Bounty-Gate Hits Home

Ex-Saints DC (and soon to be ex-Rams DC) Gregg Williams just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself. Sean Pamphilon, a documentary filmmaker, yesterday released audiotape of a New Orleans Saints defensive meeting the night before the divisional playoff game against the 49ers. In the f-bomb-laced speech,  he targets Frank Gore (I’m paraphrasing)  “hit him in the head, hit him in the pile, get him running sideways” Michael Crabtree ” he’ll be human if you blow out his ACL” Vernon Davis ” go for his ankles on the pile” Kyle Williams “hit that little #10 to see if he’s certain” Alex Smith “blitz the f*ck out of him, hit him right here (points to chin), lay him out.”  The 5 minute speech was apparently part of a full 12 minute speech Williams gave to his defense. One that Pamphilon said Payton or Loomis were not present for. Pamphilon also said that Williams would often flash a ‘F*ck you’ card to anyone who questioned his tactics. The card meant that he was given free reign by Sean Payton and the front offfice of the Saints to run the defense how he saw fit, with no interference.

Pamphilon was with the Saints as part of a documentary he is filming called ‘The United States of Football.’ It is about all aspects of football in America from Pop Warner to the pros. The Saints gladly gave him access to practices, meetings, and games last season. Oooops. I’m sure he has a lot more where this came from. We all know the very troubling aspects of this. Bounties, intent to injure, the real threat of paralyzation, or even the specter of death, and more importantly, and the personal affront to everything Roger Goodell has been preaching regarding player safety these last 5 years. Players these days are very big and very fast. This is a little different than the relative lawlessness of the 50s and 60s. The biggest players in the early 60s are about the size of a running back these days. And they were immensely slower. Players back then didn’t train year-round, have access to designer steroids, or have fitness trainers and nutritionists. Nowadays you have 320 lb linemen who run 4.8 in the 40. That kind of speed and size was unheard of even 30 years ago, let alone in the 60s. For all the ‘pussification’ of the NFL, the fines, suspensions, and penalties, these guys are human missiles flying around out there. Adding fuel to the already competitive fire is lunacy. Goodell is still trying to see football as a clean competitive sport among gentlemen, not a blood sport a la Roller Ball.

Here’s the audio from the Williams meeting: 

At this point, I don’t think the Saints get any leeway through any of these appeals. Williams may be banned from football for life.


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    The thing is, a lot of the stuff in the meeting is standard coach-speak. ‘Kill the head and the body will die’ is nothing new. Take out the best guy on the other side of the ball and you have a good shot at winning. Chuck Bednarik, meet Frank Gifford. Hit the fuck out of them. Make them pay for every yard. Hit ’em til they bleed. On and on. Not a big deal. Even targeting known injuries to certain players. That goes without saying. Which is why teams get a little creative with their injury reports. Or Jerry Rice will limp through his pre-game workout when he’s fine. Gamesmanship. Trickery. Even the praising of big hits and highlight reel stuff (hello, NFL Films and ESPN) is a part of every pre-game speech. But to pay players to intentionally injure opponents is way over the line of what the sport is supposed to be about.

  2. Chico says:

    Its even the lead story on the Huff Po.

  3. twinfan1 says:

    Where are my frigging posts going?

  4. twinfan1 says:

    By and large, former NFL players are defending the tape. Disgusting..who’s going to suffer the most from all this? Probably the original whistle blower, alleged to be Jeremy Shockey ( by Warren Sapp). The EsPN report, btw, doesn’t even talk about Alez, yet Williams offered money to get him :
    At one point Williams says, ‘We hit (expletive) Smith right there’ — then he points under his chin (and continues) — ‘remember me,’ ” Pamphilon recounted to Yahoo Sports. “Then he rubs his thumb against his index and middle fingers — the cash sign — and says, ‘I got the first one. I got the first one. Go get it. Go lay that (expletive) out.’ ”
    Players also are instructed to go after Crabtree’s ACL,Vernon’s ankle, Kyle’s head..none of these coaches should coach again .BTW, I’ve noted before that Alex appears to have some words with the Saints, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been trash talking , using the coachs’ speech as ammo. Watch Alex as he strides off the field ater the game winner to VD…

  5. twinfan1 says:

    And the Catch 1, Catch 2, Catch 3

  6. Chico says:

    I should have waited before linking the Huff Po, the story literally everywhere on the web.

