Let the Sniping Begin

Here we go. Carlos Hyde, he of 3 games of NFL experience, has called out his QB for giving the game away last week. Yeah, Kappy had the wort game of his life, but Hyde is a bit premature here in selling out his QB. After all, Kappy has been to the Super Bowl, and Hyde has one good game under his belt.

Then you have Honey Badger saying Kappy’s dumbed-down offense was easy to read and attack. Then again, if Kappy doesn’t throw off his back foot and leave those wounded ducks out there for easy pickings, then that shit doesn’t happen.

Point being, this team has a tough schedule, and even the 2 softies coming up, the Giants and Ravens, both have decent to fair QBs. At the start of the season I thought we’d be at 2-1 for the GB game, but at this point 1-3 looks like where we will be. They HAVE to take the Giants and Ravens to be even remotely considered a decent team. After that, it’s Seahawks, Rams, Falcons. 1-2? I don’t know. We do get the Browns, Lions, and Bears later, but by that point Kappy better have a handle on this offense, or we will be in full Gaine Blabbert mode.

Which is not a good scenario. If Tomsula starts playing QB roulette, then the team is in deep shit. But if Kappy keeps playing like he did last week, Tomsula will have no choice. We are back to the Harbaugh scenario of teams stopping the run, or getting so far ahead we can’t run, and putting the game in Kappy’s hands and beating us. Granted some of this has to do with a shit line, but Kappy made some terrible throws last week.

Again, the only bad game of his this year. He needs to move on and show he can play a clean game. GB is not a good team to be trying to find you way against. Although Kappy’s recent success against them must be tickling the backs of their minds a little bit.

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  1. Nipper says:

    Kap in the first game looked good to adequate. Even the second game he wasn’t too bad. It’s best to just forget this last game as just one of those days where the wheels just came off. Still it was just ONE game! Now if his poor performances continue then events will have forced the issue of his status with the team. Projecting too far into the future is just a futile exercise at best.

  2. timtebo15 says:

    Rob, I am a Christian with manors and never use foul language to get my point across. I think you need to speak to 12th man and his snippy attitude, he’s obviously frustrated about being wrong again. The truth is Seattle’s defense exposed Kaepernick a long time ago and his little charade is over. The media who worshiped him is now nowhere to be found and all are left are a few fans holding on to a thin string of hope. With pressure regardless of Kurt Warner’s help what we got is an erratic, flustered, wholly ineffective quarterback end of story. You heard Gruden last night about Rodgers he’s like Montana surveying the football field he’s unstoppable. I know Rodgers type QB do not grow on trees but it’s time for us to stop fooling around and we need to get serious and find one of our own.

    If we had an ownership who cared that’s exactly what would happen. Especially when it comes to the serious goals of teams in our division to win. No longer can the York’s just blend in and hope no one notices. Right now we’re the best division in football and with that the York’s will be exposed even more if a drastic change in character and leadership is not made. Tomsula needs to be removed right away and we need a real Head Coach, sorry but I must admit Harbaugh is surely missed because all he was missing was a QB. His problem was he was forced to deal with a first round bust and didn’t choose wisely when it came to class and character when drafting a QB.

    • 12th man says:

      Where were you after the Monday night game asshole?

      You have Manors huh?

      Fuck off.

    • Nipper says:

      It must be lunch time at the “home” about now. What’s for today, chicken shit salad on a bun?

    • timtebo15 says:

      Monday night’s game when we played a nobody with a weak defense and an ineffective QB? What’s that have to do with Manors? Since Kaepernick was drafted I never like him not for one minute. He never fit the profile of a prolific quarterback and certainly never belonged here in a place where players with great character such as Joe Montana and Steve Young took the field. As far as our new head coach the first site of Tomsula on the sidelines I knew we were doomed. Please don’t tell me you actually thought we could still win? LOL!!!

      How do you classify us fans as haters? What because we will not be happy until a Rodgers or Wilson type QB are finally here where they belong? Or how we will not be satisfied until they hire a head coach with a great mind and who will really restore the WCO in a place it shouldn’t have left in the first place. If the organization that we love no longer holds standards what’s wrong with a few fans that still do? I would rather you just say thank you instead of calling us names.

