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In the endless tug-of-war between system or personnel, the prevailing sentiment regarding the state of the Good Ship 49ers is that the team needs more speed at WR. While that sounds good, and God knows we need a deep threat, but the problem is, the Niners let their most recent deep threat walk away ignominously last year in Ted Ginn. He was nominally our 3rd WR and PR/KR guy. Ginn started with a bang against Seattle a few years back, scoring on a PR and a KR to seal Harbaugh’s 1st NFL victory. As a pass catcher he showed little. His biggest play, a 70 yard TD, was called back by a bogus illegal blocking penalty on Gore a couple years back. Ginn of course went to Carolina and caught more balls in one year there than he did for 3 years here. This leads to my dilemma. If we DO get a speed WR, will we know how to properly use him? Are we built to USE a speed guy right? Ginn did fine in his other NFL stops.

On the other hand, there are grumblings that this team needs to re-tool their running game with more better backs. That Gore isn’t getting it done because he’s old and in the way of himself. A younger, fresher back would be able to get through the holes and bounce shit outside. The thing is, I have the same problem here as I do with the passing game. Mainly because we aren’t built as a power sweep team, or a pitch/screen kind of team. For whatever reason (personnel), our run game is 90% between the tackles with the occasional WR sweep/reverse. Hunter isn’t built to run like Gore. LMJ is REALLY not built to run like Gore. Hence my thought that this offense needs to come up with a blocking scheme that suits the players they have. Iupati and Davis are barely adequate pass protectors. Staley and Boone are solid pass pro, and decent enough in the run game. Either get 2 guys who are more agile pass protectors, or sign Iupati and keep with the road grading type run game, and forgo a screen/sweep/outside running game. If we had a shifty runner, would we be able to use him how we are currently build? I think not.

If Iupati goes, then that opens the door for Looney (or even Netter), both smaller, more agile guards to get on the field. Can they get outside on sweeps/screens? Can they pass pro well enough? That’s what camp is for. And the draft. Goodwin will hopefully be replaced (Kilgore Trout? Looney?) to give this team more flexibility.

Can we build an offensive line that can pass protect better, AND allow for some outside running? Do we need new backs to do that? Is Kaepernick being held back by the coaches? Is there little faith in the pass pro for Kappy to adequately learn how to read defenses quicker? Or are these issues a driect design flaw of the Roman/Harbaugh offense?  

In other words: Is Roman the cart, or the horse?

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  1. Spitblood says:

    Now we’re talking. Roman’s the cart, Harbaalke’s the horse. Harbaalke’s to blame. Harbaalke made the decision to let Ginn and his one million dollar salary per year walk when the 49ers were 3 million under the cap. Nobody to take the top off the defense and things got tougher for Kaep. Harbaalke also made the decision to draft La Micheal James in the second and AJ Jenkins in the first. That wasn’t Roman. Scot McCloughan was right – bigger players are better. Harbaalke also made the stupid decision to draft Lattimore when Kendal Hunter was hurt and Frank Gore was clearly leaking oil. All of these problems lead to Greg Roman getting the shaft from bloggers and 49er fans.

    And I started the charge against Roman (not to bang my drum) on Skeeber’s blog week two in NFL saying “Roman and Harbaugh are the only ones on the field who can keep Colin Kaepernick under 200 yards passing.” I compared Kaep and Harbaugh to Dean Smith and Micheal Jordan at North Carolina … and away we went.

    But the reality is that Harbaalke have (has?) created this mess on offense and they aren’t recognizing that all of their troubles started with their decision to make Frank Gore their featured back in 2013.

    Unca, you’re written that Gore never got to the outside. This isn’t correct. In Harbaugh’s first year he ran sweep with Gore to the outside. And they were effective. Now Gore can’t get there. Gore is so limited with his plays that Roman appears to be myopic with his play calls. Now Gore can only pass block and find the smallest of seams to exploit.