  7. Nipper says:

    Words don’t hurt in football. Only actions count. I bet NFL players just shrug this stuff off.

    • philippinefan says:

      Payment for injuries is different. Screw Williams. Bet he never coaches the Rams D

    • philippinefan says:

      Dunno Nip, sounds like some are indifferent with several quite upset about the Bounty Man intentionally trying to hurt specific players AND getting paid to do so….

  8. unca_chuck says:

    No prob, Chico. Like I said, a lot of that stuff is standard fare. But the targeting of body parts and players is over the line.

    And Nippy, sure the players shrug it off. They always do, until they get hurt, and/or crippled. Then there is outcry. Football in inherently violent. No one is denying that.

    But go up against Goodell? Good luck. He’s the all-powerful Oz. He can circumvent laws, let alone bring down the pain.

  9. philippinefan says:

    Tim K at the Merc says this is just a part of a violent sport. But then he says Williams went way over the line and should never coach again. Yes, both. Football is violent. Rally? Yes everyone knows that but bounties are illegal in the NFL and Williams scoffed at that. This guy coaches again I’ll be surprised. Plus Peyton and Benson are f-ing morons it seems. What a great service the 49ers did for the NFL to knock these guys outta the playoffs. Goody will do the rest you watch.

  10. twinfan1 says:

    The owner told them to discontinue the bounty “program” for the Niner game, the film maker was there filming away, and the guy does it anyway. Sounds to me like Williams knew the shit was going to hit fan and decided to go out with a bang.

  11. philippinefan says:

    Fortunately none of our guys were injured and seems our D were the ones laying the hurt on their offense (see Thomas, Pierre). Also good was the outcome- we beat ’em and sent the ‘sinning Saints’ home- no glory for GW, nice try.

    It is said “Live by the sword, die by the sword”. Going out with a bang 1) coaching career of G Williams 2) The NO Saints franchise future prospects. Dang the 49ers sure did Goodell and the NFL a big favor by following AS to a win.

  12. Nipper says:

    I agree this speech sounds bad but this is a football locker room speech. Anyway everyone is going to blame this one coach as if it doesn’t happen elsewhere in football. Football no matter what the words is one tough cruel sport. There’s no getting around it. Even so called clean hits are very dangerous to the player’s health. But words while great for sports talk is just that words. No coach ever lay a hit on anyone but the punishment will be doled out here and everyone will feel better.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Well, it still makes me laugh that Harbaugh, the supposed offiensive-minded coach, built the team that defensive ‘gurus’ Nolan and Singletary wanted to, but couldn’t. A hrd-hitting team that didn’t allow points, and was fairly conservative on offense. Yes, last year WAS a work in progress. And it couldn’t have worked much better. With better outside weapons and a full preseason, things are looking up.

    Yes, this is all talk, Nipp, but the arrogance of this is pretty astounding. Williams KNEW the guy was in there filming his talk. And he still says what he says. Either he knew the shit was coming down, or he was arrogant to the extreme.

    And, we still beat them at their supposed game. I’ll always remember the sign Bill Walsh had in the locker room on the way to the field.

    I will NOT be out-hit this season.

  14. Alleykat says:

    So is it true Gregg Williams is the new pitch man for “Bounty Pap

    • Alleykat says:

      Bounty Paper Towels…

    • philippinefan says:

      Yep it’s true Kat. Those towels are made from recycled edicts from the NFL League and Commish offices. Apparently the Bounty company has been stockpiling reams of these for some years now since no one has been paying any attention to them and they can be had cheap. Although there have been recent rumors that an unnamed toilet paper company has been inquiring about ‘unwanted NFL edicts’ to incorporate into their product so interest may be increasing.

      Seems logical.

  15. Alleykat says:

    Damm,I bet Donte Whitner feels cheated he didnt get a “Bounty” check in the mail from Williams after his “CLEAN” dismembership of Pierre Thomas at the goal line knocking the living crap out of him.
    Im sure a dazed and confused Thomas just tried to tell Williams just pay Whitner my grand or 2.

  16. philippinefan says:

    Not sure about that Kat but my unnamed sources revealed that the TP company has approached Whitner with a large check, the ‘Living Crap’ bonus for his hit on Thomas. This to enlist Whitner to be the spokesman in their new “Stuff ‘Em” line up.

