At Least it Wasn’t a Last-Second Loss

Hopes for the first victory of the season seemed to have been a bit premature as the 49ers went down flailing to a meh Dallas team by the galling score of 40-10. As usual, the game started out with a big mistake. This one courtesy of Trent Taylor’s muffing of a punt after the Niners defense made a nice 3-and-out stand on Dallas’ first possession.

This led to a quick TD. The offense never got on track, and there were the usual penalties (hello Rashard Robinson) and mistakes, Brieda fumbled, but recovered, and CJ fumbled on the Dallas 8 yard line to thwart a promising drive before the half. Another drive to start 3rd quarter ended in a 4th down fail. It took a while but the defense wore down and the 49ers lost going away. The good news? No drops! Anyhow, the is was a baptism by fire for BeatHard as he was rattled, hit, and flummoxed for most of the game. The line was insanely inconsistent, and Staley, the bright spot, still whiffed completely on the CJ fumble. Tomlinson had a terrible game at guard, and Brown did his share of whiffing as well.

Overall, a bad game from a young team. The schedule doesn’t get any easier with the high flying Eagles next, on the road, and then the Cards & Giants here. Both are struggling but both are better than us.

PS.  The tribute to Dwight Clark was an awesome move by Eddie Debartolo. He flew in all the players he could from that 1981 team that was so shocking in their ascendancy. He has also been  flying Clark around the world to find the best treatment available for him.  It was also very painful to see such someone who very recently was an outgoing, energetic healthy man become so debilitated so fast.


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  1. Winder says:

    I would have rather lost by a couple of points again. But maybe this is a wake up call, the pink cloud has to be gone by now and the players will have to respond accordingly or else be gone next year. Once again the fucking mistakes hurt us badly, but it was overall shity play the did us in. I really like the way CJ is carrying himself through this. It just seems he has the mentality and toughness to succeed in this league. At this point he kinda reminds me of A. Smith but only better. Anyway, we shall see how we either progress or not.

  2. Nipper says:

    Agree it was a bad day for the home team. Dallas just whopped the Niners every way possible. Fumbles, poor play was the order of the day. Beathard had no chance to succeed with the lack of protection afforded him. Probably this team was due for a real stinker with all the injuries and young players being introduced this season.

  3. Lurker John says:

    CJ made some plays along with the mistakes. He holds the ball too long, but he also had people in his face all day. The defense couldn’t stop the run all day and Foster is proving to be a China doll in the short time he’s been on the field. He wasn’t particularly great when he was in there. I still say cutting Bow was premature. Brock fucking Coyle is a better option? Ray Ray? No.

    The offensive line sucks ass. Until that is fully addressed this offense will never go anywhere. Witness Dallas’ OL. The Niners barely got near Prescott all day long and they sure as hell couldn’t stop Elliot. Buckner was neutralized as well.

    Clark looked awful and that made me sad. It took a lot of courage to show up and meet with his old teammates. ALS is a fucking awful disease. I’m now for the measures being taken to protect the player’s brains, even if it does result in more penalties. No player is taught to spear, that’s something they pick up as they move through the ranks. God speed to DC. He’s one of the good guys to ever play in the league and one of the all-time great 49ers. ’81 was an amazing, magical year and he was a huge part of hit. Thank you Steve Fuller.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I’m sure I told you all of meeting Joe and Dwight at the Hillsdale mall in 1982. It was a couple months after the Super Bowl and they were just walking around. No one was bugging them or even noticing them, and I had to say hi and just thank them for bringing a championship to San Francisco. They were both very low-key and nonchalant about it and were happy to talk about the season past. I couldn’t tell them enough how huge that NFC Championship game was and how heartbreaking all those dallas losses in the 70s were, and how the payback for us fans was off the charts great.

    The one thing that struck me was how big Dwight was and how small Joe was. I mean, I met Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice along the way, and they were puny compared to Clark.

    • Winder says:

      I think Joe only weighed about 180+ pounds, without the shoulder pads he did look smaller than most of the players

  5. unca_chuck says:

    This isn’t your dad’s Journey. Or even Steve Perry’s. . . Like Neal Shon said at the time, we were tired of starving. But damn the music was killer.

