Whither Dashon Goldson? Again?

Dashon Goldson’s grandmother apparently is weighing in on her grandson’s contract impasse with the 49ers.

Dashon Goldson @thehawk38@msrosecooking: @sf49ers showing no loyalty to my baby, @thehawk38 (Dashon Goldson ). Any team will be lucky to get him.”>Tell em grandma!

Haven’t we travelled this road before? Goldson bid his twitter goodbyes 2 years ago to us forgiving and unforgiving fans, as Dashon struck out to find his pot of gold. Unfortunately for him, the gold turned out to be brass, and he came back and meekly signed a 1 year 2 million dollar deal after turning down his 5 year/$25 mill deal that set him on the road to perdition anyway. After a couple pro-bowl seasons, and once again feeling his oats, Dashon wants something in the range of the Tim (?) Waddell (I know, he’s the weird-ass Olympic runner) deal, and 5 years, $40 million.

Uh, no. It ain’t gonna happen Dashon. Some people think he’s a top 5 safety.Yes he has his moments of being a disruptive force, but he also has a lot of brain-dead ones as well. Bad penalties, jumping routes, and the oft-occurring getting burned deep. The playoffs were fairly galling, but that was a system wide failure of not enough pressure, and the entire DB corps getting toasted.

The 49ers have already come out and said they would not franchise him. Not too surprising as that would force the Niners to pay him $7.1 mill. It also leads me to believe that if they won;t franchise him for $7, they won’t offer him a long term deal for $8 / year.  The 49ers are likely in the 5/30 range. A little rich for my blood, but I suppose it would do. The question is, does Dashon really think someone will pay him more than that? Frankly, the Niners could very well say we got the same deal from 2 years ago, skippy 5/25. Take it or hit the road, Jack.  Harsh? Sure. Mean? Yeah, I guess. Know what? Tough shit. Dashon isn’t Patrick Willis. Or NaVorro Bowman.  He’s replaceable. Moreso than those guys. And, like Baalke said, we can’t pay everyone. Plus, with all their leverage in this upcoming FA period and draft, they have about 20 different options to choose from.

So, the same thing will happen that happened two years ago. Dashon finds a lukewarm market (watered down even more by the rookie cap, which deflates a lot of the FA deals) and few suitors. If he’s lucky, the Niners will give him a 3/18 deal. And he’ll take it.



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342 Responses to Whither Dashon Goldson? Again?

  1. snarkk says:

    All that sounds plausible.
    And, adds to my question of why should the Niners give away the store to get Revis? They shouldn’t. Too many options out there, and picks. The guy wants the moon in an extension, and he’c coming off the ACL. Compared to pre-injury, he could be the same as before, he won’t be better, and he might be worse. So, Baalke is supposed to help out footfetishist Rex “toes” Ryan and back up the draft pick truck for Revis? Screw that. Let Atlanta do that…

  2. Spitblood says:

    The free agent market for DBs is flooded, or so ESPN says. Let’s do a simple econ lesson… supply goes up, price goes down. Grandma needs to realize just because she wants to get paid that doesn’t have anything to do with the price of fish. Goldson’s act is getting tired.

    In other news just as boring, my boy Matt Scott is getting a lot of attention right now. He’s even on NFL Network. I started the Matt Scott movement. Honestly, I didn’t even see a highlight from the guy. I looked him up on YouTube. And Maiocco, Barrows and Inman all read me over here so they started talking. Scott needs to send me a gratuity.

    • 12th man says:

      Lol, Spitty, they saw it on NFP which is likely where you first saw him, especially since they said a probable landing spot for him was the Niners due to his similarity to Kap. I saw the piece there before you ever mentioned him but hey if you want to take credit for it and you desperately wish to believe the beat writers hang off your every word go for it.

      • Spitblood says:

        Go back and look at the dates of my posts and when that article was posted.

      • 12th man says:

        Spit, even if we agree you came up with this scenario before NFP, and we don’t, is it more likely the beat writers are following your blogging or that they read it on NFP, a nationally recognized source for all things football ??? Either way I didn’t see the beat guys credit you or NFP, bad form.

      • Spitblood says:

        Matt Scott called me yesterday to thank me for starting the ground swell of support for his play. If you don’t want to go back and find the dates, then what difference do your thoughts make?

    • 12th man says:

      Well obviously my thoughts don’t have the value of your’s but they are my own.

  3. Nipper says:

    No to Revis.

  4. Spitblood says:

    The psychology of losing the Super Bowl could affect the moves Baalke and Harbaugh make this off season, and it’s a huge, huge off season for the team. The right move, right now, is to not mortgage and not try desperately to win the Super Bowl next year just because we lost. The Super Bowl loss could negatively affect Niner front office and coaching judgement.

    You would think that once a coaching staff gets to the Super Bowl, the staff could let it ride the next year because the team is set, the players know what to do, and now all we need is to keep the team focused. Wrong! This year will be the 49ers’ biggest challenge to their front office and coaching staff.

    Here are the factors for reassessing 49er goals for 2013.

    1.) Salary cap forcing teams to purge older talent and go with younger, cheaper players.
    2.) League studying how to beat the 49ers (ie Green Bay)
    3.) That stat that talks about what usually happens to teams after they lose the Super Bowl. (Remember the Eagles?)
    4.) Seattle
    5.) Kaep’s development

    The 49ers are already avoiding the free agent scramble by not signing newly released players early to big deals. Cullen Jenkins was in, free to sign – no deal. John Abrahms in today or tomorrow, probably won’t get a deal. Dunta Robinson released by the Falcons, signs with Andy (I never learn) Reid. (Honestly, is there a bigger sucker than Andy Reid – I used to respect that guy).

    Avoiding free agency is — and particularly the earlier stages of free agency — awesome to see, and that’s what the 49ers should continue to do.

    Here’s how I’d like to see the 2013 season shape up. My biggest concern regarding 2013 is Colin Kaepernick’s safety and him not running the read option. RGIII’s career is at a real crossroads and it’s year two. Think about the bounty the Redskins gave up to the Rams for a guy with now two knee surgeries. Think Mike and Kyle aren’t thinking right now about ways to protect RG now II 1/2? I hope Roman is creating a dynamic offense that eliminates Kaep risk in 2013. That’s my biggest concern.

    Aside from Kaep, I want to see the 49er make their one and only goal in 2013 just to win the division. Forget the Super Bowl – re-adjust your sites. You can’t look past the Seahawks this year. We went to the big show and lost, but this year we’ll need to compete for the division crown with rookies and second year players against a Seattle team that doesn’t appear to be losing very many of its veterans like the 49ers could, and will. The only decisions I’ve heard Seattle needing to make are how they handle the choice between Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor, and that’s more of a long term decision. I think, unlike the 49ers, Seattle will come into the 2013 season with a fully loaded gun and more hungry than ever. Whereas the 49ers are more of a rejected team that will lose more pieces. So if I’m Harbaugh, I’m urging my position coaches to go out and find great talent in the draft they want to work with this year and coach ‘em to get those rookies and second year players on the field this year – with hopes of beating Seattle. Remember the job Mike Solari has done drafting Kilgore, Persons, Looney and Slowey?

    Because of the salary cap, the 49ers will need to have a majority of their draft choices make the team and compete immediately. The 49ers aren’t going to have Soap and Soap’s future replacement on the team this preseason, both competing for one job. They might, at some positions, have this scenario, but if the 49ers want real long-term health for their team both youth-wise and financially, the 49ers will say goodbye to guys like Soap and bring in two cheap and hungry DT/ NT to compete for Soap’s job. This scenario should play out all over the team – DT, OLB, CB, S, TE, WR, RB, C, PK. I say dump Goodwin, Soap, Haralson, Rogers, Goldson, Moss, Walker, Manningham, Akers, Dobbs, Williams, Turk and Dixon and go out and draft their cheaper replacements, and ask the 49ers’ coaching staff to do the very best jobs of their careers. You lose that many guys and you’re up against it, and really, I doubt we dump that much, but that’s what’s needed right now. Right now is the time for the 49ers’ coaching staff and front office to show their metal and win the division by beating a Seattle team that’s poised to knock the 49ers off their perch – and they need to do it with young players starting in 2013 for older guys who got the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Forget the Super Bowl. Remember that in a strike shortened off season, the 49ers’ new coaching staff started or gave significant playing time to new guys like Culliver, Hunter, Rogers, Miller and Aldon. Second year, or relatively younger guys like Boone, Kaep, Cox, Brock and Dobbs also made significant contributions and helped raise up the 49ers’ level of play. We must do that again this year, but even on a bigger scale.

    The goal this off season should be to dump older players and coach up the rookie class, with our sites on the beating a tough Seattle team and winning the division. The playoffs and Super Bowl will take care of themselves. Get to the playoffs with rookies and do your best. But right now, even though the 49ers lost the Super Bowl, the rest of the league is studying how to beat the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers are the team everyone is concerned about. This will be Harbaugh’s biggest coaching test of his coaching career. How he handles this year will truly set the stage for his legacy. Remember Andy Reid and the Eagles. Andy Reid will never win a Super Bowl.

    • Spitblood says:

      The one big advantage the 49ers have over the Seattle Seahawks is that the 49ers traded Alex Smith while the Seahawks still haven’t done anything with Matt Flynn. My guess is that Seattle will somehow move Flynn and free up cap space, but the Niners trading Smith to the Chiefs is a huge advantage for the 49ers. They don’t have to focus their attention on dumping a backup. Seattle does. Advantage 49ers.

      • 12th man says:

        The Squawks cap is comfortable even with Flynn on roster, they don’t need to dump him for cap reasons. They will dump him because he is too expensive as a clipboard holder.

      • Spitblood says:

        I agree the will do something with him, but they haven’t yet, so unlike the 49ers with Smith, they’re wasting time. Advantage 49ers.


      Your reason number 3 is just plain stupid reasoning.
      It’s always tough but you need to give your best effort.
      You suggest they pack it in because it’s hopeless.

  5. Spitblood says:

    So many older NFL players being dumped. Now Pittsburgh’s Harrison. The NFL = No Country for Old Men.

    • 12th man says:

      This is not a dig against your point. I wonder if the attrition rate is any higher this year than other years? I think the lower cap cost on rookies will have an effect on vets pay but not on the amount of them in the NFL, at least not significantly.

  6. Spitblood says:

    I truly believe the 49ers’ first round draft choice will be all about trumping Seattle’s selection by moving ahead of Seattle to get a wide receiver. Kaep and Wilson need receivers. I think Baalke moves ahead of Seattle to pick a wide receiver – strengthening the 49ers, and weakening the Seahawks.

    • 12th man says:

      If there was only 1 WR in the draft this would make perfect sense.

    • NJ49er says:

      Seattle is looking to recoup from the error they made with over-valuing Bruce Irvin as their answer to Aldon.
      He was exposed in Atlanta as being too weak to hold up against the run game when Clemons went down.
      They are on a mission to find a legit pass rusher with their 1st Pick in April
      We are seeking a bookend to Aldon as well.
      Our DLine is where Baalke should look to improve.

      There are no WRs in the 1st Rd that I would deem ‘difference makers’ either.
      Our answer to beating Seattle is coverage and QB contain.

      We allowed Russell too much wiggle room and time to make plays.
      For me, it’s more about inside pressure that our D is missing.

      • Spitblood says:

        Now this is something you and I completely agree on. It is about getting pressure up the middle against the Seahawks. Wilson can easily escape if the ends rush up the field. The 49ers will draft NT/ DT / DE, but I could see Seattle and the 49ers competing for a wide receiver. Kaep and Wilson both need more weapons.

    • NJ49er says:

      We need to get faster on the edges and stronger in the middle of bot our OL and DL.


    Spitblood has been told more than once that Slowey was cut last August and is now with the Oakland Raiders. One day it’ll register.

    • Spitblood says:

      Trouble with comprehension? Persons isn’t with the team either. Point being Solari was heavily involved finding young talent in the draft – regardless if they made the team.

  8. NJ49er says:

    My feeling is that we’ll take a shot at OLBs Jamie Collins / So Miss and/or Zaviar Gooden / Mizz within the Top 3 Rds.
    Be a nice compliment to the Willis/Bowman package IMO.
    Very similar in size and production.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly. If the miners are going to continue their no blitz defensive package,they need to get more pressure out of their base D. When the miners were able to get consistent pressure, they did very well (see gb). When they didn’t they struggled.

    Fucking autocorrect is changing Niners into miners. I ain’t going back…

  10. unca_chuck says:

    The rest is fairly incidental. Yeah, they need WRs, but they don’t have to have world-beaters at WR to be a Super Bowl winning team. They just need some solid guys. I’m still hoping they make a run at Ramses Barden.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Strengthen the pass rush. The rest follows.

  12. Spitblood says:


    I know Harbaugh loves Josh Cribbs, but I wouldn’t go after him. After the Browns game at Candlestick two years ago, Harbaugh said, “Man, I love the way that dude plays…” Harbaugh was gushing. Maybe five years ago, like this article talks about, under Mangini, Cribbs would be a guy to target. But not now, and definitely not with several others teams interested in him.

    The only way I’d want a deal with Cribbs is if Cribbs would take either significantly less to play in SF or he signs a deal with heavy, heavy incentives. Take five to the house as a returner per season and it’s worth another million.

    I could see Harbaugh turning Cribbs into a wide receiver running trick and gadget plays, and I could see Cribbs being a good receiver with a guy like Kaep throwing him the football. But he’s getting older, and there’s competition for him with Arizona, the Cowboys, Patriots and other teams. If he was signed, I’d want him obviously returning punts but also returning kicks too. If I was Brad Seeley, I’d have a standing order that all kicks into the end zone, even 9 yards deep, are to be returned.

    Cribbs reminds me of the Predator the Guvenator went up against. It shouldn’t be Clay Mathews doing the Predator’s move, it should be Cribbs. The NFL should let him take his helmet off after each touchdown to reveal his ugly face and long dreads (if he still has them) and then…. he should do the Clay Mathews / Predator move while turning up his upper lip. I shudder behind my keyboard as I type. On second though, Cribbs would be great in SF.


