The First Day of the Rest of Our Football Lives

Well, the 2015 season is underway. Let’s check in on the doings around the league. One thing I noticed is the Rams have a very fast defense. Foles looked pretty good against a fairly weak Seattle secondary. AZ looked very good on defense as well. Their O? Well, as previously noted, they live and die by Palmer. If they can keep him upright, they are solid. Seattle Looks a little discombobulated. Their O line looks horrible as Wilson got sacked 6 times, and they couldn’t give Lynch enough room to get a 1st on 4th and one to keep their last drive alive. And no, this wasn’t the Super Bowl. This was a different team with a different line. Same outcome though. Hah!

Other than that, Denver looks shakey as Manning looked pretty frail out there. He threw a lot of ducks. Then again so did Flacco. 2 good D’s in a FG fest. Greg Roman had an auspicious debut, scoring 27 points against a VERY soft indy defense. 150 on the ground, and 195 in the air is the usual recipe for Greg. Buff has a stout defense, so Tyrod (Straight Outta Nowhere!) Taylor and Co. look like a legit team at this point. The Bears came up short yet again to the Packers. Maybe GB improved their pass defense. Or maybe it was just Cutler.

The Cowboys reffed their way to an improbable comeback win, Alex and KC beat the Houstons, the Bolts scored 23 2nd half points to blow past Detroit, and in the battle of first 2 draft picks, Marcus Mariota annihilated Jameis Winston as the Titans smoked the Buccos.

Aaaand, stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Browns and the Raiders were both obliterated to start their seasons. David Carr was hurt trying to stiff-arm a defender (doh!), and McCown was hurt trying to score on a one yard plunge. Instead he fumbled out of the end zone and suffered a concussion. Johnny Football made a nice toss to give Cleve a 7 point lead, but a pick and 2 4th quarter fumbles sealed Cleve’s fate.

The Niners? Well, who knows? I feel we will be able to stop a rusty AP. However, if he gets to the 2nd level consistently we are in trouble. Teddy Bridgewater? He’s an unknown to me. 6-6 as a starter last year, 14 TDs 12 INTs. 224 ypg? Decent numbers for a rook. For us, its all about the O. Move the chains and sustain drives, and we should be good. One thing I noticed this preseason was a LOT of TE drag routes. Love it. As much as we like to use VD deep, teams easily took that away last year and that seemed to clog up the rest of the passing game. Torrey Smith will keep defenses honest (that’s the hope) and the underneath passes to Hyde/VD/Boldin should flourish.

Run blocking looked solid, pass pro not so much. The line was a work-in-progress all preseason. We’ll see the real thing tonight…

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224 Responses to The First Day of the Rest of Our Football Lives

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Jozie’s ready for some football . . .

  2. Flavor says:

    All I gotta say is, Let’s Go Red Raiders!!!!!!!!

  3. rob says:

    After your Kap vs.Romo post maybe you SHOULD punch yourself in the throat. Lol
    For sure you’re definitely fired as my GM .
    I Mean you were right about the whole Harbaugh vs. Manning thing but Jesus Christ man
    Oh and BTW man gimme a call sometime

    Right !!!
    I’m thinking 24-21 niner tonight

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Dennis, you and Buwwit need to hang out. You are both sorry sacks of shit who beat off to Tony Romo.

    Bullit will forever be a chickenshit who snipes away from under Skabie’s apron strings.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    What’s even funnier is people touting Tony Romo as having turned a corner (at 35!!!) with a 2-4 playoff record, for a win in October. He beaet the fucking Giants. At home mo less. Witj a ton of help from the refs. But go ahead and jizz yourselves.

    Let’s see. Kappy is 28, 4-2 playoff record, and he’s the one who isn’t getting it done? Retards. Wet-brained feebs. Does Buwwit give good reach-arounds, Dennis?

    You fucking Romo worshippers are so cute,. They don’t call Romo Mr. October for nothing.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Let’s hear it for RTF and the Post of the Day!

    • Winder says:

      RT- truer words were never spoken. Throw in the refs and the stinkin seaturds and that’s the league in a nutshell. The refs have way to much control without oversite.

