Baalke’s Slow Play

Trent Baalke seems to be back in familiar territory. The blogospheres are erupting with “Aaaak, the Niners are losing players  and replacing them with stick figures!!” Yeah, they’ve lost Goldson, Soap, RJF, and replaced them with Craig Dahlly Dagger, perennial underachiever Glenn (don;t call me Tommy) Dorsey, and Dan (Reputa the beauta) Skuta, but this smacks of a couple years ago when the Niners watched as teams like Philly blew their collective wads signing can’t miss guys like Nnamdi Asomuaga, Mike Vick, and countless others. Baalke quietly signed guys like Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, Jonathan Goodwin, and David (used to be green) Akers as the feeding frenzy slowed down. They did trade for Anquan Bouldin as well. At this point I think the Niners sign one more semi-big name FA safety before heading off to the draft in April.

Baalke also nailed that 2011 draft to the tune of 5 starters and a bunch of contributors, including Aldon Smith, Kendall Hunter, Bruce Miller, and Chris (Mr. Diversity) Culliver. Not to mention our starting QB. The 2012 draft was a little less impactful, but the Niners did get solid backup LMJ, line depth in Joe Looney, and the big ??? that is AJ Jenkins. Free agent wise last year, the Niners netted Mario Manningham, and erstwhile semi-malcontent Rany Moss. Nothing spectacular, but the team was (*sob*) 6 yards from winning it all.

Faast forward to today, and the team is poised for a huge haul in the draft. They currently have 14 picks. 3 compensatory ones that they must use, and 11 to burn any way they see fit. Only one (a sixth rounder) went to Baltimore for Bouldin, and it appears that the Niners are already working to extend his deal to minimize the cap impact. Good move for a very tough WR.

We all know the needs going into the draft. A couple of big bodies up front, a safety or two who can replace Goldson and Whitner, speed at the WR spot, a TE with decent hands,  and  kicker. I think the Niners could very easily sign a FA safety and a FA TE. A kicker is possible as well. If they do that, then they can heavily target their holes with their multiple choices. Bundle them to trade up and position some draft spots for next year.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Draft spots per Grump. Thanks

    1 – 31 – (31) – Our pick
    2 – 3 – (34) – *Choice from Kansas City (with conditional 2014 choice for QB Alex Smith)
    2 – 31 – (63) – Our pick
    3 – 12 – (74) – *Choice from Carolina (with 49ers’ 2012 No. 6 draft choice for 49ers’ 2012 No. 4 draft choice)
    3 – 31 – (93) – Our pick
    4 – 31 – (128) – Our pick
    4 – 34 – (131) – #Compensatory Selection
    5 – 24 – (157) – *Choice from Indy (with 49ers’ 2012 No. 4 draft choice for 49ers’ 2012 No. 4)
    5 – 31 – (164) – Our pick
    6 – 12 – (180) – *Choice from Miami (with Dolphins’ 2012 No. 4 and Saints’ 2012 No. 6 draft choices for 49ers’ 2012 No. 4 choice)
    XXX 6 – 31 – (199) – Traded to Baltimore Ravens (for WR Anquan Boldin)
    7 – 21 – (227) – *Choice from Cincinnati (for S Taylor Mays)
    7 – 31 – (237) – Our pick
    7 – 40 – (246) – #Compensatory Selection
    7 – 46 – (252) – #Compensatory Selection

  2. Alleykat says:

    Grab Phil Dawson for a year.Dude can flat out kick FG’s 308-353 career 84%.Probably would like to come to a “Winner” after a long and frustrating career in Cleveland.Sure the Niners could work out a deal on the cheap side, only good thing to ever come out of Cleveland. was Willie Mays Hayes in Major League.

  3. Another interesting year looms fer the Niners as the team continues to upgrade. A full year at the wheel will only help the Kaep become more dangerous/effective. Hope the same is true fer Roman.

    Off to the airport agin, guests/family piling in. It’s summer here and the son did bring the 18 year old Jameson Kat

  4. Alleykat says:

    Thank You very much to myself!!!
    I just nailed the Phil Dawson sigining with the 49ers!!!
    Man I should be in the war room on draft day…
    Great job 49er getting a pro like him.Solid sigining IMO…KAT KNOWS BEST….

