Down Time . . . At Least There’s No Lockout . . .

I’ve pretty much given up on ESPN as I don’t follow college b-ball (although St. Mary’s is currently 16th, playing the Zags, and I’m taking the fambly to meet my daughter for the game vs Santa Clara this Saturday) and I don’t want to see the ticker-tape parade, the interminable gushing over Eli (can’t spell illegitimate without e-l-i) Manning, or the fawning accolades for a game that was fairly pedestrian by any rights. Madonna? What a joke. The Stones, The Who, and Tom Petty weren’t all that, but lip-synching? Really Madonna? They should dig up Kurt Cobain next year, or give the job to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Someone with an actual pulse.

When you make NE’s defense look good, there’s something inherently wrong with your offense. Although Coughlin’s plan to run and keep Tom-not-so-Terrific on the sidelines worked as the game went on. The fade to Manningham was the play of the game. On the other side, the inexplicable drops on those last two drives killed any shot NE had of making a comeback. NE forced 3 fumbles, only to see the one they did recover called back because of a coaching gaffe. 12 men on the field. The inexplicable safety on NE’s first play was weird as well. Brady’s brain-fart. So, NY got 9 gift points to start the game. Lucky fucks.

Anyhow, enough about that. As it is, the big dates coming up are the combine from Feb 22 to 28, the Peyton Manning deadline of March 5th. Also the last day to designate ‘Franchise’ players, and the free agency period, which kicks off March 13th at 1:00 pm PST.

I’m very curious as to who gets franchised. I’m of a mind the Niners are going to let Goldson go at the cost of franchising Ahmad Brooks. Most everyone else thinks Goldson gets the tag, but I think the Niners would be fine if they slide Culliver to FS and let Goldson walk. Shit. Who knows? Maybe they’ll franchise Smith and sign Brooks before it goes too far. Or maybe they  let HIM go. Brooks could very well be replaced by a full-time Aldon Smith, but I’m not crazy about that idea. I’d rather have Aldon as our reated and ready weapon off the bench.


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  1. snarkk says:

    I’m not going to rip the Giants for winning the dang game. NE wasn’t very good, but the Giants were better. They made a couple of plays that were the difference. New York beat the Niners ass in the Niners own building, so the Niners and fans can grouse, as we should, but Harbaugh and Co., didn’t get it done, New York did. They deserve the trophy. Hopefully, next season the Niners are a little better and get to the championship game again. No guarantees on that at all. Especially after the stars lined up to give us an NFC champ game at the Stick — and the Niners blew it…

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, yeah, That’s the worst part. The wicked pisser. This Super Bowl was pretty much laid at our feet. If not for that one bounce that KW shouldn’t have been near in the 1st place . . .

      Oh well.

      • Nipper says:


      • Dan says:

        OK, so I’m NYG fan who ended up here by catching some obnoxious comment by the blog owner on google. I like the niners, always have. Years ago there was nothing better than watching Montana at work even when he was roasting Simms and my Giants. And then Steve Young, awesome. Jerry Rice forever a star.

        But “This Super Bowl was pretty much laid at our feet” – seriously? You’re delusional here. Guys your team is 29th in passing yards, the worst ranked passing team to have made the playoffs except for Tim the fluke Tebow. Saints #1, Pats #2, Pack #3, Giants #5, Falcons #8, Steelers #10, (admittedly Texans #18, Ravens #19). The NFL is making this a passing game on purpose. If you can’t get your passing numbers up you ain’t gonna get to or win the Super Bowl. I don’t know if it’s smith or maybe more likely the receivers but something’s gotta change out there.

  2. phil fan says:

    Mistakes by the Ravens, Niners, Patriots paved the way for the freakin’ Giants to win it all. They took the opportunity and ran with it. Mistakes killed us in the NFC title game and we had avoided them most of the year. Apart from the Dallas game when our guys had played together all of one game prior… that blown coverage in OT I gotta think is on the coaches. It’s hard not to be disappointed but think about where we were last year at this point after losing to the 2010 Rams! Think coaching is important? But to imagine Eli is in the league with Joe or even Brady at this point is re-dick-less. What’s he got: Coaching, WRs who fight for ball and yards and the NY media machine.

    They won’t be having this kind of luck next year but we’re going to improve even if our record is 10-6 as West Division champs. Gotta love the 49ers

  3. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I didn’t think the halftime show was half bad. It’s not about the singing so much for me as it is the choreography and the light show. I thought they did a good job with those aspects. But what was the deal with that chick giving everyone the finger? I’d have her British ass deported back across the pond.

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The NFL Combine begins Wednesday, February 22. It’s again being held in its usual spot, Indianapolis. Those NFL writers and analysts could just remain in town from the Super Bowl. Makes for a good excuse to get away from the family.