  3. rob says:

    No CHUCK
    What’s going to be on the packer’s minds is the same thing Arizona was thinking.
    Bigtime payback

    • Winder says:

      You got that right, no love lost there. The wheels have fallen off, it’s not so much the prior games but the team has way to much bullshit floating around it. It will only get worse which means that maybe a plan will be put into place a little sooner.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, yeah. That’s what I said ROB!!! What has to be on their minds though is how Kappy single-handedly beat their asses in those playoff games.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Minnesota is 2-1. they’ve beaten San Diego and Detroit. Detroit was a playoff team last year, and San Diego has been there as well. So that’s bullshit. This isn’t a must-win situation, but it is a game that Kappy can’t become the reason for the loss.

    Manors and escaped goats. Your shit is funny as fuck, V. You’ve never met a metaphor you haven’t mangled. You never fail to disappoint. But ramble away.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    And what the fuck is going on with Shareece Wright? Our corners are struggling big time and they inactive him? I profess to not know anything about him in practice, and he’s never been that highly rated anyway, but stashing him on the inactive list is beyond weird.

    Mainly because he now wants out.

  6. rob says:

    IMO we got wright as vet insurance in case Johnson and acker weren’t ready.
    Well wright didn’t pan out but DJ and acker have. The 3 mil is squat .

  7. rob says:

    It’s a one year deal so NP
    I’m glad we have the young guys because it frees up more cap room for us

  8. NJ49er says:

    Look at the bright side Jed….
    Now there’s a lawsuit pending to break up the monotony.


    • Nipper says:

      Keeps the lawyers busy.

      • NJ49er says:

        All about those ‘billable hours’ Nipper 😀

      • NJ49er says:

        “Help Wanted – Urinal Security Officers”

        The 49ers are seeking responsible individuals to provide security while monitoring rest room activities during 49er home games.
        Applicants need NOT be 49er fans however, watching the patrons at the porcelain is likely to be more rewarding than witnessing losing games on the field by double digits.

        Apply at Levis Stadium Security Office.

  9. snarkk says:

    This team isn’t going to the playoffs. It’s lost way too many contributors, and replaced them with lesser quality. And, the OL pretty much sucks. Kap isn’t going to be the answer this season, or any other. His flaws are there for all to see. He was OK when the team had a top tier defense, he was allowed to run wild, and the run game could keep his passing deficiencies obscured. That’s gone now. Niners need to draft a QB this next draft, and a couple of OLmen. It’s going to take a couple of years to get back to being competitive for the playoffs. I’m not confident Prince Jed and Baalke can find the next Harbaugh, or are willing to look. Why Baalke drafted a project DLman in the first round is beyond me…

    • NJ49er says:

      Snarkk it’s looking bleak at the moment.
      I see it this way.
      Baalke needed Harbaugh to transition us from Alex and, provide more Offense.
      He likely sought input on who would replace Alex.
      Kaep is/was Harbaugh’s guy and he simply hasn’t transitioned from Pistol to Pocket at this point.
      I’m beginning to think there was enough friction created between Harbaugh/Roman/Chryst and Baalke over this situation that it may have divided them.

      For all the talk of Harbaugh calling the plays in practice, it may suggest that Kaep just wasn’t developing quickly enough to assume those responsibilities?

      • NJ49er says:

        Baalke is more proficient with Defensive selections IMO.
        He needed a guy like Harbaugh to take the Offense to the next level.
        If Kaep can’t handle the Pocket game, see and read Defensive coverage etc, it’s not looking too promising going forward.
        Having blown up the Staff, and dealing with unexpected retirements, we are where we are right now.
        The QB has to make it go.

        Baalke added Boldin and Torrey, 2 SB winning WRs and, they aren’t seeing the ball with any regularity.
        Sure, the OL is in shambles but, there wasn’t any pressure involved on Sunday in AZ with the 2 early pick 6’s.
        Kaep simply seems to be running plays without seeing the Defense.
        Simplifying the system might suggest that they have to remake him in the Logan mold now?
        How long can we afford to wait is the question.

        Arik Armstead seemed like a logical selection to replace the loss of Justin.
        As with any Rookie, he’ll need at least a year to acclimate and find his game.

        Again, if Kaep can’t make it go, teams are going to continue exploiting our passing weaknesses and focus on blowing up the running game.
        Coaches have to find some balance that works.

  10. Lurker John says:

    timtebo, you made your points, fine. They are not original. All you’re really doing is parroting what you’ve heard elsewhere and passing it off as your own here. Do you honestly think Jed York does not care about the team’s success on the field? Really? Just so he can continue to collect money from the hapless fan base?

    That argument is inherently flawed, because if he doesn’t put a winning team on the field eventually, those same fans and their money are going to stop going to the games. It just doesn’t pass the smell test. Kaepernick is no Aaron Rodgers and never will be, but he’s the QB right now, so you’d better get used to it. York only maximizes his status as an owner if the team is winning. No other way.

