Wake Me When September Comes . . .

Aside from the Giants playing good baseball, the football news is pretty much few and far-between. VD says he’ll show up for mandatories, while Alex Boone says he won’t. Boone doesn’t stand to lose as much as VD, and VD looks pretty stupid in the first place, seeing as he’s still in the top 3 TEs salary-wise. Boone has been a stalwart wherever asked to play, and has been among the better guards out there, but he won’t lose near as much as VD would have skipping mandatories. Then again, he don’t make as much either. Jonathan Martin has overcome his bout of the kissing disease (he been hanging with Mike Sam?) and looks to fill the spot of swing guard should the Niners go to the wall with Boone.

In other news, the Seahawks are dealing with their own holdout issue with Marshawn Lynch. He’s been very vocal about wanting a new deal, even though he was just renegotiated a couple years ago. He’s said he’d consider retirement, or in the least, skip the mandatories. With Lynch, you never truly know. The dude is an enigma to say the least. As of now, he’s working out in Oaktown considering his options. If it hurts Seattle’s chances, I’m all for it.

Other than that? I got nuthin’. NBA Finals? Weird to say the least to see Le Bron playing with so little passion. Granted, his teammates did llittle as well, but he’s the spark.

Hockey? Please. The Lakings are going to win again? Yup. The hottest of hockey towns is Los Angeles. They’ll throw a victory parade, and no one will know. Or care.

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  1. Nipper says:


  2. Spitblood says:

    Brandon Flowers? Flowers may have been notified he’d be cut if he didn’t take a contract reduction with both sides arguing over what that contract would be and Flowers sitting out until it was resolved. Flowers may have known he wasn’t getting 10 million next year, much like DeShaun Jackson. Flowers will probably play for 5-6 million in 2014, on a team that sucks but has cap space. The 49ers can’t afford him….. unless we cut Frank Gore…. which would give me wood.

    Another case in point: Vernon Davis. What an idiot. Kaep signs a team friendly deal and Vernon’s missing out on $200k, politicking for Graham, doing TV commercials and interviews, talking about needing to do what’s best for “his brand.” Okay, Vernon, you absolute tool, here’s the best thing you can do for “your brand” ….. Sit down, shut up and hang on for the ride. And let me double my efforts when emphasizing the “shut up” part. Word has it now that Vernon will attend the next series of team meetings. LMAO. Hey Click Clack….. how’d that workout for you? Don’t think the fans aren’t going to boooooo! you.

  3. The hope is to sign Flowers to a make-good deal for a shot at a ring.

    VD and his ”brand?” He’s got his stockholders to worry about at well. Sorry, bud, go fuck yourself.

    Either that, or hope Aluminum Mike buys some VD stock and has an up-close shareholder meeting with him.

  4. NJ49er says:

    Interesting take from Bleacher Report –


  5. Spitblood says:

    You can file this under Spitblood can’t sleep but I know all of you will either incorporate my thoughts into your own arguments or blatantly steal my geneous. Either way, consider yourself enlightened.

    Most improved NFL teams in 2014:
    1.) The Oakland Raiders
    2.) Arizona Cardinals
    3.) Minnesota Vikings

    Tenured head coaches fired at the end of 2014
    1.) Jason Garrett
    2.) Mike Smith

    Rookie of the Year:
    Josh Huff, WR, Eagles
    Jeremy Hill, RB, Cinci close runner up

    Super Bowl winner: 49ers

    Championship Games – 49ers / Cardinals Indy / Chargers

    Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer

    Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson (Norv Turner and Peterson might break some records together).

    Comeback player of the year: Darren McFadden

  6. Nipper says:

    BLEEP THE HEAT! Chucks dog could have done better!

  7. Nipper says:

    Giants weekend play…….OUCH!
    Spit’s predictions…………..OUCH!

  8. Miami’s going all-in with the Chip Kelly offense. They’ll be most improved. Or they will suck hard and flop. I see them being vastly improved in a weak-assed AFC East. One and done though in the playoffs.

    The Raiders? The only reason they improve is the stunning collapse of the Chargers. Besides, with Schlub as their QB, they’ll go nowhere fast. I still can’t figure how that weak division put 2 teams in the playoffs. Rivers reverts to his old ways, and they crater.

