There Ain’t No Cure for the Summer Time Blues. . .

Yes, I’m a baseball fan, and an ardent Giants fan going way back. But football is, was, and will always be my first sports love. The 49ers of my youth were juuust about to hit the big time when I became a fan starting in 1968 as a 7 year old. Dick Nolan had taken over, and he was installing his idea of the defense that his mentor Tom Landry was installing in Dallas. The Niners did have some recently drafted talent in Gene Washington from Stanford, and a solid 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust running game behind Ken Willard. That defense was very good, yet the offense never really got over the hump despite the efforts of Ted Kwalick, Washington, Dick Whicher and others. Plus, I was always a better football player than baseball player! Good field, no hit.

Anyhow, here we are at the precipice of a familiar cliff. 3 trips to the promised land, and 3 trips left agonizingly short. We’ve already talked about the draft needs and the free agents we should re-sign (Boldin and Dawson top my list, among others), the reasons we have come up tantalizingly close, and the ways to get better. This close to the end of it all is a terrible place to be. But here are the important upcoming dates for the 2014 NFL season:

Feb. 8-9
Regional Combine – Houston.

Feb. 17
Teams can begin designated free agents as “franchise players.”

Feb. 19-25
Scouting Combine – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.

Feb. 22
Regional Combine – Costa Mesa, Calif.

March 8-11
Teams can begin negotiating – but can’t finalize a contract – with the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free agents at 1 p.m. PT on March 11. Before this time, teams must:
•exercise 2014 option clauses in the 2013 contracts of players.
•submit qualifying offers to their restricted free agents.
•submit a minimum salary tender to retain negotiating rights with players who have expiring contracts and less than three full seasons of experience.
•be under the 2014 salary cap.
March 11
Free agency begins.

March 23-26
Annual owners meeting – Orlando, Fla.

April 12-13
Super Regional Combine – Detroit.

April 21
Teams with returning head coaches may begin off-season workout programs.

May 2
Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets.

May 7
Deadline for teams to exercise right of first refusal to their restricted free agents.

May 8-10
NFL Draft – New York, Radio City Music Hall.

Supplemental Draft

Teams report to Training Camp a maximum of 15 days before their first preseason game.

July 15
Free agents previously designated as “franchise players” must be signed to multi-year contracts by 1 p.m. PT, or they’re only eligible to be signed to one-year deals.

Sept 4

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75 Responses to There Ain’t No Cure for the Summer Time Blues. . .

  1. snarkk says:

    Gotta keep that NFL Network bizy wizy…

  2. 12th man says:

    Kevin Lynch put this up. It’s a conspiracy theorists dream (NJ?) But does lend credence to the idea that the calls went against the 49ers in the NFCCG.

    It’s 15 min long but I was fascinated:

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I read Maiocco’s take on it. He actually addresses the points in the video.

    Here it is. The one thing he did agree on was the roughing the kicker call was not called correctly and the 57 seconds the Seahawks had to decide to kick the FG without a penalty or timeout being called.

    I’m still not clear on the roughly 9 seconds missing from the play where the Niners were dinged for a delay that ended up with the Kappy fumble the next play. When the play happened, they weren’t showing the play clock, and it sure seemed quick to me. Maiocco says it was bevcause the ball was spotted and the play clock started when that happened. But isn’t the game clock also supposed to be started? Why the 9 second lag?

    In the end, it’s woulda coulda shoulda but it does make sense when you see Harbaugh run onto the field in the Carolina game as the ‘official’ timers let the clock run down and possibly out to end the half. The refs called an incomplete pass on the TD to Vernon Davis, and the clock should have stopped. It didn’t. If that clock runs down to 0 the refs will simply run off the field with no explanation or ruling other than what they called. No TD. No more plays for the Niners.

    • 12th man says:

      I didn’t buy the conspiracy crap either but did think some calls were seriously bogus at the time. Whitner hit, very generous Lynch spot etc.

    • philippinefan says:

      “Why the 9 second lag?” Maiocco sez that “Niners did get their 40 seconds but game clock and play clock are not synchronized: game clock stops while refs spot ball but play clock rolls”. Delay of game strictly on Niners as also in SB. TH IS A COACHING ISSUE.

