People Are Strange

In keeping with the Doors-themed threads . . .

Other than that, there’s no new news out of the rumor maelstrom that is 4949 Centennial Blvd in Santa Clara. I suspect things quiet down for a while as these guys hunker down and try to come to some sort of concensus. Short-term at least . . .

The big news is this is the day for DBs at the NFL combine is Indianapopolilissss. My dream CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste is going to run, and hopefully he sticks around the low 4.5 area. He has shown skill as a press-cover guy,  but can also play off the line and zone. Size up the wazoo. Keith McGill is another big guy who has the flexibility to be a press-cover guy.  He’s big himself, so these guys  could possibly rocket to the 2nd round or higher if they put up anything in the 4.4 range.

Smaller guys like Kyle Fuller,  Louie Purifoy, and his teammate Marcus Roberson will be around in round 2, so they may get a look. They are all fast. Purifoy had some shitty games, and off field trouble as well so there you go.

Apropos of nothing, Clowney’s 4.47 is flat crazy.

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  1. Fuller: 4:49
    Jean-Baptiste: 4:61
    McGill: 4:51
    Purifoy: 4:61
    Roberson: 4:61

    I’ve always preferred Purifoy over his teammate, Roberson. He’d at least contribute on STs right away. And his has a cool name, Loucheiz.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Baptiste is disappointing. He won’t move up. Which is good I suppose. McGill put in a good time. He’s an interesting guy.

    And, since Kawakami hasn’t stirred the shit in a couple days . . . he’s pretty much saying what we have. Except that he thinks Baalke wins any power struggle since he has Jedi Jed on his side . . .

  3. Spitblood says:

    I don’t think Baalke wins a power struggle. He might have Jed on his side, but Harbaugh has the fans on his side. You wait. Give it some time.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    If the fans mattered, the stadium would be in San Francisco. Don’t be deulsional.

  5. Spitblood says:

    Here’s a good article, with perspective. I think Herm Edwards is right (in the clip above). I also think Unca is right that the team will try to quiet this issue for a long while. And Unca, the stadium and 49ers moving to Santa Clara is all the more reason why the fans would matter and support Harbaugh. But Jed’s been pretty clear he wants Harbaugh to be the long term head coach. This is a good thing for 49er fans.

    • Nipper says:

      Fans will show up no matter who the coach happens to be that’s how hungry fans are for a new stadium and image from the tired old Stick. Harbaugh is no fool. Make some noise but quietly handle his business in future behind closed doors.

  6. Baalke doesn’t ‘have to’ go anywhere but Sir Jed needs to fix the relations between HC and GM- and give Jimi whatever he reasonably wants so he’s happy in his new contract. Lose Baalke we survive while Jimi grows up. Lose Harbaugh this franchise starts another slide into irrelevancy.

    Longer this goes on the worse it gets. Next year at this time w/o a contact this will look like a Sunday school picnic.

  7. Alleykat says:

    Harbaugh is not going anywhere!
    It took the Dorks (uh Yorks) forever to find the right coach, and every true Niner fan knows this!!

  8. Spitblood says:

    If I’m Boldin, I’m creating some kind of out in my contract if Jim Harbaugh leaves or is traded. I don’t think Harbaugh goes anywhere, but the recent scuffle makes me nervous if I’m an offensive player on the 49ers, which is ironic.

  9. According to this article by Nip’s favorite Kawakami, Baalke is actually the biggest control freak which also equates to biggest “prick”. Harbaugh is the emotional one and makes waves but inspires the players and the fans.

    Selected quotes:

    Harbaugh never asked for personnel powers during those negotiations and he hasn’t asked recently, I’m told. He doesn’t want to be a GM–you think he wants to put together draft boards, review 30 game tapes of potential 6th-rounders from New Mexico or spend all of March going to Baylor/Maryland/Colorado/Nebraska pro days and gossiping with college coaches and other execs?

    No, he does not. Harbaugh also wants no part of actually negotiating with players for new contracts

    * What Harbaugh is looking for, without specifically saying so or asking for it, is a personnel guy who fits his style at this point.

    * The 2012 draft was not Baalke’s finest hour–A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James were the 1st- and 2nd-round picks, and that was just a start of the fizzle–and I don’t think Harbaugh has been thrilled with Baalke’s draft judgments ever since.

    • Spitblood says:

      Baalke didn’t get along with Singletary either, and if you contribute Reid and Kaepernick to a Harbaugh find, that leaves Baalke with finding Aldon Smith, who was a top ten pick and should be good that high. However, I will say nobody anticipated Aldon Smith, so props to Baalke for going against conventional wisdom and finding a gem…. albeit a problems gem.

      We need to take a closer look at Baalke’s drafts. But this article does confirm what I thought earlier – Harbaugh just wants a good working relationship with his front office, and he doesn’t have it. Not that Harbaugh’s an easy guy to work with, but instinctively we all know if something’s working or not.

      • NJ49er says:

        Spit, make no mistake, Baalke found the talent.
        That’s his call, everyday and twice on Sunday.
        He’s won more then he’s lost, in terms of his successful selections.

