Quiet Time

Well, the Niners have shunned the spotlight for the time being. We had our share of media hype around Manning, and the Smith mini-drama, but it’s back to the doldrums for these guys. ESPN should be happy about the recent J-E-T-S developments. They can frenzy out over the Annointed One and leave the rest of the football world in the background as the Jets figure out how to make Tim Tebow an H-back. 

If you think that this was merely a publicity stunt to garner attention for the Jets, bingo. The New York Football Giants are the defending champs and are getting all the fawning accolades, even though they’ve shed some components, and may be leaking fluid a little bit. The Jets needed some headlines, sooo, poof, Timmy Tebow Time. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Neither of those teams will be in the Super bowl next year, so why bother with them?

Anyhow, slow weekend. The Niners still need an RG and maybe D line depth in this free agency time. Off to Amador County . . .


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39 Responses to Quiet Time

  1. Flavor says:

    Much the same way that Linsanity is dying down, the Tebowing shit is going to come to an end too. He’s not an NFL qb, as many of us here knew……..

  2. phil fan says:

    Yes the wise ones knew. Like the Bronks would never win the AFC West or even a couple more games nevermind whipping the Steelers…riiiight.

    No bad for a team without an NFL quarterback

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Denver’s defense had a little to do with that, Phil . . .

  4. phil fan says:

    Yep Denver’s D had something to do with them winning, it wasn;t all Tebone. Or Montana or Young, Brady. Poor D sank the Pats this year right? . Somehow the D’s are important (tongue in cheek understatement). Evidently the ‘wise ones’ “here” as Flavor sez based their incorrect predictions solely on Tebone’s stats in an option offense where passing numbers will be lower. Or whatever they took into account, his throwing motion, the lack of artistic beauty on those spirals (!, rally? LOL) or maybe their own reasons we’ll never hear about, waddevah. Despite the stats Tebone led the Bronks to quite a few last drive, last minute or 4th quarter comebacks to win. Fact. Orton (I believe) was 1-5 with those tight spirals (a guess). Fact. And the exact same DEFENSE. Fact.

    So how did Tebone rally that good D, that crop of WRs, that O, that team, the Orton Ugly Ogres? The bane of John Elway and his much puked upon sports coats? Nothing new, simple really. This impressive ah Resurrection is not the first time for da Tebone, he’s had a whole collegiate career of this kind of thing. Fact. Also others in the wide woild of sports have done the same of course.

    How? Like it or not Tim Tebow is a fine leader of men. Leadership dats how. The men respond and play better, harder winning football. It’s just that simple and it always has been: people respond to good leaders.

  5. phil fan says:

    Leaders like Jim Harbaugh, Bill Walsh, Vince Lombardi. What is the difference between the 2310 Niners and the 2011 version?


  6. phil fan says:

    :”What is the difference between the 2310 Niners and the 2011 version?”

    Well in 2310 the Niners will be 7′ tall, 380 lbs and able to bench press 2000 lbs. And that’s just Andy Lee’s great great great grandson.

    • phil fan says:

      Hey that’s fucking funny phil!

      …I know the rest of the guys are staring at their belly buttons trying to figure out what the fuck is “leadership”…

      Yeah, YOU a funny guy Phil….LEADERSHIP? What the fuck is THAT????????


  7. phil fan says:

    BTW in his very early Career as an NFL pro QB The Bone has as many playoff wins as one Alex Smith after 7 seasons. Fact.

  8. Nipper says:

    Quiet time ……zzzzzzz….

    • phil fan says:

      Baloney is enough for some Nip. Because their lack of response equals….the assumption “The shit I spew is TRUE”

      Naw Not True…pure baloney minus any evidence, Facts.

      Go back to sleep

  9. twinfan1 says:

    Phil, the Jets didn’t get T-Blow to play QB. He’s strictly a gadget boy. And he polarizes the locker room, leaders don’t do that. He had himself a fluke run as a QB.If he has a future in the NFL, it will be at another position.The Jets OC is the guy who brought the Wildcat the NFL, that’s what T-Blow will be doing in the Big Apple. That and adding to the circus that Ryan conducts…

    • Flavor says:

      it’s amazing how Teblow fans are blinded by the guy. And it’s all religion fueling the blindness. Stupid. This was a money post, Twin…..

      • phil fan says:

        Dennis get the light and camera ready! We gotta get a pixture of this Flavor guy pickering uo to lay anothe big fat SMACKA on Twins ASS.

        Conjecture and mockery Flavor.

        Money post? Yeah 6 Pesos worth of opinion from TF (one quarter of one re US Cent) .
        We are eagerly waiting for for some FACTS and not jest….manure

      • phil fan says:

        Dickwad, moron = ‘Flavor’ da ass kisser, water polo fan, ok then

    • phil fan says:

      “Fluke”? Shit man this guy’s done one winning ‘fluke’ (your word) after another since The Bone picked up a football and won in the PI league. One ‘fluke’ after another? Hey we got a pattern here…which is why, my new friend Twin, I was confident he would indeed win the AFC West when you all said “2 more games”. Naw TF it’s not a miracle or a fluke. It’s Leadership. THAT is why the ridiculous Bronks won the AFC West. And THAT is why the same ‘great defense’ showed up to stuff the mighty Steelers.

      Not as the absurd mockers say ‘because he is anointed’. We both know that’s crap, right? Yeah we do. As a rational observer ya gotta admit The Bone has some kinda mojo workin’. Yeah maybe he won’t win 3 Super Bowls like Montana but it would be sweet if Da Bone shuts up the big yap of Namath and wins one. Clearly that is in the realm of the possible. Yes? Or NO will Never happen? I’m askin’ you….impossible, right?

