Thankfully the Talk is Over

Well, sort of. The ramifications of the gay-gate comments of Chris Culliver are still bouncing around the myriad studios of all the media present at this pig-trough of excessive coverage. But today thankfully, the teams can hunker down, lick their collective wounds over Callahan-gate, Antler-gate, and now swing-the-other-way-gate. I’m sure at some point in the near future Chris Culliver will be duct-taped to the goal post, or red-coded (you can’t handle the truth!) but in reality, this was a fairly big distraction. It even went to far as two of Culliver’s teammates (Ahmad Brooks and Issac Sopoaga) disavowing participating in the “It gets better” campaign. They said they thought it was an anti-bullying, not anti-gay bullying piece. The vid has been pulled from the video producer’s website, and the consternation swirls. So, yeah, I’m sure the locker room is very happy with young Chris as this shitstorm continues to swirl around the team. There’s talk of sending Culliver to a day with the New York Gay Football League to see that gays can play just as hard as their straight bretheren.  Certaily this is a teachable moment for the idio . . . uh kid.

BUT, the talk is over. It is now time to batten down the hatches and work through the final preparations for Super Bowl XLVII. I’m starting to miss the talk of Kappy being invincible, Balt’s defense being impenetrable, Flacco’s unstoppable, and the Niner D immovable, or vice versa.

I think the NFL needs to do away with the extra week between the championship games and the Super Bowl. Too much time for too little payoff. The league went back and forth with this about 12 years ago, and I didn’t notice an appreciable difference. The 1st week is filled with nothing anyway. Might as well start the feeding frenzy the Monday after the Champ games. Less press access, and more regular practice during the week.

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78 Responses to Thankfully the Talk is Over

  1. snarkk says:

    SF 31, Balt 30.
    Akers wins it with last second FG. Ha ha ha…

    • barleyfreak says:

      If I have to watch Akers for a game winning/losing kick I’ll need a sedative first. I mean, if he made it it would be a great end story, but if it didn’t take 5 years off us diehard Niner fan’s lives I’d be surprised.

  2. barleyfreak says:

    “I think the NFL needs to do away with the extra week between the championship games and the Super Bowl. Too much time for too little payoff.”

    Spoken like a true fan whose team is in the SB. I suspect though that for the rest of the paying public/SB venue/advertisers/networks/media it is a money making extra week.

    This has been the longest fucking week I can remember. I swear Thursday started about Tuesday and last 5 days. Now it’s finally Friday. How many days does it last?

  3. snarkk says:

    The ONLY thing good about a two week hiatus before the SB is that the teams have a chance to get guys recovered from short term injury and sundry bumps/bruises. Any long-term injury before or during the Conference champ games won’t be helped. It is nice to have the two teams going at each other as close as possible to full strength, and not banged up…

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Well, it would put a little more emphasis on that bye week to star the playoffs. But since the talk is of expanding the playoffs anyway, the point is moot. That will really suck.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    If it comes down to Akers, I WILL NOT survive . . .

    • snarkk says:

      About the only think Harbaugh can really be ripped about is the Akers situation. It just boggles my mind that he allowed that situation to get to the point that the team was painted into a corner with a kicker with a physical/mental situation going on as they headed into the playoffs. One thing in this day and age is that your kicker should not be much of a worry to make FGs 40 yards and in. But, he is…

  6. Spitblood says:

    I think the 49ers are going to blow out the Ravens. I know I called for a blowout against the Falcons, but I think the Kaep pick 6 in the game prior affected how the 49ers attacked the Falcons. The 49ers came out conservative – trying to see what the Falcons were doing. And it worked…. eventually. But I believe Jim, Greg and Vic will see the flaw in their Falcons’ approach and rectify the situation. The 49ers KNOW they have a power run game. The 49ers KNOW they aren’t getting enough pressure with their front 4 so they’ll have to bring blitzes. The 49ers KNOW Flacco is a pocket passer.