        GMs build rosters.
        HCs organize and get production from them.

      • NJ49er says:

        Singletary fought hard for Taylor Mays apparently.
        Do we blame Baalke for turning in the Draft Selection Card?

        He apparently appeased Singletary on that one, only to prove his point perhaps?
        Mays was dealt, after Singletary was relieved of duty.

        It’s got to work between HC and GM.
        This is what happens when it doesn’t.

      • Spitblood says:

        Yeah, NJ. I’m sure Baalke found Colin Kaepernick, went to Nevada to throw him him, liked all the tangibleness. I’m also sure that Harbaugh recruiting Eric Reid, getting to know his parents and things like that had no effect on the 49ers’ decision to draft Reid. Whatever.

      • NJ49er says:

        Not saying Harbaugh had nothing to do with it Spit, it has to be a good relationship in order to get the proper pieces in place.
        This rift is surprising in the sense, that it comes on the heels of Jim missing the prize for 3 straight years.

        What’s wrong now that wasn’t wrong then?
        Almost sounds like a cop out to me.
        We didn’t win because Baalke didn’t give me the right players?

        Maybe the gameplans sucked?
        It’s a 2-way street, that’s all I’m suggesting.
        Work it out or, find another venue Jim.

  10. Nipper says:

    I seldom got along with my bosses. I know the feelin…….

  11. rtfirefly says:

    I do NOT want to return to the land of Jed pre-Harbaugh. Fire Roman. If necessary, fire Baalke. For shits and giggles, Jed fire yourself.
    “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” -Edmund Burke

    Wake me when we have a real topic.

  12. NJ49er says:

    For those that have posted dislike for the current Offensive philosophy, what exactly would we expect to gain by giving Harbaugh further input on the type of players he’d prefer to have?

    Boring would simply get that much more boring if Jim had his way.

    Baalke has a vision for the type of team he’s spent years constructing.
    Given that Jim has taken it to another level, suggests that the WR position might just be more of an indictment on Harbaugh than on Baalke.

    Phil, your analogy about LMJ possibly being used as a divisive tool is a good one.
    I initially thought Harbaugh preferred him, maybe that’s not the case?

    If Harbaugh feels he should have more input into personnel selections, it would make me believe the Offense has no real chance of becoming what many of believe it should become.

    • NJ49er says:

      Spit, regarding the AJJ Pick, and suggestions that Harbaugh isn’t enamored with the personnel options Baalke is providing, could it be possible Harbaugh fought the Pick and torpedoed him?

      Seems a little ironic, in hindsight, that AJJ was dealt for Baldwin, who happened to be a recruit of Harbaugh’s perhaps?
      Maybe this passing deficiency we’re experiencing has more to do with Harbaugh’s philosophy then it does with Baalkes’ talent evaluation?

  13. NJ49er says:

    Jed has to be more instrumental in getting these guys back onto the same page.
    It can’t improve if the philosophy differences can’t be ironed out.

    Either you rebuild the team Baalke has constructed or, you change the HC to fit the roster that has been assembled.

    It’s starting to look like a case of irreconcilable differences.
    Not good.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Baalke’s been here longer than Harbaugh, so the idea of smashmouth predated Harbaugh as well. Roman is certainly enamored of the run, so will more Harbaugh be a good thing? I’d say yes, but I’m still pissed off at the red zone offense,

    As far as AJJ and LMJ go, I’m about 90% Harbaugh limited them unitl absoliutely force to use them.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s getting more inauspicious by the day Chuck.
      As more information is leaked about this rift, I’m wondering just how childish this nonsense can get?

      Granted, our team was about Frank for years.
      Perhaps Baalke envisioned Kendall and LMJ as the way to the future?
      We’ve all been calling for it, dump offs, screens etc.
      The Red Zone approach is squarely on the Coaching IMO.
      Be it Harbaugh or Roman, they’re the package deal in that scenario.

      For me, the philosopical differences are a volatile issue, if accurate.
      I never would have suspected, that Baalke had not had that worked out, before bringing Jim to the job.
      Or, could this have festered into it’s current state, because Jim didn’t win the prize and feels Baalke should take the blame?
      Money is easier to negotiate I think.
      Philosophical difference between HC and GM could be too divisive to overcome.

    • NJ49er says:

      Chuck I’m of the belief that the GM builds the beast.
      He’s assembling the vision he has for the roster and what he believes he can achieve with it.
      The HC organizes and fine tunes the components.

      Knowing what we know of the on-field results, it’s 100% on Harbaugh IMO.
      He backed Kaep’s decision to go after Crabtree in Seattle, which now makes me believe he was instrumental in that same decision vs Baltimore in the SB.

      Myopic view of Offensive philosophy in my view.
      Can’t put that on Baalke for 1 second.

      • Yeah there’s no blaming Baalke about game planning, O schemes, what players to use, etc. Agree. Problem is as mentioned the players (“mine” vs “yours”) get benched if HC doesn’t like ’em. Then the O suffers and we lose games especially big games where all this hidden shit is exposed as we have seen.