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Good call, AK. One less thing to draft for . . .

  6. Grumpy Guy says:

    Anyone have a rough idea of how many rookies we could realistically fit under the rookie cap? I cannot imagine we could keep 14 in any event. Ten or eleven maybe?

    • NoFear49er says:

      Grumpy, that’s a question that I’ve been pondering. Evidently we won’t get figures from the league on our share of the total rookie pool or one-year pool until after the draft as it’s based on which round and spot players are drafted.

      In my estimation, we can figure the bottom nine or so picks will get rookie minimums ($405k) this year and small bonuses which shouldn’t ding the allotment much. The rest probably still get minimum plus bigger signing and other allowed bonuses which are more or less unofficially slotted by draft position. The signing bonuses and guaranteed money treated as signing bonus get spread over the four years of the contracts for team salary cap but still must fit into the allotted rookie pool.

      The trickier proposition seems to be figuring the team salary cap impact. We only need to consider the top 51 salaries until the regular season starts so when we sign a guy like Boldin he knocks somebody out of the top 51 so we count his cap hit and recover the guy’s he’s knocked out, albeit only $400k or so, otherwise a minimum rookie salary won’t count against the cap until the season begins, and only a fourth of the signing bonuses hit this year.

      Or maybe that’s the St Paddy’s Guinness stock I laid in talking.

      • 12th man says:

        Sounds about right to me NF. I read somewhere it’s roughly 4 mil +- to allot for rookies based on 7 picks.

  7. snarkk says:

    I think they need to pick up another RB, maybe 4th or 5th round. Gore isn’t going to run forever, and they don’t seem too keen on Dixon. Also, Dobbs should not be forgotten, he’s coming off injury, hopefully he’ll be back for DL depth…


      The old way was drafting a Marcus Lattimore at the end of the third round and letting him recover from his injury while learning the offense by stashing him on the PUP list due to his injury. He rehabs and knows your system and is ready to go in 2014. He goes to every practice and studies film with the other running backs and will be there when Frank Gore hangs it up.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’d like to see Le’Veon Bell from Mich St on the radar for us.
      Bigger back with some solid production.

      I’d agree with TD Tommy regarding Lattimore also.
      If he’s medically sound he could easily go the route Frank did.
      Always a gamble with a RB and knee surgeries but, if the prognosis is promising why not?
      Let him get familiar with the system and take some additional time to get stronger.

      Could be a great value gamble at the right Draft Slot.
      We still have Jewel Hampton on the Roster.
      He’s very similar in size and running style to Frank too.

    • NJ49er says:

      There are several RBs with outstanding numbers.
      Problem is, I never see them play so it’s hard to know if they’re putting up numbers against poor teams or not.

      Zac Stacy from Vandy and Jonathan Franklin from UCLA are a couple of examples that show very good production from stats.

    • JDR says:

      I saw one mock draft floating the idea of taking a flyer on Marcus Lattimore in the 4/5th round. The reasoning is they have the depth to stash him for a year and should he come back full strength you have the HB spot settled for the next 6-8 seasons.

  8. snarkk says:

    Baalke should work it so he trades 3 or 4 of the lower picks for 2 or 3 slightly higher picks next year, and keep the cupboard of picks full. NEngland has made a profession of doing that…

    • Alleykat says:

      Agree Snarkk..Belicheat is the master on draft day.Son of a bitch is always cutting deals moving up or back to fill extra needs.
      Hate the Asshole but he knows his shit.
      Baalke just needs to take a page from this prick on draft day and maneuver for this year and next.

  9. Grumpy Guy says:

    We actually already have an extra conditional pick – 3rd or 4th maybe – for Alex, and a 7th for Colin Jones. Also as we have lost some highly paid free agents, two or three compensatory picks again next year is not unlikely. So roughly a dozen?

    Maybe we should trade back into 2015!

  10. unca_chuck says:

    The Niners have roughly $12.5 mill split evenly between signing bonusses and rookie salary. That doesn’t seem like very much, but that’s mainly because the Niners pick so low in the 1st round. The first 10 picks of the draft get the bigger payday. From what I hear, Grump, that should be a #2 pick should the Chefs do well next year. Not sure what ‘well’ is defined as, but seeing as KC went 2-14 last year. 8-8 would be well.

