Game Day?? Is it Really Here? Eons Have Passed!! SBXLVII!!

My daughter is wearing my Super Bowl XXIII t-shirt from the Aptos Club. Epic T-shirt.


Well, hell. The game WILL actually happen. In what seems like the college bowl game six week layoff, the Niners and Ravens will finally strap on their gear and start smacking heads. The reporters have all put their pens and papers away, the players and coaches are safely tucked into their beds, the ridiculous, stupid, and overblown comments have all floated away into the ether, and somewhere Kenny Stabler is drinking and laughing in a corner bar.

I’m fairly confident the Niners will wear these guys down in the end and win going away. And I won’t have to worry about whether Ray Lewis will do his Elaine Benes dance, where Chris Culliver will get his sensitivity training, or where Alex Smith will end up. If only for the duration of the game.

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326 Responses to Game Day?? Is it Really Here? Eons Have Passed!! SBXLVII!!

  1. JBat says:

    3 straight games of coming out flat finally cost the Niners. They were the superior team after the outage, but they had dug themselves too deep of a hole. Can’t wait to see the offense once Kaep has a full camp to work with the first teasers.

  2. Spitblood says:

    You don’t second guess the refs. We all saw the holding on Crabtree and the holding on Dixon. If you’re going to second guess anything, you second guess the play calling at the 5 yard line. Steve Young just said on ESPN: “With all the plays in book, I don’t like the fade there.” Steve: I concur.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I have to ask why you don’t put the ball in Kaepernick’s hands and let him run on at least one of those plays.

      He’s our most dynamic playmaker. Give him a chance to run it in.


      You are so full of shit. If it’s a penalty obvious to all you call it.
      It cost the 49ers the win because he held him with both arms.
      Are you looking for the Mr Congeniality award here?

      • unca_chuck says:

        Bullit, Spitt may be daft, but you don’t want to leave it up to the refs. The Niners called a lot of shitty plays in the red zone. To close the 1st half, the 2 pt conversion, and the end of the game. Those situations called for soemething more than plays we hadn’t tried all year. Mainly the fade patterns they tried to Crabs. My contention ALL YEAR has been throw the fade to MOSS. He’s the only WR on the team with size.

  3. B says:

    Wonder if John Harbaugh thanked Greg Roman and Culliver during his press conf

  4. snarkk says:

    Way way too many mistakes by the Niners. The things that bit them in the season, bit them and cost them.
    1. Special teams. Not good during the season. The 2nd half opening KO return was a dagger. That doesn’t happen, they probably win the game.
    2. Defensive backfield. If they’re matched up with a big receiver, they can’t handle. Culliver got worked, and Fangio couldn’t figure out a way to hide him. Carlos Rogers wasn’t too hot, either.
    3. Receivers. It’s hard to win a SB with 1.5 WRs. After Crabs, there’s really nothing. RMoss is slow, he’lll be gone. Ted Ginn? Seriously? Loss of Manningham was a killer. And the AJ Jenkins bust of a pick, and it’s a bust when your #1 pick in a skill position essentially doesn’t play at all the first year. That hurts.
    4. DLine is getting a little old. Gotta reload. Flacco had too much time. Ravens couldn’t run much, but Flacco was not under enough pressure.
    Kap played well, given the stage, and the terrible position he was put in by the defense and STs. Kid is the real deal.
    5. The play calling down at the end of the game by Roman/Harbaugh will be the talk for weeks to come. Very weird. Totally outcoached by the Ravens defense. In fact, 2 TDs only in 6 visits to the red zone, I think. Not enough playmakers at WR.
    6. Gore played a gutty game. But, they need to replace him with another RB pick. Next year is likely his last year.
    Great Season. One play short…

  5. B says:

    Your O Line is in the pro bowl for run blocking and Gore doesn’t get one chance on the last 4 plays. I never saw Kap throw that fade once during his starts, and call it for the last play of the Superbowl? Stupid.