    And not gving Tomsula more than 3 games before declaring him no good is stupid. Bill Walsh was 2-14, 6-10, 6-10 in the 3 seasons before the Niners won it all in ’81. You have to give the guy a chance, especially considering that he inherited a team that was decimated by departures on both sides of the ball.

    You claim to be a Christian, but your posts are full of sarcasm and vitriol. Not very Jesus-like if you ask me, foul language or not.

    So, to quote 12th man, fuck off.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    John, Tim is an old nemesis (flying V) from the old days when a lot of the folks here blogged on the Niner Insider.

    It’s best to just point and laugh. He’s been saying the same shit over and over for going on 9 years.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    I’ll say it again, but this AZ game was on Kappy. The Pittsburgh game was squarely on the defense.

    One bad game and folks are tossing him under the bus. He hasn’t been spectacular so far, but he, along with the rest of the offense is learning a new system. Like I said he has to play a better game. Then again so does EVERYONE else.

    All this talk of Harbaugh masking Kaepernick’s deficiencies is a load of bullshit. No one was complaining when Kappy brought the team back from 17 down in Atlanta. Or from 21 down in the Super Bow l(almost). Or beat GB on that freezing night a couple years ago.

  13. Lurker John says:

    And I agree with NJ’s point above, the Niners need to start making plans to acquire a new QB. I like to think they’ll bounce back after two disasterous games, but if they don’t and end up with 2-3 wins for the year, drafting a top-flight QB should be the priority. Like I said after the game Sunday, I’m losing confidence in Kap and that’s a first for me. I genuinely believed he could be a great quarterback, but he continues to make one step forward and two steps back. I continue to hold out hope that the lessons he’s learned and the tireless work he’s put in will pay off this season.

    The guy can be surly at times, but no one can say that he hasn’t worked his ass off to get better. Playing QB in the NFL may well be the most difficult job in all of sports. There’s no shame in not becoming great.

  14. Lurker John says:

    There’s 3 things you don’t win without in the NFL; a top-notch QB and great lines on both sides of the ball.

  15. Nipper says:

    Well one thing for sure this week is rip Kap week. He’s getting ripped by everyone in the media. Some critics are suggesting the Niners must move on and make changes. Of course on the “other” blog they woke up early before the crack of dawn to rip, rip, rip Jed York, the HC, Baalke and whoever else is alive and breathing.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, they do need to make contingencies for Kappy not progressing or getting back to where he was. I ain’t ready to sell the season down the river, but they have a fairly rough schedule. As I said, Kappy has to be able to keep the team in games rather than give them away. Then again, this last one was all him.

    Goff looks like the real deal. Maybe this time the Niners won’t ignore the guy from Cal. . . .

  17. timtebo15 says:

    Luker John, you too need to use foul language to get your point across? In an intelligent argument, it doesn’t sound professional. Reverting to name-calling however, is useless and suggests you yourself have resorted to a lower standard because you have nothing else to argue by, as well as that you have become defensive and clearly find your opponents argument valid.

    Original? I’ve been calling out the York’s since they took over when the rest of you believed you actually still had a fighting chance to win. Oh sure now that the cat is out of the bag and the York’s are clearly exposed it’s easy to jump on the band wagon like the members of Skeebers Blog now do but where were they when Erickson and the rest were hired and I found myself alone battling the one who still believed.

    Tell me where’s the flaw here when talking about Jed York? Just recently he sat us through years of the Alex Smith debacle because he simply couldn’t admit he made a mistake. He even made Harbaugh deal with him when with any decent QB we would’ve won at least two Super Bowls with our great defense in tact. Would Eddie or Mr. Kraft stay complacent like that? Would Eddie or Mr. Kraft simply elevate nobody’s like Singletary and Tomsula without winning credentials just to quickly fill a void? Wouldn’t you think these men would’ve put a wining thought into finding and hiring the best minds in the business that would give you the best chance at success? One would think a little process would’ve taken place, right? Would Eddie or Mr. Kraft have Kaepernick as their Quarterback? The answer is no to all so your flaw suggestion has no merit.

    Do you really need to give Tomsula a few years? Just one look and I knew it was over. Your Walsh comparison is what’s really flawed when Walsh actually came equipped with winning credentials and Singletary and Tomsula had none. Winners put the right people in place to give the team the fighting chance at success, losers just hire anyone to make them a pond and stay complacent with who they got.

