Kappy Konundrum

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but there’s word on the street that our once-and-future quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, is fed up with his current situation, and is looking to be traded. Funny how this recently happened way back in 2013 when Alex Smith was not affordable as our backup, and wanted to be a starter somewhere else. He of course got his wish and went on to slightly greener pastures in Kansas City. They got some crazy little women there I hear.

Anyhow, the story was broken by the New York Daily News, and the report goes on to say that Kappy wants to become a Jet. Of course there are no names associated with this rumor. Just the usual innuendo. The Jets of course are in the middle of negotiating a deal with Ryan Fitzpatrick, and are intent on signing him. The Niners of course have recently changed coaching staffs.

Odd timing to say the least, but then again, this team is never bereft of swirling innuendo. Did the Jets start this in their negotiations with Fitzpatrick to let him know there we other options? Is this from Kappy himself as a straight plea to get out of here? Is it from the Niners HQ to foment an already ambivalent-to-angry fan base? Who knows? I’d think someone of the three parties involved will speak up soon, but as of now, there’s nothing from the Jets, Niners, or Kaepernick.

Seeing as this is Super Bowl week in San Francisco, it begs the question even further. Who the fuck is leaking all this shit? Paraage gets one last dig in before he’s shit-canned after the Super Bowl? Tomsula is already on to greener pastures, so he’s out. Jed? Is he really that stupid? Christ, this organization is pissing me off with this rumor shit.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Jed York has nothing on Ebenezer Scrooge.


    What a tool. Speaking of tools, looks like poor buwwit misses me.

  2. NJ49er says:

    Chuck, here’s my 2¢ worth regarding Kaep and Manish Mehta.
    Mehta is the local guy out here that loves to sensationalize, including something as mundane as brushing your teeth.
    He’s to be taken with a grain of salt with most everything he reports on surrounding the NYJ.
    However, because of that reputation, he’s an easy mark for any Agent in this business who wants to start trouble.

    I’ve suspected since his benching, that Kaep and his Agent, took advantage of the benching, to suggest that injuries were the reason for his poor production. (Suggested today by Maiocco that Kaep can’t trust the medical Staff)
    It also put the injury settlement into a very tight window following the 3 individual surgeries involved.

    I’ve lost a lot or respect for Kaep as a ‘Team First’ guy once he suggested that his mechanics are nothing to be overly concerned with at the QB position as well.
    Sorta suggests that, his time in AZ last year with Warner, was nothing more than a publicity stunt (to me).

    Good luck with walking this story back.
    I’m looking forward to the first reporter who gets a mic in his face, to see which direction he chooses, to deflect it.
    He’s got ZERO leverage in this process, if he (Agent) is indeed looking to get to NY.

    Once again, I’d suspect the Agent is behind the scenes seeking to hype his clients’ value.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Shit it’s a direct copy of the daily news report. Nothing new or substantiated.

    For all we know this is an attempt by the Jets to lowball Fitzpatrick.

    Kappy’s silence says a lot though.

  4. Nipper says:

    V finds himself behind the counter at the Bates Motel. Suddenly he’s Anthony Perkins circa 1960. His eyes go weird and his thoughts are even more extreme. He keeps thinking about that kitchen knife and the urge to use it……….

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Of course now there’s this. A rumor refuting the other rumor.


    I give Jason La Canfora a little more cred than Manish Mehta, but still and all, no one knows until Kap says something. Even then, who knows? The thing is, I don’t think Kappy has much leverage in the situation. He can be a disgruntled $12 million QB fighting for a job, or get dumped to the open market. A trade is highly unlikely.

    The jets are in the middle of negotiating a deal with Fitzpatrick, a guy they are very happy with after his 31 TD, 3,900 yard effort last year, so it would be a weird time to even pursue this. Making a change now would be a big distraction and subject the Jets to a shitload of second-guessing if the season goes bad. mainly because they can’t keep both guys, and Fitzpatrick would get the heave-ho after his solid year.

    • Nipper says:

      Rumors are just damn lies.

      • Lurker John says:

        Unfortunately, Nipper, my experience has not borne that out. All too often rumors have at least an element of truth to them and many times they are just right. Word gets out, people talk and rumors are hatched. More often than not, there seems to be truth embedded in there somewhere.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Actually, there still may be a trade. There are a few teams willing to risk this. The Eagles, Rams, and Browns certainly spring to mind. Houston also could use a QB to settle their crap-QB-carousel. Shit, Denver could use him if Peyton rides off into the sunset after Super Bowl L.