  5. Flavor says:

    Dennis– I agree, I ended up liking the halftime show. I thought it started off slow and it was a little too much about Madonna. But when the other singers and dancers came into the scene I thought the show really took off. It was 1000% better than the Black Eyed Peas Show….
    People are giving her shit for lip synching and that’s idiotic. She’s freaking 52 how the Hell is she supposed to run her ass around the stage and hit every note? It wasn’t about her singing it was about the show…..

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Halftime shmalftime. When did the Black Eyed Peas do a half time show? Last year? They were good before anyone knew who the hell they were. If you can’t sing your shit, then why not just play her goddamn CD? They coulda saved a shitload of money. Anyone who lip synchs is a fucking joke.

    If I plunked down the $500 per ticket (or whatever the fuck it is) to see her show, which ain’t much different than the halftime deal, and longer, I’d hope, I expect her to sing. Otherwise yer paying to watch a 52 year old woman dance badly?

  7. phil fan says:

    What color are coconut leaves? Green. That’s me green with envy because guess who didn’t get to see the halftime show? Or the first half? Never mind the 2nd half. Gentlemen pardon me while I weep in the corner. No, don’t get up. I’ll get over it. You liked / didn’t like the old skanks routine? Color me green, serious fellars. Here I got me a perfectly good, almost brand new reconditioned soapbox which I can’t use because ‘I know nothing’. What a fuckin’ waste!

    Ah to be 52 agin’… And I don’t get to form an opinion as to whether I’d do it or dump it outta my bed? Never mind the qualities of da show? I’m gonna favor Flavor and Del Mar and just indulge in feelin’ deprived over what I missed,

    Life. Is. Cruel.

  8. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Ray McDonald got arrested for an outstanding warrant. Looks like he failed to complete, or at least show proof of completion from his DUI class. Even I know better than that.

  9. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Cardinals hired Frank Reich, Peyton Manning’s QB coach the past six years in Indianapolis, as their QB coach. Hmmm? Foreshadow of Manning to Arizona?

    I’m not even going to sweat it until if and when that happens. But if it does, I’m going to bitch like never before.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Bitch away. That would be a monumental error on AZ’s part. They are still smarting over the Kolb signing. Manning would be killed by the Niners booze rush. Then they’d have $25 million in useless QBs. Kolb on the bench, and Peyton Place in the ER.
      Bring it on.

  10. snarkk says:

    WTF is Harbaugh doing playing golf at the ATT tournament all week?
    He should be at 4949 analyzing endless video of potential WRs…

    • phil fan says:

      Exactly, what a slacker that Harbaugh. What’s he ever done?

    • Alleykat says:

      Harbaugh wants to kick Bellchick’s Ass in Golf like we would of done in the SB.Not sure i want Alex Smith on my bag though.
      Alex says want me to pull out the “Big Dog”?
      Harbaugh says WTF Alex this is the par 3…7th 106 yards,you want me to crush it into the Ocean?

      • phil fan says:

        So you sayin’ he Overthrows sometimes?>?

        ‘Kat it’s gotta be hard goin’ from the stoneage to the jet age, from “Follow me while I beat my chest” to “Here;s how ya do it if ya wanna win”.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Screw Harbaugh and his golf game. The bigger question is; why wasn’t Sr. Bernice teaching when I went to school?

    • snarkk says:

      I love the original stooges. This movie has the look of a disaster…

      • unca_chuck says:

        Yeah, saw this trailer at movies a couple weeks ago. Good God.

        Yeah, the Stooges will always have a warm place in my heart, but this is a steaming pile of nothing. They are better left in the past.

        This is cool, though:

  12. snarkk says:

    But, Thunderbolt? The horse should have been named “Stewards’ Inquiry”…

  13. Flavor says:

    I’d laugh my ass off if the Cardinals signed Manning. Any team that signs him is desperate and I sure as fuck hope we don’t do it…….

    • unca_chuck says:

      Manning wouldn’t last 2 weeks behind AZ’s line. Kolb didn’t, and he’s in better shape than manning ever will be. It would kill AZ for the next 8-10 years.

      • Flavor says:

        there are probably a lot of Niner fans, like Dennis, who would want us to sign Manning. It’s the same fatal mistake that most neophyte and *homer* fans make: they think thy’re going to get the back of the guy’s football card. Oops. How’d that work out with OJ?
        Fans always look too far into the past to see what a player will do in the next season. They WANT to see it since it’s the only thing that’s known: what they’ve done. Unfortunately, age, injuries and just the passage of time won’t let you do what you did on the back of your football card forever.
        This is huge in baseball because of the 6 years of service time you need before you hit free agency. Especially for pitchers……
        Manning is done. DONE. Nerves aren’t coming back and he shouldn’t either. One big hit and he’d break into pieces……

  14. Nipper says:

    Yeah Manning will not come to the Niners. No way. Alex is the man!

