When the Music’s Over . . .

Turn out the lights. 
Well, the music is your special friend.
Dance on fire as it intends.
Music is your only friend.
Until the end.

Yet another speculative article by Mike Florio apparently points to the Niners resigned to letting Harbaugh walk after 2015.

Florio sez:

The San Francisco 49ers are prepared to let coach Jim Harbaugh walk away after his contract expires at the end of 2015.

The distance between Harbaugh and the team’s front office seems to be growing by the day and if Harbaugh had wanted to go to Cleveland, the club would not have blocked him.

The 49ers are in a good position because offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who was a candidate for several head coaching jobs in 2013, could easily slide into Harbaugh’s seat and keep the continuity of the offense intact.

Florio writes:

‘We first developed a clear sense that the Niners wouldn’t compel Harbaugh to stick around after his name emerged as a candidate for the University of Texas job last season.  If Harbaugh had wanted to leave for Austin, the 49ers would have wished him well. As a result, things can get very interesting as 2014 unfolds.  Barring a long-term, big-money deal that binds the Niners and Harbaugh together beyond the next two season, other teams will inevitably call the 49ers after the season ends, if not sooner.’

I give this one a big whatever as well, with a big But. If things are as fucked up as currently being reported, this catastrophe won’t last until June, let alone the conclusion of the 2015 season. The part that makes me want to puke my guts out is the line where Florio says that they can simply install Greg Roman in Harbaugh’s place and continue on their merry way. If this comes to pass, well, I’ll be lead pitchfork calling for Jed York’s head on a silver platter.

Frankly, I find it hard to believe that the players in this Sysyphusian Greek tragedy are so willing to blow this shit up when they are so close to pushing the rock to the top of the hill. If they reach the promised land and win the Super Bowl this year, will these guys still be at each others’ throats? Will they still be willing to chuck this all away?

What if they don’t reach the playoffs this year?

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  1. Irish Kevin says:

    ah the speculation of all sports writers. So is any of the Harbaugh – Balke feud true? If it is not then Jed, Trent, and Jim should have had a news confrence and straightened this shit out. But nnnnooooo, they are letting this drag out. If I am a player, I am wondering why I have not been contacted to let me know whether or not the team is safe. This is a loaded gun that is not being handled correctly. I should not be surprised since the Yorks have pretty much F’d up everything Niners. They get a good/great HC and now they are dickin him around.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Well, some sort of statement should come out of HQ pretty soon. I know they don’t want to play the overblown media bullshit card, but this is getting too much air time with no news coming out of Jed.

    With all these contracts in the air, are players going to commit to a team that’s in an apparent state of disarray?

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Well, someone signed . . .

    Kilgore Trout signed a 3 year extension. Thus likely ending the stay of Jonathan Goodwin. . .

  4. Spitblood says:

    In my opinion, the issue regarding Harbaugh, the Browns and Baalke is sustainability. How long can the 49ers stay on top, competing for Super Bowls? That’s the issue.

    Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh are both type A personalities, and it’s not just Jim who’s a pain in the ass to work with. Trent Baalke also has his issues with people skills. Phil mentioned Micheal Lombardi as our GM. If you’ve watched Lombardi on the NFL Network, you know he’s laid back and easy to work with. People have suggested that Jim Harbaugh couldn’t work with any GM, and I think that’s wrong. Jim needs a softer GM.

    Baalke and Harbaugh aren’t sustainable. I thought at the beginning of the week, “Screw ’em both. Sign ’em both to long term deals and let ’em hate each other.” But the grind is such that you need people on your side if you’re looking to sustain a competitive edge for years. Too many fights, arguments or drama created by a difference of philosophies or overly strong personalities, and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve signed someone for, eventually they’ll quit or find a way to move on if the grind is too much.

    A guy like Lombardi is a double edged sword. He has the people skills to work with Jim for a long time. However, he’s not a great talent evaluator. The great ones are usually type A, highly motivated and driven, and you don’t get in their way. So you have to ask yourself: Do you want good talent evaulation, or do you want personable? For Jim Harbaugh’s first five to ten years in the NFL, I want Jed York to change the front office up around Harbaugh so eventually Harbaugh gains the necessary perspective. Bring in different GMs. Find a guy Harbaugh works well with. See if that guy can draft. Make Jim’s long term sustainability your number one priority. I don’t believe Jim Harbaugh will be unhappy or creating drama anywhere he goes. You have to build structure around Harbaugh.

    I believe Jim Harbaugh will win Super Bowls, multiple. That might not be in SF, however. I’ve read that Jim is a drama queen, and type A, and is already blaming the 49ers’ front office. I’ve read some who suggest Jed York won’t cater to Jim Harbaugh’s needs, that if he left, the 49ers would continue on without him. But Jed York can’t pick good head coaches. Couple that with good head coaches not growing on trees, and a league that I believe is all about good coaching, and without Harbaugh this organization drops sees gradual decline. I don’t think the decline would be as great without Baalke.

    To keep this organization on top, the 49ers have to not only support Jim’s temporary insanity, but they also have to work with Jim and show him they think a lot of Jim Harbaugh. I think a lot of Trent Baalke also, but Trent Baalke isn’t where the 49ers’ bread is buttered. If Jim Harbaugh left, I’m certain he’d win a Super Bowl before Trent Baalke, regardless where Baalke ended up being the GM. That would suck, as a Jim Harbaugh fan, to watch him win Super Bowls with another organization. And mark my words: Jim will hoist a Lombardi or two…

  5. 12th man says:

    If Harbs does end up leaving the Niners i could see him going back to college and taking over a major program.

    • Spitblood says:

      When leaving Stanford, Harbaugh told his players, “I want to go compete for the ultimate trophy.” I think the Lombardi trophy is still Jim’s number one career priority, but things could have changed.

  6. Nipper says:

    I don’t give a damn! BLEEP! They ALL leave eventually. Play Ball! Giants Way……

  7. snarkk says:

    How does Harbs get along with his asst coaches? I assume that is all hunky dory, else many would have left by by now after 3 years of Harbs. Remember, Roman and Fangio came with Harbs from Stanfoo. So, if Harbs leaves, a lot of them leave, maybe all. I’ve heard from many sources that the Niners have an excellent set of coaches. Stands to reason they do. Is a GM more or less replaceable than an excellent head coach and and excellent staff?…

    • Spitblood says:

      Excellent point, Snarkk. Excellent!

      • 12th man says:

        They are under contract. They only can leave if the team allows it unless it’s for a HC position.

      • Spitblood says:

        They may be under contract, but the team would eventually dissolve. Harbaugh’s the glue that keeps them together, not contracts. And like Snarkk pointed out, Harbaugh has a great working relationships with his coaches…. or they probably wouldn’t be following Harbaugh.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Most coaches are dedicated to coaching and live and die (employment-wise) by their reps and connections within the community. Not many are going to make their boss look bad if they can help it.

        That working within the connections and group is why Baalke has to smooth feathers ruffled by Harbaugh.

        It’s not to one’s credit or the other’s, just the way it is.

  8. Irish Kevin says:

    What a cluster F that would be if they made Roman the HC (lets run the ball). and I don’t see them making Fangio the HC with all the failures they had with the likes of Nolan and Singletary.

    • 12th man says:

      It would be Tomsula if harbs goes. Keeps the coordinators exactly in the same spots with no added workload. Smoothest way to have continuity.
      I also think it would be similar to when Barry Switzer took over a loaded roster and coasted to a SB. I don’t think the first year would be that different under Tomsula.
      Beyond that Tomsula would have to stand on his own 2 feet though.

      A chartered plane with all the Niners top brass is headed to Miami BTW. Nobody knows why yet.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Harbaugh, too?

      • 12th man says:

        No not Harbaugh, Paraag, Baalke, York, it says John but that’s Jed’s legal name so I presume its Jed, a team lawyer. Harbaugh is the chief architect of those game plans, the plays are of his overall design. The play calling and actual drawing up of the plays seems to be a committee approach from what we are told.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Anyone vet the baggage and large trunks?

      • NoFear49er says:

        My question below was a reply to Kevin’s post.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Do you think Harbaugh isn’t involved at all in the game plans? We run first because that’s what Harbaugh wants. It’s the same offense those failures wanted to run, btw.

  9. Spitblood says:

    There’s no way in hell Jed York would hired Jim Tomsula to replace Jim Harbaugh. Interim after Singletary is one thing. Full time coach after Harbaugh is a much higher standard an Arena League coach ain’t ready for.

    • NoFear49er says:

      That would probably depend heavily on Baalke’s recommendation.

      • Spitblood says:

        You trade Harbaugh and you have a shit storm of a PR disaster on your hands. Baalke would certainly be apart of the process, but you better do better than Tomsula or there would be a second Arab spring in Northern California. Jed isn’t insightful regarding hiring coaches. But you’d have to be brain dead to miss seeing he’d need a great replacement to hold everything together post Harbaugh. Tomsula would make Jed a laughing stock.

    • 12th man says:

      You should get your facts straight Spit, repeating something often don’t make it so. Tomsula has never coached arena league. He coached in NFL Europe as a D line coach, a DC and as a HC. He also has been a D line coach in the NFL for the Niners since 2007 with a famous tagline of interim HC for 1 game at the end of the 2010 season.

      He is a widely respected coach inside the Niners Org both with the team players and management. What I laid out is he would get the interim HC position for this year and he obviously is auditioning for the position during the interim period.

      You have no idea if he will be a good HC in the NFL or not and neither do I. You speak in absolutes that Tomsula will be no good but in reality you have no clue. It is one thing to want Harbaugh to stay and I join you in that, I would rather not find out how good Tomsula is while we have Jim Harbaugh under contract. I happen to think Tomsula could be a very good HC, he has experience at it albeit in the minors and has strong experience in the NFL. The players love the guy too.

      • Spitblood says:

        Oh, I have my facts straight. I know full well where Tomsula coached. I was taught to blog in the hyperbole leagues.

  10. Spitblood says:

    There’s no way the tweet about the plane would be using the wrong “birth names,” or whatever. But Jed could be flying separately. Either way, that’s got to be a party of some sort, not a signing or a negotiation. A signing can be done via technology. These guys are business men. Their time is important. A negotiation you certainly don’t want to draw attention to for several reasons while negotiations are on-going. Guess the 49ers aren’t exactly worried about putting out fires, though. My guess is it’s a party or business.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Apropos of nothing, whiling away my day at work listening to this.

    • Alleykat says:

      Way to spin alittle Blue Oyster Cult my way Chuck!
      Saw them at Winterland in 73 !! God I miss that place for Rockin Smokin Concerts!
      Hey spin alittle Golden Earring “Radar Love” while your bored too!

      • Yeah great memories of Winterland = it was big enough for a good crowd but sall enough to be on top of the music.

        Saw Cream, Hendrix, Airplane, Quicksilver, Grape, ALL the great blues players= BB, Albert etc- Youngbloods, Janis, and a bunch more. In school at Santa Clara at the time….memories

      • Like so many talented artists Jim Morrison was a flawed genius unfortunately addicted to alcohol and other drugs. His bandmates tiptoed around him constantly trying to keep him upright and productive/happy. Demons were at work in that boy, witness his obsessions with murder, incest, pedophilia, anti-religion, etc. “The End” an example with 50 “Fucks” edited out of the original recording, lol. Listening to much of Doors material I’d never heard before I’d forgotten the dark underside of this man which is so evident in the culture then. And now. In many ways a waste but we have some great memories, the music, to bring back the good of him, them and those times.

      • Minor follow up on the Morrison angle: Actually it is not his supposed “anti-religion” bias but what is more accurate (and more of a piss off for me) is his anti-spiritual bias: guy was a nihilist and/or into the dark side. But the point is I said that RONG and we know the music is still very very…

    • NoFear49er says:

      Helluva job. They looking to hire more help?