    • 12th man says:

      Heck of a trade Baalke pulled off there.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m just happy that Baalke turned Alex into positive ammunition for the current Roster.

      I’ve always been an Andy Reid fan, he just gets a major ‘High 5’ for taking Alex from us.

      Now I’d like to see what Tom Gamble will do to reciprocate for the courtesy he was afforded by Baalke to take the Philly job.

      I’m hoping for a Draft Weekend position swap somewhere.
      Philly sits in the Top 5 of each Rd which could become a factor along the way.
      He did help somewhat by taking Ice off our payroll.

      • Spitblood says:

        I used to think Andy Reid was okay. Now, not so much. I don’t like a lot of the moves he’s been apart of in the last several years. All the free agents? Mike Vick? Juan Castilla as the D coordinator? And now trading two seconds for Alex Smith? I think these are all bad decisions and let’s not paint me as a Monday morning qb. I was saying they were bad decisions when they happened.

        And I never thought of the Gamble /. Ice connection. Interesting take. You think Gamble was doing us a favor, or he thought his new team had a need after Cullen Jenkins left town?

        The Eagles are pretty much gutted and starting from scratch. I could see them needing more picks. That’s a good call highlighting them as a trading partner, and the two organizations obviously know each other. But I’d doubt seriously that Gamble does Baalke and favors. If it’s in their mutual advantage I’d say yes, but not because Tom wants to say thanks to Trent. Don’t know if that’s what you were suggesting.

        I think a lot of different teams will be anxious to trade with Baalke. I could see Baalke having the “hot hand,” on draft day only because everyone would want to take his call.

        We’ve all suggested it at one point or another that Baalke makes trades to acquire future draft picks in 2014 and 2015. I think that’s a good strategy. But I’m still thinking 10 players make the team this year. We have enough ammo to do both.

        1.) Safety – Eric Reid
        2.) NT – John Jenkins
        2..) Wr – Aaron Dobson
        3.) TE – Dion Sims
        3.) Wr / PR – Ace Sanders
        4.) RB – Lattimore
        4.) Wr – Da’Rick Rogers
        5,) QB Matt Scott

        That would pretty much replace Goldson, Soap, Moss, Walker, Ginn, Jacobs and Alex Smith from last year’s roster.

        Some joker just graded the 49ers a C- in free agency. Personally I’d prefer an F. Didn’t the Eagles get an A a few years back and then Vince Young does really what Vince Young does…. Dream team my arse. Give me those eight guys above and we could be talking world champs.

      • NJ49er says:

        Andy Reid has eaten a lot of garbage in Philly.
        He never let it get to him, yeh he’s made some strange calls but, he’s always been a class act IMO.

        Philly Fans Suck.
        I hope Chip takes a couple years to adjust just so they realize how good they had it with Andy.
        Nothing better than hearing them spew venom on their own.

        As for Trading Partners, you always connect relationships.
        Watch Idzik and Seattle. See whether they do any business over time.

        It’s a ‘Good ‘Ol Boy’ network in the NFL.
        Everybody knows somebody and they always look to old friends for help when they need it.

      • NJ49er says:

        Good Mock.
        Jenkins is a head scratcher that high for me.
        Like his size though.
        I’d love to surround a 350LB NT like that with aggressive DEs for pressure.

        Watch TE Otten from SJSU.
        Read that Staley attended his Pro Day recently and, Jeff Garcia did the workouts at the QB position.

        I could live with Dion.
        Dion and Otten are taller guys too, 6’5″

        Who’s on your video clip?
        Don’t have Adobe Flash here.

      • NJ49er says:

        As for FA Grades?
        Who gives a hoot at this point?

        Some people just feel the need to weigh every ounce of daily FA activity.
        As you suggested, Philly won FA last year, Miami might be winning it this year.
        It’s all about chemistry and production in September.
        Dan Snyder played FA Super Bowl Bingo for years.
        He finally woke up and stopped building Fantasy Teams.

