Oh Ted, We Hardly Knew Ye . . .

Oh, well. In a move that has been a long time coming, the Niners lost Teg Ginn to the Carolina Panthers. The guy was both infuriating, breathtaking, ridiculous, and more than likely the missing piece in the 2011 season, as shown by the KW disaster in the NFCC playoff game. Ginn came into the NFL with Miami as the 9th pick in the 2007 draft amid high hopes and blazing speed.

Unfortunately for him, the expectations were never met. He dropped way too many passes, and lost his job as a WR midway through the 2009 season with Miami. After that season, he was traded to the Niners. Even though the Niners never had much at WR, he was usually buried on the depth chart as the 3rd WR. He was however, effective as a KR/PR. Most notably, opening day 2011, where he put away the Seattle Seahawks singlehandedly by returning a kickoff 102 yards, and a punt for 59 yards (within a minute of each other) to seal the win. And we don;t need to re-hash the 2011 NFCCG.

Other than that, he became more Allan Rossum-like last year as he avoided contact, and never quite clicked as a WR.  If anyone didn’t see this one coming, they are legally blind. With LMJ looking to be the KR now, and the injury to KW still a big question mark, the Niners don’t really have anyone to fill the PR spot, but certainly Ginn’s time was done in SF. I’ll be real curious to see how he does in Carolina.

Other than that, the Niners signed Richard (Match Game) Dawson to a one-year deal as the New Old kicker for the Niners. Props go to AK for calling this moments before it actually happened. They shored up their special teams some by getting local kid (Natomas High, Sacto) Marlon Moore, a speedy gunner and hard hitter, who is also a WR. Again, these aren’t earthshaking moves, but they should hopefully shore up the special teams unit, which regressed a lot last year.

Still waiting for another safety to get signed. You have to wonder, now that the cream of the free agents are gone, if the go after Sensabaugh or Kerry Rhodes. Both are 30, and could likely be had for pretty cheap 2-3 year deals. It’s either that, or we’re left with Nate the Late Clements, or Michael (I like to) Huff. . .

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  1. snarkk says:

    They’ll most certainly go for secondary help in the draft. Unfortunately, rookie secondary guys are rarely extremely effective, unless you’re last name is Lott.

  2. Winder says:

    Ginn was actually pretty good unless someone was about to hit him,

  3. NoFear49er says:

    Big knock on Ginn in Miami was he was contact-averse.

    Looks like Dahl projects as the free safety and Whitner takes on strong safety duties.

  4. Spitblood says:

    You guys can be so lost on this blog at times.

    Last year’s 31st overall pick was Doug Martin. Doug was signed to a four year deal with a fifth year option for roughly 1.3 or 1.4 million per year. In comparison, Ed Reed just signed a 3 year deal for 15 overall. You do the math. The Texans are paying Reed 4x what the 49ers will pay next year’s 31st overall pick. If they pick safety Eric Reid from LSU, it’s 4x less money than Ed, with far more upside.

    Would Eric Reid make mistakes? You bet. But that’s what a team is all about. You pick each other up, depend on each other, and take pride in your work so you don’t let your teammates down. Think there weren’t mistakes between Whitner and Culliver in the Super Bowl? Remember the “Pounder” debate in the media? And what about Alex Smith? Alex Smith played gawd awful football, even under Harbaugh – taking sacks, missing deep, slow delivery, missing open receivers. In the NFC Championship game in 2012, Smith had six yards passing to his wide receivers in five quarters of football! The team compensated and still went deep into the playoffs. Lousy qb play effects the team far more than a mistake or two a game at safety.

    And you guys say a rookie secondary player or safety can’t make a positive impact his rookie year? When was the last time Harbaalke and their coaches used a high draft pick on a secondary player? They pulled Culliver out of their collective arses in the 3rd round and Culliver immediately started without making many mistakes his first year. In fact, Culliver was better his rookie year than he was in year two. And Culliver was a 3rd rounder. What if Harbaalke drafted a rookie safety at 31 overall and coached him up? The answer: He’d do fine…. and for a quarter of the price of Ed Reed.

    Donte is a better choice to coach/ mentor a rookie than Goldson. Goldson wasn’t a leader. Donte is. Goldson was far better, but Donte handled Culliver’s post Super Bowl bs well. He’ll need to be to help Culliver and Reid. But you know what will really help Culliver and Eric Reid? A healthy Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Brooks, McDonald, Glenn Dorsey and some other high draft pick DT getting after the qb.