  12. unca_chuck says:

    The point now is, if they do make a change, I don’t think they hire an outsider to revamp everything. I really do think it would be Tomsula. Roman is too tied to the spotty offense and red zone problems.

    Fuck man, I don’t know. Shit’s getting weirder by the day. Miami?

  13. unca_chuck says:

    12th you got a link to the Miami story?

  14. 12th man says:

    Jed tweeted a pic of him and his family on a plane. looks like a false alarm?

  15. snarkk says:

    At the risk of harping on one of my pet peeves, the Harbs to Browns story and then the stuff about the Harbs vs. Baalke ongoing War of the Roses was not scooped by any of the local, so-called “insider” media. Either they knew and kept their yaps shut for access reasons, or were caught totally with mouths open with no clue. As usual, either case. These “insiders” are no better than team mouthpieces in most cases, with commentary not much better, if at all, than local bloggers that pay a lot of attention to the team…

    • Spitblood says:

      Lowell and Grant with the Press Democrat have a good idea about how to be the anti insiders …. outsiders if you will. However, both of those idiots could f ‘up a wet dream. Lowell hits and misses, He writes an occasional good article. Grant couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

    • Thought league meetings were in late March? (to 12th)

      Not sure that’s saying much tho! But our guess is as good as anyone’s and local beat writers are limited for, yes access may be denied reasons. All this story so far is coming from Grant Cone-head only…

      • 12th man says:

        This guy Davenport is where it came from, Grant Conehead expanded it. Don’t know if it is anything or not.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Phil, you went to Santa Clara? Did you go to HS in the WCAL, too? We could have been in opposite stands cussing each other!

      • Naw RT went to U Santa Clara as it was called then (now SCU) as a freshman in 1966. Soon caught on to the music scene in SF. We still had football in those days- Pastorini the QB I believe. HS in Wisconsin where the Packers were getting on a giant roll in early 60s so I was cussing at other fans (Bears, Vikes) as well as the local HS competitors. Now it’s down to flaming on da net.

        Where were you in school??

      • rtfirefly says:

        Proud Cal dropout here. HS at Mitty, one of the WCAL feeder schools for Santa Clara. Buck Shaw was ours and Bellarmine’s home field. Pastorini went to Bellarmine.
        Sounds like I missed you by about a decade, lol.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Phil, also means I went to 6 Homecoming games at Buck Shaw. 4 ours, 2 Bellarmine’s. The Bells and we Monarchs scheduled each other for homecoming when we had home field.

      • Nice RT. First college game I saw was at Buck Shaw Stadium Bronks vs ?

  16. snarkk says:

    Meanwhile, with the Niner drama going on, nobody’s paid much attention that Mark Bowlcut Davis over in Raiduh land just said essentially that if Oakland can’t get it’s act together in a new stadium deal by next year sometime, i.e., a “last chance”, then it’s likely the Raiduhs are going to go elsewhere (LA seems an obvious choice). BTW, he laughably described the Niners move to SClara as “leaving the San Francisco Bay Area”. If that’s true, then a Raiduh’s move to LA will be a move to Ukraine. In honor of Phil, here’s the full link, tinyurless: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24458245/mark-davis-2014-could-be-last-chance-for-oakland-to-keep-raiders

  17. snarkk says:

    By accounts I’ve read, Darth Al treated son Mark like S all the time, insulting and belittling him in earshot or in plain view of team execs and staff. Al had a nose for talent, so maybe he did that because Mark didn’t have much on the ball as his Old Man, but still, that’s just bogus. There’s no way I’d want to have been Darth Al’s only son — even with that unique access to cool football stuff, the downside is Al is your Pop….

    • Spitblood says:

      Al as your father? I’d rather have Elton John as a father /owner. Actually, that’s debatable. Elton would just be dropping balls, picking up balls, bending over for balls. Elton would make Sam his first round pick and have Rocket Man blaring in the background when Roger Goodell announced Sam’s name. Elton would have a cute, pink sequence jersey with a rainbow number one and Sam’s name on the back. The cheerleaders would all be guys in fire hats. When playing the Eagles, Elton would petition the NFL to extend halftime for an hour-long Philadelphia Freedom jam. Ironically, however, Elton would inadvertently get Goodell to change the player safety rules, inevitably getting caught on tape yelling “THAT’S GAY!!!” when refs throw flags for hits on defenseless receivers. When TMZ released Elton’s angry slip-up, Goodell would be forced to change the rules due to absurdly overwhelming evidence that his rules aren’t popular. His teams wouldn’t play in Arizona, not that I can ever remember the Raiders playing there. The first thing he’d do was to change the Raider logo / mascot to a Gladiator. The Oakland Gladiators…. The entire team would be forced to warm up to YMCA. If you fumbled the ball, mandatory butt slaps. And the locker room? It’s best not to talk about the locker room.

      If you consider all this… it’s a 50/50 toss up between Al and Elton.

    • Yeah it’s a miracle MDavis wanted to be in the same biz as his father. Maybe he’s tougher than Pop gave him credit for- or just stubborn?

  18. Alleykat says:

    I’m sorry, and I don’t want to offend anyone, but Mark Davis looks like he has “Down Syndrome”, and with that bowl cut it really makes it so true..
    Come to think of it he is the perfect doofus in charge. He hires dummies like Reggie Mc K& Dennis 4-12 Allen (Jim Tomusula would be a better coach ferchrissakes!!! Its so easy to laugh at that pathetic org every year!! Just win Baby!! Watch them fuck up this draft as well, since their not use to having draft picks, With the 5th pick in the 2014 draft…. Bowl Cut Davis selects ??????

    • NoFear49er says:

      And that’s funny because Down Syndrome is so funny? I guess that’s not on the list of things that gets one banned or piled on by the PC police here.

      You’re a fuckin’ idiot!

  19. unca_chuck says:

    The Raiders have another year or 3 of re-undead Al’s crappy deals and horrible drafts to overcome, but they have some cap room at least. They just need a QB, a couple WRs, a RB that doesn’t get hurt, an O line, a D line and some DBs.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Someone has to tell Prince Valiant that the haircut isn’t working.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, saw Robin Trower at the old Winterland a couple times. the Tubes, the Ramones, buncha bands.

    • Tiny Tim? Yep he’s on my resume. Ike & Tina Turner before she dumped him. Paul Butterfield Blues Band in his prime. Jessie Colin-Young = Youngbloods. H P Lovecraft. Its a Beautiful Day (White Bird).

      • Some were at the Fillmore but fuck if I remember which

      • Alleykat says:

        Phil.. Beautiful Day,Cold Blood(Lydia Pense) Jefferson Airplane all on my Winterland ticket one night!!
        Other great bands I’ve seen there..Ten Years After,Fleetwood Mac, Genesis(Peter Gabriel Phil Collins),Yes, Johnny Winter,Edgar Winter with Rick Derringer,Steely Dan,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath,AC DC, Marshall Tucker,James Cotton Blues Band,Ted Nugent list goes on and on..,

      • phil fan says:

        Nice list Kat. I only went for two years = 66-68 so some of those I saw in other places. I think I saw 10 years after, Dave Mason, James Cotton and Fleetwood Mac. I was set to catch Buffalo Springfield one weekend but they broke up in LA right before. Animals I saw but in San Jose

    • Nipper says:

      You got any hearing left? Winterland seemed to be your second home.

  22. Here an audio/video of Madden stating Ratto said “The dumbest thing I ever heard that Harbaugh (supposedly) will resign if da Niners don’t win the SB next year”. Madden sez “harbaugh has done a fantastic job coaching since he got to Niners = 3 years in playoffs, yadayada”. Also that “He won’t quit and they won’t get rid of him as it’s a lot easier to get a suit than to get a coach”. Ratto has a funny response but it’s a point well taken


    Ratto said basically Jimi wants top $$ and wants to win a SB so he can go to Jedi and ask fer it confidently. If not he’ll go elsewhere and get the money (top? where did that come from?) based on present accomplishments.

    So more reporters speculatin’ (RRatto!) but what I take from this is Maddens comment = “easier to get suit than a coach” Bingo. Jedi knows this but who knows how this turns out?

  23. unca_chuck says:

    If this is all about leverage, which certainly plays a part of this, then Ratto’s right. I just don’t know where the conflict lies. Winnig would cure a lot of ills, and Pete Carroll didn’t have a problem getting to his last year, but if Harbaugh doesn’t win the Super Bowl, he won’t get as big a payday as he’d like.

    Is that enough to make him move on? Hard to say, but he’d still have to play out his contract here. A buyout would be a costly proposition for someone but I guess Jerry Jones wouldn’t mind throwing $10 mill for him after this season. Jason Garrett certainly isn’t getting an extension. Certainly ratchets up the pressure on everyone in the building.

    • I just don’t see him moving on for any of the reasons given. Most football people I’ve read, as separate from bloggers and reporters, seem to see this as a non-story with neither GM or HC going anywhere.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    That’s the thing. As weird as shit seems to be here, Harbaugh has to know that going to work for someone like Jerry Jerk-Off would be a clusterfuck nightmare.

  25. Irish Kevin says:

    From NBC Sports
    “You tell me where they’re going to get a guy that’s any better than him?” Madden said on KCBS. “It’s a lot easier to get a suit than it is to get a coach.”

    And by suit, he mean a guy like Balke

  26. Spitblood says:

    When John Madden is out politicking for Jim Harbaugh, it’s not long before the entire Bay Area is 100% behind Harbaugh if it’s a choice between Harbaugh and Baalke. Baalke’s on thin ice. And trust me, Baalke listened hard to Madden’s words. That might get Baalke’s ass in line. Jim Harbaugh also listened, and so did Jed, John, Eddie D and even Carmen. John Madden has a nation-wide following of very knowledgeable fans, and if you listen (ed) to his weekly radio show, he’s very insightful. Although some have suggested Jed doesn’t care about the fans, I know Jed cares. He cares enough to respond to Grant Cohn’s blog about his cross flight via twitter. Trust me, Jed’s paying close attention to public sentiment. The support in the court of public opinion is swaying from Baalke to Harbaugh. And in Harbaugh’s court it will stay because, like I argued with NJ a few nights ago, “suits are easier to come by.” I listed ten potential GMs while the only good candidate NJ could come up with was Les Miles, and who knows if Less wants to leave LSU. Didn’t workout too well for Saban.

    Like a wrote a long time ago, I’d give Harbaugh whatever he wanted for however long he wanted. And I’m not kidding. Length of contract is not an issue. Money is if Harbaugh asks for way too much, but I don’t think Harbaugh would ask for too much. I think Harbaugh would ask for an amount inline with his colleagues. Give it to him. And echo to Trent Madden’s sentiments – “It’s easier to replace a suit,” so that Baalke starts climbing down off his high horse and starts being more amendable to Harbaugh wishes. Because right now, with this issue still looming, Harbaugh won’t stay much longer than five years. I want that dude to coach our team for 15. Dennis will go insane in the membrane in 3 to 5 years away.

    The minute you sign Harbaugh to a long term deal is the minute Kaepernick steps up to the plate and starts considering his long term deal. Same with Boldin and Crabtree. But you start name dropping Tomsula as the head coach and fuck me, no thank you. I’d rather play in Buffalo with Mark Davis as my owner. Worse case scenario: Mark Davis as your owner in Buffalo with Jim Tomsula as your head coach. You put anyone of those three things in my scenario before signing and it costs you…. big time. Right now, even if it’s fair or not, agents (for good players, not players like Dahl and Kilgore) are using Jim Tomsula against the 49ers in negotiations. The only way to combat that and put an end to the Jim Tomsula “pay me,” leverage point is to sign Harbaugh. Until Harbaugh is re-signed, even if it’s two years down the road, retaining our own is going to be more expensive. Boldin was close to signing a week ago. What happened to that?

