Eighteen Days Till The Draft . . .

And the speculation continues. . . . So far our 1st pick in the 1st round will be: Mitch Biscuit, DeShone (Walking Dead) Kizer, DeShaun Watson, Salomon Thomas, Myles Garrett (dream), Jonathan Allen, Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, Mike Williams, Marshon Lattimore, Corey Davis, and even Leonard Fournette. Stop me if you’ve heard others.

The only guy who hasn’t been slotted to us (that I’ve seen anyway) is Marlon Humphrey.  Seeing as we lost the likely-to-be-looking-for-work-anyway-till-he-got-arrested-and sealed-the-deal CB Tremaine Brock, and are looking to move Jimmie Ward to FS, this just might be the call.

Then again, we’ve drafted a bunch of CBs in these past few years. ACL guys and non-ACL guys. 4th rounder Rashard Robinson, showed a lot of moxie his rookie season, and looks to be in the mix as a starter. 3rd rounder Will Redmond, the last of Trent Baalke’s ACL guys (“I guarantee he’ll be ready for the 2016 season!”) is healed up but it’s hard to know what they have with him. He’s got tape out there on him moving very well on his repaired knee. K’Waun Williams, this new front office’s first move, is an intriguing candidate as well. He seemed to know his injury better than the doctors at the Factory of Sadness, sat himself down, got his injury confirmed, and sued Cleveland for incompetence or some shit.

Then there’s Prince Charles Iworah . . . He played a little last year after being cut, signed to the practice squad, and promoted to the team late in the season.

So, shit. We probably don’t go CB. We’d go safety before CB I’d think. Tartt is a solid starter. But after that it gets thin. Bethea is gone, Reid is a question mark after all his concussions, and  Ball & Sunseri  are backups at best. Ward should be a solid addition to the mix, but depth is a concern at this point. Hooker has had a stellar college career, but two surgeries. One on a torn labrum and one on a hernia. He played through the injuries, and played well, so this likely doesn’t hurt Makik the Freak.

I’d love to trade out of the 2nd pick, but I don’t hear enough clamor for anyone to want to jump to the 2. I mean, if there was a top-tier QB among the chaff someone might make the jump.  Cleveland could even trade up to try and get Garrett AND Trubisky with the one and 2. Maybe they’ll settle for waiting at 12 because he could still be there, but that’s a risk. For them.



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  1. Nipper says:

    Opening Day! Yeah remember when baseball ruled the sports world? Not anymore. It’s football every damn day now. You know baseball is in trouble when they’re thinking of speeding up the games! Anyway I went to a few opening days at the ole Stick and always sat in the nose bleed seats. Man they packed a huge crowd for that day. The next game maybe a few thousand would show up. Now it’s all gone. The big thing isn’t winning but the kind of food they’re selling. The crowds are still going to opening day but I still remember when they sold beer in the stands. It was a different world that is all gone.

    • Winder says:

      They don’t sell beer in the stands? That sucks. That was always part of the game, Beer, Get your Beerhere. The only time you had to get up was to take a piss.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Awww, Nippy. Getting all nostalgic on us. Yeah, the Stick was quite the experience for opening day baseball. Got arrested at the 1989 opener in fact. Fun times. But it was a much better football stadium. Which I always thought was odd based on the fact they built it for baseball only.

    Don’t fret, nippy. The powers-that-be for the Giants won 3 Worlds Series in 5 years. No mean feat. They may be going through a dry spell this year based on the lux tax, but it’s early yet, and the team is certainly good enough for the wild card. If they get a LF and a couple reliable relievers.

    That being said, it IS shocking to see nothing where the Stick stood for so long. Between the Giants and Niners, I saw quite a few games there. My daughters got to walk around the field at the Stick when they were both Junior Giants, and my son got to see 3 Niner games before they moved to hell, uh Santa Clara. So they have a solid foundation on which they have built their fandom.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    And, in other news . . . beat up your GF, hey come on down. Better yet, move an established franchise to Vegas? No prob. Arm-wrestle for charity? Here’s your fine.


  4. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t see how or why it’s good for the game. All it does is reinforce the fact that owners can get cities to either cough up public money at the altar of these goddamn billionaires, or stand to lose their team to another city.

    It’s good for Mark Davis, the league, and maybe the city of Vegas.

    The reason LA has trouble filling stadiums, and Vegas will probably as well, is that there are a ton of other things to do. I think all 3 stadiums will be ghost towns in 4 years.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    SDs Spanos promised to never move the team. His son? Not so much. Two founding members of the old AFL have now lost their teams. That is a crime.

