Happy Roster Fun Day

AKA Saturday bloody Saturday. Cut down day has just begun, and Tim Terrific has been cut from the Patriots, and Matt Hot Tub Leinart has been axed from the Bills. Oh, yeah, Travis Johnson, LB for the Niners has been cut as well. And I think we can safely assume Seneca Wallace is not going to make the cut.

Stay tuned for more bloodletting. It’ll be interesting to see if we pick up a player or 2 from the discard pile.

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  1. Nipper says:


  2. unca_chuck says:

    Seneca Wallace retired again. Michael Thomas and Jason Shepler were cut.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Vince Young cut from the Packers. Maybe Tebow will catch on there.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Trenton Robinson, safety . . .

  5. Alleykat says:

    Shit they just cut long snapper icon Brian Jennings.Stupid ass move IMO.Just to save a half a million?chump change in the NFL.
    And did they even offer him a reduced salary option? Fucking dude is one of the best all- time snapper ever.Freakin Bill Walsh drafted him who l believe knew some talent ferchrissakes.
    Lots of pressure now on this kid McDermott. 1st few bad snaps and the fans will want his head on a spigot.

  6. snarkk says:

    Hawkins cut, Kyle Williams stays. Apparently. I don’t get that, I don’t see why Kyle Williams is better than Hawkins. Unless Hawkins is a total head case. Which, I’m not sure he is or isn’t. But, if he is not, Hawkins is a decent WR. He gets open, can catch a little, he’s bigger than Williams, and he can return kicks. I follow Cal, and I don’t remember Hawkins being rumored there as a head case or a sh-t distruber. The next time Williams fumbles, well, he better get ready for a minor sh-tstorm from Ninerfans…

  7. Football players getting cut off a roster is “Bloody Saturday?”
    Tell that to this Shanghai baby back in ’37. That, was Bloody Saturday.

  8. Nipper, tonight it’s seared mesquite pork tenderloin. Accompanied by red beans and rice with a little sweet creamed corn. And I’ll finish that off with some Boston Cream Pie with cherries on top.

    Touchdown Dennis!

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Too bad about Hawkins. Thought he’d survive.

  10. That is one of the few songs that I consider timeless and never ending. I’m sure everyone has heard it a million times like I have, but there’s just something about it. That song is great therapy. I always feel better about myself having listened to it.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Dennis as roller disco queen?

  12. Alleykat says:

    *** BREAKING NEWS***
    Cowboys just cut Jerry Jones!
    In other team news,the final roster team has been “FIRED” and Jerry Jones has been reinstated!

  13. Alleykat says:

    Now that their both “CUT”,Vince Young &Matt “hot tub” Leinart can now just hang out and watch their last shining moment of fame…The 2006 Rose Bowl game.

  14. The Raiders are keeping TWO punters and they just waived their rookie 4th rd QB.
    That sums them up in a nutshell.

  15. Winder says:

    I see we put Darryl Morris (sp) on the practice squad. That’s the only name I saw so far.

  16. The Colts opened up as a 6 1/2 pt. favorite vs the Raiders. The line is already up to 10. Don’t the gamblers realize the Raiders have two punters? TWO! That’s gotta be worth at least 7 pts. on its own.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Osgood should make it to the taxi squad.

    They’ll be doubly favored to win the West, Dennis

  18. unca_chuck says:

    No Osgood (yet) but OL Patrick Omameh, S Mike Thomas, DL Mike Purcell, RB Jewel Hampton, WR Chuck Jacobs, and OT Carter Bykowski have been signed to the PS (along with Darryl Morris).

    I think there’s room for one more guy.

  19. snarkk says:

    What happened to Lavelle Hawkins? Where’d he end up?

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Near as I can tell, he’s still an FA.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Didn’t hear about Ray Lewis and His delusional fantasies until just now. He thinks that the NFL pulled the plug on the Super Bowl to allow the 49ers back int the game. Uh, yeah. Got it.

    You won, Ray. Shut the fuck up.

    Here’s Jed’s response, via Tweet.


    Not bad, Jed.

    • NJ49er says:

      Seriously Chuck.
      I said the same thing on Skeebers’ site.
      He wins the game, gets the Ring, yet has to be talking smack about a conspiracy?

      Let’s talk about the jail time you did in Atlanta regarding a double homicide Ray.
      Better look up the meaning of that one Ray.

      Two guys died and, he and his entourage were neck deep in the events that surrounded the murders.