    Vic Fangio needs to throw some change ups on defense. They are way too predictable rushing only four. You need to keep the other team guessing sometimes, so send a Linebacker, a Safety or a Cornerback on a blitz. If rushing four isn’t making the Quarterback uncomfortable you have to increase the heat or your secondary will eventually get picked apart.

  14. Grumpy Guy says:

    I would prefer to keep most of our draft picks, except for moving up where we can, and build through the draft.

    Our Tier One needs are DT-DE, NT, OLB, CB, S and WR. I would take the six best players we can at any of those positions with our three picks in the first two rounds. Obviously a nose tackle in those rounds would need to also play DT in the nickel, at least a lot of the time.

    From rounds three through 4 or 5, I’d open it up to our Tier Two needs as well: T, TE, ILB.

    Around Round five or six, I’d also look at Tier Three needs: K, backup QB, RB.

  15. Grumpy Guy says:

    second paragraph should read, “three best players.” I need more coffee.

  16. Spitblood says:

    I agree, Grump. The NFL stands for No Fatuation with Lengthy tooth. Old dudes are getting dumped post haste. For the 49ers to compete long term, this has to be a good draft that produces starters or guy who contribute heavily and immediately.

    I also agree the last tier is for RB, K, 3rd QB and maybe even TE.

    The middle tier could be used for a more developmental D lineman, OLB or center.

    The first tier, though, needs to be money this year more than any other, and it needs to be DT, CB, Safety and WR.

    If we go best player available in each of those tiers, we’ll be okay provided we’re able to part ways with a lot of the guys who helped us get to the Super Bowl. Dashon Goldson’s grandma gave us some insights into Baalke’s strategy, and it’s the right strategy. This is a business, granny.


      Only a fool named Spitb;ood would try to dismantle and gut a team that was five yards from winning the last Super Bowl.
      But then you said the Forty Niners would just release Alex Smith and they would get nothing in return for him.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I look at Chicago as a team that runs their defense (at least up front) smimlar to ours. When they didn’t get pressure, Kappy waylaid them. The Niners weren’t as bad, but they were close. Those last 2 games, the predictable defense was killed. Much more often than not, teams are going to come out throwing. The Niners need to stop that first, then see what happens. If the opposition switches to run, the Niners can easily stop that.

  18. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Marie Osmond is singing our National Anthem for the NASCAR race in Las Vegas.
    I’ve always wanted to bang her anthem.

  19. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I don’t know how you guys continue to talk Niner football. I’m still not over it. I can’t even talk about it with my therapist. That’s how bad I am. Fuck my football team for continuing my downward psychological spiral. Speaking of spirals. When’s the last time Alex Smith threw a tight one?

    • 12th man says:

      That’s a trick question.

    • Spitblood says:

      Here’s a thought….. quit drinking.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        You’d make a shitty sponsor.

      • Spitblood says:

        Drinking while in therapy is just throwing your money away. Alcohol is a therapist’s kryptonite. I’ve had family members in therapy for years while drinking and getting no where, and then for some reason they stop drinking and amazingly they start getting traction in therapy. Alcoholics who hear that story think it’s just a coincidence.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Why are you pretending to give a shit about my well being and therapeutic progress? My current state of well being, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with my drinking problem and everything to do with the 49ers losing the Super Bowl. Of that I am certain. I was sober the initial two weeks following the Super Bowl, and I just broke another week of sobriety when I poured my first vodka-cranberry 2 1/2 hrs. ago.

        There’s having a drinking problem, and then there’s the 49ers giving me a Robert Hays drinking problem…

      • Spitblood says:

        You just made a reference to drinking and therapy and I thought I’d point out to you that doing both at the same time is a waste of time.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        And if I ever buy a horse, there can only be one name: Food Makes Me Sick

  20. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I got a dozen donuts at Safeway this morning for just $3.99

    Donuts + Vicodin + Vodka = Dennis back on the blog.

  21. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Spit, I prefer Letterman’s Top 10 List myself, but I know this is your favorite…

    • Spitblood says:

      Del – deflecting is a dead give away. I don’t really care either way, but you seem like a guy who likes efficiency. Either drink and don’t go to therapy and really get some drinkin’ done (like a man), or attack therapy coupled with sobriety (like a man). But I’ll have none of this half way shit on my blog. You’re better than that.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        On *your* blog? Chuck should get a kick outta that one. I’m a guy who likes efficiency? Hmm. I don’t think I’ve heard that before. Efficiency implies no waste of time. I’ve never been a big fan of time. But I’ve always been a big fan of Henry Van Dyke’s “Time”…

        Time is too slow for those who wait,
        too swift for those who fear,
        too long for those who grieve,
        too short for those who rejoice,
        but for those who love,
        time is eternity.

        And, no, I’m not better than that.

      • Spitblood says:

        Have it your way, but don’t forget you’re ole’ buddy ‘blood told you on his blog that therapy is a waste while you’re drinkin’. Fuck the therapy, Del. That’s a coward’s way of keeping from hitting rock bottom. Dump the therapy and embrace the ghetto back alleys.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Who says I’m not already kicking the urban 40 oz bottles in the back alleys now?

      • Spitblood says:

        It’s possible you could get free WIFI under a bridge and find some place to stash your ‘puter and keep it dry while also making your therapist appointments while living on the streets…. but I doubt it.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        It’s 50/50 if I could make it living out on the streets. But there’s no way in hell that Frank could ever live under a bridge. I have to ensure each and every day that’s there’s a roof over Frank’s head. As of now, that, and keeping the bellies of the green-headed mallard full is my sole and soul purpose in life.

        I’ll be goddamned if I allow the 49ers to ruin that.
        The shame of it all? Cats and ducks aside, the 49ers have ruined my life.
        I’ll see them all in hell.

      • Spitblood says:

        Or the booze ruined your life. It’s okay. It happens to literally hundreds of Americans each year. (tryin’ out under-stating for a change)…………….. nope, don’t fit me.

  22. NJ49er says:

    I think Goldson is off the market by Friday.

    See what comes and from where.
    Dallas and Philly would be high on my list of potential landing spots.

    • Spitblood says:

      Let him go and grab Phillip Thomas in the second round

      • NJ49er says:

        Phillip is worthy.
        Bacarri Rambo from UGA is gaining traction for me too Spit.

        But, I agree, we’ll find his replacement in April without a doubt.
        Not expecting a Rookie to walk into his position and contribute but, Baalke likely has planned for his departure.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m also curious whether CB David Amerson from NC St could be a conversion prospect to FS for us also.
        There are so many impressive DBs to choose from it’s tough to to decide on.
        Good problems to have I guess.

      • Spitblood says:

        Rambo to me is too small, but with a name like Rambo you’re gonna be scrappy. Scrappy’s nice, but size and speed win championships.

      • NJ49er says:

        By Combine data, Rambo and Phillip are about identical in HT/WT.
        Rambo has better numbers as well, but nothing overwhelming.
        Rambo played more games and has the advantage of those added stats certainly.

        Good options on either side of the debate.

        Phillip posted a 4.65 40, Rambo didn’t run in Indy.
        Very curious to see if he’s any faster than Phillip.

      • NJ49er says:

        The FS from Oregon, John Boyett had some nice numbers going for him too.
        Unfortunately for him, he tore up his knees.
        His Bio suggests his surgical procedure was done by the LA Dodgers surgeon Neal ElAttrache.

        See how he recovers.
        Maybe you keep him on the radar for a late Rd/UDFA option?
        Kid was a tackling machine when healthy.
        Not a tall guy though.

      • NJ49er says:

        TJ McDonald is a big kid too.
        I don’t like him at FS, but, he might fit well for us in the scheme we run however.
        He is described more as an ‘In the Box’ Safety.

  23. Spitblood says:

    The Baltimore Ravens are done. Their run is done. Put a fork in ‘em.

    First off, the new owner. Art Modell dies and this Steve what’s his nuts takes over and he’s all over the face of the team from championship week to post Super Bowl. The guy reminds me of Jerry Jones. Then he boasts Flacco will be taken care of – WHOOPS!!!! I mean, highest paid ever in the NFL during a low cap era after the owners dominated negotiations during the strike? WHOOPS!

    The Ravens have lost their center, Ray Lewis and they’re going to have chose between Ed Reed or Boldin and the Ravens just threw a ton of their cap space at Flacco who isn’t even that good. Flacco isn’t in my top ten. That’s an emotional choice by a new owner who’s now going to learn the hard way for the next ten years that you can’t get emotional after a big win and pay out like Eddie D did after Super Bowl trophies. Not in this era.

    And now Flacco is petitioning for Boldin? It’s a slippery slope, Steve What’s his nuts.

    The two remaining pieces – John and Ozzie – are solid, but competition in the NFL is tough enough without be saddled to a donkey like Flacco.

    I love me some Eli. After Eli won the Super Bowl with a clutch throw to Plaxico, people were still saying his sucks. I wasn’t. But I damn sure am about Joe Flacco.

    How the fuck did Joe Flacco beat us in the Super Bowl? Joe Flacco? That’s who snapped our undefeated streak?

    • NJ49er says:

      It was the Perfect Storm of sorts.
      Flacco vs our QB of 10 NFL starts.
      Kaep proved worthy IMO.

      No tears in the beer for me.
      We gave them a game with a depleted Justin Smith and a Secondary that needed him.

    • NJ49er says:

      They’ve hit the ceiling of Cap-O-Nomics 101 now.
      Money for Joe, not so, for his supporting cast.
      Ozzie Newsome has his work cut out for himself.

      We’re young, we’re managing the budget like Champions and, we’ll get there again before they will.

      • Spitblood says:

        What I don’t understand is the cap’s at 123 million and John Clayton is reporting you can only have six or seven guys on your team making 6-8 million per year, and if you’re qb is making 10-12, you can have significantly fewer players making big money. 7×7 = 49 million. There’s 46 more players on a roster, each making 1.5 million per year – that’s 69 + 49 = 118…. give or take 5 million. You can see just how important those 6 or 7 great players must me. But it’s not that simple. There are guys like Whitner making 3 or 4…. The stars (and leaders) making the money are Willis, Justin Smith, Bowman, Gore, Goldson and Brooks. But there are guys still playing on their first contracts that weren’t apart of the rookie salary cap. We’re in good shape.

        I think the 49ers got lucky that they are starting a rookie qb while the NFL makes an adjustment to this low cap. Same with the Seahawks. I really hope the 49er players start getting tuned into the fact that they can make more money in endorsements and NFL playoff money if they take less and dominate the league. Guys like Goldson, who might be able to make a case for being one of the five or six best in the league, are guys I don’t want on my team anymore only because the cap is so low. He kills a mentality of winning over personal finance. I’d rather win Super Bowls.

      • NJ49er says:

        That’s the shell game of Contracts Spit.

        Face value and Net gain will rarely, if ever, come to pass.

        Most Teams pay the bulk up front and spread the Cap hit out in little pieces so other guys can get into their individual ‘Production’ windows.

        Every Team needs to sprinkle in a few low dollar Vets, until those young guys are ready to ‘Produce’, for the real money.

        What kills the Plan are injuries without suitable replacements.
        See what happened when Justin went down?
        Glaring lack of depth.
        RJF may have written his own ticket out of town.

      • Spitblood says:

        That’s exactly why these 15 or so picks need to be productive. You have to have guys behind. I’m not saying we lost the Super Bowl because of Justin’s injury – I think it was more because Harbaugh had his players too amped up and they made mistakes because of it. But I am saying depth behind stars is everything not just for the one year, but also for leverage when the player becomes a free agent. Trenton Robinson? Are you kidding me? The Niners still don’t have safety options. I could see the 49ers drafting two safeties.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Well, ideally, we would probably replace both Goldson (too expensive) and Whitner (can’t cover). The board will dictate though – either the players will be there, or they won’t. Reinforcing either the D-line or the WR corps works for me, too. Of course, two rookie safeties is a big leap of faith. So FA becomes an option too. Only because you’d rather have a vet back there setting coverages.

      • NJ49er says:

        I see all the areas of need being addressed Grump.

        I’d be more inclined to see McBath or Spillman replace Goldson.
        Robinson is more in line with Whitner size-wise.

        My shopping list would be for taller Safeties at both positions.

  24. Del Mar Dennis says:

    OK, I’m off to take my daily break to go feed the ducks down at the creek. The mallards have been the only thing that has kept me semi-sane since the Super Bowl. There’s a certain tranquility when I toss ‘em the bread.

    Quack. Quack.

    • NJ49er says:

      No QUACKING up allowed Del.
      If feeding the ducks is therapeutic for you…..

      Carry on.

    • NJ49er says:

      When I was a kid, we had several nasty geese that attacked us on the way to the baseball practice field after school.

      So, one of delinquents I ran with had the bright idea to chuck Alka Seltzer in their direction as a distraction.

      It grew from the ever popular Alka-Seltzer in the jock strap prank.

      Well, it’s quite the site to see a goose after ingesting one.
      Foaming at the mouth, uhm beak as it were, made for some hysterical rants, but likely wasn’t too pleasant for the water fowl.
      Down right cruel in hindsight.

      Gotta admit, they didn’t remain quite so aggressive after that.
      For what it’s worth.

  25. NoFear49er says:

    Meanwhile, the huskies have hit the Bering Sea coast and drive on in a stiff and cold breeze.

  26. Spitblood says:

    Damn it. Cullen Jenkins signs with the Giants – 8 million for 3 years. We could have afforded that. Mistake not to sign him.

    • Spitblood says:

      The Giants understand the value of good DTs. Cofield was a huge factor in their first SB win under Coughlin. Now they have Jenkins, Shaun Rogers, Tuck and JPP… and maybe Osi.