    If Kappy is floating this stuff to get out, or even if he isn’t, it very well may happen. Teams could wait till he’s cut, but like Alex Smith before him, there was a certain amount of concern that someone else would get to him before he hits the market.

  7. rob says:

    I said the same thing as NJ 49er last week. The Kap to Ny thing is probably a leverage move by Kap’s camp . With 11 mil up for grabs i’d do the same thing !

    • rob says:

      good idea on the other blog. Maybe if we get AD back we’ll put him at RG.
      I’d love to see my boi T Brown
      get a shot at RT. He looked pretty good in there last year.

      • rob says:

        Brown is huge but can really move. He was getting to the second level and taking out LB’s with ease.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Kap doesn’t have very much leverage. Close to zip. The only leverage he might have is based on him being willing to restructure his deal if he gets cut. The Jets don’t seem to be in the hunt for him, as they are going with Fitzpatrick, so . . . it’s pretty much just wishful thinking on his part. Allegedly.

    Personally I’d like to see him stay as Gabbert is not the guy to go with, unless you guys want a guy who is more gun shy on going deep than Alex Smith. there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that we all saw Gabbert’s limitations last year.

  9. Nipper says:

    If Kelly wants him he stays.

    • rob says:

      I’m a Kap believer . I think the kid is a phenom. Remember when we played Carolina in the playoffs a few years back?
      Kap made cam newton look like juice newton in that one !
      That being said I might still be the only one who thinks both our QB’s might be back next year.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    RIP Maurice White

    • rob says:

      A good way to help our offense this offseason would be to add a free agent TE. There are some known commodities out there and they come relatively cheap.
      I’m thinking maybe marcedes Lewis or coby fleener.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, we passed on Fleener and drafted VMcD?

  12. Winder says:

    Rob- I haven’t given up on Kappy either. With his athletic ability I am all for second and third chances. But we can’t afford to give him too much rope. I just hope Chip has learned from his Philly experience. If he hasn’t then we are in deep…

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Well, it all leads back to that 1st pick in the draft. Goff is most certainly going to Cleveland with Johnny Dumbshit’s latest actions. He’s likely out of the league and into rehab, jail or he’ll just follow through.


    With nothing coming out of Kappy’s mouth, you have to think there’s some truth to the yakkity yak coming from the East coast. I mean really, he tweets with the best of them, and his silence tells a lot.

    I just hope Wentz is still around. His stock is flying high. He has looked good, albeit against a weaker set of teams. Paxton Lynch? Maybe in the 2nd round. Gabbert should only stay to be a placeholder for our draft pick.

  14. Irish Kevin says:

    Why is everyone so down on Gabbert, he show better patience than Kap, better more accurate passer and was able to run. I still go with until the Niners get an O Line that can pass protect there is no way to grade any QB the niners bring in. A Smith, look what he has done in KC. Granted Smith does not have the strongest arm but when he has time he is good. Lets say the Niners had taken Rodgers over Smith, A Rodgers would have been running for his life too. No I am not going to say that Gabbert is the man, but he is better than Kap at this point.

    • unca_chuck says:

      The protection got better as the year went on. I don’t know. I just don’t think he’s got near the upside as Colin does. Rodgers would have gotten the hell out of here as fast as he could.

      Interesting to think though what would have been had McCarthy stayed and we had drafted Rodgers. Say Nolan is strictly GM in 2006 and McCarthy gets the HC job. I know, dream on . . .

  15. Nipper says:

    I still think drafting a QB is too risky. So many college players just do not pan out. It’s basically a wasted pick in the high rounds. Investing in the O line is better. I’d keep Kap and Gabbert and live with it at least for next season. Of course my judgement is shaky at best. If the Chipper wants Kap he will probably be back.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    So, who are our QB, Nip? Gabbert and Dylan Thomas?

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Or do we go after Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    • 12th man says:

      Kap, if he is smart, should stay. Chip is the most likely HC to wring the most out of Kap. Say what you want but Kap almost got #6.
      He wasn’t able to carry the heavier load after coaching changes, scheme changes, the shiniest O line in football and a diminished D.

      The guy is talented.

  18. surfsupjoe16 says:

    San Francisco 49ers Reponses to Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Harbaugh, Tomsula and now Chip hiring.

