Whither Dashon Goldson? Again?

Dashon Goldson’s grandmother apparently is weighing in on her grandson’s contract impasse with the 49ers.

Dashon Goldson @thehawk38@msrosecooking: @sf49ers showing no loyalty to my baby, @thehawk38 (Dashon Goldson ). Any team will be lucky to get him.”>Tell em grandma!

Haven’t we travelled this road before? Goldson bid his twitter goodbyes 2 years ago to us forgiving and unforgiving fans, as Dashon struck out to find his pot of gold. Unfortunately for him, the gold turned out to be brass, and he came back and meekly signed a 1 year 2 million dollar deal after turning down his 5 year/$25 mill deal that set him on the road to perdition anyway. After a couple pro-bowl seasons, and once again feeling his oats, Dashon wants something in the range of the Tim (?) Waddell (I know, he’s the weird-ass Olympic runner) deal, and 5 years, $40 million.

Uh, no. It ain’t gonna happen Dashon. Some people think he’s a top 5 safety.Yes he has his moments of being a disruptive force, but he also has a lot of brain-dead ones as well. Bad penalties, jumping routes, and the oft-occurring getting burned deep. The playoffs were fairly galling, but that was a system wide failure of not enough pressure, and the entire DB corps getting toasted.

The 49ers have already come out and said they would not franchise him. Not too surprising as that would force the Niners to pay him $7.1 mill. It also leads me to believe that if they won;t franchise him for $7, they won’t offer him a long term deal for $8 / year.  The 49ers are likely in the 5/30 range. A little rich for my blood, but I suppose it would do. The question is, does Dashon really think someone will pay him more than that? Frankly, the Niners could very well say we got the same deal from 2 years ago, skippy 5/25. Take it or hit the road, Jack.  Harsh? Sure. Mean? Yeah, I guess. Know what? Tough shit. Dashon isn’t Patrick Willis. Or NaVorro Bowman.  He’s replaceable. Moreso than those guys. And, like Baalke said, we can’t pay everyone. Plus, with all their leverage in this upcoming FA period and draft, they have about 20 different options to choose from.

So, the same thing will happen that happened two years ago. Dashon finds a lukewarm market (watered down even more by the rookie cap, which deflates a lot of the FA deals) and few suitors. If he’s lucky, the Niners will give him a 3/18 deal. And he’ll take it.



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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Full circle, eh? I can’t wait for the Eddie rants.

    Lotsa shit going down these last couple days. Dorsey? Ehhh. he’s fine as a body in the middle. At least he’s young. Moreso than Soap. Goldson? Wow. He got his $41 mill. Welcome to the erosion of his game. One thing particluarly galling about his comments after signing with Tampax was his statement that he can now take care of his family. Like the Niners were pissing on him by paying him $7 million last year. Poor guy only made $22 million (or whatever) playing with the 49ers. Shades of Latrell Sprewell.

    Soap AND RJF looking to go to Philly? Funny, the Iggles are looking for ‘character’ guys now rather than the splashy FA signings. Better late than never.

  2. greg johnson says:

    Whitley and many others compared Kaepernick to a hardened criminal from San Quentin and you guys are talking smack about the Raiders? Hell Kap in Oakland would be their Messiah, all the so-called criminals would rejoice with joy, then riot, then ravage, rape and pillage.

    I understand now that ANYONE accepted and CLASS and DIGNITY of this once prestigious QB position was somehow flushed down the toilet. Yes the QB position is the CEO, he represents your franchise. If you’re OK having the first QB that looks like a criminal representing your team fine but please don’t ever call out the Raiders because you’re cheering on their very image you proclaim to hate.

    We went for a Golden Boy Image to “Let’s cruise with my homies through the ghetto and be up a case of 40’s”

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yikes. Racist prick now? Good for you, V. Welcome to 1935. Maybe if you actually knew that Kappy was a straight A student in both high school ancd college, you’d get off your racist stance.