    What’s Roman to do with all of this? I still think Roman could have done more, and I completely agree with Berger recently when he wrote about OCs getting a feel for play calling that Roman never had in 2013. But part of that is the players Roman has. Think about how limited all of Roman’s backfield is. Gore can’t run to the outside anymore. James is simply too small. Dixon dances and isn’t smart. They lost Delanie. Miller isn’t a crushing blocker, but effective. He can’t run short yardage. Nobody is a threat to catch the football out of the backfield. It’s been floated by Maiocco that our offensive line isn’t athletic enough to run screens (which I don’t buy). You handcuff your OC enough and he’ll take some shots, which he clearly has.

    In my opinion, Harbaalke have a lot to both atone for and clean up on offense, and Roman has gotten a bad rap. If you have a college run game coordinator as your OC, instead of beating your head against the wall, don’t try to beat ’em, join ’em. Go out and make your backfield the best backfield in the NFL and give Roman the tools to create an amazing rushing attack with players that aren’t limited. Draft Devanta Freeman, Jeremy Hill and Copeland. Coach ’em up and run the hell outta the ball setting up play action. That’s what Roman and Harbaugh are all about, so given them the horses to do it with.

    • NoFear49er says:

      This college run game coordinator shit is for what? To say that’s all Roman knows how to call? How many o-line coaches design run games? Think that’s all they know because they once coached it? Bill Walsh started coaching defense.

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t think Roman can really get a feel for playing calling without a really good rushing attack with a lot of different options thrown at the defense. Gore, Dixon and James don’t give us options. As a collective unit they might, but when individually on the field teams know they’re limited in what they can do. Like Berger has been saying on Skeeber’s blog, play calling is an art. Roman and Harbaugh do it collectively, as a team. They did it well in 2012 with Delanie as a blocker and Frank a year younger. My premise is for this offense to work you need the run game to be really good with good players who can do everything and aren’t limited – this opens up the passing attack. I think Roman, as a college run game coordinator, gets a better feel for play calling when he can use a lot of different run play options. Frank Gore no longer gives us options.

  2. NoFear49er says:

    I don’t know where this notion that Ginn was a great player everywhere but here came from. IIRC he was a first round pick for Miami, and a bust. Speed was his only selling point. He didn’t like contact there and he didn’t here and wasn’t very good at receiver. He was a return guy. He did seem to get somewhat better at it last year.

    I think Iupatui is good enough in pass pro but he wasn’t moving as fast this year as he’s been in the past, whether run blocking or in pass protection. Lazy or hurt, I couldn’t say.

    We run inside 56% of the time, according to football outsiders stats, and 22% to either side. Not very far from most teams’ running strategy.

    You might get more boggers to agree our running game is stuck in the mud by mischaracterizing it, bloggers, too, but what good is having everyone echo your solutions to made-up problems?

    A lot of teams wish they had a legitimate two tight end offense. Here, it gets us, weak as it is, into the post season every year and the fans want it scrapped to copy offenses that didn’t make it to post season play.

    Despite what some of the “pundits” say two tight end threats to catch a pass or block a run presents defenses with some difficult problems. That’s good for the offense, by the way.

    • Spitblood says:

      Nobody’s saying Ginn was great, but he was necessary. He could take the top off the defense and because he was so fast the out pattern was always there. This is how Carolina used him – two patterns, both worked. You guess which one’s coming and don’t get beat deep. Ginn still beat ’em deep in Carolina because Cam can throw a nice deep ball. And Ginn was a far better returner than James. However, Ginn wasn’t running the entire route tree. Nobody claims he could.

      We all appreciate this offense is good enough to get us into the post season. But we all want Super Bowl rings. We’re suggesting ways to tweek the offense to get us over the top….. while also reassessing who’s to blame and what our needs are this off season.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Not good enough to win the super bowl? That takes a lot of good. Good players, good coaching, good match ups and good luck. We had a QB who was inexperienced. Can’t buy or coach experience.

