Goldson Getting Tagged Today? Or Today!

<b>UPDATE:</b> The 49ers officially put the franchise tag on Dashon Goldson. They also said they are going to work on a multi-year deal going forward.

Not much happening around 4949 Centennial Blvd. The deadline is coming up for teams to franchise tag their players. There’s talk that Dashon Goldson get tagged today. If I type this any slower, he’ll be tagged before I post this. Frankly this makes sense as he’s only going to cost $6.2 mill to tag. Rogers would cost $10.6 mill. I’m sure Hawk’s not very happy about it, but he and his new agent (CAA) can negotiate for a long term deal through July. Goldson famously turned down a 5 year/$25 million deal last year, expecting other teams to pony up the scratch. Drew the Screw apparently miscalculated, and Goldson came back here for a one-year $1,200,000 deal with his tail between his legs after numerous tweets posting his goodbyes.

Well, the situation turned a bit when Goldson had his breakout season. 6 picks, 9 passes defensed, 64 tackles and a forced fumble. He also had a key pick in the New Orleans game. I’m a bit ambivalent where it comes to Goldson. He had a great year, but I think that had a lot to do with the addition of Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner in the backfield with him. His wild hits in the NCF Championship game still bug me, as they were reckless and not very situationally aware. At least the one where he hit Rogers was. That play was right in front of him. He needs to pick up Rogers about to make the play. Inconsistent and reckless. I’m of a mind to slide Chris Cuilliver to FS, and let Goldson take his act on the road next year.

I think the Niners plan is to let this franchise tag ride, give Culliver one more year of experience, and let Goldson go after this season. I’m still of a mind that they try to get Rogers to sign a 3 (NOT 5) year deal, get Brock more playing time, and say goodbye to Reggie Smith. Curtis Holcomb, the CB who was hurt all last year, attended every meeting, learned all he could from the coaches, and got himself heathyed up. The staff is very high on him to step in and secure a spot in the line up.


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  1. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Why do you want do slide Culliver to FS? He made the transition from FS to corner late in his career at South Carolina. The coaches obviously felt that’s his best position. Culliver played aboveboard corner this year and will only get better. Leave ’em alone. Next you’ll be wanting to remove him from Lilliput.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I don’t think they keep Goldson. They may go after Carr and dump Rogers for all I know. And get another FS. I’ve never really thought Goldson WAS a FS. I’ve always though he would be more suited to be a SS. I just don’t think he’s in their long-term plans, seeing as Whitner is signed for a couple more years, and he’s a stud at SS. They have a lot of options. It depends on how this season goes to figure out their direction going forward. Brock came on nicely at CB. Holcomb could very well play his way into the lineup. Point being, Goldson becomes expendable if their other corners shine, and Culliver is there to play FS.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Goldson got the ‘non-exclusinve’ tag. So he CAN test the free agency market, but the Niners can match. The compensation if he goes is TWO 1st round picks.

    In other news, I’d guess tha going forward, the focus is now on Carlos Rogers to get a deal done. I’m sure the 49ers want to keep it 3 years or under, but since these deals aren’t guaranteed anyway, they may go ahead ond offer him 5. Then it comes down to Alex Smith.

  4. phil fan says:

    I said DG would be gone, nevermind. 9ers did the pragmatic thing. Maybe he’ll sober up after testing the FA market and lower his demands for a lesser contract. But he did the right thing and fired Drew the screw as his agent.

    I’m glad to hear Holcomb is progressing and is liked by the coaches.

  5. Nipper says:


  6. Kevin says:

    What the F, is the NFL going to do about New Orleans? I mean paying guys to hurt other players!! If I was a player going up against NO now I would bringing a baseball bat with me!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    The defensive coordinator apologized for letting it go on…please. Their whole defense should be suspended! Make them use all back ups!

  8. Kevin says:

    No I am not niev I am sure other teams have something like this, so explain why NO is being singled out

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Christ, this is really a non-issue. All the teams can do these days is pay for the inevitable fines these guys would get if caught. You can’t do anything these days without getting penalized, fined, ejected, and likely suspended anyway. Bounty hunting has been part of the game since the 20s.

    I mean, really. Football ibs inheirintly violent anyway. A clean hit and a dirty 40 years ago were one and the same. Tackling guys 5 yards OB wasn’t flagged. Clothesline tackles, head-clubbing, and grabbing/horse-collar tackles were all acceptable not too long ago.

