Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Kiper

Or this guy . . .


I wish all the draftnosticators would have post mortem shows to give us all the scoop on how well (terrible) they did with their draft picks. Short of the top 5 (and maybe not even that this year) these guys go off the rails by pick 8 in round 1.

Far be it from me to complain about the draft hype, because it does keep the NFL within earshot of everyone in the world, but it has jumped the shark at this point. Changing cities? Ooooh. Aaaah. Philly gets the nod this year, and the crowing nabobs will be out in force. ESPN, corporate sponsors, and the hype machine behind it has made this a giants freak show greed-head extravaganza. Coming from the good old days when Pete Rozelle would rent a non-descript conference room in a New York hotel for 6 hours and roll through 12 rounds, the draft is now huge business (although the rookie cap threw a little shade on the process of making tens of millions of dollars for the players. The owners couldn’t have THAT. You know, saving the owners from themselves). Thing is, though, it IS a fairly important activity for a lot of teams who are struggling. Dallas went from  also-ran with a fragile QB to an instant contender when they drafted Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. Yeah, they had a decent team before, but their jump was entirely unexpected by everyone. Especially when fix-me-again-Tony went down with his latest and last injury.

So here we are, three days from the first draft of the new regime. Newly minted (and unexperienced) GM John Lynch and newly minted (and unexperienced) HC Kyle Shanahan are poised on their first foray into the Wide World of NFL Hypedom, the NFL DRAFT!!! Reading between the lines of obscurity around the NFL, the 49ers appear to be in the hunting and gathering mode. They are looking like they will wait for Kirt Cousins to dislodge from the Washington Redskins and forego the QB spot this year. At least with a high draft pick. So that leaves the option of trading down. Something I’ve advocated for a while now, but with little consensus as to who the two should be, the demand for that pick may not be a strong one. Still, Cleve may pull the trigger to ensure they don’t lose out on Truebiscuit boy and trade with us for the 2nd pick. That’s the hope anyway.

Lynch and Shanny appear to be fairly balls-out in their dealings so far. Nothing earthshaking, but they aren’t sitting on their hands like Baalke did all free agency last year. So I think they do try to gather as many high picks as they can.

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17 Responses to Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Kiper

  1. Berger says:

    I predict we do not trade down and draft Trubisky and Engram with our first two picks.

  2. NJ49er says:

    Jon Allen/Solomon Thomas/Malik Hooker/JAdams RD1
    Josh Jones/Reuben Foster/Haason Reddick/Raekwon McMillan RD2 for me Berger.
    See where it goes….Tic. Toc.
    Trading back a few slots and getting Corey Davis wouldn’t kill me either.
    Cmon Tennesseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Berger says:

      I could live with that. Passing on a franchise QB would really irk me but if they did they would have their reasons that I’m not privy to.

    • Berger says:

      To be bold and pick one from each of your groups, I like Adams and McMillan. Foster if he is there but I doubt that scenario.

  3. Berger says:

    I really like Solomon Thomas but he is just too small hold an interior point in the run game. If we drafted him he would need to a DT pass rush specialist, meaning he wouldn’t be an every down player, or he would need to be a DE. Is he a good enough DE to go #2? If we draft him I’ll watch a lot of video and let you know.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I pegged Thomas a while ago as their go-to guy at 2. Either that or they trade down and possibly get him at 12. Hey, it could happen. I see him moving to DE in our scheme.

  5. Winder says:

    I think this whole draft will be about the ‘scheme.’ And since I don’t know wtf their new scheme is I haven’t got a clue. I think Adams is the safest bet. I am pretty sure he won’t last until 5 or 6. But I would still like to see a deal with Cleveland. They have a shitload of picks and a bunch for next year too. I think we would do real well if we could swing a deal with em.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Well, we’re going 4-3 on the defense. Certainly Thomas could fit in to that role as a DE.

  7. Flavor says:

    drafting guys from Stanford is not the way to go. Too many misses. I would take a stab on a Stanford player in later rounds but fuck trying to get a good one in rd 1. John Elway happened a LOOOOONG time ago.

    • Winder says:

      I agree, the only players 1st rd worthy are Mccaffrey and Thomas. Neither are worth a #2. Although I would love to get the RB somewhere later in the round.

  8. Nipper says:

    What a crapshoot!

    • Nipper says:

      Draft the best defensive players first leaving the offense for later rounds. None of the QBs in this draft are earthshaking talents. None will play much for the Niners for the coming season unless there’s divine intervention.

  9. 12th Man says:


    “49ers WR Bruce Ellington (hamstring) has been sidelined at OTAs.

    Time to cut bait.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Talk is heating up around Fournette. Him being pretty much a cab’t miss stud RB. We DID sign a FB in the offseason.

  11. Winder says:

    I would rather have Mccaffrey, he can do a lot more things.

  12. Nipper says:

    Stay away from RBs. Sure in college they’re world beaters but in the NFL they end up on the sidelines hurt and useless. Still Fournette may be worth the plunge if he’s that superior. Probably the second pick of the draft is too damn high for a RB. Niners better hope to trade down if they can find a trading partner.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is uo

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