      Why deal in truth when you can act like the Grand Duke from the safety of your mom’s computer? I knew you wrere always a misinformed idiot, but this is really the best you’ve done, V. Taking pussiness to the next level of bad tase.

      Delete you? Hell no! It’s way too much fun reading your delusional ramblings. I see you’ve really gone around the bend. I see some EST in your immediate future.

      Too bad Cracker U didn’t take your home-printed misspelled GED for acceptance. Beauty school drop-out, eh? “I likes my QBs white and creamy! Tom Brady is so gosh darn dreamy!”

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        “But, but, Tom Brady looks so purdy as he chokes in Super Bowls.”


        “ZOMG!!!The 49ers’ quarterback is a BLACK MAN!!!!! With TATTOOS!!! Lock up our precious white women ‘afore they git CON-tam-uh-Nated!”

        Hey, I hear KC has a white QB. Milk drinking Mormon choir boy, even. Go be a fan there.

    • JDR says:

      “Whitley and many others compared Kaepernick to a hardened criminal from San Quentin”
      Well if a complete fucking idiot said it then it must be true!

      “Hell Kap in Oakland would be their Messiah,”
      Raider fans don’t have a Messiah. Al Davis expressly forbids the worship of graven images.

      “I understand now that ANYONE accepted and CLASS and DIGNITY of this once prestigious QB position was somehow flushed down the toilet.”
      Joe Montana once said on national television “I’ll just be up in my room masturbating.” But by golly, he did it with pristine skin!

      “If you’re OK having the first QB that looks like a criminal representing your team fine but please don’t ever call out the Raiders because you’re cheering on their very image you proclaim to hate.”
      Darn. Looks like we’ll have to stick with talking about how the Raiders totally suck. WE’VE LOST THE TATTOO HIGH GROUND!

      “We went for a Golden Boy Image to “Let’s cruise with my homies through the ghetto and be up a case of 40’s”
      Yo yo yo! Funky Kaep gonna cruise to the Youth Group meeting with his homey Mr Tortoise and rap about that OG Jesus Christ! Homie rolled strong with his posse of disciples and that freaky Mary Magdoline.

      Please keep this act up, Greggy. you’re a blast to read. It’s like someone crossed Andy Rooney with Gomer Pile and fed it nothing but paint chips.

  3. Grumpy Guy says:

    Boys, what do y’all think? I think Kappy’s inky blackness makes Greggy-Boy nervous about his tiny white penis.

  4. greg johnson says:

    Racist? I love how you can’t say a word today without a Liberal labeling you a Racist, lol! All these men died for our freedom of speech and you sissy girls go around crying racist at a drop of a dime, you want us all to give up our freedom and stay silent like you. The funny thing is people actually come here and listen to what you have to say, lol!!!!! I understand without me, it’s peaceful times in a delusional, misguided, upside down world and it’s nice when everyone’s in agreement to stay silent and accept anything.

    Sorry in the real world, once known as America this shit just doesn’t fly. I’m surprised No Fear is still here, the other guppies, I mean puppets I understand completely why they found this safe haven.

    This has nothing to do with anyone’s color of skin, in fact if Billy The Exterminator, he as white as they come and if he was our starting QB, I’d be saying the exact same thing. The QB represents your franchise, he’s the CEO, do you even remember this? What happened to CLASS AND DIGINTY? I understand anything goes now but come on man! Kap compared to Montana/Young is like night and day. Did you see the pictures of Kap and his Thug Friends at the Tattoo Parlor? Now every 49er jumps around like monkeys free from the jungle under Harbaugh’s watch. Players are getting arrested every week, it’s a Fuckin Free For All! Our Head Coach acts like a sniveling, little baby when he loses and Jumps in the air like a classless fool, slapping coaches in the back when he wins? Who are you people who accepted this Jungle Free For All?

    Class has left the building and for anyone to stay silent means anything goes and anything will do and that’s a tragedy no matter how you try and cover up your blindness.

    Racist? No a concerned American with Morals is more like it.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      I’m not a liberal you ignorant little bitch. I’m a libertarian.

