Still on the Lookout For a GM . . .

I’ve mentioned all the players that the Niners are perusing in their GM search earlier, minus Brandon Beane, Carolina’s Assistant GM, and (gulp) wait for it, Jimmy Hat III! How many Jimmy Hats are there in the NFL? His father, the original Jimmy Hat,  is now the adviser to  NFL VP Troy Vincent. Jimmy the Deuce has been the VP of FO for the Colts for the last 4 years.

The barnyard may shit that Jay II guy is black, but hey, anyone is Better than Baalke. Louis Riddick is coming in next week for an interview. He has openly said that this is the best opportunity available of all the NFL jobs out there, and that he’d take the job in a heart beat. Given that, we may need to run some tests on his sanity.

He was drafted by us in 1991 but never played a down in the NFL.

Here’s the CSN report on the current candidates:


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    from Nipper on the last thread:::

    Nipper says:
    January 5, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    It boils down who does Jed and his henchmen desire more? A coach or a GM. You hire a GM and then let him pair himself with a coach. I don’t think Jed is going that route. So the emphasis is on a coach that Jed wants. Hey it’s his toy……..remember that when you spend your hard earned money at Levi’s. Jed can’t be fired according to him so spend you suckers and get what you can from the experience.

  2. Flavor says:

    it’s idiotic to hire a coach before a GM. I hope to god they don’t fuck this up RIGHT FROM THE START.

  3. Irish Kevin says:

    What can someone tell me about the guy VP? Whose name I can’t even pronounce, is he a knowledgeable football 🏈 guy or is he just some schmuck numbers guy?

  4. Winder says:

    Football is such big money now days that I think the concept of team gets lost in the process. If you hire a HC before the GM more than likely the HC has exact ideas on the type of player he wants. That’s all fine and good but the HC doesn’t draft the players. I don’t see how that’s gonna work. The only way it will work is if they both have the similar chemistry. I think you gotta go GM first, of course there is no guarantee it will work even then but I think it has the best chance of success. Some of those names on that list sound promising, lots of different backgrounds. I guess it’s kinda like buying tires you don’t just get one.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Paraag Marathe, Kevin? He’s been on the team for 16 years and has no NFL experience short of his time here. He is the contract negotiator and is good at that, mainly because he was a consultant before joining the Niners, but he shouldn’t be making football decisions. Problem is, there are no more football people in the building to do the deciding for the GM spot.

    It’s up to Jed and Paraag.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Based on what I’ve read in the playpen recently, Skeebs is Jed and Buwwitt is Marathe. And Phil is Herve Villechaize.

    They are glad-handing and reach-arounding each other so much, they’ve hurt themselves.

    For all their sound and fury they still support the front office through all this? Unbelievable.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    One of my favorite bands BTW . . . up there with the Meat Puppets.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    The search is heating up I suppose

    Josh McDaniels wants to come here and coach. I say nooooooo to that. He was an absolute disaster in Denver.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Tweeter and the Money Man are running this team.
    Football guys make football teams go.
    The proverbial case of oil and water IMO.
    Just doesn’t mix.

    • Winder says:

      NJ- you are probably right especially in this case but it is what we got. All we can do at this point is hope for the best.

      • NJ49er says:

        Hoping won’t help Winder –
        We need to harass the piss out of them.
        These 2 clowns are clueless in this arena.
        What they’ve done in their Ownership era is embarrassing to why we all became 9er fans.
        Eddie did it the right way, taking care of the guys that wore the uniforms and those that Coached them.
        Jed ‘wants’ to win but, he’s clueless as to how to treat the game, let alone the people that run it.
        I wouldn’t trust these 2 idiots with a grocery list.

      • Nipper says:

        In Jed we trust.

      • Winder says:

        NJ- agree, the media and fans can’t let up on Jed otherwise he might get the wrong ideas. Anger and hope is just about all I got at this point.

  10. Nipper says:

    After all, Jed has other priorities like building his cabana to worry too much about getting a coach or GM. Let the masses eat cake while Jed takes time making up his mind. “I’m the owner” he yelps to the media and “owners do not fire themselves.”

    • NJ49er says:

      With any sort of luck, THE Owners might just wake up and do it for him Nipper.
      He’s a wannabe (Owner) in that discussion too.

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