Offseason Manoeuvering

Well, the Saints fired the first shot in the upcoming salary cap wars by jettisoning safety Roman Harper, defensive end Will Smith, and cornerback Jabari Greer. They also decided not to re-sign linebacker Jonathan Vilma. They went from $18 million over the cap to $3 milll under.

Which brings us to the 49ers. As we stand we are about $6 mill under. But we have a lot of talent that is going to be on the market this year or next. The most immediate pile of money to recoup would be for Carlos Rogers. He’s scheduled to make over $8 million this year, and the Niners could recoup $5 mill ($2.9 mill in dead money) by cutting him. Rogers balked last year at any kind of restructuring becasue he felt he had earned the money. The Niners ended up agreeing to this when Chris Culliver suffered a season-ending knee injury early in training camp. This year however is a different story. He’s not the best corner on the team anymore, and he knows that if he wants to stay he has to restructure. I think the Niners play hardball with him in the negotiations and he walks.

Frank Gore on the other had is another big pile of money that could become available. His $6 mill would instantly be freed up as his contract is ending this yewar, and there’d be no dead money to choke on. Cut Gore? That is a tough row to hoe for me, seeing as Gore was the bell cow for so many years under offensive geniouses Dumb (Nolan) and Dumber (Singletary). Both of them couldn’t yell loud enough, STOP GORE! THAT’S ALL WE DO!!! to every popponent we faced from 2005 to 2010. He bravely toiled on dogshit teams, playing through various injuries and basically getting pounded to dust regularly facing 9 in the tackle box. The fact that he did get hisd yards is all the more extraordinary. Plus, he should be in the Hall of Fame for his blocking ability alone, let alone the 10,000 yard mark he’s about to surpass.

Still and all, I hope against hope that Frank restructures. He certainly can force the issue and make this a PR thing. He has become one of the most well-liked and respected players in 49er history, and the fans love him. Still, $6 mill for a guy who is definitely winding down is another tough row to hoe for the bean counters, when they have guys like Boldin and Whitner as immediate concerns. His base salary is ‘only’ $3 mill, so maybe they can restructure around the bonusses. I think he stays. Cutting him would be bad juju. They can phase him out, but they can’t cut him.

So, 2 prudent moves like that would give the Niners close to $10 million more in cap room. Throw in Adam Snyder ($1 mill to the cap), Jon (look out!) Baldwin ($1.4 mill in cap savings, $0.00 in dead money), and super-sub Craig Dahl ($1.4 mill in cap relief) totals out to almost another $4 million. Jettison some guys buried deep on the depth chart (Jason Shepler, Michael Purcell) adn retool woth rookies, and the total is close to $5 mill.  With the room they have, they could come up with close to $21 mill in room to play with.

Here are the numbers:


Then they can focus on signing Anquan Boldin and Donte Whitner to deals. And Phil Dawson. Huzzah!

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  1. Spitblood says:

    I think, if I’m not mistaken, the 49ers get to roll-over dead cap space from last year. I think they had something like 6 million unused they can apply to this year’s cap. If the 49ers could create something like 25 million in cap space, they could not only re-sign Boldin and Whitner, but they could also work to re-sign both Kaep and Cratbree to large deals.

    The key, now more than ever, is the 49ers drafting well but more importantly developing rookies faster than anyone else so the rookie contributors are paid less, creating an opportunity for the 49ers to re-sign Kaep, Crabtree and Aldon Smith. Rookie running backs can contribute faster than any other position in football….. if they can pass block.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    They have $3.3 mill to roll over from last year, but still have to pay out almost $2 mill in dead money, so it ain’t quite that good, but thius is all accounted for in the $6 mill in cap space I already mentioned. They certainly can create a lot of cap space with some smart moves.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Not sure if this’ll work, but here goes.

    2014 totals Base Sal Sign Bonus Other Bonus Cap Fig
    2013 r/o – – – 3,364,305
    Top 51 Contracts 79,694,786 / 23,894,825 / 17,441,723 / 121,031,335
    Dead Money 1,934,691
    Totals 86,894,477 / 23,897,491 / 17,441,723 / 122,968,692

    Cap Space 3,364,305 + 0 + 126,300,000 – 122,968,692= 6,695,613

    Nevermind. I posted it in the thread.

  4. Spitblood says:

    On defense I want to see our starting corners be Culliver, Brown and Brock. If we have to pick between Brown and Whitner, I chose Brown. I like Whitner’s leadership abilities and his hits. He didn’t get as badly exposed in coverage this year as he did last. But I’d rather have a veteran cb over a veteran safety. Reid is an old soul, a smart kid and he’ll be able to teach up a new safety as long as the new safety has smarts. If we went with a younger secondary, to me that’s got longevity. I’d go after a smart safety with height and range. That’s what makes Reid so good. I know other fans will want veterans in the secondary. I want younger players.

    Our linebackers are great. I wouldn’t rush Bowman back. No reason to. We have a stud in Nick Moody who I think will beat-out Wilhoite in preseason to start in place of Bowman for the first six or eight weeks. I think fans will be impressed with Moody. Bowman should sit out until the end of the season alla Crabtree. Don’t need Bowman running around like RGII.5.

    Can’t wait to see Tank play along the D line. I’m sure he’ll get off to a slow start. But I think eventually he’ll start making plays and start getting a taste for the qb. I hope we draft another NT. I watched the “mic’d up” version of the Niner / Seattle Championship game. Lynch and Robinson were coming back to the sidelines calling our middle of our D line soft. I agreed when watching the game. We need a huge NT to push the pocket.

    On offense, I’m convinced part of our passing woes are Frank Gore’s fault. Can’t run left or right because of the legs – only up the middle – and scouts eventually know you’re limited. When you’re limited, your OC appears limited. And if you’re a run team who runs to set-up the run, with a limited running back, your passing game suffers. I want the 49ers to draft two running backs in the second and fourth rounds. Draft a big, fast wide receiver in the first round.

    Another good idea is to trade La Micheal James for Captain Kirk Cousin. Harbaugh was Captain Comeback. Cousins is Captain Kirk Cousins. Dump Colt McCoy. I’m sure Gruden would love another Geovani Bernard type in his backfield. Someone to compliment Morris.

    I think the two guys we try to re-sign are Boldin and Brown, then use the extra money to re-sign Kaep and Crabtree now with the plan to let Iupati walk. If we have to eventually use the franchise on Aldon, do it. But don’t use the franchise on anyone else. Crabtree is good enough and you don’t use the franchise tag on a guard.

    1.) WR
    2.) Safety
    2.) RB
    3.) NT
    3.) RB
    3.) Safety
    4.) Qb
    5.) WR
    6.) DE
    7.) CB
    7.) TE
    7.) WR or Punter


    • Absolutely, positively no WR in the 1st rd. Period. End of discussion.