    • zumiee says:

      All 4 final play-calls sucked. It’s actually kind of mystifying, other than just to say the coaches choked at the end.

  6. zumiee says:

    But I’m proud of the comeback the team made. They represented the proud Niner tradition well. We were bound to lose a Super Bowl at some point. The core of the team is solid. We’re a solid contender for years to come.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Gwaddamnallfuckingshitalmighty, Hell of a fuckarow game. The Niners shouldn’t have been anywhere near close in then end, and they still fucked it up after pissing away the game 3x. The pisser to me was the end of the 1st half. They burned 20 seconds getting to the line then ran for 0 yards on a sweep. They then had to burn a TO, while wasting way too much time and then went with the FG. Stupid. Then the 109 yard KO return? I kept saying at the time, all we need is a score and a stop. It finally happened. The 2 pt conversion? Waste. Flacco throwing those fucking rainbows that somehow were caught? WTF? Culliver may now be cut. Not because of any proantigay shit, but because he fucked up big time many many times all night. As stupid as Moss was or is or whatever, you at least try one throw to him in the end zone. He’s the only guy with size.

    Yeah, Snarkk, losing Manningham was a killer. The 1st fucking play was a bitch. WAY too many mistakes and penalties.

  8. snarkk says:

    When you think of it, it’s pretty amazing how well the Niners did with total lack of depth in receiver corps after Williams and Manningham went down. That absolutely has to be a key for Baalke to upgrade. They need a big, bad WR on the other side to add to Crabs, and hopefully Manningham coming back. Kyle Williams is not an answer to anything,. Nor, I doubt Jenkins is, or he would have played. You have to get some very good WRs onto this roster when you have a talent like Kap throwing the ball. I’d even take another tight end. VD is substandard running routes and catching the ball, period. I’d take a guy like Brent Jones that runs routes and catches the ball over VD eight days a week…

  9. unca_chuck says:

    VD ain’t the problem. It is the WR corps. Manningham is OK, but imagine having a guy like Larry Fitzgerald. Or fucking Alt’s WRs. Crabs is decent, Moss is dead to me, Williams isbarely a 3, Ginn isn’t even worthy (and why he seven sees anything thrown his way is a mystery) and Jenkins is nothing as of now.

    Again,twhat kills me is theis game should have been 52-17 Ravens given all the gift the Niners gave Balt. That we were in it in the end says something, but still, horrible red zone play calling through the entire game.

    That being said, Balt will be down on their luck next year.

    • snarkk says:

      Moss has to be gone. He’s done. He looks like he’s dragging a tire when he runs. And, he didn’t even jump on that overthrow by Kap. I think he could have got a hand on it, or at least, maybe got in the vision of Reed.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. The stupid fuck calls himself the best ever and then mails in the Super Bowl. What a fucking tool.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Totally agree with that. Of all the mistakes by players and coaches, any of which could have changed the outcome, for Moss to sloth his way through the freakin’ Super Bowl is a damn shame. He’s a worthless bastid whose portrait should hang in every urinal in the facility for the next year.

    • Nipper says:


  11. snarkk says:

    Before the game today, in the Puppy Bowl a 10 week old Fox Terrier got behind Culliver and caught a 55 yard Milk Bone thrown by a 9 week old German Shepherd…

  12. Chico says:

    Snarrk, Chuck and Zumie along with No Fear nailed it.. Good posts fellas.. You wonder why Greg Roman didn’t take the Cal job? Yeah. Fuck, this one hurts.

  13. Chico says:

    After reading this thread, one thing is for sure.. The only time Nipper came alive was when we had our backs against the ropes.. Your prototypical concern troll. Yes, that was directed at you, Nipper. You fucking hack.