        Baalke is being prudent about shaping the Roster.
        My Son was flipping out over the Dahl signing initially, but has realized that it doesn’t mean it’s Dahl for Dashon.
        It’s all about depth and experience where it’s needed.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:


        You must know that Gamble is not the Philadelphia Eagle General Manager
        You are wrong in so many ways suggesting Tom Gamble is paying Trent Baalke back.
        In fact how is it you seem to always dispense misinformation?
        If you were in medicine they would call you a QUACK.

      • Spitblood says:

        NJ – Kawaan Short, DT.

  11. Spitblood says:

    I actually like this kid better than NT John Jenkins. Short’s dominant and could be there in the early second.

  12. Spitblood says:

    I don’t know if it’s a given now that we have dorsey that the Niners go DE/NT with one of their first two picks. I could honestly see the 49ers going safety, corner with their first two picks.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m leaning DE/DB with 1st 2 Picks myself.
      Not sure if Jonathan Banks is worth the Pick there but he’s interesting.
      If Jesse Williams is on the Board at 31 I’d have a hard time passing on him there.

      I’m down for Eric Reid. He was my first option also.
      I’d be real happy to have him and TJ or Earl Wolff back there together.
      See how Baalke plays it.

    • NJ49er says:

      Be nice if we had a shot at Datone Jones at 31 too.
      Any way you slice it, we’ll have plenty of options are our disposal.

      My Draft Party is already in the works.

  13. Alleykat says:

    How about are latests sigining FA WR Marlon Moore 6’0 190 from the Dolphins.And the Baalke mystery tour keeps on coming.Punt returner? ST Player? Waterboy?



    Andy Reid trading for Alex Smith has given the KC Chiefs legitimacy and some think this move improves them giving them as many as 6 more wins.
    If the additional number two draft pick happens it will mean the Chiefs are a playoff team so it is hard to see what is wrong with improving your team.
    Do you have problems seeing the big picture? Better than drafting stiffs like Locker, Ponder and Gabbert.

    • Spitblood says:

      I never liked Gabbert. Don’t try to paint me with that brush. I said, like Berger, that Ponder would be a serviceable WCO qb. I still like Locker. It’s all about the coaching for Locker. Good coaching and he’ll go far. Poor coaching and he’ll suck.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        I recall you saying Locker was the second coming of Steve Young.
        Like everything else you walk everything back.
        Few weeks ago you said no way to Lattimore.
        Yesterday yes to Lattimore. Got it covered both ways do we?

      • Spitblood says:

        Nice to have fans that follow my every word…. Locker’s career could lineup exactly like Steve Young’s. USFL, Tampa…. poor coaches but someone saw the wasted talent and traded for him… then trained him. Locker’s talent is undeniable. Sorry you can’t see it, Chuck. He just, like all the qbs, needs coaching. He isn’t getting it with the Titans. Someone could trade for him later and really develop him. He’s a born leader. You’ll see.

        I did flip-flop on Lattimore only because of the salary cap. I saw before you and a lot of other blog members that this year is one for replacing veterans and starting rookies, and replacing older more expensive contracts with rookie contracts. I saw that a few weeks ago, and it was reconfirmed when teams started dropping all their older players. I wrote, “No Country for Old Men.” Because of the low cap and teams squeezing to get players below the cap, Lattimore makes sense, provided you can get him the 4th round.

        Thanks for the devoted following, Chuck.

      • “Chuck”.

        Hmmm who woulda thunk…

  15. barleyfreak says:

    NFL competition committee passes the helmet rule. I can see a lot of pissed off fans and more play stoppages for subjective non-reviewable penalties. Actually I don’t know if they are reviewable, But I have this feeling this rule is going to be difficult to consistently and fairly apply. At least they got rid of the tuck rule.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Stupid bastids. Someone’s bound to bring back football someday.

      Can we still blow ’em up with drones though?

      • unca_chuck says:

        Shit, the whole game will be drones soon enough. Enter all the characteristics of the players into a database, and simulate the entire game. VR football.

      • NoFear49er says:

        lol, I had the same thought but didn’t mention it lest Goodell catch wind of it and run with it. Running behind his pads but not his helmet, of course.

  16. JDR says:

    Chuck nailed it in pointing out that the early FA “winners” are rarely there come January. NFL free agency is for getting role players, not your franchise core. Also, let’s lay off a bit on the “Ace” hype. Taylor Mays had pretty impressive YouTube compilation too.