      • Spitblood says:

        I know your philosophy, and I think it’s a good one. But think of it this way, Del. You and I (and every other knowledgeable Niner fan), wants to see this offense open up. Now you and I completely agree this league is a passing league and you need to throw the ball to win despite Seattle’s recent SB win. The adage of throwing to win still holds up for me. If the 49ers use a first round pick on a WR they’ll have to start throwing the ball more to justify the pick. When AJ Jenkins got here, he was buried behind what was a pretty good receiving corp even if Harbaugh didn’t use them correctly. But Jenkins also wasn’t that good. My point is that now we don’t have a great receiving corp, Boldin is old and Crabtree has a deal in the not so distant future that could get ugly. So now Harbaugh’s back’s to the wall. Now Harbaugh and Baalke have to draft a WR and they have to develop them, come hell or high water or be at the mercy of Crabtree’s agent who, by the way, is a pretty good one. And if they do develop a WR, the offense will also have to open up to justify Kaep’s new deal and the amount of capital we’ve thrown at the position. You give Kaep two stud rookie running backs, along with Kendal, and get the O line moving left and right, making defenses defend the entire width of the field, plus some WRs, and this offense will sing. Play action will actually work and we won’t have ten men in the box to stop the run game if we develop a WR to go along with Crabtree and Patton….. maybe Boldin.

        And don’t give me this garbage about Jenkins being a first round pick and not developing. It was a different team and a different landscape. We had Moss, Crabtree, Williams (who we then thought might be good), and others like Lockette who showed promise. It was widely recognized that Harbaugh was red shirting Jenkins. And like, NJ wrote, Morton is also somewhat on the hot seat.

        You don’t shy away from your weakness. You make it your strength.

  5. Spitblood says:

    That should read run to set up the pass, and Crabtree isn’t good enough to use the franchise tag on.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    I’d be surprised if we even use th3e franchise tag this year. No need to piss off Crabs til next year.

    • Spitblood says:

      Aldon Smith is the guy we use the franchise tag on next year. Think about it. The kid needs to mature. He also is worthy of top seven at his position money. So the franchise tag gives you a series of one year deals. The kid’s too good to let go. No signing bonus. No guaranteed money. If Aldon wants guaranteed money and a signing bonus, show us you can keep your nose clean for a few years. Can’t resent us and holdout if we’re being logical. I think the 49ers will low ball Aldon, not reaching a deal, then franchise him. If Aldon’s smart he’ll holdout the first year and sign the franchise tag offer if only the 49ers don’t use it a second year.

      • Spitblood says:

        And in my opinion, because Aldon gets the franchise, Crabtree needs to be negotiated with now. We all saw how bad the offense was without Crabtree. And we also know how hard it is for the 49ers to draft wrs. And it makes no sense to take away Kaep’s main weapon and then give Kaep a new deal. That’s like going into the new stadium with Mike Singletary as your head coach. I’d start wearing Wranglers and watching the Seahawks….. and dating my sister (no offense, Chuck).

      • unca_chuck says:

        I didn’t date you sister, you did. Now your mama, that’s a different story.

      • 12th man says:

        Niners likely exercise the 5th year option on Aldon and wait to see if he is able to keep his shit together, then decide what to do. That way he is locked up through 2015 on his existing contract.

      • 12th man says:

        I don’t think they can keep Crabs beyond his current contract. He has changed agent which might help a bit but he will want top dollar after his initial contract fiasco and the Niners don’t pay top dollar.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Skuta played well in his limited action. But yes we need a plugger up front.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Williams is OK, and Dorsey did better than expected, but we need better beef up front.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Willaims played all of 4.2 quarters. Hard to evaluate his work. Dorsey is about at his ceiling. Dial is the guy I want to see step up in a big way/.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Then you should know that Dorsey isn’t going to get better. He’s as good as he’s gonna get.

    Dial and Tank better have more impact than the little they’ve shown.

    • Spitblood says:

      I know what you mean but I think a second year in a system makes guys think less and react more. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Fangio and Tomsula took all the thought out of it for a NT. Who knows?

      • unca_chuck says:

        Dorsey’s been around enough to know what to do. The rookies? No. They are the future. Dorsey was a stop-gap who did a little better than expected. If Williams gets heathy, i’d think Dorsey goes.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    That’s my feeling as well, 12th. I think Crabs inflated self-worth gets him a one-way ticket out of here.

    • 12th man says:

      Makes signing Boldin, drafting and/or free agency WR (2) and exploring Patton’s abilities a priority. It also means Kap has to stop holding his security blanket (Crabs) so tightly.

      Spit wants 2 RB from the draft but i don’t see that unless one of them is designated for ST.
      From the brief look of Williams at starting NT I thought he held up well, not sure how Spit can say he is not up to snuff. Dorsey played decent all season, not dominating usually but decent. I would like to see the draft guys from last year show well in camp and pre-season. I doubt the Niners go NT in the draft.
      I wouldn’t go WR in the first round necessarily, corner is the safer bet but it comes down to value at the pick between WR and CB for me.

      Skuta and Wilhoite both played very well last year. Not sure about Moody he hurt his hand in the opening game and went on IR.

      Looking forward to seeing Luke Marquardt, a tackle who redshirted last year for a foot injury. That guy is 315 and 6’8″ and is said to move very well. He played small school so it’s hard to predict but a heck of an athlete. They also brought back G Al Netter, he looked promising too.

      I figure Goodwin is probably not coming back, he was adequate but nothing special. Have to wait to see who shines in camp.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t think Jim Harbaugh or Greg Roman can afford to lose Cratbree. I went to the Carolina game during the regular season. Sickening offense. Without play makers, Roman and Harbaugh make life really tough on themselves. They aren’t good at creating play makers on offense in the passing game. I swear, I could have developed Jon Baldwin into a player, ready for the playoffs.

      I think Crabtree’s fair market value is something like 8-10 million per year. But that’s always affected by what the current NFL market is when Crabtree hits the open market. If he finds it’s a soft market, I’d pay him 8 million a year. That’s what we paid Boldin, and I don’t see much difference between Boldin and Crabtree.

      The real question is whether or not Crabtree and his agent are realistic about Crabtree’s worth. Another question is whether or not Harbaugh would try to convince Crabtree the team will throw the ball more.

      Before the Ravens traded Boldin, he treated to retire. I wonder what Boldin’s thinking now?

      • 12th man says:

        I think Boldin was 6 mil Spit. Crabs will be looking for 12 mil a year. He got his ass handed to him trying to force a bigger contract than his slot position because he had no leverage the first time around. I would bet he is looking for top dollar now he has the leverage and that flies in the face of the Niner philosophy.
        If he will settle for 8 mil I say pay the man but I will be surprised.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Goodwin is the weakest link on the line. He was overpowered regularly. Looney and Kilgore Trout don’t seem to be engendering any love as his replacement, though.

    If they go C high (say 2nd round) then they obviously think it’s a concern.

    • 12th man says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see them draft a C. Really depends on what they think they have with Looney and Kilgore. Looney looked OK at the end of the season in spot play. Haven’t seen enough of either to have an opinion though.

  13. 12th man says:

    Spit, a quote of yours from above “The adage of throwing to win still holds up for me.”
    Umm, I’ve never heard of this adage.

    • Spitblood says:

      You’ve never heard the NFL is now a passing league? You’ve never put together that Peyton, Aaron, Drew and Tom have won the majority of the Super Bowls in the last decade or so? Despite Russell winning it this year, the league’s still biased towards the pass – because of the penalties.

      • 12th man says:

        Am I aware that most teams pass more than run? Of course, but I think you made up that adage. It’s a Spitism.

    • Spitblood says:

      Okay, you got me there. There’s no adage. But there should be.