    I mean really it’ll be great when teams move around like players.

    3 team moves in a little over a year is a really bad precedent to set.

    • Winder says:

      I do feel sad for the long-time fans.. But, with the way the world is it’s all about money. I am not so sure about SD or why the Rams left STL. But I know the Raiders were about a new stadium and I think the other two were also.. All those cities had the chance to keep their teams but couldn’t get the votes for the money. You are right about LA having to many things happening on any given day. It has been that way for years. I don’t know if either team will last long there but I bet they do. Since the Rams first moved the population has exploded and there is a whole new crop of fans just wanting to go crazy. To me the NFL should have authorized for a new franchise in LA because it really is a travesty for a city like that not to have a team.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Because the respective owners wanted shiny new stadiums paid for by receptive cities. Carson? Really?

    The NFL has wanted that for years. I think they both flop. The Rams suck and no one will show up.

  7. NJ49er says:

    I see your Marlon Humphrey and offer an alternative Chuck –

    Shaquill Griffin CB Central FL 6’0″/194 (4.38)(38.5Vert/17Reps)(125TKLs/29PBUs/7INTs)

    Marlon Humphrey AL 6’0″/197 (4.41) (10Reps) (81TKLs/13PBUs/5INTs)

    My theory was (Until Brock offed himself) that we wouldn’t be leaning toward the CB position early.
    Hence the guys I’ve ‘Scouted’ were somewhat off the radar.
    Obviously, I’m not turning in the cards so…. we’ll see how it shakes out.

    • NJ49er says:

      Here’s the rest of my finished efforts on the CBs –

      Brian Allen CB Utah 6’3″/215 (4.45)(34.5Vert/34Arms) (62TKLs/9PBUs/5INTs)
      Chidobe Awuzie CB Colorado 6’0″/202 (4.43)(265TKLs/28PBUs/3INTs)
      Ahkello Witherspoon CB Colorado 6’3″/198 (4.45)(40.5Vert/1.55Split)
      Kevin King CB Washington 6’3″/200 (4.43)(165TKLs/22PBUs/6INTs/39.5Vert)
      Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson 6’1″/199 (4.40)(119TKLs/20PBUs/9INTs)

  8. NJ49er says:

    Still think adding DB Josh Jones would be a great option too.
    He’s played all 3 DB positions.
    Great measurables as well.
    With the anticipation of Saleh going toward the Seattle Scheme, Jones would seem to be a nice option to Cam Chancellor IMO.

    Josh Jones FS/SS NC State 6’1″/220 (4.41) (228TKLs/17PBUs/8INTs/37.5Vert/20 Reps)

  9. NJ49er says:

    Berger here’s a WR that I penciled in as a Sleeper –
    Quick twitch kid that might make a good Slot Receiver?

    Taywan Taylor WR (Slot) W Kentucky 5’11″/203 (4.48) (1.62Split/6.57 3-Cone) (253Rec/4234YDs) (41TDs)

  10. NJ49er says:

    How’s this for a twist? QBs measured in MPH?

    Pat Mahomes: 60 mph
    Davis Webb: 59 mph
    DeShone Kizer: 56 mph
    Jerod Evans: 55 mph
    Mitchell Trubisky: 55 mph
    Brad Kaaya: 53 mph
    Nathan Peterman: 53 mph
    Deshaun Watson: 49 mph

  11. rob says:

    ok CHUCK well I like your last post . MORE EXCITING NEWS
    I we are looking at mo alice cox . OMG you cant get any better than that . a guy named MO COX !!!

  12. rob says:

    of course i love this move you can’ t get any better than that !!

  13. unca_chuck says:

    ROB loves him some COX!!!

  14. Flavor says:

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account
    Just had an NFL exec tell me, “Don’t be surprised if Myles Garrett isn’t the No. 1 pick.” Exec convinced a QB is in discussion at No. 1.

    • Berger says:

      I know I’m going to get shit on for this but a QB like Trubisky does not come around every year. I just read that the only QB Shanahan went to personally interview was Trubisky. All the other interviews are in Santa Clara. I do not know that I would take Garret over Trubisky. I might but I can’t decide.

  15. Berger says:

    For me I think the 49ers are in a no lose situation in the draft. I’ve got the top 2 players as Garrett and Trubisky. I know we will get one of them if we want. Breaking it down, a team must have a franchise QB. Trubisky looks like the real deal. Problem is the QB position is no sure thing. If he works out he is the better pick. Garrett looks like a sure thing but he is starting to remind me of Terrell Owens. That is kind of scary. A QB is more important than a pass rusher but a pass rusher is probably the #2 most important position. Cleveland takes one and we take the other. I love it. We won’t get accused of taking the wrong one!