        Seems like most are ready to trash the coaches and schemes that have racked up the best record in football these past three years. I think that’s just a mite bit foolish.

        I don’t know about you, spitblood, but Chuck’s written often how we screwed up with Ginn because he’s been good everywhere else he’s played. Ginn was like buying a growth stock that loses money for five years and starts to gain a little in the sixth. A bad investment.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Did you read what Spitty posted? You responded to it. It spells out EXACTLY what Ginn brought. I wasn’t sad to see Ginn go because he lost his effectiveness as a PR. His WR skills weren’t utilized, so it was hard to tell just what he was doing here.

        Which is why all this talk of getting a speed WR worries me. Speed doesn’t work if you are merely using it for WR reverses and 12 yard outs.

      • Spitblood says:

        “We had a qb who was inexperienced?” Yeah…. about the same amount as Russell Wilson.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Ginn was the 3rd WR in Carolina. He caught more balls in one season there than his entire 3 year stay here. And show me where I say how wonderful he was. My point is that we didn’t use him right. Capische? Each bust year in Miami were all better than his total time here. Yeah, he was the 1 or 2, but how many deep passes were thrown his way in his 3 years here?


    And this was with a team that was severely lacking in WR depth most of the time. Besides, ‘good’ is a very subjective term when evaluating wide receivers in this offense.

    Regular season records are for Peyton Manning. Fuck that. The goal is Super Bowl wins. I’m thrilled that we are relevant, but I’m still pissed off as all hell we lost to the fucking Ravens. The Ravens? They won’t sniff the Super Bowl for another 10 years.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Again, NoFear, you always argue this like I want wholesale change. That has never been the case.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Stop sniveling. You exaggerate your complaints and whine that your exaggeration gets questioned. You exaggerate any arguments against your divine ponderings as if they are above questioning.

      Sorry to hurt your feelings, but you mostly get it wrong when you wing it and when you repeat someone else’s view as your own it stinks.

      A new OC means a new offensive system and new terminology to learn and new techniques to perfect and different players in the “favored” status. What do you call “wholesale change” anyway?

      • unca_chuck says:

        Gee, skippy. New HC? New QB? Christ, they could promote Chryst and not have to change anything. He’s been around the block a few times. Back to the parrot shit? Really? First it was Kawakami now it’s, who knows? Sure, I’m an idiot, but I’ve always been an idiot on my own terms, not anyone else’s. Sorry you can’t say that. You post such obfuscated obtuse ramblings as to not really have a discernable point most of the time.

        Hurt my feelings? Gawd, why do you have to react like a butt-hurt teenaged girl when anyone questions your shit? Recictium ad absurdum is your only claim to fame. Wear it, skippy. It’s funny, you react like Buwwitt to any questioning of your moral superiority or supposed football acumen. How about you act like an adult instead of a child? Too hard, skippy?

        I wonder how long it takes Bullitt to react to this on Skweeb’s blog? I love stirring the shit . . . He’s about the only one who’s as goddamned serious about these fucking blogs as you are. Hyuk!

  5. Spitblood says:

    NoFear – I always liked and stuck up for Ginn and was sorry to see him go. Yes, he was frail and got injured. Yes, he only ran a few routes effectively. Yes, he fumbled in the Dallas game. But I didn’t care. For a million bucks a year, he was and still would be a bargain. He brought something to the league very few people have and that’s the ability to flat-out fly with pads on. That dude was born to run. Find his equal in the NFL. Darius Heyward Bey? Not even close. And Ginn was solid as a returner. How many times did Ginn fumble returning punts? How often were you worried about Ginn muffing a punt in a big game? Never. Kyle Williams? LaMicheal James? That alone is worth the million bucks a year. I think Baalke and Harbaugh were foolish to let that guy go. But I don’t know what Ginn got in Carolina. I should check that out. And now the 49ers are saying they need a fast receiver in the draft? And they’re going to potentially use a first rounder on him? That’s what you might call, “A bad investment.”