      Thank God that clown is done playing.
      I just hope we don’t have to see a steady diet of his opinions for ESPN.
      Just sorry we couldn’t ruin his retirement party.

    • barleyfreak says:

      Everytime Ray Ray opens his mouth and utters anything we all get just a bit more stupid. Osmosis, I think. STFU.

  22. NoFear49er says:

    NJ49er, you see this sort of thing when an ex-player is under pressure to make a splash when entering a broadcast career. Sometimes the stupidity is so outrageous it spells the end before it begins. I really hope that’s the case for Lewis. I think that newly minted HOF under-tackle tried the same a time or two. It’s all show-biz hype.

    I think our game turned on Ngati’s and Justin Smith’s ability to play anyway.

  23. Nipper says:

    I’m against ex-jocks in broadcasting. Most of them are boring and tiresome people. Of course there’s always exceptions, but too few to mention. Chuck’s dog would bring more effort to a broadcast. Arf!

  24. Alleykat says:

    Packers pick up both Tolzien and now the unretired Wallace for the match up come Sunday. Fuckin Wallace,what a POS” he probably only came in to our camp to micro film the Playbook.Pretty fishy how he bailed out on us, then signs with the Pack days before this game.
    Lol if there that desperate coming in to “Our House” with these clowns , an what little knowledge(Tolzien not Wallace) provide.Guess their not desperate enough for Tebow yet?

  25. snarkk says:

    They trade Johnson (who looks now like a 4th rounder) for a 7th round pick, then sign a rookie WR cut from Seattle = Harper? To play, or for intel? Why is he better than Hawkins, who could return kicks, too? Now they’ve got a closet filled with wannabe WRs, and more when / if Manningham is back. I’d have thought that Johnson as a backup QB assassin, and only getting better, was a great asset to have. Call me puzzled…

    • barleyfreak says:

      I think Baalke’s just trying to eliminate all evidence of the 2012 draft. He’s almost there.

  26. snarkk says:

    Every team’s in the same boat. But, they should expand the rosters to 55, at least. Keep the same practice squad number. Two additional per team won’t break the NFL bank, and it would help stop teams having to give up pretty decent players that have been with the team all through camp or even longer…

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the Cam trade is puzzling. As is the Hawkins thing. At least he’s somewhat proven as a WR. These are fringe guys anyway, so I’m not too concerned. They have an awful lot of confidence in the green WR corps, that’s for sure.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Talk is Harper will be switched to TE. Which means H back in the diamond formation?

    Haven’t seen them run that very muc.h this preseason.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    They ran that about 40% of the Miami game I went to last year.

  30. NJ49er says:

    Could also be that Hawkins would be guaranteed his Contract value if he’s on an NFL Roster for the 1st game too?
    I have a feeling Seattle might be doing that with Michael Robinson, we’ll see.

    I liked Harper at K-State, he’s very similar to Patton.
    Harper is little heavier but, I think they’re about the same height.
    Either way, stealing someone from Pete is always a good thing from my vantage point.

    • NJ49er says:

      Might be that Baalke had Harper on the Board in April too.
      Look at it as getting another 4th Rd Pick, courtesy of Seattle leaving him unprotected on Cut Down Day.

      • NJ49er says:

        As for Cam, he got us another 7th Rd Pick.
        Nice that Baalke turned an extra Roster spot into some Draft Currency, instead of just cutting him loose to open the slot for a player they felt was more valuable.

        Curious to see where Marecic slides into the picture now.

      • NJ49er says:

        From Combine Bio information –
        Harper 6’1″ 229
        Patton 6’0″ 204

        Patton had the higher Draft Grade for what that’s worth.

        One interesting piece of the puzzle is that Harper played in a Run heavy system at K-State.
        Could be a good indication why both we and Seattle saw value in him.
        Patton was just an electric RAC prospect, which of course, is also a great attribute.

  31. NJ49er says:

    Harper is also an ex-QB turned WR.
    Makes sense having lost Marqueis Gray.
    Gray 6’3″ 240

    Very similar measurables.

  32. NJ49er says:

    Looking back on Harpers’ Combine stats –
    Harper –
    35.5 Vertical – 20 Reps- 4.5/40
    Patton –
    33.0 Vertical- 8 Reps- 4.48/40

    I can see why Harper is being considered as an H/TE.
    Run heavy College system.
    Better build and blocked more.

    Should be a nice addition for us.
    Especially since it subtracts from Pete and the Cheats.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Yea, after seeing the pack seemingly go after guys from our team nominally one would think to gather intel, good to see us doing that with Harper.

