Long Live the King

Huh. Hugh McElhenny passed away a couple days ago. Hall of Famer (in 1970), 5x All-pro, 6x Pro-Bowler. He was Roger Craig waaaaay before Roger Craig, amassing 11,375 all-purpose yards. 5,281 rushing, 3,247 receiving, and 2841 on kickoff/punt returns. He was way before my time, and all I’ve seen of him is the old black-and-white footage of his runs, catches, and punt returns of 50-60 to 90 yards. One famously without his helmet. I barely remember him as being an announcer for the 49ers.

The funny story around the Niners training camp back in 1952 when they drafted him was that he took a pay cut going from the University of Washington to the 49ers. He was getting close to $10,000 a year from Washington, and his first contract with the 49ers was for $7,000 dollars. I guess the college payoff scandal isn’t as new a thing as I thought.

Other than that, not much to report, other than Alvin Kamara is awaiting his suspension for breaking a man’s eye socket in an alcohol-fueled 3:00 am Las Vegas brawl, DeShaun Watson is awaiting his suspension for the 24 women he’s accused of harassing, and Henry Ruggs is still under house arrest for his vehicular manslaughter charge.

Oh, those wacky players. . .

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13 Responses to Long Live the King

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Anything with Tom Brookshier AND John Facenda is solid fucking gold!!!

    • Lurker John says:

      Lol, as if on cue. What a great open field runner. And the dulcet tones of the fantastic John Facenda never get old.

  2. Lurker John says:

    The Niners have a fascinating history and McElhenny is a shining star from their past. Videos of his greatest runs show a scintillating runner with all the moves in the world. Throw in Joe Perry and the Niners had one of the greatest backfields ever.

    RIP, Hugh.

  3. Lurker John says:

    Tales of the drinking escapades of Brookshier and Summerall are legendary. Bark at the moon, boys. lol

  4. Lurker John says:

    The Million Dollar Backfield indeed:

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Alley Ooop!!! Love this old stuff. Amazing how the misery of the 49er fans stretches so far back. I thought I had it bad wading through the disappointment of the playoff losses to Dallas in the 70s.

  6. Winder says:

    The real old 49er fans had a lot to love. The players were actual characters, the money wasn’t very good and most had regular jobs and lived just like the fans did. They truly were San Francisco’s own. My dad was like that and he just rubbed off on me. During the 60’s when the Raiders were playing good ball there fans just couldn’t understand how someone could love the Niners. I always just thought they were nuts.

  7. bakkentom says:

    I don’t follow our salary cap details closely but we are close to nothing left. Some ideas to free up some. Not specific so don’t send any hit squads my way.

    Browns’ Watson may be suspended most of this year. They have a good enough team to gamble on a one year deal for Jimmy which could include a swap for baker mayfield..

    Some kind of swap deal with panthers with darnold and Jimmy.

    Swap of NYJ Denzel Mims and Deebo with draft capital coming our way.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Nope. Not gonna trade Deebo. Cutting Jimmy will give us cap space. Or we’ll just settle for a couple 3rd round picks. Word is, Carolina is interested again.

      Jimmy’s gonna start throwing in a week.

    • Lurker John says:

      Wow, that sucks. That family has had a rough few years. Best wishes for a full recovery. No kid should have to go through that.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Apparently she is 100% cancer-free. Man. what a rough deal.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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