    Nowadays you can’t get away with anything, so the point is basically moot. The only thing I can think of is that NO said they’d pay to take certain players out.

  10. Kevin says:

    I guess players have no morals what so ever! I know the guy who was driving the car in the accident that put my brother in a wheelchair, he could not face or talk to my brother for a year! And they were friends, and my brother even knew there was nothing the dude could do.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Not sure what your point is, Kevin, but players get hurt all the time playing within the rules. The game is so overregulated now that no one can get away with anything.

      • Kevin says:

        If they play within the rules yes someone could get hurt, but to intentionally go head hunting? You don’t see that as wrong?

  11. barleyfreak says:

    I don’t think they’ll be able to keep Rogers. Culliver will start opposite Brown. Brock will see more time.

    The non-exclusive tag is silly, really. No one is going to sign DG and cough up two first round choices. Niners are in the driver’s seat w/ DG. He’ll stay, he’ll play. If he was smart (no assumption being made here), he’d sign the first multi-year offer the 49ers ante up. He got screwed by Rosenhaus last year. If he gets anything near the same offer this year, and his new agent doesn’t say SIGN NOW, then stupid is as stupid does.

    Also — you’re right Chuck (from Skeebers blog) , about Byham instead of Peele on the roster. I got them mixed up. Peele may end up on the PS, if eligible, if they sign him. I also agree that if Fleener is sitting there at 30, I would not be remotely surprised if they pick him. With the JH offense, having 4 TE’s on game days is not far fetched. Walker may be gone NEXT year, but barring a trade, he’ll be there this year, since he’s under contract.

  12. snarkk says:

    Whatever you feel about this pay-for-knockout stuff at New Orleans, it’s how Goodell feels that matters. There are surely other squads doing this to some extent, but he’s gotta make an example here. This was organized by coaches and knowledge of it appears to go to the GM, if not the owner. This is a personal snub to his authority and all the supposed safety rules he’s promoted. It embarrasses and mocks him and his role as top dog in the NFL. Not to mention it might be usable in lawsuits current pending against the NFL by players alleging the NFL has been negligent/complicit in brain injuries. So, I expect him to unload a shitstorm of penalties on the Saints and everybody involved, wherever they are now. I have a feeling some top draft picks are going to get flushed. The penalties on the Pats for the illegal video-taping are gonna be a walk in the park compared to this…

  13. unca_chuck says:

    I guess I should read whatever the hell is going on . . .

  14. unca_chuck says:

    I’m sure this goes on all the time in one form or another, but if anything is going to piss off Goodell, it’s the fact that the coaches and GM were part of it.I didn’t know that the coaches were condoning and encouraging it. Goodell doesn’t like to lose face in things like player safety and will not stand for supposed headhunting going on in his league. From what I’ve read, Benson didn’t know anything (wink wink), but the GM certainly let it go. And didn’t follow up.

    Yeah,. I think the Saints get nailed pretty hard on this.

  15. phil fan says:

    Right this is not something “new” under the sun (ah, the Dome?) because as Chuck mentioned rough and illegal tactics have been going on in pro football since the beginning. Various tactics have been banned to make the sport safer but humans never change and will do whatever to win. It’s okay until you get caught. If you’re a player you get fined, suspended. But if you are a coach/GM and are complicit in the scheme this will greatly annoy the Commish and heads will roll.

    Beating the Saints in the playoffs (with one Alex Smith as our QB Del Mar…) it’s all downhill for them and these revelations will only prolong their downfall. I guess the Saints aren’t really saints after all. Ya take the low road how long will you be on top? Ask the Raiders or even the Pats.

  16. phil fan says:

    But I do want to thank the entire New Orleans Saints organization-players, coaches, GM, owner- for a good job in helping us cope with the off-season. Combine notwithstanding this sure beats watching the new paint job dry on the house.

    Ah the sight of heads rolling in the morning, seeing the mighty fall, the changing of the guard, justice getting its due. Good stuff. Where’s the popcorn?

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Somewhat surprisingly, the Saints didn’t work out a contract with Drew Brees, instead, they franchised him. Thus freeing the way for Marcus Colston and Carl Nicks to hit the free agent market. These guys will be highly sought after by many teams. One of them being the 49ers. They could go after Nicks to take over for Snyder, but the bigger prize would appear to be Colston. He of the 80 catches for 1143 yards.