  27. Spitblood says:

    John Clayton just wrote a piece saying that teams can only afford 6 or so players making 6 million or more per year. This puts teams paying qbs big dollars at a serious disadvantage. I love me some Kaep, but keeping guys behind the big money dudes is what the NFL is all about. Let’s hope the 49ers find another qb with starting potential to put behind Kaep. And who knows…. Tolzien might be better than Alex Smith.

    • NJ49er says:

      Fitzpatrick in Buffalo is on the hook for some serious cash too.
      SF does a good job with Cap Mgt.
      I’m not too concerned.

      Baalke finds good fits for us.

      • Spitblood says:

        Gotta play hardball with Kaep. Only way to do that is to get someone behind him. Rogers, Brees, Peyton, Flacco, Brady…… ain’t gonna cut it anymore. The new age in the NFL will be winning without a high priced qb.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:


        Are you for real. How many years did you rail on Alex Smith because you equated his reasonable contract to mediocre QB play?
        Are you that out of touch with what’s going on? Flacco will only be the highest paid for a short while. Poised to make more and eclipse Flacco’s contract are Ryan, Stafford and Rogers when they receive their new deals..
        The NFL has become a passing league and only the king of fools would believe that QBs aren’t going to be paid top dollar.
        Sorry to disappoint you but Kaepernick, Luck, Griffin and Wilson will all get huge pay bumps on their second contracts.

  28. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Seahawks just acquired Percy Harvin in a trade from the Vikings.

    Shit. We’re not even going to win the division next year let alone the Super Bowl.

    • snarkk says:

      Assuming he plays in between migraines, I wouldn’t give the division to Seattle just because of Percy. They gave up some serious pickage to get him…

  29. Irish Kevin says:

    I see all the usual suspects are here…Spitt still writing novels when a few short sentences would be just fine. Dennis is still Dennis, not sure if he will ever be able to embrace the Niners till they win a SB. Just thought I would stop by and give some grief. All this crap about and the wringing of hands over what/won’t/can’t do. Interesting reading but nothing to worry about. Baseball is a few short weeks away! Let the defending SF Giants start their quest for a Repeat!!

  30. 12th man says:

    Niners signed NT Ian Williams to a 2 year 3.5 mil in expectation of losing RJF and maybe Soap. The team obviously thinks he can play. I expect some of the other existing depth players to move up to starter/significant playing time level too.
    Niners are favs to land FA CB Sean Smith from Miami too according to Barrows: http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/
    I don’t think more than 4 drafted guys will make the 45 this year and I doubt they end up drafting more than 8/9 guys in total.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Williams has played a total of 39 defensive snaps in his entire career. How the hell do they know if he can play? Williams has been more invisible than Claude Rains.

      • 12th man says:

        True Del, but that is true of any practice squad player or non starter on the 53. Practice is where teams decide which players have starting/contributing skill set’s, it’s how they knew Kap could play and once given the opportunity he never looked back. The only other way to put players in is as know commodities, FA’s and even then there is no sure thing.
        Elevating from the 53/practice squad is how it is done for a significant portion of any team.

        Love the Anquan Boldin trade, he still has some left in the tank and is the big bodied guy the team needed. Hate to say it but Manningham or Williams or both ain’t coming back. Team still needs a slot guy.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        He could be on a path to becoming an Aubrayo type guy for us – a good NT though not a three down guy. No one thought Aubrayo was much either – remember the Ravens let him go. I think he’ll be as good as RJF at the nose, but without the flexibility to move outside or play much in the nickel. We need a guy like that in our rotation, preferably without overspending in the draft. This lets us concentrate more on DE-DT guys and OLBs, as well as DBs.

  31. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “Dennis is still Dennis.”

    Even after all these years of therapy, nothing has changed. Maybe Spit is right.
    I want my money back!

  32. Alleykat says:

    Niners interested in CB Sean Smith who is FA come tomorrow. Bring it on.He’s 6’3 215 lbs.He can easily cover these taller WR in our Conference.

  33. Chico says:

    Niners get Anquan Boldin for a 6th round pick..

  34. Irish Kevin says:

    Well let’s hope they use Mr. bold in more than they did Moss!!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Anquan is not likely to take plays off and be a distraction like Randy. It’s a net plus for that reason, even if he only puts up modest numbers this season.

  35. Grumpy Guy says:

    Anquan for one year, most likely, for a sixth? I’m okay with it only because it gives us a year to develop some middle round talent at WR. Now we can concentrate on defense with our first three picks. Draft a burner WR to develop in rounds 3 or 4, and see if Kyle makes it back healthy. Six million this year ain’t cheap but he’ll be off the books by the time the cap becomes an issue in 2014.

    Boldin is not a long term solution but he is a guy who can move the chains and get open in the red zone, Even against big predatory corners like the Seattle CBs.

  36. NoFear49er says:

    So this is John’s “don’t be mad bro” peace offering?

    Adding Kruger should just about do it.

  37. snarkk says:

    Boldin solves the need for a big, tough dude WR temporarily. Good move. They are out cap space and just a 6th rounder for a rental to fill a hole. Now, just draft a big, burner WR type who can play and develop at the same time, and they are good to go. With Kap at QB, they know they need to get a big time WR corps going because he can sling it, and looks like they’re acting on that…

  38. Grumpy Guy says:

    Boldin had 65 catches for 931 yards last year. Both numbers would be a respectable close second to Crabs on our team. VD was way off with 41-548. Moss? Don’t make me laugh. Just 28 for 434.

    Boldin may not be a number one WR anymore, but he’s the best #2, even at this age, we’ve had since Owens was paired with Rice.

    Now he just needs a good young understudy.

    As for A.J. Jenkins… this is your wake up call. Start working or start packing.

  39. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Why get just one Raven when you can get two?

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ed Reed next change brothers for his head coach.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Add fuel to the fire… Reed’s new agent, David Dunn, reps Harbaugh, Baalke and Roman.

      Buh-bye, Goldson.

  40. Grumpy Guy says:

    We still need two more WRs. I expect Moss, MM and Ginn to all be elsewhere this season. And KW may take some time to be back to 100%.

  41. Spitblood says:

    Do the math – 6th round for a 7 million cap hit. I’m pretty sure it means the 49ers are going to try to convince Boldin to restructure, and if not you lose a 6th. That’s price and chance you’re willing to take for a 6th. Boldin’s old. You don’t pay him 7 million. There’s no doubt the Ravens couldn’t afford him with the new Flacco deal. If he was a 3 million hit, which is about his current value, the Ravens would want more – but they probably couldn’t afford 3 million for Boldin. I don’t see the 49ers paying Boldin 7 million in 2013. According to ESPN, Boldin is in Africa. I could see him either retiring when he returns or sitting down with Harbaalke and negotiating.

    Either way, interesting that both Seattle and SF both got receivers today. Advantage Seattle…. big time.



      Because you say so Boldin is going to retire? You don’t seem to get embarrassed when you are wrong on a daily basis.
      Boldin is old?? In the playoffs and the just completed Super Bowl he caught 22 balls for 380 yards and 4 touchdowns. Boldin is 32 years old. Why would he retire when he’s going strong?
      When Jerry Rice was 33 years young he caught 122 passes for 1848 yards and 15 touchdowns.

      • Spitblood says:

        Unca – why post with several different user names? It old…. ancient. You don’t appear to be getting more blog hits because everyone knows it’s you.

  42. Alleykat says:

    Spit….Boldin is 4 years younger then Moss.He still has something left in the tank.Randy is the one with nothing left in the tank as last year proved.

    • Spitblood says:

      4 years younger making 4 times as much as Moss? Numbers don’t make sense. We need Boldin. No doubt. I’ve been advocating a big, physical Boldin type receiver in the draft. But that doesn’t mean we’ll pay him 7 million. I think we try to restructure him. Boldin did say he’d retire if the Ravens asked him to restructure. I think there’s a chance Boldin retires. I think the 49ers said, “Heck, for a 6th, we’ll try to get him to restructure.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        C’mon, Spit. Even I like this deal. Maybe you should take my next session.

        Speaking of therapy, it’s that time again. I’m off to go feed my ducks…

      • Spitblood says:

        I love the deal if it weren’t for his salary. That’s a little pricey. Think there’s a chance he retires.

  43. NoFear49er says:

    Except for the lingering psychological effects from a hit to Boldin’s face so brutal it caused Kurt Warner to leave the game, Boldin should be a great third down option if nothing else. If Manningham returns to 100% it gives a pretty strong bunch of weapons at receiver plus AJ developing and possibly doing some field stretching.

    Makes me wonder (again) if this signals more passing for the offense or just another under-used weapon.

    • 12th man says:

      6 mil is an expensive decoy.

      • NoFear49er says:

        It’s about what Manningham got to play last year, no? Considerably less this year I think if he stays and plays and no Moss, no mas.

      • Spitblood says:

        NoFear – Mario Manningham signed a 7 million dollar deal, but that’s for two years. So Manningham was making roughly 3.5 per year. All the guaranteed money on the deal is gone. In addition, Harbaugh confirmed at the combine that Manningham won’t be ready for training camp. To me that means Manningham is either gone, he needs to show significant improvement during camp, or if he sticks the 49ers are really desperate and hope to have him back during the second half of the season. I hope Manningham doesn’t make the team because that means the 49ers have found other offensive weapons. If he doesn’t make the team, there could be some kind of injury settlement, but I don’t pretend to have a clue how that stuff works.

        Either way, Manningham was making half of what Boldin is currently making. Don’t kid yourself, Boldin is damn expensive right now. It just shows how desperate the 49ers are for receiver help – still.

        I’ve been reading Boldin won’t restructure with the 49ers either…. which means he’ll have to make the team with a heavy price tag. I think he does and the 49ers swallow it. But I also think there’s an even greater need for the 49ers to go WR in the first round. But now the Vikings have two late first rounders, both picks ahead of the 49ers, and I’m certain they’ll go receiver with one of them. Do we work a deal with the Bengals to jump ahead of the Vikings to grab a receiver?

        Boldin, Jenkins, Vernon and who? Kyle, Manningham and Ginn are all huge question marks. I don’t think the 49ers can afford to bring in Josh Cribbs with Boldins’ contract. Looks like the 49ers are showing their hand that they are drafting a wide receiver or two in the draft. They need help there, quick.

      • 12th man says:

        Mario got a 2 mil signing bonus and 1.2 mil salary, doesn’t look like anything more from what I can see at rotoworld. Still a bit pricey considering he didn’t get through the season but his guaranteed cash is paid, he has a major knee injury, not likely to make it back to camp and they signed Boldin. Looks a bit bleak for Mario. Moss was cheap even for a decoy.

      • 12th man says:

        Spit you forgot Jenkins

      • 12th man says:

        Oops my bad, never mind.

  44. Spitblood says:


    I hated Cofer ’bout as much as I hated Dexter Carter.
    My Niner hate list.

    1.) Alex Smith
    2.) Dexter Carter
    3.) Mike Cofer.

  45. 12th man says:

    Goldson has traction this year and that’s fair I think. He is top 5 at the position, outplayed his contract and was FT’d, 2 time pro bowler, he deserves some moola. Not sure about taking Reed though, a bit long in the tooth really despite his attributes.

  46. 12th man says:

    Squawks reportedly paying Harvin 12 mil a year. He is an amazing talent when healthy and not being a pain but that’s a big ole cap number.

  47. unca_chuck says:

    Poor spitty doesn’t remember the man who shall not be named.

    Dennis knows . . .

    The Niners have a lot of money coming off the books. They can afford a guy like Bouldin. He’s a guy that goes and gets the ball. Unlike VD and unlike stonehands Walker. With Ginn gone and Manningham likey on the shelf for at least part of the year, and AJ being the unknown that he is, they need a vet. Not much wrong with getting Bouldin.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      “Poor spitty doesn’t remember the man who shall not be named. ”

      Enough time has gone by. I actually feel sorry for that poor SOB. Word is he never got over that. Funny to think he is a senior citizen today. I hope he has found some peace.

      Younger fans who did not live through ’72 just cannot understand. Five Lombardis make a world of difference in your worldview. Back then, there was no such consolation. Just a decade of regrets and misery. A world of difference from the last Super Bowl, because this team should have time to get back there. In ’72, Brodie’s time was up, and so was the team’s.

      Of course, the even older Old Farts probably still have nightmares about 1957.

      All three debacles had one thing in common: the defense could not get stops when they needed them.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, if it’s down to Goldson, Revis, or Reid, I’d just as soon keep Goldson and draft his replacement. Revis will cost a lot more, and Reed would be a wash.

    • 12th man says:

      Me too but I doubt they keep him.

    • NJ49er says:

      Goldson is looking for the cashola.
      We obviously made him an offer that wasn’t to his liking.

      Thanks for the memories Dashon, good luck wherever the money takes you.

  49. Spitblood says:

    Baalke might not be able to draft wide receivers. Baalke was apart of the McCloughan regime….’nough said there.

    I look back on last year’s draft and I have to be critical of Baalke to a certain degree and the AJ Jenkins pick. I’m not being critical because of the same reasons the rest of this blog is – I don’t think Jenkins will be a bust. But I have to be critical because I saw the 49ers’ need for a big, physical receiver last year and I don’t think Baalke did. The 49ers could have drafted Ruben Randle (who went to the Giants and had a decent rookie campaign), or Alshon Jeffery who went to the Bears and also was decent despite slow combine numbers (and getting hurt), or he could have drafted the boy named Sanu in the later rounds. Those were the three receivers I liked last year. All three were slow, big and exactly what the 49ers needed. Now, a year later, the teams sees we need big and physical and we overpay for Boldin.

    The 49ers (and this blog) got hung up on speed and combine numbers, and look what the result was – Jenkins. Fuck the combine. It’s a joke. Look at whether or not the guy can play, can catch in traffic, and if he has body control. Look at his route running in games, and how he sets up DBs. Crabtree sets guys up with his route running, and it makes guys like Patrick Peterson say, “Crabtree is the WR who gives me the most difficulty.” Good routes and fakes make players faster. Teach that. Draft that. Fuck the combine…… especially when looking at wide receivers.