  14. 12th man says:

    I think the Niners need to upgrade CB. I would cut Carlos either way. Brown is good but small, Cully was good but who knows about his injury, Brock was solid but not spectacular, Cox is a decent back up. I just don’t feel a dominant player is on the squad at CB and if they had just 1 dominant guy it would make a world of difference. Reid was very good but was injured twice. Whitner had a better year but still plays the run much better than the pass. I would try to keep Whittner and draft his replacement.
    There are a few very good corners that will be gone in the first round and after that there seems to be a significant talent drop off which is why I would go CB in the first and WR after that since WR is talent deep this year.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    I haven’t really looked at the crop of CBs in this draft. I’ve been mainly paying attention to the WRs. Time to do a little studying.

  16. Reading the Bleacher Report makes me want to go on the wagon. Seeing the effects alcohol has had on their writers is downright frightening. Nothing but a bunch of mooks.

  17. 12th man says:

    I forgot about CB Eric Wright. I presumed when they chose to play Cox over Wright in the playoffs that Wright was done. I read this piece which explains Wright had the flu although he didn’t show up on the injury report with an illness. Maybe he still has a shot after all.

    • Eric Wright has a shot? I think he’s already had a few too many. That’s his problem.

      • 12th man says:

        Don’t know the real story on Wright. He was injured and now I learned he was apparently ill when he had a chance to play.
        He was a fairly decent player for the Browns and the Lions though. 74 tackles and 4 picks in 2011 for the Lions.
        I figured he was a bit of a problem in the locker room so he didn’t stick anywhere very long?

      • I don’t know if I’d go as far as “fairly decent.” His last two yrs. prior to coming here were some of the lowest grades over at PFF. I’m talking Nnamdi low.

      • 12th man says:

        Don’t know what happened at Tampa but maybe scheme didn’t fit or Shiano (sp?) buried him or Wright was a problem? I thought he was ok at Detroit. I wasn’t too excited about the Niners signing him at the time but he has/had skills so if he is a reclamation project he maybe still in the mix.

    • Spitblood says:

      Fangio seems to have faith in Wright’s abilities.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    I doubt it. Wright is below Cox. And Cox may not even stick around. Although HE looked decent. I suppose it depends on the draft. If they get a couple solid corners, Cox and and Wright will be gone.

  19. Irish Kevin says:

    In no particular order
    Wide Receivers
    Allen Robinson
    Donte Moncrief
    Brandin Cooks
    Marqise Lee
    Jarvis Landry
    Martavis Bryant
    Odell Beckham Jr.,
    Davante Adams
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Mike Evans,

  20. Irish Kevin says:

    How many draft picks do the niners have
    I don’t come out here everyday, but my son says the Niners should move up to get this guy
    Justin Gilbert

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Gilbert is in the top 5 of the CBs oming out. But he’s the best press-cover corner. He could go top 10. It would be hard to get him unless he slips down to 20. Which is very possible. He’s one to keep an eye on.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Stanley-Jean Baptiste is an intriguing guy. He’s huge (6’3, 220), he’s a converted WR, and he’s fast. Definitely worth a look in the 3rd round. He’s raw and not a good tackler, but he’s got a big upside.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Yes, we have 3 3rd round picks this year.

  24. This is subject to change, and it’s a good bet that before May 8 that it just might. But on this day when we celebrate the anniversary of St. Valentine being beheaded by Claudius the Cruel circa 270 A.D. Mark me down as being in favor of drafting a DL with our first pick. And just to throw out a name, how bout Stephon Tuitt from ND. He’d make a nice replacement for J. Smith. Or hell, why stop there. He could be our next Bryant Young.

    • Nipper says:

      This holiday should be beheaded except the flower industry and the candymakers and Hallmark wouldn’t allow it to disappear. BLEEP!

  25. Irish Kevin says:

    a friend thinks Gilbert could do punt and kick off returns

  26. Spitblood says:

    My Valentine thought: I think we should draft Sam and have him room with Chris Culliver during training camp. Then I think we should release Sam, subsequently having Seattle inevitably pick him up…. swapping Sam back and forth for the next couple of years, alla Cox. Rob would be in 8th heaven.

  27. 12th man says:

    Gilbert is probably out of reach for the Niners Kevin

  28. 12th man says:

    Speaking of the O line, which we weren’t, I would put Boone at RT, Davis at RG, Looney at C (bigger guy than Kilgore) Iupati at RG and Staley at LT.
    Davis is a more natural guard and Boone is already a good tackle. He subs in for Staley when Staley goes out and there is no real loss of ability.
    Goodwin is old and as Chuck said the weakest link on the line.
    I am interested to see if they extend Iupati, I would not be surprised if they feel the cap space is better spent elsewhere and yes I understand Iupati is a premuim LG in this league.

    • Spitblood says:

      If it’s me, I downsize the line and go smaller, quicker, faster. I want dudes who can pull and trap and cut. I’m so sick of hearing we aren’t athletic enough along the offensive line to run screens. We can’t run stretch plays either. I give the nod to Kilgore and see if he can put his hat on linebackers and even DBs in space. Iupati sure as hell can’t.

      • Spitblood says:

        And just for the record…. Mike Iupati was great in space his rookie season under Singletary. But every year after he’s gotten bigger and more sloppy in space. He’s not as good as people think he is the run game. You want two yards, however, in short yardage situations? I’m running behind Mike Iupati (but let’s not confuse that with good overall run blocking).

      • Spitblood says:

        And one more thing…. just for the record. Where Mike Iupati excels is in the passing game. He’s a great pass blocker. No question about that.

      • 12th man says:

        It would take several seasons to change out the line Spit. Window of opportunity is now. Think tinker not rebuild.

      • Spitblood says:

        I completely agree. Just sayin’. If we’re talking philosophy….. But you can always go with the smaller Kilgore and have him start the more mobile transition. Plus, those guys are cheaper. Everyone wants an Iupati on their team. Not as many appreciate the smaller offensive lineman.

  29. Nipper says:

    If we’re talking philosophy…….BLEEP!

  30. snarkk says:

    Did Craig Dahl even play this past season more than a handful of plays?…

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Lots of ST plays…..

  32. Spitblood says:

    This is really discouraging. I’ve done two Sam jokes with no reply. I know what you all are thinking. You’re too classy. The time has come. This is a great move by a kid who could be the next Jackie Robinson and you’re not going to get in the way. You won’t be that ugly guy calling out curse words from the stands trying to maintain the status quo. However, you also know, “You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.” And I will sit on the wall and say, “No [Nancy] is gonna harm you tonight.”

    And while we’re talking controversy, I find it extremely ironic that I’m the only one here advocating for the re-signing of one, Micheal Crabtree. I was banned (before my time) from the Chron blog for threatening to burn down San Francisco when Crabtree was drafted over Micheal Oher. At the time, though, and in my defense, I didn’t know we’d get Harbaugh, a former NFL qb, who couldn’t develop a wide receiver for the life of him. The 49ers spin the lack of wide receiver development under Harbaugh, but “I WANT THE TRUTH!!!”

    • 12th man says:

      I do want to keep Crabs, he has developed into a good possession receiver, I just don’t think the team will meet his contract expectations.

      As for the Sam story to many that’s a taboo thing to comment on. To me I don’t give a damn and I’m already sick of it.

