Draft order for ther Niners

For want of not really seeing this for a while, here’s our draft order.

First round: 15th overall selection
Second round: 46th overall selection
Third round: 79th overall selection
Fourth round: 126th overall selection (acquired from Denver Broncos in 2014 draft-day trade)
Fourth round: 132nd overall selectoin (compensatory pick)
Fifth round: No. 151 overall selection
Sixth round: No. 189 overall selection
Seventh round: No. 246 overall selection (acquired from Indianapolis Coltsfor LB Cam Johnson in 2013)
Seventh round: No. 254 overall selection (compensatory pick)

Saw some more stuff on Stephone Anthony, the ILB from Clemson. If he can hang around til 46, I’d take him.


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11 Responses to Draft order for ther Niners

  1. Nipper says:


  2. NJ49er says:

    Chuck that’s my point.
    Stephone Anthony is solid.
    DGB is Randy Moss 2.0
    If the value at 15 isn’t there, dropping back for another 2 or 3 makes perfect sense to me.

    There’s a ton of solid talent between RDS 2 and 5.

    Jaelen Strong worked with Kaep at EXOS too.
    Is he a 15 Pick?
    Comes down to how Baalke values him or, maybe a CB or another position.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    I just think there’s going to be too much value at 15 to pass up. BPA and all that. I mean they can’t lose everyone off their wish list at 15.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Too funny. Flying vagina AND Spitty are posting on Skeebs blog.

    Both are in full Harbaugh beat-off mode. Spitty of course wrote 20 million words.

  5. Nipper says:

    Grouse gentlemen about the 49ers fortunes and get a good dose of the SKEEBS!

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