      And, yeah, you are a racist. But that’s not your biggest problem. Your biggest problem is that you’re a fucking idiot.

      Class and dignity? You never fucking had any, Gomer.

    • JDR says:

      “Did you see the pictures of Kap and his Thug Friends at the Tattoo Parlor? Now every 49er jumps around like monkeys free from the jungle under Harbaugh’s watch.”

      Yeah, nothing racist about that at all…

  5. JDR says:


  6. Spitblood says:

    Flying V is stuck in 1970. That sucks for him. He’s not a menace or an idiot. He’s just hoping life stays the same because he’s too insecure to get out of his comfort zone.

    • JDR says:

      I meant Kaepernick and his thug tortoise. Look at those soulless, cold eyes. That tortoise will shoot your family and not think twice!

  7. greg johnson says:

    Grumpy, you’re no libertarian, you’re just in agreement with anything that comes your way in life. No Flags Of Contest Fling Near Your Neighborhood! A Gay Guy at QB, that’s cool, when’s the season start, lol!!!!

    JDR, Kaepernick’s entire back is draped in ink. His shoulders are covered down to his elbows.

    And after each touchdown he scores, Kaepernick kisses his tattoo-covered biceps, drawing attention to Andrion’s work.

    Andrion, who works in a small building with no parking lot about 2 miles from where Kaepernick played college football, has seen his business rise along with Kaepernick’s stock. It didn’t hurt when a columnist disparaged Kaepernick’s tattoos, saying the quarterback is the CEO of the team and a CEO shouldn’t have tattoos. In fact, it has helped.

    “Yes Kap’s Image has helped the Tattoo Thug, Criminals of the Ghetto and 49er (Raider) fans are now loving it, for some strange reason!”

    Split, you know how much I hated Alex Smith, in fact, I was against him since he was drafted but there’s one thing a person living in reality must realize at least Alex Smith had class. He was a loser QB but he represented our franchise well. Kap represents a Thug Life, associated with people engaged criminal activities. If you’re all right with that it only shows one thing, “Anything Goes” with you and that my friend is a tragedy and a waste of existence.

    “The 49er draft the first female QB, Cool I can’t wait till she gets tackled wearing her skirt!”

    • JDR says:

      Hey look, Greggy learned how to copy and paste! It’s probably for the best that you’re ripping off sections of old stories for your responses, we’ve all seen what happens when you attempt original thought.

      If Kaepernick is the embodiment of “thug life” in America then crime is about to drop through the floor. Though it is funny to picture Lil’ Greggy cowering in fear at the thought of Kaepernick and his pet tortoise cruising the mean streets of Turlock, looking for a church service to attend. SO SCARY!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      The only thing I’m in agreement with is that you’re a fucking moron.

      Kaepernick is one of the smartest, hardest working guys on this team. He was more of a scholar than 99% of the guys in the NFL, and works with charities. You just can’t deal with his ethnic background. So you’re here vomiting your stupidity about jungle drums or jungle boogie or whatever the fuck your latest code words are.

      I say you’re a racist twat, and I say to hell with you.

  8. Chico says:

    We’re losing our freedoms because our QB is a minority with tattoos? Who in the fuck is this guy?

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      It’s FlyingV68, the bane of the Chronicle Insider and as JDR says, Poster Boy for why you should do bath salts.

      • Chico says:

        Got it.. His stuff over there seems like trollish schtick.. Sadly, over here his true colors come out.. Study after study has shown that racism and bigotry correlate with low intelligence.

  9. Chico says:

    RJF to the Colts.. 22mil? Haha.

    • NoFear49er says:

      That’s a lot of money for mediocre. I wonder how much of it is actually guaranteed.

  10. NoFear49er says:

    Hey FlyingV,

    Good to see you still finding flames to fan.

    Not being one to accept everything that comes down the pike, I can’t accept your bashing CK7 because he likes tattoos. Most everyone I know in his age group likes them, too. At least he’s not branding himself with a hot iron. I never could understand that. It still wouldn’t make him a prison gang lifestyle promoter. What? You don’t know any upstanding gee-tar pickers that have tattoos?