    • Bad news for the mallards. Their primary provider and benefactor, their Daddy “Warducks” if you will, is having open reduction and internal fixation surgery of his left metatarsal on Tuesday. “My Left Foot” (1989) is going to be sliced open and gutted like a 60″ limit sturgeon.

      So go right ahead Daniel Day-Lewis, drink up my milkshake while I’m under. Drain it all you like. But the joke’s on you. The surgery will force me to sit on my ass with nothing to do even more then usual. That equals more blog time to pick apart, chastise, and curse this Mickey Mouse organization until the sun comes up.

      Donkey punch the 49ers in the goddamn throat.

      • Spitblood says:

        It’s a good organization, Del. It’s not creating the success you’d like as fast as you’d like, but it’s not only a process, but victory is that much more sweet with a little adversity. Even you’d agree that overcoming the Seahawks, Roman, Harbaugh’s growing pains as a head coach, amongst other things, will make hoisting Lombardi that much more sweet. We all see you’re not coming “coming in for the big win”, but eventually you’ll enjoy Harbaugh. Best of luck to you during your operation.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Hey, best wishes Dennis! Don’t you know by now, surgery’s fun! Yeah, right. You’ll still be The Duck Whisperer with a walking cast.

    • Lol good points Spit- yer prolly right- what happened to Boldin? They will get this ironed out and things will calm down with players, fans and most importantly with Harbs sustainability / relations with FO/Balky. Jimi has made his point and I got a hunch this ends well tho it’s nerve wracking at times

      Best of luck and good health to you Dennis = get well enough to dance a jig when we hoist #6.

    • ” Worse case scenario: Mark Davis as your owner in Buffalo with Jim Tomsula as your head coach.”

      You fergot Elton John as head cheerleader.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Well, yer right about one thing. Young Sir Jed is apparently plugged into the blog-o-sphere / twitterverse / social media nightmare that is our world today. It didn’t take him long to find and respond to Douche Jr’s aimless rambles.

    • Spitblood says:

      He’s paying close attention, and the entire 49er organization heard John Madden loud and clear. I’m certain of that.

    • Douche JR did his best to add to the shit storm but the quick response by Sir Jedi w/ a smiling picture of him and family put an end to Jr’s fun. Madden nailed it and Maiocco had it up on CSN site pronto to put an end to it (we hope).

      • Spitblood says:

        Maiocco didn’t make any friends in the Harbaugh camp, I promise you. Maiocco has gotten inside stories because he’s a Baalke guy. You can tell at one point when Harbaugh first arrived, Maiocco and Harbaugh were feeling each other out (yikes), but I think it’s safe to say now that Maiocco is in the Baalke camp, getting info from Baalke and the front office. From here on out, watch closely how Harbaugh responds to Maiocco. I know I will.

        Maiocco was the soul, one and only person who suggested Jim Tomsula as Harbaugh’s replacement. That story got legs and hurt Harbaugh. Greg Papa grilled Maiocco on this, and Maiocco was left saying, “I reported Tomsula due to speculation based on past experience.” Why did Maiocco drop Tomsula’s name? You could argue he did this because if there’s a power struggle, he wants Baalke to win and suggesting a Harbaugh replacement gets fans accepting a Harbaugh replacement faster (insuring Maiocco keeps his ear to the Niner front office). However, and unfortunately for Maiocco and Baalke, fact of the matter is, like Madden and ESPN both reported, “The 49ers need Jim Harbaugh more than Harbaugh needs the 49ers,” because, “It’s easier to replace a suit.” So now Maiocco is left wondering if his connection to the organization has been marginalized…. or more importantly, the connection between Maiocco and Baalke (and / or Paraage) revealed.

        If Maiocco is a Baalke guy, and spins for Baalke (because Baalke supplies him with insight to keep Maiocco relevant), the question becomes “Who’s a Harbaugh guy in the media?” It sure as hell isn’t the Cohns. It’s not that little punk bitch Maiocco. Cam Inman isn’t really a player, but could be if the Merc wanted to put a nickel into their blog.

        To be fair, Maiocco did write the article titled, “Baalke and Singletary didn’t have good chemistry, either,” however, who had good chemistry with Singletary besides incompetents who’s only connection was Singletary’s poor personnel judgement? That’s an attempt to be “fair and balanced,” but I’m not buying it. Maiocco’s a Baalke bitch.

      • Okay that’s an interesting take. Bares watching = Maiocco’s angle

  28. Spit – You see this query from NJ?

    “NJ49er says:
    February 27, 2014 at 2:09 am

    Spit I have a position conversion offer for you in the upcoming Draft –
    What’s your take?
    Possible Red Zone threat?
    His stats compare very favorably with the Combine TE Class.

    DE Larry Webster from Bloomsburg.
    6’6″ 252
    4.58 / 40
    1.57 10yd split
    36.5″ vert
    He’s a long-shot late RD DE prospect.

    Accomplished basketball player.
    I propose a switch to TE.
    Ala Jimmie Graham.”

    • Spitblood says:

      I saw it and thought it was lame and didn’t respond. College coaches are making these switches now, and the 49ers have McDonald and Vernon. We have enough projects that Baalke has saddled us with, for now. We need players ready to play.

      • I dunno- it’s good to have someone analyzing all the talent out there that ‘might’ fit on our roster- and bringing it to our attention…not my strong suit anyways

  29. Kawakami backing off a bit = now it seems Jimi has some good points, lol:


    Thanks to Mr Snarkk I got me some tiny urls fer youse all

  30. Here’s one for our Jr GM NJ (and all you talent trackers): a video recap of WR and backup QB propsects from ESPN/49ers.com”


  31. Nipper says:

    Time for a drink and a toast to anyone who needs toasting. Cheers!

  32. KAEPERNICK, a 15-1 shot maiden just finished 9th and dead last in the 2nd at Aqueduct. And you guys wanna give this bum an extension. Ship both him and Harbaugh off to the glue factory.

    • Spitblood says:

      You’re right, Del. We should go back to the days of Mike Singletary and Troy Smith. Good thinking. How ’bout Dorsey and Nolan? Stenstrom and Erickson? I don’t know off the top of my head if those groupings are right. But I do know Kaep and Harbaugh are about 1000 times more palpable. At the end, I think Kaep will finish his career with far better numbers than Steve Young. (I always hated Steve Young….. don’t know why. Maybe because he wasn’t Joe).

    • Alleykat says:

      At least he got on the track!!
      They put down that horse “Manning” in the paddock cause he was lame…

    • To mix my metaphors = Don’t bitch unless you got a dog to put in the fight.

      No way you stop whining tho

  33. Spitblood says:

    Del – Until you can come up with a better combo of head coach and qb, quit bitchin’. And you as a head coach isn’t workin’ for me. This is who our teams is, you’re a 49er fan, better start enjoying your team and supporting it. There is no better head coach out there. There is no better quarterback out there. What you’re doing is cowardly. You’re hedging your bets. You’re emotionally divesting yourself from Kaep and Harbaugh because you think somehow if they prove out to be career long losers, if you love them, then somehow, through fiber optic television osmosis, you’re a loser too. It doesn’t work that way. Grow up. Yes, there’s a chance that Harbaugh and Kaep will never win Super Bowls and they’ll be the Marv Levys of their decade, but you can’t have one foot out the cowardly door. Not if you think there’s a chance. “So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance….”

    I love Kaep and Harbaugh because they collectively got rid of Alex Smith. I don’t care what they do after that. Getting rid of Alex Smith is like winning five Super Bowls in my book. They’re already winners. They already deserve Canton. Alex Smith was dug in like a tick, not going anywhere for at least ten more years. I almost cried just writing that sentence.

    But aside from assuaging my bereavement (what movie?), I think they’re both good enough to win Super Bowls with. I know, I know. You want perfection like Walsh and Montana. But you aren’t going to find that again. Perfection was yesterday. Today it’s a struggle. And the 49ers need you. They need Del behind them. Your support might be the single thing that determines Super Bowl rings or not for Kaepernick. That one more voice in the crowd, helping him find the strength, pushing him to glory.

    You can’t be a coward all your life, Del.

  34. Spitblood says:

    Paraage should keep his mouth shut. Stupid to say these things now.


    • He wants Kap for $8 mil a year so he’s going to use anything to beat the price down. Kap will sign I think before TC but just getting started negotiating. Also the Harbaugh distraction is slowing everything down.

      Shit with our pass pro last year no wonder his completion % was so low- but he’s still getting used to throwing from the pocket- what pocket?

      • 12th man says:

        Paraag was tongue in cheek. Anyone really believe he needs an article in ESPN the mag to figure out Kap’s value?
        I hope not more than $16 mil a year for Kap but if reports are right that Romo and Cutler contracts are the floor it will be more like 18 to 20.

      • Spitblood says:

        Some of it was tongue in cheek but it’s best not to let comments like those distract anyone from the process.

  35. For you Jr GMs out there hunting fer talent to draft here’s a podcast evaluating possible picks for 9ers. (Long audio discussion):


    Evaluating Your Post-Combine 49ers Draft Crush (76:34)

    The NFL Combine is now finished and the draft picture is a little clearer.
    We interview @StarvingScout, Jordan Plocher, and he tells you why your draft crush is awesome, or why he sucks. We also jump into the Harbaugh-Baalke fracas and tell you why, at the end of the day, it’s not `as big of a deal as you think

  36. NJ49er says:

    Spit, for the record, I haven’t given the College Coaching ranks much attention, in terms of possible replacements for Jim, if he were to depart.
    I took a reasoned stab, on short notice.

    My feeling is, the GM brings in the guy he feels he can work with.
    Either Jim was way more unpredictable then Trent counted on or, Jim is shifting blame for the 0-3 showing in the Final 4 to Trent.

    I’ll stand on my belief that Trent assembled this team and handed the keys to Jim.
    Should it come down to another College Coaching selection, it’s Trent’s call.
    I’m not well versed on that topic, which I admitted to when you threw out the challenge.

    Also, I don’t agree with Madden, simply because he’s an ex-HC that had the keys given to him from Al.
    An owner that wielded all the power, like Jerruh.

    For me, the GM runs the show.
    The HC is hired to drive, and organize said personnel.

    Talent evaluation isn’t something I’d trust Harbaugh with, seeing as he’s had no legitimate experience in that regard.
    He’s not recruiting HS kids to Stanford at this level.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Either they gambled with Jim’s hire and were willing to take that chance or, he’s created all this subterfuge to mask his failures.
    Scouts and GMs and account for the success or failures of the personnel they select.

    If the personnel given to Harbaugh, was good enough to remain in the Final 4, for 3 consecutive years under his guidance, it’s pretty obvious to me Trent didn’t do anything wrong.
    The Coaching failed.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Even Haslam didn’t mention talking to Harbaugh. He may not have started it but he’s laughing all the way to the bar. Everyone else around him is doing the deals for him.

    And if Paraage wants to give Kaepernick $8 mill, he’s not even hear the ballpark. I’ll be very surprised if he gets anything under $14 mill.

    • NJ49er says:

      Chuck I don’t think for 1 second that Paraag was serious about the $8M price tag.
      Wishful thinking/tongue in cheek reply I’d say.

      As I suspected, they’re looking toward the Cutler Contract as a place that likely holds room to negotiate on.
      Cutler is overpaid at that current deal but, his deal is pretty Cap friendly.

      I’d expect Kaep to fall into that realm.
      Kaep can also get a longer deal in terms of years, which further reduces the yearly Cap hit on operating capital.
      Pump up that overall Contract number, while guaranteeing less and, forking out up-front money to keep it manageable.

      Cap-onomics Voo-Doo.

    • phil fan says:

      That’s my joke # Chuck = “as cheap as possible”. Dang could he really get $20 mil? Even with $15 mil under cap -including recent signing of Kilroy + $6 mil fer Frank’s last year- Paraag will be squeezing to get under cap.

