Peyton Manning, Free Agent

According to Chris Mortensen, Peyton Manning will be waived tomorrow, thus saving the Indianapolis Colts untold millions of dollars, dollars which will be then used to sign the next Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck. Lucky for the Colts, they cratered at the best possible time to GET the most highly sought-after quarterback since, well Peyton Manning 14 years ago. OK, how about Dan Marino? 

Only the truly clueless of the clueless think the 49ers would even bother calling his agent or pursuing this in any way. the thought being, he could step in and be the missing piece for a Super Bowl run. Well, beyond the fact that Manning is still hurt, makes no guarantee he’ll ever pay again, does not know this offense, and would want to pretty much run his offense his way, not Harbaugh’s way, sure why not? Pay him 4 years for $60 mill on a hope and a prayer.  In other words, not gonna happen . . .

Where will he go? the big (crazy) money is on Washington or Miami. Daniel Snyder is certainly nutty enough to hand Peyton a blank check. Stevie Ross in Miami is all over Manning. There are billboards being erected in Miami to get him to come. He’s a southern boy, and would be close to his Louisiana roots. So, the Fins looks like the lucky team that will get him. It seems ludicrous to me to sign a guy who as of now isn’t reay to play. They would be taking a huge gamble to sign him to any kind of deal. Short term or otherwise. If I’m Miama, I’m thinking longer term than 2012. I’d go after the Rams pick at #2 in the draft and get RG-III. Either that, or take a shot at Matt Flynn. Neither one would be the big splashly over-revved hypebolic ESPN orgasmic media frenzy that the Manning signing would generate, but hey. There’s no lacking common sense in some NFL team boardrooms I suppose.

The only Niner connection I can glean from this (other than the moronic plea to sign Manning). Is the Anser to this trivia question.

Who was the last starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts before Peyton Manning? (No googling!)


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10 Responses to Peyton Manning, Free Agent

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Post 105. Yay me . . .

    • Flavor says:

      Nice work. You put up with a lot of dumb shit here but you handled the last season well. As we both know, for sound reasons understood by sane people, PM isn’t coming to SF….

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks, Flav. Criminy. You’d think I get paid for this shit. Ha ha.

  3. Wouldn’t have been Jim Harbaugh would it?

  4. Nipper says:

    Skip the Manning mooing……it’s Alex all the way!

  5. Alleykat says:

    No way Harbaugh goes after Peyton. Redskins.are my choice.That idiot Snyder always goes after.who he thinks.will workout and never does.

  6. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    Watching the press conference. Like or dislike Peyton Manning but the guy is a class act.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah. The dude is pretty much a geniune guy. This could have been a dog and pony show, or a very uncomfortable deal with Irsay right there with him. But it was quick, heartfelt, and honest.

    And they both understood the realities of the situation.

    Let the media frenzy begin . . .

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