  7. Winder says:

    I wonder how many went for the 2 points yesterday. The scores should indicate that but most of final scores seemed the usual. We gave up on our dish last year so my viewing is limited. Anyway, Niners 22-18. Also wishing Tomsula the very best of luck.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Here’s to the team actually scheming for some kappy runs. Kappy had more rushing yards last year, despite the team going away from designed runs. There’s a diff between a QB draw and a QB constantly running for his life. Teams were laughing at us for taking the ball out of one of our most effective weapons.

    Scheme, scheme scheme.

  9. Nipper says:

    So the 49ers are now the fifth football leading money making organization. Not bad.

    • unca_chuck says:

      This blog is #1 in Buwwit’s heart as well. He spends more time talking about this place than actually posting anything relevant.

      Romo’s turning the corner cuz he beat the Giants! In October!

      You can’t make this shit up.

    • unca_chuck says:

      And reason #2 that Bullit ans Bakken are one and the same. They are the only one to constantly talk shit about this blog.

      Phil gets his shots in but he’s just a follower. A sheep in sheep’s clothing.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Interesting comments from Aldon Smith:

    He’s excited to “be a part of a bunch of guys who work hard and an organization who looks out for their players.” #Raiders

    Hmmm. A dig at his former team? If so, he’s on crack. Oh yeah. Talk about someone who’s clueless to that damage he’s caused to himself and others. Maybe it’s just yet another stupid thing to come out of his mouth. Or maybe’s he’s the football equivalent of a curse. Either way, he’s not the brightest lightbulb in the string of lights.

    Michael Crabtree on the other hand was very clear in his disdain for his former team. Well, 1 catch for 10 yards didn’t really draw any attention to him.

    Just saw he had 5 catches for 37 yards. 4 catches in garbage time. He said “Gotta get back to the lab.”

    As usual in Crab-land, talk is the main thing. Performance is yet another elusive thing.

    • Winder says:

      chuck- It really makes one wonder just what goes on in some peoples minds. Both Crabby and Aldon were placed on a silver platter and I guess they just wanted more.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, it is but to wonder how much more success they’d have had they only been appreciated.

    Jesus. Talk about missing the point. Crabs held out, got hurt for 4 straight camps, has gone through various injuries, has one good year, and we are the problem? Welcome to hell, Mr. Crabs.

    Aldon on the other hand only got to play hours after he committed a crime. Threw a party where numerous crimes took place, and then after strike 4 was cut.

    Here’s your rope Aldon.

  12. rtfirefly says:

    Carr was having a bad day early, and still it was only 10-0 with the ball at midfield when his hurt his hand. The wheels came off quickly after McCown came in and they went for the 4th and 1.

  13. rtfirefly says:

    Fans will be handed black shirts to wear during tonight’s game.

  14. Nipper says:

    Raiders better leave Oakland soon. It’s LA or bust for them.

  15. NJ49er says:

    Add Chris Culliver to the list of “Get a Fuk’n Clue”.
    Already suspended in DC for yet another conduct infraction.

    Where’s Dr Harry Edward’s or, his current protege’, in our locker room?

  16. rtfirefly says:

    I’ve got to admit, part of me wants the Niners to fall flat on their faces tonight. Not because of my 5-11 prediction; I’ll be happy to see that blown away IF they make the playoffs. But the unis! Now, that’s another matter. Jed is just stupid enough to change the team colors. I mean, WHY BLACK? HAS JED NOT HEARD OF THE OAKLAND RAIDERS??????????

    If you have to try out some other uni, OK, try crimson and gold.

    • Winder says:

      I don’t like the idea either especially on opening day. I think it is just the sign of the times. Jed had to have had a marketing report on this and there must be a dollar to be made somewhere.

  17. Nipper says:

    Of course a win would be nice but the main goal of just don’t stink it up before your home crowd as the Raiders just laid an egg. That’s the worst.