    If you do go with a first round wide receiver, he better be a lot more than just a fast guy to take the top off the defense. He better be all things to all people – meaning he can high point the football, run good routes, be physical, be fast and have a huge catch radius. Vernon Davis, for all his quality play, has one of the smallest catch radiuseseses in the NFL. You need to put it in his gut, and to Alex and Kaep’s credit, they have.

    I doubt the 49ers would be dumb enough to just draft a fast receiver in the first round. They’d be looking for more than just speed.

  6. Spitblood says:

    Last year (’13) Ginn signed a one year deal and the amount wasn’t on the internet. Adam Scheftner said the deal “likely didn’t cost Carolina much.”

    That even pisses me off more for a few reasons. When writing above that Harbaalke was foolish to let Ginn go, I was thinking they let him go to Carolina because Carolina offered him a 2 or 3 year deal and Harbaalke saw the upcoming salary cap decisions looming and wanted to pinch pennies. I guess some of that still applies even to a one year deal because the 49ers can roll over the 3 million in savings that would have been with Ginn, but we need Ginn in ’13, and it sounds like Carolina got him for next to nothing.

    The fact that the amount of the contract wasn’t published leads me to believe Ginn’s agent tried to leverage more that wasn’t there from the 49ers. This is pure speculation, but I think Ginn’g agent said to the 49ers the Panthers offered something like 1.5 million, hoping the 49ers would at least match, they didn’t and the Panthers protected Ginn’s agent by not publishing the amount.
    I could be wrong. Harbaalke did lower Ginn’s contract right when Harbaugh arrived. Then Ginn went out and single-handedly beat Seattle. I could see Ginn wanting to recoup some of those lost wages.

    But enough about Ginn. Now, I wouldn’t pay him much to play for us. Like Bill Walsh always said, “Football is a young man’s game,” and Ginn’s a year older. NEXT!!!!

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Someone like Odell Beckhan could fall to 30. He’s a tallish and very fast WR. I’ll be watching his 40 time. He’s also a great punt returner.

    See ya, NoFear.

  8. rtfirefly says:

    One thing I absolutely want to see changed is the timing on each and every O play vis a vis the play clock. This will take a LOT of work; however, the current MO of running down the clock to the end on every play leads to a defensive timing edge on nearly every play. Additionally, there’s the odd horribly timed delay of game penalty. I understand that this is part of the “ball control” philosophy of Robaugh, but it backfires when the defense can consistently expect it.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Ginn’s deal was $1.1 mill. $750,000, $300,000 signing bonus, $50,000 ‘miscellaneous’

  10. Spitblood says:

    Okay, 1.1 million. I couldn’t find it. Guess the 49ers decided they wanted the roll over money to be applied to other contracts like Whitner, Brown or Boldin. Can’t say I blame ’em, and James never had a big Kyle Williams-type fumble, but taking the top of the defense is immeasurable. If Ginn’s amount was published, his agent didn’t lie, trying leverage more. Probably a good policy.

  11. NoFear49er says:

    Spiblood, when a team game plans against our offense what do you think they want to stop first? Our ‘impotent’ run game. Keep CK7 in the pocket and key on Gore is what they try to do. Our running game is top of the stats in most categories despite the poor blocking as the season wore on.

    That does open the passing game up, as is. We don’t need a better running game we just need a better passing game to go with it.

    Sure, Gore’s carries need to be shared more now but you can’t ignore the receiving threat or the protection game he brings. He’s always been one to improve as his touches increase in a game. But so are most downhill runners. He’s not as easy to replace as you might think, especially without a strong passing game to take up the slack. We’ve been trying to find his back up and eventual replacement but we haven’t got one yet.

    I think we may have to change our style to a one cut zone blocking game before we find a guy to replace Gore in our power run plan.