    I’d rather see the 49es go Safety at 31, then DT with pass rushing skills at 34.

  5. Spitblood says:

    And don’t tell me Culliver didn’t start…. for my money a 3rd cb is a starter.


    Last 3 defensive backs drafted by Forty Niners in the first round: Mike Rumph, Ahmed Plummer and R.W McQuarters.
    Traded one dud first round pick Rashuan Woods for another dud first round pick Sammy Davis.
    Last 3 defensive backs drafted in rounds 2 and 3 by the Forty Niners: Chris Culliver, Taylor Mays and Reggie Smith.
    The math shows a good chance of failure as rookies are unpredictable and hoping for instant impact and success is wishful thinking.

    • Spitblood says:

      Who drafted and coached those guys? Taylor Mays wasn’t even allowed to suit up for this team.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Taylor Mays didn’t suit up?
        I recall Taylor Mays blocking a punt against Atlanta and recovering the loose ball for a touchdown.
        How does that happen if he didn’t suit up?

    • Alleykat says:

      Yeah but atleast Sammy Davis could act and sing…Oh wrong Sammy Davis…Damm and I really wanted a “Rat Pack” secondary..


    Hmmm… The lame argument is why pay a Pro Bowl Safety, one of the craftiest and instinctive players who will be a first ballot hall of famer 4 times the money than an unproven rookie to start at free safety and be your center fielder?
    Who exactly is lost here?

  8. Spitblood says:

    I really don’t see much different between Vaccaro and Reid. Reid plays like Chris Culliver….. angry and in your face. Reid might need some counseling sessions because wherever he goes, he’s going to be in your face and probably drawing flags left and right. I want Reid on this football team. I guess it all depends on where Vaccaro goes. If Vaccaro goes early, the 49ers might sweat a little. Kinda like Harbaalke was probably sweating like nuts when Andy Dalton was picked. Can you imagine the balls? Kaep might prove to be the best player in that draft and the 49ers knew it but they didn’t pick him until Dalton went off the board in the second round? Can you imagine if the Bengals grabbed Kaep? How pissed would Harbaugh have been?

    I wouldn’t move up to pick Vaccaro if Reid was basically the same guy and could be found in the second round. For that matter, I wouldn’t trade up for a wr either. Dobson and Rogers could be as productive as the top receivers in this draft. I might trade up for Xavier Rhodes, or Star, but only because I believe there’s a significant drop off from Xavier and Star to the next guy at their respective positions. For my money, I’d rather have the 49ers staying put and trading to acquire more pick in later years. Trading up (in the first round) isn’t necessary unless you’re targeting Xavier or Star.

    • Alleykat says:

      I would not take a chance on moving up for a guy(Star) with a possible bad ticker.Not worth the gamble.Vaccaro yes,Star No.

      • Spitblood says:

        I read that Star went to a heart specialist in Utah after the combine at the 49ers’ request or recommendation. I think the 49ers will know if he’s worth the risk. Star was cleared by his school to workout at his pro day, and considering the NFL wouldn’t let him workout at the combine, Utah probably had some liability letting Star workout. I’m certain he’s cleared to play short term because they let him. My only question I hope Baalke has an answer for is what are the long term considerations? I’m certain Baalke and his staff have figured that out. If he’s a go, he’s one of two guys I’d move up for. Xavier Rhodes being the other. I wouldn’t move up for Vaccaro. I think Vaccaro and Reid are basically the same guys.

    • JDR says:

      On Dalton/Kaep, it was probably a case where the Niners had info that one of the teams between them and Cincy liked both Dalton and Kaepernick. One thing about the Harbaalke regime is that they seem to have most of their picks decided before the draft even begins.

      The free agent approach thus far suggests that they have a safety in mind for the draft, though the “thus far” should probably be emphasized. It could also be that they like Trenton Robinson a lot more than anyone realizes, but I highly doubt it.

      • Spitblood says:

        JDR – I agree with you. I think Harbaalke does have their picks pretty much already decided before the draft. I think that’s why they forget all the slotting or projections and just “get their guys.” I like the approach. The GMs are the real experts. Chris Culliver was slotted as a fifth or even sixth rounder, Baalke grabbed him in the 3rd and Harbaugh made him a starter. They know what they’re after and don’t care about projections.

