Jim Harbaugh, Vernon Davis, and the 49er Way

Gee, ol’ Jimmy looks like he wants to step in a pile of shit again as he says he’s ‘disappointed’ about Vernon Davis and Alex Boone not coming to the madatories. He said “(It’s) not the decision that I envisioned being the 49er way.” Beyond the fact that Aldon Smith and Chris Culliver would not appear to be following that path either, what’s your point, Jim? The path of the righteous is beset by many pitfalls? Besides, ’49er Way’ is the path from the locker room to the practice field, so let’s count how many others missed travelling 49er Way.

Stevie (Wonder) Johnson has a sore hammy and missed practice, Michael Crabtree is trying to stay off his feet as much as possible for fear of using and damaging them. If he could walk on his hands, I’m sure he would. Frank Gore, Juston Smith, and Grand Theft Auto V star Chris Culliver also sat out the practice as they are apparently too valuable to trot out there and risk getting turf toe or grass stains.

Which is why it seems pretty stupid for VD and Rhino to even hold out of these. To piss away what amounts to a year’s salary for most of us regluar folks (shit, VD has already snubbed $270,000, certainly not my tax bracket) just to make a point seems ludicrous at best when you can claim injury and hang out in the hot tub.

But who am I to quibble about the myriad ways athletes can be stupid, vain, clueless, and obtuse? Football is a brutal sport that leaves broken bodies and spirits in its wake as the juggernaut rolls along. So, the impetus is to get what you can when you can. In VD’s case though, the 49ers HAVE given him just about everything possibe. He sighed a 5 year/$23 mill deal in 2006. After 4 years of that (or $18.4 mill), he got his 5 year/$37 mill deal. So, to date he’s received about $46 million from the team for services rendered. Yes, it was a front-loaded deal. Yes, he’s one of the top TEs in the game.

No, VD doesn’t ‘deserve’ an extension. Why? Because HE signed the deal. He was PAID as one of the highest TEs coming out of college, and after his scuffling through an injury-riddled seasons highlighted by fights with his own teammates and a ton of stupid penalties, he got his shit together (Sing) and got his 1st extension, which made him the highest paid TE AGAIN. Play out this year, then maybe we’ll talk. Problem is, VD KNOWS that Crabs is up for review. He of the 6 game holdout to start HIS career. He’s trying to make bank before Crabs does. Frankly, at this point I could see them both gone after this season.

Regardless of how well VD has done (and he has done very well these past few seasons), VD has little leverage here. The Niners have enough at the WR spot to cover for VD should he hold out further. I seriously doubt he misses any real training camp, but if so, I really would start lining up trade partners. If he’s so self-absorbed to put himself in front of the team again, then he should go.

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  1. Irish Kevin says:

    So VD is TO renincarnate?? just a thought

  2. Spitblood says:

    Who cares about VD, Wright and Boone? I don’t. I love that they’re holding out. Why? Because I don’t agree with Chuck that without VD or Boone the 49ers take a step backwards. The real stories that Chuck and the media should be focusing on are guys like Darryl Morris, Nick Moody, Tank, Dial, Lattimore and our rookie draft class.

    Three years ago, in Harbaugh’s first year as our head coach, in my mind, the 49ers were the best team in football but they had one problem: Alex Smith. Harbaugh created the best team in football by starting and developing rookies in Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver and Kendal Hunter. Harbaugh also gave T Brown and Boone starts, and nobody knew if they’d be any good. The 49ers also brought in, via free agency, Whitner and Rogers. Point being that Harbaugh used the draft and Singletary’s bench along with free agency to get to the NFC Championship game, and if it wasn’t for Alex Smith, I think the 49er would have won the Super Bowl. I think Harbaugh’s first year was his best team so far.

    Two years ago Kaep was basically a rookie, Hunter was hurt and our secondary was undisciplined. Last year our offense was too limited. Year one was Harbaugh’s best year, and it was partly because he was forced to use guys he was unfamiliar with.