    • Spitblood says:

      I absolutely agree with you about what teams take away first. With a young qb in an offense that runs to setup the pass, you try and take away the running game first. So what you’re advocating (and I was doing this earlier as well) to combat teams taking away the run is you develop receivers and develop Colin Kaepernick faster to take some pressure off the run game. More balance, right? Three months ago I thought, “We need to draft a receiver in the first round, fire Roman (who doesn’t know how to develop a passing attack anyway) and do everything we can to coach Kaep up in the pocket.” But I don’t see it that way anymore. I think going that route would only leave the 49ers with more receivers they can’t develop and a team dependent on a 31 year old running back.

      You say we’ve tried to replace Frank? No we haven’t. Not seriously. Kendal Hunter and James were brought in as compliments. Lattimore is a red shirt option but with huge question marks. He may never play the game again. If I was to bet on Lattimore or against him because my life was dependent on it, I’d bet against him. So far the 49ers have danced around replacing Gore, so your statement that it’s not as easy as it sounds is still up in the air because the team hasn’t tried. What do we have Tom Rathman for? He’s had the easiest job in the NFL. “Okay Frank, go get ’em.”

      In the NFC Championship game Frank Gore had 14 yards on 11 carries. 19th game of the season and his legs were shot. Done. Clog the middle, play action doesn’t work, then what? Run Kaep. That’s all you got.

      I believe if the 49ers stick with their current cast of characters in the backfield next year they could bring in the best receiver in college football and still squander his talents because the team runs to set up the pass but they can’t run anymore.

      And trust me, teams will scout what Seattle did to Gore in the NFC Championship game. They know he can’t bounce it to the outside. There will be no outside contain once Gore’s in the game next year. My grandma could run him down from behind in her wheelchair.

      Frank Gore, as the bell cow for this offense with 275 touches ran for 1,100 yards. That’s 4.1 yards per carry. There’s nothing wrong with that. EXCEPT that when it matter the most in the post season his legs were gone and he had no variety to what he could do so Seattle sat in the middle of the field and took away the rushing attack. Roman was blasted for not running Gore to the outside. Roman ran Gore to the outside…. for minus yardage. I was screaming for the 49ers to run Hunter to the outside and they finally started to in the 4th quarter after it was revealed that Gore got hurt.

      The 49ers lost this run at the Super Bowl because they drafted Lattimore instead of a back who could replace Gore in 2013. They gambled and lost. But don’t do it again. Draft some running backs and a FB and starting developing your play action.

  12. Always thought I was the laziest no good bastard within the city limits. Then this guy rolled into town…

    Tyler Smith, 23, was charged in December with violating the animal care ordinance in Greenville, S.C., after a photograph was posted on Facebook of his father’s dog being lowered by rope from the second-story balcony of an apartment. According to the posting, it was time for the dog to make a nature call, but it was raining, and Smith preferred not to go downstairs and outside with the dog.

    We spay and neuter the wrong species.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Wow, NoFear. You are saying we need a better passing game? How long have I been saying that?

    You’re welcome.

  14. Spit, according to PFR (Pro Football Reference), Frank rushed 4 times over LT for 2 yds. Once over RT for one yard, and once over RE for 9. What does it all mean? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter one iota. Why? I’ll tell ya why. Jim Harbaugh is still the head coach, and all he does is lose big games.

    People crying for Roman’s head is all well good, but it won’t change a goddamn thing. It’s still Harbaugh’s offense. More importantly, it’s still Bo Schembechler Jr.’s offensive mentality. Cutting off the tail (Roman) won’t stop the dog (Bo Jr.) from wagging his head.

    The mob was upset at Robert Kennedy for being outspoken and doing his due diligence to squelch their operation. So what did they do? Shot his big brother. Shut Bobby the hell up.

    • Spitblood says:

      You ever hear of a guy named Tom Coughlin? Ever? I don’t think you have so I’m going to tell you about him. I’ve been sick for two weeks, in bed, and the only thing entertaining me is this blog, porn, TV sucks, the book I’m reading sucks, porn is awesome. Don’t touch my mouse. Honestly. That thing could get up and walk away. Anyway, I digress.