  39. Spitblood says:

    Baalke’s right but Harbaugh wins a power struggle. Baalke and Paraage are right in that you dump the older guys like Goodwin in favor of Kilgore, or you even dump Goldson in favor of someone not on the roster, like Eric Reid. Harbaugh would rather have Goldson and Goodwin, and Harbaugh’s wrong. If anything illustrates the importance of developing talent while working well underneath the salary cap, it’s the recent success of both Russell and Colin. Both players, at the biggest money making position in football, competed for Super Bowls while taking less the mandatory less so their teammates could make more. This analogy extends to all positions on the field, most recently emphasized by Kilgore. So Baalke’s right and Harbaugh’s wrong.

    However (and this hasn’t been talked about enough by the talking heads all over the United States) the 49ers haven’t built this organization up enough yet for it to be one of the “Shining Cities on the Hill,” that attracts any coach the 49ers want. Jed York’s wanderings through the ex head coaching desert are still far too familiar in the minds of NFL executives and coaches. If Harbaugh leaves now, or even next year, Rome will fall once again. Harbaugh, for now, is the glue that keeps it all together.

    For the 49ers to consider moving on without Harbaugh, the 49er organization needs to once again assert its dominance over the NFL. A new stadium, proven track record of a GM (Baalke’s not proven yet – it takes about five years for us to be able to sort out if he’s really good at evaluating and drafting talent), a winning organization and owner who’s proven to understand the subtleties of keeping an organization on top are required before you can entertain letting Harbaugh go.

    I understand also that Paraage may be the driving force behind moving Reid and Kilgore in, but for now let’s lump the two (Paraage and Baalke) together because the decision to let Goldson go may be Paraage’s but he needs Baalke to replace Goldson with Reid.

    Once the 49ers have built it, they will come. Once the 49ers have an awesome stadium with an owner who doesn’t step on his Johnson with tweets he later backtracks from, and once the 49ers have a front office that’s reputable with a proven track record and time under their belts, and once the 49ers have won a Super Bowl, then the 49ers can attract talent at the head coaching position. Maybe all of this is what prompted ESPN to write, “The 49ers need Harbaugh more than Harbaugh needs the 49ers.” Maybe, right now, this is what’s prompted John Madden to say, “It’s easier to get a suit than it is to get a coach.” After Cower rebuilt the Steelers with a loss in the Super Bowl with Steward and an eventual win with Rothlesberger, Mike Tomlin was glad to join – knowing the Steelers were once again a classy organization that, from top to bottom, knew how to win. The San Francisco 49ers aren’t there yet. Harbaugh’s brought them to three consecutive Championship games, but it’s not enough for the 49ers to consider parting ways with Harbaugh.

    • The Reid grab/trade out I think was a decision driven by DGs cap ## and no doubt Balky consulted Jimi on who he liked. Jim knew of E Reid and family from JH recruiting efforts at Stanford, a great call. That one looks to have been a very successful decision from the mighty trio of MP, TB, JH.

      We win as SB in next 2 years Jimi will be even LESS likely to depart IMO.

  40. NJ49er says:

    All of this bickering can be easily corrected with Jim grabbing the Lombardi.
    He’d get paid top money with the top prize delivered.
    Paying him for the hardware ahead of time leaves no incentive IMO.

    Whether we’re to believe the Offense is his or Romans’ is one in the same.
    Jim is the HC, the results belong to him, both good and bad.

    We’re still left to debate the nature of the WR position.
    Is it Baalke not hitting on the selections from that group or, Jim/GRo not utilizing them properly?

  41. NJ49er says:

    As is demonstrated with Kilgore, Drafting mid to late RD guys, affords the team the opportunity to test personnel on the cheap before extending any heavy Cap commitments.
    When you miss on the higher RD guys it’s a different kettle of fish.
    Our starting rotation is strong enough now to back-fill for depth while creating competition for those starting roles.

    This is where the talent evaluation process reaps dividends.
    Even when a guy like TBrock takes the slow road to payday, he provides depth in other areas.
    CJ Spillman is another guy hanging onto his roster spot.
    Wouldn’t surprise me to see him get some meaningful playing time soon either.

    Plus, when these guys are extended, the bump isn’t normally a Cap-busting situation, as it would be for a guy like Iupati for example.

    • Yep fer sure we need good talent evaluation to ensure a regular supply of younger talent we can develop cheap. Seems most of the recent struggles have been in drafting / developing RBs and WRs

  42. NJ49er says:

    Spit another guy that came to mind since we were speculating on potential Coaching candidates is, Marty Mornhinweg, ex coach with GB/9ers/Lions/Eagles and current NYJ OC.

    As you suggest, once we’re in the Playoff caliber level of teams, the hiring process leverage belongs to the 9ers.
    We’re no longer bargaining without leverage, as we were when Dr York was forced into the Captain’s seat, with no NFL experience to work with.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’d read that Harbaugh approved of the potential hiring of either Lombardi or Baalke, while he was being courted for the SF HC position, while at Stanford too.

      So, it’s more of an issue for me, that Harbaugh is the guy gumming up this reported rift in the FO.

    • NJ49er says:

      He was dismal as a HC in Detroit but, it’s Detroit.
      A place that Mariucci also didn’t have much success, which could also point at a less then adequate FO structure.

  43. Not sure where this “top money” idea came from that we hear reporters throwing around for Hendrix. Agree it would be nuts to consider giving Jimi “the most/highest” salary w/o winning the big one. I can’t believe that’s his negotiating position. There must be- as there currently is- an incentive to win it all.

    BTW I heard Harbaugh didn’t even ask for an equal salary as Carroll got when he joined Niners ($5 vs 6 mil). Now PC wins it all and Jimi’s got work to do to match that. So he can get a few bucks more than PCs new contract after SB win #6.

  44. unca_chuck says:

    Well. there’s the rub. And this has been the deal since all this shit came out into the open. Harbaugh needs to win the whole enchilada before he complains about his salary or his players. The thing is, he’s not doing the complaining. He may be bitching in the background, but mainly it’s all coming from others in the org and outside speculation.

    Harbaugh’s not going to say a word. Now, or going into the season. Other than “I’m focused on the task at hand , ant that’s winning the Super Bowl.” Which is how it should be, but it also puts the pressure squarely on him to deliver. Which is also how it should be. It puts the impetus on him to get more creative with the passing game and for him to do a better job of getting Kaepernick better at dissecting defenses through the air. Whether by dumping Roman, expanding Kappy’s role in reading progressions, or using ALL the talent available on the team.

  45. 12th man says:

    The long knives are out for Harbaugh. Reporters are laying it on now which was something to be expected considering the way Harbaugh has treated them in the past. I wrote about that long ago that while all is rosy he will get away with it but once things turn he will have problems from reporters.

    Ann Killion says some of the marquee players are tired of Harbaughs schtick according to her “inside source” :

    • NJ49er says:

      Are we surprised 12th?
      When a talented roster tastes the SB, and 3 NFCC games, only to come up short, who gets scrutinized more then the HC and his Staff?

      Was Kaep instructed to target Crabtree at the expense of other options?
      Harbaugh seemed to think Kaep was correct, with his assessment in choosing to pick on Sherman, with a WR who isn’t known for his veritcal leaping abilities.

      We’ve dragged this corpse through the mud here for weeks, months even, if we’re adding to the furor of boring football and, lack of Red Zone production along the way.

      Either Harbaugh is too stubborn to change OCs or, he’s pig-headed enough to think he’s going to prove his way works, at Baalke’s expense.

      If Killions’ sources are legit, a locker room of talented guys aren’t going to be happy with anything but the Ring.
      I hardly think any of them is thinking in terms of Baalke not giving them talented guys to go to battle with.

      This reported discord will only fester further, if the Offense doesn’t start taking some heat off the Defense.
      FGs, instead of extra points, is getting too hard to ignore.

    • Spitblood says:

      I think Killion’s right here about players getting somewhat tired of Harbaugh, but it’s not a deal breaker. I said last year the “Who’s got it better than us?” rally cry was bs and tired. But again…. Harbaugh’s a young coach. Part of being a great coach is being able to constantly reinvent yourself so guys continue to listen. Pete Carroll has it right: be enthusiastic and be real. Pete’s both. Larry Bird stepped away from coaching early because he couldn’t reinvent himself or the core of who he was (as a coach, not a player) wasn’t respectable enough for guys to stay motivated. Larry said, “After a while they stop listening to you.”

      Harbaugh’s learning on the job (and NFL players are different because you’re around some guys for ten years while in college it’s five max). This idea that Harbaugh is wearing thin on older players might be the reason Harbaugh feels so indebted to them. There might be some connection there. People know when they’re not well liked. Maybe Harbaugh in some weird way bribes them with loyalty and playing time when neither should be a given.

      But I’ve been writing this all along. For Harbaugh to win Super Bowls, he needs to evolve. No question about it. That doesn’t mean Harbaugh loses a power struggle.

      Forget the older players like Rogers, Smith, Gore and Goodwin. Football is a young man’s game, and part of Harbaugh’s evolution needs to be for him to lose some loyalty to guys long in the tooth.

      And let’s not forget, relatively speaking Harbaugh’s a young coach, still learning his craft. And even though as Killion points out, Madden is an old coach, what Madden said is exactly correct. Hell, NJ just suggest Marty Mornhinweg. Really? What was the other dude’s name NJ suggested? Charlie Wies? It’s easier to replace a suit.

      But Killion touched on an import theme: Harbaugh must continue to evolve. I hope Harbaugh reads Killion’s article. I’ve felt all along he’s a little too stubborn. Change is a good thing.

  46. NoFear49er says:

    I think this notion that Harbaugh or Roman is demanding Kaepernick to not look at anything but a single route/receiver on any given play is nuts.

    I could maybe see a play designed to pick on a particular DB that is showing some weakness and CK7 being told that’s who we want to pick on, if it’s not there, just throw it away, we have time and TOs. But that guy wouldn’t be Sherman in the Conference game.

    I believe CK7 is being coached up to do things he’s not doing. And looking at other options is one of them. This isn’t college ball, we have progressions here. Don’t be so quick to pull it down, and when you do keep looking downfield for a play. It often goes to shit during a game, but that doesn’t mean Kaepernick is being directed to throw it to Crabtree no matter what. That’s just ridiculous.

    Right now CK7 is looking like Sanchez looked in his first couple years, with more running ability. Stuck on favorites, staring down his intended targets, and not processing the defense he’s seeing. Not time to bitch about power or big money unless one thinks he can’t do any better than what he’s done up to now.

    What’s needed here is some adult supervision. Jed may not be the guy to bring it.

    • NJ49er says:

      He dedfinitely is attached to Crabtree NoFear49er.
      Harbaugh backing him up, about his pre-snap decision to go that way, is the reason I suggest the theory in the first place.

      As many of us thought, Harbaugh would likely be the best tutor for a young QB.
      Something just isn’t right with the state of this Offense.

      Hard for me to decode the nuances Harbaugh seems to enjoy delivering, especially after 2 failiures in big spots, both involving the Kaep to Crabtree connection.

      Agree with you regarding Jed in this particular situation too.
      Could Harbaugh be sensing him as a weak link?
      Forcing him into a decision between himself and Baalke?
      Totally plausible.

      • Spitblood says:

        NJ, I’m starting to think you’re blind… or have head trauma.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Hey NJ49er, I think Harbaugh’s the type that will back up his QB to the press. Hopefully that’s not his coaching technique, too.

