Steve Wilks – Our New Defensive Coordinator – Good News on the Brock Purdy Front

Just heard that Brock Purdy is going ahead with the UCL repair surgery, a 6 month recovery; as opposed to the UCL replacement (TJ) surgery, an 18 month recovery. His doctor is the Texas Rangers team doctor, Keith Meister. I guess it makes sense that a baseball doctor takes care of this as these kinds of surgeries are usually in the realm of pitchers, not quarterbacks. The surgery will take place in Dallas on February 22nd as they are still allowing for the swelling in Purdy’s arm to subside.

Purdy can start throwing 3 months after the surgery, say early june, and build his arm strength back up for another 3 months, and be ready early September. The season starts on September 10th.

Good hire. Solid guy. Took a shitty Panthers team cutting players (hello CMC) and dumping salary and got them to play hard and go 6-6 to finish the season. His reward? Getting passed over for the head coaching spot. Like the Raiders after the Jon Gruden fiasco last season, Rich Bisaccia came in, directed the team to the playoffs, and was unceremoniously kicked to the curb for Prince Valiant’s drinking buddy Josh (I-suck-everywhere-I-head-coach) McDaniels.

Cue the Raiders sucking hard and missing the playoffs in 2022 despite having the best WR in the game and an offense putting up a ton of points. Couldn’t happen to a more stupid owner.

Anywho, Steve Wilks is a 4-3 guy, which of course is our base defense. He has been coaching for 28 years and had the unfortunate luck of being Josh Rosen’s head coach in AZ for one gloriously terrible season in 2018 when they went 3-13. He was the assistant Head Coach for the Panthers when their defense became all-world, and eventually lost Super Bowl 50 to the Broncos. He’s known for getting the most out of every guy he coaches, so this should be perfect fit for him and the team.


Here’s a good article about Wilks. This was written before he was hired by the 49ers.


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11 Responses to Steve Wilks – Our New Defensive Coordinator – Good News on the Brock Purdy Front

  1. The Chiefs Bandwagon says:

    Wow, you are coming across as a REALLY smart guy, Chuck.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Gee thanks, troll. Coming from you that’s an insult seeing that the bar is so low with you.

  3. Irish Kevin says:

    Purdy surgery is February 22.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    I like how the continuity transition will continue on under Steve Wilks, who runs the 4-3 defense which the 49ers certainly prefer over a 3-4 with results that match a fantastic defensive scheme..

  5. Winder says:

    Glad to hear the news on Purdy. I like the Wilks hire too but I bet there is still somewhat of a transition, Ryans was loved here and it will be different. Don’t know why we have so many injuries every year but it has to stop.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Wilks is a highly respected guy and I think he takes over with little issue at all.

    Not much b-ball talk here, but the Warriors traded James Wiseman to the Pistons for Saddiq Bey (no relation), and then we traded him to the Hawks for FIVE second round picks. Crazy. Wiseman wasn’t working out in the Warriors system at all, and has had an injury-marred career.

    Warriors still need a big body inside. Word is Moody is on the block as well.

    Too funny. Just traded all those 2nd round picks for GP II. Who we just played last night.

    STILL need a big body.

    • willedav says:

      Serge Ibaka and Dewayne Dedmon were traded and then released so they are FAs. What I read was Payton only saves Lacob $7 mil this season since he signed 3 year deal with Portland for $26 mil. Good to have him back though.

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    Just read that McGlinchey might
    Be out of the Niners pay scale.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    He has improved. But they’d better get a replacement if they don’t keep him.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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