Maybe the Sky IS Falling . . .

Well, a divisional game that was supposed to be a measure of where this team is came to pass with a major thud. Colin Kaepernick’s first 4 passes netted 14 points for Arizona, a team that needs little help to get rolling. Kappy’s worst day as a pro was flat awful as he threw late and off his back foot for the 2 1st quarter picks, or simply didn’t get enough behind his passes on the other 2. Both of those picks would have been completions had Kappy put more on them. Throw the guy open, in other words. 4 picks in his first 11 passes. Another game that was over by halftime. Can’t even blame the pass protection, as Kappy did have time, but missed badly The defense wasn’t terrible, but again we saw the 3 man rush give Palmer plenty of time to find wide open receivers. Again, the biggest target, Larry Fitzgerald, was often wide open 15-20 yards downfield for easy chunks of yards. And with little pressure whether rushing 3, 4, or 5, it is getting very hard to stop teams.

Then again, the team did lose a ton of defensive players. Still and all, I thought we had the horses to get somewhere close to these guys. Chalk it up to growing pains? Shit, look across the Bay. The Raiders laid the biggest opening day turd in their recent memory, and are now 2-1. Then again, Cleveland and Baltimore aren’t Pittsburgh or AZ. Curious to me are the Bills and their fast start. Tyrod Talyor is playing phenomenal football, and Buff’s defense is solid. On the flip side, Vic Fangio is in hell right now with a defense that can’t stop a snail. They are crippled on offense WITH Jay Cutler, and with him gone they are shit on a stick.

Is that where we are? No one is jumping the ship yet, but there appears to be little action on the sidelines when these terrible plays happen. No gleaning over pics of what the tendencies of the opponent are. There’s innuendo that the players are pissed at Kappy for his shit day, and he sure owns this one, but the game last week was all on the defense. They are not a cohesive team despite the very good first game vs Minnesota. A team that is now 2-1.

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  1. rob says:

    We ARE going to right this ship. Sooner than many people think

  2. unca_chuck says:

    What I still don;t understand is how we never seem to get our playmakers open. I didn’t see a lot of Kappy missing plays that were there to take (I did see one where Boldin was open and CK went another way), but this has been a problem since the Alex days.

    On the flip side, the defense is not accounting for obvious playmakers like Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown. The coverage has been awful, but the pass rush is non-existent. Especially when we rush 3.

    Just have to hope we get our mojo back at home. Kappy has done very well vs GB in recent memory, but then again, the same was true of AZ.

    • rob says:

      The worst part was most of fitz’ first few catches that helped them pull away we had nobody on him except linebackers..
      The times we did have some success against him we did it with dontae Johnson. I would have gone with that from the start

  3. Winder says:

    No rob- it’s gonna take quite awhile and until then we are pretty fucked.

  4. Lurker John says:

    Where did you read about players griping about Kap? That’s not a good sign when your teammates start to bail on you.

    • unca_chuck says:

      I’ve heard it third-hand. Someone said Tim Ryan the announcer mentioned it yesterday (and I always take that with a grain of salt), and I also heard grumbling that there is little interaction on the sidelines.

      Again, I have no first-hand knowledge of it, just that I’ve heard it floating out there. I tried to make that clear in the thread but maybe I didn’t.

  5. 12th man says:

    I don’t know what the TV showed but Kap was going over the plays with the coaches on his ipad.

  6. Nipper says:

    More insults from you know who about Chuck. They were so bad Skeebers had to state enough!

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Good for Skeebs. He creates a spot where stupidity reigns and he gets pissed people act stupid?

    Duh. Dumbass. I ain’t reading it so I don’t really care what those folks say. Thing is, look at Fangio. For all his defensive acumen, he’s 0-3. Look at the supposed savior in Adam Gase. The guy who was almost our HC. He’s 0-3. What gives? Well, the Niners lost a lot of players. Gore and Crabs being the least of the problems. The defense isn’t that good, and is having major problems covering anyone. Would we be better with Harbaugh? No. We could be the same, or worse. Harbaugh wouldn’t have made people heal or stay. Those are facts.