    • snarkk says:

      I hadn’t heard they franchised Brees, just that it was possible, and I didn’t believe it. Wow. I don’t get that at all. How can you not work a deal with your best guy, hell, the face of the franchise? The guy is an icon in New Orleans. Dumb, but shoot, lets kick the tires on Colston…

      • Alleykat says:

        Snarkk….We could kick the tires on Colston as well,but Nicks at 4 yrs younger and All world, would be fantastic….Davis,Iupati,Goodwin,Nicks,Staley, now that’s a “Stud”Line for running and pass protection.Plenty of WR ‘s in a deep draft of them plus FA WRbut getting Nicks is like getting another 1st Rd draft pick.

    • Alleykat says:

      Like i have been saying all along Chuck….CARL NICKS….CARL NICKS…..CARL NICKS!!!!
      This is awesome news coming out of NO with all the shit hitting the fan.They are fuckin stuck slapping the Franchise Tag on Brees like i predicted.Niners need to jump in on Nicks starting monday.Best All-Pro Guard in football and only getting better,one penalty all freakin year,plus he’s a local guy,born in SF,can have Ex teammate Goodwin next to him on the line,plenty of reasons for Nicks to make the jump.Snyder stays as a backup,and Rachal in the words of Eddie D……”Your Gone”.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Pretty ridiculous thinking there. I can’t imagine Brees suddenly going into the tank and having a lousy year. And them not wanting to keep him. Makes no sense at all. Add the bounty crap, NO looks like they are screwing themselves pretty badly here. I think at least Colston is going to leave. Nicks will get a LOT of interest, so they stand to lose him as well.

    Weird. I wonder how hard Goodie Goodell comes down on the Saints. Some of the coaches are gone, but the GM and FO is there.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Rachal is gone regardless, AK. I’m fine with Snyder. Nicks is too expensive. If they are going to drop coin like that, they should blow it on Colston.

    • Alleykat says:

      Fuck Colston Chuck he’s 31 l would rather go the draft route.And who gives a shit if you think Nicks is expensive,it’s not your money,maybe the 49ers see him as final piece to a “Great” line.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Well, if they can get him for relatively cheap, then go for Colston. There are a lot of hot FA WRs out there. Wallace, Garcon, VJJ, among a bunch of others. I don’t think they are strictly going to count on the draft to bolster the WR position.

  21. snarkk says:

    Niners have to pick up at least one FA receiver, a good one, maybe another one, serviceable. And, I mean better than Ginn. Draft one, too. WR is a position typically hard to excel in the first year, hell Jerry Rice suffered his first season. They need upgrades to step in right now…

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Snarkk, don’t be shy when mentioning the upgrades when it comes to our Niners. You, I, and the mailman who just got through having a “nooner” with Chuck’s wife knows we need an upgrade at QB.

      “Say it Loud — I’m a White Quarterback and not very Proud.”
      A song by James Brown — if he were a 49er fan.

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Any chance that Gregg Williams is a late addition to the GOP ticket?

    I like the cut of his jib…”HIT SOMEBODY!!!”

  23. Del Mar Dennis says:

    My last “nooner” comment was uncalled for and below board. Under most circumstances I would apologize to the one that I offended, in this case it being Chuck. But not this time. I’m having a SHITTY weekend. Nothing, and I mean a Sgt. Schultz “Nothing” has gone right for me this weekend. As usual I’m trying to divert my anger, dismay, fear and aggravation that ultimately only ends in denial.

    Well, that said, I’ll be seeing my therapist next Wednesday. Until then, the rest of you can go fuck yourselves.

  24. phil fan says:

    Sooo…ya think that will work huh Dennis?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Phil, I’ve been doing some math recently. No. Not the math that was thrust upon me while I attended Bullwinkle’s School. I’m talkin’ bout the math that has not only gravitated and consumed my 49er blood, but I’m talking about the basic “2 + 2” arithmetic that has turned me into a goddamn 49er fool.

      This shit just don’t add up.

      • Agree my friend. It don’t add up…and that sucks the big one.

        So- it’s gotta be more than this, right?

        Look Denny I know you and I love the 49ers. It was never a question for me (or you). . Right?….

        So, Question is (and only you can answer it): ‘How will you’ say “What is More than This?”

        I know you have a lotta faith- religion, your Mom, horses, sports, 49ers, music, cookin’, cultya, like that. What a great base!

        So. Yer faith sez…??

        in yer own time my friend…

      • And Frank! How could I ferget Frank?