      • NJ49er says:

        Makes sense NoFear49er in that regard.
        Let’s hope he isn’t simplifying the Offense to that extent.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t think it’s as simple as this. In Kaep’s first full year he lost Crabtree and the 49ers were still figuring out an identity on offense, moving away from the read option. The 49ers lost Ginn, Delanie Walker and Randy Moss on offense, so Kaep lost weapons and Roman lost flexibility. Hell, Kaep didn’t have many offensive weapons he was familiar with this year besides Gore. Even Quinton Patton went down for most of the year, and he was rookie. What the 49ers really had for most of the year was Boldin who was double and even triple covered, and Frank Gore. That’s about it. And Kaep and Harbaugh still went to the NFC Championship game, and almost won.

      I agree it’s never a good thing to have just one read, but that probably done more out of necessity than out of design. Let’s see what happens with Crabtree back, Patton back and in his second year, McDonald in his second year and Boldin in his second year.

      You guys are forgetting how awful this team was without Harbaugh. Marty Morningweg? Charile Weis? Jim Tomsula? Are you guys insane?

      • NJ49er says:

        Spit the question still remains, where’s the Offense?
        Marty is an Offensive guy, nobody I’m going to rate as the next great option, simply a guy who has worked well with young QBs in a WCO.
        We’re not lighting up the scoreboard with the Harbaugh/Roman version of Offensive strategy are we?
        Kaep worked all of the last off-season with Lockette.
        Where’d that get him, or Lockette?

        The point I’m trying to illustrate is, where is Kaep on the scale of development?
        As NoFear49er suggested, is he Sanchez with running ability?
        If Harbaugh chose him, saw him as the total package, who’s at fault for these myopic tendencies in the most critical points of the biggest games?

        Surely we won’t debate the Baalke/Harbaugh decision on his selection will we?

      • NoFear49er says:

        Spitblood, pretty big difference in the excuse factor in your appraisal of QB and RB. It would make more sense if you weren’t so anxious to back up the money truck for such a performance from both HC and QB.

        Harbaugh’s success aside for a moment, he walked into a built team ready to contend. He didn’t make any great changes to the defense, special teams or especially the offense. A number of coaches could have possibly pulled off what Harbaugh did. Mainly take the losing mistakes away from Alex Smith. I know a lot of coaches would have killed for the chance Harbaugh got here with this pre-built roster.

        He did what he was hired to do, and I don’t take any of his successes away from him. But “give him whatever he wants” and “who else could do that” are a little out of whack.

      • Jesus H. Christ. Could you be sucking Harbaugh’s dick any more? He’s won nothing. Give it a rest. Just like that old Groucho Marx tale when hosting “You Bet Your Life”…

        Woman: “I have 14 children, Groucho”.

        Groucho: “You have 14 children? Why do you have so many kids?”

        Woman: “Because I love my husband”.

        Groucho: “I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while.”

      • NJ49er says:

        Spit someone has to accept the fact that we laid an egg in terms of missing the prize the past 3 years.
        For me, it goes into the same bin.
        Offensive shortcomings.

        It’s either placed on Kaep’s lack of development, Harbaughs’ abilities to outscheme the opponents or, Romans’ inability to deliver more options from the passing game.

        As Harbaugh brought the Staff with him, it’s more focused on his style of play IMO.

        Running is good.
        You need to deliver those blows in order to maintain balance.
        What’s missing is obvious.

        A lack of purpose or diversity in the passing game.
        If Harbaugh can’t rat out Roman, it’s going to remain a smear on his resume.
        Captain of the ship, so to speak.

        Whether he got more involved with play calling or, it’s just another ingredient in the subterfuge efforts.

        I’m beginning to think Harbaugh is unable to accept criticism.
        When the water starts to heat up, he goes on the offensive against the powers that be.
        ‘Let me do it my way, I can make it right’.
        Complete denial.
        Blame everyone else.
        Control freak.

        0-3 is the perfect storm for controversy.
        Harbaugh is creating a diversion IMO.
        He failed at the finish line, not Baalke.

  47. It’s Oscar night! Who am I wearing? Why thank you for asking. White sneakers by Starter. Blue hospital scrub pants courtesy of California Pacific Medical. Black T by Cheetah. And thanks to Coolmore Ireland, a beige horse hat bearing the name Galileo. The finest stud in all of Europe. Though I’ve been told when I cross the pond, I give ’em a run for his money.

  48. Spitblood says:

    Bottomline: So far, with all of you against Harbaugh, you’ve suggested replacements of Jim Tomsula, Charlie Weis and Marty Mornhigweg. This is why I’m suckin’ Jim Harbaugh’s dick. Can’t get enough, really. You guys are idiots to think replacing Harbaugh would put this team back in the playoffs or contending for Super Bowls with Baalke, Paraage and Jed York’s expertise. Apparently you’ve forgotten the Mike Singletary, Mike Nolan years, thinking this time it would be different. That’s denial. Denial ain’t just a river in Missouri. And Del claiming Harbaugh hasn’t won anything is like Del claiming three weeks of sobriety, while heavily drugged. I have ESPN and John Madden on my side. You guys can have your Ann Killions and your Tim Ks. It’s the company you keep.

    • NJ49er says:

      Spit the ideal outcome would be that this FO would get their collective heads out of their backsides and, recognize that there are improvements that need to be made.

      If Harbaugh is content to turn on the FO, instead of accepting his role in the shortcomings, how long would you expect the marriage to last?

      No one has forgotten the recent past.
      It all looked good when the Harbaugh/Baalke union was announced.
      Results have been excellent in terms of the turnaround.

      What’s being debated isn’t simply replacing Jim.
      It’s about what needs to change and who’s going to identify the problem(s) and get them corrected?

      If Jim chooses to fingerpoint and make demands, he’s as good as gone.
      Like it or not, he’s being labeled as a cancer.
      Can’t expect things to change if he’s not willing to stand up and say what needs to be said.
      He failed to deliver, for whatever the reasons he feels are adequate or, he’s just delaying the inevitable.
      It’s on the HC, good and bad.
      He’s the one who’s apparently in denial.

      I take the media reports with a grain of salt.

      Someone, (Jed), needs to get in front of this garbage, preferrably all 3 of them, and make it clear that they’re still focused on improving the roster and the results.

      If that can’t be done, (which it hasn’t), we are simply left to assume all is not right in the FO and, these reports will continue to gain traction.

      ESPN and Madden aren’t any closer to this team than we are.
      Every media outlet with a pulse, smells the blood in the water and, makes opinion pay dividends.
      Madden is an ex-HC. No surprise he feels the ‘suits’ are expendible.
      He didn’t Draft players, manage a Cap or, have half the pressure of the mega-Contracts today’s players are being paid under.
      It’s a New World Order in comparison to what he operated in.

      • Spitblood says:

        NJ, You have head trauma. You need to sit down. Jed fixing this? Please. You’re only kidding yourself. You know what he did immediately after the story broke? He flew to Florida with his family. He’s not even aware he has a problem, and if he is, his solution is to watch the blogs. He’s just a kid looking for glory without doing the necessary things to gain anyone’s respect. Stadium? Great. But can you win? Carmen Policy said what’s needed now is a very well thought out and subtle psychology to bring both camps together for sustainability. Jed took that to heart so much that he flew to Florida with his family and got into spats with Grant Cohn via twitter upon touchdown in Miami. Our fearless leader. And you think there’s going to be a meeting of the minds? Please. Your head wound is leaking.

        The fact that Jed can’t handle this shows you how incompetent the 49er front office is. First he denies the Browns story, then backtracks. Now he’s watching the media like a hawk but doesn’t have the slightest idea how to squash this. Our front office, regardless how much you guys want to deny it or look the other way, is still incompetent.

        If I ran the 49ers, the first thing I would have done when Jim took the job was give him a list of things he needed to work on. Maybe not the first year, but certainly after year two with all the complaining to the refs and rumors he wasn’t well liked at Stanford. Why would I do this? Because of Eddie D and Bill Walsh and what I’ve been preaching all along – sustainability. Then I wouldn’t hold him to those objectives (because Jim’s holding all the cards) but I would have sat down with him and counseled him about what’s needed for sustainability. And yeah, I’m about Jed’s age. I could counsel Jim…. because I have objectivity and would even if I was the owner. I would have talked to Jim about Larry Bird, Tom Coughlin, John Wooden, and others.

        And if I was the owner right now I damn sure wouldn’t be vacationing with my family in Florida. I don’t care what Harbaugh was doing. Think it wouldn’t take long for a smart reporter like Killion to reach out to a disgrunted player like maybe LaMicheal James or former Niner, Brandon Jacobs to keep the story going (which is her job)? I’d be working on this problem night to squash potential Killion stories so I could re-sign guys like Boldin and Kaep. Working on it now, instead of flying to Miami, could mean the difference between Super Bowls with Harbaugh or another decade of talentless coaches. But not Jed. Jed wants to go play in the sand. And don’t give me this shit about owners meetings. You better have your priorities straight if you’re going to chase Super Bowls.

        It might make you feel good to think a child like Jed has the psychological and business acumen to pull this all together, but I’m under no illusions. This, because Jed is a child, will come down to a power struggle and it’s anyone call who stays and who goes because again, I don’t have the faith in Jed to make a good decision. He brought us Erickson, Singletary and Nolan, and probably only landed Harbaugh because Harbaugh was close and the 49ers had years of talent acquired due poor coaching and poor win / lose records. Jed was lucky Harbaugh landed in Jed’s lap, but Jed’s certainly not doing anything to earn Jim’s loyalty for the next ten years.

        Spitblood, John Madden, Jim Harbaugh and ESPN are on one side. NJ, 12th, Killion, Maiocco, Tim K and Baalke are on the other. It’s the company you keep…… and the amount of denial you can stomach. I’m not in denial about Jed York’s incompetence.

      • NJ49er says:

        Where’s Dr Harry Edwards when you need him?

        There’s a man who knows his Sports Pyschology.

    • NJ49er says:

      Spit my head trauma comes from beating it on the keyboard here.
      We, collectively, all of us, don’t know the full story.

      If you’re paying Jim $5M a year you damn well better have a say in what’s expected.
      My stance has been that Baalke made this hire.
      If Jim has turned on Baalke, as reports have suggested, there’s not much that can be done until someone clears the air.
      I’m after the Carmen Policy approach too.
      Get in front of the mic’s and BS if necessary.
      Someone, be it Jed, Baalke or Harbaugh has to act like a professional here.

      You’ve chosen a side in this debate, with the same amount of info we all have seen and heard.
      I want this garbage to cease as well.

      This could well be water over the dam for all we know.
      It might already have reached critical mass?

      You’re free to have your view of things.
      All good in my book.

      I’m simply hemorrhaging disgust with the speculation at this point.
      Jed didn’t hire the previous regimes, Dr York did.
      Agree there, he is, and was, largely clueless.
      Thank Eddie for that derailment.

      All I want is for this garbage to get addressed and the rumor mill squelched.

      • NJ49er says:

        And while you’re speculating on Jed playing in the sand, it’s quite possible he’s planning an exit strategy with Uncle Eddie.
        Who happens to call Tampa his home.

        Facts remain.
        It’s a mess.
        There may be no easy answer at this point too.

        Since Jed hired Baalke, trusted him to hire Harbaugh, he may well feel that this has reached a point of no return.
        Until we hear differently, this is what it is.
        A media frenzy of speculation about who wants the control, Jim or Trent.
        This may or may not be, a time for damage control.
        Fish, or cut bait.

  49. I wasn’t claiming anything, That was just a point of reference. How bout I proclaim something instead. Kim Novak handed out the Oscar to “Frozen” for best animation. Need look no further then her mirror. Hasn’t plastic surgery improved in the past quarter century? Guess not.

  50. Ann Killion is piling on late after the play is over trying to stir controversy and get mileage out of a non-story. NFL.com had the shortest story -one paragraph- quoting her regarding “Harbaugh’s wearing thin with (unnamed of course) ‘Face of the Forty Niners’ type players. So I looked up her original article mentioned above and it has nothing of substance beyond what I just quoted. Sure some players are frustrated at not winning it all after 3 trips to playoffs. Players are frustrated. Fans are frustrated. Coaches are frustrated. Reporters are frustrated. We have to listen to NFL.com to know this? Old news, nothing here.

