In Phoenix, the Niners Shall Rise From the Ashes

Something like that. Hey you never know. AZ is coming off 2 impressive wins, but at the expense of 2 of he worst defenses in the NFL in Chicago and New Orleans. The Niners on the other hand beat a Minnesota team that shut down the Detroit Lions pretty handily last week. Course we were folded, spindled and Rothlisbergered last week in Pittsburgh. No shame there. It just got away fast.

Which brings us to AZ. For all their recent success (sort of), they haven’t made much noise in the playoffs recently. Lots of bridesmaid shit. They have a decent defense and a fairly solid offense, if they can keep Carson Palmer upright. Kappy? Well, he’s 4-1 as a starter vs AZ with 9 TDs and only 1 pick. Seeing as AZs pass defense is Whaley, I see a continuation of the deep passing game.

As usual though this game will be decided in the trenches. Get a strong ass rush on Palmer and the DBs will be fine. No pressure means Palmer going deep. And as we saw last week, even the safeties got beat over he top. Over and over. Open up some running lanes and give Kappy time to throw and I think we get the offense rolling.

31-17 Niners.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    I still don;t get the lack of quick plays. Quick slants. 3 step drops. You help a shitty line by getting the ball out quick. Do that and you can build from there.

    The 3 man rush has to end. Now.

  2. Lurker John says:

    With a high draft pick no doubt looming in April, perhaps this franchise will finally see fit to stock up on quality offensive linemen. Running these jokers out there every week not only ensures embarrassing losses, it greatly increases the likelihood that your purported ‘franchise quarterback’ is going to get killed before the season is over. Devey? Fucking Pears? Please. They’re barrels of TNT waiting to blow

    I’m not giving up on the season by any means, but AZ is clearly very good this year, Seattle, though seemingly not as overpowering as the past couple of seasons, is clearly better than us and the Rams probably are, too. That adds up to 6 trouncings at the hands of divisional foes, not to mention other sharks in the water like the Packers, Falcons, etc. Maybe they grab one or two, who the fuck knows. But the overall record is projecting out to be pretty bad. Think Aaron Rodgers is drooling right about now?

    Gotta build football teams from the inside out and San Francisco clearly has not done that. We’ll see how serious they are come draft time next year. Things on the defensive side of the ball still have to play out, but things ain’t looking good so far.

  3. rob says:

    Where’s my comment ?
    I’ll try again
    Terrible game by Kap
    Bad game plan on O
    3 man rush didn’t work they passed all ove r it

  4. rob says:

    Biggest needs this off season lurker
    RT and pass rusher

  5. Flavor says:

    this dude said all you need to know about how the NIners coaching staff view Kap:
    Arizona’s Tyrann Mathieu, postgame: “Their passing game has been simplified so much, it was easy for us to anticipate routes.”

  6. Winder says:

    Not a whole lot to build on here. We let a Mediocre team kick the living shit out of us.

  7. Flavor says:

    what happened to Dennis? Finally banned for good? Or did he finally give up on being a fan? FOr his health that would probably be the right move……

  8. rob says:

    OMG lol KAP can play don’t simplify it too much
    DENNIS is alive and well I hear. Great niner fan and a great guy to boot. Talked with him several times on the phone btw

  9. unca_chuck says:

    I think the ducks finally ate Dennis.

    The Niners? Different coaches, same out routes. If you wait too long, as Kappy did, they get jumped. No slants. No timing plays. Nothing seems to change. He short-armed the pass to VD, and didn’t set his feet for the underthrown deep ball.

    This one is all on him. How he responds will tell a lot.

  10. NJ49er says:

    Anyone catch Logan and Kaep sitting on the sideline?
    Absolutely nothing being discussed on more than a few peeks from the camera.

    Boldin and Torrey sitting on the sideline looking as if they have no clue what we’re doing too.
    Hard to say at this point but, it seems as though there’s no harmony among QB and the weapons he’s got at his disposal.

    Pathetic showing today.
    If we get embarrassed by GB next week, I’m going on Draft Watch.

    • snarkk says:

      Tim Ryan was harping on that during the game on radio side. These announcer guys are actually around the team some during the week. If the color guy on radio is saying there’s no chemistry between Kap and his receivers, and the receivers look PO’d that the ball isn’t been thrown their way, WTF have they been doing since last spring?…

      • NJ49er says:

        My question exactly Snarkk.
        No rhythm, no chemistry, no happy campers that I saw on the bench today.
        Rarely saw any conversation between Kaep and his mates either.
        If the QB can’t keep the guys in the huddle together, we’re in for a long season of frustration.
        I saw a 2-2 start assuming wins vs MN/AZ before we started.
        If we can’t regain some measure of teamwork vs a GB team on the road on a short week, this could become uglier by the week.

        Tomsula better get a grip on Patton too.
        This kid barely rates as a contributor yet he’s whoofing and taking needless penalties?
        Bad enough to get embarrassed but, discipline needs to be front and center when the boat is taking on water.

  11. Winder says:

    NJ- you should probably start your draft board now.

    • NJ49er says:

      Winder I’ve been peeking in on some of the ranked guys already trying to catch a game or 2 if possible.
      I’m thoroughly disappointed in Kaep at the moment.
      He’s not in command of an Offense he’s supposed to be ‘comfortable’ with.
      Not saying much for the Offense when you aren’t capable of scoring points.

      Hot flaming mess these past 2 weeks.

      • NJ49er says:

        Which raises the obvious question –
        Are we going to keep Kaep for the long haul?

        I’m seeing Michael Vick 2.0, a guy that thinks with his feet instead of using his eyes and intelligence to beat a Defense.

  12. rob says:

    Kap is going to be just fine. The cards are the better team (top 5) and they said they knew what we were going to do. Us vs. an elite team that knows what’s coming this is what happens

    • rob says:

      I’m already looking forward. Why not.
      We got tons of cap space coming up for free agents.
      We can grab a free agent to play RT
      We have 12 picks with like three fourths
      We’ll also be drafting early if that’s any consolation
      1st pick goes for a stud pass rusher imho
      Also foresee a NT prospect early on

  13. Nipper says:

    Okay it was a lousy game. It happens but the “other” blog is having orgasms over the Niners problems. They are not fans but self-serving men with personal agendas. I hope the guys on this blog keep their heads in the face of this adversity.

  14. Berger says:

    Let’s look at the bright side, when the back up QB Stanton came in we stopped for -3 yards on 3 downs!

    • rob says:

      Oh thanks BERGER and to think I was bummed out after the game. Hey maybe the cardinals will decide to start Stanton next time we play

  15. Nipper says:

    Sir Spit was crowing like a petulant child in one of most disgraceful of posts ever created by man or beast. He took bragging to new lows about his keen sense for disaster.

    • rob says:

      we go to three straight championship games then change coaches. Bring in a new staff. Lose or replace half the starters . lose Kilgore and Davis and have to roll with Devey and pears. Etc etc etc
      and they act like
      OMG the niners are struggling how smart am I

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Better to let them wallow in their filth. Fuck ’em all. Pussies the lot of ’em. Bullitt takes it up the ass with the best of them. And they all gladly bend him over. Over and over.
    I’m sure Phil is waffling back to how bad they are after being annoyed and then hopeful after the first victory. Wrong side again, skipwad.

    BOHICA indeed.

    New thread is up.

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