    Despite bringing in Boldin, and us all hoping we get something out of Jenkins, the 49ers need to draft two more wide receivers. Boldin’s just another one year quick fix.

    I’d rather see the 49ers go DT and Safety with their first two picks, but we also have a huge, huge need a WR, and if there isn’t a DT or S at picks 31 and 34 who we really like, and there’s a good receiver there at 31 and 24, grab that receiver and don’t look back.

  50. NoFear49er says:

    As always, a bunch of contradicting reports on Mario’s contract. I read we paid $5+M last year to him and somewhere else that he’s guaranteed a $3.6M salary this year. I don’t know what’s true. Here’s what Maiocco reported last year:


    As with any contract though, it makes no difference when the money gets paid to the player. For purposes of the cap it only matters when the money hits the books. For example, his signing bonus of $2M paid up front hits the books at $1M each year of the contract. If nothing else that $1M for 2013 goes against the cap as dead money if we release him.

    • NJ49er says:

      Cap Mgt, and lack thereof, is why deals are made for players like Revis and Boldin certainly.
      We’ve done a very solid job with Contracts since getting ourselves out of Cap H3LL several years back.

  51. NJ49er says:

    I see DE/DT/S/CB in no particular order with the 1st 4 Picks Spit.
    Boldin helps cover the loss of Manningham and Moss.

    We’ll grab a Slot WR in Rd 3 or 4 and a tall deep threat later IMO.
    I want OLB Jamie Collins too.
    Might have to grab him with one of those 1st 4 Picks, who knows?
    If we were to get a guy like Glenn Dorsey or a CB in FA, my Picks would then get reshuffled.
    There’s enough depth in the DB Group to possibly wait for the Mid Rds .

    Going to be fun watching the moves over the next 6-8 weeks.

    • NJ49er says:

      In essence, we may have flipped Golsons’ Contract for Boldin.
      I’ve got no problem at all with that move.

      Boldin comes back the NFC West with gas left in the tank and perhaps another Contract with us until he’s done.

      Maybe he’ll help Culliver some too?

  52. Nipper says:

    I concur. Boldin is a nice addition.

  53. Spitblood says:

    Ideally, DT @ 31, Safety @ 34, CB @ 62, Wr @ 93. ….. 1st tier. All must have immediate impacts, especially safety. And the safety must be a gamer. Phillip Thomas at 34!

    I found Matt Scott. Last year I liked Ruben Randle, Sanu and Alshon. I’ll find us another wide receiver stud in the later rounds.

  54. Spitblood says:

    BOMB…… Here he is….. WR – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF3BUyakyag

    Problem child. Coming out a junior. CBS has him slotted to be a 3rd or 4th rounder. He’s the real deal, if Harbaugh can get his head straight.

    • NJ49er says:

      Da’Rick is a head case Spit.
      I’d prefer De’Andre Hopkins from Clemson over him actually.
      Justin Hunter wouldn’t be a bad option either.

      Check the 2011 youtube highlights of Marquess Wilson.
      He’s a ‘hands’ catcher, tall and runs after the catch.

      Probably find him late. He played for Crabtrees’ old Coach Mike Leach too.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’ll tell you who stacks up pretty favorably with Anquan Boldin is WR Josh Boyce from TCU.
      That would be a nice Vet/Rookie pairing for a little mentorship for us.

      • Spitblood says:

        When you think Da’rick, think Alex Boone and RJF. I know he’s a head case. So? Look at Dennis…. great blogger. Lots of entertainment. Lol. Da’Rick’s worth a third. He can turn it around.

        Wheaton and Patton are also both good second round draft picks. I like Wheaton better, but Patton wouldn’t be a bad second with our 62. I still like Da’Rick better than both Wheaton and Patton. And because Da’Rick’s a head case, we could probably get him in the third round.

  55. Spitblood says:

    I think the 49ers went after Boldin because of the Seattle secondary. The more I think about Seattle’s secondary, the more I think we should pay Bouldin 6-7 next year.

    • NJ49er says:

      Boldin is aggressive.
      We need that against Seattle.
      Attitude wins in this matchup.

      I like Patton and Wheaton also.

      Have to add a good shifty Slot WR.

      Be nice to get a couple of good productive years from Anquan.
      Maybe ‘Bonus’ him up now and extend?

  56. Spitblood says:

    This guy is a first round talent. He’ll slip to the 3rd or 4th round because he’s a head case. He’s worth the risk. Put him therapy and counsel him…. and pay him peanuts to help Boldin compete with the Seattle corners. ‘Cause I’ll tell you one thing – Kyle, AJ and Mario aren’t competing with Seattle’s corners. Take a chance on Da’Rick Rogers!

    • NJ49er says:

      No doubt he’s got some talent.
      It’s the ‘coachability’ qualities you worry about when guys are combative.

      Hey, we only know what the web provides right?
      If he’s got NFL caliber talent, the Scouts and GM should know what to do with it.

      See what Baalke comes up with.
      I take him as a ‘Value’ Hunter.

      I always believe in the ‘Try Hard’ guys.
      Boldin is exactly that type of player.

      Like those old Avis Rental commercials.
      “We’re #2, we try Harder”.
      Spare me all the ‘Me’ guys, give me ‘Team’ guys.

    • NJ49er says:

      WR Aaron Dobson from Marshall is an interesting kid also.
      Check him out.

      • Spitblood says:

        I saw him workout at the Senior Bowl. Interesting, but not tough enough. I want physical receivers. Roger is a physical receiver because the storm within is a quakin’.

    • NJ49er says:

      Tell you one thing about Boldin, Sherman won’t intimidate him.
      I’m on the fence about what to expect from Baalke in FA.

      Hoping he grabs another key FA and relies on the Draft for the future needs.
      Have to assume the DLine and Secondary will get proper attention.

      Still have to fit a TE into the plans too.
      If we pass, or miss, on Ertz, I’d consider McDonald, Escobar or Toilolo.

  57. NJ49er says:

    What a day we have ahead huh?

    Watching for Pope Smoke and Free Agent signings.

    Get a cold one and enjoy the festivities.

    • NoFear49er says:

      And the first team into Nome. Looks like the old man from N.Cal is in a good spot for another win.

      All will be a surprise, except the cold one.


    Do not underestimate character in players.
    Not every thug can be reformed and turned around.
    There are reasons why you just don’t deal with certain players regardless of talent.
    Forty Niners once thought they could rehab Lawrence Phillips.
    They were so wrong. Phillips has assaulted multiple people on different occasions and is serving 30 years in state prison. He is not eligible for parole for another 26 years.

    • Spitblood says:

      So touchdown….. How can you tell the difference between Lawrence Phillips and Alex Boone or RJF coming out of college? Please explain.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Ricky Jean Francois was suspended for one year from playing football because he cheated
        in classwork and tests at LSU.
        Alex Boone had a drinking problem and was a borderline alcoholic in college.
        Both of these guys did not hurt anyone physically.
        Lawrence Phillips assaulted his girlfriend dragging her down the stairs after beating her.
        Lawrence Phillips continued this pattern of violence until they locked him up.
        If you can’t figure this out then you yourself are a sociopath and a moron and you are a fan of Rae Carruth and OJ Simpson.

      • Spitblood says:

        So you’re saying you know which guys to take a chance on and which guys to leave be? What category to you put Rogers in? From what I’ve researched, Rogers is a party guy, like Boone.

      • Spitblood says:

        You’re also implying an alcoholic is an easy fix.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Your research is lacking. Boone was All Big Ten and was never kicked off the team.
        Rogers was not only tossed for drug violations but also for disobeying his coaches.
        He also gave his coaches at his new school grief.
        You want to waste a draft pick on a thug like Roger?.
        Boone was an undrafted free agent which didn’t risk a draft pick.
        You would’ve traded for Titus Young because he’s your kind of player.

      • Spitblood says:

        Doesn’t matter. He was a head case, jumping on cars. He went undrafted. 32 teams passed on him 7 times. The 49ers picked him up because the risk / reward was there. That’s it. If the risk / reward is there, do it. My estimation has Rogers a first round pick if he had stayed with Tennessee and completed his junior year there. If you can get him with a 3rd or especially a 4th, the risk/ reward is there.

  59. Irish Kevin says:

    Yes no thugs on the Niners!! now back to what really matters. You have Boldin on one side, Crabs on the other and V Davis on the inside. who are they going to cover. plus you have Kap running or handing off to Gore. Looks like money to me!!

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Those three can still be covered. I’m throwing it to A.J. Jenkins. He’ll be wide open — on the sideline. In street clothes. Inactive once again. But A.J. will be open.

  60. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Alex Smith has approx. 10 mins left as a 49er. Any parting words? Are we throwing a going away party? Maybe we’ll have some cake. Doubt it. I’m sure it, too, was fumbled away on its way from the bakery.

    • Alleykat says:

      Come on Dennis,You know you want to Stuff Alex’s head on the wall at Antlers to view forever.

  61. 12th man says:

    Looks like Delanie to the Titans, that’s a bigger loss than some think.

  62. Alleykat says:

    Lots of guys changing teams.Delanie Walker now a Titan.Mike Wallace signs with Miami.Goldson talking with Tampa.
    Teams are dumping some nice players right now for cap purposes.
    Nadi released from Philadelphia. Wonder if the 49ers could restructure a contract.Cheaper then the Revis Island.
    Kruger gone as well from Ravens.

  63. Spitblood says:

    Canty now to the Ravens. Our D line needs help!!!!!!!

  64. Spitblood says:

    So far the 49ers have lost Isaac Soap, Delanie Walker, Randy Moss and Alex Smith – with Goldson, RJF and others looking to leave as well. We’ve picked up an expensive Boldin for one year, and gained two draft choices while losing a 6th. It’s looking more and more like the front office will be asking the position coaches to coach up and get their draft choices ready. And Baalke is once again looking to second tier free agents. Jim Tomsula will need to coach up at least two new D linemen, whether it be in free agency or the draft. I’m not worried that both Ice and RJF are leaving. Both were average players in my opinion. It’ll be nice to get some new blood along the D line.

  65. unca_chuck says:

    Walker? I just don’t get it. The guy is a great blocker and route runner,but he sucks at catching passes. He was the worst by far at dropping passes. Something like 30% of the shit thrown to him he botched. In the end, if he can’t catch shit, adios, muchacho. Plenty of TEs can block. And run routes. They can also catch at better than a 70% clip. Fucking Reuland was decent. Maybe not as dynamic, but, shit. Walker dropped 6 in the playoffs alone.

    • Spitblood says:

      Fred Davis would be awesome, but I’d also love to see the Niners find another pass catching TE, or develop Tom Celek and his dolphin shorts.

  66. unca_chuck says:

    I think the Niners just may go ahead and ditch the 3-4 since they barely use it anyway.

    Get 2 inside guys like back in the Holt/Fagan days.

    • Spitblood says:

      FA Glenn Dorsey might make a nice addition to our team. 300 pound DE. He didn’t do much in Kansas City, and he was hurt most of last year so there isn’t much buzz around him. He’s only played for 3 years in the league. Tomsula could turn him into something – kinda have a resurgence to his career in SF. He’s the kind of guy Baalke could target and sign because of the situation surrounding him. MIght be cheap with upside.

  67. unca_chuck says:

    Grump, just saw your 10:02 post from yesterday. Very nice. Yeah, that game goes down as the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Want to know the killer about 1972? After Dallas scored the go-ahead TD, the Niners got the ball, and Brodie hit P-p-p-p-p-p-p-r-r-r, uh, that guy, down the sidelines to get the Niners into FG range, but the play was called back for holding. Redemption lost, Brodie got picked the next play (and fucking Gossett missed a couple FGs that day so he mighta missed the game winner anyway, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, that hurt).

  68. Spitblood says:

    Woodson in for a visit. Please, no thank you,. No more old guys. The Moss/Boldin thing is enough.

    • NJ49er says:

      Woodson as a FS would work just fine Spit.
      He or Ed Reed, mentor/player coach-types, great to have while you develop behind them.

      As it looks right now, we’re apparently willing to watch all of ourFAs depart.

      Baalke seems to have his ducks in a row, waiting for the proper pieces to become available.

      I’d consider doing a decent deal for Dorsey, and perhaps a Cap friendly offer to Seymour as well.

      Sean Smith is a head scratcher, if you believe the media types who put us in the mix for his services.
      Seems to me he’s looking for a big pay day ala Goldson.

      As we’ve discussed, guys will come to SF for the shot at the ring, not to get rich.

      • Spitblood says:

        I wouldn’t sign Woodson. Mentor is one thing. Legs are another.

      • NJ49er says:

        Ed Reed isn’t one for the legs conversation any longer either.
        What they lack in speed they typically make up for in smarts.
        Not getting caught out of position often.

        I think Baalke sees either guy as a rental while talent is developed anyway.

        Saw an opinion somewhere that DeAngelo Hall could be a candidate to make that move to FS too.
        Where older CBs typically end up, when the wheels don’t turn as well as they used to.

      • Spitblood says:

        That’s the Alex Smith problem I hated so much. You don’t bring in mediocre to develop talent behind if starter is average. Develop the talent on the field. It’s not like the 49ers can’t win 10 games with a rookie starting safety. Now you can’t lean on rookies too much, but right now we’re only in jeopardy of losing two starters – Goldson and Soap. I think the 49ers can and should start rookies at both positions. However, you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable to just relying on the draft. If Goldson goes, the 49ers have the draft and Trenton Robinson – YIKES! I’d still prefer that over signing Woodson.

      • NJ49er says:

        We basically married Alex when he was Drafted #1 overall.
        To your point, expectations were high obviously.
        Once you realize you didn’t get what you paid for, you’re stuck.
        Married to the Cap number and the Contract.