    Right now, the 49ers can force guys like Vance McDonald, Nick Moody, Tank and Darryl Morris into the spotlight of starting roles, and my guess is it’ll pay huge dividends and maybe get us a ring. My only worry this year is that Harbaugh will rely too much on his veterans. Vet holdouts are a good thing… to me.

  3. If it gets V McD going I like it. We have to wait in that one though.

  4. Nipper says:

    Redskins name offensive. What now? The Washington Pussies? Perhaps cat lovers will protest.

    • 12th man says:

      All a crock of PC shit.

      • NoFear49er says:

        More than a bit odd that those poor offended folk didn’t find their voice until now.

        Force that change like the trademark suit just did and say goodbye to the Browns, the Vikings and the Packers. Not far behind will be the Patriots, the Cowboys, the Raiders and Buccaneers and then PETA protests all team names that victimize animals.

        We will end up with teams named for numbers and only even ones over 21.

        It is PC run amok and it’s a damn shame so many are so stupid to be taken in by it.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Uh, not really.

  6. 12th man says:

    Redskin, white skin, black skin whatever, it’s all the same to me. It’s just a football team name, not something being aimed at a particular group of people with malice or to diminish and wasn’t founded that way either, it was to acknowledge the history of the area. Society is so sensitive these days.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    So you are the arbiter of who should be taken aback by it? It doesn’t consume me but I can certainly see where certain people would be bothered by it.At least Fla State got some buy off from the Seminoles in the area. Shit, even Indians is a better team name than Redskins. a derogatory term for a few hundred years. .

    It’s been part of the NFL landscape forever, but hey, we should have the Carolina Crackers? The Green Bay Polacks?

    • Spitblood says:

      Personally, I think the Fed is going the wrong way revoking the copyright or whatever. I think if you make fun of a name or group of people it brings people together. For instance, I think when the NFL expands we should put a team in Tennessee and call them the Memphis Niggers. What’s the difference between my Memphis Niggers and Washington Redskins? Think of the jokes. White man and black man would be laughing hysterically along side each other.

      And when the Memphis Niggers play the Washington Redskins on Monday night football, we can have Howard Cossell announce the game saying, “Look at that monkey run…. and Tonto’s in hot pursuit.” This is totally a PC thing blown way out of proportion.

  8. 12th man says:

    Didn’t claim to be an arbiter, I offered an opinion. Cleveland Indians, Blackhawks, Vikings, “fighting Irish”. Sports teams. These names are a slur if you choose to make them one and one day soon some sensitive soul will do just that.

  9. Again, Redskin is a slur. Irish isn’t. Sure, the Cleveland Kikes, the LA Wetbacks, the San Francisco Shovelheads. Go for it. Just because it’s part of the vernacular doesn’t mean it ain’t wrong.

    Not losing sleep over it, but I get the anger around using that slur as a team name.

  10. If you equate ‘fighing Irish’ to ‘Redskin’, then I can’t help you. Now, if the Celtics changed their name to the Boston Drunk Lunatics, then we’re on to something.

    • 12th man says:

      It illustrates the point of where is the line in the sand drawn? Are Irish people offended by the notion that they are fighters, drunks? How about Scandinavians concern of being labelled Vikings, marauders, mass rapists, pillagers, thieves?
      Blackhawks OK? Indians OK? I’m sure some section of each of these demographics will hold their hand up and say they are offended so what should we do about them? Does all of society need to be careful of offending everybody?

      Some tribes have come out as now being offended whilst others say it’s no big deal. This is not the same as the N word that has become universally accepted as a slur. I’m no racist and my history blogging shows that. I just find this Redskins “issue” to be contrived and too PC for me.

      If you feel otherwise that’s cool, no biggie.

    • Scandinavians embrace their maurader past. As do the English and their yen for

      Besides, do you HEAR Irish folks complaining about ‘fighting Irish’? No. Do you hear Native Americans complaining about the tem Redskin? Yes.