  6. NJ49er says:

    Ditto to Eddie Chuck. Class act all the way.
    Lurker John, Jeff Fuller is another example of how Eddie did it right.
    You can’t buy this sort of devotion in Sports, it’s earned.
    Eddie made this Franchise what it is.
    Hope Jed takes the hint soon.

    Heartbreaking to see Eddie in tears yesterday as he stood with DC.
    ALS is no joke. Sad to see DC in that condition.

  7. rob says:

    just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse lol
    hey does anybody know anything about datone jones ! looks like a good rotation guy …

  8. 12th Man says:

    Well the game was a tad one sided, but I want to share a couple of other things from my game day experience.

    It took well over an hour to get through the gates of the stadium, we arrived in a normal time frame but by the time we got in there was just over 3 mins left of the 1st qtr and the Niners were down 14-3. I have no idea why it took so long. I’ve never had that there before, although it is usually slow, it’s never been dead stopped and for such a long time before. I count myself lucky as the lines stretched out way behind me.

    Having stood still in the hot sun for such an extended period of time we needed a drink, so joined another excruciatingly long line for beer and water, all 28 mins worth, catching snippets of the game on the TV’s around the concessions when line of site permitted. Naturally we each bought 2 beers and water. Finally got into the seats with 10+ mins left on the clock of the second qtr.

    The Niners asked that fans remain in their seat for DC at half time and I was more than happy to oblige, terrible tragedy and another amazing memory from being at the stadium in person.

    Naturally after the ceremony we needed the bathroom and more beer. I had given up on the idea of food as the concession lines are always ridiculous and even more so after this particular half time.

    The bathroom lines were reasonable and we went back to the beer lines. We missed the entire 3rd quarter between the bathroom and beer lines and to add insult to injury, we finally got to the counter and a security guy ran up and told the cashier to cut it off as the 3rd qtr had ended so we got water to cool our anger.

    Now you may be thinking we are drinking some obscure beer that is worth spending that kind of time in line for but no, its Coors Light, at $10 a pop no less which is .50c less than last year BTW.

    Clearly this is complete bullshit to buy season tix, pay for PSL’s and have this level of service. The only thing Levi stadium has done better than the Stick is the bathrooms, which are clean and reasonably fast.

    Getting in the stadium is a series of bottlenecks with associated jostling and bad tempers and the concession area, although much bigger than the Stick, is an utter disaster. They could double their capacity and it would not be enough.

    I am not a complaint letter writer typically, but will happily send on in today. Just furious to spend literally half the game in lines.

    • Winder says:

      12th- that is totally unacceptable. It used to be the concessions were won on bids and the stadium would periodically change them up now and again. I would write a very nasty letter.

  9. Lurker John says:

    That’s unbelievable 12th. I would’ve been just as pissed. What a load of bullshit. I wonder if the enhanced security crap held things up getting into the stadium.

    • 12th Man says:

      It was the same security set up as normal John, metal detectors then scanning tickets. I saw no reason for the crazy long time it took to pass through, we literally just stood still for maybe 40 mins and shuffled forward at a snails pace for the rest of the time. I got there at the usual time to get in, grab a beer and sit before the game starts but not on Sunday.

      If the cameras looked at the crowd for the start of the game the assumption would be low attendance, it wasn’t, maybe 30% of the crowd was outside or in concession lines.

      Pure bullshit.

      • Lurker John says:

        I send a letter too, not very nicely worded. I don’t think the Niner front office is keeping their eye on the ball very well lately.

      • Lurker John says:

        They should reimburse you for having to miss the entire first quarter. I’ve never been to any sporting event where that happened. I’ve been to a lot of Seahawks games and never had any trouble getting into the stadium.

  10. Lurker John says:

    Great story Chuck.

  11. 12th Man says:

    In a nod to the Debartolo era, what a touching tribute and show of friendship for DC, owner, players and family, if Jed learns anything I hope it’s from Sunday because other than Kap and Reid, which players show any loyalty and affection publicly to Jed?

    To be fair they did give DC catch shirts at the entrance at no small cost which most Niner fans put on for the ceremony, but Jed has a ways to go to be Eddie.