  17. NJ49er says:

    Spit let’s try this connection on for size.
    9ers hired Mike Lombardi’s kid Mick as an assistant to Harbaugh.

    The Lombardi bond now spans another generation.
    The Cleveland Browns are now in the mix for a friendly conversation on Draft Weekend perhaps.

    I’m also less rigid in my position regarding Da’Rick, if we can keep Boldin on the Roster for an additional year.
    Boldin brings attitude and a work ethic.
    Something that could be of benefit with a questionable psyche like that which has been associated with Da’Rick.
    Josh Boyce and Da’Rick wouldn’t be a bad pair of WRs to add to our Roster.

    • Spitblood says:

      There’s no doubt the NFL is about connections. That’s not just the NFL, but the world. I like that the 49ers are expanding their NFL circle of influence. That’s nothing but a good thing, especially if Jim Harbaugh continues to better himself as a man and stops berating officials and playing games with the media. Connections work better if people respect you. Jim certainly has the respect of the NFL, but as a man, he’s a work in progress – aren’t well all?

      I think the 49ers could really do something with both Da’Rick Rogers and Lattimore. The 49ers, in my opinion, are the strongest organization in football. Not just because of their talent and their coaches, but because of their front office and various different philosophies. This strength, across the board, allows them luxury items like no other team in the NFL can afford right now – especially with the current cap situation. Other teams would need a 4th or 5th round running back to contribute and start the process of contributing immediately. The 49ers, because of their running back depth, can afford to hold Lattimore out an entire year. Want proof? AJ Jenkins. It’s the same with Rogers. The 49ers can also afford to take a flyer on Rogers and ask him to get his head straight for a year, learning the ropes and learning how to be a good pro. And I agree, Boldin could be around for more than a year. Pay Boldin 6-7 million this year, maybe buy his loyalty, and see if he’ll re-sign in ’14 for a much lower number.

      • NJ49er says:

        We picked up his $6Mil Contract from Baltimore in the Trade.
        I’m all for spreading that out with an extension if he’s amenable.

        He played behind LFitz of course and persevered by having that desire to work.
        He’s a tough guy. More than can be said for Randy.

        Lattimore is interesting. Everyone who speaks of him calls him a top notch person as well as a gifted RB.
        I’d have no problems with him if his medical issues check out. He could easily be shelved for a year to get stronger and learn the rigors of NFL life without question.

        He’ll go on my List with Tyrann/Da’Rick as Risk/Reward guys.

        I think I’m ready to post my RB List for April since I’m not figuring it will be a high priority position for us.

        Le’Veon Bell
        Jonathan Franklin
        Zac Stacy

        These guys all have good numbers but, I’ve only seen Bell in action.
        Be nice if Baalke could find a guy from the RB group that can serve in a PR capacity.

        For now, that Pick goes to Ace.

  18. Spitblood says:

    Yeah, Ace is the real deal. That kid’s a stud. Hope he can stay healthy at the pro level. It’ll be fun to watch him regardless where he goes.

  19. snarkk says:

    This not lowering the head rule doesn’t seem like the best development for Gore…

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Tommy, or Bullit, or whoever you are, since your sole mission in life is to hang on Spitty’s every post, why don;t you two get a room? It must be getting cold in the back of the van . . .

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Snarkk, this is another rule that will slow the game down. A little, anyway. These types of pays don’t happen a lot, but at least they aren’t going after RBs who lower their heads to hit the hole. This is outside the tackle box . . . RBs have been getting low in the hole since, oh, about 1920 . . .

  22. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, there was early talk of the Niners working on an extension for Bouldin when he signed, but I haven’t heard anything since.

    Interesting piece from

    Jim Harbaugh can be forgiven if he thought his brother was pulling his chain with a phone call offering to trade Anquan Boldin two months after the wide receiver played a key role in the San Francisco 49ers’ defeat in Super Bowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens.

    “Oh, I’m sure he probably was suspicious,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, according to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

    John explained to his brother that the salary numbers simply didn’t work for Baltimore or Boldin, leaving the sides no chance of reaching a last-minute compromise before the onset of free agency.