  18. rtfirefly says:

    The Falcons have dominated the 1st half of the 1st qtr. except for 2 things:
    1) Ryan’s lousy pass that the CB dropped on drive 1.
    2) Ryan’s endzone pass that the Eagles CB made a leaping 1 handed catch on on drive 2.

    3-0 Falcs

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Seriously who gives a shot about the unis. It’s a marketing sign of the times. Baseball does it, basketball as well. The Niners have held out for a few years. I mean look at pittsburgh’s fuckin bumblebee unis. Those are bad. So we look like Texas Tech….

  20. rtfirefly says:

    Mark my words: Kelly is going to regret trading Foles and dumping Tebow. So far, it’s been all Falcons except the score: 10-3

  21. rtfirefly says:

    The bad thing about all this is that the FLOCKiNG COWPUKES are going to alone in first. Good thing for my sanity it’s early in the season.

  22. Nipper says:

    Looks like the Aussie made the 46 man roster for the game.

  23. Lurker John says:

    Why doesn’t Chris Berman just retire already? I’m so sick of hearing his schtick. He’s become nothing more than a caricature of himself. And to add insult to injury, ESPN has decided to pair him with Trent Dilfer. Yikes.

  24. Lurker John says:

    We’re finally getting an extended look at Carlos Hyde. So far, so good.

  25. Lurker John says:

    Hochuli can be put out to pasture along with Berman.

  26. rtfirefly says:

    Everything looked perfect until MMartin’s holding.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Nice so far. Like the patience and blocking. Hyde looks solid.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    That got ugly fast,

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Lets return rhe favor

  30. rtfirefly says:

    Dodged a bullet. Battle of the Ugly so far.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I said the same thing, RTF> The Rams got the better end of the Foles/Bradford trade.

    • rtfirefly says:

      It was weird, though. Bradford looked good in the second half. But only 8 carries for DeMarco? Most of those I saw in the second half when they started clicking. Maybe I missed something. I saw two swing passes to DeMarco early????? Matthew dropped another big pass early, not just the last O play. Just ugly, but Foles would have found a way.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Love the fast paced offense. If we can keep up the run, we’ll get Smith open deep.

  33. Lurker John says:

    Fucking Hochuli.

  34. Lurker John says:

    Bridgewater has a funky looking delivery, to me. 2 of his first 3 throws were way off the mark.

  35. rob says:

    Mostly good so far

  36. Lurker John says:

    Took Bush, what, 3 plays to go out?

  37. Lurker John says:

    What a concept! A blitz! Tartt can fly!

  38. rtfirefly says:

    That was The Blitz of the Year. Too bad on Hayne’s first ever play.

  39. Lurker John says:

    Looks like Bush is done for the year. Unbelievable.

  40. rtfirefly says:

    Maybe the Aussie will get a chance to redeem himself now with Bush out.

  41. Lurker John says:

    The guy fielded punts cleanly the entire preseason, then bones the first on in the regular season. I guess you chalk that one up to nerves. Hopefully.

  42. Lurker John says:

    The D is looking mighty tough so far, and on all fronts.

  43. rob says:

    Love it he goes for it lol

  44. unca_chuck says:

    Fuck Bush. That run should have gone to Hyde.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Christ. Penalties.

  46. Lurker John says:

    All of these runs should be going to Hyde, especially on a 3rd and 1. Since when is Reggie Bush a between-the-tackles runner?

  47. rob says:

    My best buddy just says to me
    Um why are the 49ers uniforms like that
    They look like power rangers

  48. Lurker John says:

    “Unexcuseable.” That’s Trent Dilfer, ladies and gentleman, college graduate.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    Bethea with a hell of a play. Got a little arm bar in there.

  50. unca_chuck says:

    That worked out nice.

  51. Lurker John says:

    Big Tank with his first sack of the year.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    OK, can we play clean now?

  53. Lurker John says:

    Hyde can turn the corner nicely. Great block by Miller.

  54. rob says:

    Carlos Hyde

  55. Lurker John says:

    Penalties and mental errors killing the Niners so far. Hayne with another great dead-leg juke.

  56. unca_chuck says:

    Need the defense to create a turnover at this rate.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Completely sloppy game so far.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    Yeeesh. Bust it, Hayne.