      Lol I think

    • 12th man says:

      Looks cool. Wonder how much tickets are going to be?

    • snarkk says:

      I was down there not too long ago. Took a gander. It’s a cool looking stadium in a weird sorta way, from the outside view. Not sure I’m down with how it looks, wouldn’t have been my first choice for exterior elevations. I’m sure it’ll be great, but compared to the ‘Stick, hell, anything’s an improvement…

    • Nipper says:

      Where’s Chuck’s suite?

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, that’s gonna be interesting. Jed says some will be ‘reasonable’ but I have to wait and see what they consider reasonable.

  5. snarkk says:

    Going forward, with all this head/neck stuff, face it, the referees are going to have an inordinate role in the games’ outcomes, with parity in play. And, that sucks. You’ve got part time officials trying to enforce new, evolving, and vague rules about safety, so they employ their own, individual interpretations that vary from official to official, and even from the same guy re: different plays in the same game…

  6. rtfirefly says:

    Bastards waited until I’d moved to build this. Not when I lived and worked there for decades. Even MNF and TNF would have been doable, going against most of commute traffic.

  7. NJ49er says:

    12th I wouldn’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist necessarily.
    As that video clip punctuated, these are the little things Officiating can do to impact a game.

    Nothing new, happens everywhere. Officials change games. Ahmad’s hit on Brees perhaps?

    It’s my age old argument of how easy it is for Officials to sway a game.
    Where I have made light of things forever is, what I’ve called, the ‘Vegas Factor’.

    Living over here in the land of Organized Crime all my life, I always use this analogy, that some Mob connected figure, helps the Vegas Boys, by locking up a family member in a shipping container here on the Docks, in order to deliver the desired results on any given game.

    No stretch to think, in our situation there in Seattle, that it couldn’t happen.
    As things went in The Meadowlands in the SB, someone from the Manning Clan most definitely was in one of those containers IMO 😀

    • NJ49er says:

      Which leads me back to my desire to see this game taken out of their collective hands in the near future.
      Technology has proven to be reliable.

      Cameras are everywhere.
      Use them.
      Eliminate these horrendous errors and, everyone will have more faith in the ‘intgegrity of the game’.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m just proud that many 9er Fans accepted defeat like gentlemen.

        Officials screw everyone at some point.
        We just didn’t play well enough to eliminate their ability to be a factor.
        The Seahawks will prove to be our motivation.

        Get better or, get beat.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I was talking to some folks about the whole thing with the NBA and that Donaghy guy. A referee in a pro sport was busted for fixing games and had ties to the mob. He implied that others were involved, but it was swept under the rug so fast it made my head spin. It really isn’t that far-fetched to think that there could be some swaying of calls and games going on.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s a major Cash Cow Chuck.
      Where there’s huge profits to be made, there’s always a reason to think corruption exists.

      Not sure how much national coverage exists outside of my area but, this nonsense going on with Gov Christie and the illustrious GWB/Sandy Disaster Funding fiasco is getting more interesting by the day.

      Organized Crime now benefits from Executive Privileges.
      Politics at it’s finest here in the Garden State.
      Stay tuned.
      The Rats are running for cover and/or seeking immunity one by one.
      Sad reality is, the legal fees will cost all of us.

      Absolutely insane.

    • NJ49er says:

      Does it seem just a little curious that, Jerruh got a SB for his Cowpattie Palace shortly after erecting it?
      The Billionaire Boys Club of the NFL make up the Smoking Jacket Committee as well.
      New Stadium in SF, SB selection follows.

      Jerruh wasn’t satisfied just to host it either.
      No, he tried to gouge some extra income with that feable attempt to install more seating, which blew up in his face and, screwed numerous people who planned on attending the game.
      Christie did the same crap with NJ Transit here this past weekend.
      Forcing everyone to pony up $51/head to get into the Stadium.
      Then it backfired after the game when 1000s had to stand around like cattle waiting to get out.

      All about the almighty buck. Greed breeds contempt.

  9. Over here its standard practice, no one says anything about theft, kickbacks, corruption as you rightly do. Its rampant and accepted. Public and private, big business down to the taxi drivers, etc,etc, etc. Dont do business here- we have our mob equivalent hard at “work”. Thats one reason we are not going to kneecap the partner trying to fuck us out of one of our forest sites: Gramma would turn up missing. We do have a very good lawyer tho.

