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Something tells me this is going to be an interesting opening to the 2016 NFL season. One of the old ‘new young guns’ that were on track to revitalize the position of NFL quarterback was just released. Robert Griffin III, the guy the Redskins paid dearly for in draft picks, was unceremoniously cut from those same Redskins. after of course spending last season on the bench as the 3rd strong guy behind Kurt Cousins and Colt (yikes) McCoy. The other supposed game-changer, Cam Newton, just lost Super Bowl L in a spectacularly awful showing, amid constant pressure, missed plays, and finally a loss of heart by the end as he fumbled and whined his way to the finish, despite his MVP showing last season. And we all know what is going on with our own guy, Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of the Rams, they turned the plethora of draft picks garnered from the Redskins for the right to draft RG III into basically nothing. They got DT Michael Brockers, a solid if unspectacular defensive tackle on a great D line. They got OLB Alec Ogletree, an above-average LB who covers well. They got CB Janoris (Mr. Toasted) Jenkins, nuff said. RB Isaiah Pead, a one-year wonder that hit the dog house. OL R Watkins, cut before he played a down. WR Steadman Bailey, another in a log line of disappointing WRs (sound familiar?). RB Zac Staley, another RB du Jour who had a great year and fell of the depth chart for the next guy, Tre Mason (and the Todd Gurley). And. last but not least 2nd pick in the 2014 draft, the biggest disappointment, OT Greg Robinson. Being considered one of the worst tackles in the game in 2014, and didn’t improve much last year.

There you have it. The Rams turned all their high picks into a bunch of meh, and still haven’t been in the playoffs as the Cards have zoomed past them, the Seahawks are, well, balanced on their own precipice, and of course our Niners are a clusterfuck in waiting. The reason I bring up the Rams is because they are now in the same raft that the Redskins were in back in 2012. The Rams are in desperate need for a quarterback. Nick Foles, their guy, went 4-7 and played himself to the bench in favor of Case (who am I?) Keenum.

Tennessee, the team holding the #1 pick, is not. They have Marcus Mariota and a horrible line. They are actively looking to trade down with someone in need so they can draft a slew of O linemen.  Who better than the Rams? They gained first-hand knowledge of how trading picks away can help (Washington hit the playoffs immediately), and they see that hoarding picks isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success either, as they have aptly proven. So I can see the Rams making a play for that top pick to draft either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

Want to know what’s really fucked up? The team that now looks to become a playoff fixture is the one-and-only Scotty McCloughan-led Washington Redskins. The Cowboys are in a huge pile of disarray as their defense racks up huge losses, and Tony Romo keeps trucking millions into his bank account. The Eagles are in another tumultuous offseason (hi, Chip), and the Giants are coming off an underwhelming year themselves as they search for a new chemistry.

Don’t know what the deal is with non-teetotalling Scot. He apparently drank his way out of the 49ers GM-ship after building up a great team, and he did the same in Seattle, leaving for ‘personal reasons’ there as well. Now, however, he is responsible for the Redskins prompt turnaround last year by nailing last year’s draft with 4 starters, drafting guard Brandon Scherff, outside linebacker Preston Smith, running back Matt Jones and wide receiver Jamison Crowder, and signing his guys Dashon Goldson, Rickey-Jean Francois. He also picked up  NT Terrance Knighton and special teams ace Jeron Johnson. He has now built a team that is suddenly stable and has a promising future. Not a bad day’s work for the guy. Fuck. 

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  1. Nipper says:

    If I was in charge I’d bring him back no questions asked. Since he left we’re stuck with Baalke.

  2. Flavor says:

    begs the question, just how drunk is this guy getting? It’s not like he’s got to play in the games. He seems pretty talented as a *draft king*. I’d let him run my draft and my home bar as long as he keeps drafting like a boss…….

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, it’s very weird. Is he stumbling down the corridors leaving a trail of blood, vomit, empty bottles, and broken dreams?

    The Niners and he had a ‘mutual parting’ before it became de riguer around here. But he lasted here 9 years in various roles. Then he drafts Russell Wilson and Richerd Sherman, among others in his 4 years in Seattle, and leaves for the dreaded ‘personal reasons.’

    Now Washington is reaping the rewards. Is he a mercurial flaming torch of anger and dissention? Like the Hunter Thompson of GMs?

  4. Nipper says:

    I’m sure he’s superior dead drunk to Baalke’s stone cold sober.

  5. Nipper says:

    Raiders just signed a linebacker. All they need is a stadium and a new city to play in. Niners need a new owner and a new football operation. Baalke can be the head janitor in a new organization.