        With a Vet, you have a body of work to base your price tag on.
        Now you have the luxury of a cheaper starter and time to improve other deficiencies on roster.
        Look at it as experienced talent helping you through the uncertainties of Rookie development.

        At the right price you can afford the Vet leadership.
        Doesn’t mean the Rookies don’t benefit or lose out necessarily.
        It’s a gradual learning curve, situational opportunities are always part of the game, player packages.

        The Vet at any position is a stop gap.
        It’s that ‘window’ conversation we had the other night.
        Pay for production. We paid Alex, didn’t get much production for a whole host of reasons.

        Woodson is a savvy guy, good leader.
        Will he fit the Baalke budget? See what shakes out.

        He’s not what he used to be, that’s why you get the discount or, you just say no thanks.
        Any guy in his shoes is seeking the Ring and knows it’s a temporary gig going in.
        I wouldn’t rely on him for 16 games and beyond but, he’s just a placeholder IMO.

  69. NJ49er says:

    Another guy worth checking on for the DLine is Michael Bennett from TB.
    He gets after the QB and does a good job in Run Support.

  70. NJ49er says:

    To your point about risky personalities Spit, how do you play Aqib Talib?

    He’s another of those high talent, low morals guys.
    Belichick took him on and, he gave up a Draft choice to get him.

    I don’t think anyone wants to make a huge investment in him due to his checkered past.
    Would you risk making him a below market offer to have him on the Roster?
    If you do, you run the risk of bringing a cancer into the clubhouse.

    • Spitblood says:

      It’s one thing to have a troubled player in college. It’s quite another thing to have a troubled player in the pros. If he’s in the pros and bouncing around alla Braylon Edwards, a change of scenery won’t be nearly as effective as saying, “You’re a pro now. You can make a boat load of money if you get your head straight…. and we’ll help you.” I’d take a chance on Rogers long before I took a chance on Talib.

      • NJ49er says:

        Could happen.
        I like the numbers and the size of Da’Rick too.

        As for Talib?
        He’d bring that swagger we’d like to have in the Division.
        Just can’t convince myself that he’s worth the risk.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Titus Young and Albert Haynesworth are shining examples.
        Haynesworth was the highest paid player in football and pissed it away.
        Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf and Rolando McClain all engaged in criminal behavior and given a second chance. Pros or not they enjoyed being criminals.

  71. NJ49er says:

    As for an answer to the loss of Delanie.
    I’d put out a call to Raiders TE Brandon Myers.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t even know who Meyers is. Fred Davis is a stud, and he can block. Not as fast as Delanie, but he has hands and he knows how to move the chains. I hope he sits on the market for a while.

      • NJ49er says:

        Saw him on NFLN last week.

        He isn’t a big guy, 6’4″ 250 but, he makes plays in the Red Zone.
        79/806 4TDs.
        Until last year he wasn’t utilized much.
        It is the Raiders after all.

        Worth a look I guess?

        Not sure what to expect from Garrett Celek at this point either.
        He got some game action last year of course, so that puts him ahead of the curve in comparison to AJ.

        Recall reading that he wasn’t asked to catch much in College and he’s been working hard to improve that piece of his game.

      • Spitblood says:

        That’s the thing…. I think if you have a good team, and the coaches are good coaches, guys like Celek can reach their full potential that’s never evaluated at the combine. It’s all about the team’s culture, and this culture is solid. Guys are convinced they have all the tools – coaches, preparation, great players around them – to excel. Celek could easily replace Walker and be great. But politics get involved. Fans wouldn’t be thrilled with Celek when really, Celek could be the best overall options (money and team chemistry considered) out there.

        Celek’s game would have to be different than Delanie’s, though. He’d have to be more like his brother – move the sticks, identify and swat in zones, good hands… That wasn’t Delanie. Delanie blocked and stretched the field…. and dropped passes.

      • NJ49er says:

        That experience comes with reps.
        He got into game action, he’ll continue to put in the work and try to increase his opportunities.
        We have a good chemistry for sure.
        It’s a constantly evolving process. Depth is needed to cover injuries also.
        Who was prepared to lose Kyle and Kendall and Mario in the same Season?

        Baalke appears ready to let guys walk on his terms. He’s shown a good deal of foresight preparing the Roster for the future.
        Goldson goes, someone else should be ready to go.
        If not, he goes to the FA market for a stop gap option.

  72. Spitblood says:

    This is really a great year for Spitblood. Alex Smith AND Delanie Walker gone in the same year, technically on the same day? It’s too good too be true. I should mark this day on my calendar.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s Football. Comes in cycles.
      Delanie appears to have been replaced by Boldin in the short term.
      Baalke will find a long term solution I’m sure.

      Look at Chicago with Urlacher. He was done 3 years ago.
      Team kept appeasing the the Fan base and didn’t bother to be objective about life beyond what he was.
      Kept paying for the past Urlacher.
      Did they develop anyone behind him?
      Apparently not.
      Kept throwing money his way based on what he did in the past.

      Baalke has shown that he slides the wage scale proportionate to results.
      Celek doesn’t cost squat right now.
      If he flops, no harm no foul. He’s gone, the Cap is fine.

      I like the way he does business.


      You can call it Spitblood’s A Fool Day

  73. Spitblood says:

    I have to laugh at the Ravens. All this for Joe Flacco’s contract? The lose Boldin. Lewis retires. Ed Reed is shopping. They just lost Ellerbe, their promising young linebacker who could replace Lewis? For what? Flacco didn’t beat the 49ers. The 49ers beat the 49ers. I love John Harbaugh, but the owner’s decision to make Joe Flacco the highest paid in NFL history will handcuff John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome for a long, long time. And if there’s one person out there who loves the Flacco deal, it’s Tom Brady. Not for the money, but because it basically weakens the Ravens so much that a major hurdle to the Super Bowl for Brady and his Patriots has now been eliminated. I have to laugh… stupid. Flacco’s not top ten.

    • NJ49er says:

      We’ll have a similar issue with Kaep soon.
      The Roster has to be managed to align with the Cap needs.
      We’re purging at S and DLine right now.

      Baalke will attempt to avoid what Newsome just got slammed with.
      Older players move on, that’s the name of the game.
      You can’t pay everyone certainly.
      But, when you get your Franchise QB, he’s the guy that get’s paid above all.

      Baalke will make an offer to Kaep before he gets bent over the negotiating table like Newsome did.
      Extend him early.
      Don’t wait for him to hit the end of the Rookie Contract.

      We know Kaep is capable.
      Baltimore waited for Flacco to prove it and they got screwed for playing hardball with him.

    • NJ49er says:

      You also have to look at teams like Miami that had the Cap money to spend.
      They snagged Ellerbe with an overpriced Contract offer. Hard to combat that.
      We benefited as well, by taking Boldins’ Contract while their hands were tied.

      The game is won or lost in the front offices in many ways.
      If you Draft poorly and overspend on dead talent, (NYJ) you get bent over when it comes to negotiating with leverage.
      Flacco deserved his Contract, he won a SB.
      The problem was the timing of getting all those deals done under Cap pressure.

    • NJ49er says:

      Do you think Peyton Manning is worth the $40M Denver guaranteed him?
      Peyton hasn’t done squat in terms of SB wins to warrant that sort of dough IMO.

      But, since it ain’t my money, Denver feels it was worth it.
      All about what the Market will bear.

      I’m just glad we didn’t get sucked into that situation as Denver did.
      That was a desperation move that cost them a boatload of money, especially for a guy that didn’t play the year before.

    • JDR says:

      Flacco got a huge deal, but just as damaging is the boatload of money they committed to Halloti Ngata. In the 3-4 your linemen are more or less there to occupy blockers. Not every lineman in the league can do it well, but there’s no way your nose tackle should be the highest paid guy on the defense.

  74. NJ49er says:

    It’s also a good sign of sorts that the CB market isn’t running wild with signings too.

    Teams appear to be nervous about setting the figure for the Market right now.
    Good strategy by Baalke to seek the value guys that aren’t being chased around by the media spotlight.
    The longer a high flying CB waits the better the leverage for the GMs trying to sign them.



    You are dumb enough and shortsighted enough that you would hire a child molestor to teach kindergarten.

  76. Irish Kevin says:

    Oh please tell me that Charles Woodson is just visiting the 49ers and that management is not considering signing this washed up fool. 36 years old!! that is ancient! Please, Please tell me this is not going to happen!!


      The Packer Defense improves when Woodson is in the lineup. He remains productive.
      Do not hold his age against him if he can still play the position better than anyone on your team.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        36 years old in the NFL is a day to day player, at age 36 he gets hurt and he will more than likely be gone for the season. Age is everything in sports!! I have watched the SF Giants have to learn hard lessons by continually picking up vet players instead of developing young players!! I would consider this an extremely foolish pickup!

      • Spitblood says:

        Don’t hold his age against him? Are you nuckin’ futs?

      • JDR says:

        Ryan Vogelsong, Edgar Renteria, Marco Scutaro. Yeah, those veteran pickups have really screwed the Giants these last few years.

        If Woodson still has the legs to play coverage at FS then he’s likely the best option they have given what they want to commit in a contract. I don’t know what their plan is for Trenton Robinson, but he was seen as a potential round 2-3 pick prior to the 2012 draft. He may well still be seen as their FS of the future.

  77. Alleykat says:

    Reggie Bush agrees on a 4yr deal with the Lions.
    The deals just keep on coming.
    Boldin is a steal to me.Dude is fearless. Breaks a jaw one year and wants to still finish the year.
    He will also be a huge influence on whoever else the get at WR.Be good for Crabs as well.

  78. Grumpy Guy says:

    I think we have to get two young safeties this year, preferably through the draft – but I would not want to start both in 2013. Someone back there needs to know what the fuck is going on and make the defensive calls. So I’d acquiesce to having either Woodson or Reed for one year, to play FS, make those calls, and be a coach on the field. The alternative is keeping Whitner. Reed and Woodson are old but still playing fairly well. Whitner was awful last year. By 2014, though, I expect both kids to be playing.

    • Alleykat says:

      I’m all over that thought Grumpy.Been feeling the same thing.I’ll take Ed Reed over Woodson anyway of the week+Sunday.Then you grab Jonathan Cyprien S ,a guy like Philip Thomas,Matt Elam or any other big hitters with size and Reed will help mentor these guys.
      Might even now take a flyer on Nadi at CB.Work out a 1-2yr at most deal and under our coaching he could possibly bounce back as a shutdown corner again and really help out Tarrell Brown as well.Who I think played as good if not better then anyone else in the secondary last year.

  79. Alleykat says:

    Well we difinetly need to get some SS CB added.
    Godson just divined for 5yrs with Tampa.
    Damm Between Goldson and Mark Barron,that’s the some heavy wood.Some Poor Reciever may get killed next year.

  80. 12th man says:

    Niners signed Chiefs DT Dorsey

  81. Alleykat says:

    Man the feeding frenzy continues!!
    Adding a Stud on the DL in Dorsey,real great addition. Can play right side and NT.Former 1st rd pick,#5 I believe.

  82. Spitblood says:

    Dorsey is exactly the kind of guy the 49ers need. Can play right now, has experience, and is motivated to play well because he basically washed out in KC. In addition, despite one year of health concerns, Dorsey has been relatively healthy in the NFL. This is a good move. Get him into the rotation, have Tomsula coach him up, and he’ll start making plays. Probably more than Soap. He’s only 300 pounds, so I see him being more apart of the DE rotation than the NT in a 3/4, but like Grump and others have talked about, we don’t use a straight 3/4 often. Dorsey’s a nice addition. Don’t know the terms of the deal, but can’t imagine we overpaid for him.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I’m not going to get too giddy about Dorsey. He is a guy who basically underachieved and flopped in KC. He gives us a body for the rotation, particularly if the draft board does not yield us enough DL help this year. He is insurance against having to reach for a DE, in other words. Now maybe Tomsula can spin straw into gold and jump start his career, and maybe he can’t. But not having to reach to fill immediate holes lets us take, if not the overall BPA, then at least the BPA in an area where we have clear need.

      • Spitblood says:

        Would I rather have Jenkins or Canty? Sure. But Dorsey is exactly the kind of guy the 49ers can get more out of. Carlos Rogers, Brooks and Whitner were all cast offs. I betcha Dorsey has found a home. I’m not giddy or overly thrilled, but the move makes sense.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Yeah it does makes sense. It’s low risk, low probability of hitting the jackpot, but there’s always the chance. If he is not helping, you cut him and you’re only out a presumably modest signing bonus. If it works out, you at least replace RJF as a reliever on the line, with the small chance he finally plays like the Fifth Overall pick he once was. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

      • Spitblood says:

        I’d still like to see the 49ers use a high pick on DT…. and then a later round DT as a project. I’m not thrilled about Ian Williams….

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        The defense still needs two DLs, one OLB, one ILB, one CB and two safeties. Offense a WR, a TE, a T, a QB, and throw in a K.

        That’s 12 guys, that you want to keep. A FA safety makes no difference because he would be replacing Whitner in my mind, not Goldson. One rookie safety needs to start. But figure one of those gets filled with an unexpected FA. That leaves 11, out of 14 draft picks. Use the other three on fliers – guys with huge upside, who were fuck ups. Cut them if you need to – these are lottery ticket guys, high reward or busts. If your fliers make the team, they can push off marginal talent or rookies.

  83. Grumpy Guy says:

    With all the picks we have this year, our draft strategy can include some risk. From the third or fourth round on, we should look to take some fliers on guys who have the talent but have been fuck ups in some way. I would take three or four guys like that. If you have to cut them, no big deal. But take guys with the athleticism to be special if they get their head together.

    First day of camp, have them and only them come to a special meeting. Have Alex Boone talk to them about last chances. Then have Harbs get up, look each one in the eye, and say, “I’ve got a 53-man roster penciled out in my head… and NONE of you fuckers are on it. I expect to cut you all…

    “If you want to change that, you’d better be prepared to get your sorry asses out on that field every day and prove to me why I should keep you. You ain’t on scholarship any more. SHOW me what you can do… or expect to be bagging groceries somewhere come October.”