  33. NoFear49er says:

    We had a talented and promising QB in his first full season and a decimated receiving corps. We had a top (1-5 depending who you ask) defense. A solid running game and S/T. We played it the way that made the most sense and gave us the best chance to win, despite the wailing and gnashing from some of the louder spectators in the cheap seats. The results speak for themselves. There was no urgent need to risk stunting or destroying the young field general’s confidence before he developed some pro QBing skills and knew better what he was doing. You will see a more involved passing game next year. Count on it.

    As for Mr. Sam, he made a bad decision in allowing ‘the movement’ to use him for crazy media attention for their agenda. I think he figured on shaming a team into taking him higher but only succeeded in creating a media circus he can’t control. And no team will welcome the spotlight that comes with him now.

    It’s worse than the Tim Tebow show but Tim was in a group that it was fine to publicly criticize, not the protected class that Sam enjoys. Martin winning his bullying case only sets up the knock-out punch for any team taking Sam.

    On Crabs, I think he’s matured beyond the me-me-me attitude of his early days and he’s a much better receiver than you hear here. Keeping CK7’s go-to guys around can only help the passing game gain some momentum and progress. If it comes down to some tough cap decisions, well, that’s part of the game these days, but it’s just as important to re-sign your top players in FA as it is to sign other teams’ top players with their own baggage.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    For all Crabs’ apparent growth as a player, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna want 5/60. Forget that. Draft another possession WR. They shouldn’t be that hard to get.

    Oh, the poor Christians in America. Persecuted by the imaginary godless media, or whatever the fuck it is. Being fed to lions is persecution. The attack on Christmas is but a FOX myth. Being ridiculed because Timmy was a shitty QB is not persecution.

    If Timmy facetime was really serious about trying to get back into the NFL, he would sign on with a CFL team, or if they don’t want him, go to the arena league. He’d learn his craft and relearn the proper way to throw a pass. Not do these staged ESPN QB sessions with Trent Dildo and become an announcer. Loved his commercials by the way. Poor guy. making millions off his faith. There’s persecution.

    • rtfirefly says:

      That “shitty” QB, as you style him, took over a 1-4 team, won the division, and defeated the defending AFC Champions in the playoffs with over 300 yards passing. He then was beaten by the Patriots in Foxboro, something in which he has lots of playoff company.
      Tebow has a better playoff record (1-1) and just as many playoff wins in his 2/3 of 1 season as Alex has in his 30 year career.
      But go on, Chuck. Pay some hugh priced proven loser big bucks to stand on the sidelines as Kappy’s backup. Right. I submit that Tebow could run Roman’s SCO RIGHT NOW in case of a Kappy injury.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Tebow can’t get signed by a Canadian team. He needs to start over. why isn’t anyone pursuing him? Harbaugh’s a QB guru, but he wouldn’t touch Tebow with a 10′ pole.

      • rtfirefly says:

        He either likes the fame and money he’s getting now or he’s being blackballed by the league for his overt Christianity. No one will ever convince me that’s he’s not flat out better than anybody the Browns, Vikings, or Packers sans Rodgers put on the field, just to cite three examples.

  35. rtfirefly says:

    For the record, I was the only guy on these blogs vocal in his support for Crabs during the holdout/injury years. B* later joined in with tepid support.
    We’re short of quality WRs now, and you casually assert, “Oh dump him, we’ll just draft another possession reciever. No problem.”
    Right. Facing a pressing problem, a dearth of receivers, we should dump Kappy’s favorite target over a few bucks.

  36. unca_chuck says:

    We sign Crabs, say goodbye to Aldon Smith and Donte Whitner. He’s a decent WR, I just don’t think he’s worth 60 mill. We have to pick and choose where to spend the money. Iupati? We’ll see. If this team wants to keep running, they should sign him back. If they want to branch out and become more of a passing team (and lose the jumbo) , they should move on.

    High priced proven loser? Tebow’s a low-priced proven loser. he can’t even get a tryout. Why?

    There’s a reason for that. It’s the same problem Gino Toretta had, Tim Rattay had, JaMarcus Russell had, and plenty of others. He’s not very good. Pea Shooter McCoy is better than Tebow. This isn’t a vast conspiracy to keep him out of the game. He just isn’t very good. Denver lost 4 of their last 5 games in 2011 to ‘win’ the division. The Raiders lost 5 of 5. There’s streaking into the playoffs. Hey, they won a playoff game. Great. If he wants to get back into the NFL he needs to start over and hone his craft. Not do these staged events with Trent Dilfer.

    • Spitblood says:

      I think the 49ers can re-sign Aldon, Kaep and Crabtree. They should re-sign both Kaep and Crabtree now, then use the franchise tag on Aldon. Forget Whitner and Iupati. Draft another safety in the second. Dump Gore, Goodwin, Whitner, Rogers, Iupati… and trade James for Captain Kirk Cousins. That’ll create the necessary room for Aldon, Kaep and Crabtree. Pass the ball and stop the pass.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Just HOW is Tebow a proven loser? Two national championships in college. Starting on a 1-4 team WHICH HAD MISSED THE PLAYOFFS FIVE CONSECUTIVE SEASONS, he went 7-4 into the playoffs, 1-1 with an upset over the Steelers in the playoffs. That was his only chance as a starter before being replaced by a future HOFer.
      Your statement screams wrong.

  37. Spitblood says:

    Unca: I think the Alex Smith years taught Crabtree a lot. Crabtree suffered. 5/60 might not be a bad place to start for Crabtree’s agent, figuring he’d fall back on $9 million per year with the 49ers. Crabtree won’t get $12 per year unless it’s with a team that really sucks with a lot of cap room – a team like the Jags. Then Crabtree’d become the next Mike Wallace, play with Alex all over again. Crabtree knows painfully well his talents are dependent on a quarterback and offensive system. Crabtree’s worth is also dependent on the immediate market, which is always hard to estimate. Goldson tested FA, found a soft market, then came back to the Niners. Two years later the market was hot, and he left. I think Crabtree will sign with a good team for around 9 million per year. I think the 49ers should be happy to pay him between 8-10 million per year. You don’t let him get out of town when Kaep needs help, Boldin’s old and Harbaugh can’t develop receivers. But if Crabtree grabs 12 to play in Jacksonville, I’ll be really surprised. Crabtree just spent something like 5 years with Smith, then they bring in Kaep, Crabtree’s career takes off, only to have Crabtree leave to play with someone like Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert? Teams like the Packers, Patriots, Saints, Broncos and others, with good qbs, don’t have the cap room to give Crabtree 12 per year.

    NoFear: Sam isn’t Tebow. Sam is Manti Teo. And Manti Teo wasn’t a distraction in the San Diego locker room. The story will “blow” over initially but get revisited from time to time. Tebow is a lightning rod for debate for so many reasons. There’s nothing to debate about with Sam. He bites pillows. End of debate. I think Sam will get drafted ahead of where his talent suggests, not lose draft stock because of his announcement. However, teams could hope to get a bargain with him, anticipating a slide. This could make his stock drop, but he’ll get drafted.

    Bill Romanowski said at the end of the day in the locker room you’re worried about whether or not that guy helped you win a ball game. I completely agree with this. Bill also said what’s said in the locker room is unrepeatable, and I think we all know it. Sam might clean up the locker room a little. I think there might even be some teams who see a real benefit to bringing in Sam to their team for the locker room cleanup and the team PR in the community. Some GM will want to be Branch Ricky.

