings and Verrett are questionable. I guess this means that are gonna play 2nd round pick Danny Gray. Too bad he runs faster than Jimmy can throw, but … Continue reading

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Can You See the Real Me?

Can you? Can you? It’s a pretty depressing thought when you think about how this season has unfolded. Fucking Matt Eberflus of the Bears out-coached Shanny in his FIRST NFL GAME as head coach. Then Shanahan proceeds to get his … Continue reading

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Back to Life – Back to Reality

Is KC that good, or are we that bad? I think the answer is yes. This season is unfolding (unravelling?) a lot like last year’s season. High expectations smacked down into the dirt as the team flails around stumbling, bumbling, … Continue reading

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Well, We are Done-Zo

Jesus. Sure, the defense was terrible. Losing Dre Greenlaw was the death knell for the defense in the 2nd half, but Jesus fucking Christ, Shanahan comes up with the most garbage plays in the red zone. On the pick, which … Continue reading

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Game Day Delirium – Who Are we? Who Who Who Who?

Who the fuck are we? We are a team with a new toy. One that will play tomorrow in some form or fashion. The excitement in getting McCaffery will hopefully get this offense out of 2nd gear. But this offense … Continue reading

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Well, after going through a flock of injured running backs these past 5 years of the Shanahan era, the 49ers went and got a usually-injured running back in Christian McCaffrey. When healthy he’s been a versatile weapon, gaining a combined … Continue reading

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