Prognostication Time

Hey, this’ll cause to brain usage. I think.

Anyhow, couple things here, since Dennis jumped the gun. As usual. Who do you guys pick to win their respective divisions (and I promise not to pick the Raiders in the AFC West), and what do you think the 49ers record will be this year?

Dennis I think has said 9-7. With fans like this. . . .

I may or may not get a game day thread up on Sunday, so this may have to do . . .

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35 Responses to Prognostication Time

  1. snarkk says:

    I’ll replay my 10-6 prediction for the Niners. I wanted to go 11-5, but I just think the division is tougher this season. The other divisions, I don’t care…

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I have the Niners at 12-4

    NFC West – Niners
    NFC East – Skins
    NFC North – Packers
    NFC South – Falcons
    WC – Bears and Chumhawks

    Nothing changes very much here. The strong teams remain strong. The also-rans stay run down (hello Dallas and Giants). The Saints make noise but don’t quite make the grade. Brees gets another 5,000. Unfortunately, they give up 5,001 points under Rob Ryan’s shower curtain defense. the Vikes luck runs out as they fade to 7-9. The Loins? Right. Another season spent shooting themselves in the feet.

    AFC West – Horseys
    AFC East – Dolphins
    AFC North – Bengals
    AFC South – Colts
    WC – Chefs and Pats

    The AFC is due a lot of turnover from good teams to bad. Ryan Tannehill is set to explode. Miami takes off over a weakening Pats team. The Broncs get one last decent season from Manning and he gets hurt in the playoffs. Dalton continues his progression as a solid QB as the Ravens and Steelers crumble and fall, and Alex Smith leads the Cheifs into the playoffs.

  3. I could have predicted 12 starts for Colt McCoy and 6-10, but I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. 9-7 is rosy.

  4. “The Broncs get one last decent season from Manning.”

    Manning’s on pace to throw 112 TDs. I guess that’s decent.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    NFC-West – Niners
    NFC- South -NO
    NFC- North – GB
    NFC – East – Giants
    WC’s – Seattle and Altlanta

    AFC – West – Broncos
    AFC – South -Colts
    AFC – North – Bengals
    AFC – East – Pats
    WC’s – Steelers and Chiefs

  6. Irish Kevin says:

    Yes Dennis, A Smith is going to the Playoffs

  7. rtfirefly says:

    Niners, Packers, Skins and Falcons. Hawks and Saints.
    Broncos, Texans, Pats, and Steelers. Ravens and Chiefs.
    Thar she blows.

  8. rtfirefly2 says:

    OOO, I can’t avoid this dig. Who exactly said Peyton wasn’t washed up and was a perfect fit for the Broncs?
    Just who could that be, and what host of this blog gave me all kinds of stuff over my opinion?
    Every dog has his day, Chuck. This is mine.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    9-11 in the playoffs?? Uh, no. He’s not even the best QB in his family. .

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      He’s 1-0 this season after a butt whipping of the SB Champs.

    • Flavor says:

