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Game Day XVI – New Year, New Season, New QB

Let’s hope we don’t play like Betty White.. A true original. RIP, Betty. And Dan (Mr uptight) Reeves died as well. The guy who shackled John Elway and lost a couple Super Bowls.

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Shanahan Playing it (Stupid) Coy

Shamahan thinks he’s playing it coy by not announcing Lance as the starter? Please. If Jimmy goes out there, he’ll be handing it off every time. Come to think of it, if Lance is out there, he’ll be running it … Continue reading

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Boom! Pow!! RIP Mr. Madden

A sad day for football, and a sad day in general. Local boy John Madden passed away yesterday at the age of 85. A life well-spent is a life well lived, and Madden embodied that to a T. His family … Continue reading

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A New Dawn!

Well, I was bummed that the team wouldn’t make the switch after yet another deflating performance by Jimmy G, but he done and gone hurt his thumb somehow. Sources say John Lynch was seen walking out of the training room … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is a new quarterback. Not gonna get my wish tho. Funny thing is, we didn’t lose our spot, and we have the tiebreaker over the Iggles and Vikings, so we would really have to tank … Continue reading

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Game Day 15! The Past Can be the Future

Man, only 3 games left of this crazy season. And as this is likely one of Jimmy G’s last starts in a 49er uni, it is fitting to look at his last Tennessee game. The one where he led two … Continue reading

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Quite the extravaganza for football fans this week. Yesterday had the Raiders Browns tilt that saw Big Dick Nick almost pull out his victory. Instead, the Raiders kept their faint playoff hope alive by winning on a 47 yard FG. … Continue reading

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A Win and a Big Loss

Solid win over an overmatched opponent, but as you all may have heard, Skeebers, the guy who ran the 49ersOutsider blog, and frequent nemesis of mine and others, passed away on December 11. Skeebs was a very good writer, and … Continue reading

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Game Day XIV – Strange Day

Hope the 49ers took a glance at the AZ game as they prepare for their own game against the Falcons. AZ is in the process of getting spanked by the hapless Detroit Lions. They have their very own 2 game … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Doghouse . . .

. . . Kyle Shanahan is now out of MY doghouse. Even DeMeco Ryans has poked his head out as well. Looking back on the season when we were at 2-4, the defense was stagnant, Bosa was being blocked and … Continue reading

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