    Once Jim realized the Ravens were serious about a trade, he quickly moved to strike a deal for the veteran receiver.

    “I called him up and said, ‘Would you be interested?’ He said, ‘Heck yeah. I’ll go talk to Trent,’ ” said John Harbaugh, referring to 49ers general manager Trent Baalke.

    Within 30 minutes of the original phone call, Baalke and Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome had the details in place for Boldin to land with the 49ers.

    “I think they feel like they got a great deal,” John said. “I know they got a great player. They got a great leader. They got a guy who’ll be a perfect fit in their in their offense in a lot of ways. They’ll realize that right away.”

    • Irish Kevin says:

      Well, I said this when they signed him, I hope they use him more than they did Moss. It appeared that they brought in Moss strictly as a decoy. What a waste. So yeah, when I see Boldin getting 8-10 passes per game thrown his way then I will be a little bit more excited. I have to admit I am really looking forward to a full camp with Kaep behind center. I am more excited about that than seeing Boldin.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Moss was limited in his playing time, and was usually used in 1-2 WR formations, IIRC. Plus, last yearI’s offense was a work in progress due to the shift in QBs. [m sure they are planning on using Bouldin more than they used Moss


    Boldin is going to be utilized because he is making triple what they were paying Moss and he is the clear starter opposite Michael Crabtree.
    Last season it wasn’t clear if Moss or Manningham would start, and usually it was Manningham.

  25. Spitblood says:

    Ginn to the Panthers. Grumpy just got a little less Grumpy. Paves the way for the 49ers to draft Ace. Ace is the place for ass rockets.


    How fickle is the Forty Niner fan?
    You forget that Ted Ginn returned a punt 31 yards to the Baltimore Raven 20 to set up Frank Gore 6 yard run to make the score 28-20 which was crucial in the comeback.
    Against the Atlanta Falcons Ted Ginn returned a punt 20 yards in the NFC Championship Game.
    Ted Ginn contributed when it counted in the playoffs.
    I was happy with Ted Ginn as long as he hung onto the ball and broke a return once in a while.

    • Alleykat says:

      Sure Ginn didnt return that punt when the lights were out.
      But seriously Ginn and his old man value his ability more then the league does.If he thinks he’s a #1 reciever he may want to seek out a shrink.(Dennis is your’s available? )
      And as far as PR…he can run as fast as anybody EAST and WEST,and then to the sidelines out of bounds.Unfortunately the game is still played NORTH and SOUTH.
      One less washed up player for the Niners to have on the roster.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        In 2012 Ginn signed for one year at $1.375 mil which is close to league minimum for a veteran and a bargain. As a return man I still think he has more in the tank.
        I agree his old man was in no position to demand more playing time at receiver which ultimately cost him his spot on the team.

  27. Irish Kevin says:

    okay, so baseball is now first in line for things to read up on. so I am just now finding out that the Niners replaced a 37 yr old kicker with a 38 yr old kicker!! the heighth of stupidity. well maybe not as bad as the Raiders paying Jamarcus Russell, but close, very close


      The Forty Niners replaced a kicker with no confidence with an All Pro kicker who took a pay cut to come here in Phil Dawson.
      To use a baseball analogy Nolan Ryan threw his 6th no-hitter when he was 43 and his 7th when he was 44. At the age of 38 Mike Schmidt hit 37 homeruns, 119 RBI and and was the National League MVP.
      Baalke got a better kicker so who gives a shit how old he is as long as he does his job.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        Please, that is two, yes two athletes that made it past their prime. More than likely this clown will go the way of Ackers. He will be missing from 35 yards or more!! He might even start out strong, but by mid season he will be done!! IMO

  28. Alleykat says:

    Damm right….Don’t the be fucking with my boy Phil Dawson.He is crazy good.7-7 over 50 last year.Missed 2 all year 93%.Niners definitely made the right move.
    If you can kick em in Cleveland you can kick em anywhere including our shithole Candlestick.


      What is good about Dawson is he is a Pro. He wants to get out to Candlestick when it’s raining and windy to gauge the conditions and prepare for anything.
      He might be SOL for the rain but just show up around 4pm for the wind.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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