        I remember Bill Walsh talking about the draft and targeting guys he liked. He talked about how after the scouting was done, he’d go look at the paper or something that tried to predict where players would be drafted. Walsh wanted to know the general NFL feel for certain players and their draft value so he wouldn’t overpay. The difference with Baalke is that he’s fairly certain of a player’s value, not to the rest of the NFL, but to his team. He doesn’t care about overpaying because if you care too much, you might see your guy drafted ahead of you. And really, what’s to say a certain somebody is worth a 5th, but not a 3rd?

  9. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Our defense is going to get lit up like a 40 ft. Christmas tree this year.
    Bah motherfucking humbug.

  10. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Only 276 days until Christmas, and only 168 days until Craig Dahl starts Week 1at safety and plays like Cindy Lou Who while we all cry boo-motherfucking-hoo.

  11. Spitblood says:

    The NFL really kind of sucks to watch right now even though we all love the game and our Niners. Two years ago there was a labor dispute and the owners clearly won. People love to say or write that the deal was a 60 / 40 deal, or more 50 / 50 but the reality is nobody knows because the owners never opened their books. So claiming the owner got a percentage close to half is laughable because that’s just what the owners want. They want us all to believe the deal they struck is fair.

    But the reality is the deal the owners struck isn’t good for the players or the fans. The only reason we can’t afford to keep our own homegrown talent like Dashon Goldson or Delanie Walker is because the cap is so low. Teams that draft well and develop their talent should be rewarded with Super Bowls. And to a degree, the 49ers are being rewarded, but the fans shouldn’t have to see their teams choosing between guys like Bowman and Goldson. Next up (per Maiocco) it’s a decision between Crabtree, Iupati, Davis or Kaep. Ideally, if the owners were fair about it, teams would be able to keep their own. Think the owners are really hurting? Look at the stadium Jerry Jones just built. The Yorks are building a stadium in Silicon Valley, and not paying attention to the hundreds, maybe thousands of disgruntled 49er fans who’ve been holding tickets in SF forever. If the owners were really hurting they’d have opened their books, or they’d be more worried about alienating fans. The owners aren’t hurting. The owners are greedy. But I will concede one point: Maybe with the new worries about player safety the owners felt they needed to line their pockets to protect against future lawsuits. But either way, the affect of the new labor deal is that teams can’t hold onto their own homegrown talent. I believe Trent Baalke only franchised Dashon Goldson last year because last year’s draft wasn’t deep at the position. This year there’s safeties all over (free agency and the draft), so Goldson was allowed to walk.

    In today’s NFL you win by drafting well and developing your talent quicker. He who develops rookies, wins championships.

    Jim Harbaugh has recently said that this draft is a defining moment for Trent Baalke to distinguish himself as a great talent evaluater along the lines of a Bill Polian or Ozzie Newsome. Jim Harbaugh knows that to compete this year and next for Super Bowls, Trent Baalke needs to find guys who will contribute immediately on defense – in our secondary and along our defensive line. Harbaugh also knows Baalke must find offensive weapons who can play now – not tomorrow, and not next year – now. Jim has said Trent needs to bring his “A” game to this year’s draft.

    The one key to the 49ers winning multiple Super Bowls in this new NFL landscape is also Colin Kaepernick’s future contract. Kaep has to want to take less so the team can have more great players to help Kaep win Super Bowls. I think Kaep has that mindset, and I think Kaep can supplement his income with endorsement deals. Kaep just signed on to endorse Muscle Farm, and I could see the endorsements continuing to roll in. Kaep needs to decide whether or not he wants to be Tom Brady (taking less so the team has more), or Peyton Manning (taking more and only winning one Super Bowl). What I like about Kaep is that Kaep doesn’t appear to be the guy who takes less because he’s listening to Harbaugh. I think Kaep can figure it out for himself – that he can make millions, lead a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of his life (and take care of his family) and still win multiple Super Bowl titles – maybe even eclipsing Montana’s legend.

    For that to happen this year, Trent Baalke needs to find rookies who can start in our secondary. Del just wrote our defense will suck this year. If Baalke can find a rookie starting safety, a rookie starting corner, and a rookie starting NT who can push the pocket, our defense will be fine, and the 49ers will once again compete for a Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh knows the importance of the job Trent Baalke must do and do well this year.