    Except Killion Stands exposed as a stooge with an ax to grind against Hendrix. Gee I wonder who in the front office planted/instigated this rehash? Hmmm, I can think of at least one playing the same game Jimi is accused of here on this blog (you know who you are) in the FO. Or AK is merely a late to the party opportunist looking fer attention. Or more likely she is both a stooge in a skirt and an opportunist acting in concert with her buddy reporter Maiocco to support their pal in the FO- the unnamed ‘source’ of this supposed revelation.

    The timing stinks. The substance is lacking. This smacks of “manipulation by triangulation” (let’s you and me go after the HC and support our dog in this fight). Oh and we’ll send this shocking revelation/ugly accusation over to national media NFL.com where my buddy Joe Blow Job will be sure to publicize it for all the world to see/ Ain’t we clever?

    It’s the very same blame game played out by proxies in the power struggle/personality conflict/frustrated FO after The Team Forty Niners lost 3 X in playoffs. Same game Jimi Hendrix is accused of here and elsewhere in blogworld.

    I’m not buying it. Nice try no sale. So who you got to replace HC of the Niners? Or is Madden full of shit?

  51. snarkk says:

    Ann Killion is a hack writer. Nothing of substance in her article. Since when is she connected to the inner workings of the Niners? Since never. She voted for 4 guys on her BBHOF ballot, leaving 6 slots blank. It was called one of the most idiotic HOF ballots this year. She’s got zero credibility…

  52. No Jed is supposed to be in FLA for “Pre-League Meeting Meetings”. Dunno.

    But every accusation leveled at Jimi by NJ and others (Maiocco, Killion, Kawakami) is equally apt to be said of Mr Balky: take responsibility, stop deflecting blame, cooperate more, grow more, admit mistakes, yadayadayada. Using media pals to launch accusations at a rival – Hendrix- is exactly what Balky is up to as we see in this phony report from Killion. Grow up Trent yer fingerprints are all over this one. You will lose this power struggle if you don’t cease. Coaches are more important than suits. What did the Packers do after Lombardi? Took a 20 year dump. What happened to the Team That Walsh Built after he left and the last of his coaches: long long escalating dump.

    Doesn’t matter what bloggers (including me) say, or reporters, the GM and HC need to cooperate or someone will be found to make a functional replacement. Since there are NO ADEQUATE or equivalent replacements for Mr James Harbaugh then obviously Balky will be the one to hit the road. Why isn’t this blatantly clear to his supporters? Blinded by the need to keep “their guy” in office? Yes obviously. Blindness ain’t so bright, lol. But facts are as just stated: there’s no replacement in coaching ranks for Jim. None. Griping about “All Jimi did was win the NFC West 2X, the NFC once and go to the SB” in his 3 years of coaching leadership is pitifully laughable. No one else in the history of the NFL (= 80 years) could manage that but “It’s a failure” ? Pathetic frankly.

    Jed is letting these two duke it out in the battle to win public opinion. At this point what can he do to solve the conflict but let these hotshots fire away? But there will come a time when he will (may) have to choose and he will choose the irreplaceable HC.

    Don’t be fooled by the smokescreens of the proxy war, they mean nothing. Jed knows this if I do.

    • They sending you that Niner Kool-Aid via next day air or UPS ground?
      My goodness. Even I don’t drink that much alcohol.

      • Naw it’s my masters degree in small group systems: MA Psychology. Elementary my dear Watson

      • Spitblood says:

        Del – so who’s your Post Harbaugh coach? It’s easy to sit on the sidelines, crying. Much harder to create a post Harbaugh plan. Kool-Aid’s one thing. No plan is something else a whole lot worse. I’ll have another round of Kool-Aid, please.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil my opinion in this has been largely formed from the speculation circus as reported.
      We hear of Jim wanting control.
      He’s had control of the roster.
      I don’t necessarily side with Baalke, other then the fact that Jim took his personnel and did exceedingly well with them.
      Good HC? Absolutely.
      Bad GM? I can’t say that’s true.

      Given the talent he inherited, he failed in 3 attempts to deliver the hardware.
      This debate has been about who failed.
      Baalke put the roster together, Jim won with it, 3 years running.
      All it suggests to me is, Jim called the shots and fell short.
      Not a function the GM is involved with.

      Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Jim controlled the 46 active players every game and couldn’t get a passing game going?

      Isn’t it just a little bit plausible that Jim isn’t owning up to his share of the criticism?
      I’m not out to burn anyone. Simply looking for someone to stand up and say, ‘we’re still in this thing together’.
      Absent that, I’d have to surmise that things may have already reached an impasse.

      Reports would have us believe Jim isn’t an easy guy to deal with.
      He accepted employment, apparently in harmony with Trent, from the get go.
      Things fall short, neither guy backs the other?

      It’s garbage.
      No one wins this standoff, until everyone agrees to focus on the jobs they’ve each been paid to do.

      • I really don’t think this is about “who failed?” Few looking at 49ers from outside (most all of us) would say we failed. If so then the question is “Failed compared to what?”. No I see this as a question about who gets to shape the future direction of the team esp. the offense. Balky sez it should be him, Jimi thinks otherwise. They disagree, they argue. We suppose. Again Control of future direction of Offense. If it can’t be resolved and/ or we start losing/failing then one will be fired. We could get along for years just like this and it would be frustrating but not fatal.

  53. I’ve never been the marrying type, but I think I’d allow Amy Adams to lock me up in handcuffs and throw away the keys. That has nothing to with sex. I just wanna be next to that girl. Warm and fuzzy all over.

  54. I don’t know who I despise more at this very moment, Jim Harbaugh of Ellen DeGeneres. But they sure share two things in common: Both are gay in their own way on bomb on the big stage.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t know who I despise more at this very moment: Del or Sarah Palin. Both are terrible patriots and dumber than a horse apple.

  55. What is the difference between Jimi H and Ann Killion, Ellen Degeneres, Mr Balky and Matt Maiocco?

    Only one is irreplaceable

    • Spitblood says:

      Is it Ellen Degeneres? Rosie O’Donnell was a gay talk show host. Both loved Tom Cruise.

  56. NJ49er says:

    This nonsense is damn near arguing the chicken and the egg theory.
    Is it personnel or play calling?

    We all have our opinions on which side of that line we’ll choose to stand.
    When it gets delivered as Harbaugh or Baalke, the line seems to take a different shape.

    If Harbaugh has a reputation for being difficult, tell me how this FO would improve, if he were allowed to knock down the foundation?

    Can Harbaugh turn up the Offense?
    What exactly does Harbaugh want to make that happen?

  57. 12th man says:

    A comment from Frank Gore during the year was very telling for me. I’m paraphrasing but he said something along the lines of “the defense knows what’s coming” meaning the O was predictable.

    I don’t blame Harbaugh for not winning a SB. It takes everything to line up damn near perfectly to win and although he is a big part of that he is hardly the only responsible guy, other than from the perspective of the HC carries the ultimate can. It does not mean he should be paid at the highest levels however.

    Baalke has built a roster very capable of winning the SB and the team has gotten close to that goal under Harbaugh.

    The issue is that Harbaugh is unhappy in his pay/control/size of office/who knows what and that is not going to change regardless of how he is temporarily appeased. Every beat writer has stated that one way or the other, not a single one of them believes Harbaugh will be with the team long term. I think Jed believes it too so if I’m Jed I weigh the fact that I have an executive of the year and a HC of the year who can’t seem to work together and if I choose to keep the coach I will be right back in this position in a year or 2 but will have lost my executive of the year and will very likely lose my HC in a year or 2 anyway.

    I prefer to keep both at least through their contracts but if I have to choose I choose stability over turnover.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t understand how you can wonder about Harbaugh’s offensive productivity while knowing that Baalke decided against retaining Delanie Walker, Randy Moss and Ted Ginn. Baalke wanted to save some coin, evident when Harbaugh said after Seattle, “I want you all back and will fight for you regardless what the front office wants.” The 49er offensive weapons in ’13 were Boldin, Vernon and Gore. And it wasn’t hard to take those weapons away. Gore said, “Defenses know what’s coming.” Yeah, because we didn’t have enough offensive pieces. That’s not Harbaugh’s fault. He doesn’t control the purse or the final 53 man roster. Patton and McDonald were rookies, learning. Roman and Harbaugh were forced to throw to Bruce Miller, but you claim, “Baalke has built a roster very capable of winning a Super Bowl?” And somehow you imply this is Jim Harbaugh’s fault we haven’t?

      In my opinion, in 2013, Harbaugh overcame Baalke’s decision not to retain at least one receiver who could take the top off the defense, and Harbaugh also overcame Baalke’s decision to let Delanie Walker go making the team desperately thin at the skill positions and when Crabtree got injured, things got understandably predictable. I don’t see how you can’t put those piece together.

      • NJ49er says:

        Spit do you recall the INT in the SB that Moss didn’t even bother to raise his arms for, or even attempt to jump for?
        Moss was a class A POS in that game.
        Delanie and Ginn were largely replaceable and yes, priced out of the equation.
        Baalke replaced Goldson for the same reason.
        Cap Mgt is part of the structure every team needs to handle efficiently.

        This is the heart of the debate, Harbaugh wanting the same pieces, Baalke looking to manage and improve the talent.

        If Jim wants to be a GM, he should seek employment in that capacity.
        He’s not a Scout, he’s not a talent evaluator.

        It’s looking more and more like Jim doesn’t want to answer to anyone but his players.
        His job is to Coach the team.

      • NJ49er says:

        Didn’t Harbaugh praise Lockette as well Spit?
        Stroking the media, saying what he feels they want to hear?

        Bottom line, we don’t pass well.
        Out goes Delanie and Ginn, in were options of Celek, VMcD, Kyle and Lockette, among others.

        Sure injuries to Crabtree hurt, same later on with Patton.
        I see this Offense as having too many under-utilized components.

        Baalke gives the roster control to Jim.
        The marriage was perceived to be a perfect union when Baalke delivered Jim.
        I just want to know why the sudden discord?

        Problems are really easy to create.
        Answers the hard part.

    • The beat writers yearn fer the days of Singletron, Nolan, and Ericcson where they could parade around believing they were more knowledgeable than the HC/FO. Look at Cohnheads and Maiocco + all the national reporter “experts”. Last thing they want is a confident, cocky HC. Lol

    • NJ49er says:

      That’s an important point 12th, regarding Frank.
      Many of us have kvetched about the Red Zone failings, lack of passing imagination etc.

      Crux of the issue, what is Harbsaugh’s answer to that question?
      Is he sticking with Roman?
      Is Roman doing what Jim asks him to do?
      We may never get those answers but, that’s the perspective I’m looking at if from.

      (We), Jim, Roman failed to out gun the opponent in the big games.
      We lost our ability to run, we couldn’t deliver with the pass, we lost.

      • The conflict looks to me to be about who shapes the future course of (re)building the offense. For whatever reasons- cap issues, injuries, poor drafting, questionable player utilization/development, play calling- we didn’y git ‘er done. So- WHO is going to shape the future direction of the O?

    • Spitblood says:

      Bottomline, NJ? You couldn’t put in a bottomless barrel.

    • NJ49er says:

      Miller was a pretty creative option to Delanie as well Spit.
      He blocks as well and largely caught as well as Delanie too.
      You have to keep churning a roster and getting younger each year.
      Cap issues are averted when you don’t overextend too many guys at once.

      All I’m asking is, how does Harbaugh want to improve the Offense?
      Let me hear him answer that question and I’ll have a better understanding of what’s really the problem here.
      Maybe he can’t answer it, maybe he can’t throw Roman under the bus.
      Whatever it is, it’s a major distraction, and it’s dividing the team.