      I love this retort, which is talked about everywhere. I’m a team guy but in football the QB, if he’s getting paid the dollars, is usually the leader in bringing the SB home. And i think 10-12qb’s are ready to do that in the right situation RIGHT NOW. There are stupid one-off examples like Dilfer and Marino (the range of weird winning to best qb-NOT winning) but the reality is that in today’s NFL world, we are definitely in an ever changing world of productive QB’s….
      Here are my top 11 in no order: Kaep, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Luck, RG3, Newton, Both Mannings, Stafford. Ryan. And if anyone listened to Tolbert this pm he did a cogent job of detailing why that was an underwhelming 7 td performance last night. And he nailed it.
      Alex Smith? Not top 10 but I fucking love him and he’s right around the 10-12 spot. And you’ll notice I didn’t include that shithead Romo. Denny can throw that dude in with his mom’s fav in all their son/mom top 10’s. The reality is, he hasn’t done shit. Romo’s won 0, Peyton’s won 1. His bro has won 2. And I won’t list their playoff records because if i did Denny might fall apart completely…….
      If Alex Smith and Tony Romo have won the same number of super bowls, and P-Manning is sucking his bro’s SB win total dick, then maybe it’s time for everyone to shut the fuck up about all that they think they know about quarterbacks and ratings and turf they claim to have pulled up back in the day. Finally, it’s time to pick a different topic to kill. Cause this one has been run into the ground……….
      And I know that nothing I say will influence anything. But I like this place so I’ll post what I like,
      Bloggers who post about 49 shit are more likely to get support than those who don’t.
      Have a good night.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Well, right or wrong, quarterbacks get the the glory for winning and the shaft for losing. Dilfer isn’t better than Fouts simply by winning a Super Bowl. Truth is, it takes a team. As Dan Marino well knows. Marino certainly didn’t get to the playoffs nearly as much as P Manning has. My point about Manning is he’s had a ton of chances to win it all but hasn’t. For all the regular season wins in a shitty division, he hasn’t carried his team through the playoffs to the promised land as much as he should have.

    Even last year with the pick in OT, he failed in the end. No matter that his defense choked big time at the end of regulation, he didn’t take the team to the next level.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Dennis can keep blowing his wad over Manning til he’s jizzed all over the back of Nippy’s van. Doesn’t change the fact that Manning wouldn’t have done much better here than he did in Denver. Playoffs? Sure. Super Bowl? No. But if anyone thinks we’d be better off with Manning rather than Kaepernick is completely off the rails.

  12. rtfirefly2 says:

    We had Dan Fouts and Pastorini right down the road in the WCAL. Jim Plunkett went to James Lick High School in San Jose.
    Kap’s from Fresno.
    I be ready for some football.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Turlock, but who’s counting?

  14. Winder says:

    Tampa Bay
    WC- Atl & Rams
    WC- Tex & Cincy

  15. Nipper says:

    A Niner blog and who’s picked to win? The Niners! What a surprise! And blaming Manning for not carrying a team all alone to a Super Bowl is just not accurate. Teams win Super Bowls not individuals. Sure a QB is vital but he’s not everything. Even I know that! Burp! Hey where’s Dennis? I hope he’s got the good stuff.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Nippy when you reach the playoffs 12 out of 13 seasons as the starting QB, you expect a little more than 1 SB win and 1 SB loss.

  17. 12th man says:

    You know what I really love about Kap? He never gives up and fights back time after time when the team is losing or he makes a bad play.

    When he takes the next step and has that fire without the team falling behind, this O will be frightening. Last time I felt like that was the Steve Young led O. It was not a matter of if the team would win but by how much.

    I think he takes that step this year.

  18. 12th man says:


  19. barleyfreak says:

    Rams? Chiefs? Someone really believes in Andy Reid. Or Alex Smith. Or AJ Jenkins. Don’t see it. Better, for sure. Playoffs? Nope.

    Niners 11-5 — NFC West Champs
    NFC Least — Cowboys (meh.)
    NFC South — Saints
    NFC North — Packers
    WC — SEA, ATL

    AFC West — Broncos
    AFC East — Patriots
    AFC South — Texans
    AFC North — Steelers
    WC — Bengals, Colts

  20. unca_chuck says:

    You think KC is a stretch and you pick Dallas, Barley?

    KC gets to play the Raiders and San Diego twice. That’s 4 gifts right there.

    • barleyfreak says:

      Yeah well going from 8-8 to division winner is less of a stretch than from 2-14. And I think the Skins take a step back and the Giants too. WOuld be please to be wrong on this prediction. Meanwhile Grant Cohn thinks they’ll win the SB. No fucking way.

  21. Rooster says:

    Rams win the west – 9ers finish 3rd.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Then you wake up . . .

    New thread is up.

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