Daft Day Draft Day

Not much to say about the draft. Not with the Jimmy/Deebo saga playing out. But it appears as it is going according to the clock, not to the Twitterverse. The Panthers will make a deal in mid-June for Jimmy G. The 49ers brain (fry) trust will sign Deebo to a 3 year $75 mill ($40 mill guaranteed) deal in late June.

Day 2 of the draft see us with one 2nd round pick (61) and two 3rd round picks (93 and 105).

What do we need? A CORNERBACK!!!!!!

(stealing this from NJ [thanks, again]!!!)

Yusuf Corker S/CB 6-0 197 Kentucky
Verone McKinley FS 5-10 196 Oregon
Jalen Pitre FS 6-0 197 Baylor
Dane Belton FS 6-0.5 205 4.43 Iowa
Nick Cross FS 6-1 215 4.34 Maryland

Tariq Woolen CB 6-4 205 4.26 UTSA
Percy Butler CB 6-0 191 4.36 Louisiana
Alontae Taylor CB 6-0 193 4.36 Tennessee
Zyon McCollum CB 6-2 202 4.33 Sam Houston
Cam Taylor-Britt CB 6-0 205 4.38 Nebraska

Not listed is Andrew Booth, Clemson; 6′ 0″, 195, 4.5 40.
Mental toughness issues along with double-hernia surgery early 2022. Projected as a late 1st-early 2mr rounder, he’s still available. Could even drop to 61.

Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington: 6′ 0″, 200, 4.52 40.
Another prospected laste 1st-early 2nd rounder. No picks, but a lot of defensed passes.

Roger McCreary, CS Auburn: 5′ 11″, 189, 4.5 40
Possible nickel corner due to smaller size but great at going after the ball. 6 picks in 35 games

 Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi State Height: 6-2. Weight: 200 Official 40 Time: 4.53.
Like the size on this guy, but only one pick in college. If coachable, he could be a steal.

The next two picks? DE and Center.

Let’s do it!

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58 Responses to Daft Day Draft Day

  1. Lurker John says:

    I’m moving this over Chuck. Didn’t see the new thread in time:

    You seem tepid on Aiyuk, Kat, whereas I see him breaking out in 2022. There were issues early last year, but he came on nicely in the second half of the season and has all the physical talent in the world. He’s tough over the middle and can definitely get behind defenders. Garoppolo’s inability to throw the ball downfield has hurt the Niners ever since his arrival. Think of the plays they left on the field in 2021 alone.

    With Lance better able to throw outside the numbers, we might see BA put up some big plays and TD’s. My guess is that he’s been working his ass off this off-season, if only to prove he was worthy of a first round pick. He’s tough and competitive and I like that.

    With him, Deebo, Kittle and Jennings, Lance is going to have some nice options. If they can draft a good slot receiver, things will look even better.

  2. Lurker John says:

    With the Charvarius Ward signing, I’d think a safety would be a bigger priority, but it does seem you can never have to many corners in the NFL. Nobody seems to think Hufanga is the long term answer.

  3. Winder says:

    We took a edge and 2 Guards who all need to be coached up to make it in this league. Definitely a meat and potatoes day.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    Seahawks passed on Willis with back to back picks lol. Shows the lack of a QB in this draft instead of quality everywhere eles in the draft!

  5. alleykat69 says:

    Gordon and Brisker to Chicago in much needed secondary upgrade.Great value..

  6. alleykat69 says:

    Josh Pascual joins Adan Hutchinson to give Lions 2 stud book end pass rushers!
    And the Jets wow maybe 4 starters out of this draft, solid work by Saleh and the organization..

  7. unca_chuck says:

    If we do draft WR, I guess we know where we stand with Deebo. Still think we go corner or center.

    The way this team ignores CB, I say we draft a center.

    • alleykat69 says:

      I wanted Jurgens a lock at center for the next 10 years replacing Mack!Makes his own beef jerky Cam Jerky! Gotta love those Nebraska maulers but we didn’t get him went to Eagles…

      So they take a LB Drake Jackson? WTF??

  8. unca_chuck says:

    I’m kidding, AK!!!!

  9. unca_chuck says:

    FUCK. Wanted Taylor-Britt.

  10. Winder says:

    They sure know how to stretch this draft out. Bunch of blowhards. And I only clicked on because of out pick.

  11. Winder says:

    Nice pick

  12. Lurker John says:

    I know nothing about Jackson. Anybody?

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Ahhh, DE. OK, I’m OK with that. He’ll bulk up a little to make the transition from 3-4 OLB to 4-3 DE.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Word on Drake Jackson. Strong athlete who needs coaching up. He should be fine. Our coaches do a pretty good job with pass rushers.


  15. Lurker John says:

    Yeah, looks like a bit of a project.

  16. Lurker John says:

    But Kocurek is the man for the job.

    • bakkentom says:

      Wow. Thought they would go Cross S or Marcus??? for nickel cb.

      • alleykat69 says:

        Bottom line bakkentom nobody cán ever predict a 49er selection it’s just how they roll.I really liked C Juergen’s to replace Mack, a lock for 10 years and a total beast but they didn’t want to move up as Eagles snagged him..