    Last night at bible study we all prayed that the York’s would correct their evil and deceitful ways. When our leader finished our prayer session by saying, “There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked who prey on the weak”

  18. Nipper says:

    The “other” blog is ready to throw in the towel and prepare for a high draft pick. To call them “defeatists” is an understatement.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    V, until you understand that Eddie is the reason that the team is in this particular mess, then you are nothing but a flaming idiot who does not understand anything about the team and its history.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    All this Eddie love is fine. When he had a blank check to run the team he and jerry jones ruled the roost. Because of their free-spending ways, the NFL instituted a salary cap.

    He was not good once plan B free agency came around and he Policy and Clark backloaded deals. Eddie got busted in an FBI sting while Policy and Clark hit the road to fuck over Cleveland. Even f Eddie survived the sting, it would be hard to imagine how he would have run things. Better than this? Probably, but he got busted and had to sell.

    That was domino one that leads directly to today. Read it, remember it, and FUCK OFF.

  21. NJ49er says:

    Chuck the point I attempted to convey with Harbaugh and Roman masking Kaeps deficiencies simply meant, that he wasn’t asked to do much in terms of reading coverages.
    They utilized his running skills and simplified the reads for him.
    They had an unknown commodity that took opponents time to dissect and minimize.

    What we’re seeing now, several years into his development, and another Staff surrounding him, is that he’s not much further along in terms of talent.
    He worked with Warner of course, which has shown a glimmer or 2 of improvement.

    For me, it comes back to the mechanics, footwork and vision needed to master the position.
    He’s not comfortable standing still. He’s staring down targets. He’s not throwing guys open. He’s still lacking appropriate touch.
    We’re at the Mendoza line of trying to determine if he can cut it IMO.

    Love his ceiling. Just can’t understand why so many of the fundamentals are still lacking.

    • Berger says:

      Comcast reported at 6:30 that the 49ers are rated as the worst O-line in the league for protection. You are going teacheristic Democrat again. Teachers often teach what they are told to teach while not having a mind of their own but they will plant seeds to sell their agenda. It is exactly why we need vouchers in this country. So parents can choose to have their children not taught by those teachers. Me, I can just stay away from the cancer being sold here. And I will. Think about I instead of getting defensive.

      Some of the play calling is curious but when then line is bad play book has to be dummied down. I would relax about Kap. He had a stinker but except for this game he has been OK I say when the O-line gets better Kap will magically get better too. I remember Brady being so bad vs KC last year when under a lot of pressure he was pulled out the game. I would worry more about the O-line and pass coverage than Kap. In the mean time, this place is giving me cancer, I’m out.

      • NJ49er says:

        Teacheristic Democrat again Berger?
        You’re nothing if not original.
        I watch, I analyze, I critique.
        It’s a given the OLine is a hot mess right now.
        What I’m not seeing is Kaep using his eyes or, throwing like a rag doll lately.
        He looks completely disorganized from a mechanics perspective.
        Footwork, arm and body angles, you name it.

        He had NO pressure to deal with in AZ on the first 2 pick 6’s
        He’s got me asking WTF is going on between his ears.

      • 12th Man says:

        This place is giving you cancer Berger?

        I’m with you, Kap stunk it up for one game.
        There is no better QB on the team and I’m far from sold that Kap can’t cut it.

        Took Steve Young a good while how to figure out the best way to balance his natural tendencies with that of a traditional pocket passer, yet Kap is slammed and as good as gone because of one shitty outing if I listen to the general fan consensus.

        Andrew Luck is the worst QB in the league statistically, which goes to prove the point about stats over the bigger picture.

        IMO they need to change the O line lineup and find a way to get pressure on the QB. Mangina needs to do a better job and quickly. The back 4 will look a lot better with some real pressure up front as will the QB behind a reasonable O line that can pass pro and road grade.

      • Berger says:

        12th-You are making sense. QBs don’t play well when under lot of pressure. Look at Andrew Luck. According to CSNBA Kap is the most pressured QB in the league. That says it all. There are too many people who can’t see what is happening. They call it as they see it but they don’t see it as it is. They should read what you are posting and get a clue. It is waste of time to read the constant Kap bashing until the line gets fixed.

  22. Lurker John says:

    I think it’s pathetic that anyone would pray for something as avocational as football. Try focusing your energies on the real issues in the world.

  23. timtebo15 says:

    Why is it no one can blame the person responsible? It’s really laughable when it was never Alex Smith’s fault it was always his line, receivers, coaches blah blah blah. It’s never Kaepernick’s fault it’s the line, new coaches, blah blah blah. Has the public become really this dumb? This is just like politics no ones held responsible anymore, wake up people!