    Does anyone remember the Saints / Indy Super Bowl? Sean Payton came out swinging – throwing deep balls and blitzing. What about the Giants / Patriots game? In both games the Giants threw the house at Brady. This is what the 49ers will do. The 49ers also KNOW Kaep can play from behind. Kaep’s unique abilities allow the 49ers to gamble and play loose.

    I was wrong about a blowout in Atlanta, but I’m predicting another blowout in New Orleans. I think the best bet in Vegas is a two team parlay – San Francisco to the over. 49ers 41, Ravens 17

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    Predictions, Predictions, I have screwed up both playoff games. First I predicted a close game, GB got blown out. Then I predicted a blow out of Atlanta. and that game was tighter than my sphincter mucsle watching Akers kick a FG. Soooooo lets go with Niners 35 – Ravens 21. 6 and 0 baby, 6 and 0. GO NINERS!!

  8. Alleykat says:

    Talk about gay,the freakin headband Culliver was wearing on Bleacher Report was “Pink ” in the interview.

  9. Alleykat says:

    Snarkk….The real Asshole Coach is Andy Reid.2 years ago when Akers was their kicker,in the Playoffs against GB and they lost 21-16 cause Akers.missed 3 FG’s .He said “Well we could have used those points”.
    Yeah it was the difference perhaps,but what not reported to the media at the time was Akers daughter Halley (6)was rushed to the hospital 2 days before that game,with a cancerous cyst on her ovaries.
    Reid knew about it and still threw him under the bus after the loss,even though his own 2 sons were having major issues with drugs,but he got full support from ownership on that.
    Actually i would like to see Reid at this game and Akers kick a Winning FG, and he can spot him in the stands and wave a “Middle Finger” at him.

    • snarkk says:

      How does Reid get snapped up like honey by KC after a horrendous season and a team in absolute disarray, but Lovie Smith goes 10-6, and could have been in the playoffs, and he’s not even interviewed?…

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Yerah, I remember that, AK. Doesn’t do shit for us NOW, but still. The thing is, his atruggles APPEAR mechanical. His kicks aren’t sliding left, they are aimed left. And they STAY left. You’d think this would be a fairly easy correction, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    He has supposedly made all his kicks in practice, so we just get to go with that. But yeah, letting it drag out this long is scary. Longwell was available earlier and they could have tried him out 2 months ago. It’s either a misguided sense of duty to Akers, or he just didn’t really give a shit, but we are in a situation where millions of people will be scared shitless if Akers comes out for that game winning (or losing) kick.

    I’ve been saying all a long this is an 11 point voctory, so i don;t thik it’s a huge concern, I was right about the GB game, but wrong about the Atl game. I hope I’m right about this one.

  11. Spitblood says:

    I just have to put a freshie in (Copenhagen) and blow gold all over this blog.

    Offense – I don’t think Kaep runs very much in this game EXCEPT when the pocket breaks down. The 49ers are very good at taking the top off the defense by decoys running straight up the field, not even looking back for the ball – then engaging the defender and blocking. That one long pass to Vernon in the Atlanta game to the left side, Kaep had radar lock on Vernon underneath. I think Ed Reed will jump that kind of stuff – identifying the decoy. And I think Kaep will run a lot because of it but not out of the read option.

    I also think Kaep will have to throw deep a lot. We’ve all seen the stats that Kaep leads the league in percentage completed over 20 yards…. whatever. The bottom line is the 49ers run a lot of decoys, taking the top off the defense, and right now nobody is calling that bluff. I think John Harbaugh and Ed Reed will call that bluff and make Kaep throw deep, which I think we’ll result in quick scores.

    I honestly hope the 49ers’ offense comes out and runs power sweeps with LaMicheal James around the edge. You have Ngata in the middle, and an older, slower Lewis – get the edge!