      • bakkentom says:

        Nic Bonitto edge gone few picks after us then Luke Fortner C gone top of 3rd. Not liking this offseason for us so far.

  17. Irish Kevin says:

    Do you think the Niners would trade Jimmy G to Seattle?

    • alleykat69 says:

      Seahawks obviously didn’t want Willis so it’s not out of the question anymore Kevin. Although they still might try and get Mayfield? But in this circus scenario do the Browns even go after Jimmy if they find out Watson is suspended for half of a season?

  18. unca_chuck says:

    No. Just kidding. Seattle has been trading picks for so long, they barely know how to draft. They aren’t gonna trade for a QB. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after Malik Willis, though.

  19. Winder says:

    They said they would probably go Edge first and they did. OL or DB’s next.

  20. alleykat69 says:

    That was hard to watch I think they tighten Wayne Newton’s face to much.Raiders get a great pick in Parham from Memphis who Wayne said Mississippi and then Marcus Allen says Happy Mother’s Day lol

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Tyrion Davis-Price. RB, LSU.

    Big and fast. Hey, why not?

    Still waiting for that CB. Told my son I thought they’d go RB. Was gonna post that but I didn’t.

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    Looks like Kyle is sticking with the run game. Ugh

  23. unca_chuck says:

    If it keeps Deebo from running up the middle I’m all for it.

  24. alleykat69 says:

    Panthers go QB Matt Corral , so the need for Jimmy is in the USFL now are is it the CFL in Canada??

    • Winder says:

      We will find a taker for Jimmy. He’s only made it to the championship game 2 out of 3 years. He’s a better QB than some teams are starting.

    • bakkentom says:

      Nick Cross is now gone. WTF.

      Saw stuff on drake Jackson so a good pick. This one a disaster. Cross was there for us and a starter immediately. Bye bye taart. WTF is with this draft team.

  25. Lurker John says:

    Another running back, what a shocker. This team’s aversion to drafting defensive backs is legendary. Who doesn’t think Tartt is coming back and on the cheap?

  26. Lurker John says:

    Center? Safety? CB? I know they have more picks, but WTF.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Given the usual I’d say we go WR here.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    There you go. The WR. Danny Grey. 4.30 40. 6’2″, 180.

    • bakkentom says:

      Not even going to pay attention to day 3. Why no trade ups. Why a RB over Nick Cross. Why the save on all the day 3 picks. Could we have moved all the day 3 picks to two more rd 3 picks.

      F- for that crap draft team.

  29. Lurker John says:

    Good 40 time, which doesn’t mean all that much.

  30. Lurker John says:

    Does he project as a slot guy?

  31. unca_chuck says:

    6′ 2″, 4.3 speed? I’d say he’s an outside guy.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    I used to be thoroughly baffled by Baalke’s drafts. This one has me scratching my head a bit.

    CB and O line seemed to be the biggest needs and we ignored both.

    6 picks to go. And there’s a lot of offseason left. Not quite ready to write this draft off.

    • bakkentom says:

      JC Tretter has been saved as our FA on may 2. So maybe we can overlook C.

      Despite this avoidance of trade downs NIck Cross was there as a starter week 1. A Taart with much better coverage. The one pick out of this abysmal draft that handed us a long term quality starter .

      Moseley can handle nickel. WTF

  33. Lurker John says:

    They certainly don’t seem to draft the way one might expect. Either they’re really comfortable with Banks, Brunskill and Moore, or an OL pick is forthcoming, albeit a later round one. As for secondary, they must not see it as a priority with the Ward signing and the two guys they got last year.

    • Winder says:

      There gonna bring in a bunch of UDFA’s also and usually a few of those make the PS and sometimes start.

    • bakkentom says:

      Looking back at day 2 seems confident of Banks handling LG and Moore competing and eventually starting at RG this season. C is Tretter or Mack. If Mack stays this season Tretter will be his backup. FO does not have an urgency with IOL so the 2 rookies last year can be starters.

      Comfortable with S so maybe Tyrann Mathieu is the Taart successor, announced after the draft.

      Mosely nickel and C Ward and Ambry Thomas the outside corners.

      This draft is for depth. #61 developed and starter opposite Bosa next year. #93 in RB rotation. #105 is 3rd down wr to stretch the field. 4th to 7th are depth picks. Only #61 was picked as starter capable, for next year at that.

      They have vet FA’s lined up and announced after draft is my guess.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, but that shit is risky. Cross looks to be a bona fide star, but they are rolling with Hufanga. Can’t say that’s a terrible plan, but Ward is fairly frageeel. Corner is still my worry over safety.

    • bakkentom says:

      Analysts panned the #93 RB pick. A reach, too early. Adam Peter’s is still with us. How could the draft team come to a consensus on this. Nick Cross fell to us, a surefire upgrade to Taart. Does this draft team have s drinking problem.

      This was a glaringly horrendous pick.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    They must have some kind of confidence that Mack is coming back so there’s that, but still we need depoth on the o line.

  36. Winder says:

    This is the day we usually find some gems. I hope that continues.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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