    Now it’s Eddie’s fault he twisted his sister, brother n law and nephew’s hands to make sure they didn’t spend the money needed to put the best product on the football field. Yeah Eddie personally destroyed football because he wanted to spend what ever it took to win, lol! Yeah he personally sent a letter to Tagliabue telling him he had enough championships and he would like to now give Georgia’s and her Rams a chance to win. He just loved parity so much and because the rest of the league refused to keep up with building dominant football teams like him he’s to blame.

    Remember: Do not be deceived, bad company ruins good morals. It’s every man’s duty not to be fooled, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

    Can we finally chill with all this hostility? I love all of you.

    • 12th Man says:

      You really can’t take a hint can you. Nobody reads your blather with a view to conversing with you. Your bias is ridiculous as is your agenda. Why people like you keep trying is a mystery to me, does rejection get you off somehow.

      Nobody respects your opinion, ever.

      You’re an uneducated cesspit, a simpleton, an ignoramous.

      Fuck off.

  24. 12th Man says:

    This is from a reporter exchange with Kap:
    Head coach Jim Tomsula said after the first couple of interceptions in the first quarter they decided to run the ball a little more and tried to slow the pace a little bit. In your own head, did you get a little gun-shy at all? As the game progressed, it seemed like maybe some of the throws had a little less velocity than you normally have.

    “No, that’s something that I’ve worked on, as far as being able to throw catchable balls to our receivers. So, it wasn’t something that they did to take velocity off my passes. That was something that I’ve consciously worked on.”

    I made this point earlier. Kap looked like he was trying to throw the ball softer. He needed to throw it earlier at that velocity. Before it would have been on a rope and the defender likely wouldn’t have got there to make the pick.

    He is trying to incorporate new techniques at the same time as being under siege from the D and in real time trying to make good decisions. Call these excuses if you wish, but to me watching it all live, he looked much less instinctual than I have seen him before.

    Berger is right. Get the O line to at least average and Kap will do much better. Until that happens, if I was the coach, I would tell him to set aside the idea of pocket passing (what pocket?), and trying to throw the catchable ball, and instead just go do your thing.

    Too any variables all at one time.

    Against the Vikes he mostly had time and the results speak for themselves. Since then he has very little time and again, the results speak for themselves.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    If bergs ain’t blaming someone else else for his problems, he isn’t fully engaged.

    Read the thread Hergs.. I said CK had a bad game. No need to throw Kappy out with the bath water. My point is he needs to play a solid game going forward. He can’t be part of the problem because the defense is flat terrible now. No pressure and we can’t track WRs to save our lives. 8 guys drop into coverage and Fitzgerald is alone with the closest guy 10 yards away. He was covered by linebackers more often than not.

    That can’t happen. We are getting shredded throught the air. I’d rather see us blitz and force the.ball out faster than drop 8 and watch the QB of the week hit every pass with 5+ seconds to get the ball out.

    • 12th Man says:

      Last week they dropped the DB’s back to make sure they didn’t get beat deep again, but it left an area about 12 yds from LOS kind of open and the LB and safeties both had some responsibility to cover whoever was there. The strategy worked regarding not getting beat deep but failed badly in stopping the O moving the chains.

      Mangina never seemed o adjust to what was happening.

  26. rob says:

    Hellooo there

  27. rob says:

    Kap has been pressured on 43% of his snaps this year That leads the league.
    You can’t blame Kap for that .
    Last year he was one of the most sacked QB’s
    Nobody would look good or get better under these circumstances

  28. rob says:

    Chuck my posts aren’t showing up

  29. unca_chuck says:

    JESUS. There was a ton of blocked stuff from the resident dickwad who gets banned by the hundreds of posts.

  30. 12th Man says:

    Some all-22 film cut ups showing the D at work (or not):


    Just don’t get why Mangina didn’t adjust the scheme in a meaningful way from start to finish.

  31. 12th Man says:

    David Nuemann of SB Nation today:

    I would say that it’s shocking this coaching staff hasn’t attempted to shuffle some parts around — say moving Boone to right tackle or giving Thomas an opportunity or holding an open tryout at Levi’s for the starting right guard job — but that would be a lie.

    I think he reads your blog Chuck, I wrote exactly that 3 days ago.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Right. This reminds me of Mike Nolan when spiralling down the toilet, he didn’t make any adjustments. It is a LITTLE early to pull switches indiscriminately, but they really need to get better protection and a better pass rush. Plus better defensive schemes.

    Shit ain’t working at all.