    • NoFear49er says:

      Grumpy, that doesn’t seem like Harbaugh’s MO. More like this guy:

      Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, I don’t give a fuck, I’ll jump down there and kill all you fuckers. I’ll kill half of you with one hand and the rest of you will kill yourselves trying to get away from me. Welcome to Special Forces selection – Bob Howard.

  84. NoFear49er says:

    I’d rather we found a way to keep Goldson. Not my favorite player but certainly one of the top few safeties in the league. Any of the old guys looking for a retirement job won’t be half as good here.

    RJF’s strength is his ability to backup any spot on the DL. Sopoaga will be harder to replace. What’s Aubrayo Franklin doing these days?

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Hopefully, his name is Ian Williams now. If not, we’d better hope the guy we get in the draft is ready to play this year!

  85. barleyfreak says:

    I like the Boldin trade. Dorsey’s a warm body. Not expecting much. Goldson got overpaid, IMO. I was also wrong about Welanie Dropper. Didn’t think other teams would cough up so much. I still see us drafting DL, OLB, S/CB and WR with the first 4 picks, depending on any further whealin’ dealin’.

  86. Spitblood says:

    Those fuckin’ Patriots….. just when you think they’re done and no longer competing, losing Welker, they sign Danny Almondwhat’shisnuts. Almondwhat’shisnuts might be better than Welker…. younger, more injured, but didn’t have Brady throwing him the football. My guess is it’s an upgrade. I can’t wait for the Patriots’ run to be over….

  87. Spitblood says:

    The Incas or the Mayans or the Aztecs…. can’t remember which one…… but one of those insane bastards used to play a death match of soccer/basketball – games would last all day and sometimes two days. The losing team would be sacrificed. Now that’s a spectator sport. My sense is, and I know I’m going the long way around the barn (it’s an art form really) but my sense is that Baalke could be playing an Aztecian death match against another GM for who could draft the better wide receiver and Baalke would lose ten out ten times, which really doesn’t make much sense if the loser gets sacrificed the first game, but you’re a little nuts like I am. You’re pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down… and you should be embarrassed.

  88. Alleykat says:

    ElamChunky….Guess Tampa shot your Goldson theory to shreds.Giving him 5/41mil 22 Guaranteed .HE WILL TAKE IT,JUST NOT FROM THE NINERS!!
    There are teams out there ready to spend and teams looking to unload.
    Crazy stuff right now.Now the Niners are interested in Asomugha like I mentioned this earlier.Hey why not? a big corner there looking for(a possible still shutdown corner cheaper then Revis) who could still mentor Tarill Brown who IMO could turn into another shutdown guy.Still want those Safety’s. in the draft like my guy Cyprien, Thomas,Elam,Amerson,or in thea perfect world Vaccaro & Cyprien!!!! That Secondary would be terrific.
    Baalke may shock us all still on Draft day,he’s very unpredictable. as we all know.But we certainly have alot of ammo to use.

  89. Alleykat says:

    Hey wait,we did get Glen Dorsey the football player right?
    Not the Orchestra leader Glen Dorsey or Tommy?
    Whewww..that scared me a second.That would be a Raiders move,thank god our Niners are alot smarter.Which doesn’t take much,since the Raiders will always a be the laughingstock of the NFL.

  90. Spitblood says:

    I don’t want to see the 49ers pickup another free agent or make another trade. NO MORE FREE AGENTS. NO MORE TRADES! Just focus on the draft. Coach ‘em up.

    Sure, guys like Greg Jennings, Woodson and Nnamdi are big names, and you’d think – “great, we’re solid there for a year,” if we acquired one. But we wouldn’t be. Woodson was injured last year. Nnamdi wouldn’t tackle or go over the middle for Castilla. Greg Jennings spent the year in the studio shooting Old Spice commercials that really aren’t that funny. But when he runs on the field in the bed you can see his wife’s jugs bounce…. so there’s that. But what the hell was I writing about…. oh yeah. No more free agents. We should, however, be discussing free agent cheerleaders.

    Actually….. one name just popped up…. L. Robinson. I can’t spell his first name off the top of my head. It’s something like Laurent? What a gay name. Anyway. He had a big first half two years ago in Dallas, didn’t get re-signed, then dropped off the radar last year in Jacksonville because of two words…… Alex Gabbert. But I digress upon a digression. Robinson might be a good, late, nobody, cheap pickup. But after that, I swear, no more free agents!


      I need to call you an idiot on a daily basis Spitblood. Robinson was cut because he had 4 concussions last year and probably should retire if he wants to live a functional life.
      The Forty Niners will sign at least 3 to 5 more free agents.
      As for Asomugha do you know what your talking about? He had as many tackles as the best Forty Niner cornerback and more passes defensed last season. For the right price he would be a great addition.

    • Spitblood says:

      I love me some Touchdown Tommy. It’s flattering, really.

  91. greg johnson says:

    Bitches, Bitches, Bitches!!! I see everyone flocked to a place where you can all be delusional agree with one another, with no word from the real world.

    Chuck, what happened to your buddy Alex Smith? All these people followed you here not knowing that you blindly supported Alex Smith since 2005? Yeah I definitely want to hear this guys opinion on the 49ers!!! LOL!!!

    What are you all Kap Supporters now? Let’s go gangster and try to win that way? Hell Alex might of sucked but at least he had class! With Kap you all must now learn gangsta language. You might as well start rooting for the Raiders, we’re now a carbon copy.

    “You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that mud-pipe
    down your mush – and tell your moll to hand over the mazuma.”

    We go from Montana and Young to the Tattoo Parlor, thug as you now enjoy rolling with Kap and his Homies?

    Del, you have a lot more to worry about than Alex Smith, because Kap and the 49ers will never recover from choking in the Big Game.

    Go ahead Chuck delete me, “I’ll Be Back!”

    Bitches, Bitches, Bitches!!! I see everyone flocked to a place where you can all be delusional agree with one another, with no word from the real world.

    Chuck, what happened to your buddy Alex Smith? All these people followed you here not knowing that you blindly supported Alex Smith since 2005? Yeah I definitely want to hear this guys opinion on the 49ers!!! LOL!!!

    What are you all Kap Supporters now? Let’s go gangster and try to win that way? Hell Alex might of sucked but at least he had class! With Kap you all must now learn gangsta language. You might as well start rooting for the Raiders, we’re now a carbon copy.

    “You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that mud-pipe
    down your mush – and tell your moll to hand over the mazuma.”

    We go from Montana and Young to the Tattoo Parlor, thug as you now enjoy rolling with Kap and his Homies?

    Del, you have a lot more to worry about than Alex Smith, because Kap and the 49ers will never recover from choking in the Big Game.

    Go ahead Chuck delete me, “I’ll Be Back!”

    • NJ49er says:

      Damn Greg?
      You sure showed us huh?

      Tats and good football go together now days.
      Raider Football is an oxymoron.

    • NJ49er says:

      Alex is gone, just like JaMarcus.
      Oh wait, JaMarcus didn’t get traded, he’s not playing football anymore.

      With all the history you have over there in Oakland I wouldn’t talk.
      What big game excitement did you bring since Chuckie dismantled you?

      Oh wait, Callahan sabotaged that game.

    • NJ49er says:

      You have Carson Palmer and DHB.
      Oh wait, DHB is looking for work?

      You still have Rolando McLain. Maybe?
      Run DMc is a stud, when he laces them up 6 times a Season.

      Wanna deal for some good football players?
      Oh wait, you don’t have any Picks left from all those other blockbuster deals Al made.

      Raider Football.
      Go figure?

    • NJ49er says:

      Not much football being discussed on the Raider Blog Greg?
      i wonder why?
      Raider Football.


    • JDR says:

      Jesus Christ. What the fuck is going on with this one? Bath salts? Gotta be bath salts.

      Unbunch your panties and join the rest of us in the 21st century, Norman Rockwell. Kaepernick’s about as far from being a “thug” as one can get. He’s a favorite among Christian groups and spent his free time in college speaking at churches. I guess it’s not the wholesome locker room environment of Charles Haley waving his dick at Joe Montana screaming “you know you want it” but it’s hardly San Quentin.

  92. Alleykat says:

    NJ…One look at that putrid bowl-hair cut of Al’s dumbass son Mark is all anyone needs to know about Raider Football.
    Don’t the Raiders need to cut all 53 (Losers) players as well to get under the Cap?

    • NJ49er says:

      Bucky Larson:Born to be a Star Alleykat.

      Raider Football. Where every NFL Sunday is Halloween.
      The Black Hole. The Eye Patch. The Autumn Wind.

      Whole lot of history over there.
      Ancient History.

  93. greg johnson says:

    Hell at least the Raiders didn’t put a Gangster, Thug in at QB! I understand that your brain is programmed to accept anything but the 49ers with all their past “Winning With Class ”Moments, for them to now be the first franchise to put a guy who looks like he just got paroled behind center, is a travesty no matter how you try an cover it up.

    It’s cool, all I’m saying if you accept it please don’t say another word about the Raiders Image. Because our very own image has gone down the toilet and it’s night and day when you compare Montana or Young to the Original Gangster Kap.

    • NJ49er says:

      How many thugs show up in the Black Hole on Sundays Greg?
      You need all those costumes so you can hide your faces.

    • NJ49er says:

      OK for you to talk image to us?
      What image have you ever had?

      Don’t like a rebuttal, don’t throw down Greg.

    • NJ49er says:

      Do a little research on Kaepernick.
      You just might find out that the kid has more going for him than the ink he uses on himself.
      He may have lost a SB but guess what?
      He played in 10 Pro games and almost pulled it off.

      Can the speech Greg. You bring garbage, you get garbage in return.

    • NJ49er says:

      Bottom line Greg.

      The 9ers put a QB at QB.
      You still haven’t found one.

      So, to your point, don’t accept a cheap imitation at QB.
      Bad for business.
      Carson might be a squeaky clean PR symbol but guess what?
      He hasn’t won squat.

    • JDR says:

      “Hell at least the Raiders didn’t put a Gangster, Thug in at QB!”

      Really? You think JaWalrus got his “purple drank” from the local Wallgreen’s? Carson Palmer was a U$C party boy and Terrelle Pryor got kicked out of Ohio State for trading game memorabilia for credit at… wait for it… A TATTOO PARLOR!

  94. greg johnson says:

    Like I said it’s cool, if you want to hang out with Kap and his Homie, Thugs down at the Tattoo Parlor, instead of defending a guy who represents our franchise with dignity, knock yourself out. Only remember Class like Rogers, Brady, Eli will always win over a wannabe gangster who thinks only of himself.

    Look on the bright side think about the new breed of criminal fans Kap will bring to the stick. They’ll give many people new jobs with all their drinking, doing drugs, fighting, vandalizing and stealing girl’s purses. Tattoos and a Kap Jersey goes together like Chocolate cookies and milk!

    Yeah while Montana was preparing to win the Super Bowl, we had a thug thinking about his next tattoo and his Tee Shirt Line, great just great!

    With Kap, we need to now let that sissy Red and Gold Color go, Black and Blue baby like, Schlitz Malt Liquor! Del loves that shit!


    • NJ49er says:

      Way to judge a book by it’s cover Greg.
      I have tattoos too. No one calls me a thug.

      The new breed of criminal fans all got their collective starts in life from the original breeders.

      The Oakland Raiders.
      Original NFL Thugs.

    • NJ49er says:

      Kaep has a Charity.
      He has a pet tortoise too.

      Apparently you have issues with tattoos.
      Get over it.
      When you have some football to discuss, go somewhere where other Raiders Fans congregate.
      Probably on a street corner near a liquor store would be my guess.

    • NJ49er says:

      Dignity and Class?
      From a Raider Fan?


    • NJ49er says:

      While Raiders QBs were preparing for the SB the Team died of old age Greg.
      Don’t tell anyone.

      Just win baby.

    • JDR says:

      Yes, all these kids with their tattoos and their hippity hop music and iPhone internet gizmos! What happened to the days when men were men and coffee cost ten cents a gallon and a man could slap his wife in public without fear of getting arrested? Now it’s all baggy pants and tattoos and scary, scary minorities! GET US BACK TO MAYBERRY, GREG!

  95. NoFear49er says:


  96. Spitblood says:

    Flying V!!!!!! Calling Kaep a thug really, really, really is an awesome troll. I so want to bite….

  97. Nipper says:

    Raiders should be pitied. If they win a couple of games this next season it will be a major accomplishment.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Hell, keeping their players out of lockup would be a major accomplishment for those punks.

  98. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Full circle, eh? I can’t wait for the Eddie rants.

    Lotsa shit going down these last couple days. Dorsey? Ehhh. he’s fine as a body in the middle. At least he’s young. Moreso than Soap. Goldson? Wow. He got his $41 mill. Welcome to the erosion of his game. One thing particluarly galling about his comments after signing with Tampax was his statement that he can now take care of his family. Like the Niners were pissing on him by paying him $7 million last year. Poor guy only made $22 million (or whatever) playing with the 49ers. Shades of Latrell Sprewell.

    Soap AND RJF looking to go to Philly? Funny, the Iggles are looking for ‘character’ guys now rather than the splashy FA signings. Better late than never.

  99. greg johnson says:

    Whitley and many others compared Kaepernick to a hardened criminal from San Quentin and you guys are talking smack about the Raiders? Hell Kap in Oakland would be their Messiah, all the so-called criminals would rejoice with joy, then riot, then ravage, rape and pillage.

    I understand now that ANYONE accepted and CLASS and DIGNITY of this once prestigious QB position was somehow flushed down the toilet. Yes the QB position is the CEO, he represents your franchise. If you’re OK having the first QB that looks like a criminal representing your team fine but please don’t ever call out the Raiders because you’re cheering on their very image you proclaim to hate.