    CK7, aside from his physical abilities, acts like a leader in a way that Alex never approached until his last year here. Even this year Alex was moping and complaining in the press that he didn’t do anything to lose his job until someone reminded him that that was the exact scenario that enabled him to become a starter.

    No, I’ll gladly take CK7 and his bicep kissing and all his tattoos over Alex Smith and about 95% of the rest of the QBs in the league.

  11. Nipper says:

    At least we’re not Raiders fans. …..then we all would be loony.

  12. shaman138 says:

    Vtard, you got what you wanted, right? The return to relevance and Alex Smith being released? Now you’re not happy with Kap because of his tats? You, sir, are a world class schmuck.

  13. Alleykat says:

    Hey I have the QB /Duo player situation solved.
    We bring Jarmarcus Russell in as Kappy’s backup then use him as a backup Offensive Linemen as well.

  14. greg johnson says:

    JDR, remember these words, “The city has turned into jungles and corruption is spanning across the land” Kap as an example of an outstanding individual is laughable! He might not be a thug but he sure dresses and acts like one. Having your QB associated with criminals is accepted and now embraced by those of you who should know better.

    “Kaps not really in a gang, he just dresses and appears to be!”

    Great, Just Great!

    Today Kaepernick got arrested with his posse for drinking a driving and running over ten innocent bystanders”

    JDR, that’s a real tragedy, those people shouldn’t have been hanging around there. Excuses after Excuses!


    Grumpy, Kaepernick fell asleep during the first half of the Super Bowl. He was thinking about his next Tat and Tee Shirt Line and all that cash. Don’t get mad that I have your number in accepting anything. The Ravens came to win the Super Bowl not to put on a spectacle. No one recovers from choking in the Super Bowl. Remember your friends, Nolan, Singletary, Alex and Jimmy Raye?
    Ahhhh…..GO NINERS!!!! I have no brain to form an opinion but count me in, LOL!!!!


    Chico, don’t worry you and your family are a big problem we face in America today. Let’s just live off the taxpayers.


    Fear, yes he’s better than Alex Smith and so is three quarters of the QB in the NFL. It once was a prestigious position but now thanks to Harbaugh the team that once represented CLASS has found its way representing the gutter. What it never crossed your mind that anyone other than Smith would be better?


    Nip, how the hell are you? Yes you’re not actually the Raiders but with Kap and the others on our team we easily can trade places without no one noticing anything.


    Sham, yeah we finally got rid of Alex but instead of replacing him with CLASS we got a guy who looks like he just got paroled. Nothing like setting a good example for others to follow. Let’s bring in Vick and complete the transition, LOL!!!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Ah… to be in America, in the Spring, when the idiots are in bloom…

    • JDR says:

      How exactly does he “act” like a thug, Greggy? Is it when he’s hanging around his pet turtle? Or is it when he’s at practice? What is so “thug” about him? He looks to me like any other person his age does these days. Oh, wait, I get it, you’re old and completely out of touch with the world! THAT’S why you’re so bitter!

      It’s okay, Greggy. Time passes us all by eventually. Just remember, when that “thug” looking guy comes to take you away later, a lot of policemen have tattoos these days too. He’s only there to help you, Greggy.

    • Chico says:

      My family lives off of tax payers? Huh? You don’t even know me, dude..

      I don’t mean to get political here, but since you insinuated that my family lives off of tax payers (my family pays plenty in taxes) — I’ll point out that people like you are really giving republicans a bad name.. With a 19 percent approval rating of republicans in congress, folks like you aren’t doing them any favors.. Your assumptions make about as much sense as your football rants..

      You’re a racist tea-bagging piece of shit, and thank god your kind will be dying off in the next decade or two.. Shit, in the near future everybody will be Heinz 57’s.. I’d be happy to lunch you on any topic except racism.. You got me on that subject.