    On Defense: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Blitz, blitz, blitz. Aldon getting two weeks off helps, because Aldon hasn’t been Aldon. This is the first year Aldon has been an every down player. I wonder if the legs are also (along with a shoulder injury) shot? Either way, Aldon needs to dominate. If Aldon gets more push, and Fangio blitzes, Flacco won’t be able to go deep as often. But Flacco buys time by putting a lot of air underneath the ball. This is what Steve Young used to be critical of Alex Smith about. If the ball is up quick, the pressure isn’t as effective, and then it’s just up to the defenders. I don’t know if I like that too much. Whitner is short. Brown is short. Culliver and Rogers are taller, but not big hitters. Goldson is the key. Goldson needs to defend the ball in the air, and if he’s late, he needs to jar the ball loose.

    Reece is the Baltimore X factor. We shut down the car salesman and Rogers, but Reece is crafty. I could see Reece picking up some big first downs.

    All ‘n all, I think the 49ers execute and beat the Ravens handily.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    FORTY NINE HOURS TIL KICKOFF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  13. No use posting the scoring challenge now as it keeps getting buried under the avalanche of new threads so we’ll wait til the gameday thread. But rest assured I have all the perdictions.

    Man you got a specific score fer us? Or just Niners by 10-14?

  14. Nipper says:

    Jim’s team will kick John’s team. Somehow Jim will find the edge.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      “Don’t push me ‘cuz I’m close to the edge. I’m trying not to lose my head … ”

      Grandmaster Flash (80)!

  15. Chico says:

    Seriously.. Enough of the media yapping bullshit! ESPN was counting how many times the Harbaugh brothers were smiling.. Enough!

  16. Del Mar Dennis says:

    If for some god awful reason and Culliver gets “Everson Wallsed” late and we lose to the Ravens, I can already see the headlines…

    Well, that was fucking gay.

  17. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I’m starting to feel the buzz. No. Not that buzz. The Bud and Vicodin haven’t fully quite kicked in yet. I’m talking Super Bowl, baby! The realization has kicked in. The enormity of the moment has settled. This is it.

    We’re in the fucking Super Bowl!!! I’m a complete mess.

  18. Alleykat says:

    Damm Right Dennis!!!7 Were in the GODAMM SUPER BOWL!!!!!
    Been 18 long and painful years,buy were Back Now and im Fucking Jacked Up.
    Bringing back out my “Gold Retro Satin Forty Niners Jacket” for this one at the Bar I will be at.
    Main Reason,im 5-O.wearing that bad boy on Super Bowls and I know for sure Jim Harbaugh will not be the first ever Niner Coach to lose one.
    49ers dominate SB’s baby.Always have,Always will.Let it be written!!!
    After we make it 6 for 6 all the media will have to take notice,cause were just starting another Dynasty!!!!!
    Fuck let’s get this game started,and wipe some Deer droppings on Ray Fucking murderer,thug dickwad,Lewis useless brain cells!!!!!

    • Flavor says:

      orchid room or home tomorrow?

      • Alleykat says:

        Orchid Room BF.
        Just my second home to hangout.Great bunch of characters,love the bartenders,they make stiff drinks to talk some football and high five’s after Niner scores!!
        Gonna be one hell of a wild time sunday,when we kick the Ravens Asses!!!
        Niners # SiX to tie us back up with the Steelers alltime on top of the most wins in SB history where we “Rightfully Belong”and then pass them again next year!!!

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, what you said.

  19. Flavor says:

    I’d like to see some of you so called football fans drumming up an argument for the fat Ravens cheerleader who got left off the team due to all her fat. And get your thoughts straight on this before you post, I am positively correct about this and will blog to the death the defense of the team for leaving this fat chick off the team…..
    1.8 pounds?
    It might as well have been 1.8 tons……..

  20. Flavor says:

    I’m with Dennis on this. Play the fucking game already. I’m flying to Reno tomorrow so I’ll have about 45 minutes to kill in the air, I guess. Once I turn this in to a ground war I’m not promising anything. Tell the world my story…….

  21. unca_chuck says:

    If it was 1.8 pounds of tits she gained, I wouldn’t mind.