      “He’s strictly a gadget boy” Gadget boys don’t win Divisions, don’t take a sad sack, puke inducing ‘team’ to the playoffs. And (your term) Gadget Boys DO NOT fucking smear the God Almighty Fucking Steelers into the Mile High Turf. Like Timothy “The Bone” Tebow ACTUALLY did (unlike you and me). And gadget boys DO NOT inspire the comatose Bronks D to get off their leaden asses and shut the “Annointed Steelers” Down. Where the ‘heck’ were these bozos when Orton was “leading them”??? Right Twin? Right Chuck??? Leadership, that awful word! OMG!!!!

      Hmmmm. As John Lennon would say to da both a ya ‘NO REPLY”. Why? Leadership, you gotta prollem wid dat? Yes you do. Especially the LEADERSHIP fuckin’ BONE brings. Fine, waddevah, So? Who care about yer….problem

      “Another position”? Maybe, maybe not. He didn’t do so bad at QB.. PI Championship, .Heisman Goddamn Fuckin’ Trophy..,USA Collegiate National Championship, AFC West Champs… nice try, we WILL see. Leadership my friend. No reply huh?


      • Nipper says:

        Got mustard and a couple of slices of bread?

      • twinfan1 says:

        So why does this HOF QB to be, leader of men, not have a job as a 1st string QB? Because he sucks as a QB and nobody wants him even to compete for a reserve job. The Jets want want him to play when they go to the wildcat or pehaps as a runner in short yardage.
        You posted at 4:15 A.M. dummmy, that’s why no reply.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Phil, the Broncos won the west because the rest of the teams failed worse than Denver. 8-8, and they backed in. They lost their last 3 to GET in. Denver has a strong defense that came together as the season went on. They were beset by injuries early on. He made a few plays in crunch time. Don’t ascribe more to the situation than is warranted. You act like this is some kind of conspiracy to keep Tebow down. Unfortunately, coaches and scouts watch the guy in practice and they see his limitations.

    If Tebow starts for the Jets, it either means Sanchez is hurt, or he abjectly failed at QB and they go with Timmy Facetime. I guaranteee you that the NFC East is a tougher row to hoe than the AFC West, and he won’t be as successful. If he ever gets the chance.

  11. twinfan1 says:

    It’s a recipe for total disaster as the soused Christians in the stands start bellowing for T-Blow when Sanchez’s first pass hits the ground. But the Jets opted for all 3 rings of the circus last year, T-Blow just adds the talking freak to the show.

  12. irishman5574 says:

    Slow day on the Niner Blog, I am soooooooooo tired of the T-blowhard talk!! thank goodness we have the draft tracker 30 Days 5 hours, 5 min till draft day!!! another two weeks and I will start looking at Mock draft pages.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. It’s so slow that I can’t think of any threads . . .

  14. philippinefan says:

    I guess we’ll have to grind away with Da Bone then,

    Saw a report that he said he was willing to play another position than QB in NY. Then when Sanchez stinks it up ala Orton and the coach yanks him, Bone will come in running the option, hucking the big down field pass, leading the comeback to the big win. Kinda like a relief pitcher in that secondary sport. Used to be real popular….I fergit.

  15. philippinefan says:

    Hockey? Socka?

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t hold your breath, Phil. I don’t doubt Sanchez will find himself in a situation very similar to what Alex Smith went through these past few years (boos for every incompletion and shouts for his head on a pike), but I also don’t think that Timmy TV comes in to save the day. Oh, I suppose he’ll come in, but that team has bigger issues than just QB play. If Sanchez washes out, the D will not be able to save the day a la Denver. They are already a team in turmoil. If he comes an and carries that team to even a playoff berth, I’ll be surprised. Sanchez HAS done it before, but this team isn’t the powerhouse it was a few years ago. The run game isn’t as good, and the D certainly isn’t.

    Anyhow, I could give a flying fuck about the Timmy show.

    The draft can’t get here soon enough.

  17. phil fan says:

    Yeah really I don’t expect more miracles outta Tebone, after all he isn’t really the Son of God. And in NY with da Jets? Noooo… I don’t know much about them actually being on the East coast and an AFC team to boot, that’s 2 strikes right there. On Them not on Me.

    Here’s what I do know: Leadership is lacking as proven by the antics of the coach, etc. This does not inspire confidence in anyone certainly not the players and their record shows it. That’s strike 3! Yer OUT! As they used to say in that once popular sport; what zit callled? Field hockey, right? Water polo? Something like that. So no I’m not expectin’ miracles from da Bone over there. Maybe he gets them a couple extra wins this season, that we can normally expect from a natural born leader. So maybe 10-6 rather than the mediocre 8-8 of this year. But if the D ain’t so hot….maybe not so good. Tebow is not my favorite playa by any means. That would be a retired QB who is now coaching our boys.Now there is a man who knows leadership.

    What else we gonna yak about this time of year? RG of the 9ers- Rachal or suicide? Our drinking habits ala my friend Berger?

    Yeah bring on the draft

  18. phil fan says:

    Say what ya will about Alex Smith -and it will be positive from me- that man showed the Most Leadership of anyone in the entire 49er organization from about his second year until JH came on board. Besides a decent coach how did the 9ers bounce back to 14-4 from 6-10? The players continued to believe in AS. Why? He kept his mouth shut, stayed positive and did his job best he could despite the pitiful organization around him.

    LEADERSHIP. Without it we continue to look like the Jets

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