    AZ 2015, yes. 2014? No. They are still banking on Ichabod Crane this year, and they won’t go far regardless of their defense. I love Logan Thomas, but he’s going to be on the bench all year if they have any sense. This is strictly a stop-gap year for them til they install BIg Hoss.

    Garrett going is a no duh. Jerry Jerk off is hoping against hope that the 49ers somehow let Harbaugh go. That was the main impetus to keep Garrett. Status quo until he can throw $12 mill a year at Harbaugh given the chance. I think Dennis Allen should hit the unemployment line should the Raiders stagger. Their best bet is 8-8, and he may not even survive that. Although I will say Prince (un)Valiant and REggie MacKenzie have shown some restraint regarding the one-and done-ness of reunanimated Al.

    I think Atl bounces back better thtn the Vikes, but really, who gives a shit? The Vikes are boring as hell. Atl is at least a dynamic offnse when their WRs are healthy.

    • Spitblood says:

      Chuck, I’m reminded of the movie Once Upon a Time in the West. It’s a Sergio Leoni movie with Charles Bronson and Jason Robards. Bronson plays the harmonica. Robards offers that some can “play,” meaning they have game. Respectfully, you can’t play…. at least not with the likes of me.

      The Raiders will be much improved because of their offensive line and their run game. The Raiders have dumped offensive linemen and made an effort to acquire new linemen. They also now have McFadden and MJD. Those two will push each other, and give each other needed rest. Both can carry the load when necessary, but not for the entire season. Once the Raiders establish the run, Schaub will do what Schaub does best – play action.

      The Chargers are a question mark – Was the Rivers resurgence because of Ken Whizzerhurtz or because of the real McCoy? And another question that remains is whether Frank 3rd Reich of the Bills will be a good play caller for the Chargers. My gut feeling is that McCoy’s the real deal and he’s the main reason behind the Charger’s resurgence. And they brought in Donald Brown to go with Woodhead and Mathews. The Chargers will stay good. But so will the Chiefs. The Broncos are the team that will slip.

      Miami’s still a team reeling from the Incognito / Martin debacle, and I don’t see Regis Joe Philbin doing enough to create chemistry on the offensive line overnight. They drafted O linemen, but it won’t be enough. You want to go “Run and gun… fast paced?” like Chip? You better have the horses up front to do it with….and the running backs. Who are the Dolphin running backs? That division will remain a quagmire.

      The Cardinals? Logan Thomas? Logan Thomas is 3-4 years away from being a starting qb in the NFL. Bruce Arians will do wonders with Thomas in the Big Ben mold, but Thomas won’t be a factor in 2014. So why mention him? The Cardinals “factor,” will be their much improved secondary with Patrick Peterson, the Honey Badger, coming off knee surgery, and now their first round safety, Deion Buchanan. Because Crabtree owns Peterson, the 49ers will be able to throw on the Cardinals. However, the rest of the league won’t have as much success. Couple their quickly becoming great secondary with the Bruce Arians’ offense and the Cardinals will make the playoffs, bouncing either the Seahawks or the 49ers.

      The Vikings with Norv Turner won’t be boring. Did you watch any Browns games last year? Does the name Josh Gordon ring a bell? Turner plugged in his boy, Jason Campbell and the offense soared. Turner doesn’t have a Campbell, and he’ll have to decide between Ponder, Cassel and Bridgewater, but with Jennings, Peterson and Patterson, Norv Turner will put fantasy points gallore up in Minn. That will also equate to wins for Zimmer. And when Zimmer inspires his D, the Vikings will be fun once again. Not exactly Brett Favre fun, but fun none-the-less.

      And Atlanta? That team is goin’ down and the reason why is because they are no longer inspired by their coaching staff. I love the pick of Devanta Freeman to replace or supplement Jackson, but that won’t be enough. The team has no heart. Mike Smith is close with Dimitroff and Blank, but Smith is the problem. He’ll be booted after the Super Bowl.

      Keep practicing ’til you can play….

  9. New thread is up. Fuck Norv. He’s the kiss of death.

    I mention Logan Thomas because Carson Palmer is AZ’s starting QB. AZ can’t win if they don’t score. The NFC West may put 3 teams into the playoffs, or they could all beat the snot out of one another and one team crawls in at 9-7.

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