      • NJ49er says:

        That’s pretty much it Phil.
        Baalke built the roster, brought in the guy he thought could polish it up and see it through, only to get stalled from the pinnacle.

        How do you fault the GM?
        Either Jim rethinks his Offensive philosophy or, he’s got to go.

        I can’t see any other option, short of blowing the whole thing up.
        Baalke runs this show, his players, his design.

        If Harbaugh can’t operate the machinery, someone else will have to learn how to do it.

      • Sure there’s another option: let Hendrix have more say in personnel matters. Baalke backs down.

        BUT will it work? Big question and some risk too. Maybe Jedi sticks with the status quo and the GM as is. Then the question is after JH leaves next year (off season) who is our HC?

  15. Good point NJ- maybe we get what we’re wishing for = more Jimi control and we wind up tearing our hair out because the O becomes More inept, unbalanced and/or ineffective? It’s quite possible and that’s scary. RZ woes get worse and the O is more predictable? Shudder. I called for new coaching blood on O and we got Mangina fer TE coach. Well okay get the man more experience. Forget Tomsula; is this our next HC or OC = Mangina? Yeah maybe I’m guessing. When Jimi leaves after this year (please God No) he’ll be in place…

    Agree the O scheme is largely on the coaching staff = Jimi, Roman and the implementation + use of players is all on them. When they got here in 2011 and later Kap took over the Niners were unpredictable and hard to stop. 2013 after the opener vs GB we looked like a Nolan/Singletron offense = conservative, pathetic. Has this really changed except for our running QBs ability?

    Better fer sure if these 2 hot shots are able to work it out and find a common vision/plan/division of duties but I’m worried that they won’t and that we’ve seen our best days under the current regime.

    2014 is going to be velly intelisting!

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil I never got to see much of the Harbaugh Offense while he was at Stanford.
      Whether he employed anything of substance, in the passing game, while there or not.

      Knowing what I see now, I’ve contended that the Offense was predicated on the running game, which has largely been due to Frank.
      Harbaugh certainly employed it, which is fine, because is was the staple ingredient.

      This finger pointing rift, almost seems like an excuse Harbaugh is using, to diminish his failures, to win in the past 3 attempts.

      You can’t convince me that the passing game, or lack thereof, is something Baalke is failing at.
      I’d have to assume that Jim, or Roman, just don’t have any answers for it.

      It’s been debated here for months.
      I’m beginning to think Baalke has an idea about what he expects to get, from the personnel he’s selected, while Jim is insisting on doing something differently.

      At this point, I just can’t buy the argument that the architect designed a bad team.

      Jim got a gem here, he’s just been unable to push it across the finish line, so he’s lobbying for a different roster.


      • NJ49er says:

        Go to Jacksonville, where owner Shad Khan has a vault full of money to spend and, a roster that has to be rebuilt.
        In a scenario like that, Harbaugh could likely find nirvana.

        Romans’ buddy David Caldwell is the GM there too, they’re Drafting high and, Jim can have his way perhaps.

        My new answer to the problem.
        Trade Harbaugh to Jacksonville for a couple of Picks next year.

      • NJ49er says:

        Perhaps Jim’s lust for money and power is blinding him of the fact, that building a team in his image, will take years.
        Baalke has already paid those dues in SF.

        Let Jim throw his tantrums in a losing environment like that.
        He’ll help them fill the seats too.

        Buh bye Jim, thanks for the memories.
        And the Draft Picks.

      • The way it’s set up at moment is that Jimi gets more control over personnel and Baalke accepts this. (Why not I ask? Because he’s a control freak too I answer). OR Hendrix walks and we take our chances with whomever. Prolly that’s more likely so Sir Jedi is looking at getting a new HC. I nominate Mangina.

        Whaddaya think?

  16. Kawakami in the link I posted above made 2 points relative to Jimi’s MO = he does like to blame other team execs when things don’t go right:

    -“Harbaugh also wants no part of actually negotiating with players for new contracts; in fact, the Harbaugh strategy is partly to set other execs up for blame when these things occasionally and inevitably break down.
    It’s not a new strategy and it almost always works–the coach wins locker room support, the players grumble about the execs and maybe new, cheaper, younger and better players arrive, anyway. Win-win for the coach, right?”

    That’s point #1. #2 is a link to a Matt Barrows article where he sez Jimi likely will have issues with whomever the (next?) personnel guy is. Sez Barrows. I’ll try to find MBs article but link wasn’t working earlier.

    So let’s say Hendrix walks, a distinct possibility next year. Jed knows this and has to be checking the lists of available coaching replacements. I’ve said Mangina is my best guess right now. Surely this has occurred to the FO. No way Jed is not thinking along these lines NOW

    • NJ49er says:

      I’ll go the Jacksonville route Phil.
      Perfect match IMO.
      Get some Picks from them, they get a successful, though volatile, HC.

      Jim parrots the Team, Team, Team mantra, yet appears to be subversive in his efforts.
      Cap management is no easy nut to crack.
      Marathe’s position is one that I believe, is sorely lacking in many other franchises.

      That hire goes to Jed.
      He nailed it.
      We were in Cap H3LL before he arrived.
      He, Paraag, single handedly repaired that issue in quick fashion.