  15. Kevin says:

    Shit if the Niners invite Manning for a try out they might as well pull Jamarcus Russell out of retirement.

    As far as the Half time show is concerned, Chuck you cannot be serious in your comment about plunking down $500 dollars a ticket to see her half time show?? You didn’t really go to the Super Bowl to see Madonna did you?? I would plunk down $500 to see the Game not the half time show. Madonna was just an extra bonus. Kind of like posting out here. Dennis comments are a bonus.

  16. Kevin says:

    And Chuck, if you were at the game, at half time you would have gotten up to go take a piss, get some more food and a beer or two, by the time you got back to your seat the half time show would have been over. You would have missed te whole lip sync thing.

    • unca_chuck says:

      What I’m talking about is, if Madonna lip synched the half time show, then she’s probably lip synching her concerts as well. The ones she’s charging hundreds of dollars per ticket for.

      “Madonna won’t sympathize with fans over the price of her concert tickets. She advises them to start saving their money because she is “worth it.” Her shows have always sold out in the past, so promoters price the tickets at a premium price, which could cost fans hundreds of dollars a ticket. Madonna is hitting the road later this year, and isn’t concerned about whining fans because she guarantees ticket holders will have great time at her show.”

      So, what fun is a show where the singer doesn’t even bother to sing? That’s my point.

      • Kevin says:

        relax Chuck don’t take my comments so seriously!! I even referenced Dennis to get a laugh out of you!! Ha ha ha

  17. Alleykat says:

    Hey Chuck….You mentioned over on the Flap about a record store on laurel.Don’t recall a Ray’s records, but there was a cool place called “Eddie Kramer’s Music World”at 765 Laurel st.Use to buy alot of records there.

    Do you remember Gold Crown Billiards on San Carlos Ave? hanging out as well, got to be pretty good with the cue stick there.
    One other place on laurel that was neat was called “Rod’s Surplus Store .He was a cool hippie type dude that sold camping supplies, really into those Green Army jackets with some Vet’s name on it, and any other military shit.Kind of like that Psycho guys shop in Fallen Down that Michael Douglas flick,except Rod was normal.
    Now i do remember when he finally sold out that they kept the name Rod and called it Rod’s Records.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yeah, yer right. It was Rod’s Used Records. He had a junk store that slowly converted to records. There was also the R.E.D. store in San Mateo, on B St. that had all kinds of Army surplus stuff. Can’t believe Magic Theatre is still around. My sister used to go there in 1968.

      • Alleykat says:

        Cbuck….For sure Magic Mountain would still be around.They were one of the few head shops around where you could get any “Parapherialia” you wanted.I drop alot coin in that store.
        2 classic pipes i once owned were….
        (1) Doob tube…Put a rolled one in this round tube on one end close it up and your good to go.Nothing escaped the chamber.
        (2) This one was vintage…..Ceramic face of the Ziz Zag guy with a hole to put your joint in his mouth with a tube you puff on and watch him smoke/well you smoke.(grin)

  18. Flavor says:

    She’s 52 or whatever, she’s an entertainer. She can’t be expected to sign the song and run her ass all over the stage. That’s what 20-30 year olds do. No one is watching her to listen to her sing, everyone has already heard those songs. You either like them or you don’t. The SHOW is unexpected and unknown. I, for one, thought the show was entertaining. Anytime you get some dude rockin’ it in a black sequin sparkly pimp coat you get my vote for *entertaining*……..

    • Alleykat says:

      What was entertaining was when that black gal in the king tut or whatever outfit was flipping the bird for everyone to see.Sending the NFL and networks in damage control for another halftime fiasco.

      • Kevin says:

        What is so funny about that is that the cameras pan the side line during the games and you can clearly see the coaches, players, etc dropping the F Bomb. And the Networks and the public are getting all riled up or someone who is not satisfied with their carreer so they have to do something outrageous?? Come on, stroll the campus of any High School and if you don’t see at least one student flipping off another I would be surprised. Just about all sports that are shown live a coach or a player drops the F bomb during the game

      • unca_chuck says:

        The whole thing is ludicrous. What will happen? People will start jumping out of buildings because a performer flipped the bird? I didn’t even notice it. Steven A Smith recently flipped the bird to Skippy Bayliss. The earth didn’t stop rotating.

      • Nipper says:

        I’m flipping the bird as I write this. Anyone want to receive it?

  19. Alleykat says:

    I do Nipper!! So long as i can flip one back to you.

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