  12. 12th Man says:

    I have a question since I missed it, what happened with the Cowboys during the Anthem? I read one of the players intended to do something against Jerry’s wishes?

  13. NJ49er says:

    Being the rebellious type 12th, (and loving Jerruh as I do), I’d do just what he demanded I shouldn’t do.
    He joined the team and participated in a group kneel-in himself, until he found that it didn’t go over so well. Answer? Threaten to sit those that continue.
    They should simply not give the players the protest platform via TV IMO.
    Drunks who run onto the field don’t. Why Anthem kneelers?
    Sorry about your less than enjoyable trip to the Hot Box too.
    All things considered, (in hindsight), it was ugly and probably saved you some additional aggravation?

  14. Nipper says:

    What bothers me is the poor play on the field. It will continue and the injuries just keep on coming. Grabbing other teams rejects is desperation. That’s what the situation is now whether we like it or not.

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, we knew right from the beginning that we had no depth what-so-ever and it sure has showed to be true. What is troubling to me is some of our starters keep making the same mistakes. It is just gonna take longer than I thought to get this together. I really have faith in our FO with Peters and Mayhew(sp). I think Lynch is gonna play this just like he did when he played. He will be relentless until the product we have is competitive. Everything is new and it looks like the players are doing their best but just haven’t figured it out yet.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    I went to a game last year with my son (and Irish) and didn’t have near the problems you did, 12th. We were in Sec 312 i think. Our problem was Seat-geek double-sold our seats. I had to go to will-call and ended up meeting Bruce Ellington. He offered to give me a ticket and get one from his grandma. They sent me 150% of the ticket price so I got paid to go to the Bucs game last year.

    The beer lines weren’t that bad either.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    We have no depth and not very much talent on offense.

  17. rob says:

    hey CHUCK can you give yourself post of the day honors ? if so your at ‘ least it wasn’t a last second loss ‘ comment might be post of the year ! lol

  18. Nipper says:

    Yeah if you’re going to lose, do it in a big way. Dallas approach will be duly noted by other teams on how to rattle the Niner’s shaky offense. Ouch!

  19. Flavor says:

    WTF is this shit?

  20. unca_chuck says:

    I was gonna post that here when I got home from work, Flav. Unbelievable.

    What are the other questions?

    “In terms of stadium experience, is dying of heat stroke a problem for you?”

    “Do you enjoy standing in line for an hour to get into the stadium?”

    “Do you make friends in the 35 minute beer line?”

    “Is missing 1/3 to 1/2 of the game in various lines an issue in terms of your game day experience?”

  21. NJ49er says:

    “Is it OK to reminisce about when the 9ers were good with special events to honor the past?”
    “Does Jed convince you that TRYING to win is good enough?”
    “Is the Marketing Plan and ambience of a new stadium enough to mask the FO chaos?”
    “Given a choice, would you like a roof addition (and higher beer costs) or, baking in the sun and lower beer costs?”

    The New Age NFL Experience.
    Reasons why the game is dying a slow death perhaps?

  22. Nipper says:

    Yeah people love waiting in line to get a beer. I stay home and walk to the fridge for my beer thank you. And people love to burn up in sun on a hot day while watching a game. As for winning who cares? Not much is going to occur this season anyway. Also people love to pay high parking fees or walk for miles to avoid them. I’m amazed anyone goes to the games now. Santa Clara should be a success but there’s reasons it is not.

    • 12th Man says:

      Each person supports the team in their own way. I do it with my money and my presence, without both of those the team will never be competitive and for me there is nothing like actually experiencing the game live. I’ve seen some of the greatest moments in Niners history in person and a lot of the lowest moments too but either way I was there. I bought season tix again this year after 3 years without them but even in those years I went to multiple games for the same reason.

      Last Sunday was just beyond the pale.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, this is new normal in regard to the stadium and the team. It’s a drag to look around the NFL and see the gleaming new state-of-the-art stadiums that have been built recently, and look at our erector set nightmare. They should cover half the field with a shade of some kind.

    I’m hoping things start looking up soon, 12th.

    New thread is up.

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