      Took the punishment of letting Garcia and others walk, while restructuring the ledger with smart extensions and cheap Draftees provided by Baalke.

      Jim is the odd man out of this equation for me.
      You don’t blow up the project, that took years to build, because the HC can’t win with it.

      • The other option NJ is Baalke backs down, deals with his own addiction to domination and control, and Jimi gets more say in personnel matters. Why does this “blow the whole shebang up”?

      • NJ49er says:

        Because Baalke put it together with some sort of expectations in mind Phil.
        The simplest solution is, for Jim and Trent to find common ground on personnel.
        Maybe that’s not as easy as it might sound?

        What I’m suggesting is, don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.
        Either Jim can’t devise a passing strategy or, Baalke can’t Draft WRs.
        Pick your poison.

        Knowing what we know now, Baalke isn’t Coaching the Offense.

      • But he blew the 2012 draft to hell with his great selections. But he’s got a plan in place? Try as you will there’s no dismissing TBs great 2012 draft. You and Jed may be happy with TB but the HC thinks he can do better working with someone less addicted to control and forcing players on JH he doesn’t want. This is how I see the dysfunctional relationship of the Niners FO impacting the success on the field. Feel free to defend the status quo but I’m not buying “It’s Jimi’s fault”

  17. BTW got a new Windows 8 notebook so can write more, quicker. See last night. Dinner’s coming up so will return in a couple hours to continue our debate.

  18. NoFear49er says:

    I don’t think Harbaugh wants to be the GM I think he just wants the final say, on everything. Coaches rarely get that much power, especially when they don’t come in with it.

    Phil, what’s “more control over personnel?” I doubt, very seriously, Baalke doesn’t listen to what and who Harbaugh wants already. If Harbaugh wants to pay all the guys he says he wants to pay we will quickly be in cap hell again and suffer through no roster for five years. And Harbaugh will be long gone before it gets right again.

    It didn’t occur to me that Harbaugh was rubbing it in Baalke’s face when he would announce he wanted to pay players to come back. Thinking about it in that light, makes me think even less of Harbaugh.

    Also wonder how do people think Harbaugh makes such a stink with Baalke for control but leaves the offensive play calling to Roman as if he would have run something else?

    Spitblood, lots of people knew about Aldon Smith. Rex Ryan wanted to trade up for him, for one. Jets didn’t give him that much power. They let Rex have his man in the seventh round, he picked McKnight (who wasn’t going to get drafted by anyone anyway). That’s why the coach doesn’t get final say.

    • NJ49er says:

      The more I chew on the rumblings NoFear49er, the more I’m thinking Harbaugh is deflecting blame, for his failure at getting the Brass Ring, with his 3 attempts.

      If you can’t win, blame the GM?

      I’m all for being fair in the dispute but, this team took years to build.
      It needed a HC to get it organized, which Harbaugh did in spades.

      He’s being loyal to his troops, I respect that but, Baalke assembled them.
      Plus, those troops have to get paid, which involves the management skills Paraag provides.

      I can’t be convinced that Harbaugh getting more control, would improve anything.
      At least with the limited information we lemmings obtain via the media.

      The HC has plenty of talent, courtesy of Baalke.
      Baalke isn’t running the plays.

      • NJ49er says:

        Seems to me, Baalke has a plan in place.
        A vision if you will?

        I wouldn’t expect any GM not to have some sort of an idea about the types of players he’s Drafting.
        Those like Jerruh, who Draft without a well defined blueprint get what Jerruh gets.
        8-8 records and lot’s of revolving doors in the coaching ranks.

        Once you have a successful model, find someone to operate it.
        If the engineering is/was bad, it wouldn’t sustain success.
        How many other franchises in recent years have maintained the success we’ve achieved?
        Baltimore imploded because of bad Cap ramifications.
        Pittsburgh got old.
        New England couldn’t sustain a Defense.

        It’s a difficult balance.
        I think Baalke/Marathe have gotten things in balance pretty well.
        Jim needs to get his head out of his A$$ and realize he can’t have it his way.
        Especially when he’s the one who failed on the field.

  19. Yeah Jimi had a piss poor draft in ’12. Who was it got “all them” great players he won’t put on the field? Yep 100% fault of Hendrix. Uh huh. JH ‘got’ one = LMJ. But yeah Jimi’s fault with the stable of studs he drafted. Worst draft in a long time but it’s the HC fault. You overlook that NJ. I believe JH has as much if not more successful experience evaluating talent as Baalke. Look at all the Stanford players ie, Luck, playing today. We went over all this last night so I’m not going to answer the assertion ‘it’s HC fault; he can’t win with the great players he drafted.” We disagree, no big.

    And that NF is why Jimi wants more control over personnel = as mentioned above by Kawakami and quoted by a couple of us: so he can get more input with a personnel guy he trusts. Clearly that is not Baalke. His 2012 draft was rotten. Hendrix does not trust the judgement of Trent Baalke. Can you blame him? Or is Trent Baalke all that good? Obviously Jimi’s not too impressed.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil we’re not Drafting necessarily for immediate impact at this point.
      Reid was probably the most immediate ‘need’ guy and he/they nailed it.
      I simply want these guys to get together and work it out.