    We went for a Golden Boy Image to “Let’s cruise with my homies through the ghetto and be up a case of 40’s”

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yikes. Racist prick now? Good for you, V. Welcome to 1935. Maybe if you actually knew that Kappy was a straight A student in both high school ancd college, you’d get off your racist stance.

      Why deal in truth when you can act like the Grand Duke from the safety of your mom’s computer? I knew you wrere always a misinformed idiot, but this is really the best you’ve done, V. Taking pussiness to the next level of bad tase.

      Delete you? Hell no! It’s way too much fun reading your delusional ramblings. I see you’ve really gone around the bend. I see some EST in your immediate future.

      Too bad Cracker U didn’t take your home-printed misspelled GED for acceptance. Beauty school drop-out, eh? “I likes my QBs white and creamy! Tom Brady is so gosh darn dreamy!”

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        “But, but, Tom Brady looks so purdy as he chokes in Super Bowls.”


        “ZOMG!!!The 49ers’ quarterback is a BLACK MAN!!!!! With TATTOOS!!! Lock up our precious white women ‘afore they git CON-tam-uh-Nated!”

        Hey, I hear KC has a white QB. Milk drinking Mormon choir boy, even. Go be a fan there.

    • JDR says:

      “Whitley and many others compared Kaepernick to a hardened criminal from San Quentin”
      Well if a complete fucking idiot said it then it must be true!

      “Hell Kap in Oakland would be their Messiah,”
      Raider fans don’t have a Messiah. Al Davis expressly forbids the worship of graven images.

      “I understand now that ANYONE accepted and CLASS and DIGNITY of this once prestigious QB position was somehow flushed down the toilet.”
      Joe Montana once said on national television “I’ll just be up in my room masturbating.” But by golly, he did it with pristine skin!

      “If you’re OK having the first QB that looks like a criminal representing your team fine but please don’t ever call out the Raiders because you’re cheering on their very image you proclaim to hate.”
      Darn. Looks like we’ll have to stick with talking about how the Raiders totally suck. WE’VE LOST THE TATTOO HIGH GROUND!

      “We went for a Golden Boy Image to “Let’s cruise with my homies through the ghetto and be up a case of 40’s”
      Yo yo yo! Funky Kaep gonna cruise to the Youth Group meeting with his homey Mr Tortoise and rap about that OG Jesus Christ! Homie rolled strong with his posse of disciples and that freaky Mary Magdoline.

      Please keep this act up, Greggy. you’re a blast to read. It’s like someone crossed Andy Rooney with Gomer Pile and fed it nothing but paint chips.

  100. Grumpy Guy says:

    Boys, what do y’all think? I think Kappy’s inky blackness makes Greggy-Boy nervous about his tiny white penis.

  101. greg johnson says:

    Racist? I love how you can’t say a word today without a Liberal labeling you a Racist, lol! All these men died for our freedom of speech and you sissy girls go around crying racist at a drop of a dime, you want us all to give up our freedom and stay silent like you. The funny thing is people actually come here and listen to what you have to say, lol!!!!! I understand without me, it’s peaceful times in a delusional, misguided, upside down world and it’s nice when everyone’s in agreement to stay silent and accept anything.

    Sorry in the real world, once known as America this shit just doesn’t fly. I’m surprised No Fear is still here, the other guppies, I mean puppets I understand completely why they found this safe haven.

    This has nothing to do with anyone’s color of skin, in fact if Billy The Exterminator, he as white as they come and if he was our starting QB, I’d be saying the exact same thing. The QB represents your franchise, he’s the CEO, do you even remember this? What happened to CLASS AND DIGINTY? I understand anything goes now but come on man! Kap compared to Montana/Young is like night and day. Did you see the pictures of Kap and his Thug Friends at the Tattoo Parlor? Now every 49er jumps around like monkeys free from the jungle under Harbaugh’s watch. Players are getting arrested every week, it’s a Fuckin Free For All! Our Head Coach acts like a sniveling, little baby when he loses and Jumps in the air like a classless fool, slapping coaches in the back when he wins? Who are you people who accepted this Jungle Free For All?

    Class has left the building and for anyone to stay silent means anything goes and anything will do and that’s a tragedy no matter how you try and cover up your blindness.

    Racist? No a concerned American with Morals is more like it.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I’m not a liberal you ignorant little bitch. I’m a libertarian.

      And, yeah, you are a racist. But that’s not your biggest problem. Your biggest problem is that you’re a fucking idiot.

      Class and dignity? You never fucking had any, Gomer.

    • JDR says:

      “Did you see the pictures of Kap and his Thug Friends at the Tattoo Parlor? Now every 49er jumps around like monkeys free from the jungle under Harbaugh’s watch.”

      Yeah, nothing racist about that at all…

  102. Spitblood says:

    Flying V is stuck in 1970. That sucks for him. He’s not a menace or an idiot. He’s just hoping life stays the same because he’s too insecure to get out of his comfort zone.

    • JDR says:

      I meant Kaepernick and his thug tortoise. Look at those soulless, cold eyes. That tortoise will shoot your family and not think twice!

  103. greg johnson says:

    Grumpy, you’re no libertarian, you’re just in agreement with anything that comes your way in life. No Flags Of Contest Fling Near Your Neighborhood! A Gay Guy at QB, that’s cool, when’s the season start, lol!!!!

    JDR, Kaepernick’s entire back is draped in ink. His shoulders are covered down to his elbows.

    And after each touchdown he scores, Kaepernick kisses his tattoo-covered biceps, drawing attention to Andrion’s work.

    Andrion, who works in a small building with no parking lot about 2 miles from where Kaepernick played college football, has seen his business rise along with Kaepernick’s stock. It didn’t hurt when a columnist disparaged Kaepernick’s tattoos, saying the quarterback is the CEO of the team and a CEO shouldn’t have tattoos. In fact, it has helped.

    “Yes Kap’s Image has helped the Tattoo Thug, Criminals of the Ghetto and 49er (Raider) fans are now loving it, for some strange reason!”

    Split, you know how much I hated Alex Smith, in fact, I was against him since he was drafted but there’s one thing a person living in reality must realize at least Alex Smith had class. He was a loser QB but he represented our franchise well. Kap represents a Thug Life, associated with people engaged criminal activities. If you’re all right with that it only shows one thing, “Anything Goes” with you and that my friend is a tragedy and a waste of existence.

    “The 49er draft the first female QB, Cool I can’t wait till she gets tackled wearing her skirt!”

    • JDR says:

      Hey look, Greggy learned how to copy and paste! It’s probably for the best that you’re ripping off sections of old stories for your responses, we’ve all seen what happens when you attempt original thought.

      If Kaepernick is the embodiment of “thug life” in America then crime is about to drop through the floor. Though it is funny to picture Lil’ Greggy cowering in fear at the thought of Kaepernick and his pet tortoise cruising the mean streets of Turlock, looking for a church service to attend. SO SCARY!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      The only thing I’m in agreement with is that you’re a fucking moron.

      Kaepernick is one of the smartest, hardest working guys on this team. He was more of a scholar than 99% of the guys in the NFL, and works with charities. You just can’t deal with his ethnic background. So you’re here vomiting your stupidity about jungle drums or jungle boogie or whatever the fuck your latest code words are.

      I say you’re a racist twat, and I say to hell with you.

  104. Chico says:

    We’re losing our freedoms because our QB is a minority with tattoos? Who in the fuck is this guy?

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      It’s FlyingV68, the bane of the Chronicle Insider and as JDR says, Poster Boy for why you should do bath salts.

      • Chico says:

        Got it.. His stuff over there seems like trollish schtick.. Sadly, over here his true colors come out.. Study after study has shown that racism and bigotry correlate with low intelligence.

  105. Chico says:

    RJF to the Colts.. 22mil? Haha.

    • NoFear49er says:

      That’s a lot of money for mediocre. I wonder how much of it is actually guaranteed.

  106. NoFear49er says:

    Hey FlyingV,

    Good to see you still finding flames to fan.

    Not being one to accept everything that comes down the pike, I can’t accept your bashing CK7 because he likes tattoos. Most everyone I know in his age group likes them, too. At least he’s not branding himself with a hot iron. I never could understand that. It still wouldn’t make him a prison gang lifestyle promoter. What? You don’t know any upstanding gee-tar pickers that have tattoos?

    CK7, aside from his physical abilities, acts like a leader in a way that Alex never approached until his last year here. Even this year Alex was moping and complaining in the press that he didn’t do anything to lose his job until someone reminded him that that was the exact scenario that enabled him to become a starter.

    No, I’ll gladly take CK7 and his bicep kissing and all his tattoos over Alex Smith and about 95% of the rest of the QBs in the league.

  107. Nipper says:

    At least we’re not Raiders fans. …..then we all would be loony.

  108. shaman138 says:

    Vtard, you got what you wanted, right? The return to relevance and Alex Smith being released? Now you’re not happy with Kap because of his tats? You, sir, are a world class schmuck.

  109. Alleykat says:

    Hey I have the QB /Duo player situation solved.
    We bring Jarmarcus Russell in as Kappy’s backup then use him as a backup Offensive Linemen as well.

  110. greg johnson says:

    JDR, remember these words, “The city has turned into jungles and corruption is spanning across the land” Kap as an example of an outstanding individual is laughable! He might not be a thug but he sure dresses and acts like one. Having your QB associated with criminals is accepted and now embraced by those of you who should know better.

    “Kaps not really in a gang, he just dresses and appears to be!”

    Great, Just Great!

    Today Kaepernick got arrested with his posse for drinking a driving and running over ten innocent bystanders”

    JDR, that’s a real tragedy, those people shouldn’t have been hanging around there. Excuses after Excuses!


    Grumpy, Kaepernick fell asleep during the first half of the Super Bowl. He was thinking about his next Tat and Tee Shirt Line and all that cash. Don’t get mad that I have your number in accepting anything. The Ravens came to win the Super Bowl not to put on a spectacle. No one recovers from choking in the Super Bowl. Remember your friends, Nolan, Singletary, Alex and Jimmy Raye?
    Ahhhh…..GO NINERS!!!! I have no brain to form an opinion but count me in, LOL!!!!


    Chico, don’t worry you and your family are a big problem we face in America today. Let’s just live off the taxpayers.


    Fear, yes he’s better than Alex Smith and so is three quarters of the QB in the NFL. It once was a prestigious position but now thanks to Harbaugh the team that once represented CLASS has found its way representing the gutter. What it never crossed your mind that anyone other than Smith would be better?


    Nip, how the hell are you? Yes you’re not actually the Raiders but with Kap and the others on our team we easily can trade places without no one noticing anything.


    Sham, yeah we finally got rid of Alex but instead of replacing him with CLASS we got a guy who looks like he just got paroled. Nothing like setting a good example for others to follow. Let’s bring in Vick and complete the transition, LOL!!!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Ah… to be in America, in the Spring, when the idiots are in bloom…

    • JDR says:

      How exactly does he “act” like a thug, Greggy? Is it when he’s hanging around his pet turtle? Or is it when he’s at practice? What is so “thug” about him? He looks to me like any other person his age does these days. Oh, wait, I get it, you’re old and completely out of touch with the world! THAT’S why you’re so bitter!

      It’s okay, Greggy. Time passes us all by eventually. Just remember, when that “thug” looking guy comes to take you away later, a lot of policemen have tattoos these days too. He’s only there to help you, Greggy.

    • Chico says:

      My family lives off of tax payers? Huh? You don’t even know me, dude..

      I don’t mean to get political here, but since you insinuated that my family lives off of tax payers (my family pays plenty in taxes) — I’ll point out that people like you are really giving republicans a bad name.. With a 19 percent approval rating of republicans in congress, folks like you aren’t doing them any favors.. Your assumptions make about as much sense as your football rants..

      You’re a racist tea-bagging piece of shit, and thank god your kind will be dying off in the next decade or two.. Shit, in the near future everybody will be Heinz 57′s.. I’d be happy to lunch you on any topic except racism.. You got me on that subject.

  111. Spitblood says:

    FlyingV would rather have Alex Smith than Colin Kaepernick. The irony is so thick. For years V went around bashing Alex Smith, and now, with Smith jettisoned to KC, V is wishing Alex was back. Nobody with a football mind would take Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick. Nobody.
    But that’s just it – V’s never been much of a football mind.

    I don’t even care what the competition is all about – Colin beats Alex at anything. Lets have them both run for public office. I’ll take Colin over Alex any day because Colin overcame stuff in his life and has already taken the 49ers to a higher place. Colin’s adopted. What did Alex Smith overcome to get to the pros? Urban Meyer? Reggie Bush? Colin’s a winner while Alex is a loser, and that’s why V loves him some Alex. V likes losers.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      V has never been much of a MIND. Period.

      V just misses that roll to the right and throw out of bounds play. We should just name it in his honor. “Alex Smith V right on three, hut.”

  112. Spitblood says:

    If you put a pee under Nnamdi’s mattress, he’ll show up to practice black and blue. And if you have a princess like that who just made 10 plus million per year without wanting or needing to tackle, what’s to say he’s going to take a third of that to start jeopardizing his body? That dog don’t hunt. Freddy P Soft is screaming in Harbaugh’s ear right now – don’t do it! “He’s not worth it, Jim. Damn it, Jim.” He’s old, just got paid millions, and he’s going to play for less and actually go over the middle or start tackling? HA! Surely you jest, and stopping calling me Shirley….. or Nnamdi’s agent.

    • JDR says:

      Nnamdi definitely has the look of a guy who let up after he cashed in with a big contract. Then again, that Philly organization has been so dysfunctional it’s hard to tell with a lot of the players.

  113. unca_chuck says:

    Years of bashing Smith, now we get this. Well played, sir. In looney town. Randall P McMurphy wants to take you out on his boat.

    Shit, spit. Someone is here that makes you look sane. Like Bill O’Reilly going from loudmouth bloviator to the sane one on Fox , , ,

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      And the Last shall be First, and the Crazy shall be last, and lots of Shrooms shall be done. So it is written. Probably By Hunter S. Thompson.