    Sam’s draft stock is around the 4th. I think that’s where he goes. But the combine will play a role. Depends on the kid’s character. He might want to be a success to pave the way. He might have an extra fire that burns deep to succeed. If teams pick up on that, he’ll go higher than his draft stock.

  38. I’ll give you one, and the only one good goddamn reason NOT to draft Michael Sam…
    he has two first names.

    “Never trust a man with two first names, especially if one of them’s a woman’s”
    — Joel Hodgson. Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Or in this case, he is a woman.

  39. Spitblood says:

    Mike Sam is clearly confused. He has two first names AND two linebacker names. Until he figures it out, he shouldn’t have come out of the closet. He should have stayed in the closet and just found a beautiful woman to marry. Hell, that’s what Jeff Garcia did…

  40. unca_chuck says:

    If Tebow was any good, he’d be playing QB for someone. Not doing stupid 10 minute videos with Trent Dilfer.

    • rtfirefly says:

      I already answered that above. He’s better than a number of QBs right now. But keep starting the Mark Sanchezes of the league if it makes you feel better.

      • unca_chuck says:

        It ain’t my call, and I don’t fucking care. That Ryan starts Sanchez is his problem. Or Pryor in Oakland. Why isn’t Tebow in the league? He made a few plays as a pro. Great. The problem is, he’s very inconsistent, and has a horrible throwing motion. If he would work on his game and try to get back in, I’d think, OK he’s serious about becoming an NFL QB again. How does he do that? Well, look at Kurt Warner. He went back to the bush leagues and earned his way back into the league.

        Tebow’s not doing any of that.

    • Spitblood says:

      The reason Tebow is no longer in the NFL is that GMs see that Tebow is limited but if he starts, because of the Christian contingent, it’s almost impossible to unseat him. It took Peyton Manning in Denver to remove Tebow. Nobody wants that headache on their hands. Tebow has talent, and I agree with RT that he’s better than some starting qbs in the NFL. But he’s a stop gap qb with franchise qb politics surrounding him. Nobody wants that. If Tebow wasn’t religious, and his fans weren’t insane, he’d still be in the NFL.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t think Mike Sam would have made it through the draft gauntlet. Didn’t they ask Dez Bryant if his mom was a crack whore?

  42. unca_chuck says:

    SJ State is in Canada? He went through it when it wasn’t a overhyped ESPN media frenzy.

  43. NJ49er says:

    To the round table discussion of Kaep keeping his ‘go-to guy’ Crabtree.
    It might not be a bad idea to negotiate extensions with both together.
    Seeing whether each would be amenable to structuring Cap-friendly deals to remain together.
    Never saw any chemistry between Alex and Crabtree.
    Quite a different result when Kaep became the starter.

    Sure, it’s business and all but, it would also guage each guys’ willingness to adjust expectations, to continue working together?
    Guys like Dashon were ‘me-first’ guys.
    One way to verify ‘team-first’ guys is, to see how important it is to fit together for Cap purposes, when it matters.

    No doubt Marathe and Baalke have all these angles covered.
    Can’t minimize the fact that money can only go so far.

  44. unca_chuck says:

    I think it would go a long way to get a deal done with Kaepernick before anyone else. They can’t still be in wait and see mode.

    • NJ49er says:

      No doubt Chuck.
      The QB position eats up the majority of any teams’ Cap allocation dollars.

      Assuming they believe Kaep is a keeper, which I’d believe they do, he needs to be slotted in order to gauge the overall budget.

      I’d be curious to see whether each guy would be willing to negotiate his own expectations within the parameters of keeping a ‘team-first’ mentalitiy.

      No doubt in my mind that Goodwin and Rogers are prohibitive because of age and Contract implications.
      Keeping Boldin makes sense simply because I fully expect younger guys to be selected in May.
      Having Boldin makes sense from a mentor standpoint for me.
      A guy like Moncrief for example, could benefit from having Boldin around for a couple of years while he develops.

      I still contend that Baalke will Drat a pair each at WR and DB.
      We’ll see?

    • NJ49er says:

      And, when thinking down the road regarding the F-Tag, A QB or WR is a heavy hitter.
      Aldon is an OLB.
      Much easier and, more cost effective to use it there, if necessary.

      As for Iupati?
      He’s a 1st Rd Pick that would have to be done on the cheap in order to retain him.
      He can be planned for in May with a guy, to use an example, like Gabe Jackson.
      Might find him in Rd 2.
      Iupati as a Comp Pick value makes better business sense to me.
      Hate to lose him but, he’s replaceable with cheaper options, assuming Looney is able to provide instant value there.

      The Cap juggling act is never easy.
      They know what pieces are more important at this point, as well as the value they feel is warranted, in terms of expenditures going forward.

  45. NoFear49er says:

    Hey NJ49er, as the blog’s resident and most senior junior GM, you know it’s all about the guy’s street price when making an offer to keep or re-sign. Sometimes the player or the player’s agent has an unrealistic idea of his worth on “the street.” So sometimes the best way to get a guy who thinks he’s worth more is to let him go see what he can get. Let another team deflate his ego a bit first, then re-sign him. Matching may be less than what you were going to offer anyway.

    In Kaepernick’s case if he goes another year on his contract, he can increase his street, lower his street, or get injured and stay a question mark on the street. In a year with so many others that need re-signing why not a little gamble? You may miss out on a bit of a bargain in a contract this year but if CK7 proves to be outstanding you’ll have to pay anyway before long to keep him. And signing him next year to a bigger contract won’t hurt that much if he’s ‘the guy.’ So you might have to pay an extra year or two higher salaries than if you’d have signed him early for less, but you won’t have risked paying top dollar for a guy that never quite made it or was injured. Makes sense to me.

    • NJ49er says:

      True NoFear49er –
      Always a crap shoot in these circumstances.

      In an effort to avoid the Flacco scenario, I’m guessing Baalke and Marathe will attempt to do as they did with Staley and Davis.
      Find a convenient ‘middle ground’ just to avoid such a dilema.

      Having Boldin is both a blessing and, perhaps a curse, with respect to financial well being.
      For me, Boldin makes sense simply for the mentor factor.
      In a deep class of WRs, his presence could be worth the expenditure however.
      Assuming as I do that Baalke would have his eye on getting healthy in the WR ranks.

      Quite the balancing act for a GM certainly.
      Especially with the number of guys you’d expect them to want to keep around for the foreseeable future.

      And yes, I strive to hone my Jr GM skills as a way to keep myself busy this time of year 😀

    • NJ49er says:

      Part of my reasoning with Kaep is to get him before he wins the SB if possible.
      Slotting him in the 7/120 range, for me, puts him in the conversation with Flacco and Roethlisberger.
      2 guys that have won the Rings.
      Cutler and Romo have yet to do it.
      Perhaps throwing Crabtree into the conversation with Kaeps’ Contract talks could sway a little latitude toward the need for keeping the pieces intact?

      Hard sell I know, especially when each Agent wants that commission piece of the pie, from his client.

    • NJ49er says:

      Every Agent uses the average by position.
      Which is why ridiculous deals always sway the conversation, ala Mike Wallace.