  14. snarkk says:

    One thing is for sure. This doesn’t get easier. The NFC West is getting tougher. Seattle is a load, and the Rams are already giving the Niners fits and getting better with a good HC and staff now, plus the Cards will get some kind of QB, so they’ve got to be better next year. Even if the Niners can win this division again with a good draft to reload, they’ll likely be 10-6 after a bruising division season, and that means playoffs on the road. It’s really a pisser they couldn’t pull this one off. Ravens were good, and they made the plays when they had to, but play these guys 10X, I think the Niners win 7, maybe 8, without digging themselves a trench in the first half…

  15. Chico says:

    And fuck you too, JBat.. You’re a troll.

    • JBat says:

      Oh boy, another internet tough guy. If you didn’t have Swiss cheese for a brain you’d remember that I’ve been posting on Flavor’s blog for several years and here off and on from time to time.

      And which fucking comment did I post that required your retarded response? One of these days I’m going to get luck and meet a pussy like you. That’d be about the time we’d see exactly how tough you are.

    • JBat says:

      LOL. I went back and read all of my final comments. I don’t know what your issue is but it’s clearly a mental one.

      • Chico says:

        Oh, I don’t know… things like. “Sanfrandodgerfan!” makes me think you’re a Splash troll.. If I’m wrong, I apologize.. It’s ‘swiss cheese for brains’ not ‘swiss cheese for a brain’.. I’ll spare Chuck the trouble and ignore your comment about meeting up.. I’ll spare you the trouble and do my best to avoid you in real life.

    • JBat says:

      Well, thanks for the grammar lesson. I’ll keep an eye out for any grammatical errors you might make and be sure to let you know about them.

      Sanfrandodger fan has been a participant in the Spash and Flavor’s blog for a number of years. Since he didn’t deny it, I’m going to assume I was right. I don’t really care one way or another, but in the minutes after a painful loss, I wasn’t in the mood for peanut gallery comments from a guy who doesn’t give a crap about the 49ers. After 45 years of following them. I DO give a crap, as I’m sure most here do.

      The man is knowledgeable about baseball, I’ll give him that and I’m damn glad the Dodgers exist as a rival for the Giants, but his M.O. for the longest time was to frequent the Splash and try to bait Giants fans into arguments.

      • Chico says:

        That’s fair.. I apologize for calling you a troll.. I thought you were someone else.. That’s all on me. It fucking hurts, doesn’t it? God damn it fucking hurts.

  16. twinfan1 says:

    The refs missed calls both ways, on the no-call at the end, I’ve looked at it several times, and while there was a hold, less obvious was Crabs using his left arm to try to push off. But the biggest reason for the failure at the end was the Raven’s defense-they forced the issue and Kap had no time to look anywhere but to his first option.
    But blaming that play or even that sequence as to why we lost, is simplistic..there were many plays that led to them even having a chance to win and even more that contributed to losing…
    Even Kap, as well as he played overall, was hardly blameless. He made same young QB errors that had a hand in the loss- and some great ones that helped them *almost* win..
    Culliver- AHA! He may hate gays but he loves getting whipped…
    Moss- give him a break. He was thinking about the economy. His uniform won’t need laundering..
    Jimbo- O/U on when he has a coronary on the sidelines- October 2014, Game 3..
    Roman- they say Smith may go where Roman goes. Alex says: “uh, where’s Hostler?”

    But in the end-we lost. We weren’t the better team. Talking like that, and blaming the refs is loser talk. Time to look to next year already-they need more physical corners, a vet to back up Kap, probably a new kicker… there aren’t a lot of holes.

    • Nipper says:

      We wuz whipped! BOO HOO!

      • JBat says:

        Dude, for years I see you posting at the Splash and oneflapdown and I STILL don’t know if you’re a fan of the Giants or Niners. Your posts are usually one liners, half of which are indecipherable or just flat stupid. What the fuck is the deal?

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Like I said, with the opportunities we gave them, it shouldn’t have been this close.

    It all started with VD lining up wrong.

