Something for the Alex Fans

A ringing endorsement of Alex Smith . . . from none other than Joe Montana. Funny, Joe here is saying what a lot of people have been saying all these years. It’s a tough  row to hoe when you are in 3rd and 12 constantly and you don’t have any WRs getting open to throw the ball to. Fairly interesting is the mindset that Joe talks about. The whole ‘getting into the flow’ and being consistent was a staple of the Walsh years with Joe and Steve. Ball control, and move the chains. These are concepts that the West Coast Offense is built upon. This is what Harbaugh is trying to create with Alex Smith right now.

Yes, there were too many stalled drives. Yes, the 3rd down conversion rate stank. But last season was very abbreviated in Harbaugh being able to fully install his offense. I mean, it certainly was a lot more conservative in that 1st Seattle game than it was in the NO playoff game. And this was with little to no production out of the WRs. Davis WAS the passing game, for the most part. Crabs had a decent year, but he was rendered pointless in the playoffs. Whether by double teams or whatever, he seemed to fall back into old bad habits of not finishing routes, and never being aware of Smith in trouble and him trying to get free. I wish I could see game tapes of the playoff games, but the few glimpses into the secondary showed Crabs usually not looking for or helping his QB once plays broke down.

The new crop of WRs should help some, if not a lot. Mario Manningham isn’t the burner they need, but he’s big, and he has great hands. Crabs has officially gotten a fire lit under his ass. His time to really become what he thinks he is is now. AJ Jenkins should fill the speed burner role if he can catch on fast. He certainly can follow in the footsteps of a guy like DeSean Jackson, a small fast guy who made an immediate impact. The enigma Randy Moss? Well, everyone is saying great things about the guy, and so far, he’s gotten glowing practice results. I guess we have to wait and see what the regular season brings with him. I’m sure he doesn’t want his legacy to be crashing and burning with 4 teams (Tenn, Minn, NE, and now SF) on his way out of the league.

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  1. phil fan says:

    Need transcript = coconut broadband running slow today. But I can see yer point about getting in the flow and consistency ALA the Walsh, Montana, Young years. Gosh we haven’t had that in forever- since Garcia. Hopefully Roman can use the WRs effectively in conjunction with the TEs and the RBs. Last year the lack of pre-season, new coaches, new players made our O look pretty ordinary (weak) and predictable esp as the season ground on. Saints game was a great exception as they seemed to game plan around V Davis.

    Should be interesting this year on O. D I expect will be as good as last year. How many days til training camp Chuck?

  2. phil fan says:

    Not sure if the final drive video against the Saints was posted here recently but here it is again starring VD and AS with a little Frank in the mix:

    Good stuff!

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Near as I can tell, Phil camp starts July 26th. 31 days . . .

  4. unca_chuck says:


    PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Pittsburgh Steelers have released veteran quarterback Troy Smith, a former Ohio State star who won the 2006 Heisman Trophy. Smith signed with the Steelers earlier this year. He has also spent time with the Omaha Nighthawks (2011) of the United Football League, the San Francisco 49ers (2010) and the Baltimore Ravens (2007-2009). The Ravens drafted him in the fifth round (174th overall) of the 2007 draft.

    Yet another successor to Alex Smith’s lukewarm hold of the starting QB position in San Francisco . . .

  5. phil fan says:

    It was Singletron’s starting Troy Smith over Alex during the 2010 season that convinced me he had lost it completely. Or that he never actually had it. Pathetic. Incompetent. That’s what made his firing such a relief. Baalke’s hiring of Coach Harbaugh was some of the first concrete evidence that there was some light at the end of the tunnel

    No surprise that Pittsburgh figured it out

  6. philippinefan says:

    I expect Alex will keep improving as he and the O learn more from Jimbo and are able to spend time in his system. Amazing what both D and the offense were able to accomplish with so little of an off season last year.

  7. phil fan says:

    Ron Jaworski on Alex:

    “”I was really impressed with Smith in the playoff win against the Saints. He read the blitz, he was decisive and accurate. He pulled the trigger on the tight-window throws. The winning touchdown showed his development as a quarterback. Davis was in the tight slot. Smith’s throw had to beat the deep safety to that side. You have to throw it early with great anticipation.

    “Right here [more video], Smith began his delivery. That is as good as it gets, folks. The throw made this touchdown. You know what offensive coaches always emphasize? Run the offense the way it is structured and designed. Alex Smith did that with great efficiency. He’s not the most physically gifted and talented thrower in the league, but he played at a very high level in 2011, and I expect the same in 2012.”

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Chrrrrrrrrist. Summer sucks for football news.

    • phil fan says:

      Yeah true dat. I have it from a reliable source that by July 26 we will have some actual football news. Meanwhile we have blather and lots of it…

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