      I actually belive that the Rookie Cap has watered down the FA Mkt too.
      When offering a guy a new extension, it helps that we’ve been contenders and damn near took the prize too.

      Should be interesting to see how they go after this puzzle.

    • NJ49er says:

      And, to your point about playing the street value game, Goldson took that route and returned on a 1 year deal.
      What that does in essence is, sends a message that the team isn’t really all that interested in offering the long term option.

      My feeling is that Baalke and Marathe set a value and stick to it.
      Smart business decision IMO.

      GMs that get desparate and overspend, usually get burned in the end.
      Washington dealing multiple Picks for RG III is a prime example.

      Losing Picks hurts more then strapping the Cap however.
      Now, DC has tasted the injury bug with it’s prized possession, at the expense of other positions that are in need of upgrade.
      You can lump Atlanta into that conversation too, with the Julio Jones Trade.
      Many teams feel they’re a player away. Tony Gonzalez was aging too.

      I’d rather see us miss on an extension than to mortgage the future for a quick shot at success.

    • NJ49er says:

      To that end however, you can’t miss on the QB.
      I think we’ve found our signal caller for the next 10 years.
      If they feel that way too, it’s more important to focus on Kaep, first and foremost.

      • 12th man says:

        Don’t know about Junior GM NJ but as the official blog chief talent scout how do you have CB’s graded out pre-combine? The ones likely to fall past the top 15 or so and therefore in draft range.

        I was pretty vocal in my disappointment that they didn’t draft a CB early last year and hope they do it this year as I see CB as a weakness on the team despite some stats that show it was OK. I am of the school of belief that the rush makes for solid CB stats and that when that wasn’t effective the CB on the team were not quite good enough.

        Other than Reid the 2013 draft was kinda meh so far. McDonald and Patton contributed but nothing worthy of note really. I am hoping those injured and/or who didn’t get on the field much due to depth can make an impact in camp. They have some big name guys like Dial, Carradine and Lattimore who might make Baalke’s draft look like genius and the team needs something more from the last 2 drafts with the 2012 draft being something of a flop.

        It is tough to make an impact on a loaded team but from 2 years of drafting only Reid can be considered an impact player so far.

    • Spitblood says:

      No offense, but waiting to sign Kaep is a bad idea. Kaep’s value right now is the lowest it’s ever going to be. He just played an entire year without Crabtree so Kaep’s stats are down. He play with Frank Gore who was bad all year because he’s done. Greg Roman took shots for not doing anything with the offense, and most of all, Kaep’s humble because it appears to some that he single-handedly lost the NFC Championship game by turning the ball over three times in the second half. In addition, the salary cap is as low as it’s ever going to be as well. There is no better time to put a LONG TERM offer in his face. Kaep’s even open to taking less so his teammates can have more. How long is that going to last? Kaep’s stock, right now, is the lowest it will ever be. You buy low. And I like Kaep so I say buy a ton. I’d sign him to a ten year deal. But Kaep’s smarter than that. Either way, if you still have questions about Kaep, you still buy, but maybe not as much.

      And personally, I don’t really buy that Kaep single handedly lost the NFC Championship game. Frank Gore did nothing so Kaep was forced to try and take the game over. When you run to set-up the pass, but your running back is done, you gotta go off script. Kaep almost made that happen. Give him a running back, or two, and Kaep will be lights out. And if you buy now, you look like a genius.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Except for the fact that he ended our last three possessions with a turnover. Even his most ardent fans must admit that. And the variety of dance steps and twist and turns to make it everyone else’s fault echoes what we’ve endured from the Alex-walks-on-water crowd for too many years.

        Blaming Gore without seeing the blockers are not blocking holes is pushing an agenda and like blaming the QB for WR drops.

      • Spitblood says:

        So you wouldn’t offer an extension to Andrew Luck? He turned the ball over like a crazy person in the playoffs this year. And he didn’t get as far as Kaep. Luck is better than Kaep only because he’s already a pocket passer. But turnovers alone aren’t a good way to evaluate because we both know you’d want to extend Luck.

        Let’s approach it this way. Who would you rather have as your starting qb for the next ten years in the league? If you had to pick one, who would it be? I’d take two over Kaep: Luck and Aaron Rogers. That’s it. Brady, Manning and Brees won’t play another ten years. Rogers is marginal. Then you’re left with guys like Cam, Russell, Eli, Foles, Ryan and Flacco? No thank you. In my opinion we have the second best young prospect in the NFL behind Luck, in Kaep. You lock that up when the lockin’s good. And the lockin’s good.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, man. You guys talk at 4:00 am? Hard to not appear like I’m piling on, but waiting on Kappy leads to mostly shitty scenarios.

    A) Kappy wins the SB and his price skyrockets.
    B) The Niners come up just short again, and Kappy has a strong year. His price goes way up.
    C) The Niners franchise him next year, they are paying $24 mill anyway, and he isn’t very happy about the lack of faith in him, so he hits the open market.
    D) The Niners let Kappy hit the open market, and the Raiders throw 5/$150 at him.
    E) Kappy signs and extension and he sucks.

    Granted, E could happen. But it really isn’t likely. What is a guarantee is, unless the wheels completely fall off, and like Spitty said, now is the best price we will see regarding Kappy. I’d much rather hedge my bet with Crabs. Despite our difficulty in finding viable WRs. it is a hell of a lot easier to find and develop WRs than it is to have to start over with a different QB.. Since Pea Shooter is the only one in the barn, well, there you go.

    As I’ve said though, I think one of our 3rd round picks goes to a QB. Fales is a likely candidate.

    • 12th man says:

      There is no guarantee no matter what the scenario. Flacco won the SB and played out of his skin doing it and then demanded and got an extraordinary contract from a very well respected GM. The following year both the team and he generally sucked.

      In my opinion waiting for Kap to prove himself further does 2 things, drives up the cost of his contract significantly and ensures there will be less money to retain the better players on the team.

      Phillip Rivers had a down year 2 seasons ago and was widely considered done yet returned to better form last year. So many factors go into how a QB performs, coaching, scheme, quality of targets, mechanics, confidence and on and on.

      Kap has shown that even with a limited scheme and limited targets he can produce the best QB statistical season since 2002 e.g. better than any Alex Smith ever produced with better targets and a younger and more effective Frank Gore and before you Smith guys jump on the keyboard Smith and Kap have had the same period of time as starters under Harbaugh.

      As Spit pointed out, this will be the lowest cost to sign Kap to a long contract unless he face plants this year. Hands up all those that expect Kap to face plant in his 3rd year. Exactly, so the arguments that he needs to prove himself more can only drive up the cost and reduce the available money for other players.

      Now the benefit to it is there is more cap cash this season to go around so an argument could be made to keep him on his rookie contract this final year and spend every cap dollar on keeping or improving the team for a Hail Mary at this years SB. That would be a sea change in philosophy for the FO who have an established MO of extending their best players early to save money and ensure stability in their core players.

      Obviously none of us knows what will happen and we each have our juniou GM opinions.

      Mine is the team will extend him this year before the season begins to continue their history of stability and to save money.

      I also expect them to extend Harbaugh unless his demands are unreasonable i.e. highest paid coach in football or similar. He has shown he is a winning coach but has also shown some flaws and has stumbled from a coaching perspective in the biggest of moments. I also think how he has handled the O and his coordinator is something of a negative too. I really think the team would have benefited from Roman moving on despite the teams success.