    • NJ49er says:

      Nature of the game Spit.
      We’ve come full circle per se with respect to Cap Mgt.
      Our legacy if SF was built Pre-Cap.
      The game has now come down to talent evaluation.
      The Rookie Cap was long overdue and, in a sense, it helped owners control the wage scale.

      Can’t say it doesn’t help labor though.
      How many Vets got screwed by Contracts like those given to Alex or JaMarcus?

      Today’s Dynasties will be forged by the GMs who select talent wisely and pay for production within a rigid budget.
      Rookies should earn the big Contract. Too many busts prior to the Rookie Cap.
      You won’t feel so bad saying adios to guys like AJ if they don’t pan out.

      Guys like Dashon will find lesser FA money as the youth infusion begins to catch up.
      You reward guys that want the Ring and buy into ‘Team’ before themselves.

      I see a pretty bright future ahead. Baalke seems to get it.

      Any Club seeking stability will look toward a GM/HC duo that have a common vision, as we have now between Baalke and Harbaugh.
      Watch the gyrations between Idzik and Rex in NY as an example.

      The new direction IMO will be owners hiring GMs before hiring HCs.

    • NJ49er says:

      We’re in a position to gamble with small school ‘Project-type’ picks which can be developed on the cheap.
      Watch guys like Bruce Miller and Ian Williams for example.
      Bruce was a converted DE from a small school. Ian an UDFA from a big time program.

      Everyone is panicking over the hole left by Dashon.
      You can easily cover a Rookie in the FS slot if need be, the Roster is strong enough I think.

      Baalke is waiting for the FA Market to cool, which allows Cap friendly deals to surface.
      Smart business is smart business no matter the venue.
      As a SB contender, we’re attractive.
      Can’t say that about a lot of other Teams.

  12. Alleykat says:

    What a huge fuck up by Denver and Elway.Elvis Dumervil just signs with the Ravens.5/35 8.5 guaranteed first year.Never trust a fucking FAX machine Johnny,you got hosed.

    • NJ49er says:

      Won’t see me crying in my beer for Elway or Peyton.

      How about you AK?

    • NoFear49er says:

      Johnny should have never let it get to the fax machine stage. I always knew he was an idiot too full of himself to see much else.

      • NJ49er says:

        I seriously have my reservations about that fax machine story but….?
        They float it through the media, we have to buy it I guess?

  13. NoFear49er says:

    Montana’s legend might be a bit too optimistic at this point. I hope CK7 avoids his sophomore slump for now.

    The big problem on defense is the line is mediocre without Justin Smith and it’s failure to pressure the passer, especially without Justin Smith. Our plays depend on Justin Smith too, even when he was hurt. Think the coaches depended too much on a single player? Yeah, I do. Stupid. Coaching there may have cost us a ring.

    Dahl was good enough at free safety against us last year.

    • NJ49er says:

      Greetings NoFear49er.
      I’m with you on that point.
      Our DLine rotation should get a good healthy dose of youth next month.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing a Vet added on the cheap too.
      Reports suggest Idonije could be in the mix from Chicago.
      I’m good with a deal for Richard Seymour if possible also.

      Dahl is a depth move.
      Probably means a current back up will get pushed off the Roster in TCamp too.

      Woodson would make sense too in that regard.
      A viable starter with plenty of position awareness and flexibility.

      • NoFear49er says:

        You don’t see Dahl starting at FS? IMO, free agency is for veterans to get paid not a time to pick up depth for your roster.

      • NJ49er says:

        Dahl can certainly start.
        Yet to be determined IMO.

        Just thinking that Dahl for Goldson isn’t automatic at this point.
        But, as you suggest, he played as a starter last year.

        Think it’s a TCamp battle waiting for someone to take the job.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Dumervil’s agent plays a part in the fuckup, NoFear. Unless he did it on purpose to get Elvis out of Denver. Which is what happened. Elvis got about the same money this year, but he’s on a 5 year deal now in Balt.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Like I said, NoFear, I see Sensabaugh or Kerry Rhodes coming here, Dahl isn’t going to be starter. I’ve been saying that since they got him.

  16. NJ49er says:

    PFT suggesting that the Seahawks signed a damaged DE.
    Michael Bennett apparently has/had a torn rotator cuff.

    Oh well……no tears in my beer for that move either.
    Avril doesn’t scare me either.
    They lost Jason Jones and Clemons is coming off an ACL repair.