    Plus he’s a big target that can block, so all the better. This would kinda put Marecic off the table I’d think.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Saw that the Giants cut Ramses Barden out of SLO. Would love to have that guy. 6′ 6″ 224 lb. Use him in the red zone.

    • I remember Ramses being one of your sleeper pks from whatever draft yr that was. 4 yrs ago? He didn’t do much for the G-Men. Had a hard time remaining healthy, I think. And why would we use him in the red zone? Unless you’re the 3rd or 4th TE and /or the 2nd string guard or tackle, Jimbo has no use for you in his play call.

  35. snarkk says:

    Surprise, nobody’s picked up Tebow. His throwing guru Clarkson said today that Tim should go to the CFL and hone his craft. I think I said that at least 6 months ago, or before he even went to New England. ESPN will drop him now. If he goes to the “Alouettes”, who hold his CFL rights, nobody cares. Besides, ESPN’s moved onto the next Tebow — he’s at A&M now…

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Ha ha. Johnny Football will look to travel the hype path as long as he can as well . . .

    Mr. Manzeil, meet Gino Torreta, meet Troy Smith, meet Matt Leinart, meet Jason White, meet Tim Crouch, meet Danny Werfful, meet Ty Detmer. . . .

    It’s amazing the lack of success Heisman winning QBs have. Griffin looks like a player. Cam Newton is doing a good job with a crappy team. Between Jim Plunkett and now you have maybe Flutie, Testaverde, Carson Palmer, and the 2 guys above.

    Shit, Testaverde and Palmer barely qualify.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Stumbled across this on the internets. Long as hell, but a history of the low-level grifters that the extended Manziel family is . . .


  38. unca_chuck says:

    Ooops wrong site. . . .

  39. snarkk says:

    If Tebow does NOT go to the CFL to try to be a QB and get his QB skills in order (such as they are), he’ll be exposed as the fraud and media whore I suspect he is. He’s said repeatedly he wants to be a QB, so go to Canada and learn how to be one, then come back to the NFL like Garcia or Warren Moon. If he doesn’t even try it, that’s all lip service…

  40. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, fucking Warner went to the Arena League. You do what you have to if you really want to hone your craft. Talk is cheap. I suspect he’ll wait for a desperate team to give him a shot in a few weeks. Then, pfffffffffffffft.

  41. NJ49er says:

    A moment of silence for our Hero in St Louis, LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar.
    Sorry for your loss of a Roster spot J-L.

    We’ll always remember the day the Kaepernick era began in SF.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Ha ha. He does not know what he hath wrought.

    • NJ49er says:

      Like Mo Lewis of the NYJ Chuck.
      Mo took out Bledsoe, so began the Tom Brady Era.

      Not so sure the NYJ are applauding that hit in hindsight.

  43. Nipper says:

    The real issue is not the status of who makes what team etc. The Niners will win the Super Bowl. There I said it. Now you guys can go home and relax and enjoy the ride. Fretting will do you no good. The real issue is whether Dennis is upright or horizontal. I suspect he’s wearing the sawdust floor on his chin.

  44. 12th man says:

    WR is the area I am most concerned about. Boldin is a good receiver but not a #1. He doesn’t get open by much if at all, his skill is overpowering the DB for the ball. That smells like turn over opportunities to me if Boldin is the featured guy.
    I am a fan of Williams but he is no #1 either, a good slot guy though. Patton has looked good so far which means just about nothing since it’s been pre-season and he’s a rookie so it’s wait and see with him. Moore has been solid but unspectacular, a contributor but nothing more so far and that’s been his playing history to date and Baldwin has not had much opportunity to shine with KC due to shitty QB/team play so he is a big ?
    The obvious place to pick up the slack is VD but if that’s what happens he will be shut down quickly. He is good singled up against LB on a couple of routes but has been largely taken out of games when doubled.

    Hopefully someone shines and it is all good, but so far it looks like the return of Jimmy Hat to me.

    The DB situation seems to have improved during TC/Pre-season but again that is far from live action. Reid has been positioned well and made some nice plays but as a rookie there will be mistakes. Nnamdi has looked solid as Cully’s replacement and Brock has been decent too. Mildly surprised Rodgers made the team without restructuring and/or getting cut, I would guess the Cully injury saved him.

    Run game and pass rush look dominant again.

    TE beyond VD is sketchy but promising.

    Overall the team looks to be in good shape but maybe a shade worse than last year at least on paper.