    (1) Begrer: I don’t know about the rest of you but Jed could hire Beyonce as our new Head Coach because nothing would get me from putting down my pom poms and changing my 1980’s 49er underwear. Shit back then I was on 12 beers in 20 minutes flat now I’m drinking 30. I’m a functioning alcoholic and I find peace here with you my fellow drunks, GO HILARY!!! Hell after 30 frosty beverages I’d tear her panties off with my teeth.

    (2) Chuck: Guys I have been wrong ever since I became a fan but if I started to report the truth about the 49ers real situation you guys wouldn’t continue posting here. We must continue to cheer no matter what, at this point we must go into survival mode, GO BERNIE! Yes a commie but he has a D by his name yippie!

    (3) NJ49er: Well at least I like cool music but what ever the way the wind shall blow you can be guaranteed I’ll be right there. Telling the truth is so overrated anyway I just want to get along with everyone even the clown running this site.

    (4) Nipper: I’m just here for the ride, I’m not even a fan anymore, in fact, I have a Russell Wilson Tattoo on my butt just in case Chuck ever jumps ship all the way to the great northwest I’ll be there to blend right in. In other words I enjoy being a good little sheep in our herd even if Bozo’s our leader and his fat head doesn’t fit in our tent anymore.

    (5) Luker: I can’t wait for the draft, we need to build around Kaepernick. I can care less if he doesn’t fit the 49er profile of great QB’s that once played here. No negativity from me, hey if they can hire a female coach in the NFL I’ll accept the niners being the first team to draft the first female QB. As you can tell anything goes with me that why I love this site!!!

    (6) Winder: Hey I’m here to post good music videos. If you guys like Chip so do I, if anyone wants a real intelligent conversation they can go to Skeebers Blog. Those guys finally woke from the Coma but that doesn’t mean we have to. In fact, I enjoy living every day in Fantasyland here at Disneyland eating popcorn and singing along with the brass band.

    (7) Rob: Hey man has anyone seen my bong? The only way I can continue posting here is to be sky high. Thank God I’m wearing my bicycle helmet in case I come crashing down. Someone please find my bong before I realize what happened these last ten years and I hold Chuck accountable!

    (8) Snarkk: I’m with anything Chuck says, you got a problem with that take it up at the next herdsman’s counsel meeting next week. I’m tired of you all bullying me to believe we can win a Super Bowl with an Owner, Head Coach or QB and no at the next meeting I’m not wearing that silly hat anymore.

    (9) Ewisco: Just got back from the Doctors and he said I have Alzheimer’s and I’m only 21. He believes me believing we were going to win the Super Bowl for the last ten years no matter who the York’s hired contributed to my diagnoses. Are you going to post? Who said that???

    12th Man: I just heard the NFL was going to extend Breast Cancer Month to three months next year and they’ll be no touching the QB anymore with an automatic injection for any mean looks towards the QB’s direction. I’m loving it, my TV Screen Pink for half the season and no more violent hits it’s about time we enjoyed a more gentler sport! GO HILARY!!!

    • rob says:

      Eff you
      This time you went too far dammit and I’m really pissed
      You got my drug of choice wrong
      Don’t do it again

    • Nipper says:

      V has found the computer room at the “home.” The white coats are having a break so he’s free to share his lucidity with his dear computer friends.

  19. Nipper says:

    At least on this blog we get entertained. On Skeeb’s blog they get Bullit.

  20. Winder says:

    (1) V: Nobody listens to me on this site, you all all a bunch of losers. I know this because I am smart. I mean, who would choose Young over Montana? What a bunch of sissy liberal clowns. I know it’s not the”80’s” anymore but I don’t care and even though Bill Walsh is dead doesn’t mean we can’t bring him back from the dead to coach our Niners the way they are supposed to be coached. Fuck all you morons. And, I would post more music videos but Black Oak Arkansas only has so many.

  21. Nipper says:

    Blue Angels buzzed the area with low flying maneuvers today. Yeah they’re noisy. Must be practicing.

  22. NJ49er says:

    Looks like Eddie made The Hall –
    Kudos to Eddie!

  23. NJ49er says:

    Eddie is all that matters 😀


    • NJ49er says:

      San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin was announced Saturday as the winner of the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award at the NFL Honors night.

  24. Winder says:

    So very Glad Eddie made it. They can never take that from him. It’s good being a 49er fan even with all the bullshit we’re going through now.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Congrats to Eddie, Kenny, and Anquan. Bout time for Eddie, sadly too late for the Snake.

    New thread is up.

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