  33. 12th Man says:

    Commentary on Kap from PFT:


    Exactly. Maybe Florio reads your blog too Chuck.

  34. Nipper says:

    One thing for certain you’ll never find out anything from the HC. Never. “We’ll fix it” will be about it. The media asking questions is futile.

  35. rob says:

    Kilgore will go in on the O-line soon.
    I wonder if we might try Easton at center and Kilgore at RG

    • rob says:

      Other than on the O-line where we’re getting Kilgore back soon I think we already have the right players in. Again, I might try Easton at center and Kilgore at RG

  36. rob says:

    What bothers me is the whole insistence that we’re a three tight end offense. Huh ?
    OK maybe we use it some but wtf.
    I don’t want simple schemes and college offenses.
    We need to mix it up and attack our opponents.

  37. snarkk says:

    36-20, Packers

  38. Berger says:

    If you want something to talk about, I think we have a good one. I think Tomsula farted at the press conference. Would that fall under the list of ‘Talking Shit’. Or maybe, “Don’t Take No Shit’. LMAO!

  39. Lurker John says:

    I think Florio and Harrison both make good points. The idea that Kap can’t throw ‘outside the numbers,’ whatever the fuck that means, is bullshit. Kap can throw deep outs and outs as good as anyone when he’s on his game. Why? Because he has a cannon for an arm! He throws lasers. There isn’t a throw on the field he can’t make, save, at times, the touch pass over the defense and he can make that one as well.

    Like Berger and 12th said, you can’t make accurate assessments of his abilities in the pocket until he has time to throw from the pocket. That’s just the reality in football, whether you’re Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Kap. What’s the best way to stop a good QB? Pressure his ass! Knock him on his keister! I don’t care what flying shithead V says, the o-line may be the single most important component of an NFL team. You don’t build a football team from the inside out, you lose. Simple as that. Why the hell Baalke hasn’t addressed this earlier is beyond me. Bring in or draft some horses. The best teams always get great play from their o-lines. BAALKE, GET SOME GODDAMN OFFENSIVE LINEMAN!

    Harrison states that Kap stares at this receivers. Yes, sometimes he does. A lot of QB’s do. It’s one of the main reasons passes get picked off. But there’s also enough evidence from this season alone that he is fully capable of running through his progressions. It’s there on film, Rodney! What the fuck are you talking about? These goddamn CB’s watch film and know to jump the routes? Good! Run some out and ups on their asses and watch the wideouts fly. You can’t do both, press and guard against the deep ball, at least not very easily. You get past Bitchard Sherman’s press at the line, and see how well he does with Torrey Smith racing past him.

    Too many of these talking head types go on and on about this shit and form opinions based on incomplete information. I don’t care if they’re ex-players or not. They get paid to talk and that’s what they do. Doesn’t necessarily make them right.


    • Nipper says:

      Yeah blast away……a lot of these ex-players are dopes in the media. When all else fails on their radio gigs it’s always about them. “Back in the day……we did it this way…..” they yak away.

    • rob says:

      Omg LURKER
      The funny part is that there are people out there who needed Florio and Harrison to point that kind of stuff out

  40. Lurker John says:

    Oh yeah, and sorry for the foul language flying vagina.

  41. timtebo15 says:

    The problem some fans face is just like in our society today no ones held responsible. When no ones held responsible nothing changes in our lives. Some fans that are obviously in denial hear the truth then they result in name calling because they have no facts or stats to defend their beliefs.

    One would think the evidence right in front of them would force them to face facts and if that doesn’t work the situation becomes useless. What’s scary is knowing this trait in people today it’s useless having a conversation with them because they can never admit they’re wrong or there’s a problem to begin with.

    Like Alex Smith players and coaches around the league would even call him out but 49er fans would have nothing to do with that. They didn’t want to hear it they just wanted to continue to believe what they wanted to believe.

    Now here’s another person telling the truth regarding our situation, let me guess he’s either stupid or he doesn’t know what he’s taking about, lol!!!

    “The 49ers have to look for a QB in the draft or free agency,” former Washington Redskins GM Charley Casserly told The Big Lead. “I don’t think Colin Kaepernick is the answer.”

    Like our pastor tells us daily, “We’re not to stoop to the same level as our persecutors. Otherwise, how are we any different from those outside our faith” So sorry I’m not going to respond to your vicious attacks otherwise I’d be just like you.

    • rob says:

      Well I’ll make sure I don’t result in name calling.
      But really since you are insistent that you are a Christian I’ll have to ask you this.
      V you do know that you’re really not tim tebow right ?