    • 12th man says:

      Actually Chuck pea shooter is not in the barn, he is a free agent. The unpronounceable McLeod Bethel-Thompson, a man with 3 last names, and Kap are the only signed QB’s.

      It is very difficult to guess what the Niners will do at back up QB. Last year they ran through a number of them. Maybe Baalke saw it one way and Harbaugh another causing the turnover at back up?

      I would draft a guy to compete in camp but sign a vet to be the season back up unless they strike gold with the drafted guy.

      The team definitely needs a competent back up in case Kap gets injured given the way he plays and I don’t think McCoy fitted the bill.

      Spit mentions Cousins who did very well in relief of RG3 but I don’t see that coming to pass.

  47. Spitblood says:

    I’d negotiate with Kaep first, Harbaugh second and Crabtree third. Get Kaep locked up to a deal beneficial to the team and the 49ers’ coaching job becomes more valuable, giving the 49ers’ leverage over Harbaugh. Kaep’s first, and Kaep’s cheap right now. Then I’d pay Harbaugh whatever he wants for as long as he wants because Harbaugh’s smart and motivated. I’m worried Harbs might be too stubborn to change or be flexible, but if things got ugly, I do think he’d change. I’d give him whatever he wants for as long as he wants. His number doesn’t count against the cap. The new stadium will rake in dough.

    Once Kaep and Harbaugh were signed, I’d have them both recruit Crabtree hard. I’d have Harbaugh sit down with Crabtree and tell him the team was going to transition to a passing team for the next ten years, and that Crabtree, if he was reasonable, could play for the same team and the same head coach and the same quarterback for the majority of the rest of his career. I’d tell him Gore and Iupati were done – gone. I’d have Harbaugh tell Crabtree Roman was on the hot seat. I’d tell him he’d be the focal point on a team that will, if he’s reasonable with his monetary demands, win Super Bowls. I’d ask him if he thought Dashon Goldson was happy with his career choice? I’d ask him if Kyle Orton was happy with his career choice.

    I’d be willing to sign Crabtree to an $8-10 million per year deal for 3-5 years. I don’t think Crabtree will have much longevity to his career. I don’t think he trains hard enough. I don’t think his body’s in good enough condition. 5 years and I’d be done with Crabtree.

    Locking up Kaep, Harbaugh and Crabtree now does several things.

    A.) It sends a message to the team and fans that this is now where our bread is buttered. And rightly so. It takes a long time to develop quarterbacks and wide receivers. It takes a long god damn time. How long does it take to develop a running back? The positions are night and day. The running back does need to read defenses too, and pass block. But you can find and replace the running back position much, much easier than you can a qb / wr duo, so you don’t put much money towards your running backs. Have a plan to always have your running backs be in their rookie contracts. Four years, you’re done, move on. Draft another. Kaep’ s got it now. He can teach the revolving door of running backs.

    B.) Putting a sizable chunk of the salary cap dollars towards qb and wr forces Harbaugh and his staff to develop talent. I was excited to see how much talent Harbaugh’s coaching staff developed in Harbaugh’s rookie year as head coach. And they did that during the strike shortened season. The last two years Harbaugh leaned on his veterans, and to a certain degree, I think he leaned too much on his veterans this year and it cost him. Football is a young man’s game. Bill Walsh was absolutely right in dumping his iconic players before their time. Make Harbaugh always develop talent out of necessity because he needs his rookies to contribute. Back to the wall!

    C.) Put it on Crabtree. If Crabtree, Harbaugh and Kaep signed, Kaep and Harbaugh could play and coach for another 15 years. Crabtree’s got five (in my estimation). That puts a lot of pressure on Crabtree to win now. Unfortunately Crabtree’s a Texas boy so he won’t be too worried about his Bay Area legacy. But I think winning in SF now means something to him. Crabtree was pissed with Sherman tipped and then taunted. And Crabtree loves his teammates. Crabtree and Kaep are good friends. What does Kaep always say (incorrectly I might add) – “If I’ve got Crabs in the corner one on one, that’s a match up I’ll take every time.” Let that be their mantra, and let Crabtree’s legacy be whether or not he can come down with the football in crunch time. He hasn’t yet. .

  48. NoFear49er says:

    It’s not just about getting a guy for the lowest price possible. That’s too easy.

    I have to laugh at the guys who were so sure Alex Smith would continue as QB and now a year later can’t wait to dump a big contract on his replacement. You lose three key players and lock up CK7 and no one knows how that’s going to work out in the W/L score. But everyone’s certain their notion is golden.

    After every practice and game, the coaches study the cut-ups on every player and grade them on how well they performed their assignments and how they reacted to various situations they were put in. No one else knows the plays that were called or what a player was asked to do in it, even bloggers.

    If these three players you’re willing to lose to FA so you can sign CK7 this year are all guys who graded high and were key in many of the winning game plans, you lock up CK7 but the defense isn’t as effective and a bunch of winning plays are no longer workable in the game plan, it could be a one step forward, two steps back kinda of scenario.

    Anyway, who’s worth keeping and who’s sacrificed to do so are the decisions that make or break teams. Even the guys that spend lifetimes and make millions doing it for real and have all the resources available to mankind to help them make mistakes doing it. Not like bloggers.

    • Are you insinuating that bloggers are less informed and ill-equipped to make decisions than those actually employed by the team? How dare you be both impudent and correct at the same time.

    • Spitblood says:

      Nobody was sure Alex Smith was going to stay. Even if Smith didn’t get a concussion against the Rams, Kaep was still going to be Smith’s replacement. Most people saw that. Kaep was Harbaugh’s guy. Now Kaep’s taken the team to the Super Bowl and NFC Champship and you want another year to assess? Waiting is a really bad option. I’m certain the 49ers won’t wait. They’ll get a deal done in the next three months, probably sooner.

  49. NJ49er says:

    12th I’m not really too finely focused on the CBs at this point.
    There are plenty that I like, none that I’d put a must have RD1 grade on however.
    As you aptly cited, I’m a firm believer in the pass rush as well, it being the best deodorant for the Secondary.

    IMO, there are guys worth grabbing but, I’d be inclined to shop in the RD2/3 area.
    I’m guessing a SS would come ahead of a CB too.

    At SS, I like Calvin Pryor but, I’d assume him to go in the 20s from everything that I’m seeing at this point.
    A guy I think we could obtain, maybe RD2, is Deone Bucannon from Washington.
    I’ll whittle down my list of possibilities and, I’ll post it here after the Combines, before the Draft, just to have it for comparison to what Baalke actually does in May.

    A CB I like, probably a kid that could be had in the Mid RD area is, Ross Cockrell from Duke.
    He, and many others, are worthy selections. I’ve got about a dozen possibilities lined up right now.
    I just think they’re more focused on the eventual replacement to Whitner.
    Getting taller at that position and, faster too, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Not sure what will happen with Culliver or TBrown yet either.
    My feeling going in is, Baalke will get 2 WRs and 2 DBs from this Draft Class.

    I still want a Fat Man in the Middle.
    That’s a play I’d make in RD1 if possible.