    • Winder says:

      I think we trade back. Haven’t got a clue who we are taking. I also think that cousins is still a possibility. It only makes sense for Washington to at least get something for him. Swapping 1st rounder’s and snagging Cousins would be a good move in my mind.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    WInder, I think if Cleve goes all in on ruining yet another QB we CANNOT pass on Garrett. I don’t feel the same way about Trubisky. If Garrett comes off the beoard, I’d trade down.

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, it is Cleveland after all. I think the Browns could get him at 12. But, I am not really good at judging who will make it at the pro level. To be honest I am kinda sick of drafting D with every 1st pick. Since we are switching to the 4-3 I think we need more help in the backfield than another lineman.

  17. Berger says:

    It would be a major surprise to me if Cleveland did not take Garrett. Hugh Jackson Is not known for being a QB guru. I would need to research this to know how I feel but my first thought is the gunslinger Mahomes might be what would fit Cleveland’s offense. I don’t think of Hugh Jackson when I think of a precision offense. I haven’t researched so maybe I’m wrong.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns MAY take Trubisky #1 in the draft. Two tweets from Adam, rapid fire last night:

    Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter
    “Just had an NFL exec tell me, “Don’t be surprised if Myles Garrett isn’t the No. 1 pick.” Exec convinced a QB is in discussion at No. 1.”
    6:21 PM – 11 Apr 2017
    1,018 1,018 Retweets 1,780 1,780 likes


    Adam Schefter ✔ @AdamSchefter
    Cleveland has not made up its mind at No. 1, per source. Split opinions. Some like Myles Garrett, some like Mitchell Trubisky. We will see.
    6:28 PM – 11 Apr 2017
    1,287 1,287 Retweets 2,302 2,302 likes

    Whether this is BS to drum up interest in a Cleveland trade-out remains to be seen, but it is out there. To me this doesn’t make any sense than to think Cleveland is insane. No one is going to trade up for Trubisky when he’ll likely fall to Cleve’s second 1st round pick at 12. If not him, then Watson, Kizer, whoever.

    Garrett is the consensus 1st pick, so that shouldn’t change. Cleve can trade up with us if they are desperate to get Trubisky, but they would be absofuckinglutely as stupid as a bag of dicks to take Trubisky with the 1 and leave Garrett to us.

    It would make my year to see it happen though.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Bergs, Hue may not be a QB guru, but nearly all of Hue’s coaching history is as an offensive coach, including coaching rookie Joe Flacco as the Ravens QB coach. He won 11 reg season games and 2 playoff games. Not bad for a rook.

    Point being, Hue wanting Falsebiscuit may not be as far-fetched as you think.

  20. Berger says:

    For all of you folks wanting a trade back, looks like we might have a coveted player. All the talk is suddenly about Trubisky.

    • NJ49er says:

      Trubiski in the Top 20 makes more sense to me Berger.
      He’s at least 2yrs away from making an impact in this Offense IMO.
      Next year we can ‘buy’ Cousins, who already ran the Shanny Offense.
      I like the options on Defense high, with Corey Davis being my preferred Offensive selection in RD1.
      Getting TN to make the deal with us would make my day.
      Tic, toc….. answers coming in 2 weeks.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Didn’t see your post of the Schefter tweet til now, Flav. Ya beat me by 20!hours. Doh!

    If Cleveland passes on Garrett I will be ecstatic.

  22. Berger says:

    The Trubisky haters aren’t going to like this:

    SANTA CLARA – The latest pre-draft buzz is the Cleveland Browns are considering North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 1 overall pick.

    With the NFL draft looming two weeks away, 49ers general manager John Lynch said the debate of Trubisky for Texas A&M pass-rusher Myles Garrett, as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, makes sense to him. But he also realizes it’s that time of the year when it it difficult to separate information from misinformation

    “We’ve looked at it from every angle, and from the beginning, I thought that maybe the perception that this isn’t areal strong quarterback class, I think that’s in the eyes of the beholder,” Lynch said. “We have our own feelings. There’s a lot that we like.