  22. snarkk says:

    This young lady doesn’t look too fat to me. 1.8 lbs. is within the margin of error on my damn bathroom scales. At my age, she’s welcome to sit on my lap for the whole Super Bowl, she can shake off 1.8 lbs. during the game, and I’ll be happy several times, whether the Niners win or lose…

  23. Chico says:

    I see no problem with that chick.. She looks like one of those weird ones who gain their weight in their neck. .. . 6 beers, you would!

    • Flavor says:

      ha, *neck fat*. I’ve never thought of it but you’re totally right. I wonder if that’s the chick equivalent to a dude having a *neck tat*? There are few things I enjoy more than watching dude’s with neck tat’s fuck shit up…..

  24. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    She’s not bad for a neck chubster. They’re just going with the hot hand so to speak.

  25. Alleykat says:

    If she needs to lose 1.8 of neck fat,i could provide a huge hickey.

  26. Berger says:

    I have one thing to say to that cheerleader:

  27. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The bakery had freshly made special 49er cupcakes this morning.
    I bought a chocolate #52 for good luck.

  28. Del Mar Dennis says:

    They had a whole big tray of 49er cupcakes. There were many adorned with #7 icing. I saw a bunch of 85s, 99s and 21s. Then there was this lone #11 cupcake all the way at the end. I could almost hear the cupcake scream, “Somebody buy me please. I don’t want to end up at the homeless shelter on Monday with all the other stale baked goods.”

  29. Spitblood says:

    Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick have what it takes to be widely considered the greatest coach and greatest quarterback of all time. Both are young, and both know about burnout. These guys have what it takes to create a dynasty the likes of which the NFL has never seen. At Harbaugh’s age, Walsh was under guys like Brown and then, later, as a white haired elder, Walsh was still trying to convince Al Davis he was “tough enough” for a head coaching job in the NFL. Don Shula? Shula was about as young as it gets when he took over the Colts, but even Shula had growing pains and didn’t win the Super Bowl until much later with the Dolphins. I don’t think Jim Harbaugh will have those growing pains. I’m not saying Harbaugh will be coaching until his late sixties, and I’m not saying he’ll eclipse Shula’s winning record, but I am saying there are more important records to own – like championships. I think Harbaugh, as a coach, will win five or six Super Bowls, eventually being considered the greatest head coach of all time.

    And Colin Kaepernick has all the makings of greatness as well. Regardless if Kaep wins or loses tomorrow, Kaep’s in the Super Bowl making his tenth start. You can’t buy that kind of experience. Kaep’s perspective, win or lose, will be forever changed after tomorrow, and leadership? You want to talk leadership after tomorrow’s game? Kaep will be forever hungry and it won’t be like Dan Marino making it early and never going again with an older coach. Kaep will be forever hungry and his head coach is right there beside him – fired up to win and win big for a lifetime….. or a career.

    The two things that challenge Harbaugh and Kaep are burnout and injury. Jim Harbaugh can protect himself from burnout by enjoying himself a little more, and I think Jim will after he has a ring under his belt. But he needs to relax a little to insure a twenty year career coaching the Niners.

    Regarding Kaep injuries – no more read option after this Super Bowl. Protect Kaep at all costs. Kaep can run when the pocket breaks down, but let’s not tempt fate. Kaep’s legs are long and skinny. Let’s not waste that talent and focus and personality and those leadership qualities on read options that can be dazzling but also jeopardize so much potential. I’m all for the read option in the Super Bowl, but not up for it next year. Running backs are built to carry the rock. Tall qbs with laser arms and skinny legs aren’t built to take a pounding.

    Kaep is already a pocket passer. Sometimes an offense is behind the maturation process of a player. Kaep could sit back forever throwing dimes (and he should), but right now the 49er offense has the NFL stymied.