      If that can’t be accomplished, I’d have to side with Baalke.
      He put the bulk of this roster together before Jim got here.
      They took off with Jim but fell short.

      Just rubs me the wrong way that after 3 years it’s becoming a GM/personnel issue?
      Get it ironed out or move on.
      I can’t buy it.

      • NJ looks like we’re the last two men standing here tonight. Heck even NF folded his tent after his one post and he’s our other night owl.

        No one in the 2012 draft will be around long term when LMJ gets his papers and that’s not good. Yes this we agree on: get this conflict worked out as it has and will affect our short and long term prospects. JH has his issues getting the offense up to speed and needs good players he can have confidence in to make it happen. Critically important to get a HC and a GM on the same page and apparently we don’t have that. I’m as sick as you are that it’s come to this impasse (?).

        We shall see.

  20. Chuck I’m going to suggest yer labeling the thread announcing Niners (hopefully) resolving this mess: Break on Through To The Other Side.


    • Yes, that’s it. Put baalkebaugh both in a padded room with NJs 3′ aluminum Festus poles, Jedi on the stopwatch, Paraag keepin’ count on the hits and manning the whistle: Gentlemen, begin and let the better man win.

      Boom! Winnah dictates terms. Problem solved.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    And one for this one . . .

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    The Jim vs the Trent show, damn, Bill Walsh didn’t get job titles taken away till the chance for the threepeat blew up. I say give Jim the reins and let him run. If the team suddenly falls out of contention then you know you made a mistake, fire him and move on. some guy on KNBR commented that Jim is a restless guy and he rarely stays in one place for very long. he also believes Jim will leave on his own within a year or two. So how do you use him if he is a short term guy? Again give him the reins and let him go.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    All I keep hearing is that Hatbaugh isn’t after Trent’s job, just that they aren’t in agreement as to the direction the team should take.

    Which kinda makes sense whren you see outside speed guys like LMJ, AJJ, and Q Patton get picked. Harbaugh’s take is to not use them. By design, or are they shitty picks? Hard to say with some of them, but AJJ certainly isn’t setting the world on fire in KC, so that looks like a crap pick. As was most of the 2012 draft. 2011 was spot-on though. 2013 is still a work in progress as half the guys picked were coming off major injuries.

    What does it all mean? Who knows? As far as the itchiness to leave goes, I don’t buy it. Harbaugh knew that he had done pretty much all he could in college with a team like Stanford. An Orange Bowl win? Great. He wasn’t going to build some nationally relevant team for the next 10 years. Not with their limitations. I think he wants to win here and only here. At least for the next 4 years. But like others are saying, they need to figure this out. At least for the short term. 2 years and we’ll see then.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, Harbaugh at Stanford was pretty much a power running offense, with Luck throwing to his TEs a lot. A lot of 2 TE with a FB power formations. WRs didn’t put up huge numbers. Kinda similar to here. Luck being much more a pocket passer though. They’d take their shots doiwn the field once in a while, but all in all, a similar look to what they run here.

  25. Irish Kevin says:

    Yes, well, Jim had better figure out that he needs speed out the outside to loosen up that front 8-11 guys that stop Gore cold 9 times out of 10

    • We’re on the outside trying to look in the opaque windows. Not going to learn much more at this point until the official word comes out. This is an “internal matter” for the brass to solve. Some here say let the status quo prevail as it is = Baalke rules cuz he had a great ’12 draft (mocking) to fit his plan; others say give Jimi what he reasonably needs and wants. Or get a new HC (Mangina?)

      We shall see

  26. unca_chuck says:

    I think Harbaugh might be leaning that way. Esp after seeing the offense sputter against the better teams last year.

    Hard to say really what will happen with the impending Harbaugh – Roman clash.

    I’ve also read a lot lof shit out there that Harbaugh likes to create turmoil for the fuck of it. To ,make things crazy so he can think bettter? Some shit like that.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    If it comes down to Mangina, I’ll join Dennis on the ledge . . .

  28. Here’s Carmen Policy on our little problem:

    “Now when things are really headed in a direction of success, that’s when the turmoil begins. I’ve seen it, I’ve been part of it in the past and it needs to be dealt with and needs to be dealt with, with sophistication and artistry”

    “This really has to be done with a psychological and almost psychiatric precision. And then if someone just refuses to go even half way, you utilize the leverage you have. It forces some strong, strong decisions; it forces major, major evaluation.”

    It’s Tim Kawakami again fer you Nipper. BTW I notice the Merc cut the link to the supposed SacBee (M Barrows) story about Jimi supposedly making waves – it’s not on either website that could see. Oh well, get out the popcorn

    • Okay found the piece TKawakami was referring to about Jimi (for the one person still following this shit): Barrows opinion =

      “And that’s what makes this soap opera so interesting. York can’t capitulate. And it’s not just because being bullied by Harbaugh would set a bad precedent. It’s because Harbaugh never will be content. It’s in his nature to create chaos. He thrives in it. He’s the god of discord. If this current crisis is solved, another will pop up in a few months. If general manager Trent Baalke is dismissed, Harbaugh will pick a fight with the next guy.”