  6. rob says:

    In Baalke we trust

    • rob says:

      That being said with all our cap room the 7th pick and 12 choices it’s put up ir shut up time .
      I expect nothing less than playoffs in 2016

  7. unca_chuck says:

    A lot of things need to go right for this team to make the playoffs, ROB!!! I thought we’d crawl in when Harbaugh signed on, and he did pretty well.

    Chipper? Well, we’ll see. Harbaugh had a shit-ton more talent to work with. Like I said somewhere, Baalke needs to nail this draft. And get some immediate impact on the FA market. There certainly are guys available. Beef up the lines and we’ll see about the rest.

    QB being a big part of how this shit plays out.

  8. rob says:

    Hmmm Cameron Wake might be an option

  9. rob says:

    I hear we now have 62 mil in cap space

  10. unca_chuck says:

    We’re # 1 ! ! !

    And it’s “Oh Lord . . .”

    • Nipper says:

      She came right out of Port Arthur Texas.

    • RTFirefly says:

      I got one – ’66 to match Route 66. I never forgot that song, as you know I loves me some Janis. I gotta admit, though, I liked my old 190E better. The ’66 sure is a workhorse, though. I figure she’s gotta be edging towards a million miles on her by now.

      Bye bye Alex Boone, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord (speaking of Lords) split you. I hope the mountaintop you reached with the 2015 Niners didn’t make you too giddy. Too bad, though – the Vikings were one of my upcoming favorites in the league, a team I’d planned to root for come playoff time when my team has gone home for the season. I’ve liked Teddy Roosewater, have since he came into the league – if only he could kick chip shot FGs… Maybe Alex will break a leg before the playoffs?

      Getting Goff could be the best thing to happen to the Niners in a long, long time. Or not. On the one hand, we didn’t fare too well with the last QB with small hands we got, and 1st round QBOTFs are always a crap shoot. On the other, Chipster DOES seem to know QBs. He got more out of both Mark Sanchez and Badford than I ever thought possible.

      Random musings for a random time… only five more months to preseason!!!

      • Nipper says:

        Baalke drafting a QB? They’re going to have to tie him up in the Men’s room while the draft is underway. Jed takes control and puts his foot down hard!

      • RTFirefly says:

        Yeah, Nip, he’ll trade our pick for a half dozen #4’s, 5’s, and 6’s over the next two years.

      • unca_chuck says:

        That’s my biggest worry, RTF. Squandering a whole other crop of picks. This year is especially crucial to get picks. Fricking Scotty is nothing but gold wherever he goes. Haven’t done much since then.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Jason La Canfora can kiss my aura. He was completely wrong about the Kappy situation. Denver has let Osweiler walk, so Kappy in in play in Denver. Like I sad 2 days ago. Good to see Bakkenbuwwit reading (and stealing) my stuff.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    $18 mill a year for Osweiler is fucking nutzo. Then again, no-name bookend to DT Cameron Wake (Olivier Vernon) get $85 mill over 5 years? WTF? Janoris Jenkins (5/62) and Snacks Harrison (5/49) were relative steals. Got to wonder how Dream Team II does in NYC.
    As for us? Crickets.

  13. Winder says:

    Thanks Baalke.

  14. Winder says:

    love just about all versions of this but I never saw this one before.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Saw Beck do that live at thr MS benefit for Ronnie Lane of the Small faces. He and Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Bill Wyman, Chariie Watts, Jan Hammer and a few others. Crazy stuff.

    As far as instrumentals go, this is one of my all-time favorites.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Then again, of all the iterations of Montrose, this line up was on fire.

  17. Nipper says:

    I’m still waiting on that Mercedes……….sniff……..anyone for Fetch? Woof!

  18. Nipper says:

    With Baalke MIA this draft one caveat: Bullit — Bakkentom are very unhappy. That should count for something. Throw in Grumpy who is very grumpy indeed!

    • Nipper says:

      Correction: nix draft and substitute FA signings. My bad.

      • Winder says:

        Don’t fret nip, it looks like it’s gonna be as bad as it seems. The only thing I can see at this point is that we are going to rebuild through the draft and just pick up some scrubs in FA. With Baalke’s track record it probably means we are totally screwed.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Yup. Baalke has no track record of identifying offensive talent, and this is what we need right now. With Kappy gone, and Gabbert and ??? as our QBs. Hello suck city. If we pass on Goff (if he is even available) then this suck lasts longer.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up………

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