Warriors Game Two

Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals is on the agenda for tonight. I was telling my son, as hot as Dallas was in game 7 vs PHX, they were equally as cold vs the Dubs. Coming off that very emotional win, Dallas came out flat as a pancake. I’m sure Dallas will put up a better fight, but I don’t see Dallas winning this series. The Warriors played a pretty sloppy game and still won handily. Klay didn’t score in the 1st half, Steph was off, but once again, Looney came out and played extremely well getting early points and a lot of offensive rebounds.

Another funny thing, and something almost ALWAYS overlooked by the pundits and talking heads, is that Steph led the game with 12 rebounds. Only guy in double figures. He routinely gets tons of boards and that and his defense goes unnoticed.

Donćič? Well, he’s only one guy. Dallas is not bigger than us, and when they go small, they still don’t try to run fast breaks. They are a plodding half-court offense. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just that the Warriors can defend that very well. Wiggins has been a valid force in these playoffs, and this has been a revelation. He is putting in the dirty work that used to be Klay’s job, and he is banging underneath to get rebounds and defending the rim.

This frees Klay to do more moving off the ball on offense and not have to focus so hard on defense. And it is a sight for sore eyes to see Otto Porter back. His defense is a big part of the Warriors being able to pull away late in games. he has a few big shots in him, and can defend with the best of them.

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    This is one of the greatest scenes in any movie . . .

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