      • Nipper says:

        At the “home” he probably wears his jersey. I hope he got the fried chicken for lunch…..finger lick’in good!

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Yes, they do need to draft a QB. As does about 15 other teams in the league. Nothing newsworthy there.

    Thing is, Kappy was lookjng guys off and going through his progressions vs Minn. He did fine. He played decent against Pitts, but the D let that one get out of hand. AZ is a strong team. Kappy had a bad day.

    GB is hardly the team to get healthy against, but they have to go out and play. Another 4 pick performance and it’ll get ugly. But I don’t think it happens. A win may be out of the qestion, but I’m more worried abut the defense.

    They’d better scrap the 3 man rush. Or covering slot WRs with linebackers. Rodgers will eat that shit alive.

    • rob says:

      OK so you can cover a slot receiver with a LB sometimes but not a WR like Fitzgerald more often than not for chrissakes

  43. Lurker John says:

    Hmm, flying vage, I have to call bullshit on the Alex Smith thing. I seem to remember a whole host of Niner fans ripping into AS on a regular basis, yours truly included. The Faithful were hardly in denial about his long term prospects.

  44. Nipper says:

    By now V is scarfing it up at the supper table. His gravy dripping from his chin as he’s thinking up his next posting on his favorite blog.

  45. Winder says:

    I am still in Kappy’s corner and will be until he proves he can’t get back to his playing capabilities of a couple of years ago. For his life and his own health he has to start making things happen. He can’t count on his line for very much and he can’t keep getting hammered. Even if they don’t work right away our coaching staff has to implement some plays were the ball is out of his hands before the defense can get him. pitch-outs, quick slants, screens, and maybe even a fucking statue of liberty, anything to keep him upright.

  46. timtebo15 says:

    Look let’s at least keep it real here shall we? I remember like Kaepernick everyone blaming everyone but Alex Smith. Years went by and yet everyone felt we still had a chance. Then Harbaugh came along and everyone truly believed it was coaching that made Alex Smith average and yet again they all got back on the Alex Smith bandwagon believing that he wasn’t a first round bust.

    I remember thinking man these fans will never get it, they’ll love Alex Smith until the bitter end. I called him out after only two or three games as I watch these wasted years roll by and thought where’s Eddie because only a winner wouldn’t just throw good years down the drain like this.

    Then they brought in Kaepernick and wasted our time even more and cost us our pristine Super Bowl record. They didn’t even care if he fit the mold of the great QB’s that once played here or that some form of the WCO our great tradition was still used here. And after watching this lackadaisical, careless approach you honestly want me to believe Jed cares about winning?

    Look I don’t know about the rest of you but I like to see things done correctly, I don’t like someone trying to fool me into believing that they’re doing all they can to win. All winners in sports use the same wining formula to achieve their goals, it isn’t rocket science, anyone can do it as long as heart and passion is involved. When it’s happening fans simply kick back and watch and when it’s done correctly there’s no doubt, there’s no questioning the moves, there’s no denying something special is happening. That’s why it’s laughable when some of you think we would still be here complaining if Rodgers, or Pete Carroll were here. Hell then and only then would we all be on the same page because things were finally done right.

    I must say I’m really surprised that after you all watched Eddie do things correctly or witnessed Pete Carroll and Paul Allen start all over a few years back and within a few years build a dominant football team that you to wouldn’t question the York’s motives. You have plenty of examples to judge by just open your eyes, it should be all you need to see to distinguish the differences between wrong and right and caring and not caring.

    You all have a blessed weekend.

  47. Nipper says:

    On the “other” blog, Bullit has run out things to say……..finally ….and his subject has turned to farting at work and other places. Claims the HC passed a fart recently. Yup that’s the way it is……..

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Blah blah blah. Whining doesn’t accomplish anything, V. Neither does clogging up my blog with your tired shit.

    Jed owns the team. Why? He got the team because Eddie was caught bribing a guy for a liquor license. He fucked up.

  49. Berger says:

    It has come to my attention that Pro Football Focus gave Aaron Rogers an average grade after throwing for over 300 yards, 5 TDs and no ints. I can’t say I trust them rating anything if that is average. I’ll go by what I see over a bunch of numbers thinking for me.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    Win at home? Sure why not? 31-24 Niners.

    • Lurker John says:

      Ooof. Bold prediction. If the goddamn line does its job, maybe Hyde can get rolling. That would give them a fighting chance. In the absence of serviceable pass blocking, an effective running game will a least give them the opportunity to go play action. Kap might be able to do some damage that way.

