Game Day #2 – She-Hawk Down

Crazy game tonight, eh? Catching some shit for predicting a Seattle win, but at this point, anything can happen. Seattle looked like shit on the road last week, and won by 6. The Niner offense looked nigh unstoppable in the air at home last week. And won by 6. The difference was the Niners played a very talented Green Bay team, while the Hawks played the lowly Carolina Panthers. What does it mean? Nothing. The She-Hawks (coined by Anthony Dixon, among others) always play well at home, and they are trying to break the world record for loudest crowd noise, something held by some Iranian soccer game at 131 db or some shit. The hope is the Guinness folks check for illegal amplification, as is thought by some around here.

So, are the Hawks the latest flash in the pan? Early indications certainly can be read that way. But this is a game that Pete ‘what’s-your-deal’ Carroll has circled on his calendar. He’s always jacked up for a Harbaugh game. But so has St. Jimmy Harbaugh. Jim of course had to endure a humiliating 72-3 defeat last year. Forgive me for not wanting to recall that score, but it was ugly. I’ve gone over the circumstances around that already, and why the Niners were out of sorts that night, but that’s the past. The Niners moved on and nearly won it all while Seattle failed in the playoffs. If anyone has an axe to grind, it’s St. Jimmy for getting thumped last year.

As far as statement games go, well, Seattle certainly has a lot more to lose than the Niners. If they lose to the 49ers at home after a major struggle against Carol, then yeah, there will be talk of the Hawks not quite being ready for prime time. If Seattle wins a tough battle, then the Niners will be hurting a bit, but the loss is one that is somewhat expected due to the Hawks huge homefield advantage. If the Hawks wipe out the Niners again, then Harbaugh will be the one suddenly on the defensive regarding how his team matches up with their NFC West rivals.

Besides, Kappy has yet to beat the Hawks. Alex Smith got the win last year, and Russell Wilson had a fairly pedestrian night. Smith has since left, and Wilson has exploded since that 13-6 Niner win last October.

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126 Responses to Game Day #2 – She-Hawk Down

  1. rob says:

    looks like our old buddy BERGER is right on ! more pistol-spread and less SCO please !

  2. 12th man says:

    ODB, drop the word nigger, there is no place for it and you are a racist asshole.
    Niners playcalling is abysmal. 3 and 4 guys including Kap in the backfield all night means the opposing D has no deep threat, which proved to be true. Very lousy playcalling. Frank Gore as done nothing in 2 games, ditto the O line in the run game. Hunter has done nothing in 2 games, no running back has been shown to be effective after an achilles and Hunter has not bucked the trend. maybe they should review THIS YEARS film and make the necessary changes???

    The reality is the O is still being called as though the Niners have a strong running game. News flash, they don’t. They have to transition to a spread O right fucking now or find a run game from somewhere.

    The truth hurts, Squawks absolutely out coached and outplayed the Niners as well as had the luck and to some extent the ref’s calls but the truth is they deserved the win.

    Kap was Alex Smith 2.0 in the game, as called by the O co-ordinator, wake the fuck up and use the QB you have, which is a guy capable of over 400 yds if given the opportunity.

    The sardine can O is restricting the QB talent, be more creative, Bo Schembler (sic) ain’t coaching todays game.

    Now take the loss on the chin, which was fair and square, and adjust accordingly.

  3. 12th man says:

    Did I mention ODB is a racist motherfucking asshole?

  4. Nipper says:


  5. unca_chuck says:

    ODB has been banned. Why do the loons come out when I’m not watching this place?

    Fun times here in my little corner of hell.

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