    The offense? Well, they had a solid game, a decent game, and a horrible one. It IS a work in progress.

    Time will tell.

  8. Winder says:

    None of that stuff means anything. Harbaugh doesn’t mean anything anymore. what is important is the problem at hand. Things have to be addressed and solutions made otherwise we got a true clusterfuck on hand.

    • 12th man says:

      The OLine line was horrible. Devey particularly stood out to me. Put the rookie Thomas? In, can’t be worse.
      Kap looked as though he lost confidence after the first INT. In the past he goes back out fiery but not on Sunday. He looked lost.

      Guys around me were wondering why the didn’t put Gabbert in.

      Yeah the line was bad but Kap just plain stunk it up.

      Vernon looks done to me. Effort was lacking.

      WR did get open deep but never got a look. The DB’s in the second half even let them go sometimes.

      Running game had very little room and they didn’t get around the corner much.

      Bowman is a stud but not fully healthy and it shows when he runs sideways across the field.

      The team was very well supported but other than the Hayne return and Kap running it in we had nothing to cheer about.

      Tough day at the office.

  9. 12th man says:

    D scheme needs an adjustment. D sells out to stop the run and backs played backnow to stop the deep ball which they mostly did but there was a gaping hole around 13 yds from scrimmage and it didn’t really change all day.

    Mangini has a fair share of blame to accept IMO.

    Tough to know much about the OLine scheme between the dreadful O line and Kap throwing to the boys in red more than the boys in white.

  10. Nipper says:

    It’s a full time celebration on the “other” blog. Damn those guys are having fun ripping the Niners and Chuck. I just hope they don’t wet their pants.

  11. Flavor says:

    my biggest issue is the margin of loss these last 2 games. Decent NFL teams don’t have 2 games sequences like this. Shit, the WORST NFL teams don’t have 2 game sequences like this. I am not a positive person by nature, far more of a realist, so I don’t see us turning this around this year. I almost hope we don’t. Keep the implosions coming. The only way we get York to hit the reset button is if the fans are in outrage.

    • 12th Man says:

      Bit early to write the team off I’d say but it was dismal yesterday, worse than the Pitts game.
      Green Bay next week I had penciled in as a loss before the season started and I see no reason to change that.

  12. 12th Man says:

    This was an interesting idea:

    IMO they need to move Boone to RT to at least have some chance at protecting the edges.

    • NJ49er says:

      Agree about the Boone proposal to RT myself 12th.
      While there’s plenty of blame to hang on the right side, the left side has had it’s share of whiffs as well.

      I chalk this up to the ZBS transition, first and foremost.

      Where we’re getting clobbered in inside with the quasi-Rookie Martin.
      He seems adept enough to fire off on Run plays but, he’s getting jacked into Kaep’s lap in Pass Pro.

      Nothing to lose with Pears going to a Swing role, and giving Boone a RT shot at this point.

      • NJ49er says:

        What totally frosted my berries was, Kaep throwing like a rag doll.
        His feet rarely got set. Mechanics were dreadful all around.

        Poise under pressure isn’t his strong suit apparently.
        Way too rushed.
        Way too haphazard.

        For all the positive accolades that followed him, through the offseason with Warner, he sure looked like a hot steaming mess yesterday.

      • 12th Man says:

        Agree, yet he has played with tremendous pressure and played extraordinarily well before. Atlanta comeback game, in Atlanta?

  13. Lurker John says:

    The Packers are not only coming to town next week, they’re likely to hang another 40 spot on the Niners. They’re absolutely throttling a good Chiefs team tonight. Assuming that happens, when’s the last time a San Francisco 49er team gave up 40 points in 3 consecutive games? Ever?

    • 12th Man says:

      I hear ya, Niners got beat every way possible in AZ. Such a poor effort all around. After Kap threw the second pick 6 it sucked all the life out of them. Especially on O they looked like condemned men on the sideline.