      See the difference?

  11. Or the Tennessee Inbred Cretins.

    • 12th man says:

      I think the Titans is a problem name for me, who made them more important than the Gods? And while we are at it the Padres offends my sensibilities greatly, who decided they can ram their religious fanatacism down everyone’s throat?

      And so on.

    • Whatever. Like I said, I’m not freaking out about it. Just that I get that some people would
      be pissed off by the term Redskin. It has been a racial slur since the 1600s.

  12. NoFear49er says:

    Somebody better tell the Navajo Nation their 99% native American Red Mesa Redskins are offensive to Indians.

    Activist idiots in the minority are taking away any and all rights from the majority with their petty claims of insult running the spineless PC dogs they put in office.

    The American flag offends many here, when is that coming down?

  13. Spitblood says:

    Old people make me laugh. They think America should never change. Fact is, change is a good thing and necessary for America. Changing the Redskins’ name is good…. and also necessary. We aren’t all driving old Ford trucks out on dirt roads in the country anymore. It’s the 21st century, and the old farts need to pickup their game.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Old people? You sound just like the hippies/flower children of the sixties. And why not, that’s who you’ve gotten your liberal claptrap philosophy from. Every young pup thinks he’s the first one to see the light and after a proper indoctrination he yelps just like he was at Berkeley and Woodstock in the days of old.

      Take advantage of all that was earned by others. Cry about the way they got it for you while taking all you can get. Complain the takers don’t have enough from the makers and label it all social justice. Seems like it’s all been done before you came on the scene to set the world right.

      • What rights have you lost, zippy?

      • rtfirefly says:

        The “makers” like Jack Welch, who pocketed $167 million for one year at the helm of GE? Yeah, I’m sure he “made” enough that year to justify taking home 4000x what the average GE employee “takers” did, that servile class who have been “taking” from GE for over a hundred years.
        Don’t get me started on the banking and finance industry.

      • At least I don’t yearn for a country that never existed. Bring back the 50s!

        Political God Ronnie raised taxes 17 times to fund the cold war arms race. But a 3% raise of taxes on the wealthy now, after tax cuts doring wartime caused a massive deficit (where they were under Bush I) is tantamount to treason.

        Fuck Ronnie though, he’s a piker compared to Eisenhower. You know, when taxes went up to 91% on the wealthy. You like Ike?

        If your talking points didn’t mirror Fox News, I wouldn’t laugh at your ignorance so much.

  14. ‘Every young pup ‘ = anyone under 68.

    Guess what, zippy? Are there people taking advantage of the system? Yes. However, they occupy every spectrum of the socio-economic scale. Whether it’s jerkoff Joey scamming a few buck from the gpovernment, or it’s Joe middle-class fudging his taxes, to Mitt Ronmey hiding money overseas to avoid US taxes. The problem with this is the rich can pay to get their cheating either legalized or swept under the rug. Those further down the ladder have no voice.

    Just like SCOTUS saying corporations are poeple and that the rich can donate as much money as can buy elections. THESE are the things driving the country to revolution, not your candy-ass hyperbole regarding Obama. God, are you coherent?

    The problem with you is you think it’s OK for the rich to cheat, but not anyone else. At least that how Fox plays it out. Do you enjoy Rupert’s hand up your ass moving your lips? Birther! Kenyan! Socialist! Fuck, dude, you rail so much on the poor that you MUST be among the “47%.”

  15. NoFear49er says:

    RT, Welch turned GE around and it sunk after he left. Same employees. What’s that worth if you’re a stock holder/owner? About double the current value I’d guess. Now with the current CEO they don’t pay taxes and he carries Barry’s water. You like that better?

    Chuck, you delight in making up shit to argue with. Read some new bumper stickers.

    Have you ever actually watched Fox News or do you enjoy being a mindless parrot? It’s easier I guess. Plenty of liberal anchors and POVs and plenty of hard news without any bias. It just makes you sound dumber to mindlessly regurgitate the pablum you’re fed.