      Damn this new ‘puter is fast!

    • snarkk says:

      Let tinyurl be your friend…

  29. Kevin Lynch chimes in:

    “… I would only add …

    ** Baalke’s past penchant for drafting players who had serious injuries when they were selected — guard Joe Looney (2012), running back Marcus Lattimore (2013) and defensive linemen Tank Carradine (2013) and Quinton Dial (2013) – may not have been Harbaugh’s preferred course of action.

    Viewed through one prism (Baalke’s), such picks are shrewd and forward-thinking. They 49ers have had a loaded roster and, therefore, the ability to give “redshirt” seasons to rookies who could pay huge future dividends.”

  30. NoFear49er says:

    Or we could discuss CK7 and whose fault losing is/was, that’s always good for goring some favorite bulls.

    For me, the most important thing of the day is what the hell happened to the Silva Compass company in the USA. Suunto and Tritium are my words for the day.

  31. NJ49er says:

    Phil the last piece you cited, from Lynch, regarding the forward thinking angle is what I was suggesting last night.
    Our roster is strong enough to win now, Drafting for immediate impact or need isn’t necessary.
    In order to keep things competitve for the long haul, forward thinking, or redshirting, is how I’d assess it too.

    It’s sad that this nonsense is infecting what looked to be a stable and well managed roster but, Harbaugh has failed to win the big one 3 times out.
    It smacks of finger pointing, who didn’t do, or who did do, the right thing.

    As we’ve had our throw downs around here with boring, SCO, Jumbo-this, no Red Zone-that, how can you point fingers at the GM?
    His foundation of troops was more than capable.

    It comes down to Coaching.

  32. NJ49er says:

    Chuck, thanks for clearing up the Stanford angle.
    It more, or less, confirms what I had in my mind.
    Harbaugh is who he is Offensively.
    Not much changed between Stanford and SF in that regard.

    If Baalke envisions a more diverse attack, faster RBs, field stretching WR options and, Jim refuses to utilize them, therein lies the discord.

    Luck, a pocket passer, being the biggest difference between what was run at Stanford vs what he’s able to do in SF.

    So, if Jim chose Kaep, he knew what he was up against.
    If Jim can’t get Kaep to perform from the pocket, it spits in the face of Baalke’s effort to remodel the Offense.

    Hence, we have what we have in this mess, a stalemate.
    HC wants to suggest GM isn’t doing his job to Jims’ satisfaction.

    Can’t have your cake and, eat it too Jim.
    3 shots at the prize.

    You’re now 0-3.

    Are we to assume Baalke missed on more Draft Picks than he hit on now?
    It’s a joint effort.
    Stop the whining, get back to fixing the problem.

    • 12th man says:

      NJ, remember, this is coming from a Baalke supporter and if I had to choose then Harbaugh would be the one to go, however, the 2011 draft was excellent. 2012 was poor even allowing for the possibility that Harbs won’t play LMJ, which I think is the case Jury is still out on 2013 except for Reid who excelled as a rookie.

      I get the notion of taking injured guys as red shirts since the team was loaded but taking 5 injured out of 11 and 3 of the 11 were 7th rounders? 5 of the first 8 picks were injured.

      Now true he hit on Reid, McD played a fair bit and Patton was injured post draft but did contribute at the end. But to take so many injured guys in the first 8 picks leaves little opportunity to bolster the current year roster and had Reid not worked out it would have been a disaster.

      I’m all for looking to the future but maybe Baalke took it a bit far in 2013? If that is what Harbs is bitching about I would say he has something of a point.

      If the injured guys do work out this year plus the new draft guys get thrown into the mix Baalke will look like a genius and he probably is anyway, but I for one was shaking my head he didn’t use some of that ammo on a CB last year. If he had of gotten one maybe it made the team just that fraction better?

      Yeah it’s all coulda, woulda, shoulda and hindsight is 20/20 but even if it all works out for Baalkes 2013 picks I think he got the ratio of healthy to unhealthy guys a bit out of whack. If he had taken 3 red shirts and 5 contributors it might have made a bit more sense.

      • NJ49er says:

        12th I get the call that it’s hit or miss with any Draft class.
        Given the Cap-onomics of the environment he operates in, it’s about managing current expectations along with the balance of future needs.

        I too side with Baalke in this situation, which I think is pretty apparent.
        He tinkered and extended Goldson long enough to take his shot at Reid.
        Be it luck or, planned strategy, he parted with Goldson, filled it with Reid.

        I see it as hitting Draft classes when the tide is high, so to speak, for areas of best depth.
        Last year the CB class may not have been to his liking, who knows?
        This year looks to be a whole lot more promising, while also having expected departures with Carlos, possibly Whitner and/or TBrown.

        And let’s be honest, nobody knows whether Lattimore, Dial or Tank will make it either?
        Never guaranteed, we know that.
        The challenge is always about roster management and Cap balance.