    11-5 looks about right to me again starting with a win in GB and a loss in Squawks nest. Niners split with Seattle and Rams and take both over the Cards and again edge out the Squawks to win the division. Kap continues to progress, Wilson takes a step backwards. He is not as gifted as Kap and will be less successful with a year of film on him. I think we have seen all of Wilson’s toolkit but Kap has more in the bag.

    Need to see how the health of the team is at the end of the season to predict playoffs but from this distance I would risk some cash on a SB win this year.

    • 12th man says:

      I think he has 2 years to file. My guess would be the scum sucking bottom dweller of a lawyer has made attempts to force an out of court settlement with the players and either didn’t get enough money or they told him to shove it so now a lawsuit.

      Weird to me is why the cops didn’t bring charges against the players for weapons violations if they did what they are accused of since witnesses should have been plentiful. Certainly they investigated the stabbing of Smith and 2 gunshot wounded victims but came up empty.

      On the surface it looks like a money grab.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    12th, I’m with you on most of that. However, I think the team is marginally better than last year. We don’t have the home run hitting WR, but we have more depth than last year. Vance McDonald and Eric Reid for all intents and purposes look as good or a little better than the guys they replaced. The D line gets some needed depth (really hoping the rookies Dial and Tank come back by week 6).

    The pass defense again will be helped by a sustained pass rush. It was hit or miss by the end of the season when everyone was tired and/or injured, so that depth should provide a stronger unit come playoff time.

    A major key is Kappy. With a full camp under his belt as the #1, and the exerience he’s gaining, he’s going to show more this year. I really think the Niners are going away from the read option offense. They showed more multi-WR sets and little of the diamond formation they used a lot last year. Pistol? Sure. Shotgun? Yes. But I think they’ll go away from the read option, as rule changes allow the QB to be nailed on fakes.

    • 12th man says:

      Good point on the D line depth, should pay off down the line. Can’t agree McDonald and Reid are upgrades over Goldson and Walker, at least not yet, and McDonald will have to improve his blocking to see the field in any significant way but both players have big potential. I was a fan of the Reid pick but expecting a rookie to fill the shoes of a pro bowler is a tall order.

      Agree the key is Kap. He is improving his reads and can pocket pass no doubt. He is more lethal in the read/option due to the LB having to stay home so I see that remaining a staple of the O. It comes down to the WR making plays for him. If they do then the O can be balanced or pass oriented. If not then Jimmy Hat is back.

      Big fan of Frank Gore but really think this is his last year. Good teams cut good players a year early not a year late.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    Baldwin has the potential to be the home run guy, He’s big and fast, but his hands are iffy. He seems to want to make easy catches look harder than they are and thus drops passes. That was the knock in KC anyway.

    • 12th man says:

      Haven’t seen enough of Baldwin to have an opinion yet. I discount his time in KC, a 2-14 team is not a great proving ground especially with lousy QB play.

      He does have the measurables though and now has a top flight QB throwing to him so hopefully he shows what he can really do.

  47. Irish Kevin says:

    Health will always dictate how a team does. Have not been out here much. So can someone give me an update on Justin Smith and Patrick Willis. Have not heard much about them. I am also worried about the WR, unless someone steps up, I see Kap running a lot. Not good.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Eric Reid has already shown better coverage skills than Goldson. That was my biggest beef with Dashon. He was constantly burned over the top, and was out of position too much. By the playoffs it was an epidemic.Yes, he’s an intimidator and a big hitter who caused some damage, but as the FS he needed better coverage skills. In my opinion. Reid isn’t the physical force Goldson is, but I’ve seen him in position a lot more than Goldson. Will this change in the real season? Could be, but he appears to me to be fundamentally more sound a FS than Goldson. He tackles well, and that’s all I care about. Make the tackles you need to and provide deep support. The highlight reel blowups are all well and good, but I’d take a well-timed pass breakup any day.

    Baldwin was dumped for a reason. He drops too many passes. And he got on Andy Reid’s bad side early on. Regardless of who is throwing you the ball, you drop it, you suck. I think he can be taught to catch better, and I’m all for the trade, as AJ lacked heart, and that’s a harder thing to teach.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    As far as the WRs go, I’m guardedly optimistic at the crew we’ve assembled. none of them are speed burners, but they all seem to go after the ball and have good hands. Well, there’s Baldwin . . .

    The point being, this offense is going to be what we’ve seen in the preseason. Short to mid-range passes with few deep shots.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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