Bring Me the Head of Kyle Shanahan

Fuck this. This one hurt. Kyle Shanahan has never seen a 4th quarter lead he can’t blow. It defies logic that Shanahan runs up the middle when there are 8 guys against our 5 on 2nd and 1. Since it didn’t work on 2nd down, or most off the whole fucking game, let’s try it again!!! Fuck me sideways. Fucking McVay had done it earlier himself, so it baffles me to no end that this keeps happening.

Where were the jet sweeps? None. Misdirection? Nope. Where were the slants Oh yeah, they worked to perfection, so naturally we stopped throwing them. Stopped. Throwing. Them. And I think Shany dipped into the Deebo up the middle well too often. We never ran outside. Baffling. And Jimmy wasn’t half bad. Sure, he missed Kittle wide open over the middle for what could have been a 1st quarter TD, but he was fairly solid, and actually got out of a few sacks without any damage.

Poor Jaquiski Tartt had the drop off the game on the gift from Stafford, but hey, that’s why he isn’t a wide receiver. The man who wears this loss is the head coach. Those last 2 drives, they couldn’t get anything set and they took a penalty, 2 more plays that no one was on the same page, and we just gave the ball right back. Could you have called a timeout, coach? Naaah. We’ll just piss the game away.

The pass rush was inconsistent, and people say you don’t blitz Stafford? Fuck that. He throws ducks when pressured. He’s the luckiest guy on earth that Tartt didn’t hang on to that duck.

Shanahan in the last Ram game got creative because he was behind. Since he was ahead, he hides like a turtle in his shell and plays it safe. Over and over and fucking over. FUCK HIM!

If Eddie was running the team, Shanahan would be gone tomorrow. As it is, I think we are gonna suffer a couple more years of this.

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20 Responses to Bring Me the Head of Kyle Shanahan

  1. Winder says:

    We are a good football team we just don’t know how to play for 60 minutes. If we played like this against Cincy we would lose. Time to usher in the Lance era. Hopefully with his skills Shanny can start calling a different game. At least we got a ride this year.

  2. NJ49ER says:

    NFL gets what it wants in the end. LA marketing and the young guns from Ohio.
    Agree (again), Shanny is too conservative in big games. Can’t play chess when it matters.

    Thought for sure he’d have used a dinged up Trent Williams situation to add a heavy run set on occassion to counter the Rams packing the box.
    McKivitz, Moore, any extra OL ammo to play smash mouth and unpack the box? Maybe?
    Max protect and take a few deep shots to loosen things up?
    Wear them down, quick hitters as McVay employed?
    Their liability is CBs that don’t like to tackle and LBs that don’t cover weil.
    Unfortunately, winning 7 straight was tough enough.
    Sadly, Shanny doesn’t know how to play chess when it matters.

  3. NJ49ER says:

    Absolutely no interest in the SB or the Draft now.
    Drop dead sudden death ending.
    No 1st RD pick and holes to fix on OL & Secondary.
    Ho fuck’n hum…..
    Way to wimp out again Kyle.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Super Bowls always do well, but they would have had much more traction with a Niners Cincy Super Bowl.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    Alright then, this was a tough one, what I saw was a tired front 4, they just didn’t have the energy they had for the first three games, there should have been no way for the Rams to convert on 11 in a row 3rd downs. So that showed the weakness of the secondary. Every guy who has had Jimmys injury says he was playing in pain for the last 6 weeks or so. A true athlete never says I played hurt. And JG never used it as an excuse.

    The real reason they lost this game is the O line, when QBs have the time to throw they can take apart a D, just think if the Niners didn’t have to keep Kittle in for blocking for running the ball and passing the ball think how dangerous this offense could be. When Deebo went out of the game who did the Niners pass to, yep G Kittle. When your best offensive weapons have to stay in to block that is not a good thing. Just think if the Niners could line up with Aiuk and Deebo on the outside and Jennings and Kittle on the inside lined up to run passing routes, it would scare the hell out of Defensive coaches. So draft some O linemen who can pass protect and let’s see what Trey and Kyle can really do.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    You don’t need extra blockers to throw slants or quick passes. LA was throwing quick passes all game to negate our pass rush. It worked with Kittle and Aiyuk in the first half. Fucking Shanahan forgets what is working and sticks with what isn’t. He pounded runs up the middle against 8 guys all day. No adjustments.

    And yeah, the ineffectiveness of the offense had a lot to do with the defense wearing down in the 4th quarter. After our TD in the 3rd, the defense was on the field the rest of the game.

  7. NJ49ER says:

    4th Quarter… offense goes toxic.
    Garoppolo went just 3-for-9 for 30 yards, one interception and a rating of 4.2 out of 156.
    They didn’t register a positive offensive play in the final 12:02 of the game.