  23. Winder says:

    Good pre-draft song

  24. unca_chuck says:

    If Trubiscuit goes no 1 I’ll be the happiest guy on Earth. And like I said, I guarantee you we don’t take him if Cleve takes Garrett. IMO, we SHOULD be making noise about picking him to generate interest in a trade partner. Namely Cleveland. We can trade back to 12, get some more picks and get Corey Davis. If we don’t get any takers, so be it.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    I see your smoke and mirrors and raise you a 13 month old baby that broke the looking glass . . .

  26. Winder says:

    One of Stevie’s best

  27. Nipper says:

    QB’s are sometimes fool’s gold in the draft. They look and sound so good. They practice well and say all the right things……..except they can’t play in the NFL. Get a pass rusher and forget the QB.

  28. Nipper says:

    So they’re taking off the tarps in Oakland? How many of you are turned on by sitting in the nose bleed seats at Oakland? Anyone an A’s fan and willing to admit it?

  29. rob says:

    fuck oakland

  30. rob says:

    omg now we lose our #2 CB and let our best QB walk . somebody shoot me

  31. rob says:

    and to think I could have been a Patriots fan

  32. rob says:

    OK so we need a QB, WR, CB and pass rusher . Not to mention …

  33. rob says:

    anyone else thinking trade down ? Maybe Cleveland ?

  34. unca_chuck says:

    When did you realize all this ROB?!? Old news!!

    Yeah, I’m thinking Cleve could be a trade partner if we make noise about wanting Falsebisky.

    Also, John Lynch unfurled the welcome matt to 49er alums and Steve Young took him up on it. At least it means we are ackowledging the past.

    said Lynch:

    “I’ve reached out to a lot of these guys and let them know that not only are they welcome, we really want these guys around because that’s what we’re aspiring to be,” Lynch said on Feb. 9. “I’ve also told them we can’t ride on their coattails. We understand that we have to earn their trust as well.”


  35. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Saw Trubiscuit on John Gruden’s football qb show, whatever it is, and Trubisky comes off like a total dumbshit. For all you guys riding his dick, you should be worried.

    13 starts against some weak-ass college programs is no way to judge a QB. Especially as a 1st pick in the draft. He has a loooong learning curve ahead of him.

  36. Nipper says:

    Yes it’s too early but heck I’m an idiot fan so what the hell…….Giants sure suck. Can’t even win with BUM. He should just ride around on a horse…….that would be more entertaining.

  37. Winder says:

    They extend this draft bullshit for way to long, especially for just 7 rds. They should go back to the 15 rds and do it in February. Since they say there is no real time off for the players I am pretty sure we would see a better product if they could get more practice time. Anyway, once again I am sick of wading through all the crap that is out there wondering just what we might do.

  38. Nipper says:

    Yeah it’s getting so boring around here that we don’t even manage to throw a few insults at the “other” blog anymore. No energy in this offseason. Perhaps a trade for something would help. Now fewer trades are happening as teams just settle for their picks. Perhaps at the last moment a blockbuster will fall from the skies.

  39. NJ49er says:

    Just throwing it out here for something to do while we wait for it all to happen –
    Included the links to each Bio from NFL.com too 😀
    RBs – No particular order….

    Donnel Pumphrey RB SDSU 5’8″/176 (4.48)(PR/KR-Slot?) (1,059 ATT/6,405 YDS/62 TDS) (100 REC/1,041 YDS) http://tinyurl.com/mel4km8
    TJ Logan RB UNC 5’9″/196 (4.37)(PR/KR-Slot?) (585 ATT/3,105 YDS/24 TDS) (128 REC/1,067 YDS) http://tinyurl.com/m3vzrcu
    Kareem Hunt RB Toledo 5’10″/216 (4.57) (782 ATT/4,945 YDS/44 TDS) (73 REC/555 YDS) (1 fumble/856 ATT) http://tinyurl.com/jvrnluo
    Dalvin Cook RB FSU 5’10″/210 (4.49) (687 ATT/4,464 YDS/46 TDS) (79 REC/935 YDS) http://tinyurl.com/k3zpk6j
    Joe Williams RB Utah 5’11″/210 (4.42) (317 ATT/1,890 YDS/13 TDS) (20 REC/191 YDS) http://tinyurl.com/lejgcvu

    Kareem Hunt has speed issues. Turned in a pair of 4.62s in Indy. Improved it to high 4.5s at his Pro Day.
    Couldn’t omit him for one simple reason. He doesn’t fumble and, he gets North & South.
    Said to be a good fit for the ZBS as well.