    Don’t just string a bunch of cliched liberal platitudes. If you have an argument that makes sense, make it.

    • Spitblood says:

      Anyone who watches Fox News to confirm their own beliefs is an idiot. No exceptions. I watch it late night when I workout (not to confirm beliefs) and it’s obvious Fox News feeds it’s readers intentional lies. John Stewart has a field day with the lies and manipulations of Fox News. Global warming? Rupert Murdock has a horse in the oil game. Of course Fox News denies global warming. And right wingers like NoFear think Fox News is “fair and balanced?” That’s hilarious.

  16. Spitblood says:

    NoFear: You wrote, “Take advantage of all that was earned by others.” Are we talking about the Redskins again?

  17. rtfirefly says:

    “When asked about the issue of excessive CEO pay, Welch has said that such allegations are ‘outrageous’ and has vehemently opposed proposed SEC regulations affecting executive compensation. Countering the public uproar over excessive executive pay (including backdating stock options, golden parachutes for nonperformance, and extravagant retirement packages), Welch stated that CEO compensation should continue to be dictated by the free market, without interference from government or other outside agencies.” – from an interview with Chris Matthews , via Wiki.
    Marvelous, straight out of “The Wealth of Nations”. Except for one little thing. Who determines what the “free market” allows in regards to executive compensation? Other executives sitting on interlocking boards, of course.
    A nice little closed system for the 1%ers. The “makers”? Hardly. It’s a closed system. A cartel. Capitalism behaving like communism with a closed, fixed “labor” market.

    • NoFear49er says:

      So, your company makes widgets. You hire a sales force at x% of gross sales. Do you want the government to regulate how many widgets you can sell lest you and your top sales people make too much money?

      I think the reciprocating boards are more of a problem with government subsidized non-profits rather than for-profit corporations.

      What do you think the guys that run Wounded Warriors pay themselves? Do you think it has any relationship to how much gets to the wounded warriors in the ads?

  18. Nipper says:

    BLEEP the social commentary! Damn all of you!

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Yes, I have watched Fox news, NoFear. Mainly to see how far they will go to twist reality. Months and months of “why is Obama letting Bergdahl rot in Afghanistan?” “No man left behind!” Now that he’s out, it’s “We should NEVER negotiate with terrorists!” They even trotted out Ollie North. Uh, what did he do again? It’s beyond laughable. But to you Ollie was right, and Obama was wrong. Just like everything Fox news stood for in 2007 did a 180 is 2008.

    It’s as fair and balances as a 3-card monte game. As usual, NoFear, when confronted with facts, you post jingoistic drivel. Because that’s all you got. You and Wayne La Pierre, how do you get out of bed in the morning?

    Wounded warrioirs? Right, that’s a travesty of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t know shit about it. But Wall St? Billions in other people’s pensions and near gloabal economic collapse? Unfettered capitalizm in all it’s glory. That’s cool. Who needs regulation?

  20. unca_chuck says:

    BLEEEP! This one’s on you, Nipper.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    You still haven’t told me what rights you’ve lost under Obama, NoFear.

  22. NoFear49er says:

    What rights have I lost? Surely you jest. Where do I begin, with my right to buy the insurance I decide best suits my and my family’s needs or none at all? Hows about starting off with the Constitution. Amendments 1-10 aka _the Bill of Rights_.

    free speech, and various other freedoms protected by the first amendment, right to protest, be a combat veteran or criticize the government without being labelled a terrorist, etc.

    right to bear arms, and various other freedoms protected by the second amendment, various weapons restrictions and restrictions imposed on ammo and accessories and magazines,

    protection against unlawful search and seizures, and not have my medical records digitized and turned over to the government, or my phone, or my email, or where and when I drive my vehicle, and other forms of domestic spying on citizens without cause, and other violations of the fourth amendment,

    due process guaranteed by the fifth amendment,

    I’m tired now, the list is long and getting longer by the day. Get your head out of your ass and look around for yourself. The liberal media is not your friend.