  58. NJ, to your post above: Yes it is plausible JH is a control freak who somewhat underachieved or fell short of perfection. He has control of who plays and while they did darn good they did not win it all. Notice how our expectations are back to what they were when Bill W was our coach? The great coach drives the expectations by having produced good results consistently. Now we need to win it all every year. I’m good with that, nice problem to have huh? It’s also also quite likely Balky is a control freak who underachieved (see ’12 draft). And are they playing the same game? = gimme more power and control, put my rival in a box? Looks like it from my distant vantage point. It’s a power struggle or if not then surely a personality conflict. The reporters and us bloggers are just piling on to support their favorite dog in this fight. Normal. Bloggers tend to admit this a hell of a lot more than reporters (“I’m not biased; just reporting facts here”) Yeah right.

    Spit sez Jed’s fucking around and not dealing with this yadayada. I don’t buy that. I also agree it may be too late between these two to patch things up sustainably. Maybe too late for the surgical intervention (psychological, psychiatric, artistic, creative) Carmen Policy recommended. Dunno. Maybe. What I see is Jed is taking the classic upper management “Wait and see” approach to a major conflict between his middle managers. Who will win the battle for public opinion now being waged? Balky / Maiocco did not win the recent round by floating the transparent Killion gossip/hit piece. Killion answers John Madden? Beyond weak. Smacks of desperation. I’m sure Jed got a big Hyuk out of that one. Really. So what can Jed do at this point now it’s out there airing in public?

    Not much just yet. Take the kids to Disneyworld, enjoy life. Let the alpha males fight it out; see who wins. But winning the battle for pubic opinion is less than half the battle as important as it is (“Hey we’re the Forty Niners beloved of Bay Area / national sports. Fans love us”). I think Jimi leads there and time favors the HC IMO. But as mentioned by Madden and some of us peons: Who the hell would replace Hendrix? Jed does Not want to face the wrath of the ‘loving 49ers fans’ in dumping Hendrix for——anybody else—– because Jimi has already taken this team of underachieving sad sacks to within sight of the promised land. Three times, with more on order.

    So that’s the unbeatable ace Jimi is holding and he knows it. Since Balky is not backing down (that we know of. From what?) Jimi need do nothing except his job and the pressure is on Trent to change (what?) or make a helpful move/comment. Just don’t use Killion, Maiocco or anyone else to do it. A simple statement like “Jimi Hendrix is my favorite HC of all time and I’m proud of the incredible guitar licks he’s laid down for our band”. “We’re looking forward to a long productive tour, etc, etc” Will do more than anything to boost BALKYS ratings in public eyes. But can Trent Balky manage it? It would be his best course for sake of sustainability.

    • NJ49er says:

      Phil, for me, it’s hard to conceive a scenario where Trent doesn’t share the entire Draft Board with Jim about what’s he’s attempting to do.
      We’ve relied on solid Defense, and a stout running game to remain competitive.

      If you’re Jim and Trent, wouldn’t you BOTH benefit from a shared perspective on which way the roster goes?
      I’ll assume Kaep wasn’t forced on Harbaugh.
      Each player has to be discussed and weighted during Draft analysis.
      Whether each guy is in complete agreement at the selection point or not, the GM holds that power.
      Once done, Jim has the job of developing those guys.
      AJJ, Kyle, Lockette, now Baldwin?
      Patton is the next guy in line.
      Last I saw him, he was wide open on the left sideline when Kaep threw into the end zone in Seattle.

      Frustrating and aggrevating about sums it up for me Phil.

      • I’m starting to think Jimi wants “the trigger” on drafting and signing all the O players. I’m guessing that’s what this is about. Given recent track record getting useable players on O maybe a good idea.

  59. Change of pace:

    Hey Chuck about your icon/gravatar I gotta say just one thing:

    Your dog’s got balls!

  60. Spitblood says:

    Here’s why Trent Baalke is totally replaceable. AJ Jenkins over this guy? Please. Next thing you know NJ will be telling us Jenkins was a Harbaugh pick. Double Please. Trent Baalke must go just because he selected Jenkins over Jeffrey. How could Baalke miss this one? Honestly. Jeffrey was a slam dunk.

    • NJ49er says:

      I liked Alshon too SPit.
      Hindsight is always 20/20.

      I’ve heard Baldwin was a Harbaugh Pick.
      What’s he doing these days besides taking a pay reduction?

      • Spitblood says:

        Bullshit it’s hindsight. Go read my thoughts on this blog and Skeebers before the draft. Baalke’s a pretender. People just aren’t onto him yet. Have seen his 2012 draft? Lol.

    • Spitblood says:

      It’s maddening watching this video. Baalke sucks.

    • NJ49er says:

      No one is a slam dunk if they aren’t put in the right system to succeed.

      • Spitblood says:

        Bullshit again. The great ones are slam dunks on any team. And Alshon Jeffrey will be known as one of the greats as long as he can stay health. And Baalke picked Jenkins? Who?

      • NJ49er says:

        Did Joe make Jerry or did Jerry make Joe Spit?
        Al Toon got Drafted ahead of Jerry because Bill Walsh saw potential for his system.

        What would have been if Jerry went to the NYJ huh?

    • The question is who is better suited to build the 9er O- JH or Balky? AJ Jenkins? Ronald Johnson? Going forward I gotta believe Jimi gets the nod over Balky for player acquisition and getting some coaching help for the O

  61. How about this fer sports reporter blather? Repeat the same bullshit over and over doesn’t make it true Kevin:

    “Now Harbaugh wants to possibly get paid more than his brother John, and his nemesis Pete Carroll, even though his team has yet to win a Super Bowl. How is such a case of raging NFL-itis going to look in the eyes of his veteran players?”

    Case Lynch presents is pure hearsay minus facts but we should all wonder about Jimi’s ego now?

    Fucking Puleeeze……. “raging NFL-itis”? Give it a break Kev

    • Spitblood says:

      Jed left the door open to this bullshit. Incompetent front office. First Alshon Jeffrey, now Browns gate with Jed in way over his head.

      • Naw Spit there’s no way he can control all this shit. I’m guessing he’s letting them (baalkebaugh) fight it out and see who wins. I have no probs with that or the way this is playing out as long as The Irreplaceable One sticks around to rebuild the O and keeps taking us to playoffs. No problem. Let ’em duke it out. Jed’s a Jedi and don’t you minimize those DeBartolo bloodlines son

  62. NJ49er says:

    Phil we’ve heard the axiom from Jim –
    The team, the team, the team.

    How is Jim selling that message when he’s reportedly asking for his raise, his control, his demands?

    He’s a restless individual.
    He’s perceived as a ME guy.
    ME guys don’t sell me on The team, the team, the team with those actions.

    • Spitblood says:

      Harbaugh’s not asking for more control. He wants a raise because he’s underpaid. When his players are underpaid or on the short list to be cut, he fights for them. That’s how Harbaugh can justify asking for a raise and it’s not hyporcritical. Baalke sucks as a talent evaluator, btw.

  63. Spitblood says:

    I just looked at the 2012 draft. Baalke sucks. In 2012, Baalke selected AJ Jenkins at 30, and then Doug Martin was selected 31st. It was widely suggested that AJ Jenkins was a second rounder. Then, in the second round, Baalke selected LaMicheal James at 61 but Ruben Randle went to the Giants at 63. So ask yourself this, forgetting all about the biggest mistake in not drafting Alshon Jeffrey, would you rather have Doug Martin and Ruben Randle, or would you rather have AJ Jenkins and LaMicheal James? And you guys want Baalke over Harbaugh? That’s laugable.

    And then in last year’s draft Baalke drafted Vance McDonald in the second round and Aaron Dobson went to the Patriots a few selections after. NJ loves to muddy the water saying things like “Hindsight is 20/20,” and “Development depends upon the team.” That’s all crap. Fact is, Baalke’s missing on a lot of picks and he’s jeopardizing the franchise by selecting players who are injured, getting too cute thinking he’s getting them at a discount when really he’s wasting cap and roster space on guys who are huge questions marks (like Lattimore) when Baalke could have drafted Doug Martin who’d have really helped this offense this year instead of ……… wait for it……… AJ Jenkins! And you guys want Baalke over Harbaugh? My stars….

    • NJ49er says:

      Spit the hidsight is 20/20 cliche applies to anything in life.
      It’s not about muddying the water.
      It’s saying that decisions were made on personnel that were targeted in a given Draft class.
      Again, I had Doug Martin on my wish list as well.
      Frank was obviously the feature back with Kendall already on the roster.
      I still ask the question about LMJ being a Harbaugh guy or not.
      Based on his comments about facing him while at Stanford.

      I get it, you don’t like Baalke.
      I say, our roster is stronger then most so, Baalke hit on more than he missed.

      Still haven’t heard why other WRs aren’t producing in our system however.
      Is that on Baalke too?

      Vance was a highly productive guy at Rice.
      I had him as my top TE too.
      Sure, I suck too, but I’m not being paid to develop the talent either.

      A guy Drafted for the Offense should ideally be developed by the Offensive Coordinator.
      We like to run. So I guess his blocking development was more important?

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s not necessarily Baalke over Harbaugh either.
      It’s about Baalke and Harbaugh working to improve this team, in all phases.

      Do you honestly think Jim doesn’t have any say on personnel?
      Would Trent expect to succeed by forcing square pegs into round holes?

      There’s something more divisive going on here.
      Money and control is the report, I’d like to hear the truth or, at least a BS statement to clear the air.

  64. If Harbaugh believes in his heart of hearts that he should be paid more then either his brother or Pete Carroll without having won a SB himself? Well, in my heart of hearts I hope both he and his mother die of slow eye cancer.

    Jim Harbaugh his the goddamn devil. And when I see him in hell I’m going to punch him in the goddamn throat like no other. Fuck him.

    Good night.

    • No, pay attention Dennis. Lynch claims such w/o any evidence and to build Balky/Maiocco/Killions myth that it is so. Same shit disturbers who want their boy Balky (clever no?) to keep drafting lame ducks.

      Be careful what you wish for on others- you may wind up with it instead.

  65. Well I’m of the opinion that while Jimi (that’s like calling the tall guy ‘shorty’ or the fat guy ‘slim’) Hendrix does not want the total GM duties he does want the “trigger” on whom we actually acquire/draft for the reasons we have discussed = we have too many misses on our O drafting. Jimi does not want to be responsible for. He wants to make the calls on O period.

    That’s my best guess what this conflict is about.

    • NJ49er says:

      Run left, run up the middle, run right.
      He’s doing well there Phil.

      Now, about the passing game…….

      • Already answered re: 2011, 2012 drafts. See above. I also think we need more than Mangina helping the O, game planning, play calling and developing players. Jimi seems to believe he can do a better job if he gets his guys in there

      • NJ49er says:

        Wouldn’t expect anything else Phil.
        Parcells thought the same thing, as he made his way through Dallas and Miami.
        But Parcells had some hardware to show for it before he turned into the Mad Tuna.

        Some guys work well with others.

        The debate is whether Jim is one of those guys I guess?

      • The debate seems to me to be “Is Harbs better than Balky at building an O?” Not as you would keep trying to have it “IS Jim a team guy?”

        Not about Jimi. Not really about Balky per se but “Who can rebuild the Niner O best?” They wanna squabble and fight? So what. I could care less. Bloggers and pro writers want to throw in their stories, opinions and manipulations? Have at it. So what, pure speculation is all.

        I think it’s pretty clear where we stand on this one NJ. The question is what will ownership do? Let the irreplaceable coach go on strike or whatever? Trade him to Tampa, lol. Good one.

      • NJ49er says:

        Parcells didn’t Draft LT but, he made his mark while having LT is the difference maker in NY.
        LT was a coke addict.
        He skirted the system for drug testing for quite awhile in NY, due to lax controls on drug testing during that time.