    Regardless, the game now is about Kaepernick health and Harbaugh burnout. Jed York could be considered better than Eddy D if Jed learns from Eddy and Jed doesn’t push Jim (which I can’t see happening because of Jed’s youth). But Jim also doesn’t need the push.

    We have a perfect storm in SF. Young owner with the teachings of his uncle, head coach with coaching father and an NFL pedigree, and an absolute fucking stud qb who’s got it all…. and I mean got it all. Tomorrow matters, but it’s not the end of the world if Baltimore shocks the world. What matters is the 49ers are now in position to make a long, long run. I could see the 49ers winning six Super Bowls under Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. They do that it’s enough to be widely considered the best coach and qb ever. And don’t give me this Tom Brady shit. (Walsh never video’d his opponent and Joe never lost a Super Bowl). Joe’s legacy is the one Kaep is chasing……. and we are all god damn lucky to be 49er fans. Think about it….. we are all god damn lucky to be 49er fans.

    • Spitblood says:

      Another part of the “perfect storm,” is that Kaepernick is adopted. That’ll make him hungry for a long time. “Against All Odds,” tattoo’d across his chest means he’ll never get complacent. Humble hearts ……

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        “Against All Odds” (1984) had a football theme to it. Jeff Bridges played a recently cut player who was down on his luck who went to Mexico in search of Rachel Ward. She was a looker back in the day.

  30. zumiee says:

    I say Niners 31-23.

  31. Alleykat says:

    Hmmm…intresting thought 12th.Well if you want to change your pick to the Ravens,i would be all for that.
    How about closest score prediction gets half the glory?

  32. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I keep hearing Boomer Esiason tell the story from SB XXIII how the people from Disneyland asked him if he knew his line as he was going to be named MVP until Joe hit John Taylor to squelch that idea. They were going to name Boomer MVP if the Bengals had won? He was 11/25 for 144 yds 0 TD and a pick. Send Boomer to Disneyland? I’d handcuff him to one of the boats of “It’s a Small World” and make ’em ride that shit for the entire weekend.

  33. snarkk says:

    Eddie D robbed again, not voted into the HOF.
    And Sapp gets in, but Haley, with 5 rings, again does not. Ogden, a Raven, gets in.
    Win tomorrow for Eddie D, is what I’d add to the mix. Curley Culp gets in as one of the historical choices, and I like that. But, this HOF can get Curley Culp in, but not Snake Stabler? Stabler clearly deserves to be in the HOF, as does Ray Guy. The football HOF is now nearly as ridiculous as the baseball HOF…

  34. Spitblood says:

    I can’t see Chris Carter as a HOFer. Sapp is a maybe, Carter is a no. In my mind, if you’re a maybe, you’re a no. Haley, Ogden, Allen and Parcels are easy choices. Surprised Parcels wasn’t a first ballot. Eddie D will suffer the same fate as guys like Pete Rose and Barry Bonds. Writers protect the integrity of any game they love. Eddie made a huge mistake.

    Can you imagine playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow? I’m just a fan and I won’t be able to sleep. Tomorrow, at this time, we’ll know if this is the start of a legacy or the start of an uphill battle overcoming a Super Bowl loss. Either way, I wouldn’t get one wink of sleep if I was playing.

    Keshawn Johnson was talking about the Super Bowl and just not wanting to “screw it up.” That’s the heart of a loser. Rice then talked about visualizing success. That’s the heart of a winner. I hope all our boys……. Pride of our Nation….. are visualizing success tonight.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Sapp gets in cuz he’s a loudmouth comedian. Haley was a certified lunatic in his playing days. But he deserves it 2x more than Sapp. Carter was rarley top 5 in his era. I’d rate John Taylor over Carter jusst for impact. Carter just played a long time and stacked up numbers.

    Owners get in every 15 years. Eddie’s got a wait.

  36. Berger says:

    12th will run from any comment. He is the coward of the blog. We chased him off of the outsider. He has run from us on the outsider. He has found a home here, with the “I can cuss crowd.”

