More Goddamn Injuries

At this rate we will be calling Jerry to come back for a game or three. Brandon Aiyuk is the latest wideout to get bit by the injury bug. He pulled up with a hamstring injury in yesterday’s practice.He was garnering strong reviews for his work ethic and his progress, so this is a setback no matter how much time he misses. Rick James is already out, Deebo Samuel is also not quite cleared to play, and of course Jalen Hurd is done for the year. That leaves Kendrick Bourse and Trent Taylor as our healthy starters. Haven’t heard a peep about Jauan Jennings, our 7th round pick, but let’s hope he catches on. Pettis has apparently emerged from Shanny’s doghouse, so the hope there is he gets his shit together between his ears. He has the skills.

We did of course sign Tavon Austin, J.J. Nelson, and Jaron Brown so there is some competition for the available spots. Poindexter? Haven’t heard a peep about him but 6’5″? Damn. Red zone option. Of the 9, we likely keep 6 or maybe even 7 if there are new COVID rules, but Poindexter and Nelson look to not make it, and then when the other come back we will see.

In other bad news, Dee Ford suffered an undisclosed injury. Well Grant Cohn says it was a calf injury, but he’s an idiot and doesn’t know shit. Another reporter says he tweaked his calf and was seen jogging on the sidelines, so that is decent news. I guess.

Aaaaaand our backup center Ross Reynolds hurt his knee and was carted off the field. Ben Garland, our starting center while starter Westie Richberg recovers from HIS injury, is recovering from his own knee injury. So, we may be going back to Forrest Blue.

Great name if I’ve ever heard one.

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4 Responses to More Goddamn Injuries

  1. NJ49er says:

    JaJuan is a talented Receiver IMO – Watched many games he played in for TN.
    Kid comes to play.
    I dropped him from my watch list when his 40 came in, which looked like he was dragging a piano.

    Chance he might be considered at TE perhaps? He runs like one.
    See where that goes, relative to his blocking prowess I guess.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    new thread is up.

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