        He also relied heavily on former players like Curtis Martin as he jumped from job to job.
        His accumen for Drafting talent was nothing stellar.

        Our situation with Harbaugh is looking very similar to that of the Tuna.
        A guy who thought highly of his abilities, yet, couldn’t stand being told what to do or, how to do it.

        Tony Romo was a Parcells pick in Dallas.
        Cruel joke perhaps?

        Romo isn’t anything but an average QB.
        Parcells benefitted from strong Defense and a running game too.
        I see similarities to Harbaugh.
        Parcells didn’t fare well in the Cap era either.

        For all the mud-slinging in Baalke’s direction, he’s built a pretty formidable roster.
        One that Harbaugh is winning with now.

        If Kaep doesn’t develop into the elite QB many of us expect him to become, there’s plenty of ammunition to wage this debate for Baalke not being the problem, as some here would suggest.

        Our Oline was rebuilt, Defense constructed with guys like Willis, Bowman, Goldson and Aldon.
        Kendall Hunter, Colin Kaepernick and Chris Culliver were also acquired while Baalke was either the Head Scout or the GM.
        What Baalke constructed in SF speaks for itself.

        I’ve got a very hard time accepting Baalke as the reason this team has not won it all.
        Jim was hired to get it across the finish line.

        Now, it seems like it’s more about squabbling over personnel instead of working with Trent to work out the wrinkles.

      • NJ49er says:

        My suggestion was to have him go to JAX Phil.
        A team in need of a total makeover.
        An owner flush with cash too.

        I’m all for Jim and Trent continuing to build on their recent successes.
        If they can’t, a divorce is imminent.
        Get something before you get nothing is all I’m suggesting.

        Hope it doesn’t come to that.
        We’re doing things that took years to accomplish.
        I just hope the finger pointing that’s being reported isn’t a reality.

        I’m choosing a side here because it’s looking like a power struggle regarding personnel and on field shortcomings.

        GMs evaluate and acquire talent, HCs develop and organize them.
        Each guy should compliment the other.

    • NJ49er says:

      Kaep has a new off-season workout buddy this year, QPatton.
      Last year he had Riccardo Lockette.

      Let’s assume for the time being, Patton was a guy Harbaugh approved of.
      Can we at least give Kaep and QPatton the benefit of the time together?
      We’ll see whether this improves anything when the games come around.

      Sure didn’t do squat for Lockette.

  66. NJ49er says:

    Jerruh couldn’t get along with Jimmy, stop me if you heard this one before.

    Owner ego clashes with HC ego.
    Owner figures ‘Anyone can Draft football players’.
    Jimmy built that roster in the 4 years he was there.

    Takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong.
    Jerruh isn’t very big I’d say.
    Stubborn men, who think they can do it all, eventually realize, they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

    This is a team game.
    Each piece should compliment the other.

    The rope should be pulled from the same end if you have any expectations about success.

  67. Patton was the first productive WR to make the squad since the 2010 draft. That was Kyle Williams in 6th, Nate Bynum in 6th as TE. Then they both got hurt. 2009 it was no-brainer Crabtree. So since Crab we have only Patton to show for our drafts. Injuries have played a toll but major miss on AJJ- and Ronald Johnson -have hurt us. You miss that badly on a 1st rounder it’s going to hurt; this is indisputable.

    Our history with drafting -few- and misses- 2-3 since Crabtree is poor. Jimi thinks he can do better in rejuvenating the O than TB has done. We are going to see the last of Frank G this year and that adds to the urgency of getting the O retooled. Jimi’s seen enough of Balkys efforts in this area.

    Sure he wants a raise and he should have asked for Pete Carroll money when he signed = $6 mi but he and his agent didn’t. But suggest he wants “top Dollar” now is a bunch of sports writers spewing pure shit. Or show me otherwise.


  68. NJ49er says:

    Phil it flat out sucks having to take a side in this situation.
    We’ve all been on the same side forever.
    Like having parents divorce.
    How can you choose one over the other?

    All I’m hoping for is a reconciliation.
    Professionals acting professionally would be a nice way to end this squabble.
    A stacked team, with a good Coaching staff that needs to find a way to fix the passing game.

    Doesn’t seem insurmountable to me.

    • Yeah not insurmountable if people involved act like adults and find a way to share the responsibility to fix their relationships and produce the squad needed- mainly on O since this has lagged the D since forever. They have done pretty darn well as a team (HC/GM) so the ability is there. I don’t see a split as inevitable or imminent but my worry is that by not resolving their conflicts (wish we knew what those are) the offense will not get upgraded as it needs to. QB is on track to keep improving. WR we have discussed and this will continue to need attention. Maybe JH does not like Balky cutting/dropping so many on O as mentioned, possible. We knew going into last year we would be thin at WR, then Crabs got injured. We were shorthanded and have not been deep at receiver forever.

      Maybe part of the problem is the mix of O & D players drafted: more D than O players drafted or our drafting injured players on O?

      • NJ49er says:

        Well Phil, if there’s evera chance to get healthy in the WR area, it’s this Class.
        For me, the Draft process is all about the Scouting vs the slotting.
        Every team likely rates the same guys with similar grades.
        It always comes down to having blocks of guys at need positions of course.

        Every team wants a starting QB, a shut-down CB etc.
        As Spit and I were knuckling each other earlier, a WR may be our top priority but, if your first option is gone, you may look toward the next highest ranked guy, even if it’s not a WR.

        That’s the basis of BPA.
        You may NEED the WR but, why reach?
        Seek your next highest ranked WR in the next RD.

        Sh!t, if I could slot these guys, I’d apply for a paying job myself. 😀
        I love the stats, the evaluation processes etc.
        Very addicting.

        My feelings about Harbaugh and Offensive input are simply this, what is he seeking from this Offense?
        He’s not a wide-open, spread it out kind of guy.
        I’ve played devil’s advocate with the debates between Berger and others calling for 4 wides etc.

        I truly don’t know what Jim is seeking from the passing game.
        I suspect Trent prefers a faster more unpredictable approach.

        Perhaps this is the crux of the discord?
        Conservative Jim vs unconventional Trent?
        Jim (Roman) can’t fit them into their plans?

        Call me perplexed.

      • Wish we knew what these two are wrangling over- that would clarify things but true we do not. I will say the 3rd, 4th hand opinions of sports writers has led me to appreciate the dynamics and (office) politics of how we get our info. There are various agendas of the main players and the whole gets manipulated left and right. While you are focusing in on specifics of individual players I’m trying to look at the global situation and figure out what is this about from a relationship POV.

        If you had to write a script for entertaining the masses during off season this would be it. Over two months to Draft Day? Lord have mercy

  69. NJ49er says:

    I’ve learned fromfollowing the Baalke Drafts, he likes guys with longer arms.
    Interesting evaluation criteria.
    Seemed to me every Scout/GM wanted the speed or height factor.

    From what I’ve gathered, arm length is the difference between getting blocked or having the separation advantage as well as the ability to get off the ground more quickly.
    Makes sense now.

    Vance and Aldon fit that criteria, along with Patrick and NaVorro.
    How often have we confused Patrick and NaVorro from a stature stanpoint?
    Very similarly built guys.

    Now, I too look for the arm length measurable, when I build my ‘Wish List’.

    I still look for the speed factor at certain positions as well.
    Hard to know where Jim sees the prospects.
    Sure would be interesting to hear his input come Draft Weekend.

  70. NoFear49er says:

    Hard to think Harbaugh isn’t involved enough in building the draft board. Probably doesn’t like not having the final say on draft day. If I had to guess, his biggest disagreement would be who gets re-upped. I don’t think he’d be any good at it and neither would I.

    As someone in the FO said, (Marathe?) they didn’t give up all the control to get him here, why would they give it up now?

    Whatever arrangement they have is working, quite well, thank you. If Baalke would leave I still wouldn’t want Harbaugh to replace him. It seems to me head coaching is more than enough to do and he’s not lacking in talent to win. Some receivers didn’t work out? Well, he’s had some that he ignored, too.

    A good HC/GM pairing is the way to sustained successes. So says, NFL history. Quit your pissing and moaning and continue the mission.

    • NJ49er says:

      The Draft process is a crap shoot NoFear49er.
      No one knows for sure who the next hot-shot will be when dealing with College athletes.
      Game changes too drastically between those levels.

      Heck, Rice was a fish out of water early on too.
      I agree with you, completely, that it’s a committee approach.
      Each guy sharing the vision of what it takes to win on a player-by-player basis.

      We can only react to the media musings, since none of us are privy to the daily exchanges.
      It’s worked in getting us to this point so, why upset the order of things?

      Kawakami suggests that Jim is a guy who enjoys making chaos and, often does an about-face on personnel.
      Call me not surprised, especially when we witness the sideline outbursts when he’s exposed to the cameras.
      In Kawakamis’ opinion, Jim seeks a ‘yes Man’. Someone who shares his vision.
      The GM thought the same thing I’m sure.

      If it’s a division of philosophies, it’s up to the ranking officer to carry out the plan.
      Piss and moan, throw a tantrum, whatever, it’s still about building the team.
      If that doesn’t float the boat, someone has to take a swim.

      Again, Jim can Coach.
      But, Trent put this thing together over a period of 10+ years.
      Not something I’d feel comfortable changing course on now.
      Know your role, do it with every ounce of your ability or, find a greener pasture.
      Plenty of teams will pay.
      It’s a risk tolerance principle.
      You can get all the control someone is willing to part with.
      If Jim came to win the Lombardi, he’s uniquely positioned to do so.
      He’s also the guy calling the shots on the field.
      No one is interfering with his authority in that regard.

      It’s all on him. No holds on his authority so?
      Why gum it up in the areas others are paid to organize and manage?

      This end of the rope Jim.
      Lead, follow or, get out of the way.

      • NJ49er says:

        It still comes down to developing a passing game.
        Is it possible, even a little bit, that Jim doesn’t have much to offer in that regard?
        Nix the players as a reason not to succeed in that segment?
        Fault the GM’s player selections?

        We run. Very well.
        Is it also possible he’s too conservative?
        Singletary was accused of being too pig-headed with his rushing approach.
        Some people avoid change, others refuse to, opting instead to adhere to their own beliefs.
        Compromise doesn’t factor with some folks.

      • Naw Jimi’s doing fine, great record. But Niners need to rebuild the O. He seems to believe he, not Balky, is the one to do it. Evidence shows TB has had little success with major aspects of O building. Time for another man to take a shot.

  71. Florio chirps in with some salary numbers on Jimi & Kap. Top dollar ain’t Jimi:


    • Kevin Lynch dead wrongo on Hendrix wanting “top dollar”. Like I said yesterday. Just more sports writers trying to kiss Balky’s butt I suspect.

      • Wearing thin list:

        Kevin Lynch
        Ann Killion
        Matt Maiocco

        So we are to believe these writers are an adequate answer to John Madden’s comment: “Suits are easier to find than great coaches”? Sad day when sports scribes style themselves more important than great HCs. Current or former

      • Tim Kawakami extolls Killions hack job on Jimi so that earns him an honored place on the Wearing Thin List. I don’t even include Grant Cohn because that’s a given.

      • 12th man says:

        Phil you seem to be running out of beat writers to put on your list. Is that because what they are writing goes against your opinions?
        No doubt the writers would be happy to give Harbaugh some payback for his treatment of them. Also no doubt those same “thin ice” reporters have seen some shit for themselves as well has having whispers from inside the building, far better placed than any of us to assess what is happening.
        Take it with a pinch of salt? Of course, complete fabrication? Of course not.

  72. unca_chuck says:

    The beauty of Tim and Killion is, they can both point to each other a a source of something. Bullshit. But something.

    New thread is up.

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