      Tom Coughlin: I know, Del, you don’t know anything about Tom Coughlin. So I’m going to tell you about him…. in a novella the likes of which poor Spitblood gets ridiculed here for on a daily basis bringing crocodile tears.

      When Tom was in Jacksonville his ass was so tight they modeled the seals on deep sea submarines after Tom’s can. Tom was a drill Sargent the like of which would make the dude in Full Metal Jacket look sheepish. Late to practice? “F you, pay me.” Late to a meeting? “F you, pay me.” Fumble in a game? ” F you, run ten laps and carry a football around with you all day.”

      Now good ole’ Tom did make the AFC Championship game with Jacksonville only because, at the time, the NFL gave its two expansion teams too much fire power in the draft and both team rose to the top too fast. But Tom was a good coach underneath all the insanity. He got fired because he was too tight. He rode his players and he rode the refs. I know you’re not pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down, Del, so I’ll spell it out for you. This is the career trajectory of one Jim Harbaugh. Too tight, too mean to the refs and the players and NFL didn’t respond to his style.

      Now let’s fast forward to Tom’s two time World Champion New York Giants teams. Mike Strahan recently said when he got to camp under new coach Coughlin he didn’t like Tom at all because, like Tom in Jacksonville, Tom rode his players too much, thinking he was demanding excellence when really he was demanding mutiny. But, not too late in Tom’s career, according to A Football Life or some ESPN documentary, Tom’s wife came to him and told him to loosen up. Not long after, Tom was being carried around in the locker room by his players and winning Super Bowls against the evil empire of New England.

      Is this Jim Harbaugh? Well, so far we have Jim playing the role of Coughlin in Jacksonville. Will we get Coughlin in New York here soon? I honestly think so because Harbaugh is already starting to loosen up. Harbaugh is already starting to admit his wrongs and amend his ways. Not too much but enough to show he’s already trying. Next area of growth for Harbaugh? Befriending the refs. After that, admitting that the Bo Schembechler style of offense is limited and needs re-thinking.

      I don’t think Jim will win the Super Bowl next year, but I do think he’ll win several Super Bowls before his time is up. Tom Coughlin’s career gives me hope. Kaep and Harbaugh are still young.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Damn. You do have too much time on your hands. I don’t think Harbaugh is nearly as hard on the players as Coughlin was or is. Sure, he’s crazy with the refs. That will got better I’d think. Even so, I’m not as worried about that as you. There’s so much scrutiny on the refs these days that they’ll hear shit about from all sides. The media isn’t even a blip on the radar.

      • Spitblood says:

        Whatever virus I have right now is relentless.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Spit, teams figured how to stop that long ago. Better defenses can stop the run and get after Kaepernick. It happened all year and half of last year. The fact that Kappy had no weapons this year made things worse.

    NoFear, you don’t want to change anything but our blocking scheme? Riiiiight. Is that with Iupati or not? By the way, you really need to step up your insult game. Parroting my jokes is weak sauce. You and Bullitt should get over your unrequited love for me.

    2 people can’t be this vociferous without being the same person.

    • NoFear49er says:

      and you’re a fuckin’ idiot scared shitless by shadows in your mind. Everybody’s somebody else? That was just you posting on the Chron blog after you lost a bet to V and Bullit who’s had more screen names than I can count. Why is it liars always think everybody’s lying?

      Stop yapping at shadows leetle chi-wah-wah you know where your little buddy lives, Or does Skeebers scare you, too?

  16. unca_chuck says:

    The bet was with V, dumb fuck. Over the Niners and the playoffs. You never get facts straight. Just your obfuscation game. How old are you? 12? What’s funny is the whole gotcha mentality that you seem to live for. And how quick you are to revert to name-calling like a little bitch. And how all-fired serious you are about this. Why is that? Where else have I seen that? I run this blog for shits and giggles. You on the other hand seem to have your agenda of hate, bullshit, and smoke-screens.