    I do think its okay to be ‘rewarded’ with a SB shortly after building a billion $$ stadium which boosts the take for all NFL teams with revenue sharing.

    • NJ49er says:

      Getting the SB is fine Phil. Helps the host City absolutely.
      I don’t think the SB benefits the entire League however.
      Most, if not all of the League revenues are generated from the TV Contracts.
      I’m not firmly confident of that however.
      When it’s reported that Herr Goodell gets $30M/year, I have to ask.
      What the H3LL for?

      What I do take exception to is, getting greedy and not delivering.
      In the 2 examples I cited, Jerruh screwed people by trying to shoe-horn even more seats into an already large venue then, left them hanging and SOL on gameday.

      Our Gov, and his Transportation Committee, forced everyone into ridiculously overpriced shuttles and couldn’t deliver a timely exit for those in attendance.

      The NFL is getting a little too big for their own good when it comes to fleecing the Fans.

      Heard from a friend that a can of beer at the SB last week went for $14 per.
      The NFL is taking in the cash by the buckets full.
      And you wonder why you can’t afford a seat anymore?

  10. Not the SB benefiting the league (tho maybe it does greatly) but the new stadiums sure do, right.

    Its tax exempt too, the NFL. They should be smart or someone will want some fat tax dollars. Greed engenders contempt, well said BTW

    • NJ49er says:

      Yeh it’s quite a racket Phil.
      I guess it’s good to be an NFL owner.

      It’s just ridiculous that the US taxpayers put up the lion’s share of the Stadium costs.
      Yet, the owners and the League keep the bulk of the profits, as you say, with their tax exemptions.
      They’re pricing the average fans right out of the picture in the process though.

    • NJ49er says:

      This might make you feel a little better about the future Phil –
      Recognize this guy?

      • NJ49er says:

        Many of those throws came out on time.
        Thrown to a spot which Patton tracked down.
        Do we see Kaep attempt many of them?
        He’s a dart thrower right now.

        Let’s hope the off season workouts together produce some of the needed timing.

      • Lets hope we use this weapon. Evaluating WRs, training them up, and putting them in a place / scheme to get us wins has not been this regimes forte.

        Good stuff thanks!

  11. philippinefan says:

    Unlike Del Mar who wanted Harbaughs head on a platter over a year ago, I dont want the guy fired yesterday or tomorrow. There’s a big challenge tooling up the squad to get on top. Baalkebaugh are our best bet fer that job. What concerns me is the mediocre performance of the O, esp our passing game as said yesterday. And endlessly by Chuck, snarkk, Irish, Del Mar, Spitwad, now me. The AJ pick set us back a couple years- that we cant afford again. Im not concerned about Kaepernick yet. He’s been very good and can grow. Roman needs help with our passing scheme, play calling, utilizing players we have. Proven fact, cant win the big one. So what is Jimi (sorry 60s flashback) going to do to get this fixed? No one is hiring Roman so he’ll be here. Who/what should Jimi do to improve this piss poor part of our game? Call plays himself? Chuck pointed out our problems in pass dept, play calling Did Not improve when Jimi supposedly got involved this year. I believe its not going to change with coaches we currently have.

    I dunno

    • NJ49er says:

      We’ve got some challenges in the passing game Phil, no argument there.
      I also remind myself of where we were before Harbaugh and Baalke got this thing back on the rails.

      In comparison to the rest of the League, we’re on pretty solid footing.
      We’re Drafting for depth now, stocking a pretty deep Roster even further, while keeping the Cap in check.

      I don’t see us as being too short of the mark, desite the let downs in the Post Season.
      Our QB is basically a year behind Wilson, yet, he’s doing things Wilson can’t duplicate with his arm.
      Once Kaep finds the game within his head, he’ll surpass Wilson IMO.
      Wilson is much more relaxed, buys time, sees the field better perhaps.

      Kaep will be fine. He’s gotta utilize all facets of the Offense.
      Whether that’s on Roman or Harbaugh is up to debate.

      We’re a bonafide threat to everyone in the League now.
      It’s good to be respected, and feared, once again.

