10 Days til Camp!

And all is well. Well, except for Dashon and his hold-out. Dashon is doing himself no favors by pulling this shit. He should sign the tender and report for duty. The last time he tried to hold out for a big contract, he tweeted all over himself about how the team pressured him into signing by getting Donte Whitner and Maideu Williams, blew off the 5 year, $25 million deal they offered him, proclaimed his services were available on the open market, tweeted his goodbyes, and came back with his tail between his legs when there were no takers (NE nibbled and balked), and signed a one year/$2 mill deal last season. Doh! Now he’s reluctant to sign a $6 mill one year deal? Must be nice to live in that fantasy neighborhood.

Frankly, he isn’t a very important piece of this defense. They could easily absorb his loss THIS year. The Niners have 2 rookies that look good, plus Colin Jones from last year in addition to Chris Culliver, a tweener CB who played a lot of safety in college.

Anyhow, beyond that, there’s little to fight for as far as jobs go this preseason. Backup QB should be interesting with the addition of Josh Johnson, Jim Harbaugh’s protege from USD. Johnson was fairly underwhelming as Josh Freeman’s backup in TB, but then again, Cappy Kaepernick has not shown much, or even had much opportunity to show his stuff. Both these guys are going to live or die by how they practice. Although thiese upcoming preseason games will be very mportant to determine their status. Tolzein looks like the odd man out, and very well may end up on the PS. Back up FB, TE, and some D line spots are up for grabs. Tukafu at FB? Hey, why not? Staley caught a pass, as well as Sopoaga. Harbaugh’s not reluctant to try the occasional trick play or odd formation. Might as well try some weird shit to get mismatches out there on the field.

Seeing how far the team progressed last year, it will be interesting to see how this season unfolds. Last year, it was baby steps, a lot of running, and the occasional return to ineffectiveness as the offense struggled to find consistency. The offensive numbers didn’t change drastically from 2010 to 2011. Except for one important category. Turnovers. In 2010, in 11 games, Smith threw 14 TDs and 10 picks. in 18 games last year, Smith was 22/5. Vast improvement. Is this the sign of things to come? Or was the offense dumbed down to take advantage of Smith’s ability to check down quickly? This is a little of both, with a mediocre WR corps thrown in, but some of this improvement has to do with Harbaugh saying to Smith he isn’t going to get jerked around for a bad play or bad game, as Singletary was doing. Surprisingly, passing yards were down a little from 2011 to 2010. But the run game jumped from 19th to 8th. As some people understand, a good running game can complement the passing game, and create favorable down/distance scenarios. Smith can win games throwing for 230-260 yards, and maybe 25 attempts. They don’t need to (nor will they) go into a pass-heavy offense. As much as people throw stats around, NE, NO, GB, and Deetroit (the top 4 passing offenses) all watched from the sidelines. Granted, the Niners should improve from 29th, but the passing game should improve, if not markedly, from the addition of some WR talent, and a full training camp with everyone in place.


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  1. barleyfreak says:

    Well I agree with the bad angles, out-of-position, and unrealistic salary demand portion of The Goldson Files. But I still think on that one play that Brown came in fast and laterally and in real time it was pretty freaking fast. The ball was in front of him, but not everything else and as the play unfolded with that ? throw from Manning (and yes, what a god awful pass it was), that it wasn’t as avoidable as you think. But whatever. Goldson did blow it by not signing last year, and he is not worth the money he’s apparently asking. He’ll be gone in 2013.

    I think most would agree that the offense has to improve, and likely will. My vague without numbers prediction is that Smith will throw more TDs and more INTs. And the D will not create/receive as many TOs. I also think our running game can and will improve. I expect less from Gore’s tired ancient legs but think Hunter could have a very good year. James? He’ll get spot duty and show flashes, but I don’t see a lot of PT.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    24/10 is certainly doable. Something around 3,500 yards. It’s all about sustaining drives, and not leaning too hard on the defense. Red zone is a concern, but not nearly as big as just being able to keep possession of the ball for more than 3 plays.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Another Niner, Cleveland Elam, passed away. He was part of a very dominant D line in the late 70s with Tommy Hart, Cedrick Hardman,and Skip Vanderbundt,

  4. phil fan says:

    Meant to post this a few days ago, got busy:

    From Bleacher Report the writer speculates about how the Niners could change in 2012:


    1) More Screens and Sweeps

    2) Bringing Heat Up the Middle

    3) No Huddle Offense

    4) Three Tight End Sets

    5) Safety/Cornerback Blitz

    Hopefully some of these are used effectively this year

  5. unca_chuck says:

    I wonder if they use more shotgun this year. With some actual WRs on the squad who can hopefully run slants, the shotgun would work well. The reason that screen and sweeps don’t usually work around here is no one respects our deep passing game and plays everyone close to the LOS. This has been true for years now. Moss, simply by being on the field should help this some. Actually getting him the ball would help more. VDs seam routes help, but th3e offense needs more than just VD to be able to get open deep.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    New post . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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