Meet Me In St Louie, Jerod-Eddie

Well, here we are, already at the short week of the season. This couldn’t come at a worse time for the 49ers, but then again St Louis isn’t really rattling any windows with their season so far. They themselves are 1-2 after a close win over AZ, and 2 quick losses on the road to Atl and Dallas. I’m beyond weirded out by this 49er season so far and this game has all the look of being an abject disaster. The team looks utterly lost on offense and the defense cannot get off the field fast enough or stay off the field long enough. The offense cannot gain any consistency with the failure of these last 2 games to adjust to teams daring us to throw while the run game struggles. The Rams run game is basically nil, while their passing game is middle-of-the-pack. The Niners of course, after their epic start have cratered to 27th in total offense, 19th in rushing, 23rd in passing. On the defensive side, the Niners are 12th in yards given up. Especially galling is the fact that the Niners are 29th in rushing yards allowed.

So, the team that prides itself on running and stopping the run has done neither this season. And this leads to the multitude of problems that this team is having. Since the Niners can’t (or won’t) run, teams are teeing off and blitzing fairly regularly. The pressure is coming right up the gut. Whether due to Goodwin turning into a revolving door, or the Niners are simply trying to constantly block 8 with 7, Kappy is under pressure most every pass. Given the fact that the Niners still haven’t decided to give Kappy quicker passing plays to implement, or use the running game past the 2nd quarter, AND the fact that the WRs aren’t really helping things along, you have a recipe for the defense being on the field way too long. To the tune of -15:00 in both the Seattle and Indy games. One epic drive last weekend was a grand total of 12 seconds on three straight incompletions. Galling besides was the fact that the Niners gave up on the run after Gore gained 71 yards on one drive in the 1st quarter. Shades of Mad Mike Martz. Without those pesky TDs.

So, I’m at a loss to even wonder how this game goes. I have 0 confidence in the team right now. They don;t seem to know how to get out of their own way.

I heard Harbaugh talking on 107.7 this morning, and he says it’s gut check time. We need to see how the team handles adversity. That’s all well and good, Jim, but I’d really like to see how the coaches game plan differently to overcome the problems. laying this out as an execution problem is disingenuous at best. Harbaugh needs to make adjustments to protect his QB and to save his defense. If not, the whole season may unravel rather quickly. In other words, the curse of year 3. The last couple coaches (not named Tomsula) both met their fate when their 3rd seasons cratered.

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9 Responses to Meet Me In St Louie, Jerod-Eddie

  1. unca_chuck says:

    I suppose the good news is the fact that the Niners were 1-2 when they went on their first Super Bowl run in 1981. Here’s for repeating that.

  2. Flavor says:

    I am tired as well of hearing the word “executing” or “execution”. Greg Cosell from (who is fantastic) broke it down about as well as anyone (as did Jeff Garcia who I was surprised had so much insight into football game analysis, he always struck me as a dumbass). The Niners are doing nothing to scheme open our slow wide receivers. It’s pretty hard to *execute* when the DB’s are painting on to the backs of our non-descript, slow receivers.

  3. Nipper says:

    In the words of Dennis…….”stay thirsty”…….crash!….. thud! Oops……

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, most of the problem is the simplistic passing routes. There is no adjusting to what the defense shows. It’s run the route, stop, and do nothing. They all seem to slide TOWARD the coverage rather than away from it. Whether Kappy is hesitant to pull the trigger on hot routes is a question I have, but everyone plays our WRs tight so that may not be there. If so, then just go deep (or not even deep, just get it out quick) sideline passes. Boldin can go and get those. KW as we have seen, can’t.

  5. I’ve been first and foremost to rag on Harbaugh and this shit offense. Well, did you know that since the NE game last yr and including the playoffs ( 9 gms) the defense has allowed 29.1 pts/gm?

    We can fire Harbaugh and Fangio at the same time and call it a day well spent.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    If we go through coaches like you go through whiskey bottles, this team would BE the Raiders.

  7. Thru three weeks we wish we were the real Raiders. They’ve scored 57 pts. and have a pt differential of -10. The Niners have managed just 44 pts. and have a whopping pt differential of -40. We’re nothing but a bunch of wannabe Raiders. The Niners are the little Raider engine that couldn’t.

    I know we suck. I know we suck. I know we suck.

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