    • JDR says:

      Doesn’t seem a big deal on the surface, but we saw firsthand what happens when a pass-rusher can’t use his arm for leverage. I smell a letdown year for the SeaHags.

  17. Spitblood says:

    NJ – I know it’s the nature of the game, but the problem is that talent that’s captured by one team isn’t there long enough for the team to win a Super Bowl with. Now the window of opportunity is even tighter, and I’m fine with that, but basically the NFL is socialism. The NFL spreads their wealth of talent around after the first contract so all teams, even the ones that don’t draft well, get to acquire free agent talent (albeit by overpaying). The low cap drives prices down and even the bad teams can overpay for good players. If a team like the 49ers drafts well, it gets penalized. If a team like the Raiders doesn’t….. okay, well, bad example…. they suck anyway. But the mediocre teams that don’t draft well still get some talent and that’s developed by the truly good teams. It’s a redistribution of wealth (talent). Teams now aren’t looking past the player’s first contract, and the 49ers are reluctant to sign players to long term deal. When was the last time a player on the 49ers signed a five or six year deal? Baalke’s right in not doing that, but that’s the problem in the NFL right now. Teams need to have players stay with their first organizations longer than their first contract.

    • NJ49er says:

      Good points Spit but, not all parts fit everywhere.
      Case in point, Philly shooting the wad last year for FA Gold.
      Smart Teams will survive.
      Take TB for example. Big bucks for Dashon, possible future Picks for Revis.
      Not smart business IMO. Might get them a quick fix, not going to solve their future development, especially when you can question how stable they are at QB.

      When you stick to the budget and have cheap talent being developed you hedge your bets in that regard.
      I use the puzzle piece analogy when constructing a Team.
      Find the right pieces, have a plan, develop as you go.

      Baalke and Paraag have their priorities in order it would appear.
      Say goodbye to aging talent, fill with youth and work the terms according to future projections.
      No accident that Dashon was milked along to this Draft Class either.
      All the needed pieces coincide with areas that are deepest.

      When other Teams wait for our talent to hit the street, you pull an Alex deal where you can.
      Get Picks before they walk for nothing.

      Ala Richard Seymour being dealt to Oakland by the Pats in recent years.
      Bad Teams want your players when you establish yourself as a successful Organization.

      Andy Reid used his reputation for QB development with Kolb like Harbaugh will for any QB he tutors now and in the future.

    • NJ49er says:

      By having additional Picks, as we do, you have leverage.
      When you develop that talent, you have leverage.
      The game is won on Scouting and proper evaluation at Draft time.

      The magic is knowing where to find the pieces you want.
      I’m more for the diamonds in the rough. Get a Jr that has flown under the usual radar and bring them along slowly.
      We aren’t in need of quantity now.
      It’s all about quality.

    • NJ49er says:

      Brady is aging, they’ve been there for a decade.
      They’re not as invincible as they once were.
      It’s inevitable, players change, production windows open and close at varying degrees.

      It’s all about Organizational Mgt that keeps the good Teams in the mix year to year.
      We’re on the leading edge now.
      Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, GB are sliding back to the pack.

      We’re in a good position.

  18. Spitblood says:

    I don’t know if I buy that Denver fucked up the Elvis deal. Elvis fired his agent after the debacle – that’s a fact. His agent also said that Elvis was wavering all the way up until the deadline. That was also confirmed by Elway. I think it’s a clear case of Denver offering Elvis a marginal deal that he wavered on right up to the last minute. Why is that Elway’s fault? The reason Elvis has now left the building is the exact reason he was wavering – maybe someone else would pay more. The Ravens paid more, Elvis is happy. But I don’t think that leaves Elway with egg on his face because Elway and the Broncos were saying the same thing before the debacle – “Here’s a our offer, if you can get more else where, great! Otherwise, we’d love to have you at this price.” I just don’t think it’s as big of an issue as some would like to make it. Elway did, after all, get Denver out of the Tim Tebow mess. And that coulda gotten really ugly. He could have been their qb for 7 years. Think about what 7 years of terrible qb play can do to a fan base. I’m still fuckin’ silly. I talk to myself regularly while walking down the street. I’m making an appointment tomorrow to feed the ducks with Del But I digress….. Elvis has left the building.

  19. 12th man says:

    Harbs has apparently invited ex NFL QB Pat White for a private tryout.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    For what?

    New thread is up . . .

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