  23. Do you live in Canada? Gun laws are weakening every day in this country. No meaningful gun legislation has passed anywhere except for a few big cities in the past 5 years. And that certainly doesn’t mean where you live. Unless you live in Chicago. Which is highly doubtful. Who’s taking away your right to be a vet? The SPCA? Do you always jump at shadows? Black Heilcopters? As far asn the ACA goes, cheaper insurance is a real bitch, isn’t it? Hate to take away your right to waste your money. Please tell me you are one of the 0.00003% that pay a higher rate. Boo hoo. This is what you rail against? How dare the government help the poor in this country. Please. Get a fucking grip.

    All that other shit was part and parcel of the Patriot Act, you commie. Remember Uniting and Strengthening America? When did the Patriot Act pass? Hmmm. I think it was 13 years ago.

    BTW, I don’t listen to any national news outlets. There are many ways to gather information. Unlike you and your master Rupert. You mimic their shit so much, it’s hysterical.

    Side note, did you like Dick Cheney blaming the Iraq war on Obama? FOr 7 years, Bush did a masterful job of killing our troops and destabilizing Iraq, while Obama screwed up by getting them out of harm’s way? You ain’t drinking the koolaid, you are drowning in it.

    It’s like Ollie North railing against negotiating with terrorists.

    “When I did it . . .” Ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner.

    Coke-fueled death squads, anyone? I could go on all day, zippy.

    And, as a retort, we’ll get the Lib Media socialist agenda claptrap that the grossly uninformed spout. If you thihnk you’ve lost any rights in the past 5 years, then I can’t help you. You’ve gone off the deep end of reality.

  24. Spitblood says:

    I love that NoFear just listed some of the bill of rights and then told Chuck to pull his head out of his ass. That’s just about the right wing’s entire game. Cite the constitution and then insult those you disagree with. That’s Fox News in a nutshell.

  25. Nipper says:

    Lets be fair and balanced.

  26. Winder says:

    Personally, I think changing the Redskin name would be wrong. I kind of liked it when you could call anyone anything you wanted all you needed to do was back it up. It’s what makes us who we are. And, there is no politically correct way to change the way people think. I am still pissed about the Stanford Indians name change, now we are a bird that doesn’t really live in the area and a stupid tree.

    • Actually, Snodfart is the color Cardinal, not the bird. As in Cardinal red.

      That’s why they are the Stanford Cardinal not the Cardinals.

      • Winder says:

        lol. that’s just plain stupid if you ask me. Red is fucking red. And, there were lots of indians in the palo alto area before the stinking long-knives drove em out.

    • Well, if there were actual indians on the team, the ‘backing it up’ part might make sense. Even one. There ain’t, so it’s still a slur that a lot of folks don’t cotton to.

      As I’ve said already, I don’t give much of a shit what they do, but I get why some folks are pissed off about it.

      Shit, the Washington basketball team changed their name because ‘Bullets’ was too violent? The San Jose Sharks, when they did a fan vote on their name. vetoed the Blades because it sounded to gang related. Didn’t hear that about the New York Jets, for all you West Side Story buffs. The Jets of course squared off against the . . . Sharks.

  27. Well, the ‘Skins lost their trademark, so anyone can use it now. Doesn’t look like Daniel Snyder is going to do anything re the name. Maybe he should call them the Washington Zionists.

  28. zumiee says:

    Interesting discussion regarding the name ‘Redskins.’
    I think the Washington team will eventually drop that name, and then future generations will be perplexed at what took so long to make the change. It’s an obvious racial slur.
    Maybe in the future the Native American tribes will be better at uniting politically. ‘Divide and conquer’ has been used against them over and over.

  29. zumiee says:


  30. Spitblood says:

    I think we should all make racist jokes just to piss Del off. And I think Chuck should let it slide for a while to further infuriate him.

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