  114. shaman138 says:

    The 49ers finally found their first real franchinse QB since Steve Young and all you care about is his fucking tattoos? What kind of goofy fan are you? Colin Kaepernick is a thug criminal?? What the fuck are you talking about, dude?

  115. greg johnson says:

    Chuck, nothing like a programmed Liberal who thinks only the way they tell him to think. Bringing up Bill O’Reilly while taking one side of the most Corrupted Government in the history of the USA. Nothing like being blind when two CRIMINAL sides pit two worlds against each other and a Clown stands by one because “He doesn’t have a brain”

    Yeah those evil Republicans, lol!!!!! The guy I just voted in office is not EVIL, LOL!!!! With voters like you we’ll have to hit rock bottom, while you look around asking, “What Happened?”


    Spit, no Alex Smith needed to be replaced no question about that, I just thought the people running the 49ers would have enough CLASS and DIGNITY to put a respectable, individual behind center.

    No matter what you think is possible, in the real world you still win with CLASS. Maybe VD or Kap needs to pop a Kap in yer ass to wake you up.


    Grumpy, I’d rather hear an opinion rather than someone who just goes along with anything. The new NFL rules state “You can’t look at the QB funny anymore or it’s a personal, 15 yard foul!

    Grumpy: “That’s cool, when is breast cancer awareness month? I LOVE THE NFL IN PINK!!!”


    JDR, if you look like a thug and associate yourself with thugs, chances are you are a THUG AT HEART!

    • JDR says:

      So he’s a SECRET THUG? He’s a COVERT THUG waiting for the right moment to take us all by surprise with his SPONTANEOUS THUG energy? He may not even be aware of himself, but when cornered he unleash his secret THUG SUPERPOWERS and the world will know of the THUGGY THUGNESS Colin Kaepernick harbors.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      “Blind legions of escaped goats at twelve o’clock!!!”

      (Another V classic)

  116. Grumpy Guy says:

    My opinion is that Kaepernick is an okay guy, that the 49ers are better off than three years ago, and that you are a mentally challenged Oompa Loompa who has snorted far too many bath salts.

  117. Grumpy Guy says:

    I actually wish Twin was here to enjoy hearing me called a liberal. Even if he lost his keyboard to whatever he was drinking, that would be some funny shit.

    Save me a spot on the barricades, Twin. I’ll bring the tequila and the AR-10. Good times.

  118. Spitblood says:

    V – So now you don’t like Smith or Kaep? Typical Republican. No to everything, blame everyone, no answers….. Wishin’ it was 1955 all over again. V – the times they are a changin’. Climb out of your cabin in Moose Jaw, quit talking to girls on E Harmony while using a picture of David Beckum, stop professing about the constitution and live a little.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Your typical Republican sounds a lot like your guy, the Kenyan. A “leader” that hates half the people as much as you do is no leader. More like a wannabe king. Too bad running the country isn’t more like cheerleading or community organizing.

      I don’t blame you though, It’s pretty evident you’ve been blinded by indoctrination by the way you spew out the party lie, oops I meant line.

      • Chico says:

        If you all start turning on each other because of political reasons, then you have let the trolls win.. btw, Kenyan? Come on man, you’re smarter than that..

      • Spitblood says:

        You butt the heck out, Chico. Me and Fear know what we’re doing….

        Fear – I’m not sure what you were saying regarding a leader, but I did like your claim about the “cheerleading.” He should have stopped the bailout / exec payouts. Looked foolish when he didn’t. There are times when I think he’s a windbag.

        Aside from that common ground, Republicans are bought – signed, sealed and delivered. They do the bidding of the uber wealthy. Do you think the Tea Party was a grass roots movement? The reality is that George Bush killed the Republican Party long ago….. you just don’t know it yet.

        Try to pivot and reverse your stance on gays, minorities, illegal aliens. No chance. Any pivot will only be seen as disingenuous. So the Republicans have painted themselves into a hetro white boy corner and only a premature black president could hand them any power – which he did by not handing the bailout CEOs their asses. But that doesn’t solve the Republicans problems. The only chance they have is to change voting laws….. and they’re tryin’, aint they?

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        If you ever read the old Mad magazine Spy vs. Spy comics, you know everything you need to know about American politics. Villains, the lot of them, and pigs feeding side by side at the same trough. A lot of lampposts need ornamentation, IMHO.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Chico, the Kenyan is a joke but anyone aspiring to the office of POTUS who puts forth so much effort and expense keeping his background a secret deserves the ridicule as do the adoring followers who tolerate it without objection. I’ll just call him Barry if ‘the Kenyan’ offends you.

        btw, if the Repubs in Congress are up to 19% favorability they quadruple the ratings of the group.

        Spitblood, yeah, one vote per customer would be a nice change and counting the military’s vote would be alright too.

        Grumpy, you got it. The good guys on either side are few and far between. It falls on the people though to vet them before putting them in office and then ignoring what they do while there.

      • Spitblood says:

        Fear – So what you’re implying, Fear, is that anyone left of center is voting twice? You Republicans are a laugh a minute. That’s your answer to losing more and more power? Take a look in the mirror, dude. You’ve alienated yourself from everyone except old white dudes….. errr, wait….. if you’re an old white dude, and you’re issue is old white dudes, and you look in the mirror, you’re not going to see your issue….just a handsome old white dude….. I get it. Lol. You guys need a third party mediator without any skin in the game to show you the light. Your party’s in trouble.

      • JDR says:

        I’m going to avoid getting too into the politics, but I’d like to point out the “approval rating” of congress is a useless figure (it is now just as it was when the Bushies were saying it about the Dem-controlled congress.) The problem with it is that you’re trying to gauge the approval of a group we as individuals only elected two members of. The average member of congress has a 60-plus approval in their home state/district at any given time, and those are the only people who can vote for/against them. My approval of Paul Ryan, for example, means about as much in Wisconsin as what people in Florida think of Nancy Pelosi.

        Also, Greggy’s a dipshit.

      • Chico says:

        I have family and friends in Hawaii — they all knew Obama was kama’aina WAY before he announced his candidacy.

        The ‘Kenyan’ doesn’t offend me at all.. It concerns me.. Reminds me of Orly Taitz.

      • Chico says:

        Good point JDR. Another way to look at it is that more than twice as many Asian Americans identify as democrats as do identify as republicans.. 7 in 10 Latinos identify themselves as democrats, and the gender gap continues to grow..

        My advice to republicans – move towards the center or the republican party will become irrelevant on the national stage.. Nobody wants a one party rule – time to get your act together. Go Niners!

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        We ALREADY have something damned close to one party rule. We have two parties, one bought and paid for by corporations, the other by more liberal corporations and unions. They are NOT so different. And they enforce their power with a federal bureaucracy whose only interest is power. Which cares little which party is in power, so long as it gets to continue to flex its muscle and have its privileges.

        We live in a nation with the first, second and fourth amendments under attack. One of those could be an aberration; three is a pattern. Obama proclaims his right to kill anyone, American citizen or not, anywhere he chooses… but, oh, he won’t abuse it. Sure he won’t. And sure his successors won’t. Sell me a fucking bridge while you’re at it. He seeks to undermine the second amendment so as to make it meaningless. He proclaims that the fourth amendment does not apply to computers within 200 miles of the “National borders”, which includes the coastlines. Therefore, the 4th amendment no longer applies to 90% of Americans – the Department of Homeland Security – and was there EVER a more Naziphile name? – has the right to search your data whenever it wants, without a warrant, and FUCK the constitution. That’s just some toilet paper that some old white guys wrote on. Only a terrorist and enemy of the state would care about rights. After all, there’s a war on, and we have to rape the Constitution, for the children. Always, for the children. Who will never understand what they have lost.

        If you admire Obama, maybe that does not bother you. Will it bother you when someday we have a Republican president? Some Americans seem to WANT a partisan dictatorship, whether of the left or right. As a Libertarian, I would have neither. A pox on both their houses, I say.


        Our republic was set up with a division of powers, and sharply circumscribed powers for the government. The founding fathers saw clearly the danger in anyone, of any political persuasion, having too much power. When Franklin said, “A republic – if you can keep it!” he knew perfectly well what he was saying. And that American liberty would not fall to foreigners, but at the hands of our own demagogues.

        I’ve had a good life – 50 plus years in the best country on Earth. But I fear, and I weep, for our children. Because the days are growing darker. And when the lights go out, they will not be lit again in our time.

      • Chico says:

        That’s the libertarian angle.. Some great points, I agree with a lot of what you said.. Not all, but a lot.. All of us have the issues that we care about deeply.. While your main concerns are the constitution are yours, I have my concerns.

        What would be cool is a parliamentary type of system – so that all facets of political beliefs would have a say.. But that would require changing the constitution and the powers that be won’t have it.

  119. Alleykat says:

    Both my niece’s went to UNR the same time Colin Kaepernick was there.They both played on the volleyball squad and said many a time Kap would just hang in the stand with others and support them and the whole squad.They both flat out say to me to the day that’s he was just a normal stand up guy on campus with no ego at all towad “ANYONE”.

    SO Flying Fuck…Are whoever you want to call yourself,Fuck off and eat shit.Get some real 1st hand knowledge before you slam someone without facts.
    I can totally trust my niece’s in anything they say about Kap.Because they were there seeing him most Every day inCollege.Dipshit.

  120. TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

    Grand Wizard V has arrived and landed on this blog? He’s a flamebaiting troll.
    Now how does Grand Wizard V reconcile worshipping Jimi Hendrix?
    Quite the conundrum.

  121. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, if you didn’t parrot EVERYTHING posited on Fox, I might think you had an original thought.Alas, no.

    • Spitblood says:

      He could say the same thing about liberals and MSNBC.

      • unca_chuck says:

        I’m talking about him, you dimwit. 80% of the people in this country have no idea of what’s really going on. And that’s the fact that Congress is in the business of keeping themselves at the trough of lobbyist and taxpayer money at the cost of anything else.

        Guys like nofear think it matters that (gasp) a democrat is in office. Bush’s policies and Obama’s aren’t very different, but you get the hyperventilating blowarhds on Fox talking solcialist bullshit and veiled racism. If it wan’t so fucking stupid, it’d be cute.

        The dems were nearly as bad when Bush was in office. What did it change? Nothing. What did it affect? Nothing. The reason things are more polarized is, . . . what? Can you guys figger it out.

      • Spitblood says:

        The reason things are so polarized is because some people either don’t have the emotional intelligence to refrain from name calling like “dimwit,” (I’m crying), or they have an agenda. It’s not hard to figure out, Charles.

      • Chico says:

        Chuck is spot-on, imo. Just look at this – http://money.cnn.com/2013/03/14/investing/jpmorgan-senate/

        Now here’s an issue that many seem to overlook. People on both sides of the aisle love their red meat and I believe that’s what both sides want us doing — arguing amongst ourselves… I have a feeling that most repubs and dems who click on that link would be in agreement – these fucks need to go to jail (I would go further and break them up), but the it seems like for the most part the majority of this country is in agreement when it comes to white collar crime and government/private sector collusion.. This is where our biggest problems are, folks.. Capitalism has been kind to many, but it must be HIGHLY regulated for it to work properly. I’ve been a fan of ‘get money out of politics’ before it was even cool. Overruling Citizens United is a good place to start. Say no to corruption.

      • unca_chuck says:

        I guess I’m giving you too much credit, Spitty. I’m talking about NoFear, not the unwashed masses. You think I espouse the drivel of MSNBC? Or any of the others here? The game’s rigged. and the people aren’t in the game.

        Real health care reform (read go after big insurance/big pharma) will never happen because of Congress. Tax reform? Lots of squalking on both sides but little real progress. Immigration reform may happen because the Dems have been pushing it for years, and the Republican understand that they will get voted down again if they don’t ease their stance on it, Therefore’s it;s a safe issue that may make it look like they are actually accomplishing something after years of gridlock.

  122. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    We’ve landed on the SFGate Niner Insider blog circa 2007. I have to have a talk with Mr. Peabody about his Wayback Machine. Wrong time and place again. It’s probably that little shit Sherman’s fault. I never did trust that four-eyed fuck.

  123. greg johnson says:

    I’m a little teapot.

    • JDR says:

      Who are these gangsters, Greggy? Being so sure of this you should be able to tell us who these people are. I mean, it’s not like you’d go baselessly labeling people as criminals simply because of their appearance, that would pretty much prove that you are in fact the small-minded racist dipshit you’ve sworn up and down that you’re not.

  124. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Just a little football comment, if that’s still allowed here…Anyone else concerned that Seattle is stockpiling a great pass-rushing DL while we’re bringing in an under performing big band leader and promoting a Golden Domer who’s played a grand total of 39 snaps from street clothes to full-time active duty?

    And people have the audacity and unmitigated gall to ask why I drink.

    • Spitblood says:

      Yes….. I’ve noticed. The 49ers and Seattle will be neck and neck down to the wire next year. I really like that the 49ers are looking at beefing up their coverage teams. I’m also worried about our defense. I don’t want no stinkin’ Nnamdi, Woodson, Reed or Landry.

    • JDR says:

      Apples and oranges. Seattle plays primarily in a 4-lineman set that relies on the D-line to generate pass rush. The primary function of the D-line for the Niners is to plug up the running lanes and keep blockers off the linebackers. I’d be more worried if the Niners did commit big bucks and years to the front 3 as it would mean we’ll soon have to choose between cutting loose one of Willis, Bowman or Aldon Smith.

  125. 12th man says:

    Well that was a waste of 20 mins I just spent catching up on the blog today.

  126. unca_chuck says:

    Remind me again why I bother.

  127. unca_chuck says:

    MOW may qualify, but she doesn’t post here much.

    BTW, FUucknut’s been banned. I should just banned him when he raised his mush-head, but I thought it would be fun to see his drivel. I stand corrected.

    And, a new thread is up . . .

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