  14. Nipper says:

    The Packers are a well oiled machine. Deadly offense. Our secondary will be like kittens going against wolves. Very sobering.

  15. NJ49er says:

    12th I’m beginning to think that Kaep simply won’t be comfortable as a Pocket passer.
    Knew when he was Drafted that the transition to the Pro game would take time.
    Like his attitude and skills but, he’s simply too impatient to read with his eyes, before his instincts to run take charge.

    He might survive if we can adapt something between the Read/Option and a roll out plan for him?
    He’s just not seeing coverages well enough IMO.

    The more he runs, the higher risk factor for injury.
    With all the TEs at our disposal, he should be looking for more options between the hashes.
    Teams are already making it public that they want him throwing outside the numbers for a reason.
    He’s got to improve his touch and recognition.

    • 12th Man says:

      We are thinking along the same lines NJ. Kap looks like neither fish nor fowl right now. All this work to improve his pocket game seems to have had a negative effect on his natural game. The Niners talked about using his strengths yet it looks to me like he is in some hybrid transitional stage where he is not instinctual at all. Those out throws had very little on them, as though he was trying to throw a more catchable ball? Maybe he just sucked but he looks disoriented to me. I watched him after he came off the field each time, didn’t see the kind of fire in his demeanor the way he used to have after making a mistake. He does go over the plays on the iPad with the coach but obviously it made no difference.

      • NJ49er says:

        12th the Defenses are forcing him to the outside.
        IMO, it’s got to do with his ‘flat’ throws which are easy to anticipate.
        Take into account the piss poor mechanics/footwork he displayed and, the throws are quails, with nothing on them.

        He’s GOT to learn how to put a ball ‘up-and-down’ over the LBs and utilize the area between the hashes.
        Most LBs in this game are not great in coverage.
        They beat QBs by clogging windows and putting up fences at various depths.

        The great QBs can ‘drop’ a throw into the areas in front or behind them.
        I thought he’d be adept at the Slant game but, he’s not/we’re not, utilizing it for some reason.

        Starting to think he’s simply a fast-baller that sticks throws.
        He’s not leading his targets into safe and productive lanes either.
        All signs of being average, which isn’t something I expected from him at this stage.

  16. timtebo15 says:

    What a tough loss, I feel bad but what did you all expect? When you have an owner who’s clearly not in business to win we will lose every time. I hear a lot of fans calling fellow fans haters for voicing their displeasure about the direction the team is headed in but I say Thank God for these fans. If an organization is allowed to do nothing but benefit off the gullibility off fans that still fill the seats at the stadium who’s at fault? I say it’s 50/50 but it shouldn’t be that percentage if fans would open their eyes because it’s 100% of our ownership’s responsibility.

    You look at Rodgers tonight who wanted to be a 49er he’s the guy who belongs on our team but we all have embraced Kaepernick. Like Gruden said Rodgers is confidence without arrogance and Kaepernick is all arrogance and that’s not Niner Football never was and never will be. Did you hear Prime Time last night? It’s over, he said that last year he felt it was over yet Kaepernick is still on the team as if our ownership like the Alex Smith debacle they never wants to admit a mistake was made. Then you have a Singletary type elevation in Tomsula and you don’t need to see what he’s got or wait to see what happens one quick glimpse of his profile and the season was over. I say the only thing left is for him to pull down his pants.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Sorry Timmy. You should lay off the crack.

  18. rob says:

    I thought you were a man of God
    Now I see ur just a hater
    Risk tisk

  19. Nipper says:

    Rogers with tongue firmly planted in cheek stated God must favor the Packers.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    V, we don’t make the decisions that are made by the team. We didn’t pick Smith over Rodgers. We didn’t pick Kappy. We didn’t miss on local boy Tom Brady. To think so is childish and wring. We are along for the ride like every other fan of every other team in every other sport.

    Fuck off.

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