    • NJ49er says:

      We relied heavily on our Defense and running game, as did Seattle.
      We’re pretty equally balanced with them.
      That NFCC game was decided on miscues.
      We had more of them of course.

      I’m just happy to be watching good solid football in SF once again.
      It’s been a long, painful road back to prominence.

      Keep the faith.

  12. NJ49er says:

    I’m not a very religious sort but…
    I found this to be quite a relevant verse –

    Romans 5:3
    And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance;

  13. 12th Man says:

    I found this guys take on a possible contract extension. He looks at comparable QB contracts real money:

    • philippinefan says:

      “I expect the Niners to offer something in the range of 5 years, $86M. This averages $17M per season”. He talks about 8 or even 9 year deal. I’d be interested to hear what NJ sez about this- in a few hours as he’s a night owl poster like NF and me. I’m calling fer $16M X 6 years. We’ll see.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    The thing about their strategy that galls me is it is EXACTLY what Nolan and Singletary were trying to do. Play stifling defense and do JUST enough on offense to win. It’s never about fully taking it to the opponent. We win a lot of close games but few blowouts. At least not against teams not named Jacksonville.

    We have more than enough weapons to beat good teams. I’ll say it again. Playing it conservative for that last drive is a dangerous game. You leave no room for error. It worked against Green Bay, and against Seattle here, and a few more times, but any wrong move on that last drive, or a botched snap and it’s game over. It didn’t work in the SB, and it didn’t work this past NFCCG.

    What’s annoying is it was for different reasons these last 2 season ending losses. The SB we fell behind while spinning our wheels doing nothing for 2.5 quarters while Goldson and Culliver got toasted repeatedly. This time around was just a clusterfuck of errors to finish the 4th quarter. Yes, we are close. But man, it just bites to see the end and come up short.

    • philippinefan says:

      Yup. As Irish sez “No killer instinct”. We let teams hang around, close the gap and them we’re scrambling esp. last 2 years.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Now there’s talk of the Super Bowl being rigged.

    This is from The Smoking Gun. The video of the Baldwin TD is weird at best. The commentary is pretty funny as well.

    With the topic of game rigging becoming ever more widespread, I do subscribe to the belief that the nfl employs such a “lawful” business practice. However, it definitely does not happen every game and when I watched the super bowl I did not believe it to be rigged, despite my utter surprise by the atrocious play by the broncos and my expectation that the game would be rigged for the broncos to WIN. Also, I’m used to rigging happening only by the refs. I’m sure we’ve all read the satirical article of Payton Manning asking Pete Carroll when he was going to pay up, which even I didn’t previously believe in. But could it ACTUALLY be true?

    Personally, I normally just watch the refs, but watch this! And tell me what you think is going on in your opinion. This is a replay of the Doug Baldwin touchdown from the super bowl. First of all, there are two broncos, which even when I saw it live I thought didn’t put up a whole lot of effort, but it especially looks like it in the replay. Not only did Baldwin make NO MOVES to make two defenders horribly whiff to get the touchdown, which is suspicious as it is, but watch as he points up with his thumb as if to signal to the defender to go high so that he can duck under!!!

    • snarkk says:

      So, why would the NFL rig the Super Bowl? Who get’s paid off? Makes no sense in the final game. If it’s a playoff game, the plausible meter might go up, for future ratings purposes. As for the thumbs up, that is weird, and the tackler missed him high by a mile. Hard to explain that. Other than, at that point so late in the game, this was the last Seattle TD and was meaningless — the Broncos didn’t even want to be on the field any more, they had already long since obviously mailed it in. They basically quit after the Harvin TD runback to start the 2nd half, that was obvious…

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Ludicrous? Yes. But it’s a long offseason.

  17. snarkk says:

    Jermichael Finley will be a FA if the Pack does not re-sign him, and they may not. He’s somewhat damaged goods, so maybe it won’t take that much to get him. The dude can play and catch balls, if healthy, and he’s just 26. I’d take him over McDonald, hell I might take him over VD…

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, McDonald isn’t thrilling me at this point. He’s got one more year to do something. To me it goes back to Ginn. He was a bust here, but put up good numbers in Miami, and now Carolina.

    Hard to think it wasn’t our fault (coaches) that we didn’t get squat out of him. 2 catches in 13 games in 2012? We were hard pressed to have anyone healthy catching passes in the playoffs, and we got 1 catch for 3 yards from him in 3 playoff games.