    • twinfan1 says:

      “Under NFL rules, players are numbered for eligibility. Tight ends and wide receivers must be on the end of the line of scrimmage in order to be an eligible pass receiver. If a wide receiver is on the line of scrimmage and a tight end is inside of him, an illegal formation has occurred because another eligible has covered the eligible tight end. The formation would be legal if the wide receiver would drop off of the line of scrimmage so that he is not in a direct line with the tight end.”
      I didn’t catch who it was but the WR outside of Davis should have lined up behind the LOS. It wasn’t a coaching fuck up, the wide out wasn’t paying attention to where he lined up. That wasn’t on VD- the penalty is called on the TE, but it’s the wide out who has to step back.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Interesting. Who was the WR?

        I just cannot imagine they did not practice that play several times this week. How could someone make such a bone headed mistake?

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Way too many mistakes. And those weird 3rd down conversions in the 1st half.

  19. twinfan1 says:

    Why did Ginn get shit on the pass to the EZ, by the way? He beat the defender, but it was tipped away. Ted beat his man, Kap made a good throw, where’s Ginn’s mistake there? Nowhere..
    Someone asked about why no fair catch on the kick after the safety..maybe because an 81 yard Hail Mary doesn’t have a real good chance-and where was the Stanford band when we needed them?
    Really, Ted gave it a pretty good effort on the return…the dude gets waaaaaaay more shit than he deserves. We might have beeen defending a Super Bowl if he wasn’t hurt last year…

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I give Ginn shit for his unreliable hands and his lack of field vision at times – but you’re right, he was blameless last night. The tip was an outstanding play by the Raven DB. For this game at least, the criticism was just frustration talking.

      Hell, speaking of hands, even Delanie played well.

      We just came out tight and not ready. That is all coaching IMHO. The defense especially did not seem ready for the Ravens’ aggressive game plan. By the time we stopped the bleeding, we were down 22. We fought back, but came up one play short at the end.

  20. Grumpy Guy says:


    Randy Moss is who we knew he was. A lazy pussy and everyone’s bitch. Next man up.

    How does VD line up wrong on the first play in the Super Bowl? WTF? I’d expect that from a rookie. Not a guy who’s been around for 7 years.

    Goodwin must be replaced. He is the weak link in the line, and he is too old. Get Kilgore ready.

    Sopoaga had some good plays this year, but he’d probably be more effective in a deeper rotation. I don’t see RJF as a real NT. And Justin will be another year older. We need to invest a couple of draft picks in our D-line. Maybe a rush OLB too, to give Aldon and Brooks a breather once in a while.

    Donte Whitner fell off hard this year. Every time you saw his number, it seemed like he was a step late. I see little reason to expect him to improve at this stage in his career. He hits a ton, but cannot cover well enough, and that’s just the facts.

    Chris Culliver had a week from Hell, and all of it purely self-inflicted. Aside from his stupid press comments, he has had trouble in coverage over the last few weeks. He seems to be in good position usually, but does not always make the play on the ball. The coaches need to work with him to see if this can be remedied. As for his big mouth, time will tell.

    Carlos Rogers had a very pedestrian year. In retrospect, we should have looked harder at Jonathan Joseph when CB shopping last year. Rogers is still a decent slot CB but not a difference maker. We need to invest two more higher picks in our secondary.

    David Akers got away with his one bad kick because of the penalty. At this point, his body will heal – but will his head? His confidence is in tatters.

    Baalke is on the clock, starting today. We need to get faster and stronger and better on defense. I’d look to the draft for that, unless a quality FA just falls in our laps. For WR, we need a real deep threat. Wallace would do nicely, but fitting him into our cap will be tough. Another route is investing in one or two small college big WRs with athleticism and trying to develop them.

    Kaepernick’s best days lie ahead. Our future can be bright – but you have to provide the supporting cast and weapons to win. Everything depends on our ability to acquire players, particularly through the draft.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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