  59. Lurker John says:

    cost ’em a td that time

  60. Lurker John says:

    Unbelievable. Shit play by Brock.

  61. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. This is fucking ridiculous.

  62. rob says:

    Ellington for PR
    Hayne for KR

    • Lurker John says:

      I like Hayne as the punt guy, because his first move is upfield and he has great cutting ability. Ellington always seems to want to go sideways first. Coming out of the endzone, it’s not as much of an issue.

  63. unca_chuck says:

    What is that? 10 penalties so far?

  64. unca_chuck says:

    Not much WR game yet. Like to see something downfield.

  65. unca_chuck says:

    You’d think Dilfer would know our coach’s name.

  66. Lurker John says:

    6 penalties for 43 yards so far.

  67. snarkk says:

    As usual, this NFL game is like most of them now = NBP.
    Nothing but Penalties.
    Nearly unwatchable.
    I’ll check the Giants game, look for Niner highlights later, if there are any.
    At least it looks like the plays are getting in on time. Halleluia…

  68. Lurker John says:

    I agree 100% snarkk. All day Sunday, I’m thinking about this. The officials have so much hand in these games nowadays that it can make the games near unwatchable at times. It’s way too much and needs to be addressed. Granted, it’s the early part of the season, but this is ridiculous.

  69. xoot says:

    tthe Giants game is half done; into the 5th inning. They’ve scored 4.

  70. unca_chuck says:

    Just got to finish a drive.

  71. Lurker John says:

    Fucking Davis almost dropped that one too.

  72. Lurker John says:

    Hyde has great patience. Playing behind Gore last year really helped him.

  73. Lurker John says:


  74. unca_chuck says:

    Like that!! Frank who?

  75. rob says:

    Just told her
    We are not going to be denied this time

  76. Nipper says:

    These two teams are NOT ready for prime time. Preseason is useless in preparing teams to put on a decent effort.

  77. unca_chuck says:

    Snarkk, some of this is on the teams. Blatant shit like the illegal blocks are easy to call. It’s the personal fouls that don;t need to be called, like one on the Rams defense that was completely legal that need to be reviewed. Like Brooks a couple years ago and his legal hit on Brees.

  78. rtfirefly says:

    The Niners are confusing Teddy with their varied blitzes and mixed coverages. He looks like a confused sophomore, much like Carr yesterday.

  79. Lurker John says:

    That spin move was sublime. I’m loving this kid so far and the suspect o-line has done a decent job pass blocking and an excellent job run blocking.

  80. rtfirefly says:

    Did I ever mention how much I hate the 3 man rush, especially when you’re having success blitzing?

  81. Lurker John says:

    That was an excellent drive; 11 plays, 93 yards.

  82. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. Are you kidding me???

  83. unca_chuck says:

    Fucking Brooks shouldn’t even be playing, Stupid shit there.

  84. Lurker John says:

    That was within 5 yards of the LoS, so a dubious call to begin with. Brooks has played well this half.

  85. rob says:

    Second observation by my bestie
    Adrian Peterson looks like one of the wayans brothers

  86. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t understand Bridgewater with that play.

    Let’s hope they fix these penalties in the 2nd half.

  87. rtfirefly says:

    My guy Taylor Mays off the streets to starting for the Raiders!!!

  88. unca_chuck says:

    Yikes. How bad can it get?

  89. Lurker John says:

    Another blitz! 2 more than we saw last year!

  90. xoot says:

    Steve Young and Jerry Rice are at the Giants game tonight.

  91. unca_chuck says:

    A blitz followed by a 3 man rush? Dont like that.

  92. unca_chuck says:

    2 generous spots there

  93. Lurker John says:

    Challenge the fucking play! That wasn’t a first down!

  94. Lurker John says:

    Calf injury for Bush, per ESPN.

  95. unca_chuck says:

    Speaking of fast defenses, we don’t look too bad ourselves.

  96. Lurker John says:

    Need more touchdowns. They started the game going downfield, then went away from it. Keep Hyde going then start play-faking.

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