Superb Owl Week!

Hey, I have to avoid the copyright infringement issue with using a certain phrase. Luckily Jolly Roger couldn’t trademark the phrase ‘The Big Game’ as the denizens around here know, that phrase has been in use since the turn of the last century. The NFL didn’t invent that phrase in 1967.

Anyhow, all the talk is about Cam’s pants, and Peyton’s last stand. Other than that, it’s a fairly bland pile of orgasmica around the corporate sleaze-fest in and around the Bay Area. They did media day (well, night) in San Jose, just so they can feel like they are a part of the corporate jerk-fest. Of course they had a giant replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in there, not the 280/101 interchange that sat idle for 7 years. Super Bowl City is what you’d think. Long lnes to get into makeshift buildings selling some shit. Walked around there Sunday with some friends who are Bronco fans, and security was tight, slightly onerous, and ever-present. Sign o’the times, I suppose. The City looks kinda cool with the Embarcadero buildings painted with 20-story high Lombardi trophies, and the like. They are having concerts and shit for free around the Ferry building all week, and there’s all the overpriced beer you can drink at your leasure, but I didn’t venture into the paid area down near Moscone Center. Sorry, Roger, not gunna do it.

Anyhow, there’s 6 more days of breathless questions around Manning’s impending retirement and the like. Cam Newton seems to be a magnet for criticism for being a little too demonstrative or something, but really, the NFL is stodgy enough. Taking away celebrations is the height of lunacy. I don’t see him doing shit much differently than the Discount double-check, or whatever. I mean, Aaron has made an advertising career of that celebration. Manning sells everything under the sun. No cries of oversaturation about him? Whatever. I think he goes down in a hail of pressure anyway.

Here are some pics of the fun.


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13 Responses to Superb Owl Week!

  1. Nipper says:

    Carolina will destroy the Broncos. That bus crash was a bad omen for the Broncos. Manning will be eating Levi’s turf and praying for retirement at this game. As they cart him off the field one final time he’ll cry out “that’s my legacy!”

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Damn. Brutal there, Nip.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    How about ‘The Birds’?

  4. Winder says:

    If he really wants out they should trade him. We don’t need anyone who doesn’t want to be here. NY will chew him up if he plays like he did this year.

  5. rob says:

    Imo kaps people are using the jets rumor as leverage. I don’t blame them there’s up to 11 mil on the line.

  6. Nipper says:

    Yeah let him go for his sake and the 49ers interests. Everyone needs a fresh start. Kap has outlived his playing days here. Looks like the Browns have finally declared, “Enough” of Johnny Football! They can’t wait to cut him off their roster. What an arse!

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, who knows? You’d think Kappy would be somewhat interested inChips offense. Either that or Kappy wants more exposure.

    Funny thing is thee are mock drafts out there that have Goff and Wentz going before our 7th pick. Not that that means anything, but Wentz was a md 2nd rounder in December.

  8. Winder says:

    Yeah, there is a lot of smoke concerning the draft. At least 50% of the top 10 picks really don’t live up to expectations. I pulled that number out of my ass but it’s what I usually see with the draft. I think the combine has a lot to do with that. You can measure height, weight, speed, jumping and all that but you can’t measure heart. And, it takes heart and attitude to really succeed in the NFL, at least for more than a year or two.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    The NFL draft is likely the most successful of the drafts in the professional sports. Baseball is vastly less successful in players making it. 1st round draft picks usually spend 4 years in the minors before even sniffing a cup of coffee in the bigs. Basketball is much better than that, esp since they went to 2 rounds, but with lots of youngsters flaming out, their track record is spotty. A lot of this is due to the fact many college players jump after one year, or even hit the pros after high school.

    Football players have the best shot as most football players go through at least 3 years of college ball before making the jump to the pros.

    There are exceptions al over the place, but think the NFL has the best record of draftees making it.

    New thread is up.

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