    If they go WR and, I had to make a Pick right now at that position, I’m all in for Davante Adams from Fresno State.
    If they miss him, Donte Moncrief from Ole MIss or Odell Beckham/Jarvis Landry from LSU in RD2 wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
    Would love to get our hands on NT Louis Nix from ND or DE/DT Aaron Donald from Pitt in RD1.

    I still have the Combines to change my view of things but, our needs are few but clearly evident at this point.

    • NJ49er says:

      Also 12th, Pryor is listed more as a FS but, he’s aggressive enough to condider at the SS position IMO.
      Either way, the Class is deep so, I’d consider Pick in the Top 3 RDs there.
      Early favorites, Bucannon, Ahmad Dixon from Baylor and a possible CB conversion to SS, Antone Exum from VA Tech.

      Another CB who could slide due to an ACL injury in the Senior Bowl is Aaron Colvin.
      He might be considered as a SS option who would have to sit it out ala Tank or Lattimore due to the knee injury.
      Again, there’s a ton of options that could easily get into RD4.

  50. NJ49er says:

    For me, we need a burner at WR.
    Someone to stretch the field other than Vernon.

    Since there’s also a possibility that Crabtree’s asking price could be steep, Baalke would be smart to add another WR Draftee just in case.

    I wouldn’t mind adding a pocket rocket like Dri Archer to replace LMJ either.
    I’m disappointed that LMJ isn’t a bigger role player on this team too.
    He’s a headscratcher Pick at this point.

    We have to improve at the PR/KR position.
    Dri Archer is an excellent all around weapon too.
    Very small guy however but, he’s a RB by trade with excellent speed and above average hands.
    I’d call him a ‘Joker-type’ guy.
    Surprise package option with the abilities to handle the PR/KR duties out of the gate.

  51. NJ49er says:

    Spit –
    I know you’re high on RBs going into this Draft.

    Have you checked out James White from Wisconsin, Ka’Deem Carey from AZ or Charles Sims from WVU?

    Those would be my 3 favorites at the RB position right now.
    I honestly don’t see them Drafting a RB very high but, it’s conceivable that 1 could be added.
    I’d be inclined to wait since we’ve got Lattimore and Hunter in the mix along with Jewel Hampton on the development side.

    • NJ49er says:

      Try this on for size while you’re at it.

      If MJD from JAX were to hit the street via FA and, came with an attractive price tag, would you entertain his services?

    • Spitblood says:

      I’d part ways with Jewell Hampton and Anthony Dixon (unless Dixon could win the starting FB job, which is unlikely). I’d trade LaMicheal to the Redskins for Captain Kirk Cousins. I’d flat-out cut Frank Gore. Then I’d draft Devanta Freeman and Jeremy Hill, both running backs, both 2-4 round prospects. My backfield would be Hunter, Lattimore, Freeman, Hill and Bruce Miller; however, I’d bring in a late round FB to compete with Miller. I’ve looked at the CBS Draft page and watched the highlights of their top twenty backs. Freeman and Hill stood out to me. I probably watched Carey and Sims and didn’t see anything I liked. But if they weren’t on CBS top twenty, I didn’t watch ’em.

      • NJ49er says:

        Cousins would likely cost us a 2 or 3 Pick.
        Not sure I’d go that route but, anything is possible.
        I haven’t looked too closely at the FA QB class just yet either.

        I’d suspect Boobie is gone too.
        He dances too much for me.
        Big guy with timid feet IMO.
        Bruce gets after it, ala Rathman in his prime.

        The CBS top rated FB is Jay Prosch from Auburn and he’s listed inthe 4/5 range.
        Not exactly a barn burner with that sort of rating.
        But, the cost is attractive at that grade if they’re interested.

        If Boobie is making his contributions as a ST player, you can get those guys on the cheap from the Draft in the later RDs.

      • NJ49er says:

        You got me poking around the FB market Spit –
        The kid that has the best stats is Trey Millard from Oklahoma.
        6’2″ 253
        5.5 YPC Avg
        Also caught 70/677 with 7TDs.
        Good numbers for a FB.

  52. NJ49er says:

    Another FB from Coastal Carolina, Lorenzo Taliaferro has huge rushing numbers too.
    Only played 2 years there but managed almost 2100 yds. in 27 games.
    Took a ton of carries, 356 to be precise.

    Not too shabby, though it’s Coastal Carolina, which isn’t known to be a powerhouse football machine.

  53. NJ49er says:

    Talk about the Energizer Bunny – Aaron Donald.
    DT/DE Pitt – Kid comes like he’s shot from a gun.

    • Spitblood says:

      This guy’s projected as a first round draft choice. Don’t know if I’d use a first round pick on a DT. Maybe. But I’d have to be convinced he was a world beater. I’m not with this kid. I like Seattle’s plan of finding big guys later in the draft. Kid reminds me of JJ Watt. Long arms, quick off the ball, easily beats indecision from an O line. And knocks stuff down at the line.

      • NJ49er says:

        He’s a little undersized but extremely active.
        Almost as disruptive as Justin Smith IMO.
        Someone to think about in terms of flushing the pocket.

    • NJ49er says:

      I also think he’s an upgrade over DDobbs –
      See what happens….

    • NJ49er says:

      One thing I’ve noticed with Aaron Donald Spit, he’s rarely on the ground.
      Always moving, always battling.
      Relentless would probably be the best way to describe him.
      Perhaps being shorter, he’s hard to put a glove on.

  54. NJ49er says:

    Here’s another interior guy that could be hanging around late –
    Zach Kerr – DT Delaware –

  55. NJ49er says:

    12th here’s a kid worth putting on the radar – I like his size.
    Tall rangy kid that plays like a FS, which we interchange in our scheme anyway.

    Good hands, good size – 6’3″ 220 (Cam Chancellor/Brandon Browner-like)

    Not a lot of game experience (36) however. Might find him as a bargain,maybe RD3?
    I’d be concerned with his tackling ability if anything.
    Could be an option for Mr Baalke, we’ll see?

    • 12th man says:

      I looked him over before. The knock is poor tackling, the upside is size, Sherman-like.
      He is projected a 3rd. Have to see something more from him at the combine but he is on my shortlist.

  56. unca_chuck says:

    Right, Spit. LMJ ffor Cousins. Let’s get AP for Boobie as well.

    Cousins wants to start, not be a backup somewhere else. He’s got a better shot at waiting for RG III-XIII to get hurt again.

    Yeah. I’d love Baptiste in the 3rd round. Dude is long and lanky, and fast to boot. Ex-WR much like Dick Sherman. If he runs a fast 40, he’ll go in the 2nd round.Eric Wright wasn’t much of a tackler. Neither was Deion. Tackling skill isn’t high on my lsit of what a CB needs to do well

    • 12th man says:

      Some truth to that Chuck, from what I read he is not shying away from contact like Deion, he just has poor wrap up technique, as you say it’s not the primary function. Not sure he would fit in Fangio’s scheme though without reliable tackling. One to watch.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Well, we need a press-cover guy. He’d fit the bill. His combine will determine how high he goes.

    My thought is he only improves his standing. Wait and see, though.

    But, of all the things to teach a CB, tackling is easier to teach than turning the hips, getting the proper angles, and understanding when to jump routes.

    Lots of guys out there though.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    Small school D linemen always worry me as they may or may not face adequate competition.

    Anyhow, new thread is up.

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