  15. Spitblood says:

    FlyingV would rather have Alex Smith than Colin Kaepernick. The irony is so thick. For years V went around bashing Alex Smith, and now, with Smith jettisoned to KC, V is wishing Alex was back. Nobody with a football mind would take Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick. Nobody.
    But that’s just it – V’s never been much of a football mind.

    I don’t even care what the competition is all about – Colin beats Alex at anything. Lets have them both run for public office. I’ll take Colin over Alex any day because Colin overcame stuff in his life and has already taken the 49ers to a higher place. Colin’s adopted. What did Alex Smith overcome to get to the pros? Urban Meyer? Reggie Bush? Colin’s a winner while Alex is a loser, and that’s why V loves him some Alex. V likes losers.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      V has never been much of a MIND. Period.

      V just misses that roll to the right and throw out of bounds play. We should just name it in his honor. “Alex Smith V right on three, hut.”

  16. Spitblood says:

    If you put a pee under Nnamdi’s mattress, he’ll show up to practice black and blue. And if you have a princess like that who just made 10 plus million per year without wanting or needing to tackle, what’s to say he’s going to take a third of that to start jeopardizing his body? That dog don’t hunt. Freddy P Soft is screaming in Harbaugh’s ear right now – don’t do it! “He’s not worth it, Jim. Damn it, Jim.” He’s old, just got paid millions, and he’s going to play for less and actually go over the middle or start tackling? HA! Surely you jest, and stopping calling me Shirley….. or Nnamdi’s agent.

    • JDR says:

      Nnamdi definitely has the look of a guy who let up after he cashed in with a big contract. Then again, that Philly organization has been so dysfunctional it’s hard to tell with a lot of the players.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Years of bashing Smith, now we get this. Well played, sir. In looney town. Randall P McMurphy wants to take you out on his boat.

    Shit, spit. Someone is here that makes you look sane. Like Bill O’Reilly going from loudmouth bloviator to the sane one on Fox , , ,

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      And the Last shall be First, and the Crazy shall be last, and lots of Shrooms shall be done. So it is written. Probably By Hunter S. Thompson.

  18. shaman138 says:

    The 49ers finally found their first real franchinse QB since Steve Young and all you care about is his fucking tattoos? What kind of goofy fan are you? Colin Kaepernick is a thug criminal?? What the fuck are you talking about, dude?

  19. greg johnson says:

    Chuck, nothing like a programmed Liberal who thinks only the way they tell him to think. Bringing up Bill O’Reilly while taking one side of the most Corrupted Government in the history of the USA. Nothing like being blind when two CRIMINAL sides pit two worlds against each other and a Clown stands by one because “He doesn’t have a brain”

    Yeah those evil Republicans, lol!!!!! The guy I just voted in office is not EVIL, LOL!!!! With voters like you we’ll have to hit rock bottom, while you look around asking, “What Happened?”


    Spit, no Alex Smith needed to be replaced no question about that, I just thought the people running the 49ers would have enough CLASS and DIGNITY to put a respectable, individual behind center.

    No matter what you think is possible, in the real world you still win with CLASS. Maybe VD or Kap needs to pop a Kap in yer ass to wake you up.


    Grumpy, I’d rather hear an opinion rather than someone who just goes along with anything. The new NFL rules state “You can’t look at the QB funny anymore or it’s a personal, 15 yard foul!

    Grumpy: “That’s cool, when is breast cancer awareness month? I LOVE THE NFL IN PINK!!!”


    JDR, if you look like a thug and associate yourself with thugs, chances are you are a THUG AT HEART!

    • JDR says:

      So he’s a SECRET THUG? He’s a COVERT THUG waiting for the right moment to take us all by surprise with his SPONTANEOUS THUG energy? He may not even be aware of himself, but when cornered he unleash his secret THUG SUPERPOWERS and the world will know of the THUGGY THUGNESS Colin Kaepernick harbors.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      “Blind legions of escaped goats at twelve o’clock!!!”

      (Another V classic)

  20. Grumpy Guy says:

    My opinion is that Kaepernick is an okay guy, that the 49ers are better off than three years ago, and that you are a mentally challenged Oompa Loompa who has snorted far too many bath salts.