        He has to be factoring for large extensions to Kaep and others, while also attempting too get production from the lower priced pieces added via the Draft.

      • NJ49er says:

        What he did was, bought some time with the injured Picks.
        No direct impact to the current roster, hoping to get value on the cheap.
        Still a risk factor involved.
        He couldn’t have fit those guys in on an active basis anyway.

        VMcD was a replacement attempt for Delanie, hence the higher Pick.
        I knew coming in that VMcD was more of a receiver at Rice.
        He was utilized and weaned more as a Rookie on the blocking aspect of Harbaughs’ game.
        We assume, Harbaugh is more TE friendly anyway.
        That’s a push for me there. Wasn’t impressed or disappointed with what we got from VMcD in that regard.
        He learned on the job.

        More concerning for me is, can Harbaugh utilize or develop a passing game?
        Baalke has been trying for several years to get WR talent implemented.
        I’m simply wondering whether he isn’t Drafting adequately for himself or, Harbaugh isn’t able to develop what Baalke is providing?

        This Draft class is exceptionally deep in 2 areas of need. WRs and DBs.

        I fully expect to see Baalke being active in those 2 areas.

      • NJ49er says:

        I look at guys like Looney and Kilgore too.
        Value Picks in the Mid RDs with the future in mind.
        Goodwin brought in to buy time for them.

        I’ll assume Goodwin is done now.
        It’s time to see if Baalke has the plug-n-play option available now with Kilgore.

        It’s just pissn me off that Harbaugh is suggesting that it’s on Baalke while not stepping up to take any responsibility in his inability to be more successful with 3 runs at the prize.

        It’s a joint effort in this endeavor.
        I’d think more of him had we heard that ‘Trent and I have some work to do’.

        I want harmony in this relationship.
        That’s the only way to feel satisfied that the future can be improved.

        Finger pointing is a cop out.
        Nothing good comes from that.

      • NJ49er says:

        We have to be honest too, that Crabtree, Boldin and Mario were not outside deep threats.
        Vernon was it.
        One dimensional.

        We have to address that aspect of the game.
        Can we be comfortable getting a speedster that Harbaugh can’t utilize?

        Call me frustrated.

        Patton is still a question mark, since he’s missed multiple games during his Rookie campaign.
        All the work Kaep put in with Lockette never got much action when games came around either.
        Was it Lockette or Harbaugh?

        Kaep can work all off-season with Patton as he did with Lockette and have the same results if the Offense isn’t utilizing him on Sunday’s .

      • NJ49er says:

        You also to have remember that Comp Picks can’t be traded 12th.
        They’re basically throw away, gamble Picks.

        When Baalke Trades back, i also assume the guy he wanted was gone or, feels he can get another option later.
        That’s just smart maneuvering IMO.

        Again, we have more Picks than needs this year.
        Ammo to jump up as with Reid.
        It’s always a trade-off of some sort.

        Draft Picks build the future, FAs fill in for immediate needs.
        Even in that vein, WRs or DBs Drafted this year won’t guarantee immediate results.
        This has to be a joint effort, single-vision approach.

        Perhaps Harbaugh wants Jumbo smash mouth football, while Baalke expects more diversity?
        Who knows what’s really at the heart of this rift?

        All we see are the results of getting to the big dance stage and, coming away empty-handed.

  33. Spitblood says:

    I think Tank was a great pick. With a DE built like a tank, you can afford to gamble. DEs in a 3-4 usually don’t blow out their knees (knock on wood) Lattimore, however, wasn’t a good pick. If you watch Lattimore’s highlight runs, that dude is all legs. I’d say the difference between Lattimore and Gore and their leg length is probably six or even eight inches. Gore is compact and squatty while Lattimore is taller and more stingy. I’d bet my bottom dollar, because of Lattimore’s running style, he gets hurt again in the pros, And that won’t be fun to watch. But at least the 49ers gave him a shot to make some NFL money for a few years.

    Regarding Harbaugh and Baalke, I don’t believe that Harbaugh would be unhappy with anyone, but the reality is you need to learn to deal with people if you want to be every aspect of the word “leader.” If I was Jed, I wouldn’t make a decision about who stays or who goes until an ultimatum was given by either side. And I don’t think it’d ever really get there. But it could lead to burnout faster. I’d be cautious of this if I was Jed

  34. Spitblood says:


  35. “It’s just pissn me off that Harbaugh is suggesting that it’s on Baalke while not stepping up to take any responsibility in his inability to be more successful with 3 runs at the prize.”

    Hold yer horses there pardnar, Jimi is suggesting nothing like that I’ve seen. No it’s Tim Kawakami, Matt Barrows, maybe K Lynch and others. They’re guessing/speculating and guys like me are quoting their guesses. And running off of that. Anybody heard anything from Baalke or Harbaugh? Prolly the young Sir Jedi and a few insiders are only ones on top of this. So let’s assume they’re going to handle it because sure as hell we’re not going to. We’ve heard there is a conflict between two people but know nothing of the details. I think NJ is correct that the solution has to come from above and I’ll add we are not in a position to do much more than give our opinions and POVs.