    Damn. Didn’t figure you to be such a whiny little bitch. Truth hurts I suppose. Nd I’m also sorry you can’t debate like a man. It has to be the neener neener name calling always.

    Carry on McDuff.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Who you talking to? The clown in your mirror? I said the bet you lost with V, dumb fuck.

      If getting all red-faced, irate and drooling is shits and giggles, ok. Your bullshit game is the same here as it was on the Chron blog and on Skeebers. Someone calls you out on your fabrication and bullshit and you turn into a hysterical screeching child.

      And just like the woman you argue like you always must have the last three words (posts). Go ahead I’ll wait.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Spit, they didn’t give a shit about Ginn. They looked on him as being toast. They thought LMJ or KW could pick up the slack in the PR duties. It didn’t work out, but how they used Ginn, they weren’t missing much anyway in the passing game.

    My point has alwys been that Ginn had success in Carolina (and even in Miami) but was used incorrectly here. He was like Moss. Strictly a decoy.

    It baffles me as Kappy has a huge arm. he can throw deep. Why don’t we do it?

    • NoFear49er says:

      Yeah, Ginn had so much success in Miami they let their first round pick walk. They benched the sorry fucker then let him walk, or traded him for very little to get his contract gone.That’s your idea of success?

      • unca_chuck says:

        I’m sorry you just don’t get it, NoFear. And I already said it earlier. As a 1, 40 catches isn’t good. As a 3, it’s fine. Ginn was a 3 in SF and Carolina. He wasn’t supposed to catch 80 balls for 1200 yards here. But really? His best year here was 19 catches. On a team that never had much WR depth. His numbers sucked here.


        They were good in Carolina. As a 3. Who was our 3rd WR? Williams? Based strictly on the numbers, it was KW with 12 catches. We didn’t even have a 3 with all the injuries. We barely had a 2. Crabs had the 2nd most catches as a WR in our offense. 19 catches.

        Which is why I’ve been saying this passing game needs revamping. Which took you 9 months to come around to.

        Get it? Of course not. Like I said, how many deep balls did they throw to Ginn?

  18. Spitblood says:

    I don’t think Kaep can really throw deep accurately, yet. He missed Kyle Williams deep in back to back games when Williams was wide open last year. I’d like to see Jon Baldwin develop into a deep threat.

    I’m exhausted talking Niners. It’s about time, too, ’cause I’ve gone on a good tear.

  19. Nipper says:

    In conclusion……..BLEEP GINN! If it ain’t in a bottle don’t worry about it.

  20. Just one day after being suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating its substance (marijuana) abuse policy, Redskins TE Fred Davis was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

    You gotta love and respect a guy who tries to do things the American way:
    try to quit one addiction by starting another.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, indefinitely to Goodie Goodell is 6 months. He’s all bluster and froth. Once the hooraw dies down, it’s hey, change your name and come on back! He’s like the Catholic church. Absolution has a price tag.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Spit, if it isn’t in the arsenal, then how can Kaepernick improve at throwing deep? He tends to underthrow which is why I would like to see a burner that Kappy can just let fly and let (Bckham) go get it. But really, we threw maybe 3 fly routes all year?

  23. 12th man says:

    A piece from the Chron about Gore. Seems the team feel Gore can play out his current deal and that he is effective enough to pay 6.45 mil this year.


  24. 12th man says:

    Baalke also said the team isn’t interested in trading LMJ and that he will get a shot at some point.

    Could just be pre-draft smoke and mirrors but it sounds like they want to stay pat at the RB position.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Hmmmm. Interesting. I wonder if he comes to the team anyway. It would be nice to get more room for the likes of Boldin, Whitner, and Brown (and Richard Dawson).

    New threat is up. Uh, thread.

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