  51. timtebo15 says:

    These are my new shoes. They’re good shoes. You can’t buy them because you’re not rich like me, they won’t make you play like me and they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. Your only chance is to get a pair of cheap imitations but you’ll still not be me. See I grew that I was dealing with a case of cerebral disease so I dismissed my servants put them to bed to show it’s not true. Many of my continentals think life is a game I like to think of the game as a Broadway Musical and I’m the star. – Colin Kaepernick 2015

    We can’t win at home and we can’t win on the road. My problem as head coach is I can’t think past the last play. Winning is overrated, because winning and losing are both how anyone would want to rate it. Some people jump off the bandwagon because they know the situation is hopeless and others keep riding along even though two donkeys are dead and the other two are in a coma. You’re playing worse every day and right now you’re playing like the middle of next week! – Jim Tomsula 2015

    The key is not the “will to win” — everybody has that. It is the will to trick people into believing you want to win that really counts. – Jed York 2015

  52. snarkk says:

    Gore had a conversation with an Indy sports scribe, and trashed Baalke for the way he handled Frank’s leaving. Not a good look for Baalke. Frank had to go, so I don’t quarrel the outcome, but Baalke looks bad per Frank…-

  53. Nipper says:

    It’s a brutal business on and off the field.

  54. 12th Man says:

    From SB Nation looking at Kap over time:

    What about trends?

    Colin’s last really highly rated game was week 6 of last year, and Monday night game against St. Louis. What happened the next week? Daniel Kilgore broke his leg. If you look closely, you can see a slight downward trend after that. Most people would agree that this matches the “eye test.” So, did Colin suddenly change something mid season last year or has our pass protection changed since then?

    Shitty center, shitty QB.

  55. rtfirefly says:

    Here I was all set: my replacement computers for my relatively good while it lived Windows 10 computer were a piece of junk. No need to post after the Cards fiasco or anytime in the near future. Alas and alack, my friend’s PC guy rescued my original just in time for the Packer game. I guess the TMC oldtime low-budget horror flicks I stayed up late watching last night were really a harbinger of things to come.

    827-0 Packers

    Remember now, I’m rooting for the Niners to win each game. That’s my optimistic prediction.

  56. timtebo15 says:

    Rtfirefly, sounds about right but we all must look on the bright side the score would be 49-3 even if Rodgers was in a wheelchair wearing a blindfold. Can’t wait to see Mike McCarthy on the sidelines bent over laughing when he spots Tomsula’s with his waterboy movie book, “Coaching Football For Dummies!”

  57. Berger says:

    I think the coaching staff needs to call plays that get the ball out of Kaps hands quickly. Joe Montana said the QB can’t hold the ball. Can’t disagree with Joe. Last year’s staff and this year’s staff don’t seem to want to call quick hitters. It would back up the LBs and allow for a running game. When they cover it, go deep. It’s a simple game. I’m not happy with the play calling but I do have to admit it is tough with a bad O-line. The play book has to be dummied down and the defense reads easier keys. 55-10 Packers.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’ve been calling for that for quite awhile Berger.
      WCO-oriented attack would all be predicated on timing routes.
      To that end, QB and Receivers need to be on the same page.
      Helps the OLine, helps the QB to avoid holding the ball and taking sacks.
      This is precisely where I am with Kaep and his ability to throw with more touch.

      Play-action would play a big role in this debate too.
      Kaep simply HAS to throw his targets open too.

      Timing, timing, timing.
      He can’t live on stick throws.
      Can’t understand why he isn’t more efficient with the Slant throws either.
      I think Torrey, Ellington and Patton would be successful with them, if they’d simply employ it.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    I think everyone here has been calling for slants and quick hitters for oh, 9 fucking years. Or whenever the fuck Mooch left. I know I have. If you can’t block well, get the ball out faster. Design plays that get this done.

    I think Manningham was the last guy to catch a slant. They did it 3 times in that game and they all worked.

    • NJ49er says:

      Not sure why this isn’t a staple for us Chuck, like it typically is in a WCO-based system.
      Granted, Harbaugh didn’t employ a WCO but, Logan is said to favor it.
      Driving me eff’n nuts, to say the least.
      Tired of watching Kaep holding the ball or, running for his life.

    • snarkk says:

      Slants, screens, draws, delays, any kind of misdirection and play on defensive timing. Remember how Rice would catch a one or two yard TD just on an immediate throw from Joe or Steve? It’s mind boggling how constipated the Niner offense has been for a decade+…

  59. unca_chuck says:

    Did you have a stroke, V?

    New thread is up.

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