    I do have a direct quote from someone who said something similar above (me):

    “We’re on the outside trying to look in the opaque windows. Not going to learn much more at this point until the official word comes out. This is an “internal matter” for the brass to solve. Some here say let the status quo prevail as it is… others say give Jimi what he reasonably needs and wants”.

    We shall see. Hopefully the wheels stay on the good ship 49er and if so I venture to guess we will be one tight, tough team next year.

    • Because, you know, it’s good to Break on Through To The Other Side.

      Man Chuck got me downloading All the Doors stuff I can find on YouTube. Rock on my friends!

      • NJ49er says:

        Let’s hope they’re not planning to spin ‘The End’ at 4949 Centennial Blvd Phil.

        Great Doors tune though.

    • NJ49er says:

      Correct Phil, I’m only able to post an opinion on what’s floated via the media.
      I’m hopeful it’s not as bad as being speculated.

      For me, HC and GM need to know what’s expected in terms of the common goal.

      What is making sense is, we’re woefully inept in the passing attack.
      Whether you lay this on Roman or Harbaugh, someone has to realize it’s not productive enough, and have to get it corrected.

      Jim being labeled as restless sure doesn’t surprise me.
      Jim being abrasive and hard to work with doesn’t either.

      Any and all assumptions I make, are based on the shared information we get from the extended media.

      Hoping it’s just speculation but, there’s enough visible evidence to suggest, that Jim could easily be feeling the pressure of big game failure and, having an axe to grind.

      • NJ49er says:

        Could I have heard something like…

        Ask not what my GM can do for me.
        Ask what I can do for my GM.

        Or something like that?….:-D

      • Yeah it’s going to be interesting to see how this works out in the next year or so. Longer than that who knows? Win the big one next year and everybody is going to be in a lot better place. Maybe the pieces come together in ’14 -this year already- and this team comes out hungry and pissed, on a seek and destroy against every team on the schedule. This could just be normal growing pains of going from sad-sacks to a championship- as Carmen Policy recently suggested. Coming out this year pissed (frustrated) with this management stuff behind us, roles sorted out and embraced can only lead to a better unit on the field.

        IF we can get these (whatever they are?!) issues ironed out and a few more players and some coaching input on board it can easily be our year. We are close already and in contention. No time to panic, get discouraged or give up and start hollering. Just git ‘er fixed. Fans and players, coaches, ownership all want this regime/team to win it all as it is currently configured. IF we get some luck and breaks on our side this team can be #1. (It was a bad sign for me when Crab tore his Achilles last spring- we just never got over it and in that groove last year- and still came damn close).

        But if can’t work it out- meet half way- then as C Policy sez: serious changes must be made. And I hope it never comes to that my friend!

      • I’m also going to follow the 12 step advice as applied to the pig skin = Take it one year at a time and let a higher power sort it out (and Jedi?) after that, lol

  36. NJ49er says:

    Spit I have a position conversion offer for you in the upcoming Draft –
    What’s your take?
    Possible Red Zone threat?
    His stats compare very favorably with the Combine TE Class.

    DE Larry Webster from Bloomsburg.
    6’6″ 252
    4.58 / 40
    1.57 10yd split
    36.5″ vert
    He’s a long-shot late RD DE prospect.

    Accomplished basketball player.
    I propose a switch to TE.
    Ala Jimmie Graham.

    Player Overview-
    A four-year starter on the Bloomsburg basketball team, Webster had one year of eligibility remaining and decided to join the football team for the 2012 season, a sport he hadn’t played since high school. He finished the season with a team-best 15.0 tackles for loss and 13.5 sacks, adding an interception and 39 total tackles. Webster was selected to the All-PSAC Eastern Division first team.

    On the basketball court, Webster was named the PSAC Eastern Division Player of the Year for the 2011-12 season, finishing as the school’s all-time career leader in blocks (175).

    Webster’s father, Larry Webster Jr., played 11 years in the NFL at defensive end. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the third round out of Maryland in 1992 and also suited up for the Browns, Ravens and Jets over his career, winning a Super Bowl with Baltimore in 2001.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Here’s another small school guy that blew it up at the Combine –

    OLB Howard Jones from Shepherd
    6’2″ 235
    4.60 40
    1.58 10yd split
    40.5″ vert

    Put up 139 tackles and 35 sacks in College.
    Late RD development guy, ST option perhaps?

    Also has the long arms Baalke seeks – 34.5″

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Beyond the fact that there’s not one bit of new info in that article, it’s fine for what it is. 100% speculation. It obviously isn’t Doyel’s neck, or money, on the line.

    NO ONE knows what’s going on here. Harbaugh may want $12 million a year. Jed would be right to put the kibosh on that. Or Baalke and Harbaugh are getting a big laugh over all this reconstituted bullshit flying around.

    My hope is everyone chills out for a little while here and everyone shuts up, and cooler heads prevail when all this hooraw dies down. Someone (jedjedjedjedjed) has to look at the big picture and settle these guys down.

  39. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I remember watching Tony Gonzalez play power forward at Cal. The dude could bring it. Always liked that background for a TE.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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