  21. Grumpy Guy says:

    I actually wish Twin was here to enjoy hearing me called a liberal. Even if he lost his keyboard to whatever he was drinking, that would be some funny shit.

    Save me a spot on the barricades, Twin. I’ll bring the tequila and the AR-10. Good times.

  22. Spitblood says:

    V – So now you don’t like Smith or Kaep? Typical Republican. No to everything, blame everyone, no answers….. Wishin’ it was 1955 all over again. V – the times they are a changin’. Climb out of your cabin in Moose Jaw, quit talking to girls on E Harmony while using a picture of David Beckum, stop professing about the constitution and live a little.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Your typical Republican sounds a lot like your guy, the Kenyan. A “leader” that hates half the people as much as you do is no leader. More like a wannabe king. Too bad running the country isn’t more like cheerleading or community organizing.

      I don’t blame you though, It’s pretty evident you’ve been blinded by indoctrination by the way you spew out the party lie, oops I meant line.

      • Chico says:

        If you all start turning on each other because of political reasons, then you have let the trolls win.. btw, Kenyan? Come on man, you’re smarter than that..

      • Spitblood says:

        You butt the heck out, Chico. Me and Fear know what we’re doing….

        Fear – I’m not sure what you were saying regarding a leader, but I did like your claim about the “cheerleading.” He should have stopped the bailout / exec payouts. Looked foolish when he didn’t. There are times when I think he’s a windbag.

        Aside from that common ground, Republicans are bought – signed, sealed and delivered. They do the bidding of the uber wealthy. Do you think the Tea Party was a grass roots movement? The reality is that George Bush killed the Republican Party long ago….. you just don’t know it yet.

        Try to pivot and reverse your stance on gays, minorities, illegal aliens. No chance. Any pivot will only be seen as disingenuous. So the Republicans have painted themselves into a hetro white boy corner and only a premature black president could hand them any power – which he did by not handing the bailout CEOs their asses. But that doesn’t solve the Republicans problems. The only chance they have is to change voting laws….. and they’re tryin’, aint they?

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        If you ever read the old Mad magazine Spy vs. Spy comics, you know everything you need to know about American politics. Villains, the lot of them, and pigs feeding side by side at the same trough. A lot of lampposts need ornamentation, IMHO.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Chico, the Kenyan is a joke but anyone aspiring to the office of POTUS who puts forth so much effort and expense keeping his background a secret deserves the ridicule as do the adoring followers who tolerate it without objection. I’ll just call him Barry if ‘the Kenyan’ offends you.

        btw, if the Repubs in Congress are up to 19% favorability they quadruple the ratings of the group.

        Spitblood, yeah, one vote per customer would be a nice change and counting the military’s vote would be alright too.

        Grumpy, you got it. The good guys on either side are few and far between. It falls on the people though to vet them before putting them in office and then ignoring what they do while there.

      • Spitblood says:

        Fear – So what you’re implying, Fear, is that anyone left of center is voting twice? You Republicans are a laugh a minute. That’s your answer to losing more and more power? Take a look in the mirror, dude. You’ve alienated yourself from everyone except old white dudes….. errr, wait….. if you’re an old white dude, and you’re issue is old white dudes, and you look in the mirror, you’re not going to see your issue….just a handsome old white dude….. I get it. Lol. You guys need a third party mediator without any skin in the game to show you the light. Your party’s in trouble.

      • JDR says:

        I’m going to avoid getting too into the politics, but I’d like to point out the “approval rating” of congress is a useless figure (it is now just as it was when the Bushies were saying it about the Dem-controlled congress.) The problem with it is that you’re trying to gauge the approval of a group we as individuals only elected two members of. The average member of congress has a 60-plus approval in their home state/district at any given time, and those are the only people who can vote for/against them. My approval of Paul Ryan, for example, means about as much in Wisconsin as what people in Florida think of Nancy Pelosi.

        Also, Greggy’s a dipshit.

      • Chico says:

        I have family and friends in Hawaii — they all knew Obama was kama’aina WAY before he announced his candidacy.

        The ‘Kenyan’ doesn’t offend me at all.. It concerns me.. Reminds me of Orly Taitz.

      • Chico says:

        Good point JDR. Another way to look at it is that more than twice as many Asian Americans identify as democrats as do identify as republicans.. 7 in 10 Latinos identify themselves as democrats, and the gender gap continues to grow..

        My advice to republicans – move towards the center or the republican party will become irrelevant on the national stage.. Nobody wants a one party rule – time to get your act together. Go Niners!

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        We ALREADY have something damned close to one party rule. We have two parties, one bought and paid for by corporations, the other by more liberal corporations and unions. They are NOT so different. And they enforce their power with a federal bureaucracy whose only interest is power. Which cares little which party is in power, so long as it gets to continue to flex its muscle and have its privileges.

        We live in a nation with the first, second and fourth amendments under attack. One of those could be an aberration; three is a pattern. Obama proclaims his right to kill anyone, American citizen or not, anywhere he chooses… but, oh, he won’t abuse it. Sure he won’t. And sure his successors won’t. Sell me a fucking bridge while you’re at it. He seeks to undermine the second amendment so as to make it meaningless. He proclaims that the fourth amendment does not apply to computers within 200 miles of the “National borders”, which includes the coastlines. Therefore, the 4th amendment no longer applies to 90% of Americans – the Department of Homeland Security – and was there EVER a more Naziphile name? – has the right to search your data whenever it wants, without a warrant, and FUCK the constitution. That’s just some toilet paper that some old white guys wrote on. Only a terrorist and enemy of the state would care about rights. After all, there’s a war on, and we have to rape the Constitution, for the children. Always, for the children. Who will never understand what they have lost.

        If you admire Obama, maybe that does not bother you. Will it bother you when someday we have a Republican president? Some Americans seem to WANT a partisan dictatorship, whether of the left or right. As a Libertarian, I would have neither. A pox on both their houses, I say.


        Our republic was set up with a division of powers, and sharply circumscribed powers for the government. The founding fathers saw clearly the danger in anyone, of any political persuasion, having too much power. When Franklin said, “A republic – if you can keep it!” he knew perfectly well what he was saying. And that American liberty would not fall to foreigners, but at the hands of our own demagogues.

        I’ve had a good life – 50 plus years in the best country on Earth. But I fear, and I weep, for our children. Because the days are growing darker. And when the lights go out, they will not be lit again in our time.

      • Chico says:

        That’s the libertarian angle.. Some great points, I agree with a lot of what you said.. Not all, but a lot.. All of us have the issues that we care about deeply.. While your main concerns are the constitution are yours, I have my concerns.

        What would be cool is a parliamentary type of system – so that all facets of political beliefs would have a say.. But that would require changing the constitution and the powers that be won’t have it.

  23. Alleykat says:

    Both my niece’s went to UNR the same time Colin Kaepernick was there.They both played on the volleyball squad and said many a time Kap would just hang in the stand with others and support them and the whole squad.They both flat out say to me to the day that’s he was just a normal stand up guy on campus with no ego at all towad “ANYONE”.

    SO Flying Fuck…Are whoever you want to call yourself,Fuck off and eat shit.Get some real 1st hand knowledge before you slam someone without facts.
    I can totally trust my niece’s in anything they say about Kap.Because they were there seeing him most Every day inCollege.Dipshit.


    Grand Wizard V has arrived and landed on this blog? He’s a flamebaiting troll.
    Now how does Grand Wizard V reconcile worshipping Jimi Hendrix?
    Quite the conundrum.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, if you didn’t parrot EVERYTHING posited on Fox, I might think you had an original thought.Alas, no.

    • Spitblood says:

      He could say the same thing about liberals and MSNBC.

      • unca_chuck says:

        I’m talking about him, you dimwit. 80% of the people in this country have no idea of what’s really going on. And that’s the fact that Congress is in the business of keeping themselves at the trough of lobbyist and taxpayer money at the cost of anything else.

        Guys like nofear think it matters that (gasp) a democrat is in office. Bush’s policies and Obama’s aren’t very different, but you get the hyperventilating blowarhds on Fox talking solcialist bullshit and veiled racism. If it wan’t so fucking stupid, it’d be cute.

        The dems were nearly as bad when Bush was in office. What did it change? Nothing. What did it affect? Nothing. The reason things are more polarized is, . . . what? Can you guys figger it out.

      • Spitblood says:

        The reason things are so polarized is because some people either don’t have the emotional intelligence to refrain from name calling like “dimwit,” (I’m crying), or they have an agenda. It’s not hard to figure out, Charles.

      • Chico says:

        Chuck is spot-on, imo. Just look at this – http://money.cnn.com/2013/03/14/investing/jpmorgan-senate/

        Now here’s an issue that many seem to overlook. People on both sides of the aisle love their red meat and I believe that’s what both sides want us doing — arguing amongst ourselves… I have a feeling that most repubs and dems who click on that link would be in agreement – these fucks need to go to jail (I would go further and break them up), but the it seems like for the most part the majority of this country is in agreement when it comes to white collar crime and government/private sector collusion.. This is where our biggest problems are, folks.. Capitalism has been kind to many, but it must be HIGHLY regulated for it to work properly. I’ve been a fan of ‘get money out of politics’ before it was even cool. Overruling Citizens United is a good place to start. Say no to corruption.

      • unca_chuck says:

        I guess I’m giving you too much credit, Spitty. I’m talking about NoFear, not the unwashed masses. You think I espouse the drivel of MSNBC? Or any of the others here? The game’s rigged. and the people aren’t in the game.

        Real health care reform (read go after big insurance/big pharma) will never happen because of Congress. Tax reform? Lots of squalking on both sides but little real progress. Immigration reform may happen because the Dems have been pushing it for years, and the Republican understand that they will get voted down again if they don’t ease their stance on it, Therefore’s it;s a safe issue that may make it look like they are actually accomplishing something after years of gridlock.

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

    We’ve landed on the SFGate Niner Insider blog circa 2007. I have to have a talk with Mr. Peabody about his Wayback Machine. Wrong time and place again. It’s probably that little shit Sherman’s fault. I never did trust that four-eyed fuck.

  27. greg johnson says:

    I’m a little teapot.

    • JDR says:

      Who are these gangsters, Greggy? Being so sure of this you should be able to tell us who these people are. I mean, it’s not like you’d go baselessly labeling people as criminals simply because of their appearance, that would pretty much prove that you are in fact the small-minded racist dipshit you’ve sworn up and down that you’re not.

  28. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Just a little football comment, if that’s still allowed here…Anyone else concerned that Seattle is stockpiling a great pass-rushing DL while we’re bringing in an under performing big band leader and promoting a Golden Domer who’s played a grand total of 39 snaps from street clothes to full-time active duty?

    And people have the audacity and unmitigated gall to ask why I drink.

    • Spitblood says:

      Yes….. I’ve noticed. The 49ers and Seattle will be neck and neck down to the wire next year. I really like that the 49ers are looking at beefing up their coverage teams. I’m also worried about our defense. I don’t want no stinkin’ Nnamdi, Woodson, Reed or Landry.

    • JDR says:

      Apples and oranges. Seattle plays primarily in a 4-lineman set that relies on the D-line to generate pass rush. The primary function of the D-line for the Niners is to plug up the running lanes and keep blockers off the linebackers. I’d be more worried if the Niners did commit big bucks and years to the front 3 as it would mean we’ll soon have to choose between cutting loose one of Willis, Bowman or Aldon Smith.

  29. 12th man says:

    Well that was a waste of 20 mins I just spent catching up on the blog today.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Remind me again why I bother.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    MOW may qualify, but she doesn’t post here much.

    BTW, FUucknut’s been banned. I should just banned him when he raised his mush-head, but I thought it would be fun to see his drivel. I stand corrected.

    And, a new thread is up . . .

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