    Who’s the guy that takes that stat to bed with him?
    Shanny or McDaniel?
    Either way, Jimmy can’t carry the load when he’s forced to.
    When we can’t run, we’re mediocre at best.
    Trey should help add the mobility options at the very least. I just hope he’s not being groomed for Kaep 2.0 with the price they paid for him.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Those last 2 drives it looked like Shanahan had left the building.

    They were utterly clueless. Shanahan took the penalty rather than call a timeout on our fucking 20 so we had 2nd and 15. The rest was hilarity as the play clock ran down to 00 on the next 2 plays and no one on our side thought the plays were even happening. The Rams did. The next (last drive? Same thing. Everyone looking confused.

    Utter failure on the coaching staff’s part. That was just such a stupid ending.

    • NJ49ER says:

      Smell at all like a publicity move Chuck?
      It’s a business after all.
      Who knows?
      Game over. We lose again in a big spot.
      McDaniels to Las Vegas.
      Jimmeh reunion with Josh?
      Gimme some Picks I can use for Jimmeh, not from Jimmeh.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    I think his attitude while here will give us some payback. He didn’t bitch about Lance getting drafted, and played through a lot of bullshit (some of his own making) and injuries.

    There are SO many teams looking for QBs now that we should be able to get a pretty good haul.

    He’s got one year left on his deal, and to assume his $25 mill for next year is peanuts in today’s NFL. We luckily get that $25 mill to use on Deebo and Bosa. But Jimmy could very well be the bridge QB for the next team. Draft a QB and sign Jimmy to mentor the young gun.

    He can be the on-field QB whisperer.

    • NJ49ER says:

      I’d prefer TB12 as that whisperer if given the choice.
      Need to unload the Jimmeh contract and obtain some lost Draft capital.
      Trey needs the mental aspect of the game to be a factor.
      No legs, see and assassinate the D with your arm.
      Buy time, extend plays, eat up real estate.
      Jimmeh is a dink and dunker.

  10. NJ49ER says:

    Game turned on the blitz beater slant from Stafford to Kupp that set up the go ahead FG.
    Jimmeh couldn’t get the quick outs completed to his left to save his life.
    Good calls, poorly executed.

  11. 12th Man says:

    Andy Reid had this problem earlier in his career. Always losing the games that mattered most, playing it too cautiously, protecting a lead.
    Then he loosened up a bit and then they got Mahomes.

    Maybe Trey Lance allows Kyle the confidence in his player to go for it.

    He needs to figure out playing to win for all 60 mins. The game has evolved to where fast comebacks, even 13 second length of the field games are possible due to rule changes.

    Kyle is a brilliant tactician except for that “protect the lead” mentality and he needs to rethink it.

    Just my humble opinion.

    • Winder says:

      Agree, never liked the idea of playing it safe for football. Just like in chess it you dick around long enough you will lose. You have to go for the juggler.

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  13. unca_chuck says:

    Well, that’s the rub. When Shanny had a 25 point lead and the game in hand, Atl went 3 and out 3 times in a row, Ryan fumbled on a sack on his own 36 on 3rd and 1, and then the debacle when they got to NE’s 22 yard line and he went overboard aggressive and lost 22 yards on a sack and a holding call. He took himself out of FG range. Granted Ryan held the ball too long on some of those pays, and the fumble was a killer. but Shanny put him in situations where the outcomes were terrible.

    Against KC, we picked off Mahomes twice in the 2nd half, and 1st one led to the 20-10 lead. Should have been over then. Shanny went pass happy with the lead.

    Against LA of course, we ran into the teeth of the defense on 2ind and 1 and 3rd and 1. With 10 minutes let in the game after punting it away on 4th and 2 we had the ball for a grant total of 42 seconds. He had a major brain lock on the last 2 drives.

    I think Shanny is baffled because he can’t decide what to do. He’s lost leads being aggressive and lost leads being conservative. I just don’t understand why he didn’t use misdirection plays. He used them all the last 3 seasons to get Deebo in space and Aiyuk on the edge as well. I’ve been watching the game long enough to know that you counter a tough run defense by throwing in the occasional jet sweep and misdirection toss.

    The one bubble screen went for a 44 yard TD.

  14. alleykat69 says:

    Looks like Captain Khaki’s Jim Harbaugh will be back in the NFL tomorrow as new HC of the Minnesota Vikings…

  15. NJ49ER says:

    As I can’t resist the temptation….Senior Bowl week is going on now.
    One guy I had seen along the way was Oregon Ducks’ (S) Verone McKinley III.
    Saleh will be coaching him this week as well.
    If we get a shot at the kid, I think he’ll be a good one.

    Also, keep an eye out for Trey’s former NDSU WR Christian Watson. Big kid with great hands and above average speed.

    Sr Bowl game is Saturday….much as I say I’m not interested, I’m still a junkie.
    Hard to see a strategy without a 1st RD pick however, hoping Jimmy nets us some tangible ammo as we won’t see our 1st pick until 61 as it stands right now.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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