  25. phil fan says:

    It may be a little quiet over here but we have at least 2 blessings: 1) No Spitwad 2) TF gone. Spit is riling ’em up @ Skeebs and here I thought for a minute he had grown up

  26. NJ49er says:

    What is pretty stupid is the fact that GM Loomis allowed the Contracts of Brees/Nicks/Colston and others to come due at the same time. He should ne accountable for being an idiot first and foremost.
    Benson? He’s a flipping loon no matter what subject you include him in on.
    The Saints were Americas Team for the post Katrina spotlight.
    They got their heads out of the paper bags and FEMA trailers, now it’s time to pay the Devil.
    Hope they get penalized and that Gregg Williams poisons the Rams plans somehow.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Weird. No one else seems to have problems. Actually, there something I can try . . .

  28. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, I sent you an email. It should fix the access problem. . .

  29. NJ49er says:

    OK, I normally see a ‘Block Box’ suggesting it’s taking place from my Network Admins.
    See what happens. Thx Chuck

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah,Loomis is also the face of the bounty hunting in NO as well. Since he knew of it, heard about it again, and didn’t verify it had stopped either time. They may get dinged with a few draft picks and some hefty fines. At least I hope so. The Niners got fucked a couple years ago, losing a 5th round pick and having to swap 3rds with Chicago for the fucking phone call to Briggs.

    Hope this works NJ.

  31. NJ49er says:

    So far so good Chuck. Either the Network Admins cleared it or, your option improved things?
    What about the Deion influenced nonsense regarding the NYJ and Crabtree?
    Goodell saw nothing wrong with that nonsense did he?
    All this power being applied through the Commish is garbage.
    He works for the owners. Enough said.

    As for NOLA, Benson has always been off his rocker.
    I’d be more excited to see the Rams get hurt by this.
    Williams is new to the Staff, be nice if he got derailed somehow. Screw up their continuity a bit.
    They are gonna benefit big time with the RG III offers. Only wish we could have cleaned house during the Nolan years with similar offers to trade down. I’ve always liked the option of additional picks.
    Too many guys don’t pan out. Hoping Baalke will change that dynamic for us.

    St. Louie will get important pieces during this Draft. We’ll have to contend with them too of course.
    Plus they’ll gain more pieces than us. Let’s hope their GM isn’t too smart.

  32. unca_chuck says:


    Yeah, I forgot about the Deion thing. He fucking WORKS for the NFL Network, which is owned by the NFL, for God’s sake, and HE’S fucking telling Crabs what to do? Conflict of interest? He shoulda been fired. Then the next year, Deion gets Dez Bryant suspended for his senior season of college football. Goodell’s a hypocrite of the highest order.

    He doesn’t work for the owners. He works for the big-market owners.He wouldn’t dare go up against Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, or the Maras. Mr Umbrella Benson doesn’t qualify, so he should get dinged pretty good.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Williams is going to catch a ton of shit for this. A year suspension? He’s on his way to NY for a meeting w/the security council tomorrow.

    According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the penalties are going to be ‘severe’ for NO. Mainly because everyone in the building knew about it. I’m sure every team has a some form of this going on, but NO gets to take the fall. If it was the Cowboys, it would be like the NE videotaping deal. A slap on the wrist.

  34. NJ49er says:

    And what did Roger do to Jerry when the greedy dirtbag sold SB seats he couldn’t deliver?
    All a bag of media spin. This League makes billions, comes down to the almighty dollar for Roger.
    Be nice to see NOLA get whacked but, I’m not holding my breath.

    Be nicer to see Williams get the collar.

  35. NJ49er says:

    Yeh, Williams is meeting with League Council Jeff Pash and the Security Officials.
    Hope he does become the scapegoat.

  36. NJ49er says:

    Likely comes to big $$$ Fines for NOLA and members of the Staff perhaps, they were aware of what was taking place apparently.
    Wonder what the Bounty was for taking out Payton on the sideline?
    Friendly fire wasn’t it?

    What goes around…..

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Post of the day NJ

  38. FAITH? Yesssir! I got me some Faith rat heah. Will there be equality in the rich sumbitchez faction of the NFL? No, there will never be equality you freaks! Will Goodie Goodyal cut it down the middle?

    Fuck no.

    How eveah…Chuck WILL eventually get it fixed fer our own NJ 49er to add his pieces rat heah! That’s rat, Chuckster will git ‘er fixed!

    NJ49er, Chuck, that’s where I got my faith bet on. The big bozos? Naw….

  39. unca_chuck says:

    New post new post new post

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