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      “I can cuss crowd.” a.k.a. let me call Del and cuss while I’ll explain to him the importance of Sopoaga, the NT in general and the overall importance it plays as it pertains to the hard-and-fast rule — defensive lines win championships.

      I’m a crowd of one, while Berger cusses.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Drinkin’ and slummin’ again, Bergs?

  38. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Bill Romanowski just picked the Ravens to win 24-21.
    When I see that motherless son of a fuck in hell I’m gonna spit in his face.

  39. Berger says:

    Fuck all of you all the time! This is just to show you I can!

    • Spitblood says:

      Berger – This isn’t the Alex Smith lovin’ blog. That’s the Outsider. Here, Berger, you can’t deny you thought Alex Smith would win a Super Bowl. Smith wasn’t good enough and you were on the wrong side of the debate…. again. And then you tried to play the old, “If that’s what Jim Harbaugh wants, that’s what I want.” Speaking of cowards. Your pony was Alex Smith. You bet him. You lost. Then you tried to hedge your bet. Not here……. Alex Smith lover.

      Right now, Berger, Alex Smith is polishing his clipboard. He’s practicing how to hold a clipboard on the sidelines. That’s gotta break your heart. It’ll probably be hard for you, Berger, to enjoy the Super Bowl with Smith on the sidelines. That sucks. Can’t even enjoy the Super Bowl because your boy, Smith, is sitting on the sidelines were he’s always belonged. Then, next year, Alex Smith will be a stop gap for another team. That’s exactly who Alex Smith is…… a stop gap. And you, Berger, spent years of your life trying to tell people otherwise…. in vain.

      And you like Blaine freakin’ Gabbert, Berger?????? How do you like Blaine Gabbert???? Seriously. Berger doesn’t get to evaluate quarterbacks. And don’t try to throw ABAS in my face. Alex Smith was dug in like a tick. ABAS was a grass roots uprising (started by Ross Perot) to get Smith removed. Did I think Nate Davis would win a Super Bowl? Did I think he was the answer? Hell no. But I wanted to see the opportunity go to anyone…… anyone else.

      And don’t even say you’re the stoke to the Outsider, stirring the pot for blog hits. I know you believed in Alex Smith…… and he let you down. Gotta be hard for you to watch the Super Bowl with Kaep in there. You must hate Kaep.

  40. Berger says:

    That was fun! Somebody used my name to make a post and that got my drunkin ass going! Much love to 12th! None to Spitty. He’s probably the one who posted using my name.

  41. Berger says:

    You just got to love it when Stinkblood makes up lies to prove a point. Just typical.

  42. 12th man says:

    It’s all good Bergs. You pick a score for the game? The winner gets a dinner for 2 with Spitty.

  43. 12th man says:

    Phil, is the coconut express working today of all days?

  44. Spitblood says:

    This game isn’t over but it’s almost over. When the 49ers go zone, the Ravens throw underneath. When the 49ers go man, Flacco goes up top. Best thing to do now is go zone and drop 8 into coverage and rush Aldon, McDonald and Smith. The deep ball is killing our man coverage. If we stay man, we have to have safety help over the top. The secondary is playing like crap. Our safeties are single handedly losing this game for us.

    On offense, we can’t keep trying to get the edge with the run. The Ravens are awesome protecting the edge. Forget sweeps. La Micheal James fumbled with the 49ers trying to get the edge. Gore got stuffed repeatedly. If you want to run… run the ball up the gut. But let’s not run too much in the second half.

    Regarding Kaep – he’s nervous, but I don’t see him being nervous in the second half. His balls are sailing because he’s forgetting his fundamentals. But where’s the deep ball? Where are the passes to Moss deep down the field that keep Ed Reed honest?

    Forget the read option. Forget patience. Start throwing the ball down field on every play. Dump off to Gore if necessary.

    I see a second half rebound, but we’ve dug ourselves a deep hole with a young qb. If there’s ever a time for the making of a legend, it’s now. I believe in Colin Kaepernick.

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