    I shit you not.

  17. philippinefan says:

    Kat gets POTD! Haha, now we’re talking…

    • Alleykat says:

      Thanks Phil.I don’t know what it is by I still talk to people about that Whitner “Massacure” of Thomas even today, and everyone agrees with me that was a difference maker play and a huge statement early in that game.
      The only other time I got more “Fired Up” on a hit was in the Niners first SB Dan Bunz made that awesome hit on the Bengals RB (Alexander?) just inches from the goal line.Just a beautiful play!!!!!!!!

      • philippinefan says:

        Yeah fantastic stops of RBs right near the goal line, those two. Both proved to be omens of how the game would go- Niners to win. Set the tone all right. Difference makers, yeah. Bunz was special since it was in our first SB. Whitner’s stuff prevented a likely score too and gave us a TO in our first playoff game in forever. Knocked Thomas cold too it looked like. Message to GW, Payton- stuff this fellas!

        According to Alex those guys were talking big time trash and so were their fans On Our Blogs, in Our Stadium. Morons

  18. philippinefan says:

    Upper right corner opposite the headline “Bounty-gate hits Home” = Post of the Day

    Post of the Day

    Alleykat says:
    April 6, 2012 at 3:14 pm
    So is it true Gregg Williams is the new pitch man for Bounty Paper towels?

    Chuck honors us humble commenters from time to time

  19. philippinefan says:

    Thanks again to Twinfan for posting those great 9ers clips above. Offense and defense, man we’ve seen some good, great, football

  20. twinfan1 says:

    You’re welcome, Phil…
    Nipper, if you know of other teams offering cash to injure opposing players, spit it out or shut up.

  21. philippinefan says:

    More on Bounty -Gate from R Ratto:

    Ray Ratto of says the NFL never would have punished the Saints to this degree had New Orleans defeated San Francisco and won the Super Bowl.

    Ratto: “Sean Payton would have skated again, because the league would never tolerate a two-time Super Bowl winner and supergenius being publicly rebuked for something they were trying to keep on the down-low. In short, the 49ers did the league a huge favor. Alex Smith is owed a huge solid, and here’s hoping now that he’s been given the back of the business’ hand in his latest contract that someone sees fit to take care of him. Those two late scores took out New Orleans, freeing Roger Goodell to muster enough owner support to drop a bag of hammers on Tom Benson and his perpetually defiant football staff.”

    Phil sez: I have to agree with Ratto on this one. Our beating the sinning Saints ‘allowed’ Goody to put the hammer on them. He could have at any time but it’s a lot easier to hammer a loser team than a SB Champion, no? Niners did the League a big favor I agree and have said so earlier. Not sure what Ratto means by “Alex Smith is owed a huge solid….” Prolly a misquote. Maybe ‘a huge solid Contract’? Dunno.

    Didn’t know da Saints had a “perpetually defiant football staff” as RR sez. The “Saints” are crummy sinners? Figures I guess. Maybe other teams have a bounty system but are smarter about concealing it?

    • Nipper says:

      Did these so called bounties ever translate on the field? So far nothing. The Commish is on a power trip like most guys in his position. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I just thought that one up! LOL

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Favre and Warner were knocked out of games, Nippy.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Maybe other teams do have these unwritten bounties, maybe not. But the coaching staffs shouldn’t blatantly call out for injuries and mayhem after repeatedly being warned against it. They were warned in 09 and 10, and it continued until has last game. And that WILL be his last game. His legacy will be forever to leave VD one-on-one, and getting burned 2x in 2 minutes.Well, that and bountygate.

    Williams stupidly knew this last speech was being taped and still called for bounties and injuries. The last act of a defiant coach, or the stupid continuance of an out of control maniac?

    • philippinefan says:

      Yeah that’s pretty arrogant, defiant, dumb; gotta agree there. Niners fixed that problem by tossing ’em out of the post-season. Now comes the whirlwind for GW and the sinners, haha

  24. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and hoppy Easter.
    I should rise from the dead myself come draft time. Continue to enjoy my absence. 😀

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Happy Easter, and thank you Dennis. Like I told Phil, I can;t miss him if he won;t go away . . .

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Same to you, Phil…………………………… and the rest of you.

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