  40. NJ49er says:

    QBs – (again), No particular order, other than my belief that they won’t spend a 1st RD Pick on one –

    Zach Terrell QB WMU 6’1″/204 (908 COMP/12,088YDS/65.5%) http://tinyurl.com/kpyn5gl
    Davis Webb QB California 6’5″/229 (841 COMP/9,852YDS/61.5%) http://tinyurl.com/l33ahxp
    Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech 6’2″/225 (857 COMP/11,25YDS/63.5%)
    Sefo Liufau QB Colorado 6’3″/232 (870 COMP/9,568YDS/62.9%)
    Deshone Kizer QB ND 6’4″/233 (423 COMP/6,329YDS/60.8%) http://tinyurl.com/mlkk4ny

  41. NJ49er says:

    OK Chuck, what’s this all about?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m guessing the last 2 posts I made which included multiple Web Links might be an issue?

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I have a link limit for the spam. I cleared them.

  43. NJ49er says:

    See if this gets past the spammer…

    Jon Allen DT Alabama 6’3″/286 (5.00) (1.74 Split/21 Reps) (154 TKLs/28.5 Sacks) (http://tinyurl.com/k85p42f)
    Dalvin Tomlinson DT Alabama 6’3″/310 (5.19) (1.81 Split) (122 TKLs/4 Sacks) (http://tinyurl.com/kwjf8mr)
    Carlos Watkins DT Clemson 6’3″/309 (25 Reps/34-5/8″ Arms) (110 TKLs/14 Sacks) (http://tinyurl.com/mrlvtwd)
    Montravius Adams DT Auburn 6’4″/304 (4.87) (1.72 Split/22 Reps) (151 TKLs/11 Sacks) (http://tinyurl.com/mn76avc)
    Larry Ogunjobi DT Charlotte 6’3″/305 (4.97) (1.77 Split/26 Reps) (217 TKLs/13 Sacks) (http://tinyurl.com/mzq9uqc)

  44. NJ49er says:

    Let’s see if this is the proper way? –
    OL –

    Forrest Lamp OG WKU 6’4″/309 (5.00) (34 Reps) (32-1/4″ Arms) (1.75 Split/7.55 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/ksrtk8b]
    Ethan Pocic OG/C LSU 6’6″/310 (5.13) (26 Reps) (33-1/8″ Arms) (1.82 Split/7.89 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/muu5p4r]
    Jermaine Eluemunor OG TAMU 6’4″/332 (5.20) (34 Reps) (33.25″ Arms) (1.84 Split) \[http://tinyurl.com/kpnx5t9]
    Isaac Asiata OG Utah 6’3″/323 (5.34) (35 Reps) (33.75″ Arms) (1.85 Split/7.83 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/mln5v27]
    Ben Braden OG Michigan 6’6″/329 (5.04) (25 Reps) (34″ Arms) (1.78 Split/7.85 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/l9gzcx3]

  45. NJ49er says:

    These are the guys I think could stick on the outside at OT. Some may kick inside of course.
    OT –

    Cam Robinson OT Alabama 6’6″/322 (5.15) (35.5″ Arms) (1.78 Split/7.81 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/lhtonq3]
    Dion Dawkins OT/OG Temple 6’4″/314 (5.11) (35″ Arms) (1.80 Split/7.30 3-Cone/26 Reps) \[http://tinyurl.com/mufoq5l]
    Sam Tevi OT Utah 6’5″/311 (5.27) (34″ Arms) (1.80 Split/7.84 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/m2dpvd5]
    Taylor Moton OT/OG WMU 6’5″/330 (5.18) (34-1/8″ Arms/82″ Wingspan) (1.84 Split/7.73 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/ksyaemg]
    Julie’n Davenport OT/OG Bucknell 6’7″/318 (5.45) (36.5″ Arms) (1.88 Split/7.57 3-Cone) \[http://tinyurl.com/ktds3wz]

  46. Nipper says:

    Damn …….the Giants sure suck. Nothing works. It’s going to be a long summer.

    • Winder says:

      I hope this means they are getting all the crap out of the way early this year. They usually do this in June. Anyway, it does look like it will be a very long year.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    They didn’t get any OF help, and now guys are getting hurt. Merrero is bupkus. They need to bring guys up. Arroyo. Do something. Get Nunez into LF.

    • Winder says:

      Nunez has been a bright spot ever since he got here. To bad we can’t get Duffy back, I know he’s been hurt but he was good for the team. Baseball does seem to be more of a young man’s game than it used to be especially when it comes to pitching.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Yet. Bochy refuses to bat Nooner lead off. Instead we get old man Span who can’t get on base to do anything with his speed.

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