  19. NoFear49er says:

    Funny as hell. The inherent flaws in our passing game ended the last two seasons badly, yet the fans still think we have a world-beater air attack that the coaches conspire every week to keep under wraps.

    Funnier yet, if the same coaches and play callers aggressively pushed a weak passing game every week, accumulating a losing record in the process, those same fans would be crying for new coaches that share their superior understanding of how the game should be played. Not necessarily to win, apparently.

  20. NoFear49er says:

    The best W/L record in the league over the last three years of the “idiot” coaches says your way isn’t the winning way.

    The top two teams in the league this year, in virtually everyone’s estimation, employing the same overall methods of offense and overall game plan to get there says your way isn’t the winning the way.

    Unwittingly complimenting Nolan and Singletary saying they were trying to do the same thing albeit with less talented rosters.

    Putting being right above all no matter how wrong it is requires a lot of pushing what’s obviously wrong but sounds good. Like Obama’s economy-wrecking freedom-squashing policies, and his puppets trying to frame yet greater unemployment as opportunity to pursue dreams or stay at home more.

    They’re taking everything being American used to represent from you and you not only don’t know it, you don’t want to know it, because that would make you wrong, once again.

    • philippinefan says:

      Super Bowl win or bust. Its our expectation for this team since getting back on track. Nothing wrong with that. So far- bust. Best W-L record irrelevant. Coaches cannot win the big game with their current approach. Next year we go 15-1 and lose in the SB is okay? Like hell. Improve the O esp passing attack w/ new/more coaching “Blood”. Otherwise it will be the same old same old in 2014: not quite good enough.

      Ok to admit we’re not good enough (yet) to win at the highest level and that SEA has accomplished it. Improve our weakest unit by upgrading players and coaches

    • unca_chuck says:

      Wow, NoFear. you act like Obama isn’t like every other politician out there. You think he’s some sort of muslim overlord. Time to change the tinfoil. Yeah, the democrats want your freedom, your air and your guns and your car. Except none of that is happening. If you haven’t noticed, the economy is doing fine. Too bad that doesn’t follow your narrative.

      Me saying what the coaches are trying to do is not a compliment. It’s a fact. You need to search for those among the JBS pamphlets and papa john’s pizza boxes.

      Do you deny Singletary and Nolan played the same style of football? Is Harbaugh doing the same thing? Yes he is.

      When was our last Super Bowl victory? Do you deny that we need to do a better job of passing the ball? Or is status quo fine for you? Besides, you are the one always spouting off how Nolan built the team. Now he didn’t have the horses? It is to laugh.

  21. Irish Kevin says:

    Nofear, so lets get this straight, you have an aging RB in Gore, a weak to good passing game. but the power running game got you there for the last two years, lets not make changes or improvements. That is just brilliant!!

  22. Spitblood says:

    It’s funny that there’s conspiracy theorists out there right claiming the 49ers got jobbed because the day before the game I was telling friends the NFL was rigged. Think about it – the rules are now so ambiguous that anything could be called on any given play. Networks are trying to combat this by bringing in their own retired refs to help explain the rules. In addition, and it’s something I’m skeptical of, the refs go under the hood to get information from the league. Who knows what kind of information they’re receiving under the hood? The NFL used to say they only had a minute under the hood to uphold, and more time to reverse, but that’s not being talked about much any longer. I don’t necessarily think the NFL has an agenda going into games, even though more money exchanges hand in Vegas, and via TV ratings now more then ever; however, if there was a full-blown conspiracy under the hood, you’d think something would have come out by now.

    Owners always seem to catch the bad guys: Barry Bonds, the Black Sox scandal, Pete Rose, etc, but what if the owners are the bad guys? It’s not like the government is watching. It’s not like Sarbanes Oxley applies. There are no checks and balances keeping the owners and Roger Goodell, who I despise, in line. The owners wouldn’t allow corruption, but I also don’t think the York family has much pull in the NFL. The 49ers now have a huge stadium, dominate market in California, and an elite franchise, but Jed and Dr. York aren’t exactly big wigs in NFL circles. In addition, they’ve done all they can to tap their market. It’s like NFL market share will grow if the 49ers win the Super Bowl.

    That said, I could totally see the NFL refs wanting to teach Harbaugh a lesson. During Harbaugh’s first year, Fox commentator Mike Herrara said Harbaugh needed to chill out. That was three years ago. The refs were aware of Harbaugh’s antics back then. After the first NFC Championship game loss, Harbaugh berated the officials for the Ahmad Bradshaw fumble non call. In the Super Bowl, we all saw him acting like a child signify a holding call repeatedly when Crabtree was mugged. I could see the refs anticipating Harbaugh acting the fool in the Seattle game, and wanting to teach Harbaugh a lesson. And I for one think Harbaugh needs to learn that lesson regardless what the officials are doing. Instead of going to war with the enemy, make them your friend.

    Aside from all of this is the issue of Colin Kaepernick. A lot of people are talking about him. Let me ask you all this: Who else would you want out of the young up-and-coming qbs? Cam Newton? Russell Wilson? RGII.5? Ryan Tannehill? Sam Bradford? I get the running qb conversation, but Colin Kaepernick is the best out of all of them, by far. Kaep’s the man. Sure, he’s lost and lost again thus far, but he’s got a long, long career ahead of him full of learning and growth. Nobody can sling it like Kaep. Nobody can run like Kaep. The process of turning him into a pocket passer will come, slower than we’d all like, but it will come. And when it does, watch out NFL (as long as Harbaugh makes peace with the refs and Roger Goodell doesn’t doctor the ref’s information while under the hood). Goodell’s a bastard. No two ways about it.

    • philippinefan says:

      “That said, I could totally see the NFL refs wanting to teach Harbaugh a lesson.”

      100% agree. This is what I see too. Also agree that Niners are still not back in good graces of Goodell or NFL in general. Harbaugh has embarrassed / pissed off multitudes… and we need to score A LOT of points in our games to overcome it.

      • philippinefan says:

        BTW Maiocco is of the opinion in the NFCCG there were “several” bad calls / blown calls (like roughing Dawson after hit to his plant foot) and (I thought the strip by Bowman non-call!) MM sez “No way it’s a conspiracy”.

        BUT when bad calls / non-calls (SB anyone? Ahmad in NO? Whitners many ‘fouls’) become a pattern, a recurring feature what is that? Punishment ? Could be

      • Spitblood says:

        I can’t point to one game the 49ers have won because of bad officiating. However, I can point to several they lost because of bad officiating – Seattle, New Orleans, Ravens, etc. It doesn’t go both ways. Harbaugh is getting a message sent to him and he’s not listening.

      • Spit I think so: “Harbaugh is getting a message sent to him and he’s not listening”.

        Here it is in plain English: REFS: Jimi, fuck you. Lose the sideline tantrums or prepare to watch Carroll get 7 Super Bowl trophies, hotdog. Mugging Crabtree in SB = our finest hour; Ahmad flagged in NO? = big bonuses fer our crew on that one. Learn from yer bro and shut the fuck up asshole. Love, NFL Refs


    • philippinefan says:

      And thats another Coaching Issue. A very serious one if, as is likely, True. Easily remedied: Put a sock in it coach. Relax. As Boldin pointed out in CAR = You’re hurting the team

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Problem is there were enough on both sides to go around.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    This one’s for you NoFear.

    The gist is God punished Denver for trading Tim Tebow. Because you know, poor Tim has suffered so.

  25. Nipper says:

    For you football addicts a new league is forming to play in the spring and early summer. Yeah I know …….it ain’t NFL ball. BLEEP!

  26. Irish Kevin says:

    conspiracies, bad calls, blah, blah, blah. Mike Ditka was a screamer at the refs, so was Jim Mora of NO. were the refs teaching those guys a lesson? I don’t remember ever hearing about it. I think the refs for all sports teach rooking players lessons. Basketball is a prime example of it happening they call fouls on rookie players all the time. especially players that are complaining. I think instead of the Refs trying to teach a lesson to the coach, the NFL should just have the ref throw a flag for excessive complaining. Why punish the player for a idiot Coach??

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Right. I don’t remember this much hoowraw around Chucky Gruden when he stomped the sidelines. The reffing should be addressed, hell yes, but calls are dogshit both ways in most games.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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