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Good Morning, Campers!

Or, OTAers. Whatever the fuck. The rookies landed last Friday, and of course the big news is Trey Lance. Even head coach Kyle Shanahan got in on the fun, saying he thought that Lance could win the starting job outright, … Continue reading

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the SCHEDULE ! ! !

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Sherm Sherm Sherm

Should Sherm stay or should Sherm go now? If he stays there will be trouble, if he goes it will be double. Anyhow, I thought we had made this decision, but with the COVID season being what it is, a … Continue reading

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The New Brigade

Our draft haul: Round 1, pick 3 – Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State Round 2, pick 48 (from LV) – Aaron Banks, G, Notre Dame  Round 3, pick 88 (from LAR) – Trey Sermon, RB, Ohio State Round 3, pick 102 … Continue reading

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Trey-Fecta ! ! !

Well, that was weird. The Niners postured, posed, and intimated that their guy was Mac Jones. Instead, they went with what most sane people thought they should do, and drafted Trey Lance. The most telling aspect of it was, right … Continue reading

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Draft Day ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Oh.My.GGGGODDDDD!!!!!!! Can’t tell you how fucked up this all seems. The blathering will stop soon. The only good news on my side was getting rid of cable so I didn’t have to see Mel Kiper’s fucking jet-black helmet head obliterating … Continue reading

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The Edge of, uh the Dynasty, the Crater, the Cliff?

As excited as I am about this draft, I’m really starting to get a bad bad feeling about it. Kyle Shanahan has basically said I AM DRAFTING THE PUDGY FUCKING WHITE GUY!!! throughout this whole process. Going so far as … Continue reading

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I Am Draft Curious Yellow

Not sure what the benefit is for the 49ers front office to come out and say that the head coach wants Mac Jones, and the rest of the brain trust wants Trey Lance. The debate has been ongoing since the … Continue reading

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Still Thinking Lance

More and more prognosticators are rolling around to the fact that Trey Lance is the guy we pick. Yeah, this is worth the bitcoin it is printed on, but all the Mac Jones talk is some kind of … Continue reading

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Trey Lance?

Word out there is that the QB search is now down to Jones and Lance. This according to Mike Lombardi. Fields will not the the 3rd pick by the 49ers according to whatever inside source Lombardi has. Granted, no one … Continue reading

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