As the Linguini Turns

Jimmy G is apparently recovering from his shoulder surgery and will begin throwing in a week. The only team that still seems interested in the Carolina Panthers. They of the Matt Corral, Sam Darnold, and P.J. Walker triumvirate of mediocrity at the quarterback position. Corral could be the answer but he, like most rookies, would do well with a season on the bench learning the ropes.

So, Jimmy G could very well become the next Alex Smith. Placeholder and QB whisperer for the up and coming stud QB. Or even Steve DeBerg, if you think he sucks worse than Young Sir Alex. I mean, Carolina has a strong run game (if Crystal Christian McCaffrey can stay on the field, that is) a solid defense, and decent enough weapons. I guess. And Jimmy has proven he can win some games given that scenario.

Whatever happens, though, whether Jimmy is traded or cut, all this leads to the Niners getting cap space and signing Deebo Samuel. Something we are still breathlessly waiting for.

Other than that? Not much to report on in football land other than Alex Smith dealing with yet another potentially tragic situation when his 6 year old daughter Sloane had 10 hours of emergency surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. She is apparently cancer-free and everything appears to be fine, but holy shit, what a nightmare. Dude has been through the wringer more than a few times.

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6 Responses to As the Linguini Turns

  1. Winder says:

    I don’t know exactly when we have to cut bait on Jimmy but my guess is there will be a few options before that day comes. I don’t really care what anyone says about Jimmy he has been a proven playoff QB. I think there are a few teams that just might jump once they see he is ok. If we just cut him loose you know Seattle will swoop right in. I think the Jets, Cleveland, Saints, might be interested besides the Panthers. I would say the Bears also but they are in a total rebuild and will probably have the 1st pick in next years draft.

    • bakkentom says:

      CLE makes a lot of sense. The deviate does not get paid during suspension that could be full season. They have a lot of high draft choices from recent past ripening now. There playoff window is now and have 42K cap.

      Jimmy can even cut that with a sign and trade deal. Just do it! A one year or two year rental. Chump change and Cleveland needs to reconnect with the Jim B rown days. Get the nightmare over.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I think the Jets are gonna roll with Wilson. Flacco is their QB whisperer. No need for them to swap out Jimmy for Flacco. Cleveland? If they really think they are gonna lose Watson for the season, they will just stick with Mayfield. No reason to get rid of him at this point. The Saints? Again, Winston is the same if not a little better than Jimmy G. They aren’t gonna lose picks to get a guy that isn’t gonna make much of a difference.

    Jimmy is going to Seattle or Carolina. Sign and trade? Jimmy’s already under contract for 2022. The whole point is to lose that contract. Why would the Niners sign him to an extension that no one else would want to pick up when Jimmy’s situation right now is perfect for the team. His dead cap money is $1.4 mill and they recoup over $25 mill if they simply cut him. A trade would be nice, and at least they have time still for Jimmy to start throwing and proving he can still play, but if Carolina plays hard to get, we’ll have no choice but to cut him.

    And that’s what Seattle is waiting for. Carolina could force the issue with a trade. But at this point I think we get a couple 3s and nothing more. Maybe a 2 but that’s it.

    • bakkentom says:

      CLE FO poisoned relationship by doing g Watson then backup signing of jacoby brissett. They told Baker to fuck off and die with their brainstorm. Smart guys. Baker has a guaranteed season and gets that money no matter what.

      